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J. If. MA1UO.V,
Wc finil tho following obituary notice of
tbo demise of the Radical party in the Krwm
iner: Died. In the city of ?aii Francisco, on the
4th day of September, 1S67, the Mongrel par-
y, oi ooinosc lever nml blacK vomit.
gkn. .udowi.ll'S i.irri Kit.
We print to-day, in another column of the
M tacit, a loiter from Brevet Major General
MrDoeroll, Commander nf the l)cjrtuint of
California, to Hon. Henry A. Bigelow, or tins
place, in relation to the proceeding of n pub
lic meeting held in litis town on the evening
of the 10th and Pith of August. lhfi".
AVe have penned this letter pretty carefully,
land are exceedingly glad to learn, from Gen
eral McDowell himself, that he ha "not
failed to maintain a deep intemt In the Tcr
ritory of Arlzcna."' The Oencral snys: " 1
have seen that she (Arizona) ho a most in
teresting pnbt, and I am confident she lias a
very, very much more interesting future."
This Is encouraging, corning, as it does, from
a gentleman who, from personal experience,
knows something ubout the Territory, and
whe, we have heretofore honestly thought,
wa Hejud.cotl agalnit thU portion ot
Ariaona. We have so long been the victim
of neglect, and onr interests have mj often
suffered from lack of troops to protect our
lives and property from Indian thieves and
Y hat a blessing : but oh how Shoddvniujt mnr.Ur.ra that r wra alnut to vivo up in
have wept. How the bloated aristocratic jdtfpalr. Ilut, since General McDowell has
bondholders must have gnashed their teeth, gt to take some notice of our wrongs and
How theswarnrof tax-gatherers awl politico '..peak kindly of our Territory, our people will
religion? preachers must have sobbed anil 0f gow cheer, and wait and pray for be
wailed for the death of the Radical hen that ! tcr protection.
laid them so many golden eggs. How loyal yc arc apposed to give General .McDowell
negroc., pig-headed Chinamen, greater, mam- credit for the sentiments contained In his
eluke, Kanakas nnd diggers nvjt have been ' fettci, and to believe that it is out of Lis
Hr..i)ai'Ai!n:as Dr.rr. ir Caliioiinia, )
San r'n.isc nco, Cai.., Sept, 0, 1S07. $
Hit.vnv A. Rioklow, I..i., Secretary of Pub
lie Meting, l'rescott, Arizona:
Sir I have the honor to acknowledge the
receipt of your letter of Augmt 1 1th, em-los-tug
" the proceedings of a meeting of citizens
held at Pre.-eott on the e.cnitig of the 10th
and l!!lh of ugut.M
I)lr.n nunrn vnnr fnllnw townsmen that 1
overwhelmed with grief as the self-appointed
party of equality drew its last breath, threw
out its flippers, and ?pn.ad iU oleaginous,
fettering carcass in the dirt. And how joy
ful must have been the prayers sent up to
Heaven from the lips and hearts of thousands
of honest, law-abiding, truly " loyal " white
men, to whom the death and burial of the
blood-letting, prison-filling pirty of higher
Jawism, mock trials and high-handed outrages
must have been a blessing sent from Heaven.
The Republican party of California is no
more. Its vile act. goaded the people into
frenzy, and they rose in their might and vin
dicated their right to free government by
hurling the usurper of their liberties from the
power, at present, to semi more troops here ;
but how will he account for the manner in
which the Usefulness of those now here is de
stroyed, in consequence of their peculiar dis
tribution S Why is it that, with three regi
ments of troop? now in Arizona, it 1b utterly
impossible to contentrate a single battalion
at any one point for olfensive operations?
Awl whv is it that officers of high rai.k and
shall do all in my lwcr to alford them, nr.
tl... in.ni.lt. nf all tmrtsnf the Territory, all tl
protection that 1 can with the force and means I
placed at my disposition, and that 1 have not
tailed to ma'intaiii a deep interest in the wel
fare of Arizona. ... . . .
I have mn that he h had a most inter
esting last, and I am confident that she has
a verv, ery much more interesting future.
The subject of the need of troops on the
Pacific coast U one which the Division Coai
mander has not failed to bring most earnestly
to the attention of the War Department, anil
I know he will not c a-c to do eo.
Tiie want you fevl that not enough has been
nt to tin Prescott District, and' the appeal
you make for additional fotec, Is like that
made to me from all parts of my command,
and I learn similar ones are made from the
Department of the Columbia as well.
1 have retained but a sergeant's guardof
cnvalrv in the northern part of California,
this sfdc of the Sierra Nevada. All iriy force
Is in contact uith the hostile Indians. If 1
were to add troops to any locality, it could
be done only at the cxpciHC Of another one,
aleo in want.
You do not, of cuur-e, expect mo to discuss
military operation:, Or the. shortcoming of
any one in the service, in this eotninnuieution,
and I will only add, In reference to one btatc
mcnt made in your proceeding, that you
have been misinformed in reference to the
Paii-L'te I.NMAN8 Mr. Uiatlos spencer,
nnrries the mail between Prescott and
Manly villc, and who arrived hereon Wednes
day lat, says that, at las', tho Mohnvos and
Pah-Uterf have "flved things up" nniienbly.
