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Lol Gheorguon,
NLGUSTA, GA, MAY 16 1867.
J L BRYANT - - . Kditor.
r§oB. P. BEARD - - Agent.
o 0 IEST of Globe Hotel, corner of Jacksen
ol Ellis Streets, Augusta, Georgia.
GBS, o eshienn eea i 300
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ankme LG e e 175
W ante . L L L s e 100
guare equals ten lines of minion type.
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1.8 o 0 Wle Sln S btoim wimi ov & IR
i m seleid T L S
yiberal deduction will be made for quarter,
bt or whole columbs,
yitns, “ Loyal Georgian,” Key Box 169,
Jussed wt the Frrst Sessron of the
Thor'y mn-k Con:yess
AnAee t 0 es abi-b e Tiain P ~t Roals,
Boit caaeted by the Scnate v House
f Repreontuirves of the United States
o Ameriea 18 Congross assemb ed | 'hat
te tiliowing be estabhished as [ost
‘ fem Rio Vista. vie Maiwe Prairie
i ¢ Binghampton, 1o Silveyville.
fom Red o lutty via the Upner Saee
ave to liver Ro a 2 Springs, aud Shas a
filer, to Y reka
from Bed Ll, via Payne’s Croek,
Vit Oreek, aud 1y Meadows to Susan
frm hiep, via Stony Creek and
st Ravge, to Nome Cult,
frm Cl verdale, via the Lakepert
pitloverdale v acvon Ruad, to Lake
o C ntrad Uiy, via Georgetown,
From God Dieete South B )der
From t enver via M un V roon and
lia vy to Kmpre Ciry
Fou B rt Wadsw .rth 1o Der tis Lake.
P-nm “:»m--l'c . i Ols, ¥Via Bcawr
L 5 Dueh, S ring am's Potet, and
Plot Grove, wll 1 Newton count, tu
dima, to Ad-iwner, hidiann, |
fean Fulton, wvia Milvll L
K cvawha ‘
IOW A, |
From oonsbore’ t+ Pa-ora ;
From Wintersot, via Qu ley, Clarinda,
aid Marysvilie, to Sa: auna o, in Missouri
Fou ludiwmola, via Lawrencebury
and L!burty O nire, to Chartton. '
From Chariton, Lueas ecounty, via
G irden Gr«-ve, to Lion
From Marshal tvan vi Vienna, W.lf
G ove, B.fiecn-Bile Ge ve._ sud Gruudy
Cenre,to New Harttord |
From Deenrah to Hesper in Wipnes
sheik coupty, |
Fiom West - Mitehell in Mitcheli |
Gunty, by Piymouth a-d Ma<an ‘:i'ff
o Clap Lake, in Ceiro Gordo county |
From Postviile, via Librand and |
l‘!h!-'w. to Waukon in Alam kev county, |
From Humboidr, Kausas, via Osave, |
Catuol . Mission, and Chetopa, to lort
Gih.flnn. !
Fioom Plesaut Hill, Missonri. via
Bl wing Grove, to Mound (‘.i'y. Kausus |
Frmn Nens’lfl F. 18, Kun as, via!
Belwo t, to Syracuse, in Wi son county |
From Fort Scott, via Mill Cr, ek,
Da\tm,, M gplq-t,nu, and Blae Mnunds, to |
Garnett, t'y weckly. ‘
From V riigris Falls, via Viggil !
to Pieasan' Grove.
Fron Xema to Walnu' Hilis \
From Couucil Grove to A.biline,
From Neosha Falls, via Mount A ry,
to Lilterty, in Woodson counry.
From Ewporia, via Madison, Shell
Rock, Plei.saut Grove, and Piast Qak,
to F rt Roe.
From Ottumwa, via - adison, Janes
ville, Kureka, and Darley’s Mills, to
Salt Spring.
From Enterprise, via Ottumw», Sac
and Fox Agency, Greenwcod, Ottawa,
and Paola, to Harrisonwville, Mixsouri.
