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Arizona miner. [volume] (Fort Whipple, Ariz.) 1864-1868, November 16, 1867, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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XX;EHC:!OTrJ. S7VrJ?tritIA.Y9 IVOVBMBEJl lO, 1807.
jXO. SO.
iifninrrallc M'VIrr, ntiuioi ... ...r
Infill"'""'' of CuiintliiitloiiHl ,'l h'
,!lt'l,lcr(lorr.-iy Rrrllon of Arizona.
... , C7 fsfl (Tittf mi . 1 -r trtnnllie
ri a 'V CI;' ' " ' ' k"ivi '"villus,
, n-c, ono time, 12.00; caeli additional
f i additional half square and squsre, same
' ft'" :ui-nt measuring over one-half tquarc
. -.;,t il ml i barged one future.
I 1. count will lie mode to pontons eon--ame
advertisement for three, six, or
i l r business cards Inserted apen
i' ! riu--.
7' W Xotet taken at far in payment far
, , (uhcrtiung artdjho tmrk.
Term", Invarlalilj In iitlvaiiec.
s ;.TiV, UBNM. II. WF.AVP.lt,
1 , -in m anil Proprietors.
. ; r-.'iii rt authorized lo rccolvt
r,r: 1 1 1 1 : iod nnd advertising:
r A 11 People. V.'aluiit G:ove,
( -u' - i-nil Vallcv, J. II. Mathews.
J I lviu Agui Frio, J. l'.Osoorn.
I, ' M K I.-rM, IHg Hue. J- Thomas
I) I! I'm.iiiiI Upper Haatayampa,
nt ' n pnMlfV, J. llrown. Turaon,
. w c.niil-, K. S. Woolsey. La
' K r I! K.lui:i-, J. T. Hull. Alliums
ii Mi. in F'-rt McDowell, P. MeUmmm.
Officers of the Territory.
11 'unl (' MrC-ormMc. Scrrelarg.
p T I i i ' Auiitattf irr(rf.Uetiry
( . f Jmtiee.- Wl!Ham V. Tarnpr.
I . T. Itcku, HsrloHrh U. Cor
i, I. nrral.ljMtvni Lnon. .Unr
t ,v 1 Pii'-l;i. Snpt. Ir.dt'iHt Afuirt,
nt. 'DittrUt .IMonwy. Vacant.
' nil lUrenuc. Henry A. Mjfrtow.
Ia. i lUslford.
T (irant. 7VMrsr. Jolin T.
t w ,it Ucu-rtd. William II. Oarvln.
-'( f p ru. Coles lUslifonl. Vrtbati
i'ii.!t ( Hldtn-jr it. Dclotiff. Ihim
'i Tntlle. Mahux . Wllllum I..
I'aSl le t o. David M. Thonuu. 1'ar
i Ihz- Lull Urooks.
In MniT Offiee, Montesuma street,
r.zcir v4nt"
Vr. 'fntt, A r Irons.
f rn e Pine street, Tueton, Arizona.
' 'r "jma str. H, Prtscott, Arizona.
ii. ouiiy,
iSi'i AND rOLNSF.l.On-AT-I.AW.
I( 't II hip Huildlng, Tucon, Arizona.
Prcscott, Arizona.
i.-r nf Uteris for the Slateof California,
Prrott, Arizona.
T-' r, Arizona Territory.
V nr i m
-Montezuma street, I'rescott. 4vfM
0-ritr firanttostrcat, Proscott. 4v2.'i
1' I OX EE It
T)i'np; Store.
pLL at'Mid personally to the sale of prop.
P,tnl.m"7 Jpcr!ptlon, and particularly
in. .. vuii, 4iiiiuniHimiors.
National Mineral Land Law.
Ik it enacted bj the Smile and Lmt of Uep-
rtwdnliu of the United Matt of Amcrkv,
in ConyrrM nncndl(d ;
.Srt-TioN 1. That the mineral binds of tlio
publicdomniii,botlisurvcvpd nntl imsurveyed,
arc hereby dcclnred to he free and open to
exploration and occupation by all citizen of
I lie United States, and those who have de
clared their intention to become citizens, sub
ject to Mich regulations ns may bo proscribed
by law, and subject also to the local custom
or rules of miners in the several mining dis
tricts, so far as the same may not be in con
flict witli the laws of the United States.