Me states that thteo Pah-l'te chleO, who re
side in the vicinity or Callville had agreed
with the military to come down to Fort Mo
have and act us guides in hunting up the war
like Wallapah, but when Mr. Perry, of Call
ville, was ready to accompany tllcm to the
fort, they declined, giving, as a reason, that
they were not on good terms with the Mo
havcA and did not like to risk their lives
among that tribe. Word of their backing out
Was immediately sent to Mohave, and Major
Price had a talk with Sic-a hoot, wnr chief of
the Mohave, unon the subject. Slc-a-hixit
being a forgiving, as well ai brave warrior,
Wo call attention to the rcjxjrt of th
irity of the special committi !.'a,.,
the bill for the location of the scat J
eminent or the Territory wa? referred !'
Mouse of Reprcsontativcs. tl
The facts set foith in the report ffm ,
additional weight from the fad that t
"WAiimoTOf, Septuinber 0. The jmnlon
proclamation willoon be i.U8l. It was be
fore tho Cablimt to-day. A i the members
were prenetit except Grant and Stanbcrry.
Tho latter waa ivprcentotl by IJrionkluy.
Tlic rcKirt that the proclamation met with
considerable opjiosiliuu is not correct, al
though it is understood that there was a
dilfeience of views oij minor point?, while nil
agreed to thi general scope of the document.
It will be recollected that tho President's
pnwlamation of December, 10J, and March, k 11 "um ptftoaj
Iwl, ollercil lull iwrilou ami amnesty on cer- , ... . ,
tain conditions to Smithernere eagaged in mt. rmusuuue ior tno original ht1iik
the war, with the exception o( bix classes, wc print aa part or the report of the mi
siiecifically named, and that President John- submitting the question of tlm r-
son, in n s proclamation oi lay, icoo, tho seat of covernment to n .1! ' u
creased tlio exceptional claws to luurtecn. i , . , vote a
1th understood the President now propo'cs ! thc lc- X ? fftr " Jstce and mJ,
to grant reprieves aiincsi Lots, the measure of thc L.
umber, its author. ! nn ni.i i
' ' " eminent t.ttv
County, and the town of Tucson ti e
at which the location was proposed S
tn.idc lift HtionW 1.nr..r, ! 10 U
itnt thpni word theviunsht como anuthat all that lie sliull nave power to crant rem
--- , , .--. ., l. ...
would be well, and thev accordingly came, i ""'i pantons oi onences ruraiim tiie unitei
They say thev wish 'for pence with lotli I ;5te,, except in cases 0r iinpeachnie.it, and
V. . .. i if i .i to reduce tho number of claasea to four. The
whites and Mohavcs. If they mean to lie p-.i,!,,.,. ovri.nu iWnn tin. lin..fit .l tlm
friendly, and will act honestly with the
white, they will be of incalculable benefit to
m. From their knowledgu of the country
occupied by thc infernal Wallapnip, and their
iutlinatd aquaintancc with thc habits of that
tribe, it is reasonable to suppoic they will within thi exception
ii'ocliim.itiuii all against tvliom leiral proceed
ings have been instituted, which excludes
Davis and perhaps other prominent executive
officers of the Confederacy.
Second--All who have been foreicn a"cnt.
of that Govcruineiit. Makon and Slidell full
find some of these fellow.s for the soldiers of
tho expedition about to start after them.
These Wallapais have killed too many men,
and stolen too much property, besides block
ading our main thoroughfare, to be allowed
longer to go unpunished. Wo hope Major
Price will be as successful in killing thc red
devils n? wa3 Captain Williams.
Tlieic ure about fortv soldicn stationed at
forrc in tint District ml'minimr vour own.
There arc not six companies in the District threo different iwints on the road between
or the Verde. There nre but four one of this nlnce and Hardvville. viz: At Iloale
. . . 1 . . 1 ... I
cavalry. I have tried to send s x th' re to
establish a pout back of your District nearly
cast of Ilraihhaw mountain, in the heart of
General McDowell would call a " sergeant's
guard ? "
There are, wc believe, nearly six hundred
soldiers in tho District of Prescott, and to our
certain knowledre. General G rest: has scarcely
' seat or power. It had become so rotten and evcr ,nore thun one company of troops under
corrupt, to reckless of the right, the money hU ,mtMdiaie command at Fort Whipple,
the hostile Apache country, and thus contri-
deserved reputation are ooiniwllad to remain vj10 no ,ioubtj troublc your settlements ns
inactive, or take the field at the head of what nmc, as ,i0 anv living in vour District; but
and the lives of the people, that a just God
could not permit it to live any longer, nnd
pronounced against it the fiat of dustructior.
It will live in history for thc crimes it has
with which to scout after Indian raiders, es
cort train, mails, etc., and do garrison duty.
Had lie authority to use all the troops in his
District as ho pleased, and divide or mass
the calls on ntc for troops elsewhere have prey'
ntcu my doing so. . w
I have "the honor to be, very respectfully,
Your qb't sorv't,
Iitwix McDowr.Lt,
Brevet Major Gcn'l l om'dg Dept.
committed; its glory, if glory we can call it, thuai emergencie3 required, we think that,
consists in the number of victims it immolated evc whh tbis gin8ll forcCj rauch good might
upon the altar of its fanaticism : ita achieve- t... ,.,i:ti. i v mtK- hn nnnl
ments, tnc trampling imuer its teet tlie t,on-. McDoWL.n ik into and examine this most im
titution and laws which it had sworn to pro- M aml mciW the evil. By so doing, place n
Springs, ten; at llic Millow, twenty-five;
aild nt the Toll-gate, five cavalrymen. The
mnil rider saw Indian sign at tho AVillows.