From Cou: cil Grove to Marion C.ntre
From Orrawa, via J mes Carroll’s,
Jack-on Mark’s, aud Minera! Poiut, to
From Medina, via Oskaloosa, Win
chester, and Kaston, to Leavenworth
From Lawrence, via Oskalousa, to
Grasshopper Falls,
From Perryville, (leeated on the
route «f the I'nion Pac'tic railroad,) via
O-kalvosa aud kaston, ) Leaveuworth,
From Porter, via North Parsonfield, and
North Newfield, to West Newficld, in York
From North Acton, Maine, via Wakeficld,
to Union, New Hampshire.
From Woodman'’s Station, via New Glou
cester and West Gloucester, to North Ray
mond, in Cumberland county.
From Poland to West i;oland, in An
droscoggin county.
From North Falmouth, by latchville and
East Falmouth, to Waquoit,
From Coopersville to Squire’s Ferry.
From Coopersville, via Mansfieic{ Mills,
Ravenna, Slocum’s Grove, W hitney’s Mill,
and Moreland, to Squire’s Ferry.
From Paynesville, by Norway Lake, to
Six-mile Timber, on Chippeway river.
¥rom Hastings, via Cannon Falls, to
Kenyon, v
From BSaint Cloud to Ifort Ripley, on the
west bauk of the Mississipni river,
Irom Watertown to Glencoe.
Fromm Bilue Earth ciiy, Minncsota, to
Yaukton, Dakota Territory. '
From Jlutchinson, via Cedar, Greenleaf,
Kandigoli, and Irving, to Torah.
From Henderson, by Arlington, New
Auburn, Witadan Lake, and Fort Wads
worth, in Dakota Termritory, to Fort Rice,
on Missouri river.
From West Point, Cuzsiming county, to
Rock Creek, in said county, ten miles.
From Pawnee City, via Frieces Mills,
Nebraska, to Seneca, in Kansas.
From Dakota City, via West Point, to
I'rom Brownsville, Nebraska, to Rockport,
From Big Sandy, Jones county, to Rose
Creek, Nuckolls county.
From Plattsmouth, via Glendale, South
Bend, Ashland, Salt Creek. Rock Creek,
Lancaster, Saline City, Saltillo, Centreville,
Qiive Bras:ch, Clatona, to Beatrice,
From Plattsmouth, via 8 Mile Grove, to
Weeping Water.
From Decatur, via Logan Valley, West
Point, St. Charles, and Jalapa, to I'remont.
From De Sota, via Arizonia, to Decatur.
From Carson, by way of Ophir, Washoe
Ciry, and Steamboat Springs, to iiuffaker’s
Ranch, all in Nevada.
From lone, by way of Cannon City, to
Austin, all in Nevada.
From Austin to Cortez, in Nevada.
From Austin, by way of Kingston, Twin
river, and San Antonio District, to Silver
Peak, all in Nevada.
From Virginia, by way of Sacramento
District, Unionville, Star, Dunglen, and
Paradise Valley, in Nevada, to Boise City, in
From Unadilla, in the countfy of Otsego,
via Sidney, Tompkins, and Masonville, to
Cannonsville, in the County of Delaware.
The roaa from South New Berlin, in the
connty of Chenango, to Morris, in the county
of Otsego, in the State of New York, 1s
hereby geclared to be a post road.
From New Carlisle, via Brant, to Dayton.
From Auburn to Clarksville.
Erom Dalles City, on the Columbia river,
to Umatilla Umatilla county.
From Umatilla, by Le Grand, in Union
county to Baker City, in Baker county.
Erom Tylersport, in Montgomery county,
to Seller’s Tavern, in Bucks county,
From Rassumpsie, via South Danville, to
From South Danville te West Danville.
From Wallula. by Antorie Plants, Peru,
D'Orville Lake, and Hell Gate, to Helena,
Montana Tcrritor,}".
Change route numbered four thousand one
hundreg and twenty-five, (4,125,) from Mid
dletown, in Tyler county, to Ellenboro’, in
Ritchie comnty; and route Sisterville, in
Tyler county, to Twiggs, in Pleasant county.
