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Notice to Contractors.
Post Office Department,
Washington, D,C, Oct 15,1880
Propoeali will be received at ike Ceattac
OEtoe of thU DeptUaent until p. . of
for cwrylne the m of the Unite Stale
npes the rootw, id acrording to t be tcbotale
of antral and departure pecUtecl by the De
putawBt in the
JULY l, IWl, tl ME 30, 1882-
H of route, with wbetude of arrival and
partanc, iDt'tioBtu bidders, with forms
eaatracte and bond acd all otlwr aeeeeearT
tetaaUsn will be famished npoa application
soeoad Atfteaat Poatatater (JeaeraL
I Octal IHMricL, in the County if Pima, Terri
r or Arizoaa. Newton Noble and T. H.
rna, pUuntiflis e. A. VT. Gill. Robert Sewell
4. p. J uium, defendantis a Ann doing bul
t andrr the Arm name and rt vie of (iill,
roil & Co. Actiou brought in the District
t Cvnrt of the Firt Judicial Dfetriet in
I for the Conntv or Pima, in tae Territory ot
cona. The Territory of Arizona eende
sting to A. W. Gill, hobert isewell and J.
rlonee, of the firm uame and tyle of Gill,
- fell Oo. , . ..
1 oa are hereby summoned and required to
i ear in an aiiiou brought ugainrt you by
! above named oteimitty in the lMctrict
irt of the firel District, in and for the
l oty of Pima, in the Territory or Arizona,
i auxner the computet filed with the Clerk
i tuV Court at Tuoon, in --aid County (a copy
t hicb compli int accompanies thi nom
t ii within twenty day texclueive of the
of wrvio.-) after the mrvioe upon you of
i mnmoiiN ifmrrved in this County: but if
ed out of the County and within thio DIk
r i, shen within thirty da : in all all other
forty da. '1 lni action if brought to
i tin a decree of this Court for the fore
( are of a certain lien dew-ri bed in the com
I ut on file in thi action obtained by the
I ntiuV, on the real property comnVUng of
it it five acre of ground and uperi'tnicturc --
Xlioz Work. Eneiue, Hoilor, Blower and
on Work, erected thereon, situate in the
( nlv of Pima, and Territory of Arizona, and
ii -tneAJo Minn, and which real propertt
n premise, matterc and thing aibreaid are
n e particularly described in the complaint :
n :fa lieu if for" the mm of $873 for work and
r performed by plaint in tor defendant,
lefendant reaucM. in and about the con
-i rtioii or vaid Mtptrelrnclure, Muelter, Kn
j . Boiler. Blower ana Dimid Work. That
ii.; jHvmiteo and other Ihiup-ou which said
atuchec mav he gold, and the proceed
i. ied to the payment ol plaintiff, aid lien
.i ic law dlreeis, and in caw nch proceed
a: not sufficient to pay tat- aame, tben that
tl may be distributed a the law direct,
ui that the plaintiff), have judgment and ex-
r mm against defendont for any balance re
in lingdue, and that defendant and all per
tu cwiming through them be barred acd
f-. - looure ol all right, title and claim, Hen
ii l wait of redemption, and interet in and
to 'd prendre, for Attorney fees, and outer
im irtber relief. And you are hereby no
i ; a hat tf you tail to appear and answer be
coi lot ar above required, the plaintiff will
ink Bali and apply to the Court for the re
1 1 I .-in demanded, and cot and dirboree
ine:. m this behalf expended. Given under
im jdd and the Seal ot the told I H strict
t ot t at Tucon, thi 13th dav of October, A.
ii. 1 SO. GEO. A. CLI V. Clerk.
F. Sra.VFOnu and Jo. Nei ga, Atlv. for
I'lalt tiffa.
Sole Trader's Notice.
i Loniaa X. Brown, w ife of K M. Brown,
rt'idias in the Citr or Tocon. County of
I 'i mt, Territory ol Arizona, intend, from and
alu-r this date, to carry on iu my own name
:ind ( u ay own account the bueinem of keep
.g a ad conducting a Hotel in all iu branchea
in ha d Citr of Tuceon: and that the amount
oi ra ney originally Inverted In -aid haaine
! eg jkm exceed IKe tbouand dollars. That
Tiom this date I will be individually re?ponei
Mi'. n my own name, for all debit contracted
I'.v u f on account of ald bu inrw.
Ia ed at Tucson, thic 23d day of November.
D im.
VIUie: 1). . Hodge?.
Tefitory of Arizona, County of Pima,
fv tl J twenty-third day of November, A. I).
r.ue I MmaaiHl eignt buuored and elgnw, before
i le, William J. Ofborn, a Notary Public in
:.nd or the County of lima, peivonally ap
Iean d Louiea 31. Brown, huw name I ub-i-inli
id to the annexed introment a the
pari; thereto, knowr tome tulie the perron de
n rit ;d;in and who executed the raid annexed
:nti J Blent a the party thereto, and who duly
: kt owieogea to me tnai be executes tnc
-am ; freely and voluntarily, and fortheuaea
i.ud 1HtrpoM therein written.
In witne whereof, I hare herennto
r it. )-et my hand and affixed my official
al. the day acd year iu thin certifi-
'i!- lrat above mentioned.
'ILI.lAlt J.OSBOKN.NoUry ubUc.
Mining; Notice.
J agabtat purcluuiug a certaiu Copner Mine,
milt'-' from the uuderxiiroed and aoriate,
liK-nled in two kication ol filleeu hundred feet
t acu, on May 24th, lb. a the " Omega"
naii" and the "Omega" mine first iCarterly
. Motrion, fltualed on Wetern banc of the
:i nt Kila Miniutaiti. about thirty miles a
lulled Kal of south from fucon. Ilie nece
-.in iwthl work required by law to bold mining
lam i na been done upon eacn ol tnoe lo
oiiii i, jear by year, from date of location,
on J bruanr 4th, ltd, on.- Virgin located 1501
L et t iking iu part of each location, calling hi
im'ur on the "Gribraltar." l'en-on pnrciuu
in.- i- intending to purchase the " Oibrslter,"
to well to examine title, amyeelfaad
:t-o late claim to be the legal owner, and
1-uhIIh part with our title uule for a co--uiei
Jtion auul legal remedie are exhausted.
!?. K. 1kLONG.
i'mt Houie, A. T., Nov. 12, 1BS0.
Probate Notice.
J. 1 lima. Tern lor v of Arizona lu the
imtl -r of the elate of S. f. Whipple, de
i ea-r j Notice j, h.-rrliv given that L. A.
