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NO. 13
Office o Church Plan.
, , one yr -
t .,;.i,MXOBtfc!l
,i inibri -
T. nHJKf'i" this type one qnrei.l
..in-, ten line, on time - - S
i .. nwnt insertion - 1
..cnl cards, per quarter
f. 0
, . i iS advertisement at reduced rate-.
11. C. BROWN. Proprietor.
AI)01.1lll!S II. NOON, 31. n.,
- Arizona.
; roRNKY AT LAW, OtoK A. T.
T. J..DKU.M.
, i foRNF.Y AT LAW, Filth Street near
A j .lU,iit Street, Tomtetooe, Arizona.
M . , r Street and JlaMeii Lane, Tuceon
i iTORNEY. Office, corner PeuuiugtoH
x M"1 Warner -Streett".
TTORNKY and Counselor at Law, O0k
A. !i lVnntagtcm t-lreet. nr Meyeri, Tnc
t .Arizona.
,n t HoUlHOOK.S.U. J. C HASDT, SI. II.
Office on Coasrefs Street, Tucson.
F"nnerlvofV. E. noward & Sons.)
ATTORNEY and Connector at law, Tucson,
Ariaona. Slectal attention gheu to
.V. i: an and American land and minium title.
J shaVn s Lodging UoHse. All work done
v 'Li -at pain.
and Notary Public. Office, Camp
f tr-et, opposite Palace Hotel, Tucson, A. T.
Mimlc laws a specialty.
ATTORNEY AT LAW. All business in
trusted to mo will Ve promptly attended
M. Er-pecial attention paid to conveyancing
and collections. OUiceon Meyers street, near
g. w. siciiKt, ar. d.
Tucin, - - - Arizona.
Congress Street, opposite Saflord, Hndson
v eakix. r. x. surra, o. w. sr-AULuixo.
ATTORNEYS at Law, Tnceon, Arizona. Of
fice on Pennington street, near tarley &
Pomroy's block.
ATTORNEYS at law, Tnceon, Arizona.
Office on Jlevere street.
Branch Office at Tomb'tone.
ATTORNEYS and Counselors at law, No
tary Pablic Office on Meyers St., oppo
Palacc Hotel. Tucson. Arizona.
OFFICE, one door east of Judge Osborne's
on Maiden Lane, Tucson, A. T.
C. P. V. WATSON, M. I.
V moved his office and residence to the Imlld
uTgon Pennlncton street, opposite Ben. Mor
gan's Law OllYcc, Hours-iu to 12 a.m. and
? to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. Diseases peculiar to
women and children a epecialtr.
(5 veyor and Notary Public, has returned to
iLp old stand, Pendleton street, oppo-lte the
t.,mopolitan Hotel, and is prepared It do
anv work in his line with I'MPTNESb
AND DISPATCn. Topographical and eec
luual Drawings of Mine a sleciaUy.
b. roiiRCT,
I S. Dlst.Attr.
Dlst. Atty. Pima Co.
ATTORNEYS and Counselors at law,
Office corner Meyers and Pennington
s.ruets Tucson. Arizona.
TV. K. HOKNnLOWEK, i. v. s.
Graduate American Collage, Sew York City.
Veterinary Sciukox, L. s. a.,
Fort Lowell, A. T.
A am pmmptlv attended to Orders can
' loft at the Government Corral, Tucson.
A C ompany, of California, Iraii;"1
tm, Northern of London, QLcen "f Liverpool,
.Fire, etc.. and New York Life f.;':
puiiT, of New York. Office in Pima Connty
4 TTORNEY at law, Notary Public and Con
A eyancer. Special assistance given in
o' talning patents for Mining and I'recmptlon
duims-.andalsotitletoland under the Desert
.and timber culture laws. Office north side ot
I OEcrcss street. Tucson Arizona.
Late of Sau Francisco. Late of Napa, cai.
A LAW, Tncson, A. T. Will practice in all
111,- Courts of the .Territoy. Office, corner or
Camu and Convent streets.
Notary Pcbuc, Civil Engineer, and V. S.
Dei-ity Mineral SiJRVETor
Tncson, Arir-ona.
J Town Sites, etc;, sanejed, and mapsoi
sme made on the mot reflsonncle terms.
Ojtlce on Pennington street, second door east
of WVIls, Farco X Co.'s.
. . i-fTTU A 1?T,T! Y
Orriciis miter.
nppotuc tue uojmopuum" "n"i
The Old Mine Caution.
in the Old Mine, relocated wn"6'"
.... - . . n i inn nin Hmn-
co District, Arlzonn, and all partlog are
hereby cautioned not to enter Into any
negouuuous lorsaiu inierrai.
J. C. HAN 1)
Tuonon. February S3. 1SS0.
Dissolution Notice.
IN the copartnership heretoore erijttag
under the firm name or SAl.A.viv
has bcn d!ssolvid, Mr. Itohn wlthdrawJ ng
BT W.M. mix MILhS, LUI.
Ok! eMk inn unkindly of any,
TkeMgh their faiHn-s yoa dearly dery ;
Yob'to gome laitlBf- yowselr, ifwitinany,
Yon wihW h"4e froia the Blanderer'M eye.
Oil ! why should you sy of another .
What yon would not he should say oryonr
Be thoughtful nnd kind to each other
We should not toll all that is true.
Would we speak when a pen-on is present,
While his eye sees our Hps as they move,
A word that is false or uupVeasant,
To harrow the heart we slurakl lover
Could we see lmt the soul's deep umotlou
As It writhes by Infliction or wrong,
We would never again pat in motion
The lmrhfrom a slanderer's tongue.
We grieve when the young plant Is blighted
By the gusts or the keen, chilly air;
But when are our feelings excited
For the vllilled soul in despair?
We'd protect by oar ckill and our labor
The plant from the worm and the wind;
Then why not as well shield our neighlior
V Dm the blast of the base and unkind;
Tueu let us, with hearts tree and uoWc,
Make the feelings of others our own:
And add not to sorrow and trouble
By a word, or a look, or a tone;
lire we speak of the fallings ol others,
Let us think of the evil 'twill do;
It ourpelve", or onr sisters or brothers
Would like to be spoken of too.