From Watome, Waushara county, to
Grand Rapids, Wood counst&
AprrroveED, March 14, 18066.
An act to extend the Time for the Withdrawal
og; Goods. jor Consumption from public
ore and bonded W{;rdwuse, and for
other Piurposes. |
Be it enacted by the Senate and Houss of
‘Augusta, Ga,, Thursday, M*a;fl“(-i,—fqi?.
, | dvepresentatives ¢f the United Slates ((lg‘AmtrLc(.
tn Congress assembled, That on and after the
1 ga.ssage of this act, and until the first day of
lay, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, an(f
+ | goods, wares, or merchardise urder bond
in any public or private bonded warehouse
.| upon which the duties are unpaid, w
withdrawn for consumption, and the -bend:
? | cancelled, on payment of the duties &n¢
charges prescribed by law; and anfiogoads
» | wares, or merchandise deposited in bond, ir
any public or g)rivate bonded warehouse, or
' | and after the first day of May aforesaid, anc
' | all goods, wares, or merchandise remaining
in warehouse, under bond, on said first da)
, | of May; may be withdrawn for consumptior
) | within one year from the date of origina
importation, on gayment of the duties anc
charges to which they may be Subg.fit by
law at the time of such withdrawal} ard
after the expiration of three years from'said
) | date, any foods. wares, or merchandise, in
bond as aforesaid, may be withdrawn for
consumption on payment of the duties
‘| assessed on the original entry and charges
| and an additioral duty of ten per centum of
the amount of such duties and charges.
| Skc. 2. And be it further enacted, That
| neither this nor any other act shall
. | operate to prevent the exportation of bonded
! Emdq. wares, or merchandise from ware
ouse within three years from the date
'|of original importation, nor their trans
| purtation in bon(? trom the port into Wwhich
| thev were originally imported to any®o’ er
| port or ports for the purpose of exportation ;
land all acts and parts of acts inconsistent
with the provisions of this act are hereby
| APPROVED, March 14, 1866.
An Act to further secure American Citizens
certain Privileges under jhe Treaty of
‘ Washington. '
| _Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
‘ Representatives of the Untied States of Atnerica
{in Uongress assembled, 'That the produce of
| the forests of the State of Maine upon the
| Saint John river and its tributaries, owned
by American citizens, and sawed or hewed
l’m the Province of New Brungwicki by
1 American citizens, (the same bein? urmanu
foetured in whole or in part,) which is pow
| admitted into the ports of the United States
free of duty, shall continue to be so admitted
i under such regulations as the Sccfixy of
|the Treasury shall from time = dime
| prescribe,
| BEcC. 2. And be it further enncled, That
| this act shall take eficct from and after the
i seventeenth dey of March, eighteen hundied
and sixty-six.
APPROVED, March 16, 1866.
An Act in Relation to the Court of Claima.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of America
in Congress assembled, That the fourteenth
section of an act approved the third d:g/rof
March, anno Domini eighteen hundred
| and sixty-thiee, entitled ‘“An act to amend
% an act to establish a court for the investiga
| tion of claims against the United States,”
rappreved February twent{;-fourth, eighteen
f{lfll!}drtdj and fifty-five, be, and the same
| is hereby repealed ; and from the firal judg
!nwnt, or decree, in all cases heretofore de
cided by the Court of Claims, of the charac
| ter mentioned in the fifth section of said act
' of March third, eighteen hundred and sixty
| three, an appeal shall be allowed to the
' Supreme Court of the United States, at any
| time within ninety days after the passage of
Ithis act, except in such cases where the
| amounts found due by said Court have been
| paid at the treasury.
SEC. 2. And be it ffm'flm' enacted, That
the regular sessson of the Court of Claims
shall hereafter commence on the first Mon
§ day of December in each year.