V bi i pie ha filed with the Clerk of tbi Court
:i ) tion, praying for an order to sell all of
ibe . sal extate or s. C. H hippie, dece ied,
.nid hat Monday, ibe 'J7th dav or December,
A. I 1MO. at 10 o'clock a. m.'of said day, be
u.i: i day of a regular term ol tbi Court, to
wit: Of the October term, A. 1. IM), at the
i oui .-room oT caid Court, lu the City of Tac
"ii, in aaid County or Pima, ban been et for
luar Lg t-aid petition, when and where any
IH.n tnteretted may appear and chow caawe
by aaid petition thoukt not be gran led.
I inled at Tucson, A. T, Novembers, 1850.
X. GKKVA lb. Clerk.
-JohnfOtL. or UWe bar lie that claim nn
btrlum, that the underMgned have had the
'irct -rj work done upon the Sat, Bernardino
linn-, in Pajarito DiMricl, iu Pima County, A.
1 . it r the jear ending Januarv 1, letU,aad
I. a aid tor the aame, and unlets the aaid
U'bumn or thoee owning under him come lor
aii within nlnetv dav from the date of this
nonce, and pay o'verlou the sum oT($SSSl
il ir.y-thrce aud one-third dollar, that being
l.u or their chare or the mouey paid for ae
mn.1 work on hi or tbelr one-third of aJti
niiuw, said mine will be lorfeitcdtoue.
Tuctou, September 28, lssu.
Being about to cloe our boinM iu this
town in a few week, w request all our cred
itore who may have balance again! u to pre
sent them at once for cttletttt- We also
requotl all iereoua w ho are indebted to a to
conic and M'ltk- their accounts without further
notice. X. AltAUlK & CO.
Tnctoa, I0Tcmtr 20, l&sO. .
The Citizen
Holding for n Kie.
WaU Street Dully Newe.J
"No wonder you liave such bad
luck with some of j'our coal mines,"
teervid the gentleman from Xvu
ScotiastbcqutttteUe sutousting their
hins around a broker's coal lire.
Ah, you ought to have such men hs
our ola manager of the lied House
mine. He'd make the poorest mine
in this country pay a bandeomu divi
dend in less than a year."
"How?" asked the broker.
By schrewd management. Do any
of you know how many times a wire
rope will stand the strain of the cage"
" Well, he hnd it all figured down
to a dot and he never replaced it unt:l
the time before it was to break. He'd
make a rope last three months longer
than any other manager.and then he'd
work it on to the farmers for clothe
lines. Do any ot you remember our
fire-damp esplosion in '59? "
" Probably read of it at the time
but liave lorgotten it. Well, I was
superintendent of the lied House then
and 1 was driving down to tbc min
one day wueu 1 met Andy, lie was
mounted on a mule and coming on the
gallop. As lie came up I asked him
what had happened."
" A great explosion seventy-nin
done lor liurry on! ' be replied, as
he tried to get past me.
"Anything else?" asked I.
"Yes, sir: the mine is on fire! "
"Then wc are in lor a loss of at least
" 1 hope not," says he, as he got
readv to go on, "as soon as 1 lieiuu
the explosion I saddled the mule
Then I ordered up the cage, and when
I found it empty I opened the sluice
and let the big creek tumble riglit into
the shaft. TLc lire will be out befoi
3'ou get there ! "
'And the miners? "
"They arc gone for sure, sir. "V
shall be to some little expense, and to
onset it 1 in riding up to Brownstoun
as hard as 1 cau go to buy up every
cotlin in town and bold em lor a rise
Good bye, sir gelanir, j-ou critter!
" That was the kind of man our old
manager was, gentlemen, ami wc
never made an annual dividend of less
than IK) per cent."
San Xnvter.
Col. C. P. Sjkes, Superintendent o
the San Xavier Mining and Smelting
Company, left for San Francisco
.Monday on business connected with
tire mine. The Colonel called at the
Citizkn ofiice Monday and left as beau
tiful a cabinet specimen of the San
Xavier ore as we have ever seen. It
is brilliaut in all the colors of the rain
txw, and, what is heller, is rich in
copper, lead and silver It is taken
from thetleepcst workings of the mine
and h in i-ucli quantity that on rn
day a single blast threw down ten tons
of it.
There wa shipped from this city on
Friday another carload of lead bullion
from the San Xavier, and in a day or
two a carload of copper malt will lie
s-nt inside for refinement. Iu addi
tion Col. Svkes has sent a ton of Lit
tie May ore to San Francisco to have
it worked with a view to ascertaining
the Ik-'.-i method of reducing it. The
Little 2Iay, it will be remembered, is
the claim the discovery of which
created such a sensation a few months
ago at San Xavier. It is undoubtedly
a remarkable property, and its devel
opment will lie watched with much
Alortlnii ol Nitro Glycerine.
A correspondent of the Plienix Her
ald, writing from Tip Top, December
2, says: " The following is a nut for
scientists to crack: On the night of
November 4, John .Morton, a miner
working on the 5500-foot level of thi
I in l oii. was suddenly startled ty a
sharp report occurring a few feet in
his rear, upon investigation found his
wooden tampmc stick shattered to a
thousand pieces. There being no cup
or powder near, lhe only reasonable
explanation and one generally con
curred in bv miners cognizant; of the
lacts is that the explosion was caucd
bv a rock falling on the tampiug bar,
which was an old one and had been
ihoroughlv saturated with glycerine
Mav not this explain the cause of
many premature explosions occurring
while holes arc being tamped, and
would H not be wise to substitute
something else than wood for that pur
!?'' To ICci-p LniiipCIilninoyM from Crnck
i"r. The following receipt for keeping
lamp chimneys from cracking is taken
Irotn the Diamond, a Liepzig journal
devoted to the glass interest: Place
jour tumblers, chimneys or visssels
which you desire to keep from crack
ing, in a pot filled with cold water,
add a little cooking salt, allow the
mixture to boil well over a fire, and
then cool slowly. Glass treated in
this way is said not to crack even if
exposed to very sudden changes of
temperature. Chimneys arc said to
lecome very durable by this process,
which may also he extended to crock-en-,
stoneware, porcelain, etc. The
process is simply one of annealing,
and the slower the process, cspecialb'
the cooling portion of it, the more ef
fective will be the work.
