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Arizona miner. (Fort Whipple, Ariz.) 1864-1868, March 09, 1864, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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"The Oo'il nf Uiat l.wd is good."
T A. Il&rit), PiInlici.
m m. "
Till-: ckvJoi' luaxErc."
Tha silver mines of Amonn-rHhtn7yn3yn his
tory, and thoir product, with thosu ofeo'fiSra.
$Hrmednt one period n chief source of revenue to
.Spain. Tu canaries ago, Nvhen tho lMlgriin
A1 .... , . . ... tt- ...!.(. I I !.... ...,-... lk
miners were struggling- wan uuruariam ujjyu
iliores df New iimgijind, ripain established tin um
pire amidst hor uji$lfouud wealth, ami drew mil
iions from thu very region where tho Angjp-Saxon
is now erecting a second era of civilisuition.
H is not lieceessary to enter into thu cause of
the long neglect of tlic-lu rich loves, It ia enpngh
to know that tho world looks with lively interest
to their re-opening, mid propef working, as well
as tq the derelopmetjf df tho Vftht metallic
resources of this imptoii country :rJ
not u richer mineral region in fine world, t'bo
mountains "urn litoafcv intbrtecaiFwIrJi silver
ttoppod ub this point. When on the Bio
Grande, ho took every means to ascertain, where
tho people of Arizona were chiefly congregated.
I hero was Lnit ouopiutojuar.d that wasthut
ho would find tiipTm witb'tyw oJccoptioml, intbff
now gold fields, ffkizens and niilitar$ofliceri.
What mor appropriate name could wo
tea heet, which we to-dny present to the peo
ple oAriflyna, flttearnet of the attractive paper
we hope to establish in thia now and nuriierous
tiiKWtrjv --
Aatthe injrisof Alfe-ma are fumona for their
wenltn, and 'the minera noted for their UeJii:
giCfcU 'i?Stl VrilerfiHao. so"muy oa r journal sfcrjuire
iifttOTi foi solid worth. foraSdity mitf jftfit.
WgSf ghflii spHro rtu flirt Lf) tooke Mil tcCerta
hfu record of TerytMig of moment ibatf areas-
jtfrjsein fcbt Terntofy. - aticr bnrin ' torg) Hat of
. Xf&tngae. Cm: ii the .States uri Terrf&riee, "we
khgU -jabl U keep our readers" irtfotured on fill
lianernl news o importance. - . ' -
.rfnifeprt&nt in fevtfythiiW tlto Of'n of ho!er valuable Species' of stone,
..t..tfiL.n .111 ,.x '-...1 IfoutKl here. -
. . V t . . . j i Th nw ko d-fitelfis In 1 16 detfBral 'part or the
Umtiik. with lha -iamartal Wahiiton. tTerriry oboupy ;tlire nriocipnlidhtvifttoi MWn
only iii.gKr miitad charaQter.'We an etnpiro
lato iVoin tho'diTitptt'.all recomuiundisjl Unit thtM
Governor shouhl 'tifuo tho il.orh parallel, the
wuippic ruuco, aiubpusa inrougnifno now miuin
(fispfjet, even TT no ultimately proceeded to
Tucaon or Jjti I'az. Ou thia advice, and in tic-
cordauco with bias own opinion, that ho should
Acquaint himsidr with tins unporennt j.urt of the
'lerrjtory, without; diday, and while he had an
abundant escort lor succpaafaljy uxploriqg tbe
country, he dotormined, with the approval of all
tho oUiciaJa, to,qouo thi '.my. , Only mty :nrli-cles-a's
aro pwltlvdy nec6?aury to c mfort and
cyuyenijiiicu havo-besn unpacked. Tho recrc
tary'a iron safe, and other oflico appurt;isances.
i ..... .
jremuitj in tho wagons. !o btiiidmga have been
denote! er'clM' u"( .tepd taken to;vnrd permannnt
vems: wnile uie reoit uiacoreriw cm om uuuuiu , t , u. U.IU (i,.u,..,wi ... iA,,.rii
nn almost, unparalleled profusioti of at p'0U3.ately investigate tho fSaa tvrancwco ami Salinas
ofre. ' Ncr do thoseom prise all L!i& jmueralrf ofUlltea. traditionally reported to, be rich in agri
Arizona. Iron, (Jopiier,' Lmid,'' Zinc, thexre?3 ol';cultural and mineral wealth, ami "the Governor
. V.U,.t-JrJ4H tnH.hhMl H uii uuunv
crystals, Hre-jWoof. 'rock, alAbaster, inarblb,' 'atffl
Ki&rtfMhll bot-n
?d.i i ' '"'' ,
in the beltrt that st correct
knowledge ot that? "torni- meog-iiita," will-- bo of
much value to the- people of thu whole Territory.