Tri-soN, Ddcember, 1SS0.
V Now York View of the Situation-
Stock Speculation v. Legitimate
New York Indicator.
AVIitln tlm fiitnrn of miniii!' siieen-
lntinnQ ntiil nf stnrk r.mminiiiRS ifi !5C-
trcmcly doubtful, tlmt of legitimate
mtnin2 is not. iiic reasons arc ob
vious. The former is lanrcly denend-
ent on excitements, on unusual pro
ductions, and on the sneculative in
clinations of the public. The latter
is sustatnea by nam money iai;en
from thn irround in navintr nuantities
by something as substantial as the
precious metals themselves. Alining
rmn hi !irrieil nn without recard to
the condition of stock markets when
mineral veins are worKed simply for
what can be made of them, and not
used as decovs for makiua money out
of the general public.
The enlistment ol capital m nun-
ing, in opening up new countries or
in any prohtable or promising under
taking, great or small, is creditable
nnt mnritnrinnq to tllDSC who enPfltrC
therein, provided the money so se
cured is used soieiy ior me uesi, inter
net rf tlio pntnrnrise in baud. It
should be used wisely and carefully,
and not wasted in me many scnemes
that succest themselves to the minds
, . i . ,):..
oi inciperieueeu niiiuugcic ui uu-
tors. Aloncy is ostensibly raised ior
the purpose of bringing a mine into a
navinc condition, or to furnish it with
hoisting works, or reduction works,
or all three, in case tney are ueeucct.
Consequently, the resources of the
company s treasury should not be
wasted in nny oilier way nor usou ex
trnvnirnn tlv in anv other ouarter.
Mni-o rlmn ttiia (lift minn clinnld be
developed steadily, and as much as
possible for the payment, oi uiviuenus
at regular intervals. It is where the
reverse is xhe case, wnere a mines
contents are concealed, its stock de-
nrpcspil and discouraced investors led
to sell out at low figures, that legiti
mate mining has no piacc.
There are many cases wnere capiuu
nnmif.il in mininp- entemriscs. In
one instance it may be absolutely nec
essary to place a deserted and -watcr-fiiinri
minn in nroDer shane. In an
other its main advantage is in expe
diting matters, enlarging production
and in reducing expenses. Such in
vestments are advantageous and rea
sonable where the value of mines have
been properly tested . But the mining
industry suffers severely from invest
ments made on properties uuuci
worthless or of too limited a charac-o-
,r mnnv tho. outlav. The East is
full of such companies organized on
such properties, and more proposi
tions of like nature are now awaiung:
the decision of moneyed men. The
main object in such schemes is to
.,nt- bnm us hirrh as nossible and
oiuin . " c . .
sell off the stock before the worthless-
ness of the mines are ascertained, in
this way the original seller and the
Eastern operators, who have taken
hold ot the affair to enrich themselves
and rob their neighbors, are enaoiea
tn mi-., in iniitf! a nilc of money while
the stock investors have only their ex-
nerience and a lot ot worthless cer
tificates to obtain consolation irotn.
Such operations and the conducting
of mines in the interest of stock man
ipulators arc continually tearing down
the erood reputation the mining indus-
" - . 1 .. 1 ..nifnrm
try acquires irotu siunuy auu uu.i.".
nroducts, profits or dividends m other
11fiF3" s r Itnnn nvfrnmplv
Tiiai iniiuiit; "-." -j
profitable in many localities cannot be
.f. ,.,t Tim lunldincf un of States
and Territories in the W cstcrn wild
ernesses within a few snort years -mm
evidences of the fact. Gold and silver
mines have been found that have en
riched men and communities. Large
innmnainir nonulations have been
sustained from their products, and
towns and cities, witn an ui aui.u...
oaniments of civilization, have re
sulted as the natural outgrowth. -Many
localities can be namud where the
amount of capital received ina decado
.... xr frnm the tinlC of UlC IlrSt
Ui 1. 1 i-i v. -'-- - . . .
discoveries, has been insignificant, and
that applied in so woruness u uwim"
tniw. of no benefit. The localities
referred to here have grown to their
present unfailing producing uuihj
of millions per annum within a very
r. ne limn. In one caso it
may be two years, in others ten and in
..J . .... Tl.n nrlvnnrn PUard
OtlierS IWIUIJ inv. ; r
ho mode the first discoveries e.c,
usual with prospectors, poor m
r . m.. 1. ml Fit nnnnlaliniKI
nurse, since tueu lumy
; nnniiri iimm. -witli resources
and productions sufficient to induce
capitalists to ouna minjaujua. ut
most impassable mountains to reach
t nnv nf these flourishing
mountain towns arc banks, where the
miners' aggregate , acl -,urT
from hundreds of thousand of dol
lars up to milltons-and all ac
cumulated from labor m the mines
within two. ton or fifteen years.
"More than this much money is contin
ually being used in prospecting and
de -eloping" or in what may be called
experimental work, while other sums
arcsent away to famil cs or friends in
the East or in Europe. Such results
are evidences of legitimate mining.
WKiTEn advises that girls who
to have small mouths should re
at frequent intervals through the
-r.: VinM, frind four llotin-
dav. ruuuic-m""" ---derintr
frogs for Frances Fowler s fa-
The Locomotive l'lifjlnccr.
The London Telegraiib, in a recent
editorial, pays a splendid aud deserved
tribute to the men who hold the lives
of hundreds in their hands the lo
cotn&tive engineers. It says: Most
passengers tire iguorant, happily, of
the pitfall under their feet as one is
of the intricate process of digestion,
or of the human frame. They lake
their journeys as they do their food,
trusting blindly that, somehow or
other it will be all right, and that the
narrow corners will be shaved, and it
seldom occurs to them to express their
thankfulness lor the manly devotion
which contributes to their safety.