Judge Eerry has kindly furnished us with
thc lollowing dispatch, which he received
from a friend in Los Angeles :
Los Ascixh, Sept. II, 1807.
Ilui'dit and the wlmlu Democratic State
, ticket arc elected by over 10,0b0 majority,
a "glorious victory.
i Hums, Siierifr and A. II. Chapman, District
Attorney of Los Angeles county.
1 Jim C.iffroth's election in the second Con
Tliinl All who have been military or naval
ofli tra abuve the rank of Urigadier General
in the army or Captain in the navy. The
former proclamation excepted from pardon
all above the grade of Colonel nnd Lieutenant
in tlm? branches of the public service. Uy
the pr.-sent provhiiuns nre excluded Major
Gviiemla and Lieutenant Generals, and Gen
end Lo , although the latter is not mentioned
byname; atao Semmes The fourth excep
tional i-lasa U not bo definitely known as the
for cuing, but applies to all who limy appear
impHeaU'd in the afeuirinatiou of Lincoln.
The proclamation is laed upon the coiistitu-
by the delegation from Yavapai, awLttd T
the Speaker, Mr. Lindsey, from Yumj. tJ
were finally defeated, nnd the bill pvjJ2
thc following vote:
Ayca MesfM. Allen, Uarnctf Cmi
Chambers, Dracliman, Hodges, Lcwu cf '
have, Lewis of Pima and IticliardsonO
Nous Mewira. Cook, Culluinlxr
Giles. Mathews-, Rush and Mr. SiKi'kw
We stop the press to announce tbcpasJr!
by the Council, of the bill removing
Capital from Prescott to Tucson. IiL,
by the following vote: '
Ayes Mcwsrs. Jenkins, Piatt, Rtu
of Pima, McKcy, or Yuma, aud&Mf.rfp
Ule "i.
Noes .Mcasrs. Stevens Lount. !?,-...
of Yavapai, and Hardy of Mi1iavc
All wo have to say upon this qanim jos
now U, that we have been very badljcat,.
ken in regard to tho sentiments of the fi,.
Iscntalives Irom the
tlntial mnvor tn irrnnt lmnlnii
4 ! Hcntalives lrom tho river mtmiii. .i ... .
n ... c. it t . !for removal. We have been cdto
nisrtTON-. Sept. D.Siekles's recent re-1 ,,, , f v.. V
iwrt to General Grant contains tho latter' " '"l rtS " .f "lat ".Vc
instructions to Sickle, a? follows: "The jawl 1 'ah-Uc count! were identicil,
cotir.-e of action indieatetl by you is right, the people of those counties preferred tit-,
and regard my dispatch or the Knli as en- the capital wlu.e it has been than ntt2
tirely withdrawn." The report does not give ., r ,.. r, , , r
the dispatch in question, but te a.eertaiiml to UA of . ,,cs fron Wc ih. w
! be a follow : j '"al WM m"
Wiiixto5, Aunst 13. To Major Gene- j
. . . . . ' i.ii uitniv.-, um ivv.ii m.iEziumi lu u
.vioit ts ciecteii uierK, , nniv,t 1(i .or5B: ,., , , in V extern New lork, who was hthtt.
be oonutrued to imr action in the United suaiied oy some oi ins ciiun htnen dartst
States Courts. The authority conferred on nolitical excitetmnt in that t.f T.nA
..i .i ...... i . -"
Uiikak vp Hkll Itself. Aii oMpniij
i Western New York, who was btifijte.
m a . . r
inc l.os Angeles corrcspotuient. oi tnc can ; j Ooltrotli s election in the secuiiil ton- iiUtrfct Commanders dues not exti-nd in nr .... .
Bernardino Crtftrdwn, writing under date of ; gressionnl dUtriet is doubtful, owi;ig, wo , respect over thc acts o:' thc Couits of tlier .. ' ucaiari, aia:
nan was t iiited fitatt. U. S. Gh AST. , . """'". 1 J
September 10, say: I presume, to the fact that that gentleman was
On Monilnv nvpiiin" IilsI. till! nomocratie !rU- in nprimontn ilnrinp- t!ir rnmnniffn .mil !
.j o 1 . . , o r r -i . r . i . . .-i-i i -
party turned out ai mam to celebrate the rtnwqucnt,yf unab,e to canvass his l)Utrict. 'V ; 5 IX " ,f,i.
ri.!. ! -.. 4 ... ir:t... ' .
I .A .
SVM. v lUlil Li.it 11"
Phis instmction, withdrawn bv General DCC;US? 011 f ooHt'onuyj in tbebetj
tect and defend ; the establishment of a Hus
sian spy system; the imprisonment of the
noblest and truest citizens in thc land; the
muzzling thc pres., nnd, in fact, the doing of
every mean, petty act of tyranny its leaders
could imagine would tantalize the opposcrs of
their treasonable acts. Dut its glory has de
ho will earn the lasting gratitude of our long-
suffering people.
