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rom Ottumwa, via Madison, Janess
ville, Eureka, and Darley’s Mills, to
‘Salt Spring. : i : !
- From Euterprise, via Ottumw», Sac
and Fox Agency, Greenwood, Ottawa,
and Paola, to Harrisonville, Missouri.
From Council Grove to Marion Centre
~* From Qtrawa, via James Carrolls,
Jack-on - Mark’s, ard Mineral Poiut, to
Barlington. it sy
From Medina, via Oskaloosa, Win.
chester, and Kaston, to lLeaveuworth:
From Lawrenee, via Oskalocsa, to
Grasshopgier Falls, >
From Perryville, (located on the
route of the Union Pucific railroad)) via
(skaloosa apd ivaston, ty Leavenworth.
: #liy MAINE. : :
From Porter, via' North Parsonficld, and
North Newfield, to West Newtield, in York
county. e : 2 b
From North Acton, Maine, via ‘Wakefield,
to Union, New Hampshire, b
From Woodman’s Station, via New Glou
cester and West Gloucester, to North Ray
mond, in Cuamberland county.
From Poland to .West Poland, in An
droscoggin county. S g
From North Falmouth, by Hatehville anc
East Falmouth, to Waquoit, :
From Coopersville to Squire’s Ferry.’
From Coopersville, via Mansfield- Mills
Ravenna, Sloeuin’s Girove, Whitney'’s Mill
and dMoreland, to Squire’s Ferry, i
g MINNESOTA. : - s e,
From Paynesville, by. Norway Lake; t
“Six-mile Timber, on Chippewdy river. .
From Hastings, via K Cannon Falls, t
- Kenyon, . e :
From Saint Cloud to Fort Ripley, on th
west bank of the Mississippi river. -
From Watertown to, Gleneoe, .~ . =
" From " Blue - Earth cjty, . Minnesota, t
. Yankton, Dakota Territory. '
- From Hutchinson, via Cedar, Greenlea
Kandigoli, and Irving, to Torak..
From Henderson, by Arlington, Ne
- .Auburn, Witadan Lake, and I_E?‘orbi\\'" ad
. worth, in Dakota Territory, to Fort Ric
.on Missouri river, i T
il e Y INSUB A BIK A o
From -West Point, Cununing county, 1
Rock Creck, in said county, ten miiles,
From ' Pawnee City, via- Frieces Mill
Nebraska, to Seneca, i Kansas, :
From Dakota City, via West Point, 1
Columbnus, S
From Brownsville; Nebraska, to Rockpor
Missouri. ! ; _
. From Big Sandy, Jones:county, to Ro
Creek, Nuckells couniy. .. o K
From Plattsmouth, - via, Glendale, Sout
Bend, Ashland, Salt Creck, Rock Creel
Lancaster, Saline City, Saltillo, . Centrevill
Olive Branch, Clatona, to Beatrice.
From Plattsmouth, via 8 Mile Grove, |
Weeping Water. ‘ .
From Decatur, via Logan Valley. W
Point, St. Charles, and Jalapa, {o Fremon
From De Sota,-via Arizonia, to Decatur,
‘ . NEVADA. :
From Carson, by way of Ophir, Washe
City, and Steamboat Springs, to liuifaker
Itanch, all in Nevada. :
From lone, by way of Cannon City, {
. Austin, all in Nevada. i '
From Austin to Cortcz,in Nevada.
From Austin, by way of Kingston, Twi
river, and SBan Antonio. District, to -Bilvc
Peak, all in Nevada, e
“From Virginia, by way of“ Sacrament
District, 'Unionville, Star, Durglen, en
. Paradize Valley, in Nevada, to Boise City, i
Idaho. f o
\ : s LW YORK, sl
From Unadilla, in the county. of Ofsag:
via Sidney, Tompkins, and Masonville; t
Cannonsville, in the County of Delaware,
The road from South New Beilin,. in th
- connty of Chenange, to Morris, in the count
of Otsego, in the Stat¢ of New York, 1
hereby declared to be a post road, :
4wt ! OHIO, ; g
From New Carlisie, via Brant, to Daytor
. - OREGON, . - o
From Auburn to Clarksville, ;
_ From Dalles City, on-the Columbia river
to Umatilla Umatiila county. ~
From Umatilla,” by Le Grand, in Unio
county to Baker City, in Baker county.