While faith is the guiding rule of the
traveler, duty is the absorbing prin
ciple of the railway servant. But
does it never occur to the wakelul
traveler as the lamps Hash past him
as tho train rushes over bridges and
through a network of of signals as the
tunnel seems a duller road and the
lighted station a suppressed scream,
when the pulse of the motion never
stops nnd the impetus at time becomes
almost terrible, what a sense of grat
ification there ought to be toward
those lonely men who taithful to the
end turn this point and that, shift the
lamps, keep watch and ward aud clear
the way lor the swift cxnress? Those
who have trusted themselves to this
splendid power are utlerly powerless.
Their lives are in the hands of the
men who drive the train, and of the
signal men who watch. Yet thero is
no sleep in the signal box or at the
tunnel mouth ; there is no conversa
tion, no distraction, nothing but a dull
monotony of duty. A score f things
may have happened; the staff may be
shorthanded, some one is unexpected
ly on the sick list, some good natured
fellow znay have done double duty out
of pure comradeship; but this makes
no dillcrcncc in the safely of the line.
There need be no fear when uich men
know their duty and do it.
Iltvlslmi of I'ima County.
There seem to be some doubts in the
minds of our Tombstone Iricnds as to
the sincerity of members-elect to the
Legislature from Tucson and the
western portion of the county as to
their future action on the creation of a
new county from the cast end of this
(Pima) county, if we are to believe
the little reminders which from time
to time appear in the Epitaph and
The question ot a division of the
county was discussed before the elec
tion, and while no promises were ex
acted or given, several candidates on
both tickets voluntarily expressed
themselves in favor of such a division,
if the citizens of the eastern portion of
the county desired it. Not because
they were in favor of such a division,
but simply as a matter of justice to
that portio'u of the count-. It would
be to the interest of Tucs-on to have
the limits of Pima county remain
where they arc; but when w e look at
the other side of the qucst'on, and con
sider the injustice of asking cit'zens
from the extreme eastern portion of
the county 150 to 175 miles away to
come to Tucson to look after somo
little, petty nUair which, under the
law, requires attention, or to record a
deed or mining location, or to search
the records or attend court, we can
not fail to sec the injustice of trying to
maintain our present limits, ami if the
eastern portion of the rouuty desire to
strike a division line and form a new
counly we could not reasonably ob
ject to so just a demand; nor do we
believe that nny objection would be
made by our people. The only ques
tion upon which there could be any
differenco of opinion would be the
establishing of the division line. But
that could, we have no doubt, at the
proper time, be amicably arranged by
the members-elect from Pima County,
to whom it would bo referred in case a
division is determined upon.
Present Population of the I'urlli.
Volumo VI. of Behm tc Wagner's
Bcvoelkcrung der Erde, just issued,
gives a mass of well-digested tnlor
mation on the subject ol the area and
population of the countries of ti e
world. The areas of Europe, Africa.
Australia, Polynesia and the
Polar regions have been carefully re
computed, and as the results differ in
many instances irom naicmums uu
ally found in our handbooks, we give
an abstract of these new figures:
Area' In sta.
sq. inilcH. Inhabitants
Europe (exclusive of
iceianu nuu
Zembla) S,Tt9,2fi4
AMa 17,a,Si
Alrica ...11,WS,Aj
America llSi,-J.l
Australia aud l'oly-
nesla M57'!"
l'olar regions-.. 1,T-JS,3i3
Total .M,r2,30l 1,456,9S3,S00
If these figures arc correct, the ocean
covers M4,)G4,SG0 mi'es. or 73.:il per
cent, ol the earth's surface. The
most populous towns in the world are:
London, 3,030,000; Paris, 1,9S3,S0C;
New York, with suburbs. 1,890,000;
Canton, 1,500,000; Berlin, l.OCS.OOS;
Vienna, 1,020,770.
Hy Tlielr Door..
Stock Report.
Tho attontion of those geutlcmon
who think that the trade of the South
west will come to us without the ask
inc is directed to this pleasant little
paragraph from the Hcno Evening
Gazette: . ,
' A stamp mill with two batteries
went through on a freight train .yes
terday. It was marked ' C. M. Alining
Co., Lordsburg, New .Mexico ' and
was shipped from Chicago. I here is
a great new field for business in Aew
Mexico, nnd by their usual enterprise
tho Chicago people arc taking pos
session of it. They arc sending
freight all the way over the Central
Pacific, right past the noses of the bau
Francisco merchants, down to the
customers that the latter should have
in New Mexico."
Nen WUo arc TVortli Fifteen Millions
anil Upward.
The following twenty men arc esti
mated to be worth the sums following
their names: William Vandcrbilt.
S100, 000,000; Fair, of California, $50,
000,000; Flood, of California, o0,
000 00- Mackcv, of California. .j0,
Xnn'XXA . a n-imoni. S30.WO.000 ;
Senator Sharon, $17,000,000; Senator
Jones, $20,000.uw; Asior, m
..,. A-r nnft (inn . tnmnj R. 15pnnp.lt
S30 000!000: Jay Gould, $75,000,000?
Kusscll Sage, $53,000.000; b. J.Tildcn
S25.000.000; Kcenc, of .New lorkfj
tnrt'nnfi. c;.l,- Ttfllnn 1.-1.000.000
Edward Clark, $25,000,000; Oakes
. - tnr nnn. Ti T I
Ames, Jr., io,uuu,uuv; imj-
o:.i. f Plilnntm Sin. 000. 000: Pete.
Cooper, $20,000,000; Pierre Lonllardr
Its Independent New York Line Open
Through Train Kun lletwcen
Washington and New York Hos
tility ortho I'ennsylvanla Company
New York Dally American Exchange.
The New York and Washington
line of the Baltimore and Ohio Com
pany has become an accomplished
lact. Yesterday nassenser trains be
gan running, the first ones leaving
iSew lork lor Washington, anu
Washington for New York at 9 a. m.
The trains which arrived in this city
were about forty minutes behind the
schedule time, but it vas claimed at
the ofhee ol the Central Hailroad ol
New Jersey that this was on account
of the newness of the through line.