Site. 2. And It it furllr enaeled, That
whenever any person fir association of per
sons claim a vein or lode of quartz, or other
rock in place, bearing gold, silver, cinnabar,
or copper, having previously occupied and
improved the same ncording to the local cus
tom or rules of miners in tlie district where
the same is situated, and having expended,
in actual labor and improvement thereon an
amount of not less than $1,000, and in regard
to whose jiosswion there is no controversy
or oppodr.g claim, it shall and may lie lawful
for said claimants or uoeiation of claimant
to Hie in the local land office a diagram of the
fiamo so extended laterally or otherwio as to
conform to the local laws, customs, and rules
of miners, and to enter such tract and receive
a patent therefor, granting such mine t.igethcr j
iikhv iu luiniw nam vein or lotie ;
with its diiH. angles or variations to nv i
ui w, aiiKies or variations to anv
Ueptb, although it mar enter the land ad
joining, which land adjoining shall b sold
subject to this condition.
Skp. And hr 0 further cnnele-l, That
upon the filing of the diagram ac provided In
the second section of this Act, and potting
the some in a conspicuous place on the claim
together with a notice of intention to apply
for a patent, the Register of the Iand Ofnce
uliall publish a notice of the same in a news
paper published nearest to the location of
said claim, and shall also post such notice in
his olHce for the ril of ninety day and
after the expiration of said period, if no ad
verse claim shall have Iwn Hied, it sbll x
the duty of the Survcvor General, uimn
P" 1
plication of the party, to suney the nrwn
isea ami tnako a iilat thereof, indorsed with
his anm-oval. ilesiirnaLinir tlie number and de-
script ion of the location; the value of the '
lslor and iinnmvpmnl ami ibi. rhmrtir of 1
.1.. - l. 1 . . . . . !
einviofii; ancioj-on tnc ,Wynwm 10 ,
toeetber Arilh the coat of surh surver. ttlat
JA .i , i
rV'Tir' ,r,nP V9W"W7, l vraem7
-ssi. s u --- fTT - w-i u j- ' i
cd on the claim during said Priolof ninetv I
'"' ""VF01 77
lavs, the Meirtslor of the Land DHice sliall
transmit to the General l-snd Office said jOst, j
mrvey ami oiwnpiton, anu a patent aiiaii
issue for the same thereupon ; but (aid plat,
survey or description shall in no case cover
more than one, vein or wdc, which sliall Ik
expressed in the intent indued.
Six. 1. And be UmtAefemtuifl, That when
such location and entrv of a mine shall be
upon unsurveyetl lands, it shall ami inar be
lawful, after the ox tendon thereto the pnb ;
II. OfcSI - CLUjU'L Hie ri tTS tV I UV iltii
It .fib. IkM.u'.Jl SV IlVMtUu
ainl ts,seion and plat aforesaid, ami toe
Surveyor General may. in extending the tur
reys, vary the same from a rectangular form
to suit the circumstances of the country and
the local rules, laws anil rustoros of the
miners : yrorftf, Tliat no location hereafter
made shall exceed two hundred foot in length
along the vein for each loiator. with an ad
ditioual claim for discovery to the discoverer
of the lode, with the right to follow such j
vein to any depth, with all its dips, vsrin- j
tione anil angle, together with a row unable i
qnantitv of sunarc tor the convenient work- J
iikcr of the same, as tixod bv local rule: And ;
provided furtlier, Tlwt no perton may make
more than ono location on the same lode,
and that not more than three thousand feet
shall be taken in any one claim by any aso
elation of persons.
Six. Ami be it further emtcteA, That as a
further condition of sale. In the absence of
necessary legislation by Congread, the local
Legislature of any btato or I emtory may
involriiH' I
proviile rulea Tor working mines,
caiements, dniinaire ami other
nece!rry j
moans to their complete development; ami
those conditions shall bu fully expressed in
the Mtent.
Sec. 0. And It it fnrtkir enneted. That,
whenever advorso claimants to any mine lo
cated and claimed ns aforesaid, sliall appear,
beforo the approval of the survey, as iirori
deil in the third section of this Art, nil pro
ceedings shall lie stayed until a final settle
ment and adjudication of the Courts of com
potont Jurisdiction of the righto of possesion
to audi claim, when a patent may issue iw in
other case.
Sec. 7. Ami b it wrfW ewietl. That the
President of the United State lie, and he
is hereby, authorized to establish addi
tional land districts, and to appoint the
necessary ollkers under existing laws wher
ever ho may deem the same necessary for tho
public conveuioneo in executing the jirov
ions of this Act
Six. 8. And bt it further enacted, That the
right of way for the construction of highways
over public lands, not reserved for public
uses, is hereby granted.