Upon hia return he wiil probably soon dotfnniue
wheroto cull the Ugialaturo. The argument
in favor of Tucson, fn tho' memorial prepared bv
a public mooting held at that plato on the 4th
1. " t H it Mtttf! , l(Sm.i III, Mrv,tiarlj rt I f If 1 twiiitmMe i a m-i
:a tiio-ajo.e, viio ucr.Mip- .. . i w ,-,. tlltn .r;K.t t.
commifctee, appointed toj watt, upon hw Ex
cellency, learning at Peopled r liunch, of bis
absence, came no faVtfier. in point of immedi-
of housfTS. hf markets, a fixed pop-
. . rr-t . . .. .
hat our independence is acknowledged. Uiat Awwope. . J . o. -
i-rait be.nyarooi; or oir credit Eupnortecl." j" ' . , -U?
t " I t e! 'I'll-, AtnUniatur I t Jl Ln n V iUllSril Ml t
shall: to tli extent of our iMnence, uphold 4 "u l""10 um,r, Vl : ?
tv i it'll nnini iv iiiii ill tvitLiJi linn lutukUbut aw
ato cOmiort
very conutiooai .ml neceary; . , meosura , j - M(Ar.Ah . wnrvi;wHt- mo .lfcion.iUi. wo donbf not Umt Tucson at
adopted, Um general Government to perve fckfly to retard, their profitable working at prent tbo mo4t aUrtxtiy,J.poim Ult thu Uov.
the hono? and integrity of the Bepublic. In thie. uuB1F..w c .u,,.,w ... ernor mast do what ho thinks b?ht for the pobhc
ltfiever, w-e elmll not qoestisn the right of any' oncl 'fnia. At alkerd -eaten, and Merest. Tl.ia he. McpujDle of paramount im
M.6nMllrte differ w;rh us m to .nd mean., tne lowar Hesiampa, hfro ilalctoe baVo fan ponanc. and the people pit u con. I Par., and
-"--"A . ' -i
aor ihSl! we decry as traitors and enemies, those
who dd pot approve every act f(qf the Adminis-
trutifupr Qi ,ita agents.
- 'Ueed, the1 vwld hue been moal' SaBiafadWry. ;At-?othes plues slionki reineinbcr that tho' opening
itenwon'more particai-Iv gimr to ihe Mz4 resource of tilria central and rich mtoerifi
1 . ... wiLtLrir.t 'utit. iiNmsniutelir unit itrAtt.v fezul it
lodes, ef both gold and s'dr whldh ire-.vtfry
Local ,i ratiiJr tbaW National aifaifis,,trfH,forthe
jo timorous, and in many : esej give evhienco fi
prenetit, fftrcnpy onr chief attention. J coniroon . . . , . It . ,i
' ... , V t. t1- ' ' : - r Francisco id Jeh aa to warrnrtfc -thelQtroductidn
ith tjie peoplu of Arizona, we are pioneers, ip a , . . ... .
seat and responsible work, the upomluine-or a. ., , , - . .
j. . , v - r il 4i, exact y what this new atfd f.nensivo mining rj-
4te.e, which snail do honor to itself and to the s ' - ilrt,L,;a.
40 lurniati auutwonoi eviuenco oi mu mrwsnu
wealth of the Territory, and te attraet a largf
nonuralion to IhiB distrioi dfepito 'all-obstlcs.
The Utin --prdverb : " uti tne!, ibi apesf'frlKre
the honey ia thqrp.ane fehe beerf,) is us truoi as
when first; spoken. 1 1 "r;
The, Indian iuterrrifjtiobs, the neoessariiy higW
prico of pro-nsions, until roao crd. ojacnetf.aud
farms cultivaled, will not kaep tfl psoplo away,
and th,& government will do what it can to insure
them protection and prosperity. Industrious, per
severing men, with capital feuflioiant 'to 'purchase
animals and provisions, need not hesitate to come.
Tney will not fail to do well cither in tho iiiikj
or at ranchiujr. Impatient, indolent adventurers,
who look only for "big strikes,0 will oot bo opt
to und encouragement, and had belter stay away;
.... r?.' , , . ....
luey are never a prouiaoio popuiuuon.
agfc In the subjugation of the aavago ; in
v-ftltfMRrtt of tha tasl mineral and other re-
rourcjr of tb Territory, un Uit, diffafiion of a
cotfuct knowledga of the same ; ra tho establieh
m&nj. of lajv and order, the encouragement of the
school and the church, and ail the free iiistitu
tioaa whiuh ghre strength, character and pros'-j
pent' to a people, we snau tKe an active anu
t-wrnnst past.