We expect to be a little slow in our
running time at first," Judgo Lathrop,
the receiver of that company, said,
" until cvcrythini: jrets in proper order
and we know just what we can do. So
far as we have been advised here,
there was no detention on tho line,
and no hindrance was encountered at
Philadelphia from the Pennsylvania
Hailroad." The time-tables of the
new line had not been fully prepared
yesterday, but the number ol trains
betwcen New York aud Philadelphia,
it was stated, had been increased to
The New York connection of the
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad is made
over the Philadelphia, Wilmington
and Baltimore, the Philadelphia and
Reading and its leased lines, the
North Pennsylvania and the Bound
Brook, and the Central Kailroad of
New Jersey. For some years past the
Baltimore and Ohio Company has
been striving to establish a line to
New York independent of the Penn
sylvania Railroad, but its success has
been prevented by the position winch
was taken by the Pennsylvania re
garding the use of the Junction road
in Philadelphia, over which the Bal
timore aud Ohio is compelled to run
its trains to secure connection with
the Reading roads. The Junction
Koad is a short piece ot tracu winch
was built jointly by the Pennsylvania,
the Reading and Ihe Philadelphia,
ilmmgton and Ualtimore com
panies. Tho last mile and a half of
the five miles of road was built entire
ly by the Pennsylvania Company,
which refused to turn in the bills of
its cost to the other two companies for
their proportionate share in the ex
pense, and which claimed to own ab
solutely tins portion ot the road. As
soon as the plans of the Baltimore and
Ohio were completed tor its road to
New York, litigation was begun to
test the validity of the position as
sumed by the Pennsylvania Company,
aud several weeks ago a decision was
rendered in the United Stales Circnit
Court at Pittsburg, favorable to the
Baltimore nnd Ohio. The last
named company was conceded to
have full use of the Junction Road,
and while an appeal may bo taken to
the United States Supreme Court, an
injunction restrains it Irom mtcner
itnr with the running of the Baltimore
aim" Ohio trains over the Junction
Ualky Horses.
A correspondent of tho Ruralist
writes: Many aud varied jiave been
the plans, both kind and harsh, tried
for the cure ot balkmess in norses by
parties troubled, delayed and pro
voked iu this way. Having had con
siderable experience in the handling
of such horses, I have found the follow-
in a cood remedy. It is easily and
quUkiv performed, and has never, so
far as 1 am aware, failed to cure: Two
persons arc required for the trial. One
should hold the reins while the other
fastens a short strap or rope a halter-
strap, always at hand, answers the
purpose weil jest be'ow the fetlock
of a foreleg; then, going forward, he
should pull on the strap until the
horse lilts his loot; continuing to
null, the foot will be brought forward
and set down a little in advance of the
other. The horse, thus thrown out of
a natural position, will move forward
to regain his equilibrium. Another
pull will causo another move for
ward. This may be repeated several
time?, or until the horse moves with
out having his foot pu'led forward.
Usually, the first or second pull will
start him. Three or four such re
minders, at most, will do the work.
When the start is made it is generally
an easy one. toometimes, however, 11
has the appearance of the horse being
in a hurry to get away from the pro
voking man with the strap; therefore,
a stead' hand should manage the
reins. I have never known a horse
under this treatment to kick or act
mean in any other way than to try to
run. AVhcn he docs start oil, the hold
on the strap should be given up.
After having cone twenty-five or more
yards, the horse should gently be
brought to a stand and me strap re
moved. Then try to start him with
out the strap. It he does not move
off at once apply it again. He will
soon tire of being thus annoyed, and
will give yOu nt lurthcr trouble in
this way.
" Spley Correspondence."
Stock Report.
The Carson Appeal speaks a word
in season auoui xew 1 orK aim u aii-
inntnn nn.TTPtinilllpnP . It SaVS it
received the other day a sample letter
which, condensed, amounts to just
"Puff for Lord &. Taylor (dry goods. )
n..trr..i. Tiffiini- fsilvprivnrn anil icw-
i mi mi ii",,u;
elry.) Puff for Philp (forger.) Puff
for Johnny Davenport (iiumuui;.; i un
for Miss Cary (singer.) Puff for John
Arr".,11,,nrli fnntnr wlin Invpu free ad
vertising.f Miscellaneous assortment
of puffs for Salvini, Vanderbilt,
Prang, nnd tue nun Avenue nuici.
The condensation is good. The
letters from New York, Boston.Wash-
:,.nin Tnnilnn. Paris, etc.. Which
some of our contemporaries parade as
ii. e ,..n, ..ninnnpiea inr1 rrrPflf
expense, cost them $2 or $2.50 each.
sponging off the establishments or in
dividuals he puffs. It is a miserable
piece of business and we wonder tho
public ttaud it as long as they do-
A Succrfiil Newspaper.
The San Francisco Daily Stock Re
port has now entered the field of gen
eral journalism with a new edition to
be known as the Daily Report. Hav
ing long been the best stock paper of
San Francisco, it is now one of the
best newspapers of that city. It ta
not afraid to tell the merchants of that
sleepy town of their mistakes, and it
is conducted in au able and brilliant
manner. The Report is one of our
best exchanges.
Complaints of Delay In Transportation
and Hrceislve Itates of IrelKht
Kenton Why and Wherefore.
There arc nlways two sides to avery
question, let it apnertain to railroads
or anything else. Tlu-re are people in
this world who will complain and
find fault under all circumstances
whose happiness appears to consist in
making themselves perfectly misera
ble. They consider thomselvis injured
they are martyrs; nothing suits them;
the world is against them in their
opinion, aud yet if the whole of their
rouble were sifted to the bottom, it;
would be the old story of the moun
tain in labor bringing forth a mouse.
From the day on which the Southern
Pacific Railroad opened its station a;
this point, there have been those who
have done nothing but growl and find
fault at the " tardiness" of transporta
tion and the excessive rates charged.
