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..-.Weekly Arizona Citizen. 11
, a tie Corner rf Chaieh Plata and
MrUla Stwf.
,, .-or ear
8 0
rru Une i W l"-!
. ,jirf. tea liae. one time - - i 2D
. nent Inscrtloii - - - 1 25
.. " ,.;oaalt. per quarter - - 6 00
r . Ltf idKcrtt-Mnentf at rrduced ratee.
K C. HKUWX. Proprietor.
,i. is..orruAi;ii.
. TrtRNEY T c"w' i,,wt' W"
;:.. .
' , mer (VmUagtoo sad Jtowwm-
unet at-la P sotamx; rrnuc.
- n iKVEY awl Cosne-eior at Lew, OfSee
.joitx no''iA.
"HiHNFY ATl.A,TliUu. ,Ki.u
' .I'imfHfl- lii att Ac conn- of the-
. v m r-
I IIKXTKU lATOItll. M. !..
P , the residence of W. C. Ivi,
' . .sre -ireet. Tucson, A. T.
r. . svtx.
iTCSEYS at I-aw. Tawon, Artaow. Of
,, . in feniiiuston street, aear fiirtey
I KNiVKKK (loUqisl.r V. Mlu
. ! MUf .vor. Twabrtotie, Aricoua. Of-
t ..-i.FET. J. U Lt'CAl. 4. HATNES.
i TiMUSKYS at law, Tuooa, Ariasoa.
A t3:ceoi SU-vet street.
C2 -e at Tvanhrtoise.
J a. r v!tTaKT. B. MMWOMI.
"ToUNEYS and Coaimcto taw, Xo
A 'Jrr 1'uaUc. om ra Meyers t., oppo
! . li'oieL Taixm, Arizona.
: 1:11.1. koyvakii.
r irmrr'r of V. E. Uowsrd A 5-ons.)
i fIXi;SnVanH ocn-rtorat Uw, TnoBi.
vriTWJu Swrlal attcntiun ielCB Hi
m and Aratfican land and lalniax tithw.
HKN'KY K. ITU!tOr. "51.
I Jmli-e tlfiboriK'V. otncc bottn rrtn M
- ' 12i p. m.. and from 1H J p. .
' 5- .-tli uruBiMly attended to.
I cod Nofarr PiiWfr (HRon, Patap
-;--.-r. Odette Falacu IIul4. Tartan, A. T.
'I'.n.; Iar a appdailr.
a, v.sic:!i;i n. i.
- - - Arizona.
' '. -T-- Street, ojtpot'tte Hafiurd, iadoa
.'- " - Uiak.
I 1. ClIltON,
T-. !I. ENUINERR and Dvumy U. 34hi
.n Mirviror. Toposnpniesl .Sarveyinp
' I'.-ais portal ry. All boviMe-' cu-
( ! ire trill be can-fnlly cad mitly
'ni.nl. lr:ci im Consrre" Street, ofMlte
"i A WiJl.-jjr" lomlier yard Tecob, Ari-
L'H. " H. T. PAKLBT.
IHn. Ally. 1'rmaCo.
HM. Attv.
r itch, r.YKLi:v jt I'tisi uoy.
.'fuRSKYS and Umu.-dor- at law,
"See canter Meyera and Peanineton
' - Tucson, Ariioua.
yvm. a. avorr. .111.
'"I- luiuaial I.onditn, iKi . -etc.) North-
M v.A..n, and Qi.eeu of I, ertwol, tlris,
' '"ceiu Pima County tt jk.
TTOUNEY AT LAW. All hn-imws in-
tr.i-iril to me will be uromptly attended
Kixvhd aitvuftou paid to conveyaoeio"
' "C'.iiHi. Office on Meyers street, near
Y ILMA.M .1. OSmiliX,
TP RN EY at law. Notary PaWic and Con-
' " ..nr.' enl for Mlulne aBd I'reiraption
- :.d alto titl to land under the Penert
' i 1 1 1 u . . m.r. vnifir ntitti. rim, v.
s ttreet. Tucsoc Arizoita.
, ' n1 f,'T" Enslneer, Tuoon, Arizona.
' y P nninctn c ir"t, next door to Ijiw-
tiV.-. )earlr opwtle Cosmopolitan Ho-
I piepared to do anv work in Ul line
' : r ,rn,Iorwil ani ainpatch. Makini; topo-
nutp and sectional drawins of miuei
pTlYMClAN AND SUKOKON. haii taken
- 8D ''Hr-e na Movers street, one block south
rawce IIot. BelievinR that "the tree i
jjT.,., i,v Sl. n,.. h i Wiu to judged
'.-at maxim, and repectfnfiy folfclts a
' 're ptrojuigeof th peopl of Tnceon
1 -1 uiiy. Di.uwe peculiar to women and
. wij PiBdaltx.
'S iuRS I. snt.ES. JOriEPU c PEIMSV
-v. Poarov'K Block, on Penninpton ftreett
'''-iie tbe'Cosmopolitan Hotel, Tuwon,
A-. ,aa. '
." ' t.d not to parensee from Rash Latten'
A Ltten or V. V. Willianif or either of
-ni nj. jtueret preatir than orw-hnlfof
. L'x'kout mine, hltnated on Ah Creek,
! 'uiitv, Aniona, and located March 13,
r-' i Rnnh Latten and A. W. Latten. 1 am
, "ticranc claimant of an undivided one-
- ' cf ?ald mining claim.
nal connty. Ariwma, May 11. HEP.
