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Arizona miner. [volume] (Fort Whipple, Ariz.) 1864-1868, November 23, 1864, Image 6

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Bo it enacted by tho Legislative Assembly of tho
T orritory of Arizona.
Section 1 . The Judge of Probate, tho Sher
iff and tho Recorder of each county now or here
after organized shall con3tituto a board oC com
missioners, to bo known as. the County Com
missioners." They shall uieot annually in their
counties, at the office of the Rocord-
nr fnr thn'f rnnaactiou of business as a board of
county commissioners. They may also hold
Bnocial meetings when necessary
and places as thny may find couven
t m r rnsnective counties, uuu buuii
tn ndiiMiiTi from time to titno as
necessary; Tho anuual-
county treasurer the eaid bourd shall tako the
same piocecdings in regard to tho monies and ef
fects of his office, and the Btatemont and inven
tory thereof ns i3 provided in tho next preceding
Bection, and shall retain tho same to bo delivered
to liia successor as soou ns ho shall have entored
upon tho duties of his office.
.g 8. It shall bo the duly of such board, as of
ten as shall bo necessary, to cause tho court
house, jail and publicoffico3 and buildings ot their
lit m ii tity aii i hi i . to l i ij.mm' .j i . -j -v in-pur
(CeUinUa UOIoru UULII uuuru, ua uivy auuu ui'uiii 'uoi3 uiuivmiuuuii .n-.ju.iv uuu tioowco oucil
i ' ..II ......4 1 rt AMirni Intnnrrno nnf rnnrMtiriAnewft nn ltn iA 11' t
nnr.nsafirv nnd nroner. in all mutters not other
HnoRinllv provided for bv law. 14.. To in
...... -f . .... '
damages, and recoinponso ns thoy may think
nroner to award to the owner or owners of mink
corporato villages, with such powors ua shall bo lauds and premises according to their estates and
"ivun by general law for that purpose. 1ft. To interests therein ; and tho said justice shall, upon
provide suitable saies or vauaa lor uiu uupuanu- mu iuimu ui ou uocuaouiuuo ur veruict, render
ry of tho monies, books, records and papors of judgmout therefor confirming tho samo ; and such
tho several county officers, and of tho clerk of sum or sums so assessed, together with the costs,
the district court. 1G. To appoint n conslnble shall bo paid or tondored before such road shall
bv writing, signed by them, and filed in tho ollico bo laid out, altered or established ns tho case
I IIMIISt.- Hill ill Hi ilUIJUi; UUlbUJ tlju vi.i.v....k.- w. -
. ,w , i. ir n., n nrL mi win n 'nf n vnpftnnv irt minn nmr.n uiuv uu. jl huh i i.iiprnimnn nn nw 11 ivm. d j
counly to. bo . uly rcpaircc! .in,. " r-cr&; om llolri l0 cau80 tho ani(, Uia
at such tunes county; i roviueu, : ihln B ' mninll-slmll tako tho oath used for tho mirnosca aforesaid: Provide . ihnt
iu r,"""""' and gUio bond required by taw before enter- any party eki,ig d,as afore; y
uuu i;uyui ruV..0uuU ... - , , . f . mn . laVO t ie 112 1L to rnmnvnfiiir? i nrnpnn.l tmn t .!,
""r-L ,9.: S!'fr Sr " iliwio TVd Sfty conunhaioUtalricl Court of. the aW. WBty( bFapVcoL
imtiirt nr nntnllfr linnn iriVltlL' nntlP.n ni l)io infnntinn tn 1r or
Monday-of-October iu.each ear.
a 2. Any two of tho officers named in the first sary.
cWn 6f this cliaptfer 'shall constitutb a qnorum 10. J hey shall c
UiG transaction of tho ordinary business of published yearly, imn
nnfiosqiirvr i no anuuiuinuiina ui uibuuhiuui -,r...v. .--4 . uvn (n9in m u
uvww....- rl - . , , ... c .:, f5f, mnntf ff 3 ifir T iin l iiilli-11UT w uuti vu whuhoii "J . ----0 ...v-..v.v.w v.w uw, vi
county cbmihWsionors sliall be on tno sccouu pVecincts within their respective coun-Naid justice, in writing, within ten days after tho
"r """ " ,.; wl,fl, nvnr IrL. A tori itorv s m conUiin rendition ot such verdict and tho udirment thorn.
