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'The Gold of that Land !i good.'
Aoknts. WilUdin T. Osborne, Tricaon ; CharlcB A.
Phillips. La Paz ; A. M Hunt, Santa Pc ; William II.
Tobey, San Francisco.
jv nr niinaa and minora, AT man who has
ifo years struggled to attract Jbo attention of
government to this long-neglected region, afift
who was in any degree instrumental in securing
its organization ; who when it was not safe for a
white man to live here, came hero and inveBted
his money, and had persistently endeavorod io
convince the world (ovon at his own pecuniary
loss.) of our vast mineral resources, has positive
claims to our confidence and honors.
If such a candidate be in the field, thongh ho
bo not demonstrative, though he has not time to
take overy elector by the button-hole and fill his
ears with some portentious promise, though he
There is a difference of opinion n3 to the best
route from the Weaver and Wulkor mines to the
Colorado river, and so to California. The want has not been a professed politician for a score of
ot water is, we four, likely to become an 'inauper years, and an unsuccessful aspirant for overy
able objection to. too Khrenberg road, from office in the calepdar, and in a dozen States and
eaver to La Paz. Thus far all efforts to se- Territories, the chances are ten to one, tbut if
cure wells have failed. The eiponso of sinking elected, he will do us good where the other could
artesian wells is such an to make it improbable but effect our injury : that his quiet, unostenta-
that they wiil soon be tried, although many pre- tioiw ways will command an influence and sue-.
diet their success. The routo is a direct, and in cess in Congress which no amount of bombast
all but water, an exceedin'lv pood one. Itlnnri Hnhnn. on the nart. nf n nnHMrnl hnMv- nnA
, J C3 , t J. mvmsr J-"' w h w a w W Ik f K VVIV4
isHouUl not be abandoned saving from positive possibly achieve. The poorest wheel of a car
neeeesity. ril,rre i3 always the one that makes tho most
The road to Fort Mohave is conceded to be noise."
with slight exceptions an excellent one, well ; . , .
supplied with water, wood and grass. Tho cost THE LEGISLATURE.
of making it of easy passage for wagons is renre- et7 importaut questions will come' before
sented as likely to bo very small. The connect- tm3 body ; questions, the decision of which must
iug road from Mohave .toSan Bernardino and nfact the Territory through aU time. It were
3 .os Angeles, is sain to he the best from the Col criminal to allow weak and irresponsible men to
orado westward. It, follows the Mohavo river, he elected. Nothing will excuse inatteution on
and i-j overy where well furnished with the rcqui the part of tho people to tho character and
.sites for travel, while the sand i3 not so bud as worthiness of those persons for whom their votes
lower down upon-the desert. On this road, as are cast. A little care, a little labor, will give us
upon that from 1a Paz, there are stations, with a Legislature of capacity and integrity, and of
accommodations for man and beast, at 'intervals which we may bo proud. With such a body of
not exceeding forty miles. law.makers,our government may be speedily and
I he trail from hero bv William's Fotk as here- firmly established; our various interests well
tofore known ha? been considered impassable for and satisfactorily guarded. It is of the first im
wagons bnt Messrs. Lount, Noves, and the uortancv that the beeinnini? should be riht. Let
gentlemen who lately accompanied them from us see to it then that regardless of partisan
La Paz, have found a way, somewhat north of the lines, and in sincero eagerness to promoto the
Fork, by which the distance from Prescott to the success of our new country, we bring forward
Colorado will not exceed 115 mile, and over and elect duly tho best men those who will
which, with the expenditure of a little labor, the prove faithful under all circumstances, who will
heaviest trains can be taken. So confident arc study tho public good and ignore personal preju
they of the feasibility of tho road, that they are dices and considerations
determined to bring their saw and quartz mill by
it, nnd have returned, with Mr. Benedict, to Fai.sk Hkpobtb. We learn by letter to the
make the required improvements. Secretary, from W. G. Still, Esq., postmaster at
J hese three routes, briefly described, may all, Loa Angeles, that the derogatory reports which
Tha brief allusion to the recent splendid fight
of As8't Inspector General Davis with tho Gila
Apaches, in our lasE, was to have boon followed
by extracts from his letters and those of Mr. A.