Erom Tylersport, in Montgomery county
to Seller'’s Tavern, in Bucks county. . . .
From Rassutupsie, via Scuth Danville, t
Danville, :
From South Danville to West Danville,
. From Wallula, by Antonie Plants, " Peru
D'Orville Lake, and Hell Gate, to Helena
Moutana Territory. : : '
Change route numbered.four thousand on:
hundred and twenty-five, (4,125,) from Mid
dletown, " in Tyler county, to Eilenbeoro', i 1
Ritchi¢ county; and reute Sisterville, i
Tyler county, to Twiggs, in Pleasant county
'rom Watome, Waushara county, ftc
Grand Rapids, Wood county. i
Arrnovep, March 14, 1866. e
i e fo extend the ime for the Withdrawa)
. Vweds jor Conswinption from pudkiec
ve and bonded Warchouse, and for
2l Purposes. it -
fo 7 enceled Dy the "Senate and Lbuse of
v deondaiives of the United States of America
o gress assainbled, That on and after the
1. ueof this act, and until the first day of
Muy, cighteen hundred and sixty-six, any
goods, wares, or merchandise under bond,
* in any pubiic or privaic bonded warehouse,
upon which the duties are nnpaid, ‘may be
withdrawn for consumption, -and the bonds
cancelled, on payment of the duties and
charges prescribed by law; and any goods,
warcs, or merchandise deposited in bond, in
any public or private bended warehouse, on
and after the tirst day of Moy aforesaid, and
ell goods, wares, or merchandise remaining
in warehouse, under bond, on said first day
of May; may be withdrawn for consumption
within one year from the date of oprigingl
importation, on payinent of the ‘duties and
charges to which they may be subject by
lnw at: the time of such withdrawal; and
after the expiration of three years from said
date, any goeds, wares; ‘er: merchandise, in
bond as aforesaid, may be withdrawn for
consumption on payment of the duties
assessed on the origindl éntry and charges,
and an additional duty of ten per centum of
the amount of such duties :nd charges, . f
Suc. 2. And be it further enacled, That
‘reither -thig ror ary other act shall
operate to prevent the exportation of bonded
oods, wares, or merchandise from ware
fiouse within three years from the date
of original importation, nor their trans
portation in bonryo from the pert into which
they weré originally imported to any other-,
port or potts for the purpose of exportationy |
and all acts and parts of acts _inconsist_emi
with {gif.p!ovis&ms of " this act are hereby |
“Arrrovep, Musch i, 1968 |
Ay Act 2o further secure HAmerican Citizcns !
eertain - Privileges under jhe Treaty of |
Be it enac&éd by the Senate and Hovse of;
Represendatives of the Untied States of Aamerica |
an. Congress assémbled, That the pioduce of
the forests of the State of Maine upon tlie
Saint John river and its tributaries, owned
by American citizens, ard sawed or hewed
in the Province of- New Brunswick by
Amnerican citizens, {che same being unmans
factured in-whole or in part,) whichis now -
admitted into the ports of the United Siates
free of duty, shali continue to be soadmitted
under sucly regulations as the Secretary of
the Trasury shall from time .to time
presciabe, - o :
| oEC. 2. And be it furiker enacted, That
, this act shall take effect from and after the
- seventeenth day of March, eighteen hundired
jand sixty-six. .
| Aprproveb, March 16, 18606,
{ An Aet in Relation to the Gourt of Clasims.
+ Beit enaeted by the Senate and House of
| Fepresentatives of the United Statés of America
(tu Congress assémbled, That the founrteenth
1 section of axt act approved the third day of
| March, anno Domini eighteen hundred
Uand sixty-thnee, entitled ““An act to amend
-lan act to establish: a court for the investiga
tion of claims ‘against the United States.”
Lapproved February iweaty-fourth, eighteen
4'{{:1111(‘111('(1] and fifty-five, be, and the same
«1s herdby repealed ; and from the final judg-
Imedt, or decree, in all cases herefofore de
i cided by, the Court of Claims, of the charac
. ter mentioned in the, fifth section of said act
Yof March third; cighteen hundred and sixty
v three, .ann appeal shall be allowed fo the
Supremhie Court of the United States,at any
| time within ninety days after the passage of
{this act, except imisuch -cases where, the
% amounis found due by siid, Court Liave beer
~paid at the freasury, "¢ .
