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Arizona miner. [volume] (Fort Whipple, Ariz.) 1864-1868, July 06, 1864, Image 1

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Tisdalb A. Hand, "The Gold of that Land is good." t Publisher
. . ' '
a.Mi , ii m. n. o ,.,., , -, - ' 11 1 " " ' , i H ,m hot i , , ,, ,. .. i
T. A. EA.WD, PultliAhOr. "'
Payable in ad vauocf wlthpix.i OBBtioa-rrr; . ;
For one year - - - . , - - $,00
For hIx mouths - - - ' 3,00
For three months - 150"
Single copies - , - - , ; iW
A sonare cnuals ten Hugh of this letter. One
I Square or lesn, one insertion, '2,00. Each subsequent
HtiHf.rtion. j1.UU. "Jue square siiuiuiuk mice
Rwmitlm. fi.no. For i.T morithn. S10.00. For one
lyear $15,00 and at the same rates for larger quantities.
First Judicial District of the Territory
of Arizona, In Admirality.
Whkreas, a libel of information has been filed
Rn the District Court of the United States, with
fin and for the first Judicial District of tho Turri-
Itorv of Arizona, on the 0th dnv of June, a. d
11804., by Almou ;age. Attorney ol the United
er8BtatP3, lor said Di?tnct, against a house and lot,
of that'day, if tho same be a day of jurisdiction
(otherwise tho next day of jurisdiction tkoroalter,
than find thero to interpose a claim for tho same
and to mak their allegations in that behalf.
M arshal U. S., Territory of Arizona,
A. Gaok, 0. S. Attorney,
1804. n7-vi .
First Judicial District of the Territory 1
of -Arizona, In Admirality. f
Whkkf.as, u libel of information has been filed
in the District Court of the United States, with
in and for the First Judicial District of the Tor
ritory of Arizona, on the Gth day of June, a. n.,
18G4, by Almon Gage, Attorney of tho United
States, for said Territory, against a piece of land,
bounded on the north, by lauds ot lietueia ra
checo : on the east, by lands of Salino Leon, on
the south by the lands of MaguU Paeheco and
Salino Leon ; on the west, by lands of Francis
Romano, also against a piece of lanu uouuued
on the north, bv lauds of Joaqien Tellua; on the
east, by the Acequia Madre Primera ; on the
south by land3 of Francifcco G. Terrano; on the
(3 Of
iiuuted in the town of Tucson, in said District,
near tho east end ot the Plaza, belonging to Pal
tntme Kouinson, as conuscalea to tno uniiea
Stated, for violation of tho luwa of the United
Jtatus. approved August 0th, 1 801, and July
17. 1862.
N'ow, thiofor, in pnrea.'ico of the monition
Snd attchment under tlm scnl of said 'ourt. to
i dirwtoit and delivered, I do hereby gi?e ptib-
fc notice to all porsoo dDtouncid nvavttUns,
jSnds .nd tttiieinootA, or any pisrti tiiwwf, or knovv-
aj? or having anything u --ay why the same-
west bv lands of Salino I
ilaO ITlguinst Q
house and lot. situated on Mission street, in the
town of Tucson, said pieces of land bein'' owned
by F. A Nevii, aa confiscated to the United
States, for violation of the laws of tho United
Suites, approved August Gth, 1801, and July
17. 1802.
Now, therefore, in pnrsaanco of the monition
and attachment under the 2jhI or said court, to
me directed and delivered, 1 do horaby giv pub
lic notice to all persona chiiraiog said prpf&iteee.
lands aud tanemeiils on cay part thsjrwf, or kao
itif; or having ayUig to sy why tha fiamo
fihuuM not t. cuod&musd and sold irarsnant to
Mi - dd not bu coudemntKf and eold pursuant to iur ui u u, iu l-
v'enPe praver of sid libel nd that thev be and an- nerore uie win wmi, w oeuw a lJ'f .
h0Ifear before tho said court, to bo held in thu town' W ln m ftnd fr tne rim Jadicial Dtnct,
iiciti v... ; ...wi j?irt iru.) n?wtri if the I erntory of Arizona, on the last luesday
, . Iff the Territory of Arizona, on tho last Tuesday K (clobf l?rc4t' ai 10 .chikt ,n ?e fore-noon
lv,nr October. 1804. at 1 0 o'clock in the fore-noon of that chiy, tl tn same ue n day or jurisdiction
t finir i nit r i n etiNn nA n i o i 1 1 1 nirunni rtn . ..v j w"j
then and there to interpie a claim for the same,
's,SJShd to make thr allegations in that behalf.
