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rcllcncVi lliclmrd 0. Mcl'urmtrW,
To ConniwrosnasT Correspondcnc upon
nil subject of a puMIe nntnrr, which limy be of In
terest to our readers will at nil times, when fur
ntftheO, be jmbliihcj in the MlNKii, ut we wish
It distinctly understood that sc will not be -countable
with our life, our property, etc., for
their contents We ctim tI to have onr hands full
In 'ttllng our own troubles, and being too poor
to otiratff i rlif litiriic editor, Intend to fix ii our
own business with "jaw-lmiie."
Arrival of Railroad Men.
General Palmer,- Treasurer of tlio Union
Pacific Itaihvay, Eastern Division, .Major Cal
houn, correspondent of Forney's Philadelphia
Vm, Mr. Parry, Geologist, our old friend
Colonel Willis, Mr. Savcdra, who arompauied
"Whipple, Bcnle and I.eroux, when these ex
plorers traveled through this country, as
guide, and several attache of this, the ad
vance of the main iarty that is now engaged
in surveying a route from Albuquergne to
California for the above named railroad, ar
rived in Prescott on Thursday last. The
party came ria Fort Wingatc, Zuni and the
San Francisco mountain. The engineers are
coming on, and Mr. Parry, who called upon
us on Friday evening, says it is the intention
of General Palmer and jmrty to start out
nest Monday, n' Camp Lincoln on the Uio
Verde, over the Chavez cut-olf, to meet the
main party at some point on the Colorado
Chiquito. Wc understand that the princi
pal men of this party express themselves well
pleased with the country over which they
have just passed. 'I hey have secured the
cervices of Messrs. Lennon and Shoupc, to
guide them from this place to the Colorado.
We believe it is the intention to explore and
purvey nt least two routes from here to Cal
ifornia. Monday next, in company with
Governor McCormiek and several citizens of
Prescott, the gentlemen composing the party,
intend starting on a tourof inspection trough
'the mining districts in this vicinity. Wc
hereby extend the hospitality of the Mixer
office to the party while stopping in Prescott.
Glorious News from the "Grand Army
of the Colorado."
10 SqnBM'1 nntl I'uppoojo Captured.
It gives us unbounded pleasure to an
nounce to our reader?, and the balance of
mankind, that Lieutenant Patrick Hasson,
of the 14th U. S. Infantry, has lately made
a brilliant and successful raid against the
llualnpais. Wc congratulate the Lieutenant
and his men for thus doing their duty well
and nobly, as also the energetic officer com
manding the District, Major Price.
This deed of the Lieutenant givos the lie
to the slanderous charge against his courage,
which was, no doubt, fabricated for base pur
poses by some enemy or enemies of his, and,
which, it will bo remembered, was published
in the Mixer of a recent date, as a rumor.
The following are the particulars of the
recent fight, as furnished us by that chief of
mail riders, Charley Spencer :
Lieutenant Hasson left camp, at the Wil
lows, on the I'rescott and Hardyville road,
on the' 7th instant, with 25 men under his
command, and scouted the mountains to the
fouth, in the neighborhood of Fort Rock.
About six miles from Fort Hock, the party
came upon an Indian rancherta, containing 30
bucks, squaws and children, 20 of whom
wtro killed. The remaining 10 were captu
red and brought into camp, where they re
main under guard.
Lieutenant Hasson was wounded in the
fight, as wore also seven of the mon, two of
them severely. The wounded receive all the
can nnd attention Drs. Wood and Clark can
possibly give them.
Since the prisoners hare been in camp, one
of the squaws has been happily delivered of
a pappoose.
On account of the refractory state of our
sulpburets, and a general repugnance to " go
in lemons and get squeezed'' betweon two
such powerful thunderbolts as are McD. and
McC, wc have refrained from prosjecting tho
recent "outcroppings'l which appearsd upon
the surface ofothe Misr.H, find which wore
ejected, so to speak, from tho bowels of the
nforeinentioncd " fossils'." Our readers are at
liberty to "jump their claims," examine the
records, and see which of their heads is loca
ted iu tho right place.