Ho.v. Olivkr Liximuy, Si'Eaeek or run
Housk. This gentleman, elected from Yuma
county to the Fourth Legislature, and subse
quently chosen Speaker of the House, is u
parted; its fate is sealed in California, and, j native of thc Stale of New York, and i3 a
we hope, in the Republic, and, with a fervent i public speaker of no ordinary ability. He
that such may be the fact, we will j has a true conception of the duties of a legis
undcr thote head." Brethren, let us j tor, and as a presiding office., compares fa-
! vorably with other member j of thc House
called to preside temporarily over tho dcl'tb-
irlnnniii viplnrv iif tin-nntiri! Democratic Slate I -V .. ... . I
ticket. The 'celebration was the grandest. ln,s " ""'"'lunate, " opponent, ltigby, ; i)otnocnltc Iteprraentatives are electc.1 from
posing and enthusiastic that ever took j w a mcan- unveiling, unci: neauuu negro ami iicllast comity. I be flepi
Los An"dcs countv. The illumina-' Chinese equality devotee, who left the Dem- last year U reduced I, MA).
done a wonderful night (if Lann nmor.? , I
people, it lias Hurt many IicpltriBi
ubliean majoritv of m,an s''; " fii nto ttefe
i. . . ii... ,i...nu:..... . . i
lions throushout thc city were very beautiful, iocratic nartv and joined the spoliators for! Nkw Yous, September 1 Oth. Thc 7Y'....
rlirnW mnnfi,,,, f.ir ., . ' ,.. . uvi i.r,.ai...... ij f,.r ft. ..f '",- K' '' yOTCrUKKfil C
- ' , ,7 " i tnc saKC oi tne loaves anu nsucs. ,......v ".0 ... . v uroj
bUW ClUUtlllLV Ul UUU UallllUlll- Ul Vila- , , hVt(tA bllV v. auiiii. i.
play, arc, thc Delia Union hotel, S. Lazard's I , .
store, I. W. Hellman's, and thc residence orl. The Iuamner of the 11th inst. given thc
A f5l!i.oll. Kn. Thi.tlMiimrttlhnreaiiIf.nr' following election ncWst
- V i o . . 7 c- i . - in. t l i :
nf Atr A. S(ninnrr ti-a vr-iv hrinrKnmi. nml t
r"' . 1 A nn. .l-..t..r..l
elicited thc admiration of all. With the.nu-, ' ououui. .
merous bonfires blazing in all directions; the ' .Afsenibly-tDemocrats, 5i', Itepubhcans,
.fire-works and thc illumination, the canopy
Monc Auotrr ye Rbd Mux Mr. Thos.
Hodges who has hunted, prospected and
scouted through a large portion of the Ter
ritory, called upon u Monday last and en
lightened us as follows: He says ho has
scouted the country for Indians in every direction-,
and has come to tho conclusion that
few, if any, hostile Indians reside in General
Gregg's district. Thc Indians who murder
our citizens and steal our property live east
oftho Ycrdo and west of Prescott. They
come-here whenever they feci like it, kill
somebody, steal a lot or animals an I hie
back to to their fastnesses, and thc command
er of the District of Prescott, (even if he
had the troopSrWhichhehasnot ) can not pursue
them into a district commanded by homo
other officer, bicauscr forsooth, it is contrary
to orders from Sin Francisco.
On a recent scout, Mr. Hodges saw teir
Peojde'a ranch, -10 miles west or Prescott,
tho tracks of aliout 50 animals which were
stolen and. driven towards Ifaqtijalln moun
tains, by Indians " presumed to be friendly."
While coming from camp McDowell to
Pres-ibtt, ho struck the trail of a band of In
dians who had driven a lot of stock towards
Salt Hirer mountains, which Indians, he
thipkej were Pinal.
. Ma. Modgds, has co-operated with Gen.
Gregg, nnd his officer the past three months,
erations of that body.
above was a dome of liht. The procession,
consisting of 200 horocmcn, carrying torch
light, a large number of citizens on foot, with
transparencies, a car containing thirty six
young ladies, dressed in white, headed bv a
band or music, marched through the principal
streets, under thc direction of the Grand Mar-
II. Workman, Eto., and hU aids.
Majority for Hahlit, 8,731.
A Democratic V. S. Senator will be elected.
Full returns from the Second Congressional
District have not been received, but hopes
arc indulged in that Collroth (D.) will be!
a prisoner ut
Sautn Anna htill continues
San Juan de Ullua.
CiSCixXATi, September 10th. J. McQueen,
ex-Cor.gres.sman from South Carolina, died
in that State on Friday.
Louisville, September 10th. Governor
Ilitlrn'b funeral 'ook place to-day.
Was:: :kgto::, September lOth. The Com
mibsionur of Indian Affairs received a des
patch from the Suiicriutciuleut of Indian Af-
: . r I i l . . . .
lairs ai umaua, 10-uay, stating mat a ine.s
jaenger had arrived from Spotted Tail's Camp
m iu iuo lu-wtt inai tne chu. an wueyemies
i e. antetl lo make pence.