Mare'nal U. S., Territory of Arizona.
A. Gaok, U. S. Attorney.
1SC1 n7-vl
then and there to interpose a claim fyr tho samo,
and to make their allegations :n that behalf.
Marshal U. S.. Territory of Arizona.
A. Gaok, U. S. Attorney.
1801. u7-vl.
IjIIJEL. notice.
CotirW Firs jn.lu.tHl Ui.si.nct of the Territory )
hall jm of Arizona, In Admiralty. J"
WViiKREAB, a libel of information has been filed
t titnu District Court of the United States, with
t fmand for the First Judicial District of tho Ter-
riT if A ri'nnn rn in fttll Anv if .llini A . IV.
1 I'll V1IV W V I v. w ' " .
peK-TfiitJ U.t A 1 f thr FTnif nrl
iictnc-ry.pg ior gtli( District, azuinst one undivided
:t fcl,llt.Slf interest, in u house and lot on the north side
1!0 r5ttho Plaza, in tho town of Tucson ; bounded
Koiitli. bv t hn (a An In Gaudia : on tho
for fcai3t, by tho property of Pedro Puueeroy ; on the
' vOrth, by the property of Manuel Ortara ; on the
to ctbmt, by property of -George F. Hooper ; also
Jicumst ono undivided fourth interest in a house
;. 9l. . ifd lot, in the town of Tucson, known as tho
(),8l.r.K'ferland Mail and Buckley Honse, situated on
;nm"Csllo del Cano ; also ono undivided half Interest
' .. e ilfa house and lot situated on tho east side of
'"J. Jtain street in tho town of Tucson, and south ol
1 sl!tn?ot that intersects main street, tho naino of
wfcich street is unknown : nl30 against ono un
iVINt dividpfl linlf inf-jnRt in n ninno nf lnrl nnnr t.liH
Kww w ... , - -
town of Tucson ; bounded on tho north by the
FialGS of Guillismo Felhs,and Jesua Maria Ortes
&Sthe cast by the fields of Rafael Saus and Juan
IBlias ; on tho south by the fields of Francisco
ueiua ; on mo west uy tno Acequia .laaio, sau
trids beino; owned bv G. IT. Uurv, as forfeited
rz-in-nTCiakl conhscated to thn UnilRtl States, tor a vio a
revorKyfeti of the laws of tho United States, approved
f T)rovii&gust Otli, i801,--nnd July 17th, 1802.
KNow, thereforo, in pur&uuneo of the mouition
KH. W attachment under tho Benl of said court to
. Vol'S'Sidi rooted and delivered, I do herebr give pub
jggotice to all persons claiming said premises
- - RJi8 n" tenements, or any part thereof, or Know
(ligpr having, anything to say why tho saino
ffihl not' bo CQncJomned, and sold pursuant to
. and afthfmrayer of'said libel, and that thov, ba and ap-
o afcS2) fi1befor(r thdenid ourt to be hold in the town
$U0 ijfflgjwoti, In and for thu First ndiaiiil DlatdQt
'IVrnuiltlte Territon of Arizona, on th ktt TuesrJay
.... . - . . '
ulto.'uponar, 1864. at 10 o'clock in Uio fore-noon
First Judicial District of the Territory I
of Arizona, In Admirality. f
Wiierkah, a libel of information, has been
filed in the District Court of the United States,
within and for the First Judicial District of tho
territory of Arizona, on the Gth day of June, a.
i)., 180L, by Almon Gage, Attorney of the
United States, for said District, against a house
and lot, situated on the south side ol tho Plaza,
n the town of Tucson, and numbered 98 on a
man of said town made by Major D. Kurgussou
owned by Charles Sower, as confiscated to tho
United Stato3. for violation of tho laws of the
United States, approved August Gth, 1801,-
and July 17. 18G2.
Now, therefore, in pursuance of tho monition
and attachment under the seal of said court, to
ma directed and delivereb. I do hereby give pub
lie notico to all persons claiming said premises
lands and tenements, on any part thereof, or know
tmr or having anything to say why the eamo
should not ba condemned ana sold pursuant to
the prayer of said libel, and that they be, ana
annear be oro tho saul court to bo bold in tne
town of Tucson, in and lor the lnrst Judicin
District of the Territory of Arizona, on the las
Tuosdav of October 1804, at 10 o'clock in the
fore-noon of that day, if tho same bo a day o
jurisdiction, (otherwise tho next day of jurisdic
. II Pa. 1 1. .. .1 it... ... ..
lion lliercauer.j uiuu mm twin iu uuurpusi; u
claim for tho same, and to mako their allegations
in that behalf.