Unt7.il covers nearly half the surface
of South America, and yet its popula
tion is less than 12,000,000. Of these
over 1,000,000 are slaves and 2,000,000
are wild aborigines. IJy a law of 1S71
no more slaves are to lie born iu that
country, so that this curse will in time
disappear. Uuder the enlightened
rule of Hmperor Dom Pedro all re
ligions are tolerated. Eighteen years
ago the first Protestant church was or
iranized in Hio Janeiro, and since
that time churches have been cstah
lulled at ban 1'aulo, at Urntas aud a
few other places, having in all oyer 1000
members. The whole county is open
and "lily needs lhe right men, and
women also, to go in and sosv and
Death of 31 r. MoKey.
In another column will be found the
announcement of the death of Mr.
Alexander McKey, who died in this
city Sunday. Mr. IcKey was born
in Kentucky in 1S87. Ho was a pio
neer of California, having come to the
Coast in 1S49. He was widely known
in Arizona, having come to the Terri
tory ni the time of the gold excitement
at La Paz. 11 r McKey was an uncle
of Mr. It. F. Kirkland, Jtccorder-elect
of Maricopa county, and was promi
nently identified with the mining in
dustry of the Territory. He was
greatly esteemed by all who know
him, and his death will be a source of
keeu sorrow to his manv friends.
The present business of the Tucson
postofllce is very much larger than at
an time previous, and a statement of
the amount of mail matter received
and dispatched would astonish some
of our sister cities who have been
boasting of their large postal business.
Itallroatl 'otes.
The new staiion ol Deming, where
lhe Atchison rad will make connec- 1
tion with the Southern Pacific, is 2.90
miles from Tucson. The road will be )
opened to t"at poiut lor passengers
and freig' ts on "Wednesday. The
fare from Tucson U .?28.
The track of ths Southern Pacific is
now laid to a point 19 miles from
Deminsr, or 240 miles from Tucson.
The ticket sales at the Tucson depot
on Friday and Saturday nights
amounted t $1400. When il is slated
that this amount includes only the lo
cal travel, it will be seen that the
Tucson business isof great importance.
The furniture for the new bunk
house for the train men has not yet ar
rived, consequently it is as yet unoc
cupied. The old adobe building near Mr.
Cash's house will shortl' be rebuilt,
with a large double roof and other
improvements for comfort, and will
be Used as a residence for gome of the
railway employes.
Mr. Leary and a force of men are
engaged in building an ice-house near
the depot, to have a capacity of 100
tons. The ice will be brought from a
point on the Central Pacific Itailroad
in the Sierras.
The foundation for the new ware
house of L. Zeckendorf & Co. is near
ly completed. It is being built of
stone, and the building, which is to
be 150x50 feet, will be a most sub
stantial affair when completed.
A depot. building has been ordered
for San Simon station, which was at
first intended to be a side-track and
water station. The change is doubt
less due to the importance of Califor
nia District.
K uonn uruce, one oi tnc nest engi
neers on the road, who was injured
iu a recent accident near Yuma, is
now suflicientty recovered to be able to
walk around. He is at Los Angeles,
and it is understood that hu will ne t
go on the road again.
Mr. W. S. Ford, one of the most
popular conductors on the Southern
Pacific, has resigued, and will take a
similar position on one of the Cali
fornia roads. Mr. Ford, in common
with the railroad " bc-3's " in general,
has rendered the Citizen numberless
luvors iu the way of items, etc., and
our reportorial force especially will
lie sorry to sav good-bvc to him.
TIic Knntlolpli Group.
This group is once more coming
into prominence as a property of great
prospective value. Recent work of
development has shown up a wonder
fully rich vein, as will Ihj seen from
the following, taken from the Tomb
stone Xugget of the 12th :
" The Junietta mine, on the Charles
ton road, adjoining the Randolph, is
developing into one of the richest
properties yet discovered in this camp.
During the past week the- have been
taking out rock from the bottom of
the shaft, from which various assays
have Iwen made by H. W. Kearsing,
and the lowest is $S79C to the tou and
two reached the enormous sum of
22.300 and $27, 000. The vein from
which this valuable rock is taken is
not an exlcnspu one, btu sufficient,
should il hold out, to reap a larg
proflt to the owners. The properly
was placed last summer by C. K. Cole
to parties residing in Des Moines,
Iowa, and they are doiog the work on
the mine. During veslertlav there
were a large ntimiier of experienced
miners at the claim aud the specimens
brought away by them they pronounce j
tnc most valuable tltev have ever seen
in Arizona."
Mr. Placido lluelas, of this city
recently received a verv well and
neatly written letter from Guadalupe
Uomiuguez, who is now undergoing
term of imprisonment at Yuma from
this county. Dominguet was former
ly considered a verv hatd citizen, and
at the time ot his sentence was wholly
illiterate. Since he has been at Yuma
he has shown a most commendable
desire to reform, and has so improved
his time that his letter to Mr. 1'uelas
is very intelligent and wcll-wril en.
In it he states that he is verv kiud
treated by the prison authorities, who
will doubtless join the Citizen iu the
suggestion that perhaps this cae
might oe a goou one lor lhe exercise
of Goy. Fremont's clemency.
How to .lluhf Cilfl-,h P.all-.
vm the coo into pieces, soak in
lukc-warm water for an hour or long
er. Remove the bones aud skin, shred
put over the fire in cold water. A
soon as the water begins to bubble,
turn off and pour over cold wafr. As
soon as it is hot it is done. lute
ic fish is cooking make ready some
mashed potatoes. Allow as much
again potato as fish, and mix together
while both are hot this last is par
ticular. It does not make anv d liter
encc if the bails are cold when tried
uui iney musi ue not when Hie ingre
dients are put together.
no Tlioiiniid Jliles of Paper n IVetik.
The reader of any oi the mctropol
itan dailies ma well be prcnared for
argc statements as to the tons of pa
per used tiy those of great ciiculaliou,
but a correct appreciation can prob
ably best be had as to the extent to
which white paper is devoured recti
any on daily newspapers Iv the sim
ple announcement that the New York
Herald 'ist-s over a thousand miles ot
while paper, five feet and three inches
wide, every week of tho year. What
"journey ol a dav," what a " pict
ure ol human lire.'
Fair Villu Progress.
The parties who had the last con
tract for sinking the shaft on the Fair
ilia mine have co i.pleted their con
tract, ano now tne shall is sunk to a
depth of Co feet. Serenl of the cap-
talists interested are now m San
Francisco for the purpose of placing
the stock on the Board. Experts who
have examined the mine report very
favorably and are of the opinion that
the air Villa has the same rich ledee
that passes through t'-e Three Broth
ers, San Pedro and True Blue mines,
New Ritilroud Construction.