t ..t Lmonht rtt. mnrn lnrinl vnfnra Hvirnr In nrovihllt.V On a3 aforesaid t and tho n5f1 innfinn Hhnll tvittiin
r-fc f rv in ri 1 1 n rim. i unuiiLV kj l iiiuiu ivui ? vkviui ,,.w-.----. - , . - iMwwawwM f ivuiu
tuuaM uu uu uiuw , , n!- ftrtnf (in. f,nn D11rt, fii i J. .
nnniinl to eacn oiuor, auu au uimuuuu ui uiuiu uiuu Bi.v 'ivuy ouu uutu, uiu u tiauauniju 01
i i ,t.- i lit n ... . . .
aioresaiu, uuly certihed by him,
tho clerk of tho said District
samo proceedings shall thereafter
penditure?, wliich' have such election precinct established, designa- bo had therein ob prescribed by law in other
, nomnn Ar onMi tintr iti some nrorier form the boundaries thereof, cases of appeal : but' in case tho final iudement
Llll. UUilltO Ul lUVII I "n I I . - . - - . . . mr u
r. .i i .. ...ii! n r i. n t i i .
...V....J3V,, " fr" Jnnn nlnimnnf ihn nmnunt claimed and tho amount anil accompanying ino samo ny an ouuino mup 01 ui amu tauiui, v,uuru auiut uut oxceeu mo
the suspension or lemoya from office c annant the tfimtirnrSiiosed to bo included in such damoKes assessed before tho said iustico. at least
ion precinct
the cou-rifcy andali questions which shall arise nt. meeting,. in at least
lediatelv after their
n,,o wnwennnor. Ifthhrn bo m les from any other precinct established by law. me proceeuings
tr .iAt. in enrnn rwnnr 2tl. When annlicatiou shall be made to said in tho oflice of
board bv ei?ht or more of such lejral voters to Court, and the
i . -f 'I. I 1 II I .1 I. . . n MlI I llll f I III 1 llll l'li!l I I 1 1 X I. Ill I'l.l'lllll". Ii 1 1 I j Hl.lillUIIUJ
r l. ..i ia 1 1 rn imrai'rninni nv um :un i i uiiwii uu wi vuw iwww--pi i
JUa .a innr,fi, nn fho rPrtl tn hn ru cct.Gd. and a lull statement of the amount of elect
riofl Th'hv the treasurer's account on tho last settlement, g ,
. ..iv .i ,i ir, .nif . nnrl thfi amount dfificient or balance on hand, as ceding
OIIU11 DIU Itivu J'" " ' I "l lll ,
f nrohato shall ascertain
luuu-uuuu uvmugu. - j o r 1 - , ...
ha.' Chairman OI 'tue Doaru, uuu buuii ntaiuo uu
ed in making tho settlement.
twenty dollars, Hie party appealing shall nay tho
I .... I. ii 7 '
W henover the reijuirements ot the pro- costs occasioned by bucii appeal,
ection shall have been complied with, the 21. For tho purpose of working c
. .1 ! i. . .. l i.ii; . ;: i...:.,
section shall liavo been complied witn.tne $ -si. i'or luo purpose oi womng or repairing
board may grant the application and establish roads, erecting or repairing bridges or culverts,
ho nnirl cnvnml hnnr.ls nf Rountv com- Biicli election precinct : anu u mo appiicauoo wiu buiu uuuiu ia uuruuy uuuionzeu to expenu a
' J. A. M W UMIV WWV-WimvA - J I..-. " Z I 4. I . -
. ' . . . . i ii I i II ! ... F nnw nr tiitfli n m I Hll IY1 nHr nYPnOfiinir nnn Hmnonnfi a nio nnniinlln
mi - - i . i i ... a wi ii Art rvM ritf i im ii i ti ii i im i i ii ii k in ratlin iiiiiit. u l i a lui- wvim uu v vuvuu i ii. uuu liiuuuuu uui uin uiiiiui v.
rrnai t m ss nnnrs kiijiii imv nuwer. uuu liiwv uiu uuiuvt w wwr v- r " i . ... . . J w
m ' nnthnrWnfl nt. finv mnntin" Lhoreof lawfullv held tifiod statement of Ihe action ol said board there- $11. All roads .heretofore opened and used for
i Trt tinrAkfien frtriiiA nso nf fhnponntvanv real unto annexed shall bo filed in tho offico of the public travel for five years, or more, shall bo
JUllt.lltlW.l-- t - J Z- - u .