This is natural, however; it is the re
compense received by those whose en
ergy, enterprise and capital have
opened the doors to civilization, and
made valuable that which has hereto
fore been worthless. Only n short
time since a mercantile house in this
city received a letter from which we
make tho following extract. The find
fault mania has reached poin's east of
us, for the complaining comes
from near Lordsburg. It says: "This
error on the part of your clerk ac
counts in a great measure for the un
accountable dclaj' in getting goods
through from Tucson to this place.
The tardiness displayed by the South
ern Pacific Railroad in this regard and
the arbitrary rates charged, is driving
an immense traffic from Silver City,
Georgetown, Hillsboro, Clifton.Shakes
peare, and all surrounding mining
camps east, and working serious dam
age to the interests of California and
Tucson. Rates from Chicago, St.
Loins and New York are given us at but
a trilling advance over the rates between
here and San Francisco, Los Angeles
or Tucson. This Is a matter worthy
of your attention, and of remonstrance
with the Southern Pacific Railroad
officials." This " growl " is moderate
in tone, but now let us hok at the
other side of the question. With re
spect to the word tardiness, as used
by the complainaut, we suppose
the term expresses uothiug ex
cept it is used relatively. The
Southern Pacific Railroad Compnny
has built during the past year an un
precedented number of miles of road.
It has outstripped the Atchison Road
by many miles, having alreudy
passed the proposed end of the track,
while it, the Atchison, Topeka and
Santa Fe Road, is seventy or eighty
miles distant, and the last station
opened for business on that line is one
hundred and thirty miles distant from
Ihe Southern Pacific.
The Southern Pacific has opened
stations wherever they were demanded
b' business, and as soon after the
track reached the point as water could
be fouud. It has also received freight
and forwa.ded all that was offered
without any interruption or delay ex
cept such as may haveoriginated from
storms or a pressure upon the road iu
order to get building supplies Tor
ward, it being of first importance, not
only to the compairy, but to the citi
zens of Arizona and New Mexico,
that the track be extended as rapidly
as possible. In order to build the
road and at the same time do busi
ness, it has had to run special t rat in
with steel aud ties in order lo make
up for delays on Eastern road. It
also had to haul coal from Wyoming
to New .Mexico, and even to buy coal
in the San Francisco market, at rates
two or three times higher than ordi
nary. Notwithstanding these delays,
which no amount of expense and nkill
in management couM avoid, we ven
ture to hsseit that, upon tho average,
there is no road in the country which
has moved its freight so promptly
during the past four months as the
Southern Pacific. There have been
no instances of such delays as occurred
upon the Atchison Road last fall aud
summer by reason of freshels; no
instances where consignees haw not
received their freight in an incredibly
shoit time as compared with limes
when they had no railroad. Under
these circumstances it seem to u- thut
there is a want of judgment or fair
ness upon the part of the person mak
ing the complaint referred to.
Now, again, as to the arbitrary
rates charged : The Southern Pacific
Railroad Company has not thus far by
its busiues, been able to pay for
opening the roatl. We have the most
positive information of this. It de
livers freight within forly miles of
Silver City, while the Atchison road
cannot deliver it any nehrertlian from
one hundred to one hundred and thir
ty miles. The rates charged by the
Southern Pacific are but a very small
percentage of the cost that the fault
finders have been stib'ected to in ic
cciving their freight before the South
ern Pacific roml was built. As to
driving traffic from Silver City, George
town, etc., very little of the traffic of
those sections lias ever come from this
side. In the nature of things, very
little can conic from Ibis bide. The
question f relative rates from San
Francisco and Chicago has very little
to do with il. because the bulk of
freight originates at the East, aud
must first come from there to Califor
nia, paying the cost of twenty-fivo hun
dred miles of rail transportation before
it can be distributed to New Mexico.
Chicago is nearer the terminus of the
Atchison road than' San Francisco,
and the idea that the rates of this com
pany can drive fpjm it whit it never
had, or that the company can make
rates from San Francisco on good3
which originate at Chicago, that
wou'd enable Sihxr City men to buy
in Sau Francisco and lay his goods
down at Silver City a cheaply as ho
buys in Chicago, and lay them down
at the same point, is simply absurd.
The above is Ihe whole matter in a
nut-shell. Those interested had bet
tor nnnder and reflect. If they do.aud
they are men possessing powers of
reasoning, mey muoi eo uiui u .im
majority of the complaints ngainst
the Southern Pacific Railroad in the
matter of delay and excessive charges
arc unjust and unreasonable.
The New Ten Wlielrr.
ti. firit nf tin? twenty new engines
ordered for the Tucso'n Division of
the Southern Pacific Hailroad lias ar
rived, and the employes ot the round-,,-nm
vpsti-nlav engaged in
" shining her up." It is a very Jargc
and powerful ten-wheeler,'' and is
. i. A.:.,r,aim at " No. 19." It was
IU UU Ul-Slj,""" , .
ocnnrtnincil who were the lucky
engineer and fireman to " run with
the machine, nor wucn n uuiu
make its first trip.
silver Klnj; Sliipinentk.
Special to The Cmzcs.
Maricopa, December 12. Forty
thousand ponis of Silver King con
centrations were shipped to san Fran
cisco to-day, via Casa Grande.
Complexion of tho Legislature.
Special lo the Citizen.
Prescott, December 14. With
Pima count' as canvassed by the Su
pervisors, I estimate the political com
paction of the Legislature thus:
Council ten Democrat- and two Re
publican, nousc thirteen Demo
crats, ten Republicans and one Inde
pendent. Clark CiiuncniLL.
ltcertetclier .Shot.
San Francisco, December 13
Baikoae Commissioner Bccratccher
was shot by Antone Fischer here last
night. The assailant was President
ol tho German Workingmen'a Club,
it which Beerstetchor was n member.
Both have been close political friends,
but after the election of Beerstecher
to the Railroad Con mission and the
defoat of Fischer a candidate for
Recorder at the last election, the lat
ter became an eueim i f Reerstecher.
