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Weekly Arizona citizen. (Tucson, Ariz.) 1880-1880, June 19, 1880, Image 3

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Mil Trust GofflBany,
Office 115 Broadway, N. Y.
Cfcrtsrad nier Cu Lets cf His statg orse Yet
MILTON S. LATHAM, President.
C.T. CHRISTEXSKX, Treasurer,
K. W. I EAYITT, Secretary.
This oruni-ation is tow ready for tmsines,
and offers its services on reasonable terms in
all transactions iiertaluinzto Miuinjj Interest.,
such as the custody and Investment of rhnO,
the registry and transferor stocks, andtlie pay
ment of dividends. Speckl attention given to
concinnicuts of bullion.
incites Minim Stcci Wmn
(ccdsr the euepkrs of the Miring Trust Co.
Eschscjre Rooms and offices, No. 63
Broadway, New York.
This Exchange will he opened ss soon as the
riec-sary improverucuN in the rooms, now in
prosrves, have liven completed, cIkmiI June I.
The Committee oa Stoci L't and iecaritie
is now prepared to receive and act r.pon appli
cations from Mixrxo Companies dctirin?r to
bava their decks p'need upon the rvgu arli.-t
rf tte Kichntitre. All iecest--ary blauk and
fr.il ir.firmatiou n1.1v lie obtained br addrv-s-ia
j W.M. F. MGLLEK. Secretary of iho Com
mitter care 3:isiii!rTrutt Co.
Applicatiots will be received for a limited
number of non-members" monthly scat tickets
of adiukslon.
XN Rrii r thoe pnnics tlmi cina under
Mm that the uiii'Ti';..ed hut had ike neces
sary sc.at.nieut work done upon the Cerro
Colorado r.iie, in Pints County, Arizona, fur
the yearendin Jauuary 2, Is, end ha paid
f r the fame, and uiilos liie id Shi-perd or
th"fc owninz niidr liiiu coi.ie forward wiibin
ninety days from the Lue of thin r.tice, and
pay owr to me the sum of (.V)i fifty dollar-,
that beicjr hi or tbv.ir share of the money paid
for asefineut wort oa hi" or their one uall
f e;ad mine, paid mine will be forfeited to me
Tucson. A. Tm iiay S. laHO
Notice cf Fiaal Prool
Land Office at Florence, Arizona.
May 17. is).
J to'.iouiii named se:ier Las Cied notice
cf his intention to ni.-.ke riusl proof ia support
of hi claim, and secure liiud eutry lhereif,
itnd that said proof will be made before the
Iiecister oa Wednesday, J"e zi. iw-tt. viz:
Summon Lick w he :...-ue HotneMsad Applica
tion for the SW'4 Sec. 8, T. IS, Rangi; 17
East, and names the following as his wit
ncsse-., viz: B. 11. Hereford. C. A. Paige, J. II.
Lucas and n. F. llodg-, ail of Tncoii, Piuia
Coaaty, Arizona, ' C. M. K. I'AULISON,
Notice of Final Proof.
Laxd Office at Fljeexce. Aiuzoxa,
Mtv 17, issn.
i lo'.Iowins ramed settler has filed notice
of hi" intention to make fii,nl proof in support
ot his claim, and secure final entry thereof,
and that si.id proof will ;e made before the
Renter ou Wednesday, June 23, lbO, viz:
Daniel Waiters, who made Pre-emption de
cla-atory statement Xo. i for the SE'i Sec. 4,
Township 15. S Hunze 13 East, and names the
following as his witnesses, viz: Joseph K.
Holt, Jesus Paeheco, Grecoria Bnndaraa and
Mariscal K. Haniircz, all of Tnesoi.. Pima
County, Arizona. C. jJ. K. 1'A'JLISON.
Notice of Pinal Proof.
Land Oftice at Florence, Arizona.
Mhv 21, ls-to.
