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The Coconino sun. (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 1891-1891, June 20, 1891, Image 4

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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When tlio bullfrog basso "liollon."
lYcm tbo swamps nnd marshy "wallers"
i "Jug-o-ruml"
"When tho blooming beetle, wheeling
Through tho window, hits tho celling
t With n who ck,
Whence ho tumbles llko n plummet,
With tho fawlftness of comet
Don n your back;
Then it's safe to mnko tho statement
Without discount or abatement,
"Spring has comol"
Indianapolis Journal.
. Ho was small and black a child of
nn Interior raco. There was nothing
in his nppenrnnco to suggest tho hero,
and if you lmd told him that ho was a
horo ho would scarcely havo known
what you meant, Au unschooled, Il
literate, ugly, Imllot-headcd nogro, ho
hp.d, nevertheless!, been baptized by
iho tamo spirit which had cnusod tho
faco of St. Stephen to shlno as tho
faco of an angol.
, Ono winter dnj almost n year bo
foro tho ovent which gnvo him
chanco to show tho tariff that was in
him ho enmo inio tho hotel looking
for n job. Tho ofllco was brilliantly
lighted and filled with a crowd of
hnndsomoly dressed men. There were
politicians, clubmen, mon about town,
reporters, many members of tho sport
ing fraternity, tho usual loungors and
hangers-on, nn occasional haysoed
nil forming a very startling back
groumVfor tho rags and filth of tho
poor shivering, hnlf-stnrvod llttlo
dnrkoy. It was no easy mattor for him
to stcor Ids courso to tho desk, and
when ho got thero tho splondor of tho
man behind it dn;:cd him so that his
volco almost failed him. Ho had. how
ever, oven nt his early ago, reached
tho point whore ho had to work or
btarvo. ,So his necessities mndo hhn
eloquent Ills oloquonco provnllod. Ho
was, on tho noxt dayi placed on tho
pay-roll of tho groat hotol.
As n bell-boy ho was not a success.
I fear I must confess that ho was lazy.
Pooplo liked him I do not know why,
and for somo reason or othor he was a
favorlto with his oaiploycrs. If ho had
not beon they would hnvo dismissed
him boforo his first week was out in
stead of doing thai, thoy concluded to
find more congenial work for him, bo
thoy put him in chnrgo of ono of tho
Among- tho passengers who used to
rldo up and down with tho boy was a
llttlo five-year-old girl, tho daughter
of a family living in tho hotol. Sho
was as perfect a typo of her raco as ho
was of his. With her fair white skin,
golden hair, deep blue oyes, nnd pretty
womanly ways, tho child was ngonoral
Javorito. Every ono know her; overy
ono loved hor. Between hor nnd tho
boy a great friendship had sprung up.
Ho was dovotion Itsolf, and his atten
tion to tbo llttlo Cnucasian was so
grotesquely chivalrous as to bo almost
pathotic. Sho accepted them all with
a dignity and graco that wore charm
ing. Her family lived on tho top lloor
of tho house, and as sho always rodo
in his elevator when eho could manage
to do so, tho boy and girl saw much of
each other. Onco sho was ill. Tho
medicine that helped her most was a
wretched llttlo bouquet sent her by her
dusky friend.
It was winter again. Tho evening
of which I wrlto was vory cold nnd
clear. Tho stars vrorodlamond-liko in
their brilliancy. Everything was
frozen up tho wheols creaked on tho
The hotel was crowded with guosts.
Not more than two or threo of tho
hundreds of roomn were unoccupied.
A belated traveller who had becrf'on a
weather-bound train camo In nt ono
o'clock, tired nnd cold. Ho ordorcd a
Are In his room anci thon went to tho
bar for n drink. A few minutes later
ho stopped Into tho boy's elevator nnd
was carried to tlio top floor.
Tho great house was quiet Host
of tho lights iti tho olllco had beon ex
tinguished. Two night-owls woro
talking in low tonos on ono of tho
settees which UnccVtho walls of tho
lobby. Tho boll-boys were most of
thorn asleep. Tho clork was drowsing.
Two o'clock! Iho night-owls got
up nnd walked out Into tho cold air.
A drunkon man poked his nose in tho
door. Tho sleeping porter sccmod to
scent him for ho hustled tho poor fel
low out
Tlio qutot dooponcd till It became
almost oppressive. Tho air was heavy
with It
Suddenly, without a noto of warn
ing, tho cry of "Flro!" rang through
tho houso. There was life enough
now. Scantily-clad pooplo wero scur
rying wildly through tho smoko-fllled
corridors. Thoy cs.mo plunging down
tho stairs to tho ofllco, and so out into
tho freezing night Shrioks nnd cursos
nnd groans nud prayers It was Babel
brokon loose. All tho bolls in tho
houso were ringing. Tho smoko grow
dcuser. It seemed to como from every
where nbove and below. Great black
volumes rolled through tho long halls.
Outside, tho strcots were Jammed with
pooplo. Tho engines, with tholr clang
ing gongs, hurried to tho scene. Lad
ders wero raised and tho work of
rescue began.