Every chairman" shall have power to administer
an bath to any person concerning any mutier
Rubmitted' to- the boards or connected with tue
discharge Of their duties ; to issue subpoenas lor
all -meeting of 'the board during the
nres'ont. ' but in caso of his absence fr
meeting the sheriff shall bo temporal y chai
I -1 1. T .A t . .... I n wl tn.wl nf rlnntnnl rlllllll tAnrlt3 IjAM .!! nlinnnonl . K I mm
estato necessary for the site ot any court, uouse, cierK oi auiu uuuiu,umu u vcinucu bwiblucuu m u,vu,u JW.iV iuUj wi uu jjuijjuouo , uuu muy
iail cleik's office or any other public county tho action of said board shall also bo Oled in the be re-ostablished upon survoy, or altered or dis
buiidinsinsuch county. 2. To fix upon and de- office of tho Secretory .of the Territory, and it continued by tho said board,
tcrmine tho site of such buildings, if not previ- shall bo the duty of tho Secietnrv ol tho Terri- to u henever any member of said board is
IVIUIIIIO IUU QIIV. V, U UUU uuuuiu0uj " j.w. I - V t , . I , 1 , r i
i . i tn' ...n ,i. i i I f iiw fr. .mibn I hi. cotiui tn hr iitihliaho.l wit h t MP. I lnLort'SieO lO finv nilPRtinn hplnrn t.hnm tho nnnn.
witKhiftpfe" nnd rOmnol their attendance in tue ousiv locaieu. a. 10 uuuwum mu auiu ur iuua- -v.y w .u- y r ' ,
Sims Snner t coTs of law ing 'of any real estato belonging to such county, laws of tho next LeislaCure, alter the hl.ag ty treasurer may act as a member of said board,
and to prescribe tho modnn which any convey- thereof, in the eamo manner as other laws are and or such purpose shall possess all tho powers
JLS thereof shall bo executed, and to convey published, and the clerk o the board sha pre- and be subject to all the ..abilities or any other
StvOommitt inodoaB they shall determine, tore Imd transmit to tho Secretary c the Tern- member of said board s and in case of tho
pnohofek remove or designate a new site for any tory such certified statement wit Inn twenty absence or inability of the sheriff to servo at any
SUCU Cierk L. AO recoiu Ull uil pruueeuiua o , j , f . ntrthflrtn .,,., ,fl Uv a,.U hnnrrl. of tho inootmrrs n Pnwl hnnnl i in unrlor s irtHfT
ir.lllfj 111 I II II IM 1 II I 111 111 1.1113 ((111 V UUIU WlHil tilkitlUM, w t v. www.. I VMf wuwscm
ol sucn ooara-iu a uootc provmuu .vi JU,; r- Q- - - - - . - . , oelM;.i,ft;i ei,nii r. lll for thn ti,nr i,n,n u mnmun, r
. (b; To ! innko icular entries of all their seats, wnen sucn removal Biiau -not kacocu uie g jjtuij ijiwiuuu u.a ou.. t -..v, v-...b, momiwi ui
i. :Li i AaaLla nn-nn ii nftsiinn. 3 limits of tho village or city at which the county main until akeied or discontinued by said board, board with like powers and liabilities ; and in tho
icauiuwuuo HUU ..uu.u., - w t,. ..'. u.i a, .m.l nf lU navt n.l mi mr I ion. m nftnr eiiph nOSiMlfin or nn i t v nf t 10 rnonrrlnr t a aan-o of.
m .1 t,n aF .nnmhop'nn nnv nun:. seOt n OZatGU. V. IO UUU3U LU UU UlCtLUU LUC itiw uu. viw.v... w.v. . w . . u. .
