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Arizona miner. [volume] (Fort Whipple, Ariz.) 1864-1868, March 09, 1864, Image 1

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u.uu; A. Hand,
" The Gold of that Land is good."
--0 "
? Iu al aijc, wi'joet ex
yaw - - -
month - .
co mouths
-opie ....
ire i jualH ten Uti of tbla letter. One
Ichm, ouc inwKrtion, 2.06. Kach wbjeqaent
$1.0r. One square atandiag for three
,00. f fir nix mi-nths. 10,00. Fur oue
i am: at the name tateu for larger qtr&ntftiea.
of land purchased from the Mexica
by Mr Gadsden under th Treaty
w 3m. 1 i-5;j. and rriii:!jiHy callfd An
il a jjit f the MYieau State ui .So
ws a .ijt 46 nui iS iu length, iih an
tedth of 130 iriiliw, aim ryjiaMiwI
0 r j uuft Hide, or 2:. ?0U,OiO aces.
tTerritory of Arizona embraces nil of
Ic pxcept'what iie to the KaHof the
of longitude a.id ulso a port oo of
-u New Mexico, sufficient to consti
i 'f 120,012 faare inilos, or 77,33r
itl w?tf?m the fallowing parallels and
v i ; commencing at a point where
g. of longitude, intersects the 37th deg.
; thence south ou said detr. of
the boundary 'line between the
d old Mexico ; thence wait
t! i'V line Ln tin honndarv lino nf
r;; ; uiiornia ; theuca north on said
c! j tbe. 37Ui deg. of north latitude ;
fji rtaid paraWel of north latitude to
. fh f-timated that three-fiftha of the
. tii
- mi and
Uodi, god for olhr jrorpoiof." Tl following
boidanea were propted, via : Igining at the
uotoreao fit the 34th parallel of north latitude ;
thence wHh taid latitude to the oa$tem bonmlerr
of New Mexico ; thence loath with aid boundary
nnUI it Uitenects the Hoe of Texaa : and thence
with said line to the Bio G rondo, and eo on to
the line of Mexico on said rirer, as fixed by the
treaty of 1854 ; thence with the boundary Has
. . . .
eeubuiued by said treaty between the United
Statet and Mexico to the Colorado ; thence up
the Colorado to the beginning, more or !.
. hie 1 errttory which wae to he divklad into four
conetiee, to be mimed Jefferson, Yaihiagton,
Jackson and Bochanaa, (mi braced very little
pore than the Gadsden purcQa-Mf. Gwio'i
bill which wee very elabernte in detail, was de
feated by a decided rote. On the 3rd of April
I860, Mr. Green of Missouri, iutrodtteed in the
Senate, a bin, "To pronde s, temporary govern
ment Tor the Territory of Ariawna, and to create
the office of Surveyor General therein." It wm
a teach shorter bill than Mr. G win's. 'Hie bound
trie proposed were those of the Gadsden pur
chase. The bill was as aniacceesfnl &s Unt in.
trodnced by Mr. Owin.
IxDdOWod 6ubrU Wufft mftda to MCHru thu or-
gaojxation of the Territory during the 86th Con-
grose, and at the second session of the 37th Coo-
grrs?s,-en the 8th of May 1862, the organic act.
under which the ofganfottton hot boo par
focteu, was passed by the House of Representa
tive. At the third session of that canirrcea,
the Senate, on the 20th of February 1363, twse-
ed the act after slightly amending it, in which
the House ewicnrred, and it received the approral
of the 1 'resident a few days after.
in March the President made the following
appointment of officers for the Territory, at por
vided (or in the Act, viz; GovgitKoa, Jobo
A. Gurley of Ohio. Secretary, Utcfcari (J. Mc.
Corroick, of New York. Chief Jtstice, John
X- ('oodwin, of Maine, Aociaie JasUces,
UilhaaiT. lloweli, of Michigan, Josedtt-1. Al-
b n of Connecticut. Diiinct Attorney, John
ntoa of Feonsylvani. Marshal, Milton B.
DufGeld of California. Suporiutendeut of lo
diau Affairs, diaries D. Postern of Kentucky.
