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Arizona miner. [volume] (Fort Whipple, Ariz.) 1864-1868, July 20, 1864, Image 3

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The Fourth of July wa3 celebrated at La Par.
Judge AUyn delivered nn oratiou.
Oapt. Paulinb Wkavbu and Mr. Prank TMnkley
arrived here to day from Weaver.
We have Been butonc copy of the tfew Mexlcfin,(San
ta Ke.) since the Minbp waa started, although we have
Bent our paper regularly. Will the publisher take the
hint? We should be glad of back numbers.
Clayton Ralstin, Eq a young lawyer from Illi
nois, arrived here with the ColoradiauB, and will open
an ofllce at an early day. Dr. Clutter, late of the ar
my. who accompanied him here, will also open an
A ILtS bear that la tely a Mexican fitrackarich
deposit off bjll aide, op Lynx Creek, near the trail
from Granite Crce.., whence, by dry washing, he
took forty ounces of gold In apingle day. That will do.
Messrs. Warn: & Noves have their steam grist
mill in full operation at Pimo and aro turning out
large quantities of excellent flour, some of which has
already found its way here, aud more is called for.
Attention is directed to the advertisement of these en.
terpriBlng gentlemen.
Our Mines The Argus, a mining journal, published
at Sau Francisco, speaks thus of our mines :
The mines of Arizona are becoming a recognized
feature. Their abundance and their uneqiiu'cd richness
Burpttss the most sunguiue expectations of all compe
tent judges.
Tub weather is not uncomfortably warm. The fre
quent Bhowers indicate the approach of the rainy sea
son. The nights are cool and exceedingly agreeable.
(There are few places in the Atiautlc States where the
inonth of July 's so pleasant. Wo pympathlze with
our Ewelteriug friends at Tucson and La i'az.
h will
eh t4
General. Can by. formerly in command of the De-
partmeut of New Mexico, aud lately oonnectod with
the war office at Washington, has been mude a Major
General of volunteers, and placed in command of tft
department of Louisiana and Arkansas. Wonder if
the promotion was In view of the General's good nmn
agemcnt 01 the New Mexican battles?
Town Map. Mr. A. P. Waldernar, formerly of Los
AngelcH, who has been Borafe time inPrcscott prepar
ing a map of the town, m laid out by the Commission
ers, has completed his work in a most artistic and
pcriect manner The map will be sent to San Francis
co for the purpose of lithographing, that each pur
chaser of lot may have a copy for filing with his deed.
We are pleased to learn that Mr. Waldemar will remaiu
atPrcscott, and open a surveying aud civil engineer's
office In connection with our esteemed fellow citizen,
Hon. Robert W. Groom, member of the Conucil, elect.
Wb have seen Capt. Benson's report of the scout in
Apacharia, which he lately made with his command,
leaving Fort Whipple on the 6th of June, and return
ing on the 1st of July. It is a well prepared and in
teresting document. Much country was travelled,
several Apaches were killed, and the troops occupied
a number of days in destroying crops. The Captain
speaks thus of tho Big Rump region :
It is rather 'an anomaly to call it a valley. It is in
fact nothlnij more than a succession of low mountains.
broken hills, ridges and ravines, without order or
Express to La pAZ.-Robertson k Co., formerly
of Lynx Creek, have started a semi-monthly Express
to La Paz, to connect with Mr. Grant's express from
there to Los Angeles. By this accommodation our
citizens may send letters and parcels to La Paz in five
days, and to Los Angeles In ten days. We wish the
enterprise all success, and shall hope to receive news
from the States by it quicker than by any other means
of communication. If the proper connections are made
we should have Sau Francisco papers in thirteen days
from the date of publication.
Tub .sketch of Ex-Gov. Gilpin of Colorado, on our
Orst page, muy appropriately beuiu the series of
" Lives of Mouutain Men " proposed some time since.
It was written for an earlier rumber of the Miner, but
has been dela3'ed by a pressure of matter.