Just before the shooting, Fischer had
been importuning Reerstetcher to ob
tain for him some official position.
The ball struck Beerstecher iu the lelt
breast, but it is hoped the ball is not
mortal. At last accounts lie wa3 rest
ing easily
Later intone Fischer, who shot
Railroad Commissioner Beerstecher
last night, was arrested about noon
and locked up. It is now stated that
Beerstecher's wound is not dangerous
An UiikIIkIi lew of tho IrUh.
London. December 13. The Times'
Dublin special suys: It is hardly
correct to say that anarchy prevails in
Ireland, for there is a distinct and
potent government winch is rapidly
superceding the Imperial Govern
ment, and is obtaining the ascendency
It rules with an Iron hand and
promptitude which enlorces instant
obetlience. Its code is clear, its ex
ecutive resolute, its machinery com
plete, and its action uniform. There
is a government defacio and a govern
ment de jure. The foremer is weild
ing a power whsch Is felt and feared,
and the latter is exibiling only pomp,
but Hub- reality ot power. The for
mer is a terror to well-doers, the lat
te: no terror to evil-doers. The law
of the Land League is becoming the
law of the land, ahd while the law of
the State is costly, and. to a large ex
tent, superceded, the new law is ef
fectively administered, as well as
cheaply and conveniently.
Array Nm.
Nkw York, December 13. It is
understood to have been decided that
anew army division will be c-cated,
and that Scofield will be assigned to
its command, after being relieved
from duty as commander of West
Point. The new division will com
prise the DepnrimenN of Arizona and
Texas and part of the Department of
I.yneli l.ii v In Inilluna.
San Francisco, December 13. At
Borgie, Intl., Sum! . Geo. Scott was
hanged by a mob I-r ravishing tho
wife of his employer.
Tim .Se!irnMlr Trlul .
Oakland, Cal., December 13. The
Schroeder jury i still out. They
have not been out of the jury-room
since seven o'clock on Friday evening,
and have not notified the Judge that
they cannot agree. They stand ten for
acquittal and two for conviction.
Kltlillii; 1'uikIi
Nkw Youk, Dscember 13. The
Irish Land League have fortnetl u
regular governimnt lor the levy of
taxes, which are paid cheerfully.
The IiiiMuii 'territory Knhlern.
Chicago, Dweinlier 13. The fol
lowing was received at headquarters
here to-day :
Fort Leaven wo; lb. Kansas, Decem
ber 12. The raider, are still eu
eamped north of tin- Indian Territory
line. 1 he lroop. an aimnu abreast
f them in Indian IVrrilofy.
Paine himself im- la-en deposed
Mai. Randall, witn two companies o
cavalry, will join .Mason near Hun-
ncwell, where Ihe ranters are camped.
One cavalry company occupies Oka-
hntna, ami is -coining that section to
pick up any small parties coming
from the diiection of Texas or Ar
kansas There ii uo occasion for any
apprehension John Pope,
Urevet .Major uoraii g.
Another Colliery Kxplonlon.
Halifax, Novu Scolia December
14. An other explosion occurred at a
large nit at Stcllnrton this morning at
about S o'clock, followed in a few-
few minutes bv a second blast. A
strong force of teen are fon hand to ex
plore the damage at the earnest pos
sible momcut. At about 'J o'clock a
third explosion occurred. It is not
believed that any lives were lost, as
no miners were known to bo in the
nit. work not having been begun.
Since the last explosion in the Ford
pit no one has yet been into the mine
to ascertain the extent of the damage,
the alter damp having been too strong
In allow it.
Later The page pit is on fire now,
and dense vol : ii.es of sraokn are aris
Sail Arfuir nt Ouklunil.
San Fkancisco, December 14. In
Oak-and. last night, Miss Elizabeth
Tvlc. aseo eighteen, was shot dead
at tlio f,aio oi tier resilience y wic ac
cidental discharge of a pistol in the
" .. . f, -1 i... . i. .
hands of her alnunced, John bcotch
ler, son of a well-known commission
merchant of this cit.
Capital Notes.
Wasii.noton. December 13. The
members of Congress from the West
cm Slates are moving very actively to
get nction which will check the spread
of plcuro pneumonia or will stamp it
out entirely. Grave constitutional
nuestions are involved, and ihe House
Committee on Agriculture arc nuiy
imprcssed with their importance, as
well as with the Importance of speedy
notion. A mee ting of the committee
will be held on Wednesday. The
chief difficulty is tn adopting any
national legislation sMihcientiy com
prehensive without infringing upon
the constitutional rights of several
Delegate Cannon, in en interview,
denies all the allegations contained in
the President's message.
The IrMi Situation.
I.onpon. December 14. The En
glish Cabinet yesterday discussed the
Irish situation. Some" membe-s fav
ored coercion, but Bright and Cham
berlain stated that they will resicn if
the policy of force be used in Ire
The Old Story.
Chicago, December 14. A News
special from Independence, Mo. last
night says: Mrs. Joseph Jones, wife
of a wealthy fanner, attempted to fill
a lighted lamp with kerosene. Both
lamp and can cxdloded, causing the
almost instant death of two children,
aged respectively seven years and six
months. Mrs. Jones was burned so
fatally that she died in a few hours.
Fatal VUlt to a Doctor.
New Lathhole, Pa , December 15.
A boiler in the Badger Cur Works
exploded with terrific force to-day-Two
young men, Thos., Campbell' and
John'CnmpbclI, were badlyt scalded,."
and, although they walked halt a
mile to a doctor's office and had their
wounds dressed, they were both dead
in 30 minutes afterwards.
Another Gooi 3Iu (iono Wronr.
Chicago, December 15. Ernest
Thomalin, the Stamp Clerk in the In
ternal Revenue Office here, has al-
sconded with $3,750 belonging to the
Department, being money which he,
as deputy, received for the sale ol In
ternal Revenue stamps, lie hits been
in the office several years and was
trusted implicitly.
A Gentile 1'rote-t.