J.1 following named settler hss !;-d notice of
. Lis ictestion to make final proof in support of
hi? ciaim, and secure final entrv thereof, and
that said proof w ill be miide before the Keg
isiron Thursday, Jane 2-1, !K-i, vie: J-,'an
Iiaiero, of Tucson, Pima f'ojiity, Arizona,
wno mane pre- mpnon o ilara.irv statement
No. 6.V., fur the N W of N W 4 Secu 28, ai.d E v2
of NEli Sec 29, Tonshjp I a. South Iii:uge 13
East. &Ld names the lo. lowing as his wit
nesses, viz: Edward :. Fish, V. illi-im V.
Ormsby, Fecuudo Kodrigues and Aiacaiio
IZoaiero, all cf Tucson, Pima Conntv. Ariz' Tia.
Kotice cf Pinal Proof.
Land Office at Florence, Arizona,
lav 21, lV).
J.1 following named Peltier ha- filed u..t:ee of
his intention to make final proof in support of
nis ciaim, ana secure nual eutrv thereof and
that said proof will bemndelieforeihe h'egister
n Thursday, June 34, 1), viz: Fecumlo liid
ricaesot Tncs4, Pima County, A. Twho mads
pre-emption declaratory statement. No.r.Vl, for
the SE'tof NV and EJ of SS" Sec. 28,
Township 13, South Kanie 13 East, and names
the following cs his witnesses, viz: Et ward
N. Fisn, W illiaai V. Urmsb.-, Macario Ito
mcro and Juan Komero, ail of Tucson, Pima
County, Arizona. C. M. K. PAl'LISOX,
Pima, in Jn-tice s Court, before Cl'arles
11. Meyers, J u slice of the Peace, Pre;iuct No.
One, Stephen Kickard, Plaint irt, vs. A. G.
Hunter. Lefendant. demand S18i uon com
plaint filed M my oflicc. The Territory of
Arizona sends greeting to Mr. A. i. Hunter.
Defendant: Yon are hereby summoned and
required to appesr liefore me at my office in
Tncon, and coniitr of Pima, on the tweutieth
day of July, A. D. IHSIl at 10 o'clock a. m., to
ngwer the complaint of the alioved named
PlatntifiT. who demands of you that yon a.x
indebted to him in ire sum of one hundred and
eighty -two dollars. And if you fail totppesrand
answer said complaint as'herein requii-ed, the
Phdutiff w ill take judgment acainsi you as de
manded find for the cots of thi suit.
Given under mv hnnd thi 2iih dav of May,
Jur-tice of the Peace.
On the 21 day of Juue, 1K, I signed a pa
per purport; ns to be a guarantee that I would
pay eii she de'its of the late firm of Wilzinski
a: FraL in Ike event of the non-payment ot
the same hy A. Wilzinski, and whieli guaran
tee h:is Ix-eu p'ih!ish?J in The IKwly Citizen.
I am advir-ed that said paper is void and of no
f.irce, end for that reason, and lxfsne of mis
'reprcsentai ion. I make the announcement that
I ai not ho-Mid by said paper, and will not
pay any of said debts.
Dated Tucson, June 10, 1883.
Ced rot pnrehM from Push Lsten
W. A. Lailen or W. W. Williams ir cither of
them, any interest greater than one half of
the Lookout mine, situated on Ash Creek.
Pinal county, Arizona, and located March 13,
by Rush Lai ten and A. W. Latten. I aoi
the owner aiic. claimant of an undivided one
half of sbid mining cixitn.
Pinal countT. Arizona, May 11, 1W0.
Manufactory by Mail, Expres or Freight
at the following piicce, per hundred:
Sl.GO, $1.90, $2.00, $2.10, $2.20,
$2,70, (art liavana filler)
$2.80, (7 inches in longtb,)
$3.80, (all havana
filler,) $0.00,
When ent by mall, 3." cents per hundred ad
ditional will lie charged for postage, $'1.10
and ".80 eijrHr. 45 and 50 rents xt
asre) the above prics are very low as we had
a inrL-e ottM-k of cigrirs on hand, before the
recent advance ia prices.