"e congratulate the House that after con-' shal, W
.. .... . ..... I 'PU t,.i..,i : v...,. ..r i... i..n
raoie competition tney succeeocn in elect- v r..? "A This mininc Territon- iuat o. at si and New Yobx. September lOth-TI.e r.itiia.'
ing thc gentleman from Yuma to preside ,riT"i Uttll. Th srlifc- .,t ,.f h in,n. Constantinople special say, : -The Human
over them, for time has demonstrated the ! Kewen, Y. E. Howard, Gov. Downer, C. E. ' prevents the comlne
wisuoni oi tUvircuoice. Jir. lanuecv tnaKcs iiium au ovuen auurascu uic acinnico ( 'ivrr:t(JPV aml the
,. . . . i Ainbivesailiir in thm etty ha. preMjntwl to the
ing of imigration into the PoTtc anotIlt.r f,,,m 'ooTemnieiit.ile.
., multitude. The flrinrr ..f anvils continued i ' ... . ,.. ,u...g .... tn t,reie to u recce, fctm
" ! throughout the entire proceeding., and made ! 7 ? rebellious ores retards and paraly
a fair and impartial Speaker, and is governe
... . . i ii 1 1 1 ii" hi in l i ii i? riiiiri i hi 1 1 ii ,rK . niifi
alone by his Uut.es to fas constitucnta ana tho of ,j . thc m,nlng intcro8t
mv-llHi me icimuij guuciiiij . AUK 0ra Uemocratic jubilee. No accidents oc-i llie ucntral lity llct, Irom wlneli we
currcd to mar the fustivities of the evening, clip the following items, hopes for better times
anu ai a laio nour tnc masses ui-pcrseii, giv
ing three cheers for II. II. Haight and the
Democratic party.
j Speaker whilst paying strict attention to the
duties of his p-jaitien, has wc notice not neg
lected thc interests of Yuma county. He
lias introduced several measures eminently
calculated to benefit his immediate constitu
ents; indeed, thc ranchmen and farmers
all over the Territory are. indebted to Mr.
Limlsey for thc introduction and advocacy of
a preamble and resolutions having for their
object the issuance of an order from Head
Quarters, directing the purchase of supplies,
Thc following prodeedings took place in
thc House on Wednesday evening last:
Mr. Rtuh, Chairman of Committee on Ju
duciary, reported back H. It. No. 0, An Act
GtLtii Mirtt.su. The folluwing items of
gulch mmmg go to show how much thulmuch
neglected branch of the businosi might hnvc
assisteu mis territory,
had not so much at
tention been paid to hcllmg lode property.
Nothing but absolute poverty has driven our
people to onco again try what could be done
to get a lirmg out ol the gulches, nnd the re
full cqualitv to Iks granted to Christians and
Mahoinmwiatw in all the provinces of Turkey.
This demand is said to be the ultimatum of
Russia. An nuswer is aeked within ten days.
War i regarded a.s almost inevitable.
Llcctions to come orr. State election:
e tiieoiu Lnion into pieces. Anlrl
for except to break down and bruit up A
if you have any enmity against llmoldUil
advise you to fend Abolitionism into In i
...!... t -ii t i- . i.
iiiiiiuu", anu n win ortoic neu iiscu rj:
Ie.'.s than six weeks.''
.sKing mat tue Act oi tonjrtM sbjto
May 5, A. D. ISGfl, setting otf totliefe
of Nevada, all that part of the Tsrritsj:
Arizona west of the thirty tevrmo 4pj
of longitude west from Washinglcs, j
west of tho Colorado nur be rtiit
... . . r ... ...
tht Uuiltil Slatt in CL. jir'.i r, j
ionr Mcinonalut, the Lcs slat.'eAK
bly of tho Territory of Anzoir, ura::
their last Eos.-lon numorializcd jee b
Wly with reference to me retttov-S tfi
greater portion of Pah I'te Countr, txi
of Mohave County wist .f tLe C..-.'
er, to the State of Nevndi, uoullirus
earnistly but riiK.-ctfiilIy apptsl
Honorable body for the relief koUf'-t,e!
much desired by all tho citizens of in.
and especially the inhabitants cftlet
amentutoryoi cnaptcr ie, uoweu ue, en-1 Onum k Hav.. in Grass Yallcr. in Ru-ell
ceedings in civil case?, without j Gulch, took out 29 ounces in one week's run.
suit has shown there is monev there.
I Owens ri Havs. in Orans V
1 1 1 lril nl iiriit-1-i.ili
forage, etc., from the producers of the Terri- recommendation.
tory. Indeed, we have reason to believe On motion, II. R. No. 9, taken up.
that the Hon. Gentleman's time u fullv cm-1 l.cwi, or .Moliavc, moved to amend by j several week, pay streak gettiii" richer R 1
ployed in uimg his abilities for the boneflt of I stri,k)nS 0,,,t ln surti(",,2P8' thc wortl " v!,ltt'-" ! J. Whit.;, in Russell Gulch, cleaned up, ill one !
of more or 1cm political importance, arc to be ' portion of this Territory,
held this fall, as fohv.f: Wc, your Memorialist, ha 1 entt
Tti Pnnavli'uniM f lTiLs Tys . rhnt f lira f Atru! .! It-i t
1 lit 1 A . I I . X 1 IS.