The itailroad Gazette of December
3d gives a total of 101 miles of new
railroad. The construction thus far
this year is 5443 miles, against 3268
miles reported at the same time iu
1S7!), 2120 miles in 1873, 19W miles in
1S77, 21ii3 miles in 1876, 1176 miles in
1S75, 1781 miles in 1874, 3-156 miles in
1S73, and 0559 miles in 1S72.
The family were telling riddles one
evening, ami the tive-year-old told
Four little bopper-toad sat on a tree.
Two hooped on aud tben there were three.
Nobody could guess it. " Well," she
explained, "one ot them hopped
right back again." "Who told you
that riddle?'' asked mamma. "No
body," replied the little one; '-I
thuuk it up myself."
Por-E Leo XI I is described as a
man of imposing presence, thorough
ly rogal, free, easy and confident. He
speaks with a great dignity and flu
ency, and with long, almost' hexame
tnc cadence. He gives the impres
sion ot being a man ot tremendous
will, coupled with gentlemanly pru
i I
Tho Gap Iletvreen thn Atchison and
Southern Pacific Roads Slowly Dis
appearing Tablo of Distance and
The trains leavingy Tuesda night run
to the new station known as Deming,
ten miles east of Hio Mimbres, and
two hundred and thirty miles from
Tucson. Stages will run from that
point as follows:
From IJeming to Fort Cummlngs,
20 miles, fare, $3.
From Fort Cummings to Mesilla,
05 miles; fare, 0.
From Mesilla to El Paso, 50 miles;
fare, $7.50.
From Mesilla to Aleman (terminus
of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa
Fe Ilailroad), Co miles; fare, 10.
Distance from Deming to Aleman,
140 miles; fare, 22.
The scarcity of water renders a di
rect line from Deming to Aleman via
Colorado impracticable. The stage
will rim by way of Fort Selden if the
military authorities will grant per
mission to put in a station there. Ap
plication has been made for the priv
ilege. Potal Mutter.
The arrival in Arizona of Mr. H. J.
McKusick, Special Agent of the Pos
tal Department, is productive of much
good. The wanU and pressing ne
cessities of tho people in the way of
mail service are being energetically
investigated and remedied. Already
a railroad postal service has been put
on the Southern Pacific Eailroad from
Yuma to Benson, which will now in
sure certainty aud care in the delivery
of mail matter between those points.
The effect iu the Tucson postofllce
is even now apparent. A large amount
of labor is taken from the over-worked
clerks and done by the railway nonal
agents. This enables our poeial ofllc
ials to accomplish the duties which
legitimately belong to them iu a man
tier much more satisfactory to them
selves and the public.
Mr. McKusick wid return to Ttic
son in a day or two, and it i to lw
hoped that among other things he will
reestablish the direct mail service lie
tween this city aud Globe. The
number of people on the route who
are without suitable mail facili
ties is now great enough to demand
recognition. Globe City will thus be
once more enabled to get its mail
matter promptly. It is believed that
if Mr. McKusIcK will investigate the
matter he will find au urgent need for
this service.
Tbo Public Schools.
From the report of the Superinten
dent of theTucsou Public School for
the quarter ending November 20 wo
gather the following.
Number of boys enrolled, 13S;
number of girls, S3; total, 221. Num
ber of pupils in reading and spelling,
201; In writing, ""l; in arithmetic,
221; in geograph-, 7G; in composition
and grammar, 40; in History ot the
United States, 13; in algebra, 2.
There are four teachers iu
school, and the scho 1-terni is of
months duration. So far as ca
tr. be
learned, the schools are doing excel
lent work, and their effect Irenes
would be much enhanced were par
ents and guardians generally to show
less of the apathy which the teachers
justly ol. All things considered, the
children of Tucann enjoy cspeciall
good educational advantages, and i
only remains for the public to tak
tne proper amount ol Merest in en
couragiug and aiding the work of th
teachers to make iucson second
few towns on the coast in point of ed
ucational advantages.
IIoiiih With Good New it.
Mr. Mark E.ekiels has returned
from a very extended trip through
Pima county, and he reports astonish
nig linpiovement in the appearance o
the enure county so tar as business
concerned. Tomlistoiie, Harsliuu
and Bisbee iarticularly he descrilie:
as " rustlers ol eiiinjis. His report
ol awakening prosperity and progress
mav lie accepted as thoroughly relia
ble, as Mark is too shrewd to make
any mistakes oa that score. Mr. rJ.ze
kiels was accompanied by his wife,
who recently arrived from California,
on lhe whole round trip, and as the
journey was mad',' in a private con
veyance, it is sale to assert mat no
other white lady ever made the gntnd
rounds hctore so completely as d
Mrs Kzekiels.
Address Your I. oiler- l'rojierly.
Persons residing in Arizona at
mining camp or in a minir.tr district
wnere there is no po-tofllce must
nave incir man addressed to some
pootoflice, otherwise thev are liable to
lie sent to the dead-letter office. For
example, persons residing in the Oil
ifornia District can have their letters
addressed to California .Mining Dis-
tnct, via n illcox, Arizona" Then
their letters will be sent lo Willcox.
and lhe postmaster at Wt cox will
know where thev belong. Always
have your correspondence directed to
or via a posioince anil il will he sent
to the potoliice named.
" Compliment."
Compliments are ever srratefullv re
ceived by the usually much-abus
ed newspaper man, and there
are a thousand ways of expressing
mem. nun-, a. liarll Oc Co.'s wav
knocks them all cold." Mr. Fred
.barn invaded this sanctum on Mon
day and left behind him a box of his
new especial brand ol cicars. tlir-
'Compliments." and a whole null.-
lull ol gratitude and smoke. The ci
gars are delicious and the entire Cit
izkx force, from the melancholy, hliie-
eyed " devil " lothc fierce and swsniiv
lighting-editor who manipulates the
gattlinggun, "took one," and voted
n S... .... .1 ...... r .
uonuiuioiiaiv mat 4ur. jviiii is a
I ha depot grounds for the Ariznnn
bouihern Kailrond in this city were
surveyed Monday. The road will
run up the Santa Cruz vallev to a
point near Col. White's house," near
the head of Main street, andthederwit
will be erected in that vicinitv. Tlmo
who have doubted that Ibis road will
he built ate gradually chan-ine thoir
minds as the preparations progress.
Tho New Episcopal HUliop.