Six. ). And be it fiirtftrr enacted, That
whenever, by priority of posossion, rights to
the use of water for mining, pgriculturol.
manufacturing or other purpose, liavovostod
and accrued, and the same are recognized and
acknowledged by tho local customs, laws and
the dt-o'uionsof "Courts, tho jwascassors and
owners of such vc.-tod rights shall bo main
tained nnd protected in thosamo; and the
right of wav for tho construction of ditches
and canals for the putpojiafiTregall ishoroby
ncknowlodgcd nnd coiiflrineTl;" Provided,
however, That wlionrvor, after tlio passage
of this Act, any person or persons shall, in
the construction of any ditch or canal, injure
or damage t ho possession of any settler on I
the public domain, the tmrtycommittingsuch i
injury or damage shall be liable to the jarty 1
gS 10. lid Tit U That, i
wherever prior to the mw of this Act, j
upon the lands heretofore desienatpd as min-!
oral lands which have been excluded from
survey and sale, thcro have been homesteads
made" by citizens of the United States, or per-
bons wlio have declared their intention to be-
come citizens, which homesteads havo been
been made, improved and used for agricul-
tural iiunioses. and unon which thero have I
been no valuable mines of gold, silver, cinna-1
bar or copjier discovered, and which are ,
properly agricultural lands, the said settlers
or owners of such homesteads shall have a .
right of pre-emption thereto, and shall bo en-
titled to purchase the same at the price of I
one dollar and twenty-flvo cents jwr acre. '
and in quantity not to exceed one hundred '
and sixtv acres, or said jrty may avail them- ,
i-elvegoi' the nrovisions of 'the Act of Con- ,
grcs.s ajiprove! May 20, 1S02, entitled 4,An '
Act to secure homesteads to actual settlors ,
on the public domain," and Acts amendatory
Six. 11. And If il furl lit r enacted. That up
on the survey of thelands a forest id, tbe Sec
retary of tho Interior may designate and set
aiMrt sucn portions ol the hiHI Minis m are
clearly agricultural lands, which lands shall
tnereaitcr uo suoject to re-einpt ion ana sale .
n nthi ,iil.ii,. i.n.u t iVimi R.i. J
and siiliject to all the laws ami regulation
apiilicable to the same.
Approved July 9G0t, 180ft.
Lcttor from Viokonburg.
coninsi'oiinaCK or tic mimsr
Wickotrcuo, A. T., Nor. 3, 1S67.
This place has been umisnolly dull daring
the peat two weekc ; no one killed, no call
from Ahcdoin, oad, except a little spirit
ual diatcrbence now and then, eattsed br
taking ton much " ague preventative," there
! ha.s been nothing to disturb our peacHoi and
prospective eitr. Ilev. C. lllske tarrieil here i
a few hoars on the Sabbath, oik! kindly j
tri.1 ,u . tu r. r t'.- t. i
1 - 1
Co.i, torBi but owing to the short aotico
given, and so many iople being sick, there
I . 1 1 nil ran niMt1n.i V.nt k
, , VT ' 7 ,
ws- joj sk w sagswt'w era? s nswf I vih tr uer
conraging text, M "Where two or three are
mtberwl together in Mr asm tbere will
l 1m In ihm iaid.i f ik 1U u.i
..,, , , rj, w r nMM
have thought u a forlorn Jot of aiwmra, as
everal men, from the eflects of the "ague
prevcnLativ,'' cwbl not stead up to Intra to
the sermon, and had to lie down to it, but it
seem. h hMl ls A ua. be nrom-
Uct to send ue a lot of BlWea. etr . and said i
he bojl, t-oon, to f-e misaiiasirie iinorm u, ',
to teach us the word of the Irl ; bat while
,r7"W rayaotbe o-Mde,
bis own flodk, (hi escort) which was under
bis especial care, were running wild at two
forty speed, and still crowding on more
steam. It tccma to be on understood thing
fur all soldier boys, with few exceptions, both
great awl small, to get in a weaving way
every time they come to tbU place, bttt the
Chajilatn's escort beat all ptevioiis parties.