I5ayt- and Sells
Bach a$
Saddles, Bridles, Harness, Fur
niture, Clothing, Pistols,
Cooking Utensils,
timers' Outfits, Etc., Etc.
KfTs Constantly oh hand ft Large Stock of
Clothinj, Etc, suited.to Miners'
On Mfyers Straet,
A few dom outU cf the Tfllace Hotal
Tlic Cviiaurt Taker and YV,,...
"Got any boyaV the raanhat said
To a lady from over the Rhine;
And the lady shook her flasen head
And cMlly answered, "Nelu"
' Got any girls!" the marshal eald
To the lady troin over the HhiDe;
And agalu the lady i.hook her head
And civilly answered, "XciuP
'But ome are dead!" the marshal faid
To the lady Trom over the Ithlu;
And again he hook her flaxen head
And clvlilr answered, "Nelu!"
"The d-1 you have!" the marhhl said
To the lady from over the Ilhiue;
And asaiu tUtt shook her flaxen head
And civilly answered, "Neinr'
"Now what do you mean by .haMu.. our
And alnay auswerin "Nlne"
"Ich fcann kin Kuglihch!" civilly mid
The Jady from over the Ilhloe.
tJohii 0. Saxe.
The I.ate Ilyiuocratlc Con, ciitloi, au,i
It Usual Awiiiij(anliuent A Soul
That Yearuwl Tvmlerly Aftor uui-inpt"-And
Got It.
I'iiexix, June 30.
Editou Citizen : Well, it has been
done, and at last, alter ihree days of
lalMir, the Democratic Territorial On
vention lias brought forth Granville
II. Oury as a proper victim to be 5ac
riliced ou the altur of the parly, in the
way of devoting all that he may l.e
able to riike and scrape to Boui bon
biraight to quench the burning thirst
of each true Democrat, and all lor the
sorrowful pleasure of leading a forlorn
hope in a most hopeless political cam
paign. But I suppose in order to be
explicit 1 should my tnle unfold, aud
beginning at the bud, tell how, for a
short, sh.irt while it dowered and thru
faded into u thing of the past and
that, too, as quickly as to leave unpaid
all the bills that the poor devil of a
sergeant at-arms, iu his line of duty,
comracled. Poor fellow, he will, If 1
may take a liberty with Il.iiuer, " fear
the Democrats even when they behtow
honors." Jiut he has still one one
hope left; that is thut the subscription
list circulating among Republicans
will realize cuough lo pay the expense
of the Democratic convention.
The delegates from other counties
began to arrive aoout the ?0lh, and
each new nrriva! caused a correspond
ing tise in the price of ' orthodox
ftraight," until none but delegates
might of it drink, aud none but enn
didales tor Humiliation alibrd to buy.
The delegates from this county were
selected on the 22d by a convoution
held by Mr. I. J. Holtin.
J. G. Campbell, IIuo Richards and
Grant II. Oury, the nwst prominent
aspirants lor the nomination, were
early in the field, each working indus
triously to show and prove to the sat
isfaction of all his peculiar and pre
eminent fitness for the delegacy. On
account of the northern delegation to-tall-
ignoring the claims of any one
but Richards, and the remainder of
the delegates going almost unanimous
ly for Otiry, Campbell " weakened "
aud withdiew from the content. Thib
had the effect of making each faction
more solidnr its own man, and more
determined to have him nominated.
In this condition the convention was
called to order at 2 o'clock on Monday
bv Jones, of Maricopa, as chairman,
pro tern. The convention immediate
ly proceeded to perfect a permanent
organization by electing Hughes, of
Pima, chairman, and then the circus
began. A motion was made to ap
point a committee on platform and
rules To this a delegate from Pinal
objected, saying; " G-d d ner plat
form and resholushuns (hie) ! Wazzer
wc here for? If I knowsh (hie), and
I shink I dosb, we're here to elect a
delegate to Congress (hie) and 'cr
State Territorial Superintendent of
Education. Lest get to bish "
Here the erring brother was choked
off by a more sober compadre jerking
him into his seat by the coal-tail. Xo
further objection being raised, the
committee was appointed and reported
the usual stereotyped platform, sup
posed to have been invented by Andy
Jackson, and- perfected by Davis,
Wade Hampton, and kindred spirits.
After the adoption of the platform and
resolutions, the conveutiou proceeded
to the nomination for a candidate for
Delegate. On the flrst four ballots
the vote stood: Oury and Richards S
each, Morgan 1. On the fifth ballot,
Morgan's vote was transferred to Oury,
and then the convention was at log
gerheads, and an adjournment sine
die was gaining favor with northern
Delegates, and the opinion that the
Democratic Territorial organization
was not what it seemed began to grow
,u the minds of all. In this state of
affairs the eleventh ballot was taken,
and then the convention took a recess
over night to talk it over. During the
night the northern men had things
presented in a light suflicicntly strong
to convince them that Oury was the
man wanted; and on reassembling,
alter a complimentary vote to Rich
ards, through Head, of Yavapai, the
votes of Mohave. Yavapai, and Apache
were cast lor Oury, making his nom
inatiou unanimous. They also nom.
inatcd for Territorial Superintendent
of Education the Rev. I. H Cox.