. BRG, 2 nd bé @ Juriker enacted, 'Tha
" the recular sessson of the Court of Clainy
+ I'shall -hercafter commence on the first Jon
y | @ay of December in tach year, St
P BEC. 3. And.be it further enacted, 'That a
.+ the end of every term of the€ Court of Claims
- the.Clerk~of said Court_transmit a copy o
y the decizions thereof to the heads of Depart
_'ments;to the Solivitor, Coniptrollers, an
. Auditors of the Treasury; to the Comshis
sioners of the General Land’ Office and o
» | Indian. Affairs; to the Chiefs of Dureaus
. and to otherofficers charged with adjusting
1 | elaims agains the United. States, b
.1 APPROVED, March 17, 1866,
Mgl cCHAPTRR K. - o
y 1 An Actto amend an Act'to ‘extend the Char
| ter of the President and - Directers of th
L Fireman's Insurance’. Company of fi—li.’:‘fl
o taglon and Georgelewn an the Distriect o
| Ouliming : v ;
" Be it enacied by the Senale and Ilouke o
s [ Representatives of the Iniged States of Awmeriv
len Conippoes assembled, That “the -sixi)
tgeventh, eichy). ninth, and Yently sections o
i 1 the aet to ihcorpurate the president and d
' rectora of the Firemet's Wstirmnee Compar;
iof Wiashington ad: Gecrgetown in. th
istriet Cof Columbia, o appraved © barg)
vihird, eishicen Tundrettand thir v seven, an
ewWhich wasextended’by theact appuoved eb
i ruarysevenin, gghteen hundred and Gty
psevenche and the vame herely are, reputcd
| the fire companies which cxisted a! the th
. of the paseagt of tald aets; and Upon” whicl
L existence said secuions were based, having
| ceased to exists v : p R
i BEE R.oAnd be it jJurther enacted, 'Fha
t the stock of said Firémen's. Insurance Gom
v pany ‘shall be -issired, gold, tranifered, an
theld in the same manner that' the sann
. might Bave been issued, sold, dransterred
tand held had thoge sections never-existed.
{ - APPROVED, March 17, 1868, S
An Adtto anviend an et entitled**An Act t
L dneorporate a nationdl mililery and noeve
[+ Asyluin, for the Relief of the totally disable
i~ Officers and Men of the volunteer Forees g
i the United Siatrs, - - ~
{ __Be it enacted by the Senate and House o,
| Beprésentatives of the United Staies'of Awieric
\&n Congrels asséihbled, That the President o
' the United States, Secretary of War, Chie
- Justice of the United . States, and - such othe
- persons as. from time to time may hercafte
ibe associated with them, according to the
t provizions of this aet, are hereby constittitec
yand_estabiished a board .of managers of as
s establishment for thé care and reclief of the
| disabled volunteers of the United - State
carmy, to be known by the name and style
‘of “The National Asylmn for Disablec
| 'Volunteer Soldiers,” .and have perpetua
-suceession, with powers to take, hold, and
| convey real and personal property, establish
& common seal, and to sue and be sued in
courts of law and equity; and to make hy-
Haws, rules, and -regulations for carrying on
the business and government of the asylum,
‘and affix " pevaities thercto: Provided, That
(such by-laws, rules, and regulations are rot
i ilncongistent with the" laws of the United
FOBRNIN s Ty e wo
- SEc. 2. And be it furiker enacied, That the
business of said asylum shall be managed]
by a board of {welve managers,. who shall
celeet from their own number & ‘president,
who ‘shall be the chief executive officer of
‘the board, two vice-presidents, ‘and a secre
tary; and seven of the board of whom the
wesident or one. of the vice-presidents shall
%JC one; shall form a quorum for the transac
tion of ‘business al any meeting of the
board: *. vl - "
gEc.‘{}. And e it further enacted, That the
board of managers shall be-composed “of the
President and Secretary of War and Chief
Justice of the United States, gx offitio,
during their terms of office, together with
nine other citizens of the United States, not
‘members of Congress, no two of whom shall
be residents of the same Stage, but. who shall
all be residents of States. which furnished
organized bodies of soldiers to aid in the late
war for the-suppression of the rebellion, (no
person being ever eligible. who gave ‘aid or
counterance. to .the Tebellion,) to” be selec
ted by joint resolutior of the Senate and
House of Representatives immediately after
the passage of thisact. -The term og office
shal} be for six years, and until others sre
ap’pointed in their places, after the first elec
tion, which shall be of three for six vears,
three for four years, énd {hree for two }ears:
to be determintd by the order in which
they shall be named in the resolution. New
clections shall be made by joint resolution of
Congress, and vacancies by death, resigna
tion, or otherwise, to be filled in like man
ner. No member of the board of managers
hall receive any compensation as such mem-
ber; but bis travelling and other zctual ex
penses while upon the business’ of the asy
lum mey bé paid. But any member of the
board having other duties lconnected with
the assylum may receive a reasonable com
gensa‘t;'zon therefor, to be determined by the
card. - : ; Ly B s .