. Brc. 3. And be it further enacted, That at
' the end of every term of the Court of Claims,
the Clerk of said Court transmit a copy of
' the decisions thereof to the heads of Depart
ments; to the Solicitor, Comptrollers, and
'Auditors of the 'l‘reasurfr; to the Commis
'sioners of the General Land Office and of
Indian Affairs; to the Chiefs of Bureaus;
| and to other officers charied with adjusting
claims agains the United States. :
~ APrrQVED, March 17, 1866.
An Aect to amend ar Act to extend the Char
ter of the President and Directors of the
Fireman's Insurauce Company of Wash
ington and Georgetown in the Listricet of
Be it enac’ed by the Senate and FHouse of
Representatives of the United States of America
in Congress assembled, 'That the sixth,
seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth sections ot
the act to incorporate the president and di
rectors of the F}i)rcmen’s Insurance Company
of Washington and Georgetown in the
District of Columbia, approved March
third. eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, and
which wasextended by theactapproved Feb
ruary seventh, eighteen hundred and fiftg
seven, be and the same hereby are, repealed;
the fire companies which existed at the fime
of the passage of said acts, and upon which
existence said sections were based, having
ceased to exist. ;; ;
Sec. 2. And be it further enaved, That
the stock of said Firemen's Insurince Com- |
pany shall be issued, sold, transiered, and |
hvlc{ in the same manner that the same
might have been issued, sold, thrgsferred.
and held had those sections never ¢xisted. |
APPROVED, March 17, 1866. !
e 3
An Actto amend an Aet entifled ‘An Act to |
incorporate a national military &ynd _naval |
Asylum, for the Relig‘eof the totddy disabled
Officers and Men of voluntedt Forces of
the United States. k. |
Be # enacted by the Senate arfl House of |
Represertatic. s of the U nat a.o ares o America
\in Congress ¢:sembled, That the Fresident of
!the United S ates, Secreiary of War, Chief
| Justice of the United States, and such other
ns as from time to time may hereafter
E:m:ssociated with them, according to the
provisions of this act, are hereby constituted
ard established a board of mana%m of an
establishment for the care and relief of the
disubled volunteers of the United States
army, to be known bK the name and stf'le
of “The National Asylum for Disabled
| Volunteer Soldiers,” ard have Eergetual
Isuccession, with powers to take, hold, and
convey real and personal properg'. establish
|8 common scal, and to sue and be sued in
lcourts of law and exiuity; and to make by-
Jaws. rules, and regulations for carrying on
the business and goverrment of the asylum,
and affix penalties tl ereto: Preeiled, That
such by-laws, rules, and regulations are not
inconsistent with the laws of the United
- SEC. 2. And be it further enacted. That the
business of said asylum shall te managed
bly a board of twelve maragers. who shall
elect from their own number a pres dent
who shall be the chief executive offi er of
the board, two vice-presidents, and a secre
tary; ard seven of Sxe board. of whom the
president or one of the vice-presidents shall
be one, shall form a quorum for the transac
tion of busiess at any meeting of the
board. '
SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That the
board of managers shall be comj osed of the
President and Secretary of War and Chief
Justice of the United States, ex officio,
during their terms of ofi’ce, together with
nine other citizers ot the Uniwa Sta es, not
members of Corgress, no two of whom shall
be residents of the same State, but who shall
all be recidents of States which furnished
crganized bodies of soldiers to aid in the late
war for the suppression of the rebellion. (no
person being ever eligible who gave aid or
countenance to the rebellion,) to be selec
ted by joint resolution of the Senate and
House of Representatives immediatelg' after
the i)assafe of this act, The term of oflice
shall be for six years, and until others are
appointed in their places, after the first elec- |
tion, which shall be of three for six years,
three for four vears, and three for two years,
to be determined by the order in which
they shall be named in the resolution. New
elections shail be made by joint resolution of
Congress. snd vacancies by death, resigna
tion, or otherwise, to be filled in like man
ner. No member of the board of managers
shall receive ary compensation ag such mem
ber; but his travelling and other actual ex
penses While upon the busiress of the asy
lum may be paid. But any member of the
beard having other duties connected with
the assyluin may receive a reasonable com-
Eenssation therefor, to be determined by the
SEC. 4. And de st further enacted, That the
board of managers shall have authority
to procure for early uce at suitable -places,
sites for military asylums for all persons
sérvirg in the army of the United States at
any time in the war of the rebellion not pro
vided for bfy existing laws. who have been or
may hereafter be disqualified for procuring
their own maintenance and support by
reason of wounds received or sickness con
tracted while in the line of their duty during
the present rebellion, and to have the neces
sary buildings erected, having due regard to
the health of location, facility of access, and
(:aé)acity to accommodate the persons provi
vided for in this act.