at least from their mercantile nnd social cir
cle, a set of Illiterate, indolent, grasping,
grumbling, thanklc -s lot ,of adventurers. 1
spent 90 day in Arizona last winter nnd
spring; and traveliti'. as I did, all over the
northern and southern portions of the Terri
torr, with unbounded facilities forseelngand
attiddying the jicople, I took the advantage
afforded me of making the most minute ob
serrations. I met in Ihwcott at least a dox-
en men who pretended to own mine in hat
The Govornor and tho Capital Question. I Arizona and hor People, fti een y a nnou, ,
fr-m. I lis Kx-i Wc copy tho following extracts from a let
IcW, in defence ' let- published in the San Francisco liultvin j
of his action in signing the bill for the pvr- , f October 20, W". The letter is tiateu at
mnnpiit lncntloii of the Canital at Tucson. ! F.n t Vuma. California, October 4, ISfi", Is
Tho people of the Territory residing north of
tho Gila certainly expected that His Excel
lency would attempt some explanation of hie
conduct in signing away the interests of the
great majority of tho citizens for the aggran
dizement of a hnndfull of speculators and pol
iticians. We had, weeks ago, intimations
from His Excellency that he intended to do
so. (At length the general osjiectation is
His Excelknrr begins by denying, what
j wo charged by implication, that he knew at
the time he signed it, of the use of dishonest
j means to effect the passage of the bill. Now,
l there are two faces to this statement. He
was, pcrhajH, not cognizant of any facts which
would warrant him in subscribing a judicial
oath alleging that he knev that certain inetn
licrs of the legislature had Iwen induced by
dishonest means to vote for the bill ; and
yet the circumstances under which the bill
was passed were so plainly indicative of
fraud and corruption, Jiat His Excellency
must have been morally vmrinee'i that they
had been used, (if his perceptive faculties
were not blunted by tho proiecta of politi
cal preferment said to bo held out to himself
as a doHcenr for ignoring the dishonesty, ami
consummating the iniquity which he lnul in
his jwwer, and which it was bis ditty, to pre
vent. " The combination,'1 says His Excellency,
by which tho measure was carried may ltare
been unexpected, bnt it wag not necessarily
the result of dhhrneH mennt, and I think may
be otherwise accounted for without difficulty."
Why, then, if the task is so free from diffi
culty, does not Ilia Excellency account hon
estly for that "unexpected combination"
which he admits was formed, through which
the eople were outraged, their interests
trampled under foot, and heavy expenses en
tailed upon the Government. In the name
of common integrity, does His Excellency
pretend to wty that such a combination was
effected without a resort to dt-lionest means ?
In whnt school of morality ha ho been broil,
that he coolly justifies such nets ?
His Excellency hays that before signing
the bill ho held it an unusual length of time,
"atlbrding it opponents every opportunity to
prove their various charges,'' yet " nothing
whatever was established." The truth is,
His Excellancy would be satisfied with noth
ing short of such evidence authenticated by
oath, ns would be competent in a court of
law, well knowing that the opjionent of the
bill could not possibly, in the time he allowed
them, produce such evidence. In the mean
time he allayed the apprehensions of the op
ponents of the bill, and threw them oil' their
guard, by intimations intended to, and which
did convey the impression that he would veto
the bill. While he had the bill in his hands,
letters were exhibited to himtrom prominent
citizens of Mohave county, stiongly condemn
ing tho vote of their Hepresentative, Lewis,
in voting forthebill, and declaring thnt every
voter in the county was opposed to it ; a re
monstrance from citizens of the same county
was presented to the Governor, urging him
not to sign the bill ; in the Executive office,
in His Excellency's presence, Lewis, of Mo
have, declared that in voting for the bill he
had (l got even on tho Yavapai delegation." I
His Excellency knew that MeKey of Yuma
and Gass and Cutler of Pnh-L'te misrepre
sented the wishes of their constituents in
voting for the measure, and he knew that no
honest motive could have influenced them iu
doing so. An ordinarily honest Executive,
possessed of ordinary discretion and firmness,
would have vetoed a measure, so manifestly
unjust to the people, and passed under such
circumstances at once, without asking for
swom evidence of positive bribery and cor
ruption. We are aware that a few persons, under
the influence of His Excellcncv's flowery
logic have attempted to defend him from tho
charge of complicity in the dishonest means
by which the Capital wa3 removed from Pres
cott; but that any one has expressed to Ills
Excellency the conviction that the removal
was not effected through fraud nnd corrup
tion, ue do not Ixlicie.
