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The Coconino sun. (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 1891-1891, August 01, 1891, Image 2

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IP The Coconino Sun.
C. M. Funston; Mtfc'r and Prop.
.j- - i
Subjcriptlop rates , on e year, 4 00
' " six monllu $200
t " tliree months... r,$.' po
Kini-le'eonles ten cents.
'AdreHising rates on application.
"( Address all communication aad nuke all
remittances to CM. Funston, Editor and
Proprietor, Flagstaff, Coconino Co, Antona.
Entered ;t ttjc Flagstaff post office as
second ckss matter.
Mr. Politician, givo, oh givo us a
rest, at least until cool weather.
m Jt is noY encouraging old maids, but'
jt is jiovertheless true, that tho mar
ri&go rata is constantly decreasing in
tnjs and. obor countries.
Ik view of the failure of tho Euro
pean crops, an(l the prospective high
prices for American, cereals, it' would
socrn that ouf greatest present need is
moro harvesting and less politics.
Before making up your mind that
tnere are no good peoplo in J'hiladeK
p'h(a, as onois apt to do after reading
pp'recont firiancial occurrences in that
pity, it is wol to think of tho atlige:
f'Thd devil is not so black' as he !s
r f"
Accordixo to Senator'IIalo, recip
rocity is to bo tho main issuo in tho
Presidential fjgbt, and tho Farmers'
Ajlianco' Vill'support tho Republican
Ucfeet' It is but fair to stato that Jlr,
Hale is not what might bo called an
The Senato sub comrjiittco which is
engaged in firming cut' the cfTect of tho
ISRifiley tariff act on things in gen
eral is now at Narragansett Pier, pre
sumably to study what effect the law
as had upca the gorgedus battling
suits cT tlib shapely girls who have
mado that resort famous.
Jhe" free etoitlogd bombT froth the
Ohio Democratic convenfipn has made
another big hole in tho already ragged
'sajjs at Skipper Cleveland's nomination
yacKt', wnich has been in a bad way
for some months. It is cxtromely
doubtful whether new sails cap bo
F 1 W ' ,. ..'"'v .-.. -,.. ,t. . , .
prqeurea in time for tlio now disapje
yacht to entor the great raco for the
'Presidential cup.
We DOjTFTcnow hhw much Sam
Small, the ex-newspaper man and
(resent evangelist knows about it, but
he said to a big crqwd in New Ydrlc:
"I want to say that no wan with the
tho whiskey rtcord of David Bennett
Hill will ever got tho vote of the South
fb the Democratic National Conven
tion, At this season of the year ull gov
ernment property, no matter how in-
iAmifiinnfr. in vnliiA flint, hflnnnn tn
bo locato'4 in the mountains or pppn
tio" seasrior' 'fa discovered By the
powers that be, to bo in immediate
need of official inspection, and it usu
ally takes ona or moro cabinet officers
dtid a party of friends to do tho in-epectir,s,-6ud
Uncle Sam, he pays the
.i'lisT '
"Ukcle Jo? (Jasxo.v," who was left!
at pmc! bV nis constituents last year,
must bo laying" tho wires to become a
Congressional candjdato again next
year." Al le'at' it is fair fo'p'Wsunld
so from tho announcement that ho has
jWsjwcecj thrco newspapers in his
Gi'stiict. But, como to think of it(
jaA M a poisibHriif' that ha to com
pelled to take the papers in older to
&tt isvf for money advancod them
Sunns his last c'i'KWaign.
Jhings that are seldom found: An
KdneSf anj' truthful politician; a nows
Taper that hasn't the &resf circula
tioa; the fellow who gets iice4 'n ne
prapping match; the girl who reTu'scs
B iiiigiblo offer' of marrhgo; tho' mer
cliant Vpodoos not carry tho largest
stock' and sell at the lowest prices; tho
poihff fhafVasn't all right t before
tho epiosfc'n; tpe farraor who doosn t
faiso tho finost stock and the best
crops in bis neighborhood; a dude with
brains; a tinker" vJro favors Farmers'
'ill! : rlA. .J.J4tl,nM.n nl.n
fnows the old 'gun is foacfed
At the solicjUtion of th'o ma'nage-
pent of tho Territorial Fair, the rail-
: oad comnanies havo consented to givo
he lowest rites' p'ossiblo over their
inos. Iho Atlantio & Pacific haVo
jUt tbo'faw from Tho Needles and in-
jerm'e3fa' pofafi to Albliq'uerciue'arid
return at ono cent'por'mile on'r6trad-
ri'ijckela, and' tho A. T.' & S.'F.
havo ro'dp the name' rates 'from Den-
t, 'Th6 AtlintioiEtt-ttfrc w"ll carry
k exhibits froo', oicept slockj favch
$M bo charged onp ra,rt to hu;cjef-
quo a'h'd rcturnod freol rtolls,' FargS
& Co. will carry all exhibit! at one
fcvi t'a ttsuil TQfah,
TnK .Ohio ciiiipajjjri this year seems
to be ct aOrt ',cf ',,Blllyi,"and "Jimmy"
"Tire true story 6t Mr Blaine's ill-
ness " U getting just a little monofcofl
ous, notwithstanding it is cJjrforonH
uvcry ujne id is printed.
Wiies Germany becomes c vb'public
and Kaiser Wilbclttl loses HIS' job, ho
might utilize his recent cxporienco by
becoming a tuoatricaH'l.'ghtningc)iangc
artist," rctamipg'his'prescnt oxtensivo
Trjs Grah't' monument in Now york
hasn't been built, and it is not a.y all
jcortain that it evor will be, but'tho au
uounceracnt is made that tho commit
tee will placn on sale about tho first of
September a largo engraving showing
the monument and grounds as they
will appefwhen till former is com-
plotrfd.' An engraving showing the
present bare condition of the ground
ought to enti:o moro subscriptions.
Let tho County Commissioners of
such counties as havo not already ar
ranged for" an exllibit at tho Territorial
Fair geV to work at once and see that
a go&l exhibit is made, Tho time is
getting short only a few weeks re
maining. Tho fair is in every sense a
territorial ono, and is the liest means
of advertising tho territories to tho
thousands who will attend both front
1 1
at homo and abroad.
'"'', ' " '
Foh whole-souled Eelflshncss tho W.
0. T. U. takes'tho cake, "they express
themselves as boing disgusted with
Secretary Blaiho for having instrqeted
tho United States consuls in South and
Central America to report to tho Stato
Department tho best moans of intro
ducing American Jtaer Hi those coun
tries. It seems to bo tho idea of tho
wotnen that ali tho beer should bo con
sumed in this country. This is rather
selfish, to say tho least. It looks liko
an attempt to niako bocr-drink.ipg a
flourishing homo industry.
Too much caro cannot bo exercised
to prevent fires in country towns
whero there is no protection in tho
way of fire apparatus. 'Within tho
past two weeks some half-dozen Cali
fornia towns have been snept by fire,
and serious losses bavo resulted. In
surahefl rarely covers inore'tfian half
tho actual' loss ridw buildings may at'
onro bo erected, still tho town suffers
from the disaster for many months,
A few hundred dollars spent in nocos
sary apparatus to protect proporty
against the flames Will iri a short time
savo thousands.
Washington Letter.
(From oar Regnlar Corretpondcnt.)
Washington, July 27, 1891.
Mr. J. F. Tillman, i$o, with Dr.
Macuno and Alonzo Yardcll, ix charged
with looking after the dxecutivo busi
ness of the National Farmers' Alli
ance, is in town. He has just returned
from Pddianapolis, whero he has Lo.i
011 oiticiai uusiutss. xn answer to a
question he said: "It is highly proba
ble that Indianapolis will bo chosen
for our national convention on tho 17th
of next Novomber. Tho date was fixed
at tho Ocala meeting, but the selection
of the place was left to the executive
board. I think wo shall chooso Jn-cjiapapol-'
b.ecqu.S0(p! its central Idea
tion, a.nd becauso tliore will be hold in
that city at tho same time the conven
tion rf tho Farmers' Mutual Bonofit
Association, which is a very strong
agricultural order in Illinois and other
northern states. Probably a consolida
tion may be effected by tho Alliance
with that organization at tjp cop;3g
C6n'?e"hti6'ri'.' Being asked whether
this convention would decide upon the
propriety of nominating and support
ing a Presidential ticket, Mr. Tillman
rcplicdf "Certainly not. Tho Alii-
a'n'ce s not a political body. It can-
uoc go into partisan politics. Its
members may' vote o.s they chooso,with
either of the old ptirf'Jps or a new ono,
but it doesn't hold rfcatfngs to set
political machinery in moti-fl-."
Mr. W. F. Thomas, of TopoBa. Kas ,
whO' is a railroad lawyer, and not at
all in sympathy with tho Alliance
movement in his state, stated hero that
I bo regarded it as certain that tho Am
unci) wouiu suppuib u -.rvsiucuiui
ticket of their own next year, nnd tlraf
unle.3 a great changtf of sonfimeht
ta'kes placo that they will probably
cany the state.
In conversation between a number
of prominent Southern Democrats hero,
among vfh'om were ex-Senator Hamp
ton and Representative Cites, it was
admitted tmit South Carolina',- orth
Carolina, Alabama and Georgia woukl
in all probability cast tboir electoral
votes for a third party, if tho Farmers'
JVHnce should formally ondorso tho
third party movement. Somo of Iho
Btitlbmen present thought that it
shbiiid bo tho policy' pf the Democratic
p&rtj in tho South a conciliato and as
fares possiblo woik with ths Allianco,
brtfilr-.' Oates and s$v$ral othors ad
vocate'd, inaking war trpotr (he Allianco
and 6617 thing it advocate-?,'oxcept the
free coinage of sih er.
The hsip moo in tho Ohio' cam
paign is rrrach talked of here inasmuch
aa it involves a' member of tho Cabinet
anclpesuiMUbly tho entire adtninistra-
lion, ana it is aao usca us an u,u
koowledgijraent that' the Alliance op-
position to Ssnator Sherman is too
strong tt) fee overcome. The move re
ferret! to jsHho semi-officiaTonn'ouncB-
menf; ijiat, in caso of tho withdrawal of
Sojiator Sherman, Secretary' Foster-is
to Ijecomo a candi'datu for the Senate
iti'opposition to Governor Foraker; that
Z it. a ?M -ual.l.Mtarita M a A A M T I M -Til A J t -
11 sue neuuuucuus outtveu 111 uicwi.'
ing a majority of the legUlituVo,
. . f .1 1 iti a' 1.
In spito of the most posithe denials,
the Blaine people still insist that man,
of the outrageous stories about Mr
Blaine's condition which have recently
appeared in the newspapers have been
originated or inspired by friends p,f Mr.
Harrison, fqr the purpose oi'Hijltrig otl
Mr. LSra'ltm'cs a possiblo candidate. JNo
ono ciarge3 tnat Jir. itarnson, wio n
.' ' .. -.r TT . VI 1 '
genorally Relieved to have a' perfect
understanding about next year with
M. Blaiprc, has had anything to do
with tijs. dirty business, but it must
bo confessed that ho has some very in-
discreet friends whoso recent actions
cause them to bo under suspicion iif
they arp'not actually guilty.
Tho reorganization of tho PostpSTce
Dcpirnont, which was complctc'd this
wcel; and winch was, by the way, the
first'gmeral re-organization''of tho do
partirfcnt hinco 1848, 14 oxpected lo
greatly oxpodito busihess, and Mr.
WrjDa'rnaker, who is specially proud of
his'pxecutivo ability, is pleased to have
at last succeeded in having the woik
of the department divided up and
systematized as he thinks'ifr" ought to
be, instead of being- lnlxed up as hp
fqund it.
A special train very handsomely
decorated will loao here Sunday for
Detroit, c-urying tho invitation com
mittee which is expected to succeed in
persuading the G. A. It. to accept'
aslungton s invitition to hold the
1892 encampment in this city.
Tho committee appointed by Secre
tary Foster to investigatp thfl clial-ges
mado by tho executive committee of
tho Knichts cf Labor that inferior
suppjjbs rero used by tho superintend
ent of tho bureau cf engraving nnd
-printing which cost tnmo than good
articles could bo purchased for,4 Has re
ported that tho chargos arc uh'true and
without foundation Mr. Hays, of
tho Knights of Labor pjjecutivo com
mittee, declined to ap'p'ear before the
committee, bocqu.;c One of its membors
who ;qd oi't-ri restilied under oath
against tho Knjghtsof Labor was not
removed upon his request.
J. II, Marion) editor and propiictor
of the Prescott Courier, and ono of the
best-known newspaper men in the
territory, dropped dead at his rcsidouce
last Monday morning, tho causo of Jiis
death being heart disease. Mr. Marion
.war Lo3 f;i ! Qrjeans, jn whiph
placo ho Itfarncd tho printer's trAide,
afterward working- ih' St. llouis, and
later in California, coming to Arizona
eaily in 18G3 with a California party.
Ho has been engaged in publishing
newspapers most of the time since. He
served during one session in an' An
zona legislator-,' and "."as elected and
served otje tern, as treasurer of Yavopi
Out of respect for the deceased, who
was most hichly esteemed by all who
knew him, District Court was adjourned
until after tho funeral, which took
pLico Tuosday from the family resi
dence in West Piescott. the remains
beinz followed to' tlietr finul resting
placo by a largo concourse- of sorrow
ing friends and relatives, and were
escorted to the cemetery by tho militia,
Cro companies, pioiietTrs,' atitl the vari
ous lodges of which Hb was a member.
Deceased was 53 years of ng.i, and
leaves a youn; wifo and three children,
the eldest being; about seventeen years
old and the joungest about t wo ars,
to mourn tho loss of at affectionate
liu-fba'hd and kind fahsr.
There seems to bo an impression
among a few editors that tho nisoting
of tho association will not bo held rXt
Flat'dtatf but sornewhfro on the coast.
This is a' wrong improssi6rti Tho ex
ebutivo coturaitteo has held soveral
meetings and canvassed tho matter
thoroughly and decided, positively on
Flagstaff. Every arrrmgement has
been made foi" COfnfort and entertain-
mend- Flagstaff is at an elevation of
GOOO feet, is n cool, delightful spot in
summiif, and attractions in tho way of
ruins of cava aud cliff dwellings, will
anply repay all who go thcro. A s far
as tho trip i,s concerned thero will only
be a few b,Qurs of a hot ride, that is,
until Tho Needles is reached, and be
yond that point tho climate will be
found cool and very pleasant Tho
trip over tho desert will bo takra at
night anyhow, lb rt'y'rljr' not be fatig
uing. Nearly every member of tho
association has signified his inception
of going to Flagstaff. The railroads
havo made arrangements, nnd tho plan
will not bo abandoned at thi3 late date.
Thnin who era will havo as Dleasant a
trip and dolightfula fimtf Wthey over
enjoyed. Kaleidoscope.
Six card photos 81.00
One dozen card photos. . . . 1.50
Six finest cabinets 1.50
,paio-dozen finest cabinets. . 2.50
Proofs shown next day. All nega
tives taado by Tuesday flight wo will
finibh before wo go. Length of our
stay jn Flagstaff, until noxt Thursday
night Come and see us and our
samples of tVmslow parties. Car op
positd postof&co.
It is now definitely settled, rtf be
lieve, that tho Editorial Association of
Southern CaHfornla'wifl goto Flagstaff
otf tho 9th of Atfgtet.- Thrft is if a
definitely settled for tho present
Ncedleo bye. - 1
The committee appointed to make
preparations to receive'ai(l entertain
tJiVc'diforial visitors on August lpore
at work and everything is progressing
firftly, Our ppople havb taken hold of
this matter with their'u$uol vim, and
the visitors will bo liospitably enter
tained while here. Below wo agaih
print the list of the various committeos:
Reception 0 M Funston, T G
Norris. George Babbit, JW Francis,
J iV Yajl, Mrs G'ABray, Mrs P J
Branneii.vMrs Cameron and Mrs J E
Hali-J "W Wcathorford and SS
Lodging and Subsistcftc(C- J E
Jones, Harry Fultcn stfd E E Ellin-
Transportation to Cliffs and Caves
P J B.n;nnen, P P DaggsandWA
Banquet Dr P J Cornish, Dr J M
MarsJjrfllD'M'Rjordan. '
Finance Gorham A Bray, Max
Salzman aud A T Cornish.
Music W L Van Horn and Xohn
ExhibU T II Hoskins, Jr. AC
Morso and John Clark.
Lunch ES Wilcox, P D Berry
and T J Coalten
Tho committee on lull will assurao
its decoration, aMd tho committee on
hall, decoration and lunch havo power
to add to their-numjjcr when necessary.
T!in following is tho list of letters
regaining in tho post-dfTico at Flag
tall, Arizona, for the week ffndjng
Saturday, July 31.
Ambrose, Jo
Angden, E A
Blaisingham, E J
Urady, J W
Brady, Mr
Blown, James
Brown. Tom (a)
Urumenkant, C
Bush!;, Al
Commings, Will
Conduy, S J
Concn, Jas
Coner, Saml
Crary, E C
Denson, Shade
Elder. Robert (j)
Uillander, R
Haute, Luc
Hanson, Harry
Harmon, Bert
Harrison, Mr
Henderson, Bill (3)
Hltt. J
Hoyte, James
Hogan, Wm
Hjdcr, Jocph (12)
Kennedy, Michiel'
lwson, Miss I (3
I.amnson. I A
McCarthy. Rlch'ird,
Neal, Emily (3
Ney. W II 1 19 j
Odell. Clint
Olmitead, Geo P'
Orstcn, C
Patton. E E
Riess, Albert A. (2)
Robinson, G'y
Roieberry, MrtQT
Scott, W V (si
Srlden, W A
Slienberger, lice S'
Shields. S S
Smith, G 1'
Smith, John
Tuohy, I'tW
Webster, Hairy C
Webster, Th
Williams, Lew
Willock, W T
Windham, J l
Word , John
Nasario Mirelez, Perfectb
Diaz, Pedro
Francese, Flolula
Gomes, Pomesena
Gorgoba, Pedro
Gutierrez, Tpnita
Ifjarr, Ovetano
Montoya, Cardei)ia
radilU, Francisco
Satasar, Juan Jose
Sanaoal, Uionjcv
Sandoval, Fcdrq J
In calling for any of tTie above let
ter, plcaso state that they have been
advertised. Geo H. Cook, P. M.
TAINMENT. A musical o,htl dramatic entertaili
ment will' bVgi ten, at Powell's hall on
Saturday evening Jnext; AugU4tJ8th:
Tho programme is an excellent oafy
and tho musical part one thai will' be
highly appreciated by our citizens. As
comic play will be ono of tho amusing
things of the evening. Tho entertain
ment will be for the bonefit of St.
Joseph's church.
Following 2tc the musical and
dramatic programs so far arranged,
there being some numbers ye (0 be
Instrumental Duet, Mrs H Fulton
and Mits C llabbitt; "The Wander
er's Night Song," Rubenstein
Miss H Colton and Mrs D QabbjtU
"The flower Girl," Uevignami
Mrs 7 A Riordanj Instrumental solo,
M.U fi Fulton; "Mid of the Mill"
A,d,ams Miss H Colton: "Down in
the Dewy Dell," Smart Mrs F W
Sisson, Mrs D Babbitt and Mrs T A
Riordan; " "Neath Thy Window
Passing," Offenbach Mrs F W Sis
son and Mr H Fulton.
Dramatic play, entitled " Boston1
Dip," in which the (cdlowirrg ladies
and gentlemen will tajte'rart; Mfs.
J. Clark, Mrs. P. J, Brannen, Mrs.
J-. Dcrr; J. W. Ross, J. Doran... H.
Zuck, Ed Babbitt. Tlielpky will be
under the management of?Dr. D. J.
The Boston photograph car has
been on the road for five -.cars. Fa?
half that time, or'jiearly three ye,-,:
it has beer) .under its present man
agement. In that, length of time he
people have. traYbled thousand of
miles and taken millions of pictures.
Th-TC are four pesoUs attached lo
the car, and engaedTn the work of
picture piaking. ""When they reach'
town they do not camp in their car
doing IheiY' own cooking, intent only
on getting as much money as possible
and leaving as little as they can.
They board at the hotels, patronize
i newspapers, and practice the duty
"live and ler'Hve' In conse-
quence of this they 'do -J hig business
wnerever tney go. mey rrraae 14,
000 photos in Albuquerque; in Gal
lirfy 1,800; in Winslow a, 000, and
so it goes. Free baby day Monday.
iftiiicten'i Arnica ttalre.
T-e Best Salvo in tho world for
Buts Bruises, SohJS Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, Fovor Sores, ,Totfei Caapp4
Haftds, Chilblains Corns, and all Skin
Eruptiong,-and positively cures WIos,
or no pay required. 'It fs guaraneoU
to giro pertect sa;jsra:iron,;-or money
For salo by IX V. Branrien.
Legal blank printing a specialty at
thii ofijco,
I S r
nevrnro ot Ointment lor Catarrh thai
Contain .Mercury,
As mercury will surely destroy the sen-c of
smell and completely derange the whole
system wben entering it through the mucous
surfaces. Such articles should neer be
used except on prescriptions from reputable
physlrians, as the damage they will do Is
ten foldTo the good jou can possibly derie
fronrthem. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufac
K'red by K. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, O.,
contains no mercury, and is taken mt,enally,
and acts directly upon the bltjod .-ind mu
1 cous surfaces of the system. Iu bovine Hall
Catarrh Cure be sure ou eet the cenuinc.
It is taken internally, and rnyle in Toledo,
Ohio, by F. F. Cheney & Co.
tar sold by druggist: price 7 J p. per
M SAgMff
BiooBFies, ilit's' Fur-
GroGKBry aim Glassware
farClothing Made to Order.
Everything supplied tliat the
Market aftbfcjs,
nOAItO Y DAY 81. Oil MKVI.S, 80.C0
Your patronngo solicited. Piivate
room for dinner parties at back en
trance. ALP. BOUIiE)-p &' C'O.,
Klar-sta-ff, yiz.
Watchmakers ani jewelers.
Coconino' boom It upon mend our stuck of
Diamonds, Watches, QiQoks,
SfWsrwara, Etc.,
'Ii in keeping with tli times. We
defy the Chicago' Catalogues,
; tvhich are tho 2If(a's of
legitimate trada, ta'Out
do us.
coiiiinL mm house,
(formerl--Ts;frt Ilnltartt Court lluiuc)
Wo beg td'iurbrm the pub
lie that we have just refitted and
furnulied the abovo house as a
first-clas-, lodging house of eigh
teen rooms, and tespectfully solicit
Uie patronage of the traveling
Taggart & Feasley.
All my work il hand nude and filly g'dar
antted. Cattlemen and others needing first1
clast Saddlel are invited to call and
Inspect my work and cet fri"1.. I
can fully satisfy you that it tfill be to
your interest .toleave your cder v:iih
Has opened a
Side Railroad.
Restaurant South
Single meals 25 cents.
Meals all hours of the day.
Twenty-one meal ticket S3.
Has oponed a new
ast of Babbitt's Store,
All kinds of general Uack'
.-milling promptly and satisfa.o
toxily dcnC.
' ' '
Tho Wagon Shop, iri connoctton
is in charge of H. Van Nonsr an,
Jit t f-J . !
LJ of the District Court in .the Fourth
Judicial District of the Territory of Ar'uoai.
District Couti Commissioner lu'jtnd forthe
County of Ccjfonlno, In said Territory, and
U. S. Pencil Notary. 'Admitltgf'lo prac
lice beforji the ,arious bureaunof the de
partmenf. Office two doors rjorth of the
Bnk llofel. ' -
No. 1 1, meets every Vedueiday even-
lirrg. in Odd Fellows' Ha"f: VMting bre
thren cordially invited. A. S. ALVORD,
N. 0.. V. S. UeCloss. Secretary.
tracts for furniihlnfrrams for the Nav.
ajo Indian has been closed,
1 1 -w.
Notice for Publication.
i.. 11
Land Office, risscorr, JinY 2, 1891.
NOTICE is hereby givrt that the follow
ing named st(ler ha filed notice of
tys i,.Uerjian f$ rnttle final prot f In support
vi a yyiy auu mai saiu prooi wn ne
taiCh' beTore J. Uuthrie Savage, United
States Commissioner, at Flagstaff, Ariz., on
.Monday, August jl, IS91, vu: William M.
Fain, homestead application No. 67 i, fur
the soulhnest ii of section sG. tounsbiu
17, N R 8 E.
He names the followin'- nitnesses to
prove his corfmuous reside.ice upan ami
cultivation' of, said lind, siz; Allen Do)Ic.
John Jlarsiull, lliomas U. trier, Menu Jl
tuner, all ol Nigstali.
J. C.MARTIN. Register1.
Notice for Publication.
Iind O.Tice at IVescott. Ariz ,
July 11. 1S91. f
NOTICE is hereby given tint the follow
ing named settler has filed notice of
hit intention to make fiul prof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will
male before J. GurhrieSaiage, U. S. Couii
Commissioner, at I lvgtifr.rimnilMon'Siy
August 24, 891, z: Merkiit M. FiVhik,
Declaratory Statement No. 2oflj for the South
West of section 28. tup. 23 N. It 7 E.
He names the follow ing unnees V
prove his continuous resilience upon, and
cultivation of Mid land, viz; V.Mbin D
Powell, Charles A. Btfh, Thorrv. hriev,
Stephen l'relljman.ali of Flag'taff, Ariz'ins.
iylS J. C. MARTIN. Register
Notice for Publication.
Land Office aV'Vseott, A:lz j
July 15. i&9. I
the fblK-i'Vi.a,' named sftller has filed
notice of Hi .rttf.tion to make final proof
in support cf Mi cliim, and thit sn I proof
win e maur ueiore tr.e uiirie 01 th t'l.i
trict Court at Flagstaff, Ariz , on Mondiy,
August 2', 1S91, viz: James L I))Js;herty.
declsratory statement 2072. for the east V,
northeast '. and northwest of northratv
i, and norlheat of northwest ', Stc'
IU, IWI 40 A, IS. 7 E..
He names the follow inj wi'tehcs to
prove his continuous resil-'ice rp-i, and
cullivalian of, said land, viz: J D. Shep'
herd, J. II. Harrington, J It. lialford, J
M. Regans, of Flagstaff, Ariz,
jytS . C. MARTIN. Re;ister.
Notice far Ptfbmftlion.
Land Civics at Pri.-oit, V
June 13, 1S91. f
XTOTICE is Lereb given that ihe f .How
i ( ing namfitV settler has filed notice of
his intention tb,rKal.e final proof in support
of his claim, at,! thit sail pro if vyiil lie
made before J. ("inline Savage, United
States Court commissisner at MtsiafT, Viz.,
on Saturday, Aug. 15, iSgvtrr.'rjderic!- I .
Gates, declatnry statement No. 2,048. fjr
the souhwe.t )i ol section 24, twti 20, N K
He names the follow ing witnesses to,
prove hts continuous resinenee" upoa' ah.ll,
cultivation of said land, viv Ulln Htack,
James Mark, William C. SJer.art Qeorgc;
Miack, ail 01 riagta. j. v.. .MAirrtN, Ke;
iter. jijly 4 6t
Notice for Publication.
Land Office at Pcscorr. Ar,i'z
May 201I1 1891'.
Notice is hereby given tUit th fblloa ing
named settler his filed' notice of hlv inten
tion to make fiVlal rjfoof m suj;odA of his,
claim and that said proof wiIf blrrade before
the Clerk of the District; Court' Hf Coconino
County at Flagstaff, Ariz pa 01 sigu-t 8:h
1891, sis.- Joseph R. ICo.utard1 declaratory
statement No. 2263 for the' Southern "
Norhtvvest i, Northeasr j, Sou Imesi ',
and lots ihree and four SrmtfceU tf.Sectfon
thirty, Township eighteen, N. K & E.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous "f esidente itpon, and cultiva
of said land, viz: James T Munds, Flagstard
Arizona; M Fisher, Fli.taff, Arizona; T C
Fner Flagstaff Arizona an J Geo Prims Tlag
slafTArizona. I C Martin, Register.
Ju'y 7. i8o.
Notice is hereby given that the follow ir.g
named settler has filed notice ol his intention
to malte final proof in support ot his claim,
and th'it said proof v ill be made! before J.
Guthrie Savage, UniteifStatfei Commissioner
at Flagstaff, Arizona, on Thuisday, August
r , Qn . . !. Willi-... If A. ... I..u....l
-J " "-l 1. OSUU191, 11UIIIOICAU
application NV. U09, lor tne iraou-nal south
west quarter (the same bem'ttie east half 0
ihe southvest quarter and lots 4 and O of
section i?, township 19. n of range 10 E. lie
najrte"lie following witnesses to prove hs.
Continuous residence upon, and cultivation
of said land.viz: Allen Dojlc, John Mcrhll,
John Clark, Thomas McMillon, a!" of rlag
staff, Arizoni.- f. C Martin; Uter.
staff Precinct, Coupty of. Coconino.
Territory of Ariwna. (R, S 1413.1414.)
Norris & Ellinwood, Plaintiffs, vs. Henry
Marvin, Defendant. "
The Territory of Arizona sends greeting
19 Henry Marvin, defendant. Yoa are here
) y summoned to1 appear in a civil action
brought against your by the abase named
plaintiffs, in the atove entitled court, and
you are required W ,e.tiser plaintiffs' com
plaint beforethe undersigned Justice of the
Peace, at hiYofiice i.i Ihe town of Flagstaff,
in said precinct, within the time as follows,
to wit: If this gammons is served on you,
in this precinct, vttthin five days; if served
on you without the precinct, but lu said
county, within, ten das; if served out of the
county, fifteen; days, and in all other cases
twenty days exclusive of the day of service
hereof, or1 judgment by default will be
taken against you. '
Given 'under my official hand this 31st
dayof Jvly, l8gt. '
" ' rt. P. GIBSON',
Jtiitice of Ihe P,ea Flagstaff Precinct.
Fon REN-Kurnished
room, t n-
quire at tb&odfce.
Copper Oies anil Mattes.
Write ijr'i'rIcPii.
I7SZ Curtis Slraif, $bm?, Colorado.
ocoNii Bakery.
PIES) ' -.UTi?A
' I CAKl-S
,ND ""
Everything Kept in a Irst
Cl'a33 Bakery. '"'
D5?Crders eft at the !I.mk.;Uou,
ill tid-prsmplly attended to. 'X
J. K. HAWKS; Prop.
RitoiitJif SM-es;
Best of Driving and Saddle
Horses fop Irire.
A. C. HORSE, Prop
Bettor get acquainted with' hmv
if yctY have any
dry- Boons; GiorayaT-s,
And ihe Lord knows what t
haven't got.
Teims Gash, Pm .Lor
He'tf trhairs aniMaw Outfit Thro'jjujat.
nrjc Bath' Tub au&
Couveiileat RTo.tvu.s.
Hair Cuttiiig m
the La-tost Styles.
E. MHrP"PLE & CO..
Flagstafr, Ariz.
JSrMail or telegraphic orders promptly
attentled t) at Satisfactory rates.
Ktroublcdwlth Gonorrhoea!
Oloot.W hltes.Hnennatorrhofal
Or any unnatural discharge ask
rrour arurxiss ror uouie 01
lllfT.u. it curtsr m
without the Mdor1!!
doctor. Non-pefs
It cure :n a few dura
uuitcny ol a
doctor. on-PClsonous
guarauteed not V stricture,
TH cntvenai Amqican ivrt.
uanuiaciurcog oy
'to Etim CktrSol
H 1 fi, jr Atfv 1-- riff Jv t. - i 1
-a's in etui i&e&cu w.mm
v.' L
1 .,8p'y&
.ilait ,n'
"VtJc-, VteJJU-
r ... 1 W--it

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