It was tlmo, for there was n white
figure at almost overy ono of tho mul
titudinous windows. Tho awful wall
loomed up in tho darkness story on
story, dimly teen an to Its upper half,
for that part of it was wreathed in the
. blinding smoko. Tho smoko turned
to llnmellamo burs ting through scores
of windows. Tho terror-stricken
creatures began to jump. Tlio pcoplo
in tho strcot below wore frantic.
Hack! backl" thoy shrieked.
"Walt! wo will save you! don't jump!"
Which Is tho plcasantcr, to bo
roasted allvo or to bo mashed out of
shnpo on tho stone pavement? If there
is to bo any saving dono, it must bo
done quickly. Many pcoplo woro bug
saving themselves. Tho slooplng clotY
nnd porter and boll-boys had gotten
But what of tho llttlo black fellow
in tho elevator? Ho, too, had been
asleep. Ho had boon awakoncd as tho
others Had beon by tho first cry of fire.
Unliko them ho had that "two-o'clook-in-tho-mornlng
courage" which Napo
leon said was tho rarest sort In nn
instant ho docldod lhat it was his duty
to stick to his post And stick he did.
f . Up nnd down ho wont, nnd ovory
tlmo Ms car touched tho ofllco floor it
was loaded with people Tho journoy
was a frightful one, but ho did not
shrink. How long ho could contlnuo
i o make tho trip ho could not tell. The
olovntor might drop any minute. Very
woll, let It drop. Somo of tho pooplo
In it might Eurvlvo tho shock. It was
sure to catch flro sooner or later. Evon
thon ho would bo on tho way tq safoty
with his passongors. And at any rato
ho know ho could bring somo pooplo
out of tho flro burning nnova
Ho had not beon good at going up
stairs, but ho could run his elevator.
Trip nftor trip ho raado, each woreo
than tho last. Tho flremon at tho bot
tom of tho shaft to whom ho turnod
ovor ills living freight sought to stop
hlra In his dangerous work. Tho
wholo woll was filled with smoko, and
far up toward tho roof tho flro could
bo scon.
Still ho kept on, nnd It did soom
that ovory time ho stirtod skyward he
was going to certain death. But ho
know that tho rooms and halls woro
swarming with pooplo, nnd ho would
tako any chanco to savo a life. Tho
firemen were doing tholr host outsldo;
death was busy within; nnd ho finally
mndo up his mind thnt it was no uso to
go back again, till nil at onco ho ro
momborcd that ho had scon nothing of
his llttlo friend.
Could ho wcathor tho storm and
flame onco more? Ho could try. Ho
pulled tho ropo, and tho journoy be
gan. It was slow oh, how slow.
Tho smoko was torriblo worso oven
than tho flro but ho hold his breath
and fixed his mind upon tho business
In hand. Tho flame kindled tho wood
work of tho car. Ho fell on his hands
nnd knees but ho kopt his hold on
tho ropo. At last ho reached hor floor.
Ho found hor room, and found hor.
Sho was asleep and alone.
Wrapping hor in tho blnnkots nnd
throwing about hor a rug which ho
snatched from tho lloor, ho struggled
through tho flnmo and smoko back to
tho burning car. "Back from tho
jaws of holl" It was that ho brought
her. fighting tho flro away from her
ovory incn of tho way down. Ho had
just strength enough to stop tho car.
Tho children were tnkon out nnd
carried to a drug store across tho
streot tho girl allvo nnd woll nnd tho
boy seemingly dead.
IIo was horribly burned. Among
the pcoplo who stood around wero tho
parents of tho llttlo girl. Thoy had
been out to nn evening party, and, re
turning nftor a long, cold drive, found
their homo on fire. Every ofTort had
been made, in responso to tho agon
lzlng appeals of tho fathor, to savo
tho child and now hero sho was, safe
and sound, laughing in her mother's
And tho horo? IIo opened his oyes.
"Did I bring hor froo nil right?"
"Yes, yes," bald the fathor, "and
how can wo ovor thank you for what
j on havo dono?"
"Nebbor mln' 'bout dnt boss. Ef
sho's safo dat's 'nuff for mo" nnd he
closed his oyes.
Dead? Yes, dead and gone to
heaven in a chariot of fire.
Whero You .See tlio nice for Wealth
All It Crudity.
There are no amenities of life in
Buenos Ayrcs, no society, no amuso
ments except tho theatre, which is ex
pensive, und uo distractions except
gross nnd shnmolcss debauchery that
thrives flnuntlngly In most parts of tho
city, says tho Cosmopolitan. Thero is
no socloty, because tho rivalry of lux
ury will not allow families to arrango
fotes unless thoy can do soon a princely
scale, to give a dinner party that Is
not a gorgeous banquet or to receive
of an evening without tho accompan
iment of a ball or grand orchestra.