Jt7iK .fcp. merit and secure tho oon&
denoe nml praQticxtl co-opeftion fof all in
uuv nmlertsisiln. which mnat?,8 of iJecessity.be
attendefl' with inuch labor and xpense, we
commit 'i'hk' ivmzo.VA Kikkr to t!io kind favoi
of, tke, public with no longer or. we're oatenta
tiou3Stttet!ttory.,; ;
0,W thai our civil government ie fairly in
augurated; much interest is felt touching tho pol
icyiit wiH pursue. Enough has been heard from'
thojjfjbs of Governor tjopdwiu, and his associate?,
to jead us to believe that they will 5 act for the
public $09il regardless of all private prejudices
or oorjifideratione. They will constantly boar in
mind the fact that we have here a heterogenous
population, triad e up from every .quarter of the
coutjrieoJL That men ot all politic are here as
petiiblo&jQoi'as politicians, but as-explorers and
etl. to whom the regulation and develep
siidtwSlho Territory are matters of far more coti-
Mf rffap tho suijeeea of one partisan or another.
YiSdabl if there ever wai a people more da
8ifWi3rfto iivo in hnrmoey, and to cordially eo-op-r4.wifOR
tho common benefit. Those who have
bean here for some years feel that tho protection
of X&eft1 mtmlies, :and property, long asked for, is
utlfojpd. Ne,w comers, .attracted by the scent of
tioj$, j.nd other prec' :s oes, in whiqh the Ter
ritory ie so rich, are assured that they may pros
ecute their labor without fear of interruption.
Without undervaluing tho efficiency of tho Mill
tary government maintained by General Oarleton,
tince the spring of 1862, it cannot be disguised
that there is a general salisfactjoa over the
establish ipent of the, civil power, 'fibo rights of
all, Ifee eiili? of justice,: the sapremaoy of the law,
may ndw be maintained more jealously and
thoroughly tlmn ever before. In a short time the
Diftricfc courts will be in operation, the Probate
.fudges will be in authority, and with a vigorous
' iiui:eat and fearlees Kxecutive, -peace ami good
t if I'T, wiil be firmly established throughout the
S i "'t and' breadth of the Territory. This otate
things all tho pooplo will gladly welcome, and
A3 to reaching tne Termor' irom tne Attanuc'pn(iy scem ap0j.fe
'T.JZ c::"p : " 1 Mid many think they
dUtciot.'utuit iiataediHttly and dirtctiy tvwd to
their a vantage
oxpressud much satisfaction with the prompt re
sponse to their appeal. It is -their opinion that
thAp.aiea.maditaa aooro and continued
catiipaign-ngainst tho 'minors' on the' Hesiumpa,
and at Weaver. I
A letter frdiii Ll.oston, .Sitporintendent or
Indian Afiar3, "for the Territory, refer3 to numcr
ons Apncho outrages in the Southern part of tho
I erntory, where thoir disagreeable presence hasr
m kjng beon a terror to tho people, and a bar to
a proper working of tliC'Silver Mines. He say:
"Tho Apaches are morn nndiiuioua than over
in Ibis part of the country, and have destroyed
and paralysed the industry pf an immense diatrict.
Thry robbed Mr. Huttrworthe putty ol about
$8)00 tW gUW KniTTffit tomb gnus and nistoln
fioin MilU (formjfrly of the; Mowry win'-.) and
Movent whnm they recently Killed. 1 hoy dnvo
a thrifty trade with some5 Of the frontier tmt SjOt
.Sonora and Chihuahua, where they buy ammuni
tion and snppliea-rind' feoll plunder. The.e u
fHrnal placet oitht to btt broken up- Tho fjv
ertmr of Sonora is not . responsible, beoanse t -y
are independent pueblos, -ami the Nlesican ('o.
ornment is not responSiblo because Sonora ia an
independent State. There win Go no prosperity
1 i the country until theso thiovim? Apaches are
"We eilirely agree with Uj Soperiatendent.
Ilia office ii an important one and wo believe the
Governor and the pwple, wlI , co-operate with
him iu inaugurating ajtigoroua jnovemeiit agamst
the barbarians who have robbed and murdered
our citizens at will. The first stop demand"
ed by all thejintereite of the Turrilory, is to hat
cn tluj- extermination of these copper-skinned
villainy. Let every eQbr.t be matle to c! ao
them out. It is idle to talk of soft measures with
such tnvoternle and brutal plunderera aad os&a-
Col: Pastoa and Boae liwrtvoe iv'j., are rx-p.-cted
at ibid j;nt in n few $s ye.