These appointments were nil confirmed by the
Senate, then in extra session.
On the 26th of May, Leri Bashford, of Wis
consin, was made Surveyor General, la Jujy,
Sir. ntus was made Chief Justice of T?iai, and
tho vacancy was filled by the arwofoUnent
of Almon Gaffe, ol New York, txa Diatrmt
Attorney. On the 18th of Angnst Mi. Gar-
It y died, and pn the 21st of that month
left Leave worth. Ohjaf JoaUe Tamer over-
con.pode l -f muuritaios. on filth of jju?ja N. Goodwin wm appointed to the
pe.-ns. anuo'.e nitu oi arable iul.
lh cf -the mountain ranges are good
3, ftfid one sixth ate well timbered,
rouj region may bs cuoftnM up as
krly nineteen ihsand scjuare miles,
lions, one hundred and sixty Uiooe-
s large area embraces cverj: des-
a Koowa uo xisi amoucr tue nritn.
- i
such amindance as to be beyond
, P.
1 n.ai
- 3
r are Ul& Golortido of the vrat.
i.ieuU'QsntIrea iu 1858) the Gim a
. ari-i its branches, the Rio Verde
r in if co tue Salinas and the Han Pedro.
K t or I.atie Colorado, the WiSliums
tl'j rmncisco. The Colorado of
a the c iily ono of these streams nav
nuboats, and that only as far north
uv a all seasons.
htt 83ion of the 37th Congress,
ry as embraoe-J within and uud.
- N'ew Mexico. btiotU for a separate
wuru lngnn sone years since. Or.
. " ID. .'mber lb57 Mr. Gwin, of Cab-
G Yiroorship. Mr. Goodwin's pUue as Chief
Justice was at the same time filled by the
appointment of William JET. Turner of Iowa,
It wag agreed by the original officers, at the
time of their appointment, that they won id ftart
for the Territory on or aboat the Ifc of Jnry.
The private buinc of Mr. Gurley, aod Uiere,
would occupy attention notiii that time. More
oremttch laborious preparation fcr the ioar
fmrnoy, and for iUrttog the ifpvafftmeot, meet be
made at yv asaington, ana oUier points in the
Dortng Jniy ficknetf in Mr. (irler'a famiiv
prevented his leering home, tnd eerif in Aognst,
Ue was taken with tho illness wltioh rcsarted in
ins untimely death.
Chief Juetios Goodwin hd alifeady roach ad
ew 1 ork on lus way to the West. In a week
from the dftsvof hit commission m Governor he
started from Jow 1'ork for Jeaven worth, acoom.
panied by Seqrstajry MeOoxmiekratHl Jud Aliyn.
A few day wero spent at Ulniihinatl to learn
what prepamtienslr. Gurieyhtd made for the
o.erland juumey, apda sejoura at Leered worth
Senate of the! ' y n.-iiuiwhtQ secnr the goroennrant height
Uok tho oompany at Ft. Lacned. Tiie parted in singing Ueliat ory of Freedom;" asa
i a bill in
"iiniZfe tliu Tiirribtir at A-
create the ofSce of Horvcvor nj nns o transpci
: . t, DroviJe ' r tii es.ii5i.i m I .-, i .. r,ti
- - - w- - ,m, t , IU
travelled via Forts Jttler. Larned. Lvon and
Gnion, making brief stoppages at each of
tnose points nod reached Santa e on tha
14th of November. They left Santa Ft
on the 26th of that month, aod arrired at
Albuquerque on the 38th. They loft Albu
(iarqne sa the 3th of December and reach-
od l?ort Wmgato on the 13th of that month.
lioeriag there on the 20th, they reachod this post,
via the 35th paraliei, or Whipple mate, to the
San PrnooisGo mountain, and the Pishon road
from that point, at noou on the 22ad of Jannarr.
Secretary MeCormiek asd Judge Allyn, with a
tqnao or Cwifornm volunteers, left the main party
at Volunteer Snri
I O W '-- w-mmm lt,UVIVV
rnooniain, on the morning of the 10th and arriv
ed here oo the 17th.