Tho old crcolo fnmllics live entirely
among themselves after tho usual
Spanish stylo, hating and despising
tho gringo, or forolgnor, who works
nnd grows rich. Thero are no social
loaders, no leaders of opinions oven,
no ominont citizens whoso influonco
and efforts might creato centers nnd
elements of decent and healthy dis
traction. On tho othor hand you soo the race
for wealth In all tho crudity of un
scrupulous speculation and cynical
malversation of public funds, and on
tho other hand tho ostentatious display
of wealth in tho grossest manifesta
tions of vulgar luxury.
Nrrvoim Ilcndnclic.
Nervous headacho is, perhaps, tho
most difficult of ull to doserlbo or to
treat, inasmuch as it is not a disease
but a symptom, tho causo of which
may bo in somo remote part of tho sys
tem. Ono form of nervous hoadacho,
which Is unmistakable, though not al
ways understood as such, consists of a
dull, grinding pnln at tho back of tho
head noar tho baso of tho brain, whore
tho nerves of tho spinal cord cnlargo
and ramify for tho formation of tho
brain. Pain In this locality, frequent
ly extending down tho neck, Is n suro
indication of Impaired nervous action,
and should bo treated accordingly. In
nnother direction, nervous troublo pro
duces n violent headache that is from
tho medium of tho stomach. With
many pooplo any deep or sudden emo
tion, such us grlof, fear, or oven joy,
may partially or entirely paralyzo tho
action of tho stomach; there is nn utter
absence of nppotito nnd tho borious
headacho which results is simply tho
indication of tho trouble. When it is
removed, nnd the stomach rcsumos Its
accustomed action, tho headacho will
Not much Uiicourugciiiotit.
Bousing hlrasolf at last, and screwing
up his courngo, ho said:
"Jennie, I must say It I suppose
you havo been expecting something
coming all this evening "
"No," sho said, with a sloopy yawn,
"but I havo beon. looking for some
thing going for quite a while. Now
York Press.
Let It Alone.
It has boon reckoned that if the
wholo ocean dried up, nil tho water
passing nway as vapor, tho amount of
salt remaining would bo enough to
cover 0,000,000 square mllos with a
layer ono mllo thick.
A I'jrccloiin Third.
Ono-third of tho studonts in Europe,
it la said, dio prematurely from tho
effect of bad habits acquired at college;
ono-thlrd dlo promnturoly from the
effects of closo confinement at their
studies,' nnd tho other third govern
Europe. i
And Kvcrr TtirKcy bo J"rcol.
Tho plowman objects to the nudo in
agriculture. Let overy naked field bo
covered with n gooCL crop. Western
Plowman. r
A Missionary the I'lrst to Doscrlbo Thcso
Combat A Source of l'Joasuro to
Itnjnli anil tiubjoct for
Many Ycnrs.
Tho ordinary bull light which forms
tho chief amusement of tho Spaniards,
Cubans and Mexicans, has been do
scribed so often that thero is not a
vestige of novelty loft, but tho mannor
in which such lights nro conducted in
India is quite a novelty in its way.
Tho Bov. Hobart Counter, who was a
missionary in that country for many
years, was probably tho first European
to describe such a combat, since which
tlmo it lias been occasionally referred
to by travelers.
Thcso fights havo proved a sourco
of plctsuro to tho rajahs and tholr
subjects for many years, and nro still
in voguo in many districts of India.
Tho thoroughly trained nnlmals cm
ployed nro usually the property of
wandoring jugglers, who find in them
a sourco of iucome sufficient for nil
tholr wants. No special foo is required
of tho spectators, but at tho conclusion
of tho fight thoy nro rewarded with a
small gratuity from oach.
Tho animals, which uro vory flerco,
nro about tlio slzo of an ordinary Al
dornoy bull, nnd nro always kopt in
first-class condition. Thoy nro of a
special ureou, Having llttlo, U any ro
60iublauco to tho ordinary sacred oull
of India, having no Iiump botwoon tho
shouldors. A noticoablo peculiarity
is tho shortnoss of tholr forelegs and
tho great dopth from tho upper part of
tho shoulder to tho oxtromlty of tho
nock. Having oxtromoly low loins,
this ovor-dgvolopraont of tho foi'o
quartcr gives to tho hind logs tho ap
pearanco of bolng a great deal too long.
That thoy wero very powerful is in
dicated by their immensely thick
necks, while in strong contrast are
their dolicatoly small heads.
When thoro is to bo a fight, tho
ownors of tho bulls lead thorn into an
Improvised ring, whonthoy Immediate
ly give evidence of their pugnacious
nature by bellowing loudlynnd pawing
tho ground in a furious manner. Bolng
secured by ropes passed around tholr
bends and noses, thoy are dextrously
kept apart for somo timo, in order to
nllow them to work themsolvos into a
sufficient fury to insure a deapcnito
Thoy nro led toward each other
until but n few feet intervene between
them, nud then with a sudden jerk of
tho ropo are hauled backward with
such force as to almost throw them to
their haunches. A few repetitions of
this advancing nnd retreating is suf
ficient to work them into a state of
ungovernable raga Tho ropes are
now slippod from tholr heads aud the
combat begins.