We guarrantee tliee Clear to give
entire satisfaction.
Z. T. M OODS, Agent for Manufactory, Mt.
Union. Fa.
Just Arrived.
ANDRETITS Celebrated Garden Seeds.
A W hole papers, SI per dozen. pot fre.-.
General Merchandise, Tubac
The Citizen.
JUNK 19. 1S50
A New Mining District.
A number of iiriets held a meeting
ou June 5 at Col. iJcAnhur's store t
the Pnjarito mines for tle purpope of
organizing a. new milling district. Col.
McArtliur was called to the chair, and
J. U. Loweiy .vas elect' d Secretnry.
The proceedings of the meeting
were in effect as follows: Tint the
new district thould be known as the
Pajrito Mining District; that the
boundary line should commence jU
the point on the Sonera line tv herc
the Sanu Cruz Kivei iuicrsects the
s:itne, thence following the course of
the liver to the eld mill at the town of
Tubac, thence to the peak known as
ihe Om Blanc Picacho, thence south
23 degrees west to the boundary line
between the Territory of Arizona and
the State of Sonora, Mexico, nndihcnce
alon the said boundary liue to the
idaee of beginning; that tin: Recorder
of Pima county f hall be the ex-officio
1'ecordir of the district; that the min
ing laws of the United States be adopt
ed fr the government of ihe dis'net;
that all local ions recorded bef:e such
b.cation n-dices have been placed ou
ihe mines fchull b;nu!l and void; that
all no'.ir-cs of location must be filed
within GO days after date of such loca
tion, and that the Recorder's fees shall
be 2; that the annual meeting of vot
ers of the district shall be held on ihe
first Monday of June, a-d that ten
d.ys' notice of such meeting shall be
given by the Recorder; that each claim
shall cntilJe i's owner or owners to
a mill-silo of five acres, to be known
and designated by the name of the
mine for which it is located, and to be
located in the same manner as a miu
ing claim; that all locations of mines
and mill-sites recoided previous to the
adoption of these district laws are
hereby legalized, and that a meeting
may be called at any time f r the tr.-ins-actinn
of necssary business by the
Chairman and Secretary, by giving
ten days' notice, and whic't must be
attended by at least five voters of the
The new district com irises nn area
of about 23 miles long by about 10
Atjuestiogo Why.
Why docs Tiik Citizen object to
Gen. Marques being protected by the
officers ot this ci'v during his siay
here? He is in Tucson just a- any
other transient attest, and if his lift is
in jeopardy, as was the case Saturday
evenius, hy should we not protect
The above is from the Record of
this morning. The Record must sure
ly know that Marques is nut " in Tuc
son just as any ether tr:i"sient ruest."
He is here to obtain aid in advance of
land piracy, just the same as if a pri
vateering ship operating against the
Government of Mexico should o in o
S in FraneUco, New Y- rk or New Or
leans harbor for supplies, and its olli
cers receive official protection while
in open violation of international law
and engaged in open treason against
their own country. That Marques
would be here but for his bushwhack
ing war against the peace and welfare
ot Mexico, no one for a moment will
We personally care nothing about
this matter, but it has an important
public bearing. Suppose a band of
Americans were making war upon
Arizona and robhinir her people under
the thin name of contributions," and
their leader were to go to Altar for
supplies, be there escorted and pro
tected by Mexican ofneers, what would
our g-iod friends of the Record say of
the Altar officials?
We again insist that if Marquez is
to have the proreclioa of our officers,
he should abandon his piracy on So
nora. He must bear in mind thai bis
work in this respect, is the extreme
opposite of excusable warfare.
The Coming; Hoofing Match.