Lyon to tho Governor, in our present, issue, but
a3 wo now havo tho Colonel's official report to
tho General commanding, in tho Santa Fo Ga
zette, of June 18, we take from that, sincerely ru
grettiug that our limited space will not permit
our giving it in full :
From hero (Tuloroso Oroekl I moved down
the Gila to near the mouth of the San Carlos
river some twenty-five miles ; after eight, miles,
the valley of the Gila was much narrowor and not
as good as above, though in detached places there
were some fine bottom flats or slopes ; encamped
in low hills which colno to the river ; grass very
good ; the next day, examined a portion of the
valley of tho San Carlos : at nfrjht marched with
a part of the command some ten miles up this
valley, and surprised partially two Indian ranch
erias : killed three and took four prisoners, three
ot whom were children ; their dog gave warning
of our approach ; destroyed a number of fields of
corn, wheat and beans, with a variety of articles
found in tho rancherias.
ft -6fr . '
From hero I marched in a south-east direction
nnd nine miles from my last camp, two miles
above the mrulh of San Carlos river, 1 entered
the bi: canon on the Gila, down which I followed
eiiht or ten miles, crossing the river often, and
encamped in an arroyo canon n short distance
from the Gila, where I found water and a little
grass ; from this camp I left at 9 1-2 p. m., and
crossed tho high " Mescal Mountains, in the
Chiricahua Jftauge, the slopes of which wore long,
steep and stoney. with a part of my command to
surprise and attack some rancherias I learned
were there, and after a hard night's march, di
viding my force, oue under Captain Tidball, the
other under Captain Uurkett, wo surprised and
Our Quaktz Lodm. The latest roturns from
specimens of gold and silver rook sent to San
Francisco from, the lodes hereabouts, aro even
more favorable than those beforo recoivod. Wo-
lenrn, that a collection of specimens from seven
lodes taken hence by a gentlomnn who loft in the-
winter, woro pronounced by tho assayera at the
mint, to bo finer than any equal quantity ofsur
faco rock ever Been from tho Washoe region.
Tho indications from tho lodes upon which shafts
havo been sunk, nro highly encouraging. Tha
"Benedict" and Ilassayampa " silver lodes, upon
which considerable work hnB been' done, are
yielding somo exceedingly rich - rock, and speci
mens from tho " Chase," tho " Albany," tho ' -Native
American," tho "Julia," tho McDougal,"
and other well-known lodes, aro full of promise.
The lodes er.o not only largo and well defined, but,
with few exceptions, encased in a foreign rock,
which is, wo believe, an excellent indication.
.Moreover they nro admirably situated for work- i
ing, being in a region heavily wooded, well wa-
tered, and favored with a climate which rondcrs
labor agreeable at all seasons of the year. With
out detracting from the merits of others, wo bo- j
lievo it to be the impression of experienced nnd f
impartial tniuers, who have examined them, that jj
that the " Benedict " and Ilassayampa " lodes i
will alone, if properly worked, insure the lasting J
t.!.1 "1 , . ... R
prosperity oi mis uisinct. Jti every test, but tile, g
crushing of large quantities of the ore, for which I
there is yet no machinery at hand, as well as in
sizo and in position, they are quite up to tho
standard of first-class ledges, and far in udvanco
of many of great notoriety in tho New York and
$an Francisco markets.
Col. Chavkz" Rkport. - Seven eolumus of 5
i the Santa Fe Gazetto of June ly are occupied j
we' believe, be made entirely practicable for gen- were bo freely circulated in California duriug the
oral travel, and thu3 from a state of comparative spring, by :tht returned adventurers from
inaccessibility wo shall find this central and here, havo lmd their day, and that there is a
promising part of tho Territory placed in easy growing interest and confidence in the Territory.
und direct communication with Colorado River, Perhaps no one of tho Territories has been so services ; he was kept back a'ainst his will and
and with California, whence rao3t of our supplies shamefully misrepresented as Arizona. Not wish. Two very distinguished chiefs were killed
attacked the Indians at daybreak, killing forty- jv.itj, Col Chm t of h JmmMnent3 fro
nine, and with same taken the duv previous cap-! . . r ,. .
turintr sixteen nriaonoM. besides manv morn that I time of his leaving the Jiio Grande, wi
were wounded, some of whom were trailed by lovornor (Goodwin and party, in December last, jjS
their blood. Destroyed several field? of corn j to tho date of hia recent return. H is an inter- X'
and wheat ; a largo quantity of mescal was taken Jesting paper, but of course too long for our fdiort S
. , . ' ,' V , icoiumns. i no uuionei nas uone much to invito
tiotis. and a considerable destroyed: one mulei .. ,. , ... . , .
mi f,.r Tu, i,nN. waM 1,1-nn . t.L ,..v.;J "tteiitiou to our terra incognita," and as he is
one double-barrelled shot gun, one Colt's pistol,10 accompany ,apt. Anderson and tho company g:
two saddles, two pairs of fine saddle bags, and of regulars to be stationed at Foit Whipple, to fl
5?bb0 in gold, wore also captured, with some am-jshow them the u cut-off," ho will probably make
munition, and u variety of other articles, hides ruad nn cutir0 snccoa3f as tJl0 delavd letter ld
skins, etc. und the rancherias with much stufli,.P ,r t i- . 1
ft pleasure to speak of tho coods!'1 ,l,ay bo wit, a slight deviation from tho route B,
io troop3 in this affair. Captain taken by the Colonel on his return Horn here, n
It affords mo
conduct of the troop3 in this affair. Captai
Tidball aud Burkett, and Lieut. Slovens, with j Col. Chavez pay3 n high compliment to our 3
their men. are deserving ot much commendation. ! amiable, friend, Lt. Frank 11. Kobinson. and the 3
i .