The detections on Qip road, from Leaven
worth to Santa Fe, and fromAthat place to this,
ware only those inseparable from a protracted
journey, with an escort and heavy train, over the
plains snci raonn tains, at a severe season of
the year. Tho autumn and winter prom! un
usually cold, and nenierous snow storms were en
countered, from as far oast as Fort Lyon.
The officers entered the Territory on tho 27th
of December, and tho government was formally
inaoguratad at Xaveje Swinge, AC miles west of
on Tuesday the 30th of December. At 4
o'clock r. x. the escort nod eitrzone wero assem
bled, and Seo'y. McCormick spoke as fellows :
GjOfTwatRX As the properly qualified officer,
it becomes my duty to imiogem; the procood
inge of the day. After s long and trying joor
ney, we have arrive within the limits of the
Territory ct Arizona These broad nhrin id
hills, form a pert of tae district over which, as
the representatives ol the United States, we are
to establish a civil government. Happily, tboogii
claimed hv thoaa now in hoatditr tn th fnom,!
arms, we take posaeeaion of the Territory with
out reson to mutuary torce. me nag, which J
now hoist in token of our authority, is no new
and untried banner. For nearly a century it has
been the recognised, the boooFsd, the loved am
Worn of law and liberty. From Canada to Mex
ico, from the Atlantic to tho Pari fir., million nf
strong arms are mieed in its defense, and abc
the efforts of ell forehrn or domaetie oml it im.
deetfned to live untarnished and trtoac rodent.
At the oooolusiou of those remarks, Mr.
McCormick hoisted the "Stars and S tripos" and
caUe1 for cheers for litem, which tvem given with
a will. Prayer was then offered bv the Hr.
- - -
H. W. Rand. The oath of office was administer
ed to Ohief Justice Turner, and to Astociate
Justices Hewell and Allyn, by Mr. McCormick.
Governor Goodwin and District Attorney Gaee
qualified before Chief Justice Turner.
ino following proclamation, issued by the Gov
ernor, was read rn KngHali by Mr. McGfefcrrakfc.
ana in ansause By Mr. lttati :
to tks nrorLK or aiixom
I, JoiwN. Gooowin, havimj been appointed
by the Preaidetrt of the United States, and duly
quelled, as Ocvmoc of the Tjcxkitojit or Am
soka, do hereby ahnouace that by vlrtoe jl the
powers with which lam inveflied hvun ktf
Congress of the United SUtee, providiag r tera-
Dorary government Jer the Territory, I shall this
day proceed to organize said government. The
provisions of the Act, and all law and enact
ment established thereby, will be'enrorcwfby the
proppp Territorial officers from arc after tot data.
A nrslimin&rv conatw iil fnrtiivmrk ubM
and thetpfifiter the J. ttd iota! Distrlete will be form-
ea anu anemciion OJ meranerg ol the lejrisiativ
A trmii lvl k ml 4tlkd M. fit i it
Miiui,niui uis uiur omcers, proriqea oy the
Act, be ordered.
I invoke the aid and oo-operaiicrn of all citi
zens of the TrcttArv in mtr aifiwi'U
- - - .v tm,j wvi tmr vw wbiMU94! u
govaroment whereby tlie fiscoritgrof life and
propny wm oe nm nWrtftrattghaotitst1mit8.
JKi its varied rBotir-'6 be rapidly and &;ots-
iujit uvetoeu. ;
At the close of the reading, the assembly join-
Inteof 15 gnns was fired (from anvils) iu honor
of the Governor, and the attaoiishrcent of tha
government, ad with loud cheers for the (wt
ernor, and other officers, the Union, and tho
President, the prw clings terminated.
rlTie following is tie Organic Act of Tun Terri
tory. as approved by the President February
U. 18C:i :
AN ACT to provide a temporary sovernrnent
for the Territory of Abmgoxa, and for other
AjfEBTCA, in CojcoRUB ASSTftniLKD, That all that
part of the present Territory of New Mexico sit
uate west of a line running due south from tho
point where the southwest corner of tho Territory
of Colorado oitt$ the northern boundary of tho
Territory of New Moxico to the southern boun
dart line of said Territory of New Mexico be, BnJ
and the same is hereby, erected into a temporary
government by the name of tho Territory of
Arizona: Provided, that nothing contained in
the provisions of thie act ehail be construed to
prohibit the Congress of the United States from,
dividing said Territory or chancing its bonn
.ur:es in such Tuonner and at BUun t?mo-us it ioy
deem proner: Provided, farther. That aaiA vM
jerament shall be maintained and continued nntir
wuth ttme as the people residing in said Terri-.