Bishop George K. Dunlon. of Kirk.
wood, Mo., newly appointed by the
Episcopal Conference to the ft lor fie,.
of New Nexlco and Arizona has ar
rived at Ias Vegas, New Nexico, and
will at once commence an extended
toor of his diocese. He will visit
Arizona, but not until railway con
nection is established.
Tun New Mexican Delegate to Con
gress is a Mexican. S cl the 15 mm.
bers of the Legislative Council and ?i
out of 24 In the Assembly arc .Mexi
cans, by which it will be seen that the
Mexican residents of our neighborin"
Territory are well represented .
1 Ah I lookimr for work?" indig
nantly replied the honest tramp. "Not
much I ain't. There's too much
work in the country now. I'm tryin'
to keep out of the way of it."
So mo I'ncts Regarding' a Coming Camp
Tim Rush to the Now Discoveries
Tho Texas liichty Square Feet of
Solid Galena Tho AVork of Devel
opment. Tombatune Epitaph. 1
Mr. It. It. McLeod, one of the pro
ptieiors of the Califunia District
Stage Line, which connects with tho
southern Pacific at Suit toimon bul
lion, is in the city on business con
neeted with the irrowiuir interests ot
that camp, aud layored the Epitaph
with a call. Mr. McLeod reports the
camp booming ahead and the mineral
showing up finely iu strong ledges of
lii'h grade.
California District, lying on the
east Hue of the Chiricahuas, is about
15 miles south of Fort Bowie, and the
west side line following down the
backbone of the Chincaliua range
The principal mineral development of
the vouiiir district, however, is con
lined to the vicinity of Galeyville, on
Tnrkev Creek, which will, in a few
weeks, be an established postofiice aud
also the site of the new 30-ton smelter
of the Texas Consolidated Mining and
Smelting uompany .tnc incorporators
.. . .
Lie! n g Jiessrs. juiiu umuy, i. iiuuiu,
S. M. Wessels and l. t,. aumiier.
The Texas mine, one of the properties
of this company, u showing up fine
ly, giving promise oi a rich prouueer
ork was commenced on this mine on
the olh of October, on a ledge show
ing some four feet of iron aud lime
cropping, which being stripped on
both sides at a dcplh ol 18 luchc;
disclosed a gulcua vein of 12 feet be
tween a bunging wall of porphyry
foot wall of limestone. This mine, it
will be remembered, was bonded for
$100,000 on a uinety days bond by the
present owners, but so well satisfied
were thev with the property that at
the expiration of sixty days the pur
chase money was paid over. The
shalt is now down about SO feet, al
most entirely in ore, the only excep
tions being at a depth ol 20 leet on
the foot wall where a lime horse pro
jected into the shaft, aud at a depth of
"i... ... . !
OU It-el, Where au iron cap eigm icui
thick was encountered. The horse
being blasted out disclosed 83 square
teet ot solid galena; aud thu iron cap
passed through, galena streaked with
high-grade carbonate appeared for a
depth of four feet, underlying which
were 18 to 20 inches of "magnificent
chloride ore honevcombed with native
silver, classed by name as " wax " sil
ver. The bottom of the sbatt is now
iu galena and carbonate of high grade.
As an average from all the assays had
from the shaft lrom the surlace down
is Sill the mine needs no further
comment. '1 he other propeity of this
company is the Dovetail, a southwest
extension of the lexas, upon which
no development has yet been made,
work being concentrated on the
Texas, upou which a tunnel is now
being (hi ven to intersect the ledge, at
a depth ot 1011 leet. Lpon this prop
erty ou men are employed. An ore
road of 500 yards is being graded
through solid lime from the furnace
site on Turkey Creek, to the mine
The Itough and Beady, belonging
to Messrs. A. I', lteilv and I . J. Lew
is, is also another fine miue. While
the ore is not ot as high grade as the
Texas, the ledge is well defined and
has a width oi lour leet on top. At a
depth of twelve feet the ledge widened
out aud the walls disappeared, the
work being entirely in ore from the
top to the bottom of the shaft, which
is now down CO feet, at whieh depth
ciots-cuttiug is progressiug iu search
of the walls.
The Messenger, belonging to the
same parties, lying just over the hill.
has a shaft down 25 feet in galena and
carbamate, assays made giving a re
turn of $212.
A northwest extension of the Texas
is the Mountain Top. Less than five
weeks since this prospect could have
lieen obtained for $150. Three days
subsequent to this oiler it was bonded
fos $1500; but a 20-foot shaft has giv
en such a Haltering showing in high
grade caroonatu that the property is
considered worth 50,000.
Next iu t In.- group is the Washing
tou, for which recently f.i000 cash
was refused, on a 7-foot shaft in car-
lK)niitcassa3-ing $73,
Close to the lexas is the lame
Buck, owned by Henr Miller. A
haft is now being driven down on a
C-foot ledge of high-grade galena and
t arbonate.
Other properties are being rapidly
developed with a favorable showing
lhe camp now contains about 2uu
people, and new forces arc coming in
daily. Building-; arc going up rapid
ly. llhin a few days a hotel will
lie opened, under the management of
.urs. Utckerson, latcol ban b rancis
co, and two new business houses will
swing their doors open for business
The Clifton Copper .Mine.
Orent Conaty (N. 31.) Herald.
1 he copper mines at Clifton, Ari
zona, arc developing into an immense
lmiusiry. Hie " iouglellow " mine
in tins dislnct is theoii'y one that has
as yet been uncovered to any depth.
and its copper h .s been the surprise
oi an liiierested in tins melnl. bit
umen in a district comparatively un
known until a few years ago, and
working with such mater'al as could
he found handy, also smelters of crude
nianulucture, the managers have de
veloped ouc of the greatest copper
producing sections in the world. This
company ha o now a railway built
irotn their mine to tho works (a short
instance), tor the purpose of hauling
more cuenpiy unu better the ore taken
out upon the dumps. They give em
ployment to upward of 300 men. and
a large nuinlicr of freighters and teams
in transporting the copper lo the rai'.
rsad at Lnrdsburg. From thence it is
snipped to San Fiancisco nsd thence
vm steamer to Baltimore. At urgent
uiuj are enabled to ship coke from
Caiitornia, and can reduce the ore
to much better satisfaction than for
me.-iy. i heir smelter is run by water-
power, tuken from the Prism l?:epr
and the results at the end of the year
.-ue sunpiy enormous. The town of
unton, wnere these wo-ks, are sit
uated, ns ia Apache county, about 115
miles lrom Silver Citv " Paaunfcn
"g Jiomiay afternoon reach Clir
on the following Wednesdar. travei-
Ug only by dav. stonninc nt stations
during the nights. A tri-weekly line
is io ne put on. making- ouicker time
nun uuuonng passengers to reach Clif
ton without much trouble. Thia dis
, i o
trict, although in Arizona, lies sn npr
tue ooruer Ot ACU- Mnvirri Hint it
realty comes under the head of our
local mines, and wc shall rnrwirt inr.
thing that may be of interest concerti
ng mis locality.
