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The Coconino sun. (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 1891-1891, August 08, 1891, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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The Coconino Sun.
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The Oldest Bank la Northern Arizona.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits,
Collections a Specialty.
Reference W. B. Btrongv Preside nt A. T. A
ft F. llallroad Compnnj; 1U1U Walnwrlght
Managing Director Arizona Cattle Company,
bt. Louis, llo.; Dank o California, Ban i'ron
clco. Your Banking Business Solicited,
J. II. 1I03KIN8, Jr., Cashier.
Flagstaff, Arizona.
XJ the postolKce. Teeth extracted without
pain. Flagstaff, Arlsona.
doors -oat ot the Hank hotel. Flagstaff,
X Arizona Will respond promptly to all call
from any point on the Atlantlo 4 Paclfio rail,
road. Office and drug store opposite tho depot.
Uagts' bntldlnir. Flagstaff. Arizona.
er calls on the A. 4 1'. It. it
. nsu
tons. Will practice In all the courU ot the
All tie Fasnionaole and Latest Styles
Imported Goods
1. W. Clam, 0. J. Eastman.
President Bcc'y and Manager.
A-zbican National 1Ja.sk, Treasurer.
in 1'ti
Authorized Capital, $5,000,000,
Subscribed Capital, $4,500,000.
Flagstafl Local Officer: P. J, Drnnnen,
President; F. W. Mason, Vice President; 0. M.
Funston, tjeerotaryi J. II. lloaklo, Jr., Trfft.
orert W. L. Van Horn, Attorney,
AtlantiG & Pacific R. R. Go.
Sunday, April 26, 1891,
No.3No.I. No 2 I No.t.
1 4Qa a (to It Albuo.norq.uo ar12aia SM)
7COa &0a Coolldge OSOp 10 Up
811a 1013a Wlngate 03p lOlOp
SiSalOSOd (lallap 525p 10p
10 s lWp Navajo Springs 3p 7 sip
1147a 2 lit, llcdbroox 1 27p 03p
UOp 4S0p Wlnslo- 1140 tJOp
J lip 7 21p Flagstaff 8 59n 2 )p
5Mp t))3p Williams 7 0O125p
7 Mp II Wp Prescott Junction 1 15 10 lis
8 45p 2 00o l'esrh tiprlnge 2(i)o 8 25,
Hllp 4 40t Kingman ttlla 8 10a
IS' 800a The Needle 8 10a 3 10a
143a 1017a Fenner 012a 131a
ISOaWSCp llaitdad 10all20p
8Sta SMp Daggett l(Ua Slip
(113a 4SUp llarstnw 1230p JO0t