tory Hhall, with tbu consent of Congress, form a
State government, reoWittt in form, irr-pre
scribe! in the Conatitntion of Uie United Siatee.
and apply for and obtain ndmission into the Uu
ion as a State, on an aqunl footing with tho origi
nal States.
Src. 2. And bo it farther enacted, That tho
government hereby authorized shall consist of an
executive, legislative, aod judicial power. The
executive power shall be veated o n Governor.
The legislative power ehai! consist of a council of
nine m etnbe- end a boose of nnrn tntk-a nf
eighteen. The judicial power shall be vested in
a supreme court, to constat of thre judges, zi.d
such inferior courts as the legislative council m&y
by law prescribe ; thre shall also be a secrotarv.4
a marsh!, a district attourney, and a surveyor
general for said Territory, who, together iih the
fovernor and tudgea of tho supreme court, shpll
be appointed by the President, by and with tlifc
advice and coaent of tae Senate, and the term
of offle for each, th masmer of their oppoifii
meet, and the powered ut:e, and the comptfosjalion
of the governor, legislative aesemblyjaes of
the supreme court, secretary, marshn!. rfi&trict
attorney, aod surveyor general aforesaid,, with
Uie4r clerks, draughtsman, deputies, aod sergeant-at-armr.
shall bu suob s anfi oonrerrad
same oflkersby the act; organizing the territorisl
government of JV Hnlco, which sabordumto
officers shall b appointed in the same man nor.
and not -xcwid in number those created hv ault
act ; and ait& emeodetory thereto, tocher With
u lvgisHLuve imaoimeaw ol tue t erritory of
New Mexico not inconrisient with the
of this act, are herebv extended to and continued
m larce in ine saio remtory of Arixona. uuui
r.nweled or amended bv Futore lekbiti
vidfid, That no salary shall be dee or paid thn
OfBeers oreated by this act until they have entered
ttpon the duties of their resoectiveiBces withiu
tao said Territory.
8, 3. And be it further onaotod, That thef
shall neither be shmrv nor involunurv
in the Mid Territory, otherwise Uwn in the nun-
leameiii, ot enmes, wiiereol theimrtiet shall have
been dnly convicted : and all act nd nart .f
acu. either ol Cong 58 or of the Territory of
, w.w.jW,i,ml icguuwf, ur iu miy
way reoognizing tht relation of mnstr and akive
in eaid Territory, are tiercby repealed.
nlr.n ,ll JU- Ik'. .'.
u.. (the tUtioDnryete.) urd tU.&eth. or aottStot Wpippm
ansportation to Suntn Fe, JOH N N. GOOOWIN.
iy xiicv iveroor :
of ,et,t - tl: i veJ
ljinjiAJ ot Sowikks' Pay Tho bill to in
oreaae the pa of the army provides for fixing it
at the following rate per month for suburdinuto
officer and private :Sorc?ennt Alnior nf Cav
alry, Artillery and Infantry, $25 ; Quartermasters
Sergeants o! Cavalry, 25 ; of Artillery and in
fastry, $21. First yergennta of Cavalry, Artillery
and infantry, $23 ; Serpeants of Cavalry, Artil
lery and Infantry, $20 ; Sergeants of Ordnance.
Sappers and Miners and Pontooneers, $35 ; Cor
porals, $18 ; Privates, $IG ; Corporals of Caval
ry, Anmery aua lniantry, ; Chief liuglera of
vavairy, vsz ; ngiora, ; Farriers and Jilack- JSSv,,.
smiths cf Cavalry, aud Artificers ofATl31IoryyeSr':
$20; Principal Musicians of krlWorfy mid V
ld i
I . -"f t i i MeaBMSMSMni

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