The second paragraph of His Excellency's
letter is an effort to excuse himself for sign
ing the bill, on the ground that the people of
Pima had induced him in a moment of weak
ness, to " put his foot in it," and thnt he
had notsubscqucntly gained sufficient strength
of mind to make his way out. His Excel
lency is welcome to nil the bunefit ho can do
rive from such nn excuse.
We trust the people of Prescott will bo
duly grateful to HU Excellency, for not re
tracting anything he may at any time have
said in fiivor of Prescott. Such generosity
ought to be rewurded.
The Capital Question.
Letter from the Governor.
TfHiitToBV of Arizona, )
Omct: or tiik GovnitNon, .
Prescott, November !, 1807. )
signed " !. t T.,v mid was written, we sup- Editor or Tim Ajhzo.va Mtsna.
pote, by that " Minted aristocrat," lien. C. Sir 'Vie question of locating the capital
Truman, who was out here lent auminer in the . j,og s0 generally cau?ed excitement nnd hard
etMJoyof the P.O. Department. Heaara: "As feeing in the Slfltca and Territories, thnt 1
a people, the resident of this Territory would Bm not Rt all siirprl-ed at the tempest it has
be a little more prosperous, and InBnitely cremted here. Nor have I supposed in that
more happy, ifthev would pull a little more tempest I could escnjio abuse Mini misrepre-
together, and eject, if not from the Territory, . gent.-tion, and, eo long s you wire content to
deal iu insinuations and Inuendos, however
unjust and unkind, I did not core to complain.
Hut the dirrtt charge in the last issue of
the Minm, that 1 knete tho act of the late
1sgislature, to fix the capital nt Tucson, was
imgscd through dmhoneH meunt, I am not
willing to let rest unnoticed, although I can
not think that you or any number of the
people belloro it to 1 true.
The combination by which the measure
wa carried mar nave ucru m:c.pei:ivi, n
Letter from Walnut Groye
roit iiRU'oSDKNrf. o r T F
Walnut GitoNovcml u .
Editoii Amzo.N-A Miskr : Z, ' 1 ':
mpei wiw iiuicu to arrivo iereon,,t ,
know whoso fault it Is, but Wt 1
fault with some one. ' 1(1 1,ke f'
However, wo wish it
still exist although wc have K'
(1 (Ml t ill dwrlinivn nf n l.i .. ' . ' ,'0
He was in the net or mounting ,u )
tho gun in his hand, when l. .....
i.i. I.I....I...I. ii i . " I'ur
ilia Minimum, inriiwiiirr im,, i.. . i
.i . . , I ' """Jlunn
v no
... ...i.tunuio, (IlllJUIIIr 11)1)
me ngiit suiooi tlio horse. li n..' ."
gun to snve himself, when the cr,Z JEMi
clmrged it, nnd tr.o ci.t;re content ?J""
buckshot entered his bru BM! . ' 1
locality, and who hold them for sale at price I jt wfts no necessarily the result of a resort to
rmniriiur from SAXOOO to S20O.(XH). These
- I ...
fellows with a famkhing look and with a
sign of distress sticking out of the seat of
their breeches, will tell you that their claims
are as rich as the famous Washoe lode, and
that lefcrc they will sacrifice themselves as
Coinatock did, they will starve. One man
remarked to me, in conversation about a mine
he held for sale at 52.V.10, that he preferred
starvation rather than part with it for lesa
and he was desperately near starvation jioint
when he made the illiterate declaration.
There arc a collection of just such characters
In CTery town of note in Arizona Territory.
They have, or pretend to have, some gold,
ailver or copper mines, which they put up for
sale at an extravagant price, awl being too
lazy to work, and too poor to get out of town,
they eke out a miserable life in mm shops,
just hypothecating enough of their undevel
oped stock t" keep their rlcketty bodies and
souls together. This Is a correct representa
tion of one class of men in Arizona Territory.''