The Star of Tuesday's conies an
item lrom El Fronterizo which the
ironienzo took from the Crmr.rs.
Inasmuch as the Star is usually verv
prompt In copyiug the Citizen's
news flrst-handed. we will not chide
it for this solitary instance of lack of
Another poet comos forward and
says, " And I hear the hiss of a scorch-
iujj uisa. .oeais au what a man can
hear if ho is only mean enoug'i to
An IndlKiiant Colored lira titer.
I wa standing ou ihestre;ta yester
day, when old greasy Sam, an old col
ored man who used to drive a govern
ment wagon, came up and asked :
" Boas, ktn I spring a few pinto at
" Wall, I iraiitor a.x yer dis fack:
Didn'tte samo boat wbai foch ober the
theatre oniun. Sarie Burnhurt, telco
ober Mrs. Linknm
Yes. according to the newspapers.
" An' da say, bo8, dat all t-i rich
au' lnrnad folks ob New ork went
down ter de levee, yelled an' shuck
bans wid Sarie. au' dat du come
mighty nigh crowd in' Mrs. Linkum
inter tie rtocr. iks, is tiar any mg-
gersiu dat town? " and th old man
oremved hip hat and rubbed his mil
dewed hair.
"Yes. the colored tionulation is
nuite lame."
" An' dem niggcre stood aroun dar
an' seed de white folks crowtim' .urs
Linkum ? Yer kan't speck no better
from de white folks, but wlieu a nig
ger what listened to de win' ezhit cum
from de dinner horn ob freedom ; when
de niugcr vihat haz seed his chlltin
took from his arms an sol' when dat
I M 1
nisirer stans roun air sees de wife ob
Mf" Linkum treated like dat, den I
sez dat a nigger am t no better den a
white man. EfoleSaman' 'Ike en
Dick had been dar, de fust man wuat
didn't gibe Mrs. Linkun no show
would hab got a dill" ober de head
what would make de town ob New
York wake up like de da ob reser
recshitn had cum. What difference do
hit make to a nigger how mauy chi!
lun' an' what few husbands a woman
hab got? I tell yer, boss, I feels like
tarin' de slack frum my own breeches,
I does. I feels like hungiu' myself up
de ham strings. Sposin Mrs.
Linkum was to cum down on a' Ar
kansaw riber plantation. Why, sar,
dot would lie a mighty reckenin.' De
short tailed chillun would put on
cloze; do wimin folks cara dar heads
till da looked like a curried boss; de
men folks would black dar shoos, au'
all tergeddcr, in one gran' 'inem
brunce ob de liinn.sipation, all would
fall ou dar knees an' sing de wings ob
praise fer de great President ob life
sing coz da wuz permitted ter set eyes
on de bosom counselor ob Abraham
Linkum. I wanter put dese lians on
de Mayor ob New York. I'se ole an
stiff in de jints; I'se lame an' my back
ain't no count, but, lioss, 'fore Abra
ham, an' Isaac, an' Jacob, an' de
Virgin Mary, I'd give dat man a caper
what woultl make him tink dat de
debil had broke his chains and jumped
outen tie bottomless pit."
A Hopeful 'Tramp.
An intelligent tramp has famished
the Detroit Free Press with his views
as to the results of the late election
upon the brotherhood he represents.
Among other things be said : " Thir
teen of us had a sort of convention
out in the suburbs yesterday, and we
agreed mat l!l would be tne best
year foi old clothes. That is, the
public will pursue a more liberal pol
icy toward our cless. During lhe past
campaign, when the election was in
doubt, it wag the hardest work in the
world to get an old coat or a used-up
hat. In the last two weeks I've got
almost enough old dads to carry me
through the winter."
" I hat s encouraging.
" Isn't it, though? 1 t!i:nk the
number of women who slam doors in
our laces will drop ml'y fifty per
cent, before the close of another year, i
I Ins morning I called at nine different
houses and had the doors of only three
slammed on my toes. A month ago
eight doors would have nit nic with a
bang, and the ninth would have
opened to let a man out to kick me
through the gale. '
' l oii must feel tosnkral." -
' Well, yes; though I have always
contended that perseverance would
make our business a success. An
other result of the election is better
tood lor us. I wo months ago 1 was
glad lo get a bone and a piece of dry
bread. iMow we get about the same
as the family cats.
' Have you been kicked this
" I lul s another result t want to
sicak of. I was in Detroit for a week
in September, ami 1 was kicked out o
thirteen vards. 1 ve been here just
week to-day, coming from Indiana,
itid not a boot has touched me. f be
liepublicana feel too good to boot me
and the Democrats feel loo proud to
vent their disappointment by kicking
a ragged tramp. My fiscal year ends
.November 1 ol each year, from No
vember. 1S70, to November, 1880, I
was kicked 183 times. I've got days
and dates right here to sbow you.
faking the past two weeks as a basis.
i estimate that l snail not receive over
sixty kicks the coining year perhaps
not over thirty. JMow, then, have you
got it ali down.
" Yes."
"Well, that's about all. We
tramps feel in tip-top spirits and rook
forward to fat times. Alouey is going
to be easy, people will reel good-natured,
ami an era of old clothes and
plenty lo oat seems to have dawned
fonts. Kinder sorry for your party,
but you hadn't the issues."
A Liberal Kditnr.
Detroit Free Prei.!
We were grieved lo read the other
dty of the death ot one ot Michigan s
iolliest pioneer editors almost the
last man of a band who had published
weeklies in the State when a coon
skin would pay for a column "ad,"
and three bushels of corn dumped on
the ofiice floor stood for a year's sub
scription. Never a publisher was
more liberal with his space. It was
hard work lor him to charge for any
thing except the tax-list and mort
gage sales, and lie measured short
even ou them. One day in the years
gone by, his paper copied an attack
on a county official, and old Mark
was dozing at his desk wnen the in
jured party stalked in and began:
lull arc ft tj ? ti u, o . i wii.
' Mobbe I am," was the editor s
complacent reply.
And I can lick you, sir UcK you
out of vour wrinkled old boots. !"
I guess vou could," answered
Mark as he busted the wrapper off of
his on'y exchange.