SEC. 5. And be it further enacted, That
for the establichment ard support of this
asylum there shall be appropriated all st(;F
pages or fines adjudged against any such ofli
cers and soldiers by sentence of court-mar
ti]al or military commission, over ard above
the amounts necessary for the reimburse
ment of the Goverument or of individuals;
all forfeitures on account of desertion from
such service; and all moneys due such' de
ceased officers and soldiers, which now are
or may be unclaimed for thrbe years after
the death of &uch officers and soldiers, to be
repaid on the demand of the heirs or legal
ref»resentatives of such deceased officers or
soldiers. And the said board of manragers
are hereby authorized to receive all dona
tions of money or property made by any
person or persons for the benefit of the
asylum, and to hold or dispose of the came |
for ita sole and exclugive use. |
SEC. 6. And be it further enacted, That |
the officers of the asylum shall consist of :xf
governor, a deputy goverror, a secretary, and |
a treasurer. and such other officers as 'hei
board of maragers may deem necessary, to|
be apgmimed from disabled officers serv g
as before mentior d, ard they may be ap- |
pointed and removed from time to time, 1s |
the interests of the msuiutoL ay require, by |
the board of managers. {
SEC. 7. And beit further enacted, That
the following persons only shall be entitled |
to the benct{gts of the asylum, and may be
admitted thereto, upon the recommerndation
of three of the board of managers, ngmelgz ‘
All officers and soldiers who served in 1t e‘
late war for the suppression of the rebellion, |
and not provided fI(J)r by existing lJaws, who
have been or may be disabled b{) wounds |
received or sickness contracted in the line of |
their duty; ard such of these as have neither |
wife, child, nor parent dependent uponl
them, on becoming inmates of this asylum,
or receiving relie% therefrom, shall aSSI%D
thereto their pensions when required by the
board of managers, during the time they
shall remain therein or receive its benefits.
SEC. 8 And be if further enacted, That the
board of managers shall make an annual re- |
port of the condition of the asylum to Con
cTess on the first Monday of every January |
after the passage of this act; and it shall be |
the duty of the said board to’ examine and
audit the-accounts of the treasurer and visit
the asylum quarterly. - . - |
flfiyo:v;lgdbcfi%rfln enacied, Thal all |
| Lereby, made subject to the rules and articies
ot war, ard will be governed thereby in the
same mani ¢r as if they werein the ammy of
the United States.
BEc. 10. And de it further enacted, That
the margers of the asylum shall have power
and authori'% to aid persons who are entitled
to its benefits by out-door relief in such
manrer and to such extentas they may
deem J)roper. provided such relief shall ot
! exceed the average cost of maintaining an
inmate of the asgrlfim.
SEc, 11. And be it {uflhflmacled. That so
much of the act to which this is an amexd
ment as provids for the establishment of a
naval in cornection with a military asylum
ard s 6 much of said act as provides that all
stoppages of fines adjudged agairst naval
oflicers and scemien by sentence of courts
martial or military commission, all forfei-.
fures on account of desertiors from the
raval service. and all moreys due to de
ceased naval cfficers ar.d seamen which are
or may be nnclaimed for three years after
the death of such oflicers or seamen, <hall be,
appropriated for the establishment of the
asylum and provided for by (his att ard the
act of which it is amendatory; be, and the
same is hereby, repealed.