To tjiifl time with a single exeentlon, thf J".
dians formerly, roaming in th ijiyiiddrnw vicinity
of this 'Pos't,. the TFoalpajs apl Talapais, or as
some have it, the'footo'Apachea. have not shown
a hostile disposition, i hat exception was at the
Battle-SnaKja or iTeii Canon, 15 miles north of
here, wliero Captain Chacon, and. some of his
men, riding In adrance of tho Gov srnor'a oscort,
camo sudden upon a smnfl party o f them. The
feavngea i6fnsed to obey the Captain's order to
adcompeny htm to his camp, and undertaking to
run away, (and drawing' knives it is safd.) ww
fired upon, and two of the number JtitlKl. Hie
dar before' m hundretf of the Ifuah f1e had been
at this noet to talk with &uior "WiJMs. aOd haa1Bd jVf,,u U Vm to V.'eav.T diM.
.n t i i. . i t..t.j ' tltfi Kiirinhnnr rod.l if tul t - tha k-m.ibI u:.,.?
slouuv ucnrmi an Knnwieoee oi oieuniiir oi - - -
------- - n -. w
the cuttle ios8 at Canon Hpr?ng, id Tceniber last
They moreover protested on tire ignorance of the
depredations perpotratwi at the mines. They
agreed tc- the propriety )f the Major's, proportion
a. 'Ji. . - f -i4 .a.. ..t:.
io'suooc any one oi inem ueiecteu ui buuiit
gntded Indian, without spirit,
arc not chnrgoide with any
Innnodittte and extensive proriaioii huM K
made tV fur labium tho Territory with pr yr
traveling, aqd mail ?fae1i tie.. At pn at t j
not only imposeiolo to get here, and to v
about cjsept by privt utmrnf.mw niJ at h;-vv
expense, but we an etirely'd-ftiiitent jj n v. r
tary expreeW. mrreuehc lifod n-eari?y
lar, for our ma!l matter.
Several tai h$ hAxUt st i h
etl, with profit to the owinr. A'Hro i
Angeles t?. Fort Vnma. swid t! -tn ti 1
much aeedat), also on fr!n f!.-ra
From Los Alleles or S:,ij Ii.-rM.irBno t:
' 'I.
From Han Francisco to L03 Angeles, tpere aref piora. Their pluck and' audacity ho ono can qu
boat3 and stage3. From the, latter place a stage tj00 pney Ui7Qt We aro sorry to sr.y,
now runs to Lu i'ojon the Colorado, aivl one . 6tealing frdm the ranches, a largo amount
III I II If T Ml r 1 III ill! I. I lllllil. 1' 1 1II1I 1 .L I Uj Uk JL 1.1 - I . . - . , - M
ivaiuauio stoaK. Ki
ma either the new gold-fields, or'theeilver add
copper lodes of the Gila, TucaOn.and Tubac
country may bo reached by pack-auimala or trnim
This travel wiil be likely, to be tlip moat expen
sive incurred by the emigrant as ho must carry
all hi3 provisions with him. , '
Parties coming from the Western States, from
Colorado and New Mexico, can tako stage" to
Mesilla via Santa Fe, aud crosB by paclc animal
or train to Tucson, or from Albuquerque they
can come via the "Whipple route to the new gold
fields. 1 hese routes however aro such as to ro
quire a largo escort and much time, If the atagp
line suomu oe vxwuuvu irujn iuvpjuu uu auwud
or from Albuquerque to, this point,, as proposedf
will be the quickest overland routo to the
Cisco, furnishes, in our judgement, tbo fcioat con-1 outrages lately perpetrated.
venient, economical rfund expeditious method. The Pinal Apaches are entirely different custo-
traori. Their pluck and' audacity ho one
ug wooisey, juq. oi tne
Agua Frla Ranch, -who bad lost 'heavily before,
was oh tho 25. ult. robbed of all ' hi3 stock, some
thirty head, dxceptiftg three' yoke of oxen, abur
ally before the plough. Above fifty of the red
skins rnado a, descent oil tho herd at mid-day and
before tho herders' could alarm the men at the
ranch, succeeded in driving off all the animals
but one or two, which they killed. Immediate
pursuit wo3 impossible, without Neglecting thei
ranch; and Mr. Woolaey, who was with the
Governor, on tho Verde, waa pent for, and re
turned n3 quickly as possible. Ho will organize
a company to Hunt and punish tho thieves, -and
if it!3-as successful ns tho party ho headed dome
weeks since, which slaughtered twenty or more ot
them, he will have a irood reventre. lie is one of
onr most daring and slcillful Indian fighters, and
believes fully, as ho has good reason to, in the
extermination policy
, On Saturday afternoon Messrs Vickroy and
Smith of the lowor Hesidmpa diggings,1' waited
upon Secretary McGorniickJ, with-a- request from
the pooplo of -that district for military' protection.