Marshal U. S. Territory of Arizona.
A. Gaor. U. S. Attorney. ,
18G4 n7-vl
Fort Winoats, N. M., May 10th, 1804.
Dhah Mi.sEnt I loft Fort Whipplo on the
Uth April last in company with Col. Chavez
and train, and arrived at this Pot, on yesterday
the 9th ltif-t. Wo pased over the now route or
cut-off, which wo found entirely practicable.
This route is well supplied with wood, water and
gras3 ; it passes over a country much better
adapted for agricultural purposes than that
through which tho old road runs around by the
San Francisco Mountain. I wa3 most agreeably
disappointed in the character of this portion of
our Territory. It will compare favorably with
mountain districts in tho old btate3. .New
Hampshire men and Vermonters would be glad
to occupy and cultivate ranches scattered all
along thiu new route. There are some moun
tain passes which would require a comparatively
small (expenditure of money, to render entirely
practicable for trams going west. Woolseys
pass, the first which we encountered, is a deep
canon leading into tho valley of the Rio Verde,
about foui miles from the river. This cafion
though deep is not precipitous, as " Hell Canon''
e, on the old road, and a road can bo made to
wind around the mountain, makiog the ascent
gradual, so that loaded trains can travel over it
with little difficulty, this pas i3 about eighteen
miles from Woolsey'a ranch. The only other
canon or pass worthy of note in this connection
is Cedar pass, distant about thirty-five miles from
the Colorado Chiquito, the ascent here can be
made easy for the heaviest trains with little labor.
These are the only canons on the entire route
... . . ti
wuicn woom give irams going west any uouoie.
A noiiedabki feature of this ctit-ott is that the
road over which we panned is generally ascend
ing and most difScolt Koinir fe&t Trams raturn-
m to the State are generally unloaded, and
therefore can pans over the most, parte of the road
more easily. The money said to bve been ex
pend wl bv Blo on the old road, honestly end
faithfully laid oot oa t&e new. would make it
much the boat, leaving out of view the shortened
The valley surrounding Lake Carleton is beau-
iful and picturesque, a number of ranches can be
made in thia vicinity ; in fact a3 far as the eye
could reach, this valley seemed to extend in a
southerly direction, affording an agricultural re
gion aufhcientlv extensive for a large colony to
settle on. as soon as General Carleton success-
uilv carries into execution, bis General order
No. 12. nnd the Anaches are driven oat Luke
Carleton is in form or shape an elipse, its diraen
Mons about three-fourths of a mile by ono half
mile, abounding in duck and fish :I had no oppor
tunity of ascertaining the present depth of water
the water marks indicate a rise of from three to
bur feet. The bluffs surround the lako in the
orm of an amphitheatre, rising to the highth of
about seventy-five feet. This little inland sea is
about thirty miles east of the Rio Verde. If it
was about thirty miles west of that stream,
would greatly favor it as tho place for calling the
first Legislature of Arizona together.
The time consumed in passing over this new
route, and reaching this Post woe much greater
than was expected, from two causes : first, the
broken down stock of the traipt second, after wc
had, us we supposed, entered the valley of the
Colorado Lhiaut? and nothing in the way to im
pede our further progress, v struwc an invisi
ble cafion, about one hundred and fifty feet deep
and two hundred feet wide, with perpendicular
Will bo re-opened July 15th.
LYNX QbKEfc, v r . AteOJU
Board, per day, $2,00 per week, $10,50.
picked itien and mules, to explore the route b
yond tho point tvhere he had previously gons,
tntendtng to go to the Colorado uhiqttKo and
iolect the bet ground for our train to bratek the
road, but the mules gave pot the first day, and
he aJbandonl tho idea of going in advance, be
yond a few miles each day. to r.hoose the ground
for the new track. Although his unwearied
efforts were not crowned with complete success,
which they deserved, yet the practicability of a
good wagon road, on or near the route over
which we passed, has been demonstrated, saving
from seventy to ninety mile3 distunce.
The season east of the Verde was more ad
vanced than at Lort Whipple. The ground was
covered with an almost infinite variety of flower3
in full bloom. The cacti, in great variety, was
also in full bloom, some of which are very beau
tiful, ihe grass was greener and thicker on tho
ground than at your Post, or than we found after
crossing tho Colorado Chiquito.