IU tUO UW Ul uibuiuui -r - S I t It I .lkl;W iUr ntiallHnl ntnn. nmt Cltr I mnat nrte nf oniil Knnnl Utc ,lr,., aUl
i;n.thM (ail n flip hnnrtl if rpnnirpd hv nnv DeCeSSafV bUllUiniTS I0r COUri, HOUaeS, llUlS, ClOlK 8 wuiuw buuii uu uaijiuiiauuu, tuu .v ...wwwuoc ou.u yuuiM, imp uuuv ouui,
UUU ouuumitu vu vw v.-, 1-"-- . -V . , ., - . , ., ,. -. . I t f nfi mi n nl1.w,r,lhn n mfllllhnp lapnn t i L-n nm., nn, IIK'.l
.1,-ki.w.iVrfbpnt A Tn nrpoprvp nnrl fila-l Ar- DEDCeS. ftna OlUer COUCiy 0UUUin?S. anu 10 nrr- wia biiuiwu uw; cicm wu juH.oui uuuu ...vm.w. vuiwwi ri,.o uuu uuun-
r,iS., .Tl That suitable rooms u.av be rented bv such 2 15. No election precinct shall bo considered 24. If any member of said board shall neg-
UUUUf IliaUUl - ui umc, n.uuuu vu.bw, wv,,.wa v. - - f v ; .-.itn f i i.nv nnmMA P(!t nr mfiwo til n..Pr.inii onv nf-tl.ft rlntinb whfch
..II - ( nn a nnc onv nt f in DOam IOf BQCI1 lJUIOOSt'S Ub LUU UUUIJWV oUULS UIJLIl u uuu iuii.-io w. -v.u, ..... r...ww ; -r. .vu- uuviw,
uujr ui uji icau uL i... oiw.h hntirtinms dhnli hp i-ppff1. fi. 'I'o hnrrnw vliulever. nor shall thev havo or oxerciso any are or shall bo required of him by law. as a mem-
expressly given by ber ot the board of county commissioners, with
out just causo therefor, ho shall for each offenco
commissioners of the sevo- forfeit the sum of two hundred dollars.
thi3 Territory are hereby 5 25. The said board may authorize tho sheriff
reward, not ex-
any one case, lor
nroceeuins oi sucu uuuiu, ul ui.v .uh-iuubi iuvh.- i- 0 , - - - - i ,. . -
iwVnrnt.hpr ncrson. unon or raise by tax, upon such county any sum of powers, except, sucn us aro
JilLi. Joisvir't .,mf? FnUr, t lmrpfnr - inionov nocossarv for anv of the nurooses ruon- law.
..",a. rc, nnA,n., choif hp nrirpaTi tionid in this elmntor: Provided. I hat no oreat- i 10. ino ooara ol
uuu auuri dciuucu uiuutcuiuso uun' juuiu iu i - : r--. f - - - - , I . ..
p.r sum tnan Liirdo inousanu aoi ars snail dq oor-nm wuuu' nuuiu
Jl. f f tlitfir.tn aat 1 1
Ula UV UUUVU Ui liUC, lUULUClo nucioiu juuwuii. v. i -- - . -.i i tiii lfit .
Toeriorui such other and further duties as such rowed. in any one year, anu ui an inieresu noc ex- auiuonu uuu vwivhcu iu mjr . .. ' wu-y . uU u
bflard may by resolution require. ceeding ten per centum per annum ; And provi- alter, discontinue, or open, all- Terntoual roads ceeding five hnndred dollars m a
m m -
i . iir ' ri i f iL. a ' Li . 1 1. i rtf iittii liitil rtrif r r nit ft nt i f lift Irt TM flirt nnrtmhnnainn T 'i fnr rrr t nk- tA rf fm
u'M.ihQ books, records and accounts ot uie uuu mnuer, mut uu ui.v upuu uiu m&uuiu jirup- uciv.u v,w,w. ...v. , . rr..v-.wJ. -
board of countv commissioners shall be deposited erty of su;h county shnll in any one year exceed through or within their respective counties, charged with tho commission of a crime, and who
with the recorder and shall be open, without the amount of one dollar and filty cents upon wbenover they may deem.it for tho interest of is at largo, or having been arrested or imprisoned
each, one hundred dollars of the valuation of such the public. uas escaped.