They reported, that oh Wednsday, a very large
body of Apacbes had ontered tho district and
killed eight of tho miners, live Mexicans and three
Amoricans, and that somo twenty moro were
missing. Tho Secretary immediately solicited
Captain Fishon, commanding in the absence of
There is a wide difference of opinion as to
where the. Capital of tho Territory shall be fixed.
AH that, tho Governor lias to do jn tho matter ib
to appoint a place for tho. meeting of tho first
legislature. It will be for that body to locate
the capital. What place the Governor will dei
innate for the assembling of tho Legislature' wo
do not know. Wo learn that thero is much
feeling at Tucson, because ho did 'not proceed
thereat once, and that at La Fa thore is
lively regret that bis train was not unloaded
jhore. It is not unnatural tfiat both Tuc3on
and La Paz, should want,, tho .firsfc, if not the
permanent, advantages of the government, It
line i demanded. And tlf) another f.r.n IV
San Tternardino to Fort Mohavu d f.-nn thu
fort here, would bo likely to pay. V b
should be run from Tucson thronuh thi P
villages, the weaver, Jleiinmpn a:ul u lur
diggings, to this post, and wt should have ht?
communication from hero to tho Kio Gr.n;d,
Zuni and Fort Wlngato, by tho Whipple um,
or a mom dinct one'. AH of theso routes str i
tronized from tho start. They shoold all b" de
clared mail routes. It is dim to th Territ n) ,
and its rapidly increasing popnlation, tint the r-1
miiiiiiiii in li. iii2 ji niiiiciriir: tmk ii imi'I'N'.h.'ii v i - mi
1,1 II' IM1I L III L11EJ IfUl 121 JlIllLillL. in MlViHl II "A
( o- - , o o '
inafl facilfcieB
niii.il ... .lu . . . . i .... sj . itu i.i it:uiTi i . a i.iztfii : . i
" u i j
"era miL'ht reach Tucson or this txifetfrom iis An
r : p , , i j
geles, or JSan Bernadino, in from five to six day
while from the Kio Grande, with the establish-
insnl. nf nnBtk.'tbftv iriiltd nm i nnvpn nr nirriiP
days, and wo should at onco bo put in communi
niiiAn f.vift Vv Huf nn rAMl1 Oil ft ri 4- vitlttnti
t r iv r l u . riirnnriiT in w n n 'i iiinirAim v v irnnr wr
. rf - - A '
j m dou'it that they will unitedly, nnd is a mistake, howoyer, fof Vt?$ citizens of either
uutaa tucte uistrumeiital ia bringing it j of those places to BUpposft lkfj their intore3ts
nrntoe necjlectrd bvQausj ibts Governor has
Tiik Oeksus. M. B: Buffiold, Ksq r, S . Mar
with 0. D. PostonEaq, Snperintendantof India!
Affairs for tho Territory, on tho 15th of January
They came from tho States by way of San Fran
n .1 a r mm A nHnlno ntwl W t V"..hnn f I '1 1 inn.
iiamnfl n1 'w (Inmnnnv fl llm 1 aK 'nlilrtrn!
f'nt'nlfw "VnliiifnM. Can't-. .-Inrhnm Mnrflli:
jjuiueiu urriTuu ui j? oru v uippio on mo iiu n
and returned to I ucs6n on tho 5th instant. I
has received all necessary instructions about tal
ing tho Consus, and has appointed Itov. H .
Read his assistant in tho Fort Whipple, Goo
. iir it. tt " i nr ... t f .
Tiu, v uiKur, 'iit'siinnpu aim ouver uisi-
and Charles A. Phillips in tho- Colorado It-
ir nrii 1 1 it t-r t ir . a
iuajor vv.juist to seuu a lorco to tno j iesiampai;ui3iricu. jio win mmseii tane tno souiuern t.
and at night-fallr by order of tho Captain, twentf trict, embracing Tucson, Tubac etc, Tho rotu
ot uaptaiuiiiiicncrs fttissouri volunteers were, aro to bo llled with the Governor fov or betore
upon, tho row), Mjesrs A'ickroy and Smilh' first of April ensuUfe

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