‘B. 4. And be it furthér enacted, That the
voard of managers. shall have authority
to procure for early use at suitable places,
!sitcs for military asylums for all persons
iserving in the army of the United States at
any time in the war of the rebellion not pro
*ri({ed for by existing laws, who have been or
| MRy hemxf‘t" er be disqualified for procuring
| their own maintenance and support by
1 reason of wounds received or sickness con
tracted while in the line of their duty during
‘the present rebellion, and to have the neces
| sary buildinfjs erected, having due regard to
| the health of location, facility of access, and
| ‘capacity to accommodate the -persons provi
|vided forin thisact, = : . . |
[ SEC. 5. And be it further enacted, That
t for the establishment and - support of this
| asyli there shall be appropriated all stop
| pages orfines adjudged against any such ofli
t cers and soldiers by sentence of ceurt-mar
| tial or military commission, over and above
'the amounts necessary for the. reimburse
' ment of the Goverument or of individuals:
i all forfeitures on account "of desertion from
i such service; and all moneys due such de
t ceased officers and soldiers, which now are
por may be unclaimed for three years afte
| the death of such officers and coldiers, to b
{ repaid on the demand of the heirs or lega
representatives of such deceased officers o 1
-soldiers.” ‘And the said board of managers
{are hereby authorized to receive all- dona
| tions of money or property made by any
. person or persons ior thie benefit of th
Lagylum, and to hold or dispose of the samu
| for its sole and exclusive use. .
| Suc. 6. And be @t further enacled, Tha
| the officers of the asylum shall c¢onsist of :
| governor, a depufy governor, a secretary, an
Ta treasurer, and -such.other officers as th
| board of managers may deem necessary, @
' be appointed, from disabled officers servin
'as before mentiored, and they may be ap
- pointed and removed {rom time to time, a
| the-interests of the institution may require, b;
"1 the board of managers. ; ‘
| SEC.. 7. 4And beit further enacted, Tha
| the following persons only shall be entitle
|to the Dbenefits of the asylum, and mdy b
Vadmitted thereto, upon the recommendatio
Lofthree of the board of managers, namely
- Al ofiicers and soldiers “who served in. {h
| late war for the suppression of (hie rebellior
-1 and not provided for by existing laws, wh
|t have been er may be'dicabled by wound
| received or sickness contracted in the line ¢
| their duty; and such of theseas have neith¢
+wife,. child, * nor parent dependent upo
| them, on hecomiing inmates of - this asylun
ror receiving relief therefrom, shall assig
.{ thereto their pensions when required by th
thoard” of managers, -during the time the
{stiall repain thercin or receive s benefits,
| BEc. 8. And be it fyrther estacted, That th
| board-of managers shalt make an annual It
. port of the condition of the ssyvium ta Cor
*1 gress o the firgt Monday of évery Janum
Fafter the passage of this act; and it shall ]
" the duty of the seid board. to examipe an
1 audit the accounts of the treasurer and vis
“Uthe asylum quagierly. ;
tOSBo. 9. And be it yurlier enacled, Thal -
~ inmates of the agyium shall be, and they-a
1 herehy, made subject to the rules andartich
1 of war, and-will be govérned thereby in
same manner &g ifthey werg in the army «
the United States, P
L BEC 10, And be i furiher endeted, T
the mangos.of the asvlum shall: have pow:
- ang authority.to ald persons who are entith
1o its beuetits. by out-doer telietin suc
~maaner and to such extent as they. me
" @yoln proper; provided sucly reiief shall
' execeod the average cost of maintaining a
Cinmate O the asyhum. e o
L BEG 11 wad be dguriier énacted, That
+ muich of thre act o which thig is an amend
‘ent as provids for the establishment of
{ naval in connection with a military -asyian
tand so much of said acy a 8 l’m"idffs' ?fii‘t a
I stoppages of fines: adjudged against nav:
L oflicers and seamen by sentence of court
i martial or military: commission, all forfe
| tures on .aecount of desertions from &
inaval service, and all moneys due to
Feensed naval officers and scamen which &
or may be unclaimed for three years afte
- the death of such oflicers or seamen, shall L
tappropriated for the establishment of th
~asylum and provided for-by this act and th
tact'of which it is amendatory, be, and th
- game is herehy, repealed. 1)
| SEC. 12, And be it further enacled, The
L all the property of the United States now ¢
{ Point -Lookont, St. Mary's county, Mary
' land, shall be and .become .the property t
- the asylum so soon as a title to the satisfac
tion of thie board of manpgers shall be mad
to the asylun of at least three hundred acre
of land, including that on which said proy
erty of the United States'is now built an
“mantained or held. ; ;
Sec. 18, And be. it further enacted, Thy
Congress may )t any time hereaffer alte)
amend, or repldal This act. .