seconu 1 uewty oi ucioocr. ; o cracia wouiu listen o our Mmow
i - . i . r i- .
in -ew iors, ew.jeri-tv, i.coivsiti, Jlin- i" "," " ;v"ri "' 'J c1'
nesot.1. MarvUml. and Kni.su tin. rt.t ' an unwilling rNp!c to bf c ji.ie a Trte
C ')'... r I 'S t.-itf U'llpll til.-. rrJitloiw ... .JrHI
I mi mi i i;rvi'l'TCI , I I -- -.--. .......... ,.... ......
iiiiui vtur ie bo ununtiirai aim
( i:.... ...... ..i..1. t.... :M .1 nn i. . i
. uivuini iiigm, um hi nay. i jjcy nave ucen ;. .fr i ..-,. : ,ih,j ,j
' averacinir fn.m 18 to 0 t.nnre Jt -..!, f r ' lr' LtitIn,ih w l
i . " . : i , .
T A" t ... . I .1.:i l.. ..r n-i. t.. 1 tl-
M .till HIIIV. mill U. m ffBI1lllIV IIIIIMIH).. i llliv HJI IIUII III IIUUIIUIII
. ... ... ' I I . . . . .
ei. no is nt Sacramento.
Kays tho V'i'w. ! naturally and conveniently situatpl
i ricnrhniluK." ' vi'h lho-e of Arizona 'IVrrif rr Crf;
a resoiuttfin pested by that boUT
the whole people, and not in organizing the,
Capital question.
Sue keg a no?; or .Mining Claims. The
Yavapai county delegation should be cautious
bow they proceed in the matter of segrega
tion. We can tell them now, beforehand.
Thofcc who voted were.
Yeas Messrs. Chamber.
.. . 'it..i - i , ..i
tjMisajs mo;- hu.v mi.... - iiuumiv. ... . that a iarge majority of tUmintrsothucoimtij
fadians and destroyed more of their property aru opp0ittd t0 the bill now before the U-gis-)
than any other command evcr before tdid in j lature for the purpose of (yfrfny segnptlhn.
this Territory, and were it not for lack of j It my JUit thc tUiaf, needetj in the rivcr
troops, and stringency of order from head- J counti, ftnd jf tht.v wWl u, i,y M lnean3 ,ct
;rr,"wuch more would hrtre been e-j tfiem have it ; but be sure and do not saddle
A"toc NPtrcc TmiAsinv Extosu. A jwper
such a law upon Yavapai county, as a greater
injustice could not be done to those but for
whom tho countr would long since have bcun
deserted. The idea or segregating mining
claims and doing cfjual justice to all the
owners in a ledge i prepfltterous. Wo know
gubliidibd in New York, called The (?tW,
conducted by Edward E. Dunbar, has been
creating a sensation by the publication or de
tailed statements of vast frauds that have
Keen perpetrated in tho United States Treas- J o M 0J fn this , t Jn.whc'h a a
ury Department. Dunbar was connected; , J ' ' ,
a;i, tt,i m,mi. nrintin- dnnnrtinpnt r,r number as ton men ..wn claims of two hun.
Tasur' for four years, and nnpeors to befa- lrC(, t"1"" hundr -d and eix hundred feet
miliar, with the workings of the institution. I each, while in tiie whole length of such a
week, Willi seven hands day work on
, , ; ounces, at 4;21 jier ounce. This was d
llOUUC. lCWIS. ' till. VI. fwt llr.vi.l nn T,,.- I..l. !..
-r r..l 1 -r ... ... . v.. UUI..W. v.iuui lu-
oi .uoiiavc, i.ct.i., oi i una, nicnanon ami i ,lha3 been taking out from one to two
Jlr. Speaker G. ounces per day, three men working. Alex-
.Nayes Mcssw. Allen, Harnett, Cutler, nnder Cameron's claim, two miles below
Cook, Cullumber, Dracliman, Dare, Giles ' I51ck Hawk, three hhovelers one day, and
Mathews and Hush 10. t four hhovelera two days, cleaned up, Satur-
So the motion was lost. i day, lo ounces dust, fine gold, and 1 1-2 oun-
WewIH do Mr. llotlgcs the justice to state J coare pay streak getting richer ; in fret
that his vote for the above proposition was tjttniek Iav within thc last three days
fivrn thm..-.!. m!.t,U it... ....i u .. I J- ne mines in wormng ortler. Lam
J C" -----
The World aayt : S. P. Chase, who nix vear l the cession bv CunereM of ald Tert
i. in one , ogo wm not worth ,lt',(XX). i now taxed on ! to aid State of Nevada, pacd Jus"
III V -J on lntnma rxf kJTIlrt IVI ..u . I .1... I : i-. 1 ii . .
. . , - j . j ... . ., ...v iivniaiuil. VI vtiafc K'lat
none m Secretary of the Treasury and Chief Jus-! ifetd a determination to take fr-
ttcu must Ikj protitalile offices.
the salaries raiR-d
A Washington correxjiondent aya that the
Congwmeii who have been out on tho prai
ries, have returned delisted with the "ions
of the forest," and the Indian will have few
friends at the cajiitol beieafW.