The carpenters will cemincnce to
morrow morning to l ty the track for
the three-days walking match to com
mence on Saturday evenin-r next
Leslie Blackburn is managing the cun
test, which fact insures a success from
the word go. The County Surveyor
wirt lay out the track, and enough
scorers will be appointed to preclude
the po.-sibility of fraud. Five a-pir-auts
for go-as you please glory have
knocked the figurative chip off the
shoulder, and will brave the awful
horrors of skinned heeh and other at
tendant miserh s for the ' fruit " to be
enjoyed by the winner. The number
will probably be increased J;iring the
week. As in the successful matches
under Blackburn's management in Sai
Francisco and other c lies, due pie
caution will be taken to ensure such
order thai 110 one mny be hindeied
from attending and -vimessin- the fun.
The Excuse.
By authority of Mr. W. A. McDcr
nott, we stat in relerenee to an nr
ticle in Friday's Citizen regarding
Mr. McDermott's appearance in court
and its so called leniency, wa at the
direct, personal reqnest of the pr-'St-cuting
witness and the District Attor
ney. Record, this morning.
This confirms the truth of The
Citizen's report in the matter reffred
to. This excuse implies lhal the
Court yielded to "the direct, personal
request of the prosecuting witness
and district attorney," and that in the
case of the Mexican prisoners, uch
"direct personal request" was not
made. If these facts put the affair
in question in a more satisfactorj'
light, we cheerfully publish them just
as we did the news in the first in
stance. By private letter we learn that Her
mosillo is at last to h ive a brewery
Messrs. Sales fc Butler have rented
the houses and gardens attached to the
chapel, and will commence brewing
abjut the 15th icst.
Nest Sunday at the race track there
will be a mile dash, open to all horses
which have never yet won a race.
Considerable interest is betn mani
fested ia the tfftir, as it is understood
that some good running is to be ex
pected. The purse for the midsummer races
is sure to be a fine one, and the speed
trial will be under the auspices of
some of our leading people. There
will be thr.-e days running ou the
1st, 2d and 3d of July and, as fnr as
the programme has -et been arranged,
consists of a half-mile dash and a
half mile and repeat. Some of the
best h'Tses hi the country will be
present, and theaiTair will be an event
iu our iocai sporting annais.
The lateness of the hour at which
ihe call was published for a meeting
of citizens in regard to the new Pata
gonia road prevented any considerable
attendance, and it was decided to wait
until a more general notice could be
given. Our citizens, and our business
men especially, perhaps realize the
importance of ihe project, but they
ecm to be allowing matters more im
mediately pressing t'i 5:ecp them from
taking a active me2sre3 as they,
should. This is wrong, ar.d we hope
that the movement will Imva the bene
fit of all the push of W'.L'h cur people
are capable when they once put their
shoulders to the wheel
The arrival of the noted rebel Gen
eral in our midst was the elgnal for
exhibition of much partisan ppitit
among our Mexican resident. An in
terview with Marquez elicited no facts
but those embodied m his published
address to his countrymen, in which
he detail his adventutcs and his
grounds for making war upon the
Dias Administration. This address
has elicited a published prote-t num.
erously signed b- many of our leading
Mexican citizens, who very isel3
depieentc a movement lhat can ac
complished nothing but hnrm to the
material interests of our neighboring
Tnx walls of Levtu's Hall possess
an unwonted beauty in the fine col.
lection of oil paintings and chromos
piared on exhibition there by Mark
Ezekiels. The sale takes place to
morrow evening, and will afford our
people a rare opportunity to beautify
their homes. A better assorted c-d-!?ction
could not easily be found, the
oil pieces particuhnJy possessing
much merit. The landscape scenes
have especial value, and tl.c whole
arc framed in a substantial as wt II as
handsome manner. Among tin? chro
mos, American Fruit,' No. 22, lis a
finish and beauty that is rarely found
':i such work, white " Forgotten," No.
23, is a fine effect in light and shade.