~ Arrrovep, March?l, 1866. ;
Jiapyd, ORI RS, i
Aw Aet quieting Doubls in reation lo_th
Validity of certain Locations of Landsi.
the State of Missouri, made by Virtue o
- Uertificates ingued vuder the Aet of . Con
gress of February the seventeenth eighice;
hundred and j;‘fleen-.- A ’ oo
Bé it endeted, by the Senate and Houge o
Eepresen intives of the L’hl?/('(l Stalesaf 4 ?li(‘:)'_il%
in Congress asseinbled, That all locaiions o
lands in the State-of Missouri, purporting
‘have been ‘made by virtue of certificate
igssued under the act of Congress, approve
February the seventeenth, eighteen hundre
and fifteen, entitled **An act for the relief o
the inhabitants. of the late county of Ney
Madrid, in the Missouri Territory, wh
suffered by ea_nh?uakes,” which are invali
in consequence of having been made,.or lo
cated -after the expiration of the tiny
specifl'ed by law for making said locations
shall be, and the same gre hereby declarec
to'be, “as valid, and as binding, as if th
said locations had been made and fully com
pleted within' the time prescribed bv law
provided said locations shall be according te
Mw in all other respects; but the foregoing
provisions of this section shall not apply - to
compreherd, include, or extend to any “land
within township forty-five, north ‘of the
base line, in range seven, east of the fif)
Qr.mmpal meridian line in said State of
;hf;‘;suuri. £ : &
}hfii‘vz A{zd be it fur{-’her cnacted, Thai
hie United States dohereby grant, relinguish,
ind convey, in fee simple, and in full prop-
Tty, to -James Y. O'Carroll: or his legal
epresentatives, all ‘of the right, title, and
nterest of the United States in and to all
f the land within survey number twe
housand four hundred and .ninet,y.‘eifigz, in
ownship forty-five, north of the base line in
ange- seven east of the fifth principal
' meridian line, in the State of - Missouri,
| being the same land that was lo%tg}lby
| virtue of certificate number one hundred and
fifty, issued to the said James Y, O’Carroll
| or hig legal representatives, under the act of
| Congress approved Februdry the seventeenth,
{eighteen hundred acd fificen, entitled ~*‘An
Lact for the reiief of the inhabitants of the
| lat¢ county of New Madrid, in the Missouri
[ Territory, who suffered ‘by ' earthquakes”™:
Provided, howeber, Fhat not-Kixig' in this seec
tion shall . grant, rellnquish, orconvey the
whole or any part of any lot, tract, piece, or
parcel of land in .said township, which’ has
been heretofore confirmed by the United
| States to” any person or. persons, or to the
legal representatives of any person or per
ssons: And provideds further, That nothing
yin this act shall be so construed as to
Cinvalidate or impair any patent héretofore
issued by the United. States, or shall in any
| manner abridge, divest, impair, injure, or
prejudice any valid adverse right; “title, or
linterest or any person or persons inor to fm-{
- portion of part of the aforésaid Jand whic
(18 granted, relinquished, ‘and conveyed by
| this act. v :
; APPROVED, March-21, 1866, :
| ' L 3 o N '
CAn Act more effectually- to grrozrz'de Jor the
|« Punishanent of ecerian Crimes against tie
{ United Siates, : i o 5 i
| Bedt enacted by the Senate and House of
| Representaiives of the United Siates of America
i Congress assembled, 'That if any person or
persons shall falsely make, alter, forge, or
- counterfeit; or cause or procure to be falsely
'minde, altered, forged, or counterfeited; or
i willingly aid or assist in the false- making,
| adtering, forging, or counterfeiting any
bond, bid, proposal, guarantee, security,
L official bond, public recqord, aflidavit, or
| other ‘writing for the purpose of defrauding
- the United States; or shall utter or publish
as frue, or cause to be uttered or published,
as true, any. such false, forged, altered or
- counterfeited bond, bid, proposals, guraran
| tee, security, ofiicial bond, public. record.