St;flhall ftShftdniyot the cleric to 'designate np-p determined by lawful authoiity. 7. 17. Upon tno peutionoi uvo eieciors, or go. copy ot any proceedings reqoireu oj
on nwfti.i fiPPnnnr. unon which anv Sum sha 1 be N o provide tor ttio payment Ot any loan made by upon ineir own ueraoiipi iusuucuuu, uiu a iu iw w uu uiuu or rccoiura oy iuu ciurK qi kuiu
n'Aotl and allowed bv the board, the amouut them bv tax upon such county, which shall in aii 6ourd of commissioners of any county may wo so board of commissioners, duly certified by such
so 'auuited and allowed, and the charges for cases be within ten years from the date of such the line of any road to bo surveyed and located clerk, snail be deemed and taken to bo prima
f:.i.i- i. .v.:. -... ,.n,,i p loan- K. To tupsoiibft arid fix tho commutation therein, and upon such survey being reported to facia qvidenco of tho contents thereof, in all
i; 1 1 ii 1 1 ill' k;i lilt v n II I I I I I I i .li . - w - --i" - - mw rf I
u7 . . . , i . , r i i 1 1 11 r, ,.: ..1 ....! f ...1 ...1!...-. -.11 .t.i:,. I imi.iI linwl nnt nnnn ifimr nvn mi tint mn nf CilPh I pnnif a ntul nlnpaa r
in ii- oitnii ta tiipT iititv ni snnn nnnrri ni i iui u 1 &e v ueo iuuuuiku iui. auu uuiusl uii uiuiuis inuuu vum, tuu uww.i wmv.. ..v......v.ty.. . , .4. vw .
w " . ' . I X. . . I ' L 'it - i . ...1 !..! . U.tMi. mil minni f llirt t.ill l-r.rrl .Yl O . rljlllnrn J Vl All nVhnnann tn tt i--.l lrr nmi cnlfl
A.,nfn nnmm nnaro f.a nlYpn A3 nnpp in PflPh I tiliuIUdU Ulcll iCcUcULlVti UuUilLIUd. ulJU IUI vllG b'JIIlblOUl wy uuu i uuui u, uiu cuiu uuuiu iiij i.oii.- ' - ba usubcd iuoumku ujr uur ui cum
iLuMuW,wuiullo.u..v-..) uU rr" ,i . . .. .. It i I..I..I -.1 ..i l .i:. It 1 - ...,... i. t rti.t. .1. ull
.fU oo i,ntr mo,r 1 1 ml- Rft fiOinsr.co mav draw ineir order unon tno norm- sucn roao or roaus uuiv miu out, uauiunauuu, uia uuurua, uuuur ino provisions oi mis cimnier. huuu
YBtir, UUU Ul a UUU UbUCl uiuo no uiu; n"j i.ijiiii,i j i - - . Ii i i i i t
tue safety of tne public money requires ic, loox-y muubuiui, mjjuuu hib.h uuukiuuu uuu uuun umiuuuuu, ujicui "i mvw.., .. .. wuu.Uuuu w tuut uuuu,uuu m"
IliUUi IJUl UUIIJil 111 DUViU UCVIUIUUU1. u uuu UkgbllJ l wuiu uuu UUUIWU IUV SuiUUM UIU1UJS an-IUOU
tion ot sucn road or roaus, as descnoeu anu ino samo county.
. .. .1 i 1 a 1 1. . . I n r,l Tl i i f n . i 1. .. 1 1 i . 1
'AaVIo- r, fll-otntpinprff. nf unnh nnnn tint. nnrl wmcn BUCU oruer la UrUWU. y. JO extend aild L'Ulliuiuuu iu urn nui vui ou i ouui ucu tu mem , ouui v .u. juuu uiuiuuui ui oiuu uuuiu wiuu uour
I ri.llllin 1 Ull' J UULU 111 W wuMBawMawwwHa-BHiMw I I
nnuhfeuch examination the county treasurer shall determine by resolution the time in which the roads shall not be less than four nor more than lowed a compensation of three dollars per day for
'pVh'ibit to them all his books and accountSi-ahd sheriff as collector of taxes, ehall make his return six rods in width. his services and expenses in attending tho meet-
lftiie vouchers relatimx to tho same, and shall to the county treasurer: but' such time shall in 18. The proceedings of such board, in laying ings of such board ; and ten cents, lor each mile
tnnrf oil miKiJp mnnipa in 'hialno oasB exceed thii'tv davs from tho timo fixed lout establishinir, discontinuiujr, oponmir, or alter! uuivellcd in iroimr to and returoini? lrom tno
r UlOU CAUiuju aim uuuuu ii l'uullu """" i;-- u . . . . :. . I. . . . . v i .. - f it II- - -f. . . ....... . - i
Tiands belbno'ing'to his ofBceas treasarer. ' by general law ; and in all case3 interest shall be ing any ingtiway, uuuer tno provisions oi mis jyiaco oi sucn meeting, to bo audited ny tue Doaru
RPtflfimp-nh with the chained on all taxes eo extended for the timo chapter, shall be recorded, together with the sur- and paid by the county.