Mr. Gilpin is, we are pleased to notice, still devoting
himself to the unbuilding ef Colorado, uuu judging
from the sentiment of the numerous Coloradiaus now
in Prcscott, there li no little regret on the part of the
people of that Territory, that he is not its representa
tive at Wahhingtou rather than Mr. Bennett, whose ex
traordinary conduct in reference to taxing the mines
has excited universal indignation in the Wet. Rumor
hath it thnt Colorado will make Mr Gilpin one of her
first Senators The selection would reflect great cred
it npon the State.
Charles A. Phillips, Esq, was admitted to tho
Arizona bar at the recent terra of the United Statot
District Court in La Paz. Ho is a gentleman of char
acter and intelligence, who hag practiced law in llli
ImoJs. He will follow his profession in La Paz. as hull
ek t
ISaU'd by his card in another column, aud we commend
er uol fKim as derviug success. The Governor has appointed
fir. Phillips a Notary Public.
l, HJTuElaw3 of the Walker and Wickcnburg Mining
li u rtJfpfotrict3 will be found on our fourth puge. Those
at th Ygf the Cerro Colorado District will bo pwUHsbwl in our
i,t tlhfext, alno one of the interesting historical article by
!..'' ..oar estcemeu correspondent ' i,a raz" which wew-
jprct to have oecn compelled to keop back for & mo
jjMeni, The size of our columns must be our apology
. I5,r unr delay m jrMwr our roailur the ImmotHais boo
a Vtwjitof such valuable documents.
.IWk visited Mr. li. E. Farringtoq. of tho Whlpplo
y tlnjvaucj ft few jay3 8ncei nmj found him busily engaged
10 takjj"isating his garden. Mr. F. has about ono acre
jyaUnted with cabbage, melons, etc., which he is Bnp
fpiying with water, by meaus of a pnmp, from Granite
ovprflotjtxik, and also five or six acres of corn, which ho is
, 0 tfrfwltivaUng without irrigation; the corn looked well
.ipfi-vioHs to the rain, and must be growing finely uow.
letora cfSTiff: United States District Court lor the Second
and thfliwirict. was opened at La Paz on the last Tuesday in
iver fro""2' m accor,JfinctJ with Governor's proclama-
" h Jt5il Ju P"Miag. There being no business
lN 0 1 eyond the admission of several lawyorn to practice at
nPPrtfCiftArigona bar, an early adjournment was had. It la
'ommoDthjwght that by the next term, to be held in Novorabor,
ii gunvrP"0 wl11 D0 (luite ttU accumulation of business.
m3 e5PfpSjonoE Berry, of La Paz, has lately favored our
("olor.vJsMctum with Heveral visits. Within a large body he
issued b.n? to carry a large heart, and his good nature is
jteverbial. Jlia political friends on Lynx Crook gave
Jggtja flattering vote for Delegate, and ir it U not
nbS wifc-Sgh t0 ulect 1,lm' we ,,avtJ suUsfttCt" In knowing
"hitenti25jiue 58 rauoh more Reserving of Congresslouat hon
mbcr of lau 80tnc f tno aspirants. He is a self-made and
e that eaf-rWNtly an honcat maiia politician of the old
lossible, tlwal.
on is pafc
annpllcd wsssciiisr anys : "Life would be a perpetual flea-hunt
Crinoi.jni; Company.- The trntoes of Lallah Rookh
Gold. Silver and Copper Wining Society are : Mra. F.
L. Mcdbnry. Mrs. A. M. Gayety. Mrs E. A. Dunbar,
Mrs. Olivo'M. Wells aud lira Sallie M. Brooks ; a ma
jority of whom are citizens of the United StaU-s aud
of tlm tat. Tuoir claims aro located in lu rax
Mining District, Colorado It vcr, Arizona Territory.
Capital stock. $220,000. Their certificate of iucorpor
atiou was filed In the office of the County Clerk yeatur
dHy. Alta California.