.Missouri troops.
Lieut. Duttou, who remained iu charge of camp,
which he moved up the noxt morning, is also en
titled to much credit for his active and efficient
Tucson. Tho proceedings of the citizens ofS
l'ucson in forming a mnuicipal government, np-
must come. The improved navigation of the content with pronouncing it a desert, tho most in this engagement, one after being mortally peared in our lust, and in tho present number we
Colorado will doubtless soon crowd the markets mahcions and monstrous stories of our Indian "s a, au u um b. w,u u..ju. a Vrwmumwn appouuing cm:
of La Paz aud the other towns upon the river troubles have been promulgated. Mr. Noyes, I b ; nv holhni fn knnw'thnt
with goods, which, with roads at all passable, who lately arrived here, tells us that he saw a wo struck tho band guilty of killing Messrs. Mills
must bring them to us at a far cheaper rate than letter in Sau Francisco, written from San Diego, and Stevens, and attacking Mr. Butturworth and
they can be supplied from the Rio Grando.de- which asserted that tho Apaches had killed fifty party. Tho captured pistol has Mills' name on
epite the difference in tho currencv. miners in Walker's gulch, and that tho Walker 'lt 5 the shofc gun is identified as that of Mr. Ste-
The interests of tho Colorado country are in- and Weaver mines were wholly deserted. Bnt V T ' T li i i 7 .
vrv.w. vw..w. I tv li n nSMnwl nn flirt hnli uriiapnt moiinf nina
soperablo from those of the Walker and Weaver for the timely interposition of Mr. N. this threatened to kill us all before leaving the canon.
ramo3,andwe hope there will bono delay in precious canard would, have been in print. This loss and destruction of crons is a severe
making communication prompt and satisfactory. Again Mr. K. was. assured by a man who repro- blow to them, and being attacked in their se
No ordinary obstacles should for a moment be sented himself as familiar with tho Territory, eluded and mountainous home where baforo they
allowed to stand in the way of an end so obvi- that there was not a stick of ; timber here lare J,a(1 not been molested by the white man, will, I
ously important to all concerned. enough for a walking stick .and this when Mr.N. F,uuuv;u utJUU uuei. upuu tuvui.
' was purchasing a saw mill, for the coming of Undoubtedly; and Arizona will gratetuliy re-
TIIE BELGGATE. , whicb a v m Q thh wljoe re j : member Col. Davis, Captain Tidball. and all
the election will take place before tho issue h0usly waiting. For tho inventors and vendors concerned in thi3 most telling and successful bo
ot anotner number of the Miner. We havo a of these wilful and cOntemntiblo lies, as well as o,,Dn,mJ of "10 gran(3 Apache campaign of 1864.
word, and but a word, to add to our remarks m those who coollv insist that we have no mineral
i.-i i it . i t i . . i I " I r f .. . n 1 r . ...
xue last- numoer, upon me unponance oi seiecc- wealth worth the naming, wo have no adequate yjK:" u wrani'd purpose io
ingthe right man for Delegate. By this time wor(is 0f condemnation.0 We can assure them mnko a ePeedy cnd of tho wnp in "Virginians
ine people know who are to be candidates, and that wa havo timber fom hfeh if thv rpntnm l,Ke'7 10 be real52ed sooner, perhaps, than heev
tli main, well posted upon their respective hero and aro recounized. thov will probablv ha exPecteU His constant advance in tho lace of
merits. frhoy. can, and wo believe will, distin- danzlimr in mid-air. beforo they can havo time toGVCry dllculty wbiul skill and bravery can cro-
guish the worthy from tho unworthy, the honest swallow their villainous' fabricationa. ate, shows not only hip superiority as a com-
nian from tho charlatan. They will not be hood- ' l' mander, but tho efficiency and high bravery of the
. - ... 9
winked by the conseauential blusterinc? of the t -vr - m..- - forces under Ins command.