Popclar Eaaoas.-
t) aen were ; ouu mis important portion oi iirritp
iiuiwiwisiaiKung iter memortni. ana
uiinnnnouMv .i!n'd bv thc citizca I
...... uiiii;-w uiiij rifiti,iuili llli.nAiv.
17fttlfl .IAtnliH' 1.11. inln lik.ui tirtW U
... j. ...., , ..... villi ll'UV ..v" -
ill tho fact that while that State i 1
I Constitutional provision for the scar3
or Territory on the cast uii l west
made none south of her limits tbrnW'-
Mil . . .
-1 iiaiwinors uoen ntiti.
if . ..u . .it ii... I .......... .... .. r . r in... i
......... ..u,. ,v ,,v- (,,,i i ,1... i..i. !:. iiauiMit: nxjniJ. mm t mv iurn ni.if.ii. r ,,lv ii,iwi, ui uumiii'i j.f.-.
ppswrv tn KlnL-ii Ant ihA u. .;. ii ltfi .... . - - fjin.. .. ... i..t. ff.f . - , - i iii-r r.i liwrniiv tifiil mill.- trliT!fl ids
-... ... . . .v.....i.wvv..iv nvill II II 11 U. 111. I HlfT-l Iti ..Till Iflfl.S .r.t.r . .... ' .....v ... . Ut 1 111 m LTV IHHl I llfl T T n f-A --- .w... . .... -
order to allow Im Mexican Mlmr ritiTt-n,: w.ml.'i ,v ....,.1U- ,vti ..... dclfchted Ur ci ssvthi.v !!! ti... .....! t""1 f t,JU ver the redcil -
: ...... MIU1..1 iiiu, in..., . ,,, a r it" i 1 ... -i. .. ....(.,
tln ...... ..r ..ir..!.... !.. ' mm i i ...t...i .,t.... i i Willi. 1 ril evrv mii'j ..n-.i n.n . i. iiiiicnuuieuv io mc voibimm- -
. .1. ...... !.; l... ti ;i iruitifBr in tuti.tir nfUru.t ....i ..... .i uiniu ar. iifn:r?f-Hi y ii i-iiiifiiui ' -
. 1 f.uiii iiuiuiii, ijj- uiu uu
; are not making a living,
j the gulches will be worked extensively
Last Saturday nights Southern and Ikit- The above will apply, with equal force, to
crn mail arrived in Priwcott, alwut 7 o'clock, j thii jiortion of Arizona, savo and except that
bringing the Tucson Sju'hern Arhouian ofioir population is fewer, and our Indians
September I Jtli. I he Amonuitt has u good , worse than those in thc lnininrr district, t.f
u IMI w llltoll HHV , fISS .." ... - . . - ..... , . , a . - .allMl n
V.'e hoinj next vear w'" Uo al1 lh 1Jfu5o for their cornmpond-! e 10
He Eneaks confidently of the matter, and
benco moro tluin ordinan attention is given
to bis statements, ITe charges that tho re
ports w'sich took cognizance of the disappear
ance of vast sums, for which no account has
been rendered, have been eupprcased. For
example, he says: "By examining tbo reports
made to thc Hon. Secretary of the Treasury,
descriptive leader on " Ariz jna Southern
Arizona," and contain the following items:
Dr. Edward Phelps U. S. Marshal of tbis
oj irn thorn mit jif fiinrl In - ... t . .1 I I 7
"v "u u"u a""lv uKca I Territory, left on Friday bv stasc on a tlvintr
tnori i-orl'iinle ii nnt r.v..r 1iru 1 . t C. 1) ; O
- ..w.y uikuu uuiiu.uu 1.11.1 iu oat. r l uuuirOi,
foot of ground that will pay to work. How,
then, pray can you divide or sot off parties
sat$factory to all the chiin owner.? Tho
thing it simply impossible. Wo admit it
.Mcsar Banning & Go's train loft here on
Sunday last for thc port of Libertnd in Sono
ra, for Government stores expected that
Jlio- first tn-wecklymail arrived on Sunday
I tt'iittl Ifnt'A Kaiin tniili IwiH.n XC lkv ...... I Qt
i vswuivs umiv iuuit lauwu uuvii. ii uul u u fir t o in iiiki.. ul t -v I. r. vrriiii w...iiu t
, Chase, on tho SOtli of November, . . n mon . . u . . " ,v.' " -'V".' ...J t
the Chief of the Currency Bureau, itwM! vn', lfl'f "7 v "t "T"
that a deficiency of fifty-four millions Jruu WUSi iau ,n eonsmeration tne uct mat . ' ' , ' ""n
f dollars, In bonds, existed. The Bureau did one or two men nave been, mid aro still, una- , " , , """o
account for the bonds it nan manufactured, b o to nrosnoct aotid on ncennnt nf tlm , rr. "v."""""c" l,,Jl me scout, which
Indian. Let what has
good faith, anil which could not
i-ithin that Hum, nnd no explanation of what J lasting omnipresent
came of the bond has ever been given." ! dojja Jn j ft
ELCcno im Jtisw Mexico. Colonel I be otherwise accomplished, remain so. Tho
Frank Ghavez, (Democrat and nnti-CurJeton) j miners of Yavapai county are able to lookout
M'been elected Delegate in Congrew frpm for their own interest, and fully competent
yic jefiiurjr ui jicaiw. j 10 inaxe meir own laws, tiev can, when
went out about ono month since from Camp
alien and Tubac for a cnmnaiti-n mn:,i.t
tho Apaches, have returned without any re
sult not having seen an Indian.