We may have 'a lot of illiterate, indolent,
grasping, grumbling, thankless lot of adven
venturers" in our midtt; they can be found
in every new country. Itnt we will venture
the assertion thnt several of this "set" or
" lot" are fully as industrious, as honorable in
their dealings and very nearly as intelligent as
this stuck np penny-a-liner, whom chance has
thrown to the surface. Our people may have
apjejared rough and uncouth to this digni
fied Shoddyite, who, while going up on the
steamer from San Pedro to San Francisco,
some time since, remarked to n gentlem with
whom ho ws conversing in relation to this
Territory, tltat " the only gentleman ho met
with in Arizona, north of tho Gila, was Gov
ernor McCormiek."
His assertion iu regard to the miners and
prospectors in and around Prescott, is n bae
fabrication. They do not ask for from 20,
000 to 200,000 for mines which "they pro
tend to own in thnt locality;" do not go
about town "with a sign of distress sticking
out of tho scat of their breeches," and have
never yet arrived at ''tarratitin point."
There are, we admit, some Jetc persons here
who might tuiswer the defeription given by
Truman, but they are scarce. There 'never
was n snore persevering, industrious and in
telligent lot of people in any uew country
than the old citizens of Arizona. They have
worked liard :o develop the country, and,
though as yet unsuccessful, do not "grumble"
as much as they might. A great many of
them have, at various times in thoir lives,
liful enough money to buy r. thousand
"specinl correspondents" twice over. They
nro mostly immigrants from California,
and neither come hereto "escape the vigi
lance committee or avoid the draft" as as
ccrted by a certain gentleman of this Terri
tory, in a speech made by him in New York
in the summer of 1K6d. All of them paid
their way here, and did not travel at the ex
pense of government.
I he toi lowing is the closing paragraph of
irumairs utter, ami we wilt uo mm Uie
dMimttt mean, and. I think, may be other
wise accounted for without difficulty. He
this as it may, m mH emphatieHlly deny Mat
I Hot of the ne of tuck nuan. On the con
trary, after bidding the bill for nn unusual
length of time, aud affording its opponents
every opportunity to proie thtir various
charges, nvfhing vknlmer tcae eatabWunl, and
since the adjournment of the Legislature not
a few of those who bofon. were loud in de
claring the act adopted through fraud nnd
corruption have expressed to mc the convic
tion that their judgment was incorrect,
liming, as you are aware, been charged by
many of the residents below the Oiia, with n
determination to keep the capital at rres
cott, under any and all circumstances, be
cause of tnv ininint: and c'.her Investments in
nipple, and lodged in his bowil. 1
dcntli to onsuc in three days. , " '
hnd lived, honored nnd repcrtcj i','1
had the pleasure of Lis ncmainUr
was n Prussian by birth. He rc(,
tK)session of his senses. exr.ri...,..i . 1 .
willliigmiw to die, and madeaw,!. '
stance w. follows : First, that ill i TV '
i. ;.. ----UC
paid. Second, That the sum of i'yVi
printed to defray his funeral cxnenw i
i nat wimterer money might nniS,n
payment or his debts nnd funeral txtt
expended Tor whi.-ky, wheirtvith "A.)'
are to have a Rood time. Ik A,, j . . 1
Tnllll fif Dm Sintritiinl .li.rl......
his ft lends thnt, if they desired if b
visit them in the spirit nnd mmur.
impressions of the other world. "
The old settlers say that this is t!,i tT .
second man who has died in Y t,r. i
since its tirst settlement, not i ne df
their fate at the hands of the lndur
ine I nutans continue to vi itw -carrying
off our grain to an alarti. rr
They visited tlio ranch of Tlmmas 1.. L
thnifhid out a stack of wheat on t,.sX
and carried it nwny, together wit j 'a'
sett of harncaa, all his kitchen Inn: - "
library, etc., having entered the I
)ulling down one side of it On a r
raid they carried oil 300 sai ks of.-n
him nlune. Such is lift- in Atw v
Hoag is nnothcr unfortunate maim
Mb. V. It yak, publisher of the late Arizona
GatdU, has contracted with the publishers of
this paper for furnishing the Minkk to a mim
lor of subscribers to the Ometie, whose terms
of subscription had not oxiiired. The .Mi.vi:it
will be rotrularlvont to those uereonsdurinir
the unexpired time for which they paid for sufficient of itself to cate tho defeat of any
Disgraceful. Wc havo the authority of
tho ban rranciaco Call for stating that on
last election day, the public schools of San
Francisco were closed, and the male teachers
nnd their pupils went around town and
through the bar-rooms, peddling tickets and
electioneering for John Swctt, tho enndidato
of the Hadicala for State Snperintenont of
Public Instruction. This net ought to be
..u, v . ...... ; teniMy shot himself last Spring and
letter tof June last; to certain citizens of .. , LatincT-W
Tucson, to state that I should acquiesce ! to mature n crop, nnd just on the prnt
(whatever my personal views or interests) ! riving the benefit of it finds hliivse f ss
.. ,.,..; .d.: .