V,'e are In luck If the fair oues have confidence iu oar
mines. Wtt wish the trustees of the Lallan Kookh
Coinpauy evory possible fiuccess. If ft bo not pre
mimptoua, we bg the gentlewomen to visit the Terri
tory. They will everywhere be welcomed with open
"The world was sad I the gardon wan a wild !
Aud man. thu hrmit algh'd -till woman smiled 1M
or the reajin were obliged to run down all the inuendoo
nmptioij vrtcities. the insinuations and suspicious, which aro
-"I'" vimvi VI IU 1UOII
VonrlisWtereil airuinst him.
- I.. II. A n'T-m. .
VtVv 'Sller lm8 seldom said a better thing. If a man la
ItAiutii' rsnv, ,, ., . . ... , , ,
f'j-asi 1 coniempmno iimgs wnicu are maue
" ll,z i'uui.ij ijo at an pruumiojjb unu enviauie,
wjil have time for nothing else. Let him pass them
;Wtmnwortuy ot notice, and his s'anderers, learning
i&upoy nave nottnnir to make bv tho r obu.He will
iweir Hitenuon 10 netter Uusiness.
y inform tfi?MfCKSMIT,nN0--Alrfi!ldy wo have several black
nuiUrv.ttu'ifeihoP8 In fall blast, iu Prcscott. One is ad vei
ls of blocjl aother column. Nothing is more indicative
ir new Phowcau prognaw and Industry thuu the merry ring
:rBk HgftMv The " village smithy is usually a worthy
30 and giEKnKre,lwta picture of him is true to nature :
th their h?iv I P. Jlack. and iong;.
'is brow is wet with honest nwit.
BEKDRAj 1 WtllQ earns whate'er he can ;
ciUtOOBNv, fftod Ioo8 the whole worlJ iu the ffcc,
1n t Or D nw nnr anv miin "
Our fnendo abroad will bo glad to kuow all
tho fuoto touuliini; our new und bopfi!l town
Lot ua begin by haying that the name was pre
ferred to Audubon and Grunito City, which had
hmn proposed , because of tho Aztec ineinorials
everywhere existing in this region, and confirming
the conclusions of tho great American historian.
Prescott, as to its former occupation. An es
teemed correspondent of the Mi.vkk, from whom
wa havu several valuable historical commuuica-
tions in reserve had suggesteu that the capital
of tho Territory should bo Aztlun. Without ex
pressing un opimou as to whether Prcscott is,
or is not, to oe mo capital, we turns tho name
preferable, thongh Aztlun would havo been a very
proper designation Tor tho Territory, fur moio
uusy to interpret ano more appropriate, than
Moreover tho compliment to tho memory of
thu illustrious rrescott is well deserved. To
hire ability us a writer and historian, he added all
the qualities which enuobles man. Me wns a
good citizen, a true patriot, and an honor to a
most rnimluble uncetstry. His biography, lately
published in Boston, and a copy of which wo
hope to recoivo at an early du7. abonuds in in
teres ting incidents illtistiative of his genius, his
industry, his perseverance under difficulties, in
cluding the blindness of his later years, his purity
, ...... I. .1! I. I I I
ami nmiuuiuiy ui cuurucier, niiu ins love 01 coun
try,5 which should make us proud to havo his
name associated with a seltloment for which wo
have faith to believe there is to bo a prosperous
Tho town may wo soon say tho citv of
Prescott, is located at a point near to the inter
section of the 34 of latitude, with tho 112" of
longitude. So lately ha3 this region been opened
tliut the existing maps of tho Territory havo it
only in blank.
Tho spot chosen and sin vnynd for tho town
embraces a beautiful mesa of two quarter sections
of land upon Granite Creek, running with the
same for a mile. Tho streets all run with the
cardinal points of the compass, and are nn hun
dred feet wide. Tho squares aro each 325 x 600
feet including an alley of 25 feet runuing length
wise. The lots, saving thosa facing the plaza,
re 50 x 150 feet. Thosa npon tho plBjw, which
is composed of an ontire souare. nro 2RxMR
feet on tho north and south, nnd 25 jc 1 50 feet on
tho east and west sides. Tho land reserved for
the public buildings, should the Legislature be
convened hero, is an entiro souare. aitimtnd nn
the highest point, from which a m-and view of
it. - w .
lue surrounuing couutry can bo had. Th r
square is dirctly connected with tho plaza by a
street called Union Street, which is an hundred
reel wide, and runs through the centre of the
only intervening square. From the oublic nark
a street called Liberty Street, (same widths runs
through the first square, in tho opposite direction,
tliu3 opening the public grounds to access and
view from every quarter.