Some of tbem were about town dranh far
iMMirs after he left swearing and Mackgaard-
ing rorse than a tot or ntuburg eomimt-
l ney womm taaae a nt escort lor oiu
Ilrownlow when he makes hk last trip, bet j
not fur a Christ Isa holy through an Indian
count rj. At J. 11. McWhorter s ranch, six
miiea lielow town, they stole everything in
the sbajKi of tools, rooking utensils, etc.
Mac was sick ami away from home at tho
time. They afterwords offered some of the
stolen articles, for snle at Salt River station
Such things may do very well for a little
joke, but old Mac says ha can't ee it in that
light. If there are many of that sort nbont
Fort McDowell, I pity the friendly Indians
and the Chaplain.
The health of this place is itnproriog some,
although there are still several co-scs of chills
and fever. Captain Smith is very low with
the fever. 'William Wavis, a native of .New
lintnswiek, recently from Topeka, Kanans,
died here on the 29th ult., of fever.
Times hore arc imHxiving. The merchants
are all busy, receiving and storing goods for
the winter season. Harnett intends moving
into his new and spacious building in a few
days, with a large stock of new goods just
received from California. Frank 1'ouget, our
noisy butcher, has got liack from California,
with more fat beef cattle. Everything about
the Vulture mine and mill is as usual lively
nnd prosperous. Tho Vulturo is "capital"
that greenbacks don't nflect ; neithor does it
require a voto to mako it stick, nor gass to
make it move. I hope soon to see plenty of
such capital around I'rescott. As for that
other aifair, just tell the lioys to keop their
present location, tus it is bound to come out
all right. Hut if thoro are any paople up
your way who are bound to go, anyhow, send
them up Salt Ilivor, where wo intend ostab
lishing a colony for tho discontented paople of
other lections of the 1 orntory. . u.
Murder of a Maricopa Indian.
Tin? following letter was furnished to the
Alia Vidif.irnia for publication from Head-
iart- r "anient of California:
I,I,:A,",Rst """Hct r Tin: itnni
( nmP McDowell, A. f ., Oct. U, lSGi
Colonel I have the honor to inform you
that on the 20th of September a Maricopa
Indian, generally known as Coyote, was mur-
derod and robbed at Gila Bend, in this Dls-
trict. The .vsriBein is upKied to be a young
nan by the naino of Samuel Edniundson, and
' said to Jiavo Hud an accomplice named
is said to havo had an accomplice named A.
Farrell. These flien In-longed to a jiarty of
emigrants travelling from Texas to Califor
nia. Information of the murder was sent to
me by Captain Whipple, Thirty -second In
fantry, who was at (iila Itend at the time,
with a detachment of recruits. I furnished
a description of the two men, as given by
Captain Whipple, to Colon?! Itnggles, the
Indian Agent si the I'ima Villages. Captain
W. was unable to arrest the men, but for
warded a description of tbetn to the com
manding oiilcer at Fort Yuma.
The Maricopa Indians wre very much ex
cited, as the murdered man was a prominent
member of their tribe, but were sati-lied that
all possible exertion would be made by the
military authorities to caiiture the offenders.
Rdinundson is described as about 23 years
fKe M oP, lBt hair, and a
"(iwHi in- ntoi ; nun- a ih
cavalrv nanU. and luul served in the rebel
1'arrell was rathor older, bat not so tail;.
wore a white felt bat with a black feather, ,
and a pair ot bine cottonade panto.
This Indian wan undoubtedly murdered for
his money, which, I understand, he liod .
shown about tile emigrant train while en-1
; dearoring to make a porcbaee of a bone or
traue one ne owned, ite nan a noes irom me
recomaenaing mm a a good man, Iik he Marridge is that coaglotnenUioa of tlie aex
had frbown to the ocer of Captam W.'a es a ia csmaiderod romtitvtioaal i all com-l"1-
... , ,. tri i bHt more lssr.lroleriy one of the
I am, very respectftlly, your oUdnml ; L'niud Sut. When a man so far wrgets
"trruit, hiaoclf as to git marod, W bioa mr eweil to
uto. . aa-roao,
Captain First Cavalry, Ilvt. Icut, Col., L. 5.
a., vuimwimim;.
To Jirt. Ietrt, us. .1. I. bberoWNe, Asst.
Adjt. Uen. Dept. oi uai.