I in going to write an article
calling you a fool, liar, coward, cur.
slanderer and body-snatcher, and go
over to Ionia and pay live rents a line
to have it published!"
Hey ! queried the old man as he
wheeled around.
Yes, I'll pav five cents a line to
have it published!"
" bav, let me tell you something.
replied Mark. "I've got 300 more
circulation than the Banner, and I'll
publish your attack on roc fcr two
cents n line and take it ont in mill
feed or corn-stalks. Don't trot over
to Ionia when you can help build up
your own town.
Mark would have published it word
for word, just as he said, and throw
in the cut ot a horse or a stamp-pull
er free gratis, but the official cooled
New York
threatens a revival of
Prescstt has a fire brigade,
Progreas or the Minlns Industry
Across the ISortlor An Intorestinc
Communication from a Kctnrned
Tucsox, December 14.
Editor. Citizkn: Som-ra Is just
now attracting the attcniion of the
mining people, and we may conll
eenilv exoeci a largo amount of bul
lion to come from there soon. The
working. ot the Soaom mines will add
materially to the prosperity ot iuc
son. and. in fact, has already done so.
In the Altar district there arc but ten
stamps iu operation as yet, but sixty
more are being put up now at three
different points. All the best miues
are going into the hands of Amcri
cans, and work is progressing very
The 20-stamp mill at Cuson. of
Messrs. Magruder A Co., will start
ud within a few weeks to work the
gold mines purclmsed from Messrs.
Wimple and scaiante.
About half oi the machinery for the
Juarez Company has arri veil at their
mill site to work their group of four
teen mines, for which they paid .1(50,-
000. Considerable ot the ahovc sum
came to Tucson owners, and I think
there is a neat little cottage up on the
.Military Plaza, built by a part of lhe
The Santa relicitn. Company, near
Caborca. are busily putting up their
works ami building houses, aud ex
pect to commence work in about a
mouth or six woeks.
At the Ciencga, nbnut 50 miles
south of Altar, there are a great tium
ber ot very rich mines, with nn nbun
dance of wood, and water sufficient
for a thousand stamps; but there are
only about half a dozen arra&tras up
to the present time turning out bullion
from that wonderful section. The
principal miues in the Ciunega are
owned by Mr. Kcnnie and his lucsou
partners, Messrs. Hay and Austin
Labor is scarce just now, but too
aheap. It is not the country just yet for
a laboring man to come to, but as
soon as the mills have gotten down to
business skilled labor will be re
quired. Aiiomer item, uy the way
it is a very poor place lor tramps, and
we all hope that that fraternity will
take heed and, remain under the
protection of the Bed, White and
Blue. The distances between stations
are too great, nud the cold broiled
ham and bits of turkey that the unlives
would oner the poor, weary pedestrian
wouldn't be a fair recompense for the
Among the big companies, I omit
ted to mention the San Feliz. Thev
bought their mine very cheap nearly
two years ago, and are intending to
on na a railroad ?b miles long to the
sen, where they will put up a large
mill of 40 or 60 stamps.
I won't sat- anything more about
the country, but if anybody doubts
the existence of this great amount ot
wealth, just let them take a trip and
see for themselves. They will meet
with plenty of Americans, most of
them young fellows, but all hard nt
work hunting their fortunes. Mining
is encouraged by the better class ot
Mexicans, and thu laws are as just to
a foreigner as to a native.
frum (luayiiiHi.
The Citizen ofiice was favored to
day with a visit trom Mr. II. Queen,
proprietor of the American House nt
Guayinas, who arrived oa last night's
stage lrom iicrinosiiio. -Mr. Uueen
states that the progress of the Snuora
Kail way from that port has been very
slow up to this time, less than three
miles of track having liecn laid from
Punta Arena, which is the real ter
minus of lhe road, 'lhe delay has
been caused by the lack of Iridgc-
buildiHg material, but just prior to
Mr. tjuecn s leaving Uuaynias six
ships arrived iu the harbor loaded
with railrcad material, including
about 30 miles of rails, and a Itodgers
engine. 1 he force ot carpenters, who
have ali this time been constructing
the necessary buildings at the tcrmiual
point, were transferred to the work at
" Long IJrulge, lour miles distant, the
day before Mr. Queen left. The grad
ing has been completed to within 20
miles of Hermosillo, ami Mr. Thorn
ton, one ot the contractors, now ha:
bis camp within 15 miles of that town.
Il was also rumored before Mr. Queen
left that the material for an additional
100 miles from Hermosillo has just
been ordered. Mr. Queen reports
more travel over the stage line than it
can accommodate, but says that the
number of foreigners in Guaymas is
smaller than is generally supposed.
lee irip now laKes something over
four days to accomplish, and the Hire
from Guaymas to Tncson is $20.
Tho California Southern.
Our San Diego neighbors have
waited long for their pet railroad
waited until sometimes their hearts
grew sick with hope del ered but
now thev are about to be made happy.
A recent number of the San Diego
Union gave the awards for grading 18
miles of the California Southern Rail
road, ns follows:
Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4, commenc
ing at National City, to K. Gray ami
A. G. Gasseu.
Sections 5. 0, 7, S and 0 to William
J. Lyons and brother.
sections lu and ii to B. l . liucnn-
Sections 12. 13. 11. in and 10 to
Wins Brothers.
Sections 17 and 13 to T. M. Loup
ifc Co.
The contractors are required to
commence worn ami nave in least vu
men employed on Monday, December
20th, and to have the grading com
pleted and road-bed ready for track-
laying by the 1st day of April, 1881.
it least three hundred men will be
employed on the work as soon na il is
fairly under way.
Aftor tho Tramps.
The following notice has been
posted in conspicuous places all over
All persons in this city who have
no visible means of support, and who
within two days from this date seek
neither labor nor employment, when
employment is oiiereu them ; an per
sons who roam about from place to
place without any lawful business;
all persons of notoriously bad 'charac
ter who live without any settled home
or lawful occupation, will be arrested
ana committed to jail, and sentenced
to hard labor for such time as the
Court before whom they are con
victed shall think proper, not exceed
ing ninety davs.
at order of the Mayor ami uommon
Charles II. Mxyer, Recorder.
A member of the North Carolina
Legislature, dining at a Raleigh hotel.
saw a pod ot red pepper on a dish
near at hand. He thought it was a
new kind ol iruit ami tooK a bite.
The tears streamed down his cheeks
as he put the pod down, saying:
D n you, lay there and cool."