tr l. - - .. ir ,dl uLr fnnh nvfnnoinn 1 ft 'Ve lirppt nnA r.vnv'tAn I vpu thpi'pnf nt full Iftnith. hv t.hn olnrk of Bllfih I 2 9.0 Xntliinfr hproin nnntninnd slinl! nhrtilfrP
treasurer, or upon an CAauiiuiijiuu ui uiu uuuuuuta u ouv,u.vimuowi.. -v i.- nu ivnuv. - j ..w.v.,. -j " ;i & ...0 0
and affairs of hi3 ofilca at nny other tinte, the for the raising of any money which may bo nec- board in a separate book to bo kept for that tho powers or duties of any board of county
Rnid hnnn! of oomm ssionera sha hnd that such eseary to deiray tue contingent
" 'trMfeBMrffia'a lost. used. misdnrJlied. or converted churned of said county, and t
r.;li biA'wh nannhir nf thp nnh in mnniPS. nnnPi-R ea incident tO Or arioinir irom
. . . . . . 1 .1 t ri it ri.. 1 ? 4. If . 1 I 1 MyM(inl lsn t.lnl vr nilill lt. 1-
- orvducliers, which 3ball have come into ins po3Se$- tuoir lawiui auiuoniy; suojecw to umiiauons pre- ruuorua, uuiy uyiu'uuu wbuuuiui ouu uuuiu, uuujnur.
Bionas such treasurer, and they shall be of opinion scribed in this chapter 11. To require any offi- shall bo prima facia evidence of the matters 30. Eaph member
that 'the pubhd interest requires
. A'IlUL ' i .1 il
mediately enter iuio auu
n the monies, books, papers
Jt'nfonerfc- hertainin? to said
ennrl mntrA a timo fiuitpment and inventory there eive such bonds, or further or additional bonds, of any road, may apply to said board for Ins the proper county
o:nt whifth shall, bo filed with the clerk of said as shall bo reasonable or necessary, for the faith- damages therefor, and Eaid board aro hereby 3 31. This act shall tako efiect and be in force
Aboard, and -entered at laro upon their records, ful performance of their respective duties; and authorized to agree upon anu pay sucn person nis irom and utter tuo urat day or January, a. d.
r, immediately suspend any such omcer who shall neglect or retuso to damages ; rroviueu.tno uaraagea ho agruuu upon ibuo. .
expenses and purpose, which buuii uu auojiiuu uu uu uuna w uoiumiaaiouera, or auy meuiuur iiicruui, which
he Efeeessuiy cliarg- inspeotion, by any person itmiduui oi faucii county they may hereaftor possess under any other taw
tho execution of or interested, free from chargo. . CopiC3 of such of this Territory, and not provided for m this
of tho board of connty
i. i ii. -i.-ir.
it, they shall im-leers, wuoso salary or compensation is paid oy too inereiu couiuiuuu m uu uuui wj uuu jjiuul-b m tuia coinmissioners, ooioru uu uuiure upou vuu uuues
f ll I .n.inln f -i rvrnt-n o rnnnrf linrlpp noth tn lliam nn 'IVpritfirtr Iflfllla aHIpp clmll t'lXrp nnil Cllhrnrihn thp nntll nf
, vouchers, effects and any subject or matters connected with the duties 19. Auy person feeling himself aggrieved by ofiico required by law, and shall filo tho eamo Id
office of treasurer, of their ofiices, and to require such othcers to tho laying out, altering, discontinuing, or opening the oOico of the clerk ot tho District uourt oi
Thev shall then, bv -order
jJo? remove such treasurer in their discretion, and make such report, or to givo
such bond within shall not exceed tho sum of one hundred dollars,
frite case of his suspension said board shall imme- ten days after being so required, may be removed to bo paid to any one person.
k"riffet.plv nnnnlnt.flnmoRnitnhlo nprson to disnharpe from office bv such board, and the offico declared 3 20. Whenever it shall becomo
. . . i . .. . l , tt i in i. it. e p.. li.