In the eyeuiirg a ratification mcct
inr was held on the plaza, and an
audience of about 150 whites, Mexi
cans, and Indians were entertained by
strains from the Phenix Brass Band
calculated to fire tho Democratic
breast, and also by ft number of
speeches, in some of which the blooay
shirt was prominently and vigorously
talked. 0-K
upluloa r Gnrlleld.
1 he Superintendent of the Esperanza
mine is an old student of Hiram Col
Ifge, and in a recent discussion spoke
substantially as follows:
"1 can't talk very calmly, for" there
is scarcely a mnn in the world that I
know better, or admire and love more.
I had hoped that brutality on the pan
f the press was going the way of oth
erb.utalities, but it seems we must
wait a few years before unscrupulous
nnd scurrilous writers arc put into the
place where they belong.
' Where Garfield is well known it
makes no difference. His old district,
which has sent him to Congress for
eighteen years, knows him pretty well.
The State of Ohio, which last winter
sent him to the fccnate with a unanim
ity never surpassed, knows him. Let
the lights be turned on on every side.
If the people of the country come lo
know the man, you cannot defeat him.
Bvforc November the people of the
United States will find out
Alt fa 1.1 va.-.t
1. That Garfield is not &' salary
grabber.' Any one who saw Gen.
Garfield just before the close of that
evenlful Congress, who heard, as I did,
his last distressed discussion nf the
subject with President Hinsdale, of
Hiram College (a man of grand judi.
cial mind on whom the General often
leans), sureiy would not censure him
that to save his appropriation bill and
avoid an extra session of Concrete he
accepted a 'rider which, through a
long struggle he had stcadly but vaiu
ly opposed.
"2 Further, the Gi-ncral was not
bribed and did not perjure himself in
the Mobilier business. Of course, that
kind of man to whom virtue is a chi
mera will laugh at the idea, but these
things are not possible with Garfield.
I propose lo say that a man's general
character enables yon at least to say
whether certain things arc probable
or not. Any one who looks over the
case fairly will sec that there is no
evidence to contradict the General's
testimony, and there is abundance to
corroborate it. Garfield's mune was
dragged in, but the man him-clf was
not there. Garfield sell himself for
:29! Talk it to fools.
" Garfield is not a religious hypo
criic. I suppose it is as natural for
him to believe in God as for Col. In
ScrstJl to disbelieve, and perhaps his
faith has shaped his character and
life more thau he is even conscious of.
But he is as far removed as it is pos.
sible for a man to be from all cant or
pretentious display. Of course any
public man who is a Christian lays
himself liable to exceedingly veno
mous stabs, but only the most gro
tesque slander makes him appear to
any disadvantage in'this matter.
" In spite of his great successes I
often wish the General were out of
politics. I am rather of the opinion
that the American people dou't de
serve as cood candidates ns he before
them. He would enjoy a private lit
erary life almost perfectly, and there
have been paths far pleasnnter than
political ones where he might have
' Garfield mode the best college
president in the world. I can hardly
speak of it. The inlluence he had
over the young men about him has
hardly a parallel known. "With his
broad, clear mind he drew something
of good out of everything and every
body. He had a way of bciDg firm as
a rock, yet tender enough to conquer
and hold all hearts by that which was
something more than kindness. There
was an irresistablc contagion in his
enthusiasm; every word and look, his
very presence was an inspiration. I
never saw a man who carried into the
very, quietest no:ks of life tuch an
easy and yet such a perfect manliness.
" In one way it is hard just now to
patteru alter the General. He is not
revenceful, and if anybody chooses to
hate him he has the field wholly to
himself. It in hard for some of us to
hear calumnies causeless and baseless.
calumnies which do discredit to the
intelligence and honor ot the men who
use them, sounded in our cars. But
you may be assured that the battle is
not going by defau.t on our part, aua
wc shall win as in 'Co, because we
A Girl Man.
U the Grand Central theatre in this
city is a freak of nature. The name of
Gus Mills is pretty well known among
variety stage frequenters, but the
world has never been told that bus is
.Lnnnmnmn. From carlv boyhood
he has exhibited a passion, not for
girls, liko other noys, nut io oc a g;n
himself. This desire became a mania,
till at the present time Gus is more
cirl than man. He dresses as a girl,
sews as a girl and llirts with the boy.
His female wardrobe is probably the
most extensive in Lcadville, and every
article made and every 6titch taken
was by Mills' own hand. He makes
his own bonucts.knits hisownstriped
stockings, and paints his face with ex.
quisite skill. Leadville Democrat.
,V New TrnnM"otitinentnl Line.
ti. Snnilif.m Pacific Raiiroad is
now completed to a point six miles
l I . 1 I,.? Innntli
eat OI IJCHSOH, 2l .uu, auu n...fa"
is 1,031 miles. A. N. Towne. General
Superintendent of the Central Pacific,
has received inieuigcufcc mm
AtM.tcnn Tnnpkn. .fe Santa Fc Rail-
.iiuiijvu, r ,
road is pushing forward down the
Rio Granite vaney. aoouiow units
of railroad will bring the two lines
together, and the connecting liuk will
l.n cnmoiriipr in XfiW Mexico. Xo
UKl uniw i ..... , .
difficulty is experienced at the end of
the Southern Pacific from weather un
favorable to railroad building, ana
nnoTcrotio work- will nrobablv bo car
ried on until the line across the conti
nent is finished. fS. F. Alta.