SEc. 12. And be 3! {mflzefr enaeted. That
all the property of the United States now at
loint EO{)kont. St. Mary's eotnty, Mary
lay d; <hall be ard becomeé the ;l)roperly of
the asylum so soon as a title to the catisfac
tion_u¥ the board of managers shall be made
to the asylum of at least atin-t-. hundred acres .
of lard, including that on which said prop
erty of the Urited States I 8 now built and
mantained or held. ;
SEC. 13. And be it further enacted, That
Congress may at any time hereafter alter,
amenrd, or repleal this aét,
ArrroveD, March 21, 18686,
An Act quieting Doubls in relation to the
Validity of certain Locations of Landsin
the State of Missouri, made by Virtue of .
Certificates issued under the A{;t of . Con
grem of February the seventeenth cighteen
wndred and er‘tem.
De it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of America
in Congress assembled, That all locations of
lands in the State of Missouri, purporting to
Lave been made by virtae of certificates
istued urder the act of Congress, epproved
February the seventeenth, eighteen fnur;dred
ard fifteen, entitled “*Ar act for the lelief of
the inhabitants of the late county of New
Madrid, in the Missouri 'Territory, who
suffered by earth};uakes.” which are invalid
in cous«guenceo having beern made or lo
cated after the expiration of the time
specificd by law for making said locations,
shall be, and the same are hereby declared
to be, as valid, ard as birding, as if the
said locations had been made ang fully com
pleted within the time prescribed by law,
provided said locatiors shall be according fo
law in all other respects; but the foregoing
provisiovrs of this section shall not apply to,
compreherd, irclide, or exterd to any lard
within township fosty-five, north of the
base line, in range seven, east of the fifth
Erincipal meridian lize in said Siate of
SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That
the United States dohereby grant. relinquish,
and convey, in fee simple, and in full proj:-
erty, to James Y. O’Carroll; or his legal
representatives, all of the right, title, aid
interest of the United States in and to all
of the land within survey number Iwo
thousand four hundred and nivety-eight, in
townchip forty-five, north of the base fine in
range seven @ast of the fifth principal
meridian line, in the State of xclissouri.
being the same land that was located by
virtue of certificate number one hundred ard
fifty, issued to the said James Y. (o’Carrol), -
or his legal representatives, urder tlié act of
Congress approved February the seventeenth,
eighiteen hundred and fifteen, entitled *“*An
act for the relief of the inhabitants of the
late county of New Madrid, in the Missouri -
Territory, who suffered h?r ealthquakes”:
Provided, however, 'lhat notiiing in this sec
tion shall grant, relinquish, or convey the
whole or any part of any lot, tract, piece, or
parcel of land in said township, wlich has
been heretofore confirmed by theé Urited
States to any person or persons, or to the
legal representatives of duiy person or per- -
sons: And provided further, That nothing
in this act shall be =0 construed as to
invalidate or impair any patent heretofore
issued by the United States, or shall in anv
manner abridge, divest, impair, injure, o
prejudice any valid adverse right, “title. o 1
Interest Or any Person or persors i or to aiy
portion of part of the aforesaid lard whicl
12 granted, reliLquished, and conveyed by
this get, ‘ e :
APPROVED, March 21, 1864
An Act more effectually to provide for the
Puniskment of certain Crimes against the
United States.
Be it enacted by the Senate and Howse of
Representatives of the United States of Americ
in Congress assembled, That if any ‘person or
persons shall faisely make, alter, forge, or
counterfeit; or cause or procureto be falcely
made, altered, forged, or counterfeited; or
willingly aid or assist in the false making,
altering. forging, or counterféiting any
bord, bid, proposal, guarantee: security,
official bond. public record, affidavit, or
other writing for the purpose of defratidirg”
the United States; or shall utter or Bub]’sh .
as true, or cause 1o be uttered or published,
as true, any such false, forged, altered or
counterfeited bond, bid, proposals, guaran
tee, security, official bend, public revord,
aflidavit, or other Wfiting-for the of
defranding the United States, knbglng the .
sathe to be false, forged, altered, or coun
s Mnudm"MPon i
1\0.3 3

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