111 the action oi me j.gisinturc upon m n ounumrs w tn
capital question, unless convince! that stirh
action was the result of improper proceedings.
I consider my course, whatever the conse
quences, to have been entirely justifiable,
and the only one which, as an impartial offi
cer, 1 could have pursued, and I fearlessly
challenge tho must rigid investigation of my
conduct in this and in alt Territorial matters.
At the tame titno I retract nothing I have
at any timo said in favor of Prescott; my
confidence in the resources nnd future pros
perity of Central Arizona is unimiaired ; and
Apacne, wno rules ana reigns suprc
this delectable countrv ; who sits and 1-
thc sun nt noon-dny on the hills, nurki
you are situated, nnd pounces upon
night when you are least expect.:.
Hoag is trying to secure the ntniu
wheat, and the balance of his corn j
it has been hauled up to Big tftcvm
tion. lit regrets that he was notapj
the treaty lately ratified between Il,p
and the Indians, the conditions of wtt.
as follows: In consideration of a rz
way through his ranch, and safety s
tcction while there or thereabout, the
ngree not to steal or molest any th.ng
tho cbanco nf the seat ef eovcriiment can tint . tie agrefr with Ins gun to prutcct ana
no one to s-reatcr ie.nr,l inennvenienrn tlmn I t!'el Sn citizens and soldi, TS. ana
. . . . ; tuem to pass to nnd fro when tlcv
it tti i t r vniir nnnriimiT Eiiirsnr i
Iticii.vnn C. McCointicK.
justice to state, that
it is truthful nnd cor-
the G:tlt.
man who nould countenance and allow It,
" I supposo there is sotno renl good cause
for a little grumbling on tho part of the peo
ple of Arizona Territory. About Precott
the dread AjkicIic j-eoms to have things verv
much his own way, and will have, so lonir as
it remains fashionable to permit savages to !
massacre whole communities and then tnnku i
poaco on theirown terms. Jicside, the troo
sent out to this coast, for tho most part arc
professional thieves and highwaymon, nnd
thoe who do not desert before arriving nt
their plnce of destination manage to effect
their release from the service shortly after
ward. In the neighborhood of Tucson nnd
Tubac the Apaches make an occasional visit.
The residents, of thono town', however, are
ever on tho alert for the red deviU, nnd their
incursions are few and far between. New dis
coveries of gold, silver nnd copper nro almost
daily made in different sections of tho Terri
tory, while it is well known that tho Indians
hnvo their homes in the finest natural valliea
and best timbered regions within the Iwund
ary. The Vulturo mine nt Wickenberg is
turning out very rich quartz, and the mill is
running night and day, It is the intention
of somo parties of this place, who own an ex
tention of Mr. Wiekinberg's claim, to put up
a 10-stnmp mill the coming winter. Noth
ing is being done with the mines in the lower
portion of the Territory, and in tho vicinity
of Prowott the treatment of the sulphurate
is nn up-hill job. A tri-woekly until runs
tho entire length of tho Territory south of
the Gila, and ft is rumored that the servico
will be rc-osta Wished betuoen Prewott and
Patsy Marley, and a Smelting1 Furnace.
Editor Arizona Minimi: Through the
columns of your paper, I would like to make
n statement of fncts which have come under
my observation within the past two months.
It will be a nut for some of the old croakers
against Central Arizona to crack.
About two months ago, Patsy Marley com
menced experimenting wi:h a furnace, to sec
if he could find any substance thut v.ould do
as a substitute for fire-brick, but he found
nothing that would stand the heat required.