For a minute or two they survey
each othor with dilated nostrils, nnd
Hashing oyes. Thoy run wildly around
in a circle before coming in contact
cautiously watching for any ndvantago
that may bo presented. Suddenly thoy
como fnco to face, pausing for an in
stant and thon with heads lowered,
rush madly together. It occasionally
happens that one or tho othor fails to
withstand tlio shock, nnd is forced up
on his haunches, but, generally spoak
ing, tholr horns become locked and
then begins a fiorco struggle for su
premacy. So carefully are thoy trained
that seldom, If over, is either gorod
during the light oach dexterously
avoiding tho vicious thrusts raado by
bis opponent nnd trying, with ad his
strength, to throw him broadside, on
tho ground. Tho head-lock Is nt hist
loosened, nnd each retreats rap
idly backward a few stops nnd thon
rusho Impetuously forward as buforo,
but this time with even greater 'orco.
This Is usually repeated soveral times
and as a mattor of coin-so ono or tho
othor grows woaker and begins to re
treat This is quickly recognized by
his antngonlst who nppears to gathor
additional strength, and with i tro
mondous rush generally succeods in
forcing tho vanquished gladiator upon
his haunches. At this tho keepors
quickly stop forward, and striking tho
victor on tho noso with n heavy bam
boo stick compel him to desist and
passing tho ropo over his horn3, lead
him away.
Thus ends this vory peculiar com
bat, which Is devoid of all tho ox
tromoly brutal and bloody incidents
which characterize an ordinary bull
A Victim of Circumstance.
"I might a' been rich oncot" said
tho man with tho straw-colored whisk
ers, "but circumstances was too much
f r mo."
"Tell us nbout it"
"Well, you 600, It was jest this way.
I was working on a farm down horo
on tho Wabash, when I meets a wlddcr
at a hoo-down with a quarter s ctlon
of 'bout as good land as you find out
doors. She bortor cottoned to mo right
on tho jump. Went to boo hor three
or four times an' was glttln' thickor'n
winter m'lasses, wbi I tuck tho chills
and fovors. Evor havo 'em? Sh'iko
all the llfo out o' you ono day; noxt
dny you kin eat llko a hnwg. Woll, I
goes to soo tho widder on my woll day
an' lo and behold, sho had tbo chills.
Noxt day Hiad 'om, next day sho hud
'cm, noxt day I"
"Well, tho upshot of tho wholo bus
iness was, that 'fore I got rid o' them
shakes a tramp proachor como along
that was in tho hublt of having tho
shakes simultaneous with tho widdor,
as it were, and cut mo cloau out I toll
you, boys, when old Billy Circum
stances bus It in for a man ho kin jost
as woll givo it up."
Cinttomt ClinliiN.
Death in his family means mln to
a Gold Coast poasant. If ho la un
fortunate enough to loso a wife, n child,
his fathor, or most important of nil,
his uncle, "custom" requires him to
fire off guns, to provido rum for all
comors for a wook after tho death, nnd
to repeat it atnn interval of six wocks,
and ngnln after tho lnpso of n yenr.
Sacrifices of goaW nnd shcop muiit bo
mado at tho funeral nnd at other itlraos
as directed by tho fotlsh-man, and
porhaps a fetish mado to lay tho (host
of tho decoascd. To cover all this
outlay, tho peasant goes to tho rich
man of tho placo nnd borrows raonoy(
nt fifty, sovonty-fivo or ono hundred
por cent Until this. is repaid hois
aslavo and must work two dnjs in
leach wook for tho kndor, receiving;
nothing for his labor. Tills goes on
for years until tho debtor is fortunate
enough to got sufllclont to pay princi
pal and Interest,
Crawfish' ryes Aro Ileplacatl by Nature
After Amputation.
That tho common crawfish has- tho
power of reproducing an eyo which It
may happen to loso, Is n fact quite
familial- to naturalists; but wo nro In
debted to M. S. Chantrau, tho eminent
scientist, for tho discovery that this
power of reproduction varies with ago.
M. Chantrau gives tho results of his
observations In tho Comptos ltondus,
from which it appears that a crawfish
1 year old quickly and effectually ro-
puirs such Injurios, whlio in animals '!
and moro years old reproduction Is un
certain in its operations nnu nover
fterfect. Ills first experiments woro
with a number of 1-year-old animals.
In October, 1881, uftor tho close of
thoir moulting season, ho clipped off
tholr oyes. Moulting commenced In
May of tho year following, nnd in Sep
tember, after four months had olnpsed,
tho oyos had been perfectly repro
duced. Tho noxt experiment was with a
collection of tho crouturcs that woro 2
yoars old past. Theso ho deprived of
tholr oyos, olther Immediately boforo
moulting set in in tho fall or during
tho winter months, between tho two
moults. Tho result of theso cases
were various. In somo of tho nnlinnls
after threo or four months tho eyos
wero reproduced but tho pupils woro
bo disfigured ns to leave it oxtromoly
doubtful whother thoy could servo for
tho purposo of vision; in othors ono
pupil would bo considerable smaller
than tho ono In tho other oyo of tho
satno animal.