Salt Lake, December 15. Gover
nor Murray having finished the count
of votes for Delegate, the Gentile can
didate. Campbell, protests against
giving a certificate to Cannon, who,
ho claims, is a British subject with
our wives.
Iturned to Death.
Olean, Pa., December 15. Two
children and one woman arc reported
burned to death by a fire to-night,
which caused a loss to a business
house of $75,000.
Capital Co.ilp.
Chicago, December 15. The In.
ter-Oceau's Washington special says:
Owing- to its reference to a hostile
sub committee, the bill to place Grant
on the retired list is doubtful about
getting through.
it is noticeable that all the army of
ficers who are retired on account
advanced age go out "kicking," nnd
many arc iudignant.
Meigs will next be retired.
There is a good deal of dissatisfac
tion in the army that McDowell is not
retired. It is whispered that Ord
sent a congratulatory dispatch to
Hancock upon his nomination, and
that McDowell being a Republican
has something to do with tins, but
this is unfair. Political considera
tion hns not iullucnced the President.
No tarill legislation is expected litis
Justice strung resigned irotn me
Supreme Bench, to lake effect at ouce.
the condition ot .1 us! ices Hunt ami
Clifford is ouly slightly improved.
Uttilroail Homli Taken.
New York, December 15. The"
subscriptions for $400,000 stock and
$1,000,001) bonds ot the Uenver and
Rio Grande Railroad, winch were in
vited last week, closed to-day. Nearly
three times the amottut tillered was
subscribed for.
laeksnn', Iloily Koiinil.
Denver. December 15. The Tri
bune tnd Republican's Lake City spe
cial says; J. C. Uowerd, who left
Del Monte on NovetnbDr 2S, to search
for the remains of voting Jackson, ar
rived this evening. Chief Shawaro
tipuhued with Howard through Spe
cial Agent Tow nsend that if he would
go and examine the body ot his son
Johnson, who was killed by the Jack
son pt-rty, he would assist in milling
body. When Johnson's body was ex
humed it was tound, as stated oy tue
Indians, that he was shot in the nee.
Last Monday a search was made f'-r
Jaekson's body, which was foiinu
covered with snow, the clothes lorn
off, and the llesh all eaten by the co -otes,
except one foot, protected by the
boot. Examination shows that Ik
was shot near the naval, the bullet
passing out at the back, and the
indv had not been mutilated. rr.mi
at! the evidence obtainable. Jackson
was killed withm 15 initiates Hfit r 1
ing taken Iron the whiter.
Crylini Itefore They .Ire Hurt.
The Prescott Democrat evidentiv
due not feel well, but it should n t
lacerate our feelings and cru-h us so
cruelly for all that. We hope il did
not mean this:
"The Tucson Citizen has dropped
the 4 adobe ' question, .nd is now de
voting its massive Dram to the re
moval of the capital. It is really dis
tressing to witness the anxiety mani
fested bv our southern neighbors on
this capital business. It looks as if
every town soutn oi tue urausnaw
range was eager lor Ihe honor, it we
could only have three or four capitals
to divine arounu mere ungui ue a
possibility ol satisfying them all, but
as things fctand, we are afraid there
will be wailing and gnashing f teeth
among several aspiring soiiuiern
Now. inasmuch as the CitI7.ex has
iiM yet made but one allusion to the
. . ... ... .? a ,.... ;
ciniiai-removai iiuesiton, nnu uiui. m
a four-line item, and inasmuch, more
over, as loss than half a dozen simi
lar allusions have been made by
Southern Arizona newspapers, it
would look very much as if the Dem
ocrat is crying before it is hurt. Sup.
nose, solelv for the sake of argument,
that the capital is removed to South-
rn Arizona that need not worry me
Democrat. If the latent resources
about which the Prescott press has
done so much boasting are not suillc-
ient to sustain that pretty little city
why we'll bring the Democrat right
. ... .... T. . . .l
along Willi tne capital, ii is goou,
clever newspaper, and it will find
plenty of room and plenty ot patron
age in this section oi tue country- m
theie's no sense In getting mad about
No CanH forAlarra.J
! Detroit Free Pre.)
Tim i Mmirsinn of the Committee on
Astronomy heaved a deep sigh and
rinnrtwl HS follows : " DtS COmmittCC
n n. ..-nil nirftm nf ilr? fnek dat a comet
has recently been dlskivercd about
00,000,000 on de road to heaben, an'
dat it am now supposed to be ap
proachin' de yarth at a rapid rate, but
de committee sees no speshtil occasion
to ge: excited. It will be a month or
c, iw.fnri ili sntd comet can get here.
nml Ie chances are dat de yarth will
nutti it nt lit? tlrit bum n. Dis com
mittee advise-, do members of dc club
lnites tanped. dar' over
coats patched an' dar' wood hauled up
for winter, an' let de comet bizness
take keer ob itself."
Mr. S. W. Carpenter requests us
to say that persons having business
. . r. , 1 .1, .L....I.I . .1
with the ltecoraer s omce suuum u
iItpcj "The County Recorder." in
stead of Mr. Carpenter perionally.
And JIakc
On tho Principal Point? in
Keeaire detain, rmrchaseor make advances
(ID lRXIUllHi 1UU lAiamj . .
approved commercial paper, etc.. etc. an'l
Deposits of BiilHon made with us or shipped
Anlo California Bank Sun Francisco, lor
our accoant, cat. be checked aalut imme
diately. Correspondents:
SANFRANCisC'O Axaui Califou-Man Bank
r ns AVftiir.ES Commercial Bask.
ST . LOCIS ...Bank or Commbkcb.
BOSTON Massachusetts Nation
Presltk-nt. Ca-liler.
Agency at Tombstone
1'. W. SMITH, Muiuvrer.
VuivrnM-n Paciflc Irfuk
..Farm" A Mereh'ntt Hank
First National iwnk
Second National Bank
. lttnk of Commerce
St. Loin . . .
Nkw Youk. .