- | afiidavit, or other writing: for the purpoese of
. defrauding the United States, knowihg the
. same to be false, forged, altered, or coun:
- terfeited; or shall {ransmit to, or present at
1 or cause or procure to be transmitted to, ol
- presented at, - the office of any officer of the
| United States, any such false, forged, al
. tered, or” counterfeited bond, bid, proposal,
guarantee, security, official bond, public
- record, atfidavit, or othér writing, knowing
' the same.to be false, forged, altered, o 1
. counterfeited, for the purpose of defrauding
) -the United Statcs; every such person
' shall: be . deemed and adjudged guilt{
* of felony, and being. thereof duly convicted,
- 'shall ‘be sentenced ‘to be imprisoned, and
| kept at hard labor, fora period not exceeding
ten yeéars, or be fined not exceeding one
thousand dollars, .or " both of said punish:
» ments in the discretion of the court. :
1 BEC. 2 - And be it furthes enacled, That i
‘any offence shall bé conmitted in any place
» t which has been, or shall hereafter be, cedec
. to, and under the jurisdiction of the Unitec
. States, - Which offenceqs. not prohibited, o
-+ the punishment thereof is not’ gpeeially. pro
vided forby eny law ‘of the Unitted Pitates
| such offence shiall, upon conviction in - ang
- eonrt of the United States having cognizanc:
thereof, be liable to, anlh reeciye fthe samy
1 punishnrent ag thedsws ofile State in whicl
»oepch o place is, oF ey e dituated, ndwW i)
s force, provided.fof flie. Jike offénes’ whe
s committed withing the Jarigtliction of suel
f Blate; and -po «gnbgeguents répenl - ¢fagn
such Biate law shall effeet "any “Jrésecutisy;
| forsueli eftencoinany of . fhe colts Cith
-1 United Bhdton, omo 0 W g op VAol
L ATPROVED, A S, 18085, ;
A Act fo pravide for. thé Frang/ér of
1o Custoly libversy of Ui Snlhssntan Lt
| tothe Litrary of U grees. : .
| B enacted by he wepate wnd House o
| Bepresentatives of the Unjied Siates of Americe
in Cangress assemlied,.'Fhat the library col
| lected by the Emithsonian Institttion unde
|| the provisions of an act approvta. Augus
| tenth, eighteen hundred and forty-six, shal
- be removed from the ‘building of said insti
tution, with * the consent of ‘{he . regent
“thereof, to the new fireproof. extension ol
+ the library of Congress, upon completion o
" a sujlicient portion thorcoé for its accommo
"dation, and shall, while there deposited
‘be ‘subject to the same ‘regulations ds the
ibrary of Congress, except as ‘hereinafter
| provided. - \
[ .SRC. % And be fm'(/mr. enqgeted, That
when sugh library si:all have been so re
‘moved and déposited, the Smithsonian In.
| stitution shall llmve‘ the use- thereof 'in' like
' manner as it ds now used, and the public
' shall have access thereto for purpores of
consultation on every ordinary week day
except during one month of each year, in
the recess ot Congress, when it may be
i closed for renovation, - Adl the books, maps,
- and chatts of the Emithdonian library shall
| be properly cared for and preserved in like
| manper as are those of the Congressional
library, from whieh the Smithsonian }lbrary
{ shall ot be removed exéept on reimburse
{ ment by the Smithsonian Institution to the
| Trensury of the United States of expenses
| ineurred in binding and in taking care of the
Fsame, or upon guch terms.and condifions as
' shallsbe mutually agreed upon by Congress
“and the regents of said Institution.. ,
1 “BBC, 3 Awd be it . further enacted, Thaf
‘the Smithsonian. - Ingtitution, ‘though its
secrétary; “shall have {lie use.of the library
-of-Congress, subject to the same . regulations.