Finally, in tho caso of full-grown
animals, which moult loss frequently
tho fomalos but onco a year and tho
males twlco tho oxporimonter's re
sults did not show any reproduction of
tho oyo, but only tho growth of eye
buds marked with a black point, nnd,
In ono caso, of opaquo bifid buds in
place of oyes.
M. Chantrau promises at an oarly
date to add more to tho curious and
interesting summary given above, and
also to givo us his observations on tho
romarkablo concretions found In the
stomachs of crabs and crawfishes,
called crab's eyes in old pharma
Gun Cotton I IHuigeroni Only When
CarclcMly I-roparod.
In n recent lecture on gun cotton,
snys tho Scientific Amorican. delivered
by Prof. Munrou of tho torpedo station
at Nowport the lecturer declared that
gun cotton, correctly prepared and
handled according to directions, was
tho safest of oxploslves to uw. It
was dangerous only when the materials
had not been thoroughly purified, or
tho union of acid and cotton incom
plete. In proof of what could bo dono
with It n picture was thrown upon tho
screen showing tho workman cutting
It with jig saw and lathe to fit It into a
shell. Another illustration wns tho
extinguishing of a block that was burn
ing by pouring water upon it Two
thousand pounds of it hnd boon burned
in a bonfire without explosion.
One volumo of tho explosive gives
823 of tho gas and tho pressure devel
oped by combustion is 81 tons to tho
square Inch, and by detonation 157.6
tons, the lattor bolng in contact, how
ever. Tho effect of tho explosion of
ono particlo on another is so rapid that
it would talto only ono second for it to
pass through 10,000 feet of tho oxplo
sivo. It was shown by tho hteroopti
con that tho letters U. S. N., with tho
date of manufacture, that aro in tho
bottom of each block, aro impressed
upon an iron plate upon which tho gun
cotton may bo exploded. It is a curi
ous fact that is tiio marks on tho block
are In relief, tho reproduction on tho
Iron will bo raised; and If cut In, thero
will bo an indentation on tbo plnto.
Prof. Munroo's theory is that when the
lottors nro cut Into the oxplosivos, tho
gases generated in tho indentations
aro hurled from them as a projectilo
from a gun. If a leaf or a delicate
pleco of lace bo laid betweon tho gun
cotton nnd tho Iron, Its impress will bo
loft In all tho perfection and outllno of
tho original, though tho articlo itsolf
Is absolutely annihilated.
Just Sop.
A man who was sadlj- do trop,
Sat down by a girl nud her bop.
As it pleased not tho pair
To hnvo him sit thair,
Thoy asked him, polltoly, to gop.
Their Proper hpUerc.
Tbo rain nnd tho hcu havo their
As overy thing earthly must;
And whereas n hon can lay nn egg,
It takes rain to lay tho dust.
I'olntertt Tor Idciitlflcntlon.
When men make radical changes in
their personal appearance, as, for in
stance, by shaving off a musticho, or
growing a board, tho result Is, occa
sionally, vory bowilderlng. To avoid
perplexing tholr acquaintances, I
think thoy ought to ndvortlso tho in
tended alteration in tholr aspect in tho
Times, or elso send around cards to
their friends. Would It not bo amus
ing to soo such un announcement ns:
"Mr. So-nnd-So informs his friends
that ho has begun to cultivate a
beard;" or to rocolvo a card to tho
effect lhat "As Mr. Such-an-Ono ha3
sacrificed his mustaoho In tho Interests
of private theatricals, ho bogs that his
friends may ondeavor to identify hlra
by tho pure Grook outllno of his noso
Wnd his woll-formod brow?"
Hard to Kellovc.
"Havo you scon Dr. Owons' story
that Bacon murdered Shakspcaro and
burlod his head In a box?" asked All
cremo. "Yes. and I don't bollovo that Bacon
got a head of Shakspcaro in nny such
way," replied Skinunins.
Nutnro and Art.
Nature, in tho common sense, refers
to tho ossonccs unchanged by man;
space, tho" air, tho river, tho leaf.
Art is applied to tho mixture of his
will with tho samo things, as in a
house, n canal, n statue, n picture.
Touch nnd Jo.
When n farmer is "stung to th
quick" tho boo gonorally furnishes both
sting and quick and tarnatioa quick
at thaV-.Yonkors Gazette.
IIo Had Loit Everything, 'Vflicn IIo Stak
ed Ills Two Uars on a Wager to'
Eat a Human Heart IIo First
Got the Human Haart.
"I know in Spain," says an ex-general
of an European regiment "a man
named Blanchl, a captain in tho Sixth
Regiment of tho lino ho was killed
at tho slego of Tarragona who staked
his cars against 1,000 ecus. Ho bet
them fairly and squarely. His adver
sary was another captain of tho samo
rcglmont, an Italian llko himself, and,
llko him, a scapegrace They were
two very darc-dovlls, but good officers
oxcollont soldiers.
"Wo were then bivouacked In Spain.