The Alt ft, of October 39, eoteoMMts upon
the above as folkrwe :
The urarder of a
prominent chief of the
Marteopae fa ArUwn by
I crimfcal thoujrhtlnMK with whkh white
! men precipitate Indian wars. Ia tab instance
; a head man among a friendly tribe of ladians
irn whom we hare straws reeraita, aasi na -
t q,
! tive volunteers, U wsntoolr manlereil irr
i mascreaato who covet the hubs enan of
, wbic) tbv laditM
rWr some dictimsunewi, the JUrkapa-i,
' from being frirodly. might become ho-tfle,
j and, like the HoaUpswV. tbev wmld bare
9lu ,or lnwr He, lor a nuy
V.t , . j ,V , . I
T. TuTl 1 Z71 -V
uuk a unx. null vc wuuiu hud mt inc wiior-
inTmtc Tsrrstorr J!i more untmabW and
desolate, in conoeqaenrr of another elemrttt
i being aokJ to its savage warfare. And yet,
i when these murders of Indians and wanton
imtrage upon tbem have provoked
tion in kind, how swift the pre is to clamor
fr extermination and slaughter for all In-dian-kind.
If th-re wen- a few Indian news
paper and Indian politicians, wc might nrrav
! aimsaiM Kl Vun -tw uc .-,irr.r mist
it.. . i: . i. :jr.t.-
i nestio t hat woow surprtoc us.
Wc coincide with the AUa in its remarks
upon the murder of the friendly lrirr.j.
and arc exceedingly sotry that so foul a crime
should have been committed in oar Territory.
lf (rttC n everrthing isunU thnt
way, we
earaosuy hope Uie murocrera may lie earner t ; Gave or the It ridge of Site, After this
and pwiisbed to the full extent of the law. J tbc bunny moon te all moonshine, until a
We think the Mia is laboring nnder a mis- w "wce announce that there's a "an
t.i,. M-k-. it.. iiM ii.i.n.u u,. i Jtel in tho house!" as the poles say ; but it
i m a
tare upon toe wnuea; we know at no cause
sutBciently grod to justify the villainous eon -
duet of that iufernal tribe, and all this non-
senaical twaddle about the whites bringing
on Indian wars is bbeer nonsense. We are
snrprised to see a jiaper printed on this coast
join in with tbc sickly sontimestoliiit of tbe
Bast, and grieve over the fancied wrongs of
the "noble rod man." The All ought to
know Indian nature better than it doe. It
" takes on'' more about the killing of this
Indian than it ha ever done over the murder
of a white man by Indiana, which U, almost,
an every day occurrence in th'w .Territory.
We think it represents "the other side of
the question" fully as well as an Indian
newspaper or politician could do il.
Our people have always treated their wcll
dispceed red brethren with groat kindness,
and havo not "clamored for extermination
and slaughter for all Indian-kind," They
desire the death of none of tbem, aave and
except those of them who thirst for our
blood, and who never allow a good chance to
kill a white man escape them.
An oditor thus indulges Iris dollnrpiont
AVe don't want monoy desperately bad.
but our creditors do, and thoy, no doubt, owe
you. uyoti pay us, we'll pay them and tnoy
"will pay you.
Our fix, exactly.
Tub Boston J'ott compares the Itopublionn
party to a pawnbroker's shop, full of unre
deemed pledges.
Removal of the Capital.
The liOs ngelcs lUpuMican, of October
21, draws the following truthful and cor
rect pen lectures of I'rescott and vicinity,
and Tinwon and vMnity :
Governor JlrCoi mick has approved a bill,
) tossed by the Territorial legislature, remov
ing the seat of govermcut from I'fescott to
Tucson. What good reasons he can aasigii to
the people for so dolmr, wo cannot conceive;
geographically I'rescott i a near jkmsIWu
in the center of the Territory, whilst Tucson
is in the extreme southern jiortion, near the
line of Mexico; aside from tho location, the
preponderance of population is and always
will he north of the Gila; Central Arizona
leing umlotibtedly a rich mining country;
abounding with fertile valleys, which but for
the depredations of the Ajiacbes, would he
teeming with population ; a a grazing coun
try, It is universally conceded to be excellent.
I'rescott, a well built and thriving town, with
a salubrious climate, is beautifully situated,
in a well watered and timbered country;
surrounded by thoe famed mining di'tricu,
which are slowly but surclv attracting ikkmh
! 1st ion and capital ; whilst Tucson, Mirrmmd
I ed as it is, by an almost absolute desert,
; without either timber or water except at
' rare intervals, with a climate notorknislr un-
healthy, a large portion of the year, is simply
a collection of mud house, bttilt up without
. regard to any known system, ami with oste
i or two exceutiona, the streets ate mere jaek
J a.s trails, it, nor the country around, aflbnl
no such '.nuncements Tor immigratioM or tmym
tal. ao does I'rescott and Central Ariaom;
benoe the action of the Governor appears
A. Head on Marridgc.
" SnlM 9Ml aMt 4 ttfeWW theWL
tMnMBU I."