II i I liTJ
A Ghost Saira.
One night, when Tiiorodd and five
of his men had gone to get fish and
were to be out all night, as those who
remained at home st around the fire,
suddenly the round head of a seal
came up through the floor. A woman
happened to sec it lirst, and she took
a cudgel and and struck it; but it
slowly rose, and stared all the while
atThorgunnaV embroidered hangings.
Then a man went and struck it again;
but at each blow it rose higher and
stood on end until they could ec its
hind fin. Thorodd's son, Kjartan, was
the only one who had any presence of
mind; he took a great hammer and
struck 5t on the head, and down it
slowly went, like a peg driven into the
lloor, till at last the boards closed oyer
it. Next morning, as Thorodd and
his men came homeward from Nes,
they were shipwrecked and drowned
nuder the el ill of Enni, and their bod
ies were not found. Kjartan inherited
his father's property, aud he and his
mother Thurid, invited their neigh
bors to a banquet. Suddenly the dead
father appeared among his gu.sts, his
clothes dripping with sea water. They
took this for a good omeu of the bene
ficence of Ran, the goddess of the sea.
But he would not go, so that it was a
doleful banquet for the guests. After
the neighbors had gone home, one
evening Thorodd and his men, a troop
of ghosts, all dripping wet, came in
aud sat down by the lire, wringing
their clothes. Scarcely had they set
tled them.-elves there, when Thorir
Woodenleg and six companions ca.me
In, all covered with earth, for they had
been buried. They rubbed themselves
against the otlu r ghosts and all clus
tercd together round the fire, while all
the people iu the house hurritd away.
Next evening the fire was lighted in
another part of the house, but to no
avail, for the ghosts found it out and
sat there all the night. The third even
ing Kjartan had two fires lighted, one
iu the great hall and another iu the
kitchen, and the ghosts sat at the first,
leaving the other for the living in
mates. Meantime, there were dread,
ful rati lings among the dried fish all
day and all night. Then the witch
Thorgrunua fell sick and died ; but the
same evening that they buried her,
she came in with Thorir and the other
..l nn.i . i... . i. n on
i gnosis, u.JW niii U) iuc nit;, Ik nuiu
on, till the end of February, out of
thirty people who had formed the
household, eighteen were dead and
haunted the housi-, five had been driv-
i en away by terror, and only sever liv
ing persons remained, hjartarf conlu
stand it no longer, and one da- he rode
over to Helgafell to consult his ui-c
uncle, Snrri. It happened to be just
at the time when Christianity was be
ing intnulured into Norway, and he
found at Helgafell a priest whom Giz
orr the White had cent to convert the
household of Snorri. This prict
Snorri sent on with Kjartan to Frod.i
to sec if he could do anything to stop
the ghosts from walking above ground.
At the same time Snorri advised Kjar
tan to liUrnThorgunna'sbcd-hangings.
They reached Froda on Candlemas
Eve. In Kjartan's absence, his moth
er, 'lhurid, had been taken ill jusi in
! the same way as the others who had
died. Kjurtau went in, and there sat
the dreadful silent company of eight
enn ghosts, huddled round the fire. He
took down Thorgunna's bed-hangings,
piHhed through the ring of spectres,
took a blazing coal and went out into
the yard, where he burned everything
that belonged to Thorgunna. Then he
came indoors and the priest with htm,
and oue by one they called aloud by
name to the ghosts sitting round the
fire, summoning them to a court of
justice fr entering the house unin.
vited and for taking the lives of meu.
Thorir Woodenleg was condemned
first; then he arose and said, ' I have
sat here as long as I might." Then
the shepherd was condemned, and he
6aid, "Go I will, and I know it would
have been seemly to go sooner." And
Thorgunna said, as she went, I have
stayed here as long as I could." So
one by one the ghosts all passed away,
and each as he went said something of
this kind. At last Thorir sat there
alone, and when he was summoned
and condemned he Raid, " Little peace
is here, I think, so let us all flit," and
so he also went. Then the priest
sprinkled the house with holy water
nnd held high mass beforo Thurid,
who soon recovered. The whole fam
ily became Christian, Kjartan hired
other huuecfolk, and they all lived
happily at Froda for many years.
f The Eyrbyggja Saga," in the Corn
hill Magazine for June.
The Scotchman on the mineral
ogist: Yn man gave mo his bag to
carry a short cut across the hills to
his inn, while ho took the other road.
Eh, it was dreadfully heavy, and
wheu I got out of his sight I deter
mined to see what was in it, for I
wondered at the unco weight of the
thing; and, man, it's no use for you to
guess what was in that bag, tor you'd
ne'er find out. It was stones. And
did 3'oti carry it!" " Carry it; man, do
you think I was as mad as himself:
Nac. Nae, 1 emptied them all out, but
I filled the bag again from the pile
near the house, aud I gave him good
mesurc for his money.