of treasurer until sucn treasurer bo ro vacaut and sucn ooaru may uu sucn vacancy uer tuo pruviaiuua ui uiu iuui iuau nv,wuw ot-u
lis successor appointed. The person for tho unexpired portion af tho timo for which tions, to enter upon and tako the lands of an;
the duties
tstbrtfdor his
--"Mo-' appointed shall take the oath and givo. tho such officer was elected or appointed ; Provided, person, and in case such owner or owners retuso
bonds required by law of the treasurer, and That if such officer bo tho sheriff, treasurer or re- or fail to agree upon tho compensation to be al
thefeupotf shall possess all the nowcrs, and be corder of the county ho shall not bo removed lowed' nnd paid thorn therefor, it shall bo lawful
tiJfanMMMi.'tft till thn irnhiHt.is. of Pnnli irnncmrflr : and his offico declared vacant except with tho for such board to apply to auy justice of tho peace
Speaker of tho House of Representatives.
President of tho Oouncif.
Approved November 9. 18C4.
.A truo copy of the original on file in my office
XilUuAKU U. iMOUUltOllUiV..
Secretary of the " 'errltory.
"'"V& if Ubon further investigation it shall -aorjear approval of tho District Judge of tho United ot the county to issue a veniro tacuis, directed w
orf'thafc such treasurer had not been cuiltv of usincr. .States, Courts, assigned to hold tho com
losinp;, misapplying or converting to his own use such county, or if removed, shall a successor
m any or tuo puouc- moniee, papers pr voucners, in appointeu uy huiu uuuiu uuiuoa uuu u
CI fhia HpPtinn mpnttonnn. thn snit hnnrM mnv hv n Knnll .1 tlflp-n : and SUCU BDDrova 8 Sliall
Villi UVUVIVl f w " I VWMft V J -'I .w- mm m m 4 4 I . . , ... . ft
orr h?r revoke such former order and anno ntment. wntincr. s crned bv said duugo and deposited and appear oeioro mm, at a time to uo tu&raiu auivuu, icct anu ooin iorcu irum uuu uuui uiu jjooougw-i
- - I I f t I KJ ' tJ f 1 - . . . . m t I . . . Tf "IT 1 WV n J T 1,111.
nnrl rpfttrn hftn fA offlP.fi. or t.W mnv mnl;n hn fllfid in tho office3 Ol tllO C erk Of tU0 board Of to HiOUirG into tho neCe3SltV Ot USing SnCtl ground thlS act, W. KjlaAVUlh
DPCauer Ol uiu i.iuuou ui n.uuiuauuiui,w
.'tix'cn tnrm. wlin filifill. tiilin thn oath nnd mvnlrfifion i thfiir raanectivo conntie3. and to havo the terested in such lands or premises ; which jtfry Presidont of tho Council.
""1"" J V ...... -.ov- z 7 , ' . . ..ii a.ui.i-..iiT. i .1 w mu-n ioi!,i
jvpprovuu xuvuinuur y, iou.
A-truo copy of tho original oh file in my off'
infmanf if n onnnnaani Rlmll .ha nnnrnvnrl hv VnLn nnd rnrrnlfttions iii reforeuco to tho manaL'Q- nensation to bo made therefor, and after havincrl RIOI-JARD 0. McCOlvMlUK-j
uviii.uiuuv vi wuvwxwww w.o.. X w ' w J I Tam - -q o 1 1 ' - . . I l . . ., i
the District Judge, as provided in this chapter.1 ri!ent of tho interests and- business concerns oflyiewcd the premises, if they shall deem it neces-. , t,Jf , t Secretary of the lerntory.
IT : J. 1..1 t. it. . T ! Lmm A naA-vU1fT rf n
U for the,8berilF or any constable ol the county in which -uo ituuucteu oy tuo jicgwmnvo aBGUxu
bo such board may bo located, commanding Imn to icrntory ot Arizona.
.....1 I n.imrnnn nnil ,... ..r. l.lxrr rlF otv fl S Ql n tprPOtPfl I QuniTnir 1 Timf pinntpf flft.V.ntnn. Atltitl
bo in householders or freeholders of such county to " Of tho Prohibition of Gambling," shall take
the bonds atoresaid,iod QUa.li .thereupon bo the caro and management oi- tuo property anu oubi- oeing urst ouiy sworn uy buiu juauuu, imuuuuy
tfdasurorof tho county; Provided, That tho ab- noss of tho county in all cases where' no other and impartially to inquire into tho necessity of
.!:;'fioIuta removal of such treasurer, and tho an- provision ia made bylaw. 13. To establish such using such lands or premises, and tho just com-
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