Iieforc he failed, ho wa? enabled to melt the
ore sufficient to obtain line samples of ''rough
bullion ;" abo, the slag was what is termed,
by smelters, a Jlac artirh. A test made by
refining four ounces of the bullion, produce !
twenty-seven cents, about two-thirdsof which
was gold the bahtnee, silver, which proves
the ore exceedingly rich. He expresses him
self perfectly satisfied that there is an abun
dance of ore of tho smelting c!ns in l!in sec
tion of country. He also says that if parties
will furnish him with proper material for
furnaces, and necessary assistance required to
start them, he will keep a steady stream of
tho precious metals running, day and night,
and, by tltat means, will prevont people from
louring tho country cursing their bad luck
and the hard times.
Why cannot some parlies who arc able to
import tho material do so, and aid in the
all-important object of giving the country a
proper start? One good furnace, with extra
material sufficient to keop it in rcjtair for six
months, would not cost more than almut two
thousand dollars. The furnace would have
the capacity of smelting from twenty-live to
thirty tons'evcry fwon y-four hours. Now,
suppose there would be tin average of twenty-five
to thirty tons smelted every twenty
four hours, yielding twenty dollars cr ton,
which is a very low estimate, it would give n
result, in six months, of alout ciphty thous
and dollars. Think of this, ye disheartened
hormbrm, put your shouldors tn tho wheel,
give Patsy ti chance, nnd he vill vory soon
cloun out tho Indians.
Gk.nekai. McDowei i. It is the general
belief and tho consequent impression among
soldiers and citizens hereabouts, thnt a man
about the size of Brcrot Major General Irwin
McDowell, Commanding Department of Cal
ifornia, which said department also includes
tho country known upon maps ns Arizona,
will arrive hero shor!;,-. We nro glad of it,
and earnestly hoje the Hunllapais will not
molest him wlnlo traveling through their
country. He fs a big chief, and when ho
goes he goses," for his onemics or "any other
man." We hope his visit to tho Territory,
this time, will result in good. Wo would
liko to have him stay with us, nt least long
j i-nuiiu io uucwmo acquatnimi witn our cotin
, try, its people and their want.
and steal as much as they likc.fo they
steal from him. He enys he wans no;
Hon lrom tlie uorcrnment, winch ntd:
dobt, nntl can't afford to pay cut at'r '
a common man liko him. He funtrr
that there is not n drop of Ethiopian t::
tlit.-e liHliati, ns tne Hollows cl it.-
hardly make a perceptible ir press -an
rich alluvial soil. At some future t
no rentier, l win lniorm you now u,rc
progresses hether wc arc torr-:
as a William Penn, or nn extraorc.:
Wc have here, kind rr a-hr, aprj
no (small proportions, whi h Los r
cupants of many a Iioii-eh-!d gr
the prevent owner, T. Lamberst n, l
quarried the stones and dressed t. "
manufacture fine, superfine ai. 1 -Hour.
Part of the honor Is dtir t
miller, who, by his skill in dre$ir.t
has produced a decided eticct as t t,
lie fuithcr wishes it tindcrstxd ti"
commence to jrind every 31 nJa t
and continues from day to day
Hon. Allen Culltimber.a wcii t-vda
has tiNo in course of erection a Cjctj:
that will when completed manufactn
for the millions who are destined wit
their way nmoiig us. And, from L
socintiou with the wisdom and inlr".,
our suffering Territory, n fruitftl r
taken possession of his mindj hews.'
paring to leave for California inKsr. 1
better half. Population will hit ni
of every hardship.
We were favored a few d.ijs r
view of some gold bricks at the rsn'rf
gram & Cargile, who have arwln"'
1-ntimore it Co. of WickenburgKrri
them with grain. Their contratt, In
formed, amounts to some !HJU,tunj (
barley nnd wheat arc now being pi ft1
their ranch, preparatory to being Is
Wickenburg. One of the most succctsful fanm'1
George Jnckson, who has raised rt
woum (io nonor to any ianiiis 1 -r
Uowers fc IJro.'s ranch not exctpi t
shown to the nconlc of Walnut (J"1"
many things cau be done. proT.dMC-1
Thin nrnnnrlv Riwnkinir. tne !-"
.1.1 1. Inntt-n AS lik
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the hardships of a frontier lifr. '
barked in this enterprise, coni'-
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don't soon grant us pcnin"" 4
own wiimKy, we win irin'!
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The Indians arc again on the thl
tweeu Camp Oady and tbc to.u"

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