Attention is culled to the Arivaea
letter on our first pgc. It records in
a measure the dawning of a new era
for Arivaea, as the now established
suecess of the Con. Arizona wi'l give
a new stimulus to mining interests
in that district. Now that victory has
crowned Superintendent McCaffortj's
long struggle to add one more to our
gn at produclire mines, it is timely to
congratulate not only him, but the
rich country where he casi his fortunes.
His example is a most beneficial one,
and the course he unswervingly fol
lowed will become, we sincerely hope,
a highway that will be well traveled
iu the future. ,
We arc informed that the Tomb
stone Mill and Mining Company took
out and shipped $91,000 in May and
that the company has declared its sec
ond dividend, and will hcrecftcr iu
clare regular monthly dividends. We
also b arn that ihe late developments
in tbe Tough Nut and Good Enough
claims of their group arc larger and
richer than any before. The remaik
tible value of the company's property
is constantly increasing under the op
erations of the pick, shovel and drill.
The Directory.
Messrs. Graham and Creigliton are
about commencing business on the
Tucson Directory, nr.:! our citizens
should givf il'T.1 t '."" fsciMty for
training inforni.iti.ir. and tearing ac
curacy. They are als '-nnvassing the
city for advcrtiscincc'.s and should
have a generous patronage, as the book
will be valuable for reference, con
taining as it will, a historical sketch
of Tucson as well as a description of
business and business men, and will
be ciiculated all oyer the country.
Still Missing.
Editor Union: There is not a
word of truth in the report that my
son James is missings He is now in
the employment of the Surveyor-General
of Arizona, surveying the line be
tween that Ttrii ory and Sonorn.
Gko. D. Copeland,
Sweetwater Valles-. June 10.
The above is from the San Diego
Union of the 12th instant. We are in
formed by the Surveyor-General thai
no suc h person is known to him, and
that he has no one employed suivey
ing the liue between Arizona and So
nra. Drt. G. W. Siciitx has removed hip
dentistry from his old stand on Meyers
street to the rooms recently occupied
by Walker's Stage Company. Mr. i
Sichel is a thoiough and experienced
dentist, and requires no reconmeudi
tion at our hands among those who
know him.
Messrs. Edward and Thomas Mor
rissey, who have been bloppintr in the
city for some time while settling up
the estate of the late Mack Morris, left
for San Francisco on Sunday night,
and will "hence proceed to their home
in New York.
T11 E Con. Arizona roasting furnace
arrived on Monday, and Mill soon be
on its way to the mine.
Brie Tiesume of the Work Done and
Ileitis Don. by the Arizona and
Mexico Railro.id and Telesraph Com
panyThe Convenient Proximity to
Mine and Mills Prospect of Its
Early Completion.
Correspondence of TrtE CmztK.
New Boston, Tombstone, June 13.
The Arizona and Mexico Railroad
and Te.'eeraph Company was organ
ized in Tucson some few months ago,
the officers being H. C. Hooker, Pres
ident; James Campbell, Vice-President
; M. C. Samaniego, Treasurer: Col.
Zabriskie, Secretary; M. Kellehcr,
Chief Engineer, and a board of
directors whom I cannot now name.
There were two other railroad com
panies organized about the same
time, each cmp'oying an engineer to
un a line to Tombstone. This Ari
zona and Mexico Railroad and Tele
graph Company run their line from
Benson up the San Pedro river to
Charleston, passing by all the mills
bti'lt, and by the sites of four others to
be built, and from Charleston up to
Tombstone in suuh a way that the
line passes near nil the principal and
ore-producing mines; thus, when com.