"Tkouseus under the skirt," re
marks a fashion paper, "are univer
sally worn by equestriennes." Well,
yes; wc should think that was the
"proper place to wear them. An eques
trienne with trousers outside the skirt
would be s spectacle sufficiently
startling to attract considerable hu
man attention, if, indeed, it would not
scare the horse. And then to consider
the amount of ingenuity required to
get both 1 gs of them on over the
same skirt.
A German nephew of Queen Victo
ria, Prince Leiningen, has been ap
pointed one of the comtaanders of the
Channel fleet. He commanded the
ro-al yacht when it ran down a
schooner in the Solent, drowning three
persons. He knons nothing about
ironclads, and his appointment has
created quite a hubbub 'j.
i i n.ajii
Xaoby Hears or Garfield' Nomination.
The noose uv the nominushuu uv
the liberty-crushin, freedom-stranglin
Garfield wuz received at the Corner
yistcrdy afternoon with profound sur
prize. Not one uv us hed tnlissipated
it. Wc hed expected it wood be either
Grant, Blaine, or Sherman, ana 1 hed
spent two days in Loois ville gittin to
gether the neccsiary aboose to be
yoosed in the dislrik "agin ihem three
men, but Garfield's noinina-heu makes
that labor all in vane. I can't beet
Garfield by sayin that Grnt wuz a
hoss-thief, or that Sheruiau wuz a
bank robber, and Blaine a ralerodc
wrecker. I shel hev to cither wait
till our cuinmutys git up their skan
dais on Garfield or invent sum myself.
1 dou't keer about it heer in Kentucky,
lor it wood be jest as well lo yoose the
Grant matter tor Garfield, but wheu 1
go over into Injenny where sum uv
the Dimocrasy, at leat, kin reed, it
wood be difrent. My people here are
difficult to handle, tho not in the same
way. When Grant's name wuz fust
purposed I spoke uv him cz bein con
ncctcd with the whisky ring. Iminc
jitly the Corners broke out ez one man
in t-heers for him, and I hed diiliculty
t keep em frum organizin a Grant
club on the spot. They ndniire a man
who kin beet the Guverment in whis
ky. Deekin Pogram gd uv Ginral
Grant, in Sundy-skool, "He who per
doosis cheep whiky is greater than
he' who conquereth a Confederacy."
The old saint is, uv late, droppiu into
a habit of mixin his srripter, suthin
he never duz with his likuer. Nas
by's Letter in the Toledo Blade.
Vifroroun AVork.
The Atchison, Topeka & Smta Fe
Railroad Comp-uiy is pushing the
work of extending thu railroad i,u h
ward with renewed vigor, and large
bodies of laborers arc constantly being
sunt to the lower end ol the fine to
lend a helping baud in constructing
this great rail thoroughfare through
New Mexico. On Saturday night last
400 hands passed down the road, aud
on Wednesday night 300 more followed
them. These forces are divided, and
each branch of the road receive." its
due complement. The road via So
corro is rapidly upproachlng that
pace, and that which is to pass El
Paso is being laid with equal expedi
tion. The management o' the South
em Pacific road report that they ex
pect to form a junction with the A.,T.
& F. road at or near El Paso by the
1st of January, provided the latter
makes as much' headway as their com
pany is accomplishing. The move
ments of the A., T. it S. F. now indi
cate that this is being and will con
tinue to be done, so that the proposed
junction at the date and place men
tioned is very nearly a certainty.
New Mexican.
A Sew Ycrsion of the Unit Rule.
' " What's this unit rule the politi
cians talk about " asked Jones of
Col. Solon yesterday. "It's this way,"
said the Colonel ; " if you approve of
the unit rule, you vote to have every
.man vote the same way every time.
It's mighty convenient, as yer'll Fee if
you ever get on a delegation. I was
on one wunst, an' wc had thu unit rule
resolution solid, so when I sez, ' I vote
the delegation take suthin, of course
they all had to vole the same way, an'
nobody could dissent, an' I dou't
b'licvc lhey wou'd nuther if the rule
hadn't been in force. But it makes it
more solid, yer sec, an' yer chairman
can have the hull sum put down on
the slate easier's he could if we war
all divided an was takin' drinks with
every o'her candidate. 'Sides, yer see,
one candidate can't come in an' ask
just one or two up for a drink, fur it
wouldn't do any good, becoz of the
unit rule; so he'll have to ask the
whole caboodle an' no favor."
A Pakisiam bureu of marriages has
set a tempting bait before American
girls by advertising in an esteemed
contemporary that it is able to nego
tiate threat matches for them with
" princes, dukes and earls," barons not
being mentioned, nor tquires nor
knights of the shire, since the acute
managers of the bureau see that no
Amercan maid of spirit would put up
with -uih trash. Rightly or wrongly,
there is an opinion pievalenl in " Tur
nip" that an enterprising firm may
build up a profitable business iu this
liuca3, witness the Hungarian noble
who lately wrote to one of our police
ofliclals asking for aid in finding an
American bride for him who should
be worth not less than several mill
ions. Evidently it is not thought that
auything would come of tempting the
male part of our population in this
way, since the house at Paris does not
o8it to provide us with princesses,
duchesses or countesses.
From a private letter from Shak
spcarc, wc take the following extracts:
Things iu the mining line arc look
ing up here. The Crosby Co. ha-e
struck ore that assays big; average
assay by Rickard, of Tucson, shows
$197 40 to the ton. Crosby says that
he will start east in a few days to pur
chase a 20 stamp mill.