The other streets of the town aro named either
after persons identified with the former or present
history or this part of tho Territory 'th us those
running north and south, after Gramto Street,
which is upon tho east bank of Granito Creek.
are called, Montezuma, Cortez, Marina, Alarcon,
Coronado, and Whipple, while thosa running
east and west are known as Sheldon, Willis,
Gurley, Goodwin, Carleton, Aubry, Leronx,
Waikor, and Lont streets. Much of the site is
covered with fine pine3, cedars, and live oaks,
which will, in all cases where they do not inter
fere with buildins. ba left undisturbed. The
plaza aud public square could not bo so well
shaded in twenty years by planting. Although
me oea 01 uramte ;rek is dry at many points,
there is at all seasons more or les3 of running
water, and by digging from one to three fr et water
is everywhere to bo had, and of a superior quali
ty. The recent success in weil-digging at Fort
Whipple, leads to the belief that water can be
had anywhere upon the town site, though the
mesa is qnue nigu. it 13 proposed to have a
well in each corner of the nlaza. Tho hure flacr-
sUfj in tho centre,n description of which has been'
ijiven, is one 01 tne uuest sucks ol tho kind.
we have ever seen.
The law under which the town sito was se
lected, and the lots have been disposed of, is a3
follows :
Ax AcTroE Incekasino the Revenue by Reser
vation axo Sale or Towx Sites on Pdbmc Lands.
Be it enacted by the Sei ate and Houbc of Renresen-
tatives of tho United States of America in Conercstf
assembled, That it shall be tho duty of the President
of the United States to reserve from the public lands,
whether surveyed or unsurveyed. town sites on the
shores of harbors, at the junction of rivers, important
poruges, or any natural or prospective centres of
Sec. 2. And be It farther enacted, That when, in the
opiulon of the President the public interests reqnirc
it, it shali be the duty of the Secretary of the Interior
to cause any of wud reservation, or part thereof, to be
Hurveyed into urban or uub nrban lota of suitable size
and to ax by appraisement of disinterested persons
meir cam vaioe, anu to oner tne same lor sale it pub
he outcry to the highest bidder, and thence afterward
to be held subject to sale at nrir entry, uccordm? to
such regulations as the Sccretry of the Interior may
pnrscnoc : rrovjuca ai nu tot uau oe disposed of at
public Kile or private entry for less than the appraised
value thereof : And provided, further, That such gales
shall be conducted by the register and receiver of the
land-oQkc in the district in which nch reservations
may be situated, in accordance with the laws and rules
and instmctiOBS of the department rognlatlng the alcs
of public lands.
Approved March 3, 18C4.
AjS indicated by the resolution? of the meeting
of citizens held on the 30th of May, published
in Mis kr No. 7, it was deemed proper in tile
lack of time to communicate with the President
aud Secretary of the Interior, and in th
of a Kecistei and Receiver of tho Land-office,
Bltl.VLKT, ,
Notary Public,
Second Judicial District,
P-z. Arizona TKRRrrofcr.
Attorney and Councillor at Law,
and Notary Public,
La Pv.z Ariio.vA.
Collections solicited, claims and titles examin
ed, aud abstracts furnished. Powor3 of attorney
drawn, and deeds executed.
Hon. John N. Goodwin, Gov. of Aair.ona, PrencotU
Hon. It. C. McCorrnick, Scc'y do Prescott.