' - t o i xuiur i kwk. in' mi lrarv fiYnrnao iinm
demagogue, who bankrupt in everything is eager Tn n,i ti. f.f
to retrieve Ins misfortunes at anybody's expense. LfWnrmn
W W I fc mt w m mm W -f mA M
They will not support tho chumeleou, who
tdl sides of all questions affecting tho interests
tho Territory, who to-day assumes tho character,
authority than had beforo been given to any
VJCIl-1 i I. , - ...
weuurui in ujo uoiu. jreniaps lrom tins itself,
Tho actroiiB fonjjht
officers. Whoso names we havo alnmrlv nrintnrl itifl
j t M
another connection. Wo congratulate the pea-il
pie of tho oldest and best known town in thejj
.'erritory upon their prosperity. All nnprejn-Vj'
iced men who havo lately visited Tucson. EpeakvS'
of it as greatly improved within the last roarii1
Whether made the capital or not its position ii y
such as to always mako it an important centro ofJJ?
trade and population.
; W
Bt tho exertions of the Fourth of July Comff,
mitteu a flae-staff was raised in Prescott. on Ihtim
plaza, on tho 2d inst., and the stars nnd Btripaj
were first thrown to tho breeze on the morninM
of tho Fourth. Tho staff is of nine, and standi
Ltd fnof. nhftvn tlin rrrntinrl -HI
. " -v" D...v.
Col. WooIseys expedition was last heard froi
to tho Governor stating that they had met ol
Indians, and wero going east to the llio PrieU'S
A party bad been sent to Pirao for supplies.
Col. Posto.v addressed tho people of Prescotl
ast evening, and left to-day for Fort Mohar
.... . iiwiisCvi mmui mo lyUllllilUUU
militarv AYnrnsq fenm . . .
wn , t.7.. dur,D& th0 month of -May. ro of themselves, suf-
ticiont to place him in the front rank of military
is on 0.1P ntw,fc rowo fpAm -vr ?D nf r o chief tama. it was no misjudgment on tho part
by teWranh to th nr tNavntM Tni., ' of tbo PresideDfc whon ho Ved Grant at tho
" L uu,,r" l.ool F tkn nrr,,. .,-1 : 1 . .
rlnnf. nlhnif mh.noil,. dnnt IJV nii "cuu wuw u,"Vi"MU uivuatuu Ulin Willi mOl'0
Of a conservative, and to morrow wears the radi- runo lg GQQ;m 6rdnt md ined
jalgarb with equal nonchalance. Xo confidence erai Lee, by a dexterous 'flank movement,
vih iMiif.Kd in miicj ji man. -i mirrnr nr n ...:i.! t , n. . . iuuv uuu oumuu ouuiu oi nnr HiinrnR(i. inr tim
. . . , . , w waa wiuuu Houna oi tuo oeus oi lticumond. t ..t . , , ' v""v
mihtnot, serve us at Washington, just as it Ono report is that a part of hia troops occupied hitherto beenJoo much bureau dicta
pleased him. We should have difficulty in as- Mechanicsville, opposite Richmond. With the t5n 10 roSarU to tho order of marches and tho
aoriaioJng his position, and having learned it, in re-inforcemontR nnntnfl eont im ntl(iti,Bn strategy of battles cannot bo questioned. All
knowing that he would retain it for the next cellenb spirit of tho men, it
twenty-four hours. To accomplish anything at preesion in the Eagt that th
thn Mw.i:l that, is now happily oudod, and we have a Ohio
I tho Confederate capital WhS V-! th.countr' bofides, and
nnld not m mmJa who 13 da,1y onizing victories against rebel-
Washington wo must have a man of character, must soon fall We should not bo surprised to J
of at least ordinary success in life, of known ,ca- have thn nnnnunnnmnnf. u h
namr.v nnn nncttinn u-bnea inlncoafa haKn' Imnn mi.. . i, . ' I
v - p .lUB waiPg'wuB.:iar'are. snch, as to make every Three companies of thn 1 nf Hnlirn; i
"st him enough to giveliim a refeing sense of patriot reioice. and to indi,at. n .J JS
nhatia neBded to the protection and prosperity Ife 0f the W: ' ' ! 1;
... ..f ?j
v...u. 9 ... . 1 1 r. iiiini uvwiiuiu iiomiwiM
'I'ho Lower Hassnyamtia." included in Prf j
cinct No. Three, in tho Third Comncil I)istri j
by my proclamation orderim? an election, dnt
iMay ijoth, a. d., JtJU4, is constituted a Eepari
rrecinct, and numbered Five, m said District.
Tho polls will bo hold at Whito's Ranch, "vY
nut Grovo. Stewart M. Wall. Frank I3ink!
and Frederick Henry, aro nppointed Judges a
Election for said Precinct. ,3
Given under my hand, and tho Seal of j
i nullum, ui i luacoib, iniB ursi aay 01 uiy, i
18G4, and of the In'dependonco of tho Um
tjtmoc ui ixuiuncu tuo oiguty-eigui-n, 1
By the Governor, 1
Secrotary of tho Territory. '

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