pleted, to the be able to carry ores di
rect from the dumps of the mines to
the platforms of the mills. As there
is now a daily average of over 80 tons
of ore or more than eight carloads go
ing out from the mines, with only two
mines shipping to their mills, it
can readily be 6een that as t-oon
as the two mills now projected
are completed, the daily shipment of
ores will soon run to 24 and 30 car
loads per day, which will be a good
item of business for a short road. The
other two companies, the naiKd of
which I do tot remember, run their
lines direct from Benson, the p unt of
connection with the Southern Pacific
Railroad, to Tombstone, ignoiing
mines and mills in their hot haste to
obtain a short line to the great Tomb
stone. The Arizona and Mexico
Company was at once favorably re
ceived by all classes, and, among
others, our Boston friends to- k an in
terest in it, and, ;s I was informed by
Mr. Simmon, at once subscribed
money to pay for grade and ties. This
placed the enterprise on a solid ba;s,
and it h.ts ever since been going ahead
r ipioly. I learn to-day from parties
ju-t from the grade that taey have on
hu average of about 70 tneu at work,
and from 4 to 0 miles of grade already.
I am t;lso assured from those who
are in positions to know that the
"outhern Pacific Company fav-TS ihe
line and company; that the arrange
ments are "fully perfected to have the
iron laid as soon as the grading
reaches Contention City; that the
steam hore will lc snorting w'diir
the limits of the docile town of
Charleston, on S in Pedro C.eek, with
in ninety clays fioin this time, and
ihen it uia be to New Boston Ytithin
the same period. S you see, Mr.
Editor, things have a very rosy tint
up here where the raw material is fur
nished froai which to manufacture
silwr brick?.
I must n it forget to mention that
we are getting giand in this thrifty
pueblo, and are bestowing titles after
ihe manner of monnrchia countries,
the first one bestowed bein ihat of
" Duke of the Gilded Age," given to
Edward I, of ihe tribe of Field.
Foolish Faro.
I happened, in response to a press
ing invitation, to find myclf iu a law
court last Monday, when a curious
mode of cheating at faro was shown.
The game is played thus: Thirteen
caids are spread out on a table, that is
L say, nn entire suit. A pack of cards
arMiiifilcd by the banker, theu cut
by a player, when tht banker proceed
t draw the cards, one after another,
from the pack, first removing one. If
a player puts a stake upon any one
;t the cards which have been laid out
upon tne table, he wins, provided its
equivalent is ;ji odd card ia the pack,
and he loses if it is an even one. Now,
it s-ents impossible that a player could
cheat the banker. This is, however, how
it is done: In shnllliug the banktr g n
crally shows the bottom card. When
he hands I lie pack t be cut the player
cine nn even number of curds, so that
when the cut is put back by the banker
ihe player knows that what was the
bottom card will be an odd one, and,
knowing also what the card will be,
can stake upon H uith a certainty
that he will win. But how does he
cut the number of card thai he chosts?
By a very Pimple process. One side
of the nail of his thumb i allowed -10
grow plraight. and a little notch is
made in i. Provided the length of
the nail fr m the n dch to the end be
xlways kept the same, and that lie
presses the nail Mgainst the c.-.rds in
cutting, In- must always take up the
same number of cards -London Truth.
Appetite, refreshing hH'p, the scquinition of
flefrh and color, are bU'rMDirs attendant upon
the reparative precede which this pricelei
iuvigornut ppecdily initial cs and carries to a
succe-it-fiil conclusion. Dietion is restored
and eiietcoauce afforded to each lif:-Hitaining
organ by the biiters, which is inoffrut-lve even
to tbc feminine palate, vegetable in composi
tion, and thoroughly t-afe.
For sale by all Druggists and Dealers generally.
Lord &
Congress and Main StsM Tucson
Established in 18C7.
General Merchandise.
Cash advav-ces m ade on
Wool, Hides and Country
Produce of all lands.
We keep constantly on hand a Full
Stock of all kinds of Merchandise.