Colorado; cuiitcrpiently wo cannot blame our
people for not caring to risk their lives until
they can do so with mwre safety.
The gold product of the Black Hawk Com
pany's works, for tho last four week, was as
follows :
First week, 301 ounces.
Second week, 311 ounces.
Third week. 818 ounces.
Fourth week, 357 ounce.
Total, 1012 ounces, being n steady increase.
Wo need but a dozen more or such companies
to make Gilpin a prosperous county. And
yet wo have plenty of lode to supply the
A private letter to the Uenlittr detnlls
burning to the ground of the flouring mill or
Lonmx &. Chrisman, in Golden City, on Thiirs-
oy mgni. aucn an occurrence is not only a
! r, ... . . I - --- iu hi vuu i.uiiiiiiuiii-
v.Urtii.u,i uooijwi.v. wo leani that this ty. JNcltlicr of tho proprietors wcro on the
" - i And, a an aincndmtiU tjtcet1
i in: ii nrnvTivit i -I'l.. t t i ,.r si.s a i... aiimsmi in iu'
sv ... j iju iwcr trail rirf7'tvl oiaiu caiiiiutv iw tuti.-"
tL'ttPIM RT. nilIlllllIlPls tllflt ita: i.oMA.r .. tu-A i-.ii . Ii at rtft IMJk
I . i . J i ti j .
miy win uie ion, iiniew lunifs bo fort .mm. Mid territory hx. v umkr tne J"-
mg irom some quarter lor its coiitinuanco. It ' of that State, and therefore n.c t
..u..r,.jr uwiiHiwieagcs it Know not the miar- pray that your honorable hour r
ill iiiiiii n HHnri. inn. nin.i mm. . n. ...i..... . . .. I. .u . . . nt tuiiii.-
r.mn 'PI..... L ,..-...1! . ..-' .1' . .. r.u i.Ul
w. iiciu h wmvLuiiig verv melancholy I zona, ny .ct approveu jiay
in the tone of the I'l.ir.' vfii...iini..r.. .m ,..i.i: .rin orrrvn)
KITO lllaee to a mild rrnrr,C. , ,u.. )..rrl 'Pl. ii..W!l- In tr
a .uul i
gentleman'has been iiicceisful in onanffn,.- - hpot
' . xrT,:- .r.TL i U tie biiw.f tut fJ-W ia. San JVanc'?. a jntui of Lm I.TI'm1 9.uM""".of,
--..m., ......... tuewsees, sjbcI areaot dianose4 lo fhm a . r tb jwrpoee of workfronlnw 1 7vv hnZ Z " T" 6 ".f mw wenT"
ftw, a'n inlwr to in JMv B.e rIfri-. thi, ro mtv i u u" ''""""J maysieaiuy
bu kleVd the brket
touchoi the heart San Iranciteo Call.
Within the past few weeks our mails
lrom Arizona apjiear to bo arriving with more
regularity than hervtofore. We aro in rcccii.t
of the Arizona Minimi of tl... irtti. !... 1
Wo arc pleased to leant from thc cojiims or
...u inSi It wm ncreatter be Usucd
weekly instead or semi-monthly as heretofore
SmUu Fe Gaulle.
Thanks, Mr. Uuzdtt. Wo Intend " to fight
it out on that line," until next spring, and
thon wo mean to MUtr our way into your
Institution daily.
. Anotiikii Pull. Tho Grass ValTey l.'nion
is resiiiible for tho following: The Flc- of
tbcothinst says "From all nwicarancw,
Oprinm and the whole State ticket hai, been
elected," Another null at tl.ui- .'.; .,i it
is King of America.
..'.mini, i im. u.ii i'.i Ln - . . .
I,.. ir.. h.A. it.i.r..f-,1 taJiercWitir
1.. ......II I t.l ... in IYtLt l1
ble resjMjnse to this Memorial. -(
iiti3r,.t Ti.-t ii spfrftarv of !
t..r.. l. .i...1 .,. ft.rtr.nl lCCilw
j lUIUUl.CU w iv. ,0
.1.' ... . -1 . . J l'nfrt,
.Memorial to ourjJeiegausi" vw-a-.n
.. it.. .
a ru.-fiu L.
.If. . . f.t...w1
iiie Jicmonal was coniu"
and in Conimitteo rrtho X,wf
Head thinl time, and pasw.
.... . ...t in? IU.ttn
- fiiivvn vi uju t. vim n -
nitlw i1. . ....I. ,..1.1,. .Imdo IT1'!".
tak'on fmni tl.o fVimetoek niin. .tt j
tn Kn1..wl It (u lmni asolw A
ver. Willi a n ontiliil siriua. -
goiu, ana is worth, ncconimjj
pound, or $02 1 for the spewucn.
M...- lilt i, i.M flUBu- ;
wif lilllltuii iii. -o ffvjtn A
ounces of gold wcro shipp1
la.it year.

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