The greatest distance we travelled without
water was from Cedar gap to the Colorado, about
thirty-nvo miles in.a direct line, i his region is
the most sandy ,dry and barren of the entire route,
yet there are portions of it covered with dense
forests ot cedar. J he water we found at Cedar
gap wo named Cedar tank. It appeared to be
as permaaent as tne water at Oonino Caves on
the old load, being similar in all respects.
I he scenery on this route in many places, 18
grand and impressing, the bluffs presenting almost
every hue and color and form and shape, from
the most shapeless to the most perfect symmetry
far exceeding anything I observed on the AVhip
pie road.
This Post fully sustains ) ts wdl earned reputa
tion for wind and dost Its precise locality was
very definitely fixed, far in the di-tance, as wo
approached, by the clouds of da. t rising and
sweeping over tho valley with its wontru fury.
At Agua rn& we bad a snovy. storm on the 9tlt
tnst. that would have ookc no dtscroait to
December, making very appurent the truth that
December may be as pleasant as May, a3 the old
hymn goes. Sitting by the fire the last ten days
ias not been, an uncomfortable position.
I am under many obligations to Col. Chavez
or his uuiform couite?y and kindness on the route,
nd the facilities which he has kindly afforded
me by which I am enabled to reach Santa Fc in
ime to take the next etage to the btates. 11 is
unpretentious manner and gentlemanly bearing
in his intercourse w-ith tho common soldier and
other government employees, make him popular
wtlh oil, and 1 believe there are none who would
not rejoice to har of his promotion to the rank, ,
the title of which is now so universally accorded
nm. I take this opportunity al30 to tender my
thanks to Major Chacon, who has been recently
iromoted, Capt, bhaw, and the other officers of
.his Post, for their kindness and hospitality ex
tended to mo during my brief stay here.
W. F. T.
walls of natural masonry. This obstacle com
pelled us to travel directly north about eight
miles before wo found a crossing. The wa'ter
question became one of most nbsorbing interes
to man and beast, and reudeied it necessary to
stnko lor tho river at the nearest point, wmeh
brought ub out a few miles abpve where we left
that stream last winter, instead of at the place
where tho Whipplo road first touches it going
wost. But for this cafion, wo would have
reached tho little Colorado si or near the cross
The general course wo travelled was north east,
which direction Col. Chavez was induced to fol
low from a red dotted line in Floyd's Map, and
from another reason, lie is now convinced, as
am also, that a more easterly course must be
x..l i ' i I f . t . x. t . . .
LHKcn irom me suiriing,poiui,,uior near tno mines,
to corao out. at the point whoro the Whipplo road
first strikes the Colorado Chiquito and to save tho
greatest distance. I am of tho opinion, from
what I observed of tho country south-easterly o
the line over which wo passed, that a better road
will bo found by taking a more ' easterly course
from tho starting point, and tho distance greatly
shortened. . :. . 4
uoi. Chavez labored inuefatlgabJy to mako tnta
now route a success.
pKKVisn Men. Peevish men are always un
just, always exacting, always dissatisfied. They
claim everything of others, and their best cfibrta
are received wiih petulance and disdain. Such
men, too, complain of being ill-treated by their
fellows. Ill treated 1 the mildness of on angel
and tho patience of a saint could not treat these
sour-tempered people in a manner that could
atisfy them. Ihe habit of peevishness grows
upon a person until it rendera him wholly inca
pable of conferring happiness upon others, it
distorts the imagination, and disorders the mind
so that truth cannot be distinguished from
falsehood, or friendship from enmity. It is tho
one great source of envy and discontent, poisoning
the fountain of life nnd scattering rum and deso
lation on overy side. Those who occupy their
minds about anything serviceable; to those who
are around them are seldom peevish. It is only
those who teed a disordered fancy with self-gen-erated
fiction that become misanthropic or
grumblers. Then incessant fault-finding arises,
which is as annoying as it is unjust. Did peevish
people know, or could they 'eel, tho effect of
their reproaches on others, those reproachos
would never have been made. But the possessor
of a peevish turn of mind thinks of nothing hut
himoolf. For others he cares nothing, and while
he claims the greatest 'deference for himself, he
will not defer to others in the slighost dogreo.
Those who find themselves affected by peevishness
should banish the feeling at ones, for while it
continues they are totally unfit for anything.
Thjc average attendanco of pupils, upon, tb
public schools of Washington during tttfr'.
year was 3.051. Thn total axpendftafji for
Kniwirt rtf tho iHihllft schools of Pbik3aloura is
Ho started ahead with sixf yM $773,?'

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