. the l)edaratki of Ipdetsmdeitcfi and bccointa
j t once an honorary mnnbor e the nights of
I toe saner, an oraer rot abi toned by toe Ur-
leaders in the "times that trird men's sole.M
MatrWaw. i lauanaiii stli i-iwaldaV k aaoam-
pssmsi oomctML md ftbosr the relation
between man astsi woman. Atwording to
arifiuaetiek, I don't e how iMomie make oat
m a koi,0-
" rT ITj
j ifSb
; 1Mr h,.
i He, and tigers went tie in an; thing eke tm
bare different reason for
nwrrhV ; some nam for los e, some for rkb-
rs, some beat one I bey want to, oskI some bo
caoe tbey can't help it ! When a man faUs
in lorv, be takes to reading the New Yerk
IMftr, ana wearing Mvemler colored kids
and patent bNtiier boow lsincbea hk tots,
and jmttin' -ew mown hay" 4ito hi poekat
naivl Kerch cl. 1 uea be lorsrit to put
. ssaau
, ! bis roflee and makes miatakes
t . ,
aentt , Then br takes to drinkin Mra.
1 WitMtnwV sootbia" syrup and pat tin Hpsttis
i on hi bair and ;artia' the uuitr Sn Uie :Md
j die of the top of his hesl. As the time sp-
pmarbe for him to be bitched to the aslorvd
of his burin tn he feeb) as if a eel ww crawl
' ing down hk back and little -upid with
! in$ and without any clothes on was sig
; ing the star spaagird banner ia the air all
round him. Then, like the prodnral avir. be
; on from bxi to MfiH! L- K kfe
. -. . . -. -
. . -n)Mr
a com , ami teiis the worm he $ umtou m
pedbsek, r..J. ;bi ' no cards ' it ! Us red. atul
scads some gwgerbrcad and pop beer to the
editor who wkae the ltappy pear long lite
and many of 'em 1 Then comes the bunny
moon ana a bnaie trip to Mapary or .Mam-
i wnHin rcrivaru ij inu tnwio 117 isj j 'lur.-
Alter a
while there is fa mil v Mrs. which isrs ain't fit
1 to prH'rtt friendship they are of the oartll,
earthy ! "
vt ben A row in ta air 1 sot roamoil, after a
abort eoHrtabip of Mine tereateen w inters,
dwrin' which " sfce never told her lore, but,
like a worm in tbc mnd, fed ojU her dam
aged cheek," vec had lots of presents of tip
ware, abort close, spoons and other weds'
apparel, hut rather more spoons than any
tbiagcltx. It was a spoony time. Hut the
short dose still Hos in Ute Imreau drawers a
mociameMt oiid a mockery to boyish dream
ami dHapiMintedambiohun ! As the Scortmed
poic Hants says,
" TV Iw arid ebnw rt mm nmt mkr
' - i"
But Araminta and I are drewin1 ilown the
veil of life togetber. still lovin', sUM ltopin'
that the time will come when we shall have
to provide an extra spoon and porringor.
Traoly, hope U a sheet-ancbor to the sale.
Long may she ware !
Hut marriage k a divine hsstitooahnn, mere
so than n rcHibrlcan form of guvemmont nr
the dimineoratic party. Adam cudent lira
without Mrs Adam, suoix or uo snaix. And
liecor. tltey raised Cain after theyjwas marrtd,
it's no sine that other folks shuld "raise caln"
in the inarrid stait. Hecox they ct up tho
Lord's winter apples It's no siue inarrid peo
ple siiould mako each others hare come out
before Uie usual time. Marridge is mootual ;
and one can't git along without the other no
more than n child can teter on a board with
out a child at tho other end or.'t. Woman
to a man is like a lxb to a kite; the more
she's attached to man, the higher he can fli I
Marry oarly an' marry offen, and when you
got a" good wife stick" to hor liko glioomn
kor's wax to a hot stove or Spauldlng'a gluq
to broken china.
Sich is tho law and the profit".
I'icceftillv yours, a. himp.

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