Particular atten
tion is called to cur
stock of Hardware,
ordered direct from
manufacture re rs,
which includes ev
erything need dby
Miners and Mill
Ourstock of toots
for ail trades is the
most complete and
carefully assorted
ever before offered
Mills L Miners.
iu in is inurKtt,
comprising Picks,
Shovels, Axe asd
Handles, Crow
bars, Wnec! bar
rows, Tamping
Bars, Tans; Tow.
der, Giant and
Vulcan; Dyna
mite Caps, L.d
lows, Anvils and
Vices, to get h e r
with every tool
needed by carper-
tors, millvnirhts and blacksmiths.
Agricultural Implements of all kinds.
Iron and Nails of all sizes direct froit
the foundry.
Country Merchants and Mining
Will find it much to their interest to
purchase of us. We offer the BEST
Staple and Fancy, in A zona. Also,
a Full Stock of LIQUORS, CIGARS
and TOBACCO. Our Stock of
Dry Goods, Clothing
j is of the Best, both in quantity and
quality. Arrangements av beeu
made by which we receive a
EVERY WEEK. iVt dso have on
:and and make o order Mattrasscs
find Cots of all sizes. Old is from
ahroad promptly and carefully filled.
All g ods guaranteed to be as pre
sented.. HENRY HORTON,
Wholesale Deale) in
Wines Liquors
Ilavln; received from E. MARTIN &
CO., San Francisco. Sole Asents for the
P'teiac Coast, the appointment aa
Sole Agent for Southern Arizona
for the Sal of the Justly Celebrated
Gutter Whiskies
Kow Known as the
Private Stock,
Miller's Extra,
Foster, J
Old Kye,
Etc., Etc.,
Offers th nam to Ihe puhllc as thFlncp
Brands aver introduced In Arizona. Also,
Gin aud Wines,
Dotbative and Imported.
Fresh and from the Best Manufactories.
Purchasers are Invited to eall and ex
amine goods and prices guaranteed to
suit the times.
Wm. C. Davis,
Tccson, ... Arizona.
Macnfactarcr of and
Dealer in Every Variety ot
Tinware, Copper and Sheet
Matt rial lor and
Skilled "Workmen to do all
Kinds of Work Apper
taining to Quartz Mills
Smelting Furnaces.
Will cot attempt to break a easterner on bis
first patronage.
I, Kapba'nfJflW Mr
Dealers in
Main, Pennington and Pearl Streets.
Would take this method of informing the citizens
of 1 ucson, and the
Surrounding Country,
That we are determined
Not to be Undersold
By any person or firm doing business west of
With this end in view we would respectfully request the
General Public to Give U3 a Call aud
Examine Prices!!
Before Purchasing Elsewhere.
We are the sole Agents for the very popular
Fish Bros. & Co's Farm and Spring Wagons,
for the celebrated
George A. Weiss & Co's. Chicago Lager Beer,
put up Expressly for this Climate;
For the Unexcelled
Hayden's Family Flour.
For Dr. J. C. Ayer's Never
many other
And get first quality good's,
R. ECCLESTON, Tombstone.
. D. O
Importers and Dealers in
C.'ockery and Glassware, Paints, Oils, Etc.
r ";: -'. itho-t taknMjthc-iwrff
'lie. r"t; the maadrcl. and no sluJ is re
in ' (: quired in doing it.
. Send !or Catalogue showrn-.
JiTr'' . their Tast uprioritjr. M-irr
cftht-m arebein nlithia o;
any other kind. ai.c c arc
y iitcr riii otnrr.na t
k. Ihr ( h:l Tn.-h.
303 Market tund 3 Fremont Streets, Sa.i Francisco.
fc?olo Agents.
A. A. WII-T,
Tres Alamos, Arizona.
IaIt in
General Merchandise.
Is receiving weekly lair stocks of goods
Direct from the East,
And is now prepared toofler
Miners and Farmers Supplies,
At cbeap as they can be boght in
.: j can imertetl in i icw nun j- jf-V
Failing Remedies, and for
be sure to give us a call.