Nothing disappoints n baldhcaded
sinner more than going to a blondo
theatrical show and finding that it is
not at all wicked.
JTcw Mexican Items.
Coa1 is found near Mesilla.
Santa Fe baa a Young Men's f L .
ian Association.
The rainfall of New Mexico h
creasing annually.
A fine bed of coal has been dir
ered near Iiaochos de Taos.
Las Vegas will soon have a i,;;
ture factory in full blast.
Gas works and water work- w
soon bo in operation at oanta IV
Mnchineiyor Bremen's quartz m
at Slker Cily is ail on the gri-und
The Ophir .Mining Company is , .
ol the latest mining organ u if j.)r
Las Vegas.
The Baptists of Las Yegas Ur.
ranging for the erection of a
church there. "J
Two huudred years ago lut v
gust,-" the 20th day, the Spurn '-i
evacuated Snnta Fe.
From 1813 to 1S7 N,-v j,
p.ottuceu goiti in me value of in;
000. Since 1876 the yield l'i- ' .
proportionately larger.
The Mogollon Mining Com;, 4!U ,
Toledo, Ohio, is putting in a Mlpi
in the Magdalena mountains. ttv,U.
live miles west of Socorro.
Very fair copper leads have be, Q
dis-overed In the White Mountains
and first-class bodies of coppt r i, Ut,
been opened up in the adjacent rat, '. -Tiiero
is also plenty of lead for -n
'll linen inor nn nn nhl v!n..,-i.
rerentlv nt thw r'u,nli.u i
. ... .. ..-.., a. in n
rattlesnakes was discovered, nr..) ,,v.
one hundred of the reptiles kilVl
This is the only mine of the Kid.
known iu the Territory. In fact, tu
" -jidications " of such deiwit .,
rare as in Ireland.
The following named minerals an
found in the vicinitv of Socorro c, ,i
cnionueoi silver, argentiferous
tna, argentiferous cornier, eoi'm,
silver, galena, manganese, antiimm
arsenic, cnnait, carbonate of iron
hcmr.titic iron, magnetic iron, plt
uiiir irou, aud zinc.
Fifty iMHtnds of galena ore from il,,.
Sa.i Simon District yielded a pn p..r
uuum resu.-i oi w ounces to lUr to ¬
mtit's district and the Shuke-peai,-District
an immense amount oi tm.-
development work is being done. For
a one-nan interest m the Carbonate
at San Simon, Col. Price paid $57,iHiO
in cash.
A Silver City expert, savs ili.
Chronicle, who visited the 'Sumrr.it
the other day, brought home a pt.-c.
of rock selected us an average, wliii h
yielded the large return of 955 oum es
of silver to the ton. In this property
are three shafts, varying from tifteea
to eighteen feet in depth. The vm
is four feet wide, and at the present
time there are altout 7o tons of ore on
the dump.
Isyactot the territorial Legislature
of New Mexico it is unlawful to lake
trout orauy other fish from any of the
waters of the Territory, by the use !
any poison or drug, or by the Use of
any explosive substance, or by the
erection of any weir, dam orothwr
artificial obstruction. It is also tin
lawful to catch trout by the use of any
net, seine or other device, excepting
by hook and line.
iiere is Silver City in a nut-shell.
The Southwest says : "We have in
S'Wer City three churches, three
schools, three quartz mills, twelve
stores, two hotels, four restaurants,
four livery stables and corrals, one
planing mill, sixteen saloons, four
blacksmith shops, one jewelry store
two drug stores, one cracker factory,
three duce halls, one furniture fac
tory, two foundries, one machine
shop, three wheelwright shops, tv
banks, and no vacant houses."
More Trouble nt Mills Seminary.
San Kraut is eo I'oU.
That reservoir of fuinule loveliucs-
aud intelligence known as Mills Cem
etery is connected with our outer
darkness by a telephone, through
which, in some senses iuedcquuU
instrument, all interviews b
tweeu the inmates and male Iwmdl'-
under forty are conducted. The othr-i
morning .Mrs. Miliswas informed that
a zeitleman in Sail Francisco h.i l
signaled her instrument, and that
excellent disseminator ot crochet anl
Greek verbs repaired to the m utli
Hello? said the num.
" Heaven O ! " answered .Mrs 31
who is very pious.
I want 'em all In tights, writ
spangles onto 'em," said the voice
" ant what? gasped .urs. win-
was inexpressibly shocked.
" hv, the girls, replied tne vice
" and very low necks. Have -onie f
'em jump through balloons, red leg
green sash "
" The rules of the establishment
will not ailow anything of the kind,
said the model preceptress, flrmiy.
Very well, then; maKe sin an
red. When can you send em to the
theatre? "
"The young ladies are allowed to
attend the matinee only in parlies ol
t t - 1 -
six and accommniett ay n leacucr
said the guardian of youthful inno
" Am not satisfied with twin sister-
must be made to kick higher."
How .Mrs. Mills refrained from
fainting she never knew herself, but
when she revived a little she made tl,
wire hem like an JEoliau harp in
nor'cast gale with the emphatic re
mark :
I must request, sir, that you .n
stantly remove your daughters from
this institution instantly, sir. I can
not consent lo impart any such scat
dalous information to the young, an-1
I desire "
And there is no knowing how tlx
matter would have resulted had n t
the Oakland ohice switched off in
conuection just then, ami explain? 1
that hu had by mistake hooked lu
seminary on to the Petaluma station
where a variety troupe agent was in
structing a city theatrical bill -u
graver regarding some colored po-ti-rs.
Good 'er from tho llolluml-
.Tudge J. S. Wood has received a
letter from the Hon. J. K. Luttn..,
stating that the new strike iu the li '
land (oefore reported in the Citii
had been drifted on for 75 fee t in '
that it is the "biggest thing f '1
struck in the camp." The smelu r
start up in a few days, and then 1
out lor a! good, substantial boom
Washington Camp.
New Station on the Southern I'ntilK
Two new side-track stations were oi "
oil Wednesday ou the Southern IV.:
Itailroad. One Is called ucnoatnau"-
after Mr. Estevan Ochoa), and 1- "
cated between Benson and Dra.," 1
Summit. The other has been nam
Cachise, and h located between I1
grow n Summit and Wilcox.
Dns. Handy ami Holbrook l'
just received a quantity of very I'W
bovine virus, for vacinalion purpo-
As small-pox seems to be on the in
crease in San Francisco, this
nouncement is of importance t u
Bye and Bye stock is quo:ct 13
New York at 75 ceat3 a share.

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