Hon. Coles llashford, Atty Gen'! do Tucson;
Capt. S. O. Post, New York City, K. Yi
La Paz. July 12, 18G4. vln9
LA PAZ," and
July 1, 186-i.
vl n8
Attorney and Councillor at Lawy
If you want the best of bread, pies, or cake,
call at tbo French Bakery, 00 Main Street, be
tween Mier a and Uray s stores.
July 1.1864. nS
And Saloon,
Cool Laser Beer, fine California Wines, and
genuine Ilavanna cigare, constantly on hand.
J5Sfe$- We have also fitted up a convenient
Bath-llouse, with shower-bath, etc.
July 1, 18C1.
Bakery and Coffee Saloon, '
I.OUIS IUEI.Iu.KIt, Proprietor. 41
JES" Fresh bread and pies constantly on hand
aud delivered to any part of the city. Meals at
all hours.
La Paz, July 1,1864. 8
La Paz, -Arkoka.
to designat three cornmbsionera to act both for
the government nnd the people Messrs. Tan 0.
Smith, Hezekiuh Brooks, and Robert W. Groom,
who were cho3nf have performeo their duties
faithfully and well. After .Mr. Uroom had com
pleted the survey of the site they (stlled in three
disinterested persons Messrs. James A. Halstead
o! F3rt Yuma. William b . hcolt of I ucson, and
Charles M, Dorman, who. dividing the lots into
three grades, valued Uiem respectively at 15,
810, and S7.50 each, and the four chief coroer
lot? on the pluza ot S'20 each.
Alrrady, notwithstanding tho scarcity of tools
and of haidware, and the want or a suw-mill, a
dozen fctores and houos are in course of erection.
The Minkr oflice, the ollices of Dr. Seeloy and
Marvin, tho billiard saloon of Mr- John Dickson,
tho storo of Mr. A. Wertheimer, the hotwl of
Mr. Jackson, the restaumut (or Juniper House)
of Mr. Barnard, and the houses of Mr. Mahou
and Mr. White, are well advanced. Others are
contracted for and will be built without delay
At tho two sales, Juti 4th, and July 5th and
Gth, upwards of 512,000 worth of lots were dis
posed of. The prices, names of purchasers, etc.,
will make an articlo tor our next.
and Betail Dealer
Dtj Goods, Groceries
Provisions, Clothing, Paints, Oils,
Drugs and Medicines,
An additiooal election precinct, numbered Ave,
is hereby created in the First Council District.
ban! precinct includes tho hresiml Mining Dis
trict, und tho Cababt Mining Distiict, and vi
cmity. The polls will be held at the store of
Miguel Cordova. Michael Leyden, lgnucio
uuurte, and Pascuulu i eunaco nre hereby ap
pointed Judges of Election for said pretiuct.
Given under my hand and the seal of eaid
Territory, at Prescott, this ninth day of July, a.
d. 1864," and of tho independence of tho United
states of America the eighty ninth.
By tho Governor : .
Ekjharb 0. MCCORMICK,
Secretary of the Territory.
Large assortment of Teadj-made
A full assortment of sheet-iron, copper, and'
zinc, uaruwuro, stoves, una Jstove-wnre, crock
ery, and glass-ware.
Mining tools, etc.. embracing every variety, of
the best munnfacture, always on hand : also.
pumps, lead-pipe. Blacksmiths aud Carpenters'
Having experienced workmen constantly em
ployed in the Manufacture of tin, copper, and.
bras? ware. I am prepared to fill all orders in the
most satisfactory manner, at tho shortest notice.
La Paz, July 1, ISC4. n8
Pima Steam Flour Mill.
Tns Pima Steam Flour Mill being now jn'
successful operation, the subscribers have con
stantly on hand, flour, shorts and bran, for.flWo"gt
fair rates. ' .
Pima Villages, June, 1864. vin9 :
Is given thai tho co-partnership hitherto' psiF.lngi
between tho undersigned and G. H. Viceroy
under tho name and style of " Tho Pioneer II y
draulic Company," id dissolved,
j Prtssiott, Jaly 1, 186. L. S JKNKS

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