Blanchl needed 1,000 ecus for tho fol
lowing morning, and as he possessed
only 1.500 francs, he fell to throwing
dlco on a drumhead with his comrade,
whllo their companions wero prepar
ing supper.
"There wero, ma fol, threo fino
qunrters of goat meat cooking in a pot
besido us, and tho ro3t of us officers
watched alternately tho gamo and tho
goat meat, tho boiling of which sound
ed very ngrceablo in our ears, for wo
had eaten nothing slnco morning.
Our soldiers camo In ono by ono from
tholr foraging expeditions, bringing
wine and fruit
"Wo hnd a good meal In prospect
Tlio pot was suspended above tbo flro
by means of thico poles arranged in
tho form of a fusees, and sufficiently
removed from tho flames not to burn;
besides, tho soldier, with that marvel
ous Instinct which characterizes them,
had raised a little rampart of 6oll
around tho fire.
"Blanchl lost every thing, IIo did
not utter a word; ho remained ns he
was, squatted on tho ground; but ho
ci-osscd his arms upon his broast looked
nt tho fire, tho sky, and occasionally
at his adversary. At that moment I
feared lest ho might do somo wicked
act ho seemed ready to murder his
opponont. Finally ho arose suddenly
as if to lleo from somo temptation. On
arising he kicked ovor ono of tho three
polos which upheld tho pot and the
goat meal, and our supper went to tho
four winds of heaven.
Wo sat by In silence, and, although
tho famished stomach does not havo
much respect for p:issions, we dare say
nothing to him, so much did It pain us
to sco him. Tho other wns counting
his money. Bianchi burst out laugh
ing. IIo looked at tho empty pot and
perhaps thought that ho now had no
moro supper thnn money. Ho turnod
toward his comrade and said with nn
Italian's smilo:
" 'Do you want to bot your 1,000
ecus,' pointing to a Spanish sentinel,
potted nbout 150 motors distance from
our picket, whoo bayonet wo saw in
tho moonlight, 'do you want to bot
your 1,000 that without other weapon
than tho spit of your Corporal,' and ho
took tho saber of a foot-guard, -I will
not go to that sentinel, bring back his
heart cook it and eat it?'
'Yes' said tho other; 'but supposo
you don't succeed. '
" 'Well,' ho said, 'in that caso you
shall cut off my two ears.'
" 'Agreed,' said tho other.
" 'You are witnessos of tho bet,'
cried Bianchi, with a triumphant idr,
turning townrd us.
"And ho started off.
"We had no longer nny deiiro to
eat o nil sprang to our feet to soo
what ho would dof but wo saw nothing
at all. In fact ho turned into a path
nnd crawled like n serpent; wo did not
oven hear tho sound that a leaf might
make in falling. Our oyes did not quit
tho sontinol. Suddenly a slight groan,
a deep nnd hollow 'hcu' made us start
Something foil. Boum! And wo no
lonror saw tho cursed oxcuso me,
ladles, tho gleaming bayonet
Five minutes afterward that scape
graco Blanchl wns galloping in tho
distanco liko a horse. IIo camo back
to us very palo and panting fearfully.
Ho held in his hand tho Spaniard's
heart nnd showed it laughingly to his
The lattor said to him with a serious
air: " -That's not all!'
" 'I know It!' replied Blanchl.
"Without washing tho blood from
his hnnds ho set up tho poles again,
readjusted tho pot quickened tho fire,
cooked tho heart and nto it without
being in tho loast Incommoded.
"Ho pocketed tho 1,000 ecus, which
ho hnd promised to a little Parisian
vivandiero, with whom ho was smit
ten!" Smile With Your K)-c.
There is ono big "don't" which nine-
tcnths of womankind might with ad-
vantngo hang up over their dressing
tablos, nnd it Is this: "Don't smilo
perpetually." Is thoro anything more
wearisomo than tho porson who ccaso
lcssly oxpands nnd contracts tho lips
over tho teeth, without mirth or mean
ing, for that is what tho continual
smile eventually becomes. Let any
woman stand boforo a mirror nnd at
tempt to produce nn nnlmntcd smile of
wolcotno. Sho will bo surprised at tho
witless grimace that will respond.
That is what smiling Is with no soul
behind It Learn to smllo with the
oyo nnd keep tho mouth and fnclal
lines In repose. Wo speak of tho
pleasing gravity of tho Oriontals. Tills
is Iho socret of It a kindly light in
tho oyo, with a quiet oxprcsslon of tho
fnco. There Is no copyright upon it
Lot her and him who will Imitate it
Now York Tiinos.
Kxtrciticlv 1'rnnki
"Now, Bobby, if you don't wnnt to
go to Bessio Smith's party, you must
wrlto a note and tell her so; nnd bo
suro and get It polite. You will find
somo modols In this book of etiquette,"
said Mrs. Carhart to her llttlo son.
Bobby struggled with tho problem
for nn hour, and then presented for Ills
mother's inspection tho following
truthful but unconventional offuslon:
"Mr. Robert Carhart declines with
pleasure Miss Bosslo Smith's kind in
vitation for tho 14th, nnd thanks hor
oxtromoly for having given him tho
opportunity of doing so. Harper's
A Clilneao Custom.