Chemical National Bunk
i Ninth National Bank
Deposits HHltfert to eheck nt
CertMeate r Oepoxil payalil
at flxed porHxln Buy and wll
all the principal rllle of th
iraififiHr of funds l mail, tele
W'e receive
laht. l-fue
a demand or
E.xrbamre on
world. Make
graph or ciMe
1-etiotK on all
uuttcr prompt
. Give r"eftl alleiillon to Cut
arallnlile imiImI". U wh'eh w
rvtiinw, and
General Bankitia Business.
Transact a
Hinckley, Spiers & Hayes.
San Francisct
- il...: 1 1 ..... 1. 1.. ! . . : - lJ-. I .. I
puinil miner. 1 in in irrr- mirih.imiKiait.iimi
Boilers, with It-e)rirMi(rihlefr winter hemp
rope.ofnew il"ijrt- mlHMlvtHtfi.il IKelule-i
.MINING MAC1USRRY. llol.-ting Ca-,
with safety nttaehments. Safety Hooks, Ore
Car, Ore Buckets', Car Wlievln and Axle. Oiv
Cater-, with ruckf awl pinious for ore uIhm,
1'iiinplnc.MrKhliHT) , .irComr.re-sorn, Air or
Water I'll. ReeeiTvrs. rtr.
p.nnn or eoneenlriMor a rwfoirwt,
Mills, either lor dry or wrt cro-hiii- ;l i
nia-tini; ami dryiu! fiinmee-i, 1'ann, n .-i.W.
etc., a reuHireil Smelllii Fnntreen f r, tn-i
LeaiU Copper, Silver or IJold, Willn'-J 1. iaxi
IngFitrtntcw. epeeillv adapted for i- J
Itelort-, Bullion Mmilil-. On- Ke.nWr-'. l M-k
Breakem, etc
MIIi,I-Tor Mill-, Oil U ll Mrtchim rr. Wat.
Wheel and Cnttnits.
KNG1NKS AND BOILKho for any ami nil
pp-'MHen, auapiwt to tlie ertmomteal u-e '
tn. .
ridel's jiodi:kati;
Amoiit: iImt, the follinvhi- have twn Imllt
ov a:
Tomlir't'iiie Mill Fur the Toiilinut nilii-
'orhlu ' ' I ui'kv -
W'erteru M IV ' 1 oni. utii "
MrMiiUn Stounw-n: J i.
Corner Heale ai.d Howard Streets,
Sun l-riineisi-.o, t'nl.
W.ll. TAYLOR ...
. . . PreMiiit!
all it ranrb. tnmhof. Siaw-hii'
and land
liih I'rrrnure or OnmpowtMl.
Stkasi Boiler I'nrtlriilur ruti-iiiton ftvr-i.
o tlie quality of the material ami workman
"hip, aud mine lmt flrnt-clanr' work prmiuren
Wateu 1'ihic, of liollrr or sheet Iron, of miv
rlze, made hi nultahie lengths for ronneetlr.:'
together, or nbeet mllml, puwlieu and pneknl
for shipment, rendy to he riveted on the giuum!
IIYDitAt-MC KIVBTINH Holler work mill
water nine made hv thU eitabllnhmeiit rtieird
by hyclraalle riveting machinery, that ipmltty of
worK m'in inr rnpemir io nana woric
pi'MW For mining ol any capacity and
any style. Our style of direct-acting, eoiapouim
ensjlnei', with double Hue of pump, are par
liiiuiuij i win m-int-i. i , tr ir-icr ill IIHrr-i
now in ue, not one havlntr ever ln-en lwiki-n
DlitECT-At-TiNu Knhinks lor miderimmml
work, Irrigation or rtty waterworks' ptirpo-H-
bnht with thf o'li-tuated Davoy ale imiIhii.
unperlor to any other.
Min'INu 31 AfniNEKT -QuartJ! rallH, pan
l-ollun. hoi-itlni; mai hinerr. i-inklm? bolnt r,
nirtn. or other machine"r rc-mired.
V N K V K I!
Fallinir Cure (,.t
Ni-rsomi D-miin,
Exhailnted Vitality,
"s-miiml Weaknen,
Spt- rnu:r rhii-a,
Lot JlanhiMiil.Iii.-
IKlt. Ill 1 , PiralTrJlH
ar.il ali llii- terrtt-lr
ff.'i-t!) ,f Self Vet-f
and routllfill follten
an' xi id ms-tar-r
Tean rjiwli a
!aKot memory, iasltude. WK'arnal emtki.
iTersloa to K;it), uiQi.i-s iiuu, mili-
n the head, thetitn! fluid pailus; ailh.irTr.t
n the urine, and many otqer diHeae that lead
o Insanity and death.
Ull. SIINTIK will agree lo forfeit Fite
Hundred Dollars for a cake of thii kind the
Vital Iteatoratlve (under hU (ipreUl advice
nd treatment) will ant cure or for anything
impure or InjariourJ found iu It. Dr. Mlntlr
treat all Private Dieaen RBece.Kftilly without
mercury. Coniulttlon FREE. TUoroBh ex
amination and ailvke. ineiadlng analysis ot
Drine, $5. Price of Vital Restorative. 51 a
bottle, or four timer, the umntlty, SK): !enl ro
ciy addrem Uon receipt of price, or C. O. D
secure from obfenratlon. and in private annir-.
If dei-ired. by A. IU MINTIli. JI. H-r-
Kea.Tr itreet, San Francieo, CaltSirnia.
Dr. Mlntln'a Klilner Itemedy-.Nephri-etiui,
earct all kinds of Kidney and BIniM
ComplaiBta, (icorrhufa, Gleet, Lneeorrairar
For sale ty all uru-itte; SI bottle: U h-'J
ties fur $.
Dr. Jllntle'a Dandelion 1'iIN are tne
belt and chearett Dympcptle sn& ltlllou
cat la th market, t r itle bf D drainiliia
5 .
i r
.l t
i i ,
t 'is r
C . . f ,
' i i
l.ff, v,
' 1 3f .!
; .'
- I '
'3 I
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ft T
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if :i

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