“as Senators and Representatives, . *© - -
- SEC. 4. And be il further ' enaeted; That
the libararian of Congress shallbe authorized
to employ two additional asgistants, who'
shall receive a yearly compernsation of eight
hundred dollars, and one - thousand dollas,
respectively, commencing July one, cighteen
hundred and sixty- six, -to be paid out of
any n}omz{y in the tfeasury not otherwise ap
propriatetl, <, .3 s e NS , i
SEC.- 5. And beit further enacted, That the |
sum of five. hundred dallars, or so much l
thereof as may ‘he necessary, shall be ap- |
propriate(i; out of any-money in the treasury f
not otherwise aporopriated; ‘to- defiay the
cxpenses pof the reinoval herein provided for. !
. APPRO£ED,' April 5, 1866. - e |
An Aet to provide for @ Term of the District |
Court for the District of Minnesota, to be
hedd at the City of Winona in said |
Distaict, gt A LCa ) !
Beit enccted by the Senale and Houseof
Representatives of the Uniled Blates of America [
in Confress assembled, That hereafter, and |
until otherwigse provided .for by law, there i
shall be held, annually, on the first Monday |
in June, a term of the district court of thel
United States for the district of Minnesota |
al the city of Winona, in said distrct, and:
all process, - writs,- agg ‘Tecognizances, ci
and crimiral, which may have been, or may
hereafter be, issued and made returnable at
Mankato, shall be returned to the said term |
{ of the said court at the said cite (v oo
t in'like manner and %ihw&gge:%mnom
onginall)y made returnable thereto -
" OEC. 2. And bde it Jurthey 'ena'ctfd
all acts or parts of acts which require 4 1,
of said court to be held at Mankato 1y -
district, be and th e
+ pealed.” iy e Wereby,
\ ‘ APPROVED, April 5, 1866,
| An _Act to amend the Act mfil‘lle}ll'“A n Aet
‘ theßehejofSeamen and Others b;’ tfa
' the Books of Vessels wrecked o lost ¢ .
} | Javal Bervice,” approved July four, cighy,
{ %L)t.;’f’f Sk gy o Jor oiher py,
| Beit enacted by the Senate o
: Representatives of the United b‘ta(:’f o]%?{"ifi
'in . Congress assembled, That in (;{Sé'“j""'
: } officer of the navy, or marine corps gy e
| & vessel in the employ of the Unjreq \‘t‘:{“‘
| which, by ani causualty, or in acti()n\““.“‘
| the enemy, has been or may pe °l"lkm]
{otherwise destroyed, shall thepepy h ]
| lost his persoral “effects, the proper s "
[ ting officers are hereby autherize “ffmlm“\
’a}uproval of the Secretary of the Navy,
ta low to such officer a sum not exceediy
| the amount of his sea pay for one mony, ;
| compensation for said loss: Provided, g,
«such loss has not occurred througy y
| negligence or want of skill or foresicht |
| the ofticer making application for such o
| Provided, That the accounting officers g
| ‘ in all cases require a schedule and certific,
| from the officer making the claim for effe
'so lost: And provided further, That no
' lowance shall be made. by virtue of this
' for any loss incurred prior to the hinetee
| day of April, ecighteen hundred and sy
| one,
| SEC. 2. And be it further enacted,
{so much of the seveuth section
| the act of Congress, approved Febn
| twenty-four, eig%xteen hundredand si
| four, entitled “An act to amend
- act entitled *An act for enrolling and ca
' out the national forces, and for other pu
| ses,” approved March third, anno Dy
1 eighteen hundred and sixty-three,” as
-1 vides that “the bounty money which
. | mariner or se[a]man enlisting from the
‘| into the navy may have received from
» | United States, or from the State in whig
-1 enlisted in the army, shall be deducted §
, ! the prize money to which he may beg
» entitled during the time reduired-to ¢
- | plete his military service,” be, and the
* | is hereby, repealed .
. APPROVED, April 6, 1860.
| I Y 1
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i nzmed of their certificates vpon paypentd
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* ' no artiole valued jess thap $lO is named «
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