It is customary for the emperor of
China to offer prayer's every Now
Year's Day for tho welfare and bright
pro3pocta of his subjects in tho eigh
teen provinces of his empire. At tho
ceremony olghtccn pairs of .candles nro
bur4t and thu namo of each province
is marked on each pair. Any of tho
candles that burn badly signify that
such provinces 03 nro named will suffer
groat calamities sicknoss and tho
An dcetirfence of tho Atlanta Campaign
Well Worth tho Heading.
I am reminded by reading tho lottor
nf mv old commander. General Hovr-
ard, of an Incident which occurred on
tho Atlanta campaign, says a corre
spondent of the Philadelphia Press. I
was a. staff officer In tho Fourth Army
Corps nnd was riding about 9 o'clock
In tho ovcnlng, accompanied by an
orderlv. from Marietta, out to the
front a distanco of nbout six miles.
There had been somo brisk skir
mishing with Gonoral Johnston's rear
guard during tho previous day, and nn
occasional ambulance passed up on lis
way to tho hospital ut Marietta. Bo
latcd supply trains nnd groups of
stragglers, disabled horses and broken
down wagons wero scattered along tha
Wishing to light my pipe nnd having
no matches I rodo out Into tho woods,
near tho road, whero I saw a fire. As
I approachod It I found two soldiers
holding candles, tho light of which
foil upon n map spread upon tho
ground. Lying prono upon his breast
with his chin resting upon his left
hand, nnd With tho index finger of his
right tracing tho linos upon tho map,
was General Shorman.
I immediately alighted, and, touch
ing him upon tho shoulder, said:
"General, do you know how far yoa
are from headquarters? It Is fully
threo mllos."
IIo arose at once, nnd, accepting
tho oiTcr of my horse, mounted hits
and rodo away toward tho front.
Knowing tho habits of tho chief, and
that regaining possession of tho ani
mal depended upon keeping him in
sight I promptly dismounted my
orderly nnd followed tho general to
headquarters. IIo had not bcci
missed. Thero was nothing unusual
In tho occurrence. Ho had started
out alone for n walk and his btout legs
had borno him threo miles away.
Ills mind filled with tho groat proph
lcm of tho campaign, ho had need to
consult a mnp of tho country nn(.
calling up two straggling soldier',
bade them light their candles that ho
might then and there bcttlo somo doubt
as to the trend of a mountain range, or
the direction of a road or water coursu
This Is not much of a story, but It may
servo to show to people who nover
served under his leadership how readily
ho adopted tho material at hand to im
mediate uso.
Mr. fepiirccoii Dallied.
Mr. Spurgeon onco spiod a railwny
porter wheeling a truck toward him.
Ho thought, -'I'll try and say a word
to this man about his soul." They met
and Mr. Spurgeon said: "Well, friend,
it's a warm day, and you havo a big
truck there to carry a very small
parcel on." Tho immediate rcjolndir
of tho truckman was: "It is hot sh'.
vory hot; and you aro the first gentle
man I havo mot likely to givo a fellow
a drop of beer." Mr. Spurgeon sas
ho rccolved a lesson from tho man.
Tho man was intent on his beer and
went right to tho point at once, Mr.
Spurgeon dallied and was baffled.
Somc ICnre IHctal.
Somo rare metals, possessing special
qualities, are required for certain
work. Thus palladium is used in mak
ing somo parts of time-pieces, and ir
ridlum for tho points of gold pens.
Lithium is tho lightest of metals.
Khodium Is extremely hard and brittlo
and is only fusiblo at a very high tem
perature, and irridium Is tho heaviest
substances hitherto discovered. Tho
uninitiated havo no idea of tlio valuo
of those scarce products, which arc,
most of them, far more precious thai
gold or silver.
I)ei'i 3I1UCR.
Tho depth at which somo of tho
Belgian coal mines nro worked is tome
thing prodigious. In a pit nt Ron 3
tho work is now dono at 3,700 feet; In
a pit at l'remorin at 2,800 feet nnd ii
tho St Andre pit nt Montigny-sut-Sambroat3,000
Unearths unpleasant secrets.
Sings loudly vtlieu tho rest of tho choir
nro biuging low.
Says fcho will nnd conveniently forgets
to keep hor word.
Chooses for her opponent some ono
weaker than herself.
Never forgets to remind her friends of
tho favors alio has bestowed.
Is content to spend tho timo nnd money
of tboso who cannot nlTord to los.o it.
Keeps tho bitter memories of othors in a
healthy stato of existence by her continued
Lets her jealous nature nnd stingin,;
tonguo piny falso to tboso who havo be
friended her.
Uns uo rcnl fi lends, nnd, after nil, dc
herves our pity becauso of tho weakness cf
ser character.
Buys a lint llko her dearest foo's best
one, nnd gives it nway to tho servant a
fortnight Inter.
Contrasts tho happiness or goodness of
tho third person singular with tho lot of
tho person addressed.
Ono hundred
tons of Jnpancso curies
wero recently brought to this country by
ono ship.
Thero hnvo been but four generals over
the army of tho United States i ivashlncj.
ton, 17U9; Grant, 1800; Sherman, l&G'J;
Sheridan, 1878.
A small company invited to tosto tho
tea purchased by a London company nt
S33 a pound, arrived ut tho conclusion thnt
it was worth tho money.
What is said to bo tho largest quartz
mill in tho world is in far off Alaska. It
constats ot 210 stamps, 00 concentrators,
twclvo orecrusbors, nnd requires 500 horsa
powor. The plant is nt TrcadwolL
Tho namo "Indian" was given to tha
inhabitants of America by Colombus from
his belief that tho country which ho had
discovered was nn extension of India, the
country known to occupy tho extremo of
tho eastern hemisphere.
In Corca over' unmarried man is con
sidered a boy, though he should Uvo to bo
u hundred. No matter what his ago, he
follows In position tho youngest of tho
married men, despite tho fact perhaps of
having livod years enough to bo their
A recent issue of a paper published in
Natal, South Africa, contained this ndVoi
tisement: "Wanted, n young Indy eji
lady's companion, nnd to nsbist in touch
ing throo children. Apply to J. P. J. Bij:-
garsbcrg. N. D, Threo elisiblo bachelors
kept on tho urcmLos.
The Arizona Cattle Co,,
Bange, San Francisci Mountains. -
Ea marks, slit in each oar; horses luid P'P
Iritilitlilp; IncrcisBAIonleftshooldMr. i'.U
odJrfi-8, Flagstaff, Ariz.
General Manwr.
John Y. Uiioadm
Horses with this brand
ere tho proporty of th
ItaBRe, Ban Francisco
P. O. address. Ch&L
Undsr, Ariz.
PlULLlr Hcil.
McMillan & goodyPijj.
IV39'..tik "t V J
T brand on rieht !d ot now. Ewes, crop in
right nnd split in ech ear; with'rs, crop in lst
nnd nil eidit in each ear. lUnge, threo miles
north ( Flagstaff. I. O. ad J run, Flagstaff,
Horses and moles
branded as abovv on
tlio left thigh beloog
to tho undersigned.
llonge on Stone
man's Lake and Uo
gallon's mountains.
James ALLEX.Comp
Vcrdo, Ariz.
l'oe to ffiee ad
dress. Flag
staff, Arizona,
ltange, San
Yarn pal Co.,
and cattlo'
branded es in
rnt. I
tattle uumbi rod consecutive! on left cheek.
Cattle branded as Inj
cut on left sido, nn-i
djrslope in both oars,
dowlap cut upwards. 1
linage, MoRollon.
mouatains. Flagstaff.!
Ear marks, sawell in
loft and swallovr fork
in ri:iit.
Font oKco address,
riag.taff, Yavapai Co,
All increase,
branded into
13 B.
Horses branded on'
tho loft shoulder.
ltange from Ash;
crock to tho summit1
of tho Mogollon
l'ostofiice, Flagetaff,i
Arizona. 1
linnge.eight and one. I
hair miles southwest1
of FlgUff. . . i
Cattlo are branded as
In rut; ear marks, nn-'
derblt In each ear,-1
hows with samo iron!
rotHico address, Flag.,
Ktnft. Arizona. '
llanos Clark's VaUer.l
Uogollnn mountains, i
Brand as above cut.
All jO'jnc stock brand.i
od nn both sides, with)
bwnllow fork and nn
derblt in each ear; also)
imulho fiiUontu
Hoot T, SII, anjwhcra on,
Ihdsicloor animal
onrlzhtslde: X cattle, 03s on right side; norso
brand U. O.
Ilango right miles
southeast of Flagstaff,
Yavapai county.
Cattle branded J V
on left ribs; earmarks,
square cnt on right
tar, over slopa on left
Fostoilico udJroaa, Flagstaff, Arizona.
Horo and mnlu brr.nd nn left hip as shown in
rut. Sheep: euxn, how In left ear and split in
tho light: wethers, niTorso that of owes; rami
brandnl F on horn. Itauga near Mormim I.alto,
Aioruiion aiouatuins. i-ogioiucj auurjss, cisg.
staff, Arizona.
rnstofllco rddrcss,
Ot'nr cattlo -VTTTi
brand., 5 ii
C&lnSSS&SCb on left thigh.
0 iiK
Fltgtuff, A. T.
I&nge. Ban Francis.
co mountains ?
All mltla hrnmr-d ni .&"
in cut nro tl.o piup rl !fc
of tlio undi ralgnvu, '
rod "! nil utli4 ii
br.udod with Jr it I
Gzocat W. CuiCU.'
J-sinrur riKl wl rtu
BsSSll lor in en-It rrr W
tJ imt 10 luu nitl
1 j.ri. Hn lirr a-.t
JO Aris. Umj tViXi". '
xr i
1 -4
j 1
. 4
' ..
&teM.f 'isjwi. $sjw . -" ? " V- -itffe

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