A. D. OTIS, Tncwra.
& CO.
j Rankin, Brayton & Co.
Partlr rrmMnz any U.int nT Mnli
Jlac-iiat-'rv air ieiic"e(l fo s.inl
for lit unrated Circular.
We have had twentr yean eTperience In
Mining Machinery, and guarantee work thai
will give the best possible results on all classes
of ore.
Work of the nest quality and prices
No. 137 First St.. San Francisco, Cal.
Mining Works a Specialty.
Tully, Ochoa & Co.,
Would most respectfully call
the attention of the people of
Southern Anzona to the fact
that we can and will sell as low
or lower than any other house
in the Territory. We keep on
hand the following goods, vix:
Drr !Ood of all kind, Crocerles of eTery
variety, Miners' Picks, Shovels, Clantin; Pow
der, Fni'e, Plows, Hoe. Spadec, Axes, Scvthe,
Wagon". CUaini". Leather, Harness, tvaon
Axle, Bows, Sheet, everything to fit np a
train; Carriage Axles, Kim-, Hub, Tires,
l?tts, bests, Bnccles and Exptvt Wai?ms.
We alo keep on baud a supply f lumber o!
all kinds. Barley aud Cora for sale. We are
prepared to do auy amount of freighting at the
lowest prices.
Our Store at Camp Bowie
Is alwsvs fflled rith all kinds of roods re
onircd hr the trade, and which will be sold to
, tau trade at a small vrcat.
Fori Uraut aud Sanurd to Cain I
St ft ses will leave Point of Mountain trl
weekly, cart) in puiwensrs and express
connwcilnir with coaclie r the Nation
Mall and Transportation Company.
Great RelnGtlQn in Prices.
riew Salesroom
Importer ami 31anstrer 9
Carpets and Bedding,
Is ia receipt of a full stock, and
would call attention to his
large and most complete as
sortment of
Comprising Ash, Maple and
Solid Black Walnut GLi.uiber
Suits, French Bureau and
Dressing-case Suits, Queen
Anne, Eastlake and Japanese
Suits, "Wardrobes, Chiffonieres,
Sideboards, Book-cases, Secre
taries, Desks, Extension and
Breakfast Table, Marble-top
Center Tables, Parlor Furni
ture, Lounges and Bed Loun
ges, What-nots and Brackets;
a very large assortment of
wood and cane-seat Ckairs, and
a lanre variety of wahut and
0 a
oak office, dining, library and
children's Chairs and Stools.
A full line of Tapestry, Brus
sels, 3-ply, and all grades of 2
ply Carpeting, and a complete
assortment ot Oil Cloth, Mat
ting, Rugs and Mats.
Woven-wire Mattresses, np
holstsred and skeleton Spring
Beds, Curled Hair, Moss, Wool
; and Cotton-top Mattresses, Pil
lows and Bolsters, Steam
; dressed livo geese Feathers,
Sheets, Pillow-slips arid shams.
Oil, Holland and Ppcr Shades
all colors and qualities.
A tine selection of real Oil
Paintings, JEngJish Steel En
gravings, imported and Araer- -
ican Chromos. '
Curtains and Lambrequins ot
Nottingham and Guipure Lac?,
Terries, Cretonnes, Yute, Kaw
Silk Tapestries, Mouldings and
Wall Paper.
Besainnz oiilDoMeriiizto Grte
Illustrations nd Price List
sent on application.
Real Estate and House-Kenting Agency.
hores, male?, wagons and o'her prop
eny promptly attended to. Parties haviiig
houses, stores or rooms to let will do w-H to
jCitc n a cull. McrchttLdi!e cif all kiuris re
ceived for suction or private sale. We use
every vffbrt to give utisCaioQ lor ail business
entru.ted to our care.
OFFICE Secoud Door os Caxp St,
Opposite the Palace Hotel.
B SCHABEN, - - Trtsox, May, 1880.

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