Jim Carrol is here and has entered
into arrangements to do a large
amount, of work, and will at once
Older steam pumping and hoisting
machinery. It is said that the Long
fellow Copper Mining Co. will soon
make this their shipping point. N.
M. Southwest.
According to the latest official sta
tistics there arc in Russia, all told
12,500 doctors (against over 60,000 in
the United States), affordiug one JSscu.
lapina to every 7,200 inhabitants
(against COO in the United States). As
a village has n"t sufficient population
to secure the services of a doctor, each
district, comprising a uumler of
villages, employs one of the corps of
female nurses, who study their profes
sion for three years, and are official
recognized as being able to prescribe
in ordinary cases of sickness.
The N. Y. Evening Mail unkindly
remarki: The Boston capital which
has gone so freely into Tombstone
mines evidently does not like the sep
ulchural name of that town. A new
site Is being laid out tobccalled "New
Boston." That shows a greater pauci
ty of wit than the original name. The
grim humor thereof is evident to ev
ery Arizonan.
Mr. Tox Stackpole. will ship the
first carload of hay, under his con
tract to supply the military posts in
Arizona, to Tucson to-day. This ship
ment goes to Fort Lowell. Los An
geles Herald.
Trrscott nnd Her Population."
It is not so very lone "go that our
Prescott contemporaries made exceed
ingly merry at the expense of the south
ern part of Pima county, and indulged
in unlimited ridicule of Tucson and
Tombstone and all the Territory trib
utary or likely to be tributary to these
two cities. Their shafts were all well
coated with envy, and their slurs car
ried a full measure of malice. Now
from the height of our prosperity we
can afford to laugh as thore who laugh
last, and yet at the same time indulge
m a hope that the wish that fathers
the following thought from the Miner
may be realized to the full:
Although the drought of the past
four years has retarded farming con
siderably in Northern Arizona, and
sent many tillers ot the soil to other
fields, which, in connection with the
excitement at Tombstone, Patagonia,
Globe and other places in Southern
.Arizona which I. as drawn heavily for
the time being from our population,
we find by reference to the census
enumerator's books, which of course,
arc nt yet complete ly any means,
that Yavapai and Apache "counties
hae a population bordering some
where from 12,000 to lo.rjOO. We can
safely estimate that the above figures
will be doubled within the next twelve
months or so soon as as railroad com
munication is opened up with the East.
Northern Arizona is possessed of more
natural wealth than any other part of
the Territory, and the one great im
portant thing necessary to develop and
bring this wealth into notice is an out
let through the acquisition of steam
mil. We are at present occupying a
rather unfavorable position comMired
to Southern Arizona in consequence
of being remote from fast nnd easy
transit; but this matter is fast regu
luting itself, and eventu illy Prescott
will be lo Arizona what Denver is io
Colorado, a great railroad center, and
here will congregate the money kings
from Orient and Oecidcnt. It would
not surprise us to see stock boards es
tablished and Montezuma, Granite, or
some other street in Prescott as lively
as California street in San Francisco
m its' palmiest days.
W:- have only to hang on a lit'le
longer and the thing will come the
way of the " old timers," who have
won golden honors in reclaiming this
land from the barbarous red foe and
staying with it through so many dark
and trying years.
We shall breathlessly watch the
Miner " hanging on " a little longer,
and pray that it lose not its grip until
the saving railroad shall come and
with it the boom that 13 craved or
the avenue of escape of which our
humbled contemporary makes no mention.
All Important Work.
Mr. A. W. Pattiani, the well-known
draughtsman in the Surveyor General's
office, has just completed a work which
is of more Ihan ordinary importance
to the properiy-owners of this city, in
the form of a map of the city. It is
the most accurate and complete work
of the kind ever issued in the Terri
tory, and reflects much credit upon
Mr. Pattiani for the labor and pains
bestowed on its compilation. Its ne
cessity has long been urged, and in
undertaking and so faithfully execut
ing the task Mr. Pattiani is deserving
of the best support of our citizens. The
amount ot work necessary to obtain
all the data is little understood by the
public, but any person at all acquaint
ed with the details of the topography
of tho city may readily sec from exam
ination that accuracy in the highest
degree has been attained. The work
was compiled from the best possible
and latest sources. This map will be
on exhibition for a few days, when it
will be sent to the lithographer for
final treatment, and will be handsome
ly mounted on rollers.
Canadian Marriage Law.
Canadian law requires the previous
announcement in church of every
marriage, or a license from a County
Clerk, and the latter procedure costs
about $7. Tho consequence is that
numerous couplescross into the United
States to be united. Detroit clergy
men and justices do a great deal of
this business. The Herald of that city
says that half a dollar was the fee for
merly, but now 2 is usually demanded.
The following is a reported convcrsa
tion after a knot bad been tied: " Now,
$2 if you please," remarked the Jus
ticc urbanely to the bridegroom.
" I've no money," said that Individual,
turning to his love; "you pay the gen- j
tlenian." The lady turned upon him '
with fire in her eye. " Pay him your-1
self. No money, did you say! You've
got plenty of money, and I know it."
" Come, now, Sally, stop that nonsense,
and don't bo glvin' the gentleman so
much trouble after he's done so much
for ye; give him the 2." "For me.
is it? I guess it's for you, too, and
you'll pay him it he's paid at all."
But the groom continued to Insist that
he was penniless, until finally the
bride reached away down into the
folds of her voluminous dress and pro
duced the $2.
Sax Francisco, July 3. The State
Convention of the Democratic wing of
the Workingmen's party last night de
posed Kearney as President of the
party, declared the offices of Vice
President, Secretary and Treasurer va
cant, elected a State Centra! Commit
tee, endorsed Hancock and English
and the Democratic Presidential Elec
tors, and adjourned until Tuesday,
evening next.
Said Angelina, suddenly breaking
the oppressive silence: " Don't you
feel afraid of the army worms, Theo
dore, that are coming so rapidly this
way?" The question was such a
strange one that Theodore's surprise
caused him to look right at Angelina
for the first time in his life. Why did
she ast that, he wanted to know. "Oh,
nothing," she replied, as she toyed
with her fan; "only the papers say
they eat every greea thing wherever
they go." (Boston Transcript-
Another Section of the Santa nitan !
Which I'rouiUe Wonderful Thln
In the Xear Future Xoteur Xmu- i
ber of Fine Properties.
From a reliable party just in from
Helvetia District, wc learn that the
vicinity ot Furnace Gu'ch is enjoying
quite a boom, although thus far con
ducted somewhat on the quiet. The
whole country for mile around is
thickly monumcnlcd, and several rich
strikes have been made. Quitea num
ber of valuable properties have been
recently bonded, mo?t of which are
being actively worked.
The chief point of interest at pres
ent, as well fr its availability as a
central mining camp as for the evident
richness of the mines, is the vicinity,
of Camp Clarendon, the property of
H. B. Lighthizer, Esq., nud Mr. H. G.
I Morse. For beauty of scenery, facility
, o access, and abundance of wood.
water, nnd grass, this camp cannot be
surpassed in all Southern Arizona. It
i situated near Roddick's old furnace,
and about 15 miles south ol Pantano
railroad station. Work is in constant
progress on the Clsrcndon group, aud
a 100-foot snaft is now being sunk on
the principal mine, the Clarendon.
This mine, more familiarly known
among miners as the " Old Steele
mine," will, If Its future developments
correspond in their results with pres
ent indications, at no distant day rival
Tombstone's richest bonanza. The
surface of the mine presents quite a
number of pirallcl ledges, which, as
far as opened, show pay ore varying in
width from four inches to three feet,
at a dep'h of twen'y feet, with a de
cided dip to the cast. It is proposed
I to drift east and west from the main
shaft now being sunk at a depth of
100 fect, in search i f the mother ledge,
or point of union of the several ledge
which, it is predicted, will wheu fi.uul
aisclose large nnd as rich a body c f
silver and gold ore as tan be found in
the Territory. Quantities of ore have
in past years beoti shipped from this
mine in San Franciicu, showing an
average assay value of about ?ii00 per
The remaining mines of this group
produce excellent specimens of brittle,
horn and native silver, and so fur as
developed nid fair to rivul the Claren
don in richness.
The formation of this locality is
granite, quartzitc and porphyry, prin
cipally the latter.
The Clarendon mill site presents
the most desirable location for a mill
site to be found in the district. It is
rumored that Messrs. Lighthizer and
Morse have sold the principal part of
this group, together with other mines
in the district, to a New York com
pany, which it is expected will within
a short time inaugurate operations on
a large scale for the development and
working of the miues, aud will pro
ceed also to erect a 20 stamp mill on
the Clarendon mill site.
Southwust of this group but a short
distance is the Bob Ingersoll, owned by
Messrs. Shortridgc and McCleary,
which is being actively worked, and
discloses a large body of ore of above
average richness.
Further to the west, pnd at the foot
of the main range of the Santa Ritas,
commences a limestone formation,
producing quite a large number of as
fine copper mines as can be found in
the country. The ore of these mines,
in most instances, will run about 40
per cent, copper, with about G0 silver
per ton. Most of the mines are bonded,
in groups of from five to twelve in
number, at fair prices, and with good
propects of an early sale.
Upon the whole we think it but fair
to predict for Helvetia District, in the
near future, a prosperity equaled but
by few other localities in the country,
and excelled perhaps by none.
The prince of Wales, writes a corres
pondent of the Baltimore Sun, lately
sent a note to Mrs. Langtry, saying,
'I am comitig round to see you at 4 r. m
to-morrow" The Jersey Lilly re.
turned answer, " Oh", so sorry! grand
mamma is in town for tea to-morrow
at 4 r. it." Tlie Prince did not receive
the an3wcr. however iu season, and
presenting himself at the hour named,
lie found young Lord Shrew-.-bury tetc
a-tete with the' fair lady. When the
Prince did receive the belated billet,
".Oho!" said ho. "so Lord Shrewsbury
ii the grandmamma;" and now thov
call the kettledrum "my grand
mother's tea."
The Cosmopolitan Hotel bath-rooms
at the Park are not excelled this side
of San Francisco for completeness
and convenience of arrangement
The moderate price charged makes
them a great convenience, and Mr.
Moroney deserves much credit for his
enterprise in thus furnishing the pub
lic with so desirable an institution.
A hrlioiol's hotly having resolved to
build a nw church, the pastor went
about begging very zealously, accept
ing not only the" widow's" but the
child's mite. In the Sunday school a
few days afterward, while instructing
the children, he compared himself to
a shepherd, and then inquired what
the latter 'did with his flock. One
bright eyed little fellow promptly
replied, " He shears them."
We arc pleased to annonnce that T.
H. Dill, formerly one of the pro
prietors of the Oriental restaurant and
saloon, in Uii3 city, has been appointed
Deputy Sheiifffor Washington Camp.
A better appointment could hardly be
made, and it is certain to give general
litxn icon.
Oepo?!t account? rrcefred In Currency or
Coluriablect to Check at sight.
CcrtiawtM of Deposit issued, payable oa
demand or at ."kxcdW. 8.
Exchange drawn in oiim lo ault on cw
York. St, Lord-, Chicago and San hrancisco,
or tranter or Mud made by Jf'?;,,.1
portt made with oar Conci-poaieaU v 11 W
credited to partle here, opon receipt of as ol
advice of Ihi! same. . ,
Will purchase or make advert" ? . G "
Silver Bullion, Territorial and County Bonda
and Varruti, appfoved commercial Ppe
'orders or KTineata br mail, or tkcr!.
will receive strict attention, and hy a prompl
and faithful exccnllou or car corre-pondent s
wthc we will aim to merit ttctr e.lecm and
connisrosnssTs? v
Ancio California Bank, San Kranci.
J. W. SelU-mau & Co., Neve Y ork.
Central National Bank, Philadelphia.
Mnisachu.")tt8 National BHuk, Boston.
Bant of Coulmerce, at. Loul.
MerchantS'SaViii Loan and Trust Co,
Pima County Banky
l It. TGI.I.Y
It. M. JACOU3...
. CaihrP.
SaS Flt.VNCtOO..
Los Am;cii'.j. ..
Baltimore i
St. Locis
Xr.w Y'onK
racit!c Rank.
.... itoiV it Merca'trta R'fc
First National Bank.
Second Xetlonal Bank.
Bank of Commerce.
I Chcmlcii National Bink.
XInthNaKonal Bank.
Depoita received. Funds tracaferred br nj.!t
or telegraph Collections made, and returns
promptly rendered at current ratei of Ex
change, and a general banking boslneas trans
Corner neale a.d Howard Straits,
San Prnncid-o, Utll.
vV If. TYYLOR. .
joski'ii MOORS.
. Pre-ldentt
. .Saperlntendeo.
all ita branches. StearaboHt, Steamship
and land
nigh Pressure or Compound.
OHOtSAKt ZSBtNaS Compounded when ad!
Stbam Boiijiks Particular attention glveU
to the quality of tho material and workman
hin, nnd none but flrft-clas work produced
atcr Pipk, of boiler or dhcet iron, of any
size, made in paltable lengths for connecting
toother, or het roileL punched cud parked
for shipment, ready tobe riveted ou the ground.
llvnu-vi-ur Rivltinu Boiler work and
water pipe made by thi eetaiilisbmeni riveted
by hydraulic rivetiogmachlneiy-.thatqualllyof
work being far superior to hand work.
Poirs For mining of any capacity and of
any atyle. Our tyle oT direct-acting, compound
emrfne?, with double line of pumps are par
ticularly recommended. We refer to those
now in use, not one having ever been brokod
DiKECT-AcTtso Exr.iNES for uudersroand
work, irrigation or city waterworks parpoea
built with the celebrated Davtfy val.o taction,
superior to nny ot-ifr-
. p.K.SAFP'Ra.
JU.-.IM1 jiAcuiNKnT-rNKiiz miii. pans. ,w
boiler-, hoisting mach'nt-ry,7loTSg"E5lstwa . Uffi
eniduee. or other machinery required.
I'll &
Manufacturers of
Roul & Dressed Sugar
ai Mail M
Address : Madera, Fresno County, Gal
Our Imnhatoor... t . . m .
M nnt M.k ""yuan a. KUoe, tha sap la i i
oaeu out, which makes It drr nulcklv and " A I
ber S Hht !,.L,h? 8" R K ,- 0ur T lam- M "
mfmi'tft fJ, BivfrTra oi'o-tWrd to ouVhal 25
KAYrifcLD & LEailEIt, Proprietor.
Elegantly Furnished
Special attention paid to families. Kooma
inle and en jclte.
The table I, mrni,hed with arerjthing thai
California and Arizona market can .upply.
A fine Ilae of Imparted Wines, Liquors and
Clr, etc., at the Bar.
A Free -fl, froa, M Xr3ln,.
The Badvrsifnari . j .
trol of the Patnej Tlotal. and will us erj-y
enort te rsmt-itu.... ... .i . Tr ?
I'atTOBn will pa; report any inattention
on the jwrt ef attaches.
oeo RATririA m ozsikcbe tssnrs.
Dancing every ereninjjencing
Admission SO. cents, Ladlca Tree.
Durfnc commencing attf o'cloc p. ux , aa
terminatln? at 15 o'clock. JIasie by the Qnf '
Han Orchestra.
Ai' : ay,
mm !
i i 11 if.
lj- 5
liffif .nit ..
J 1 !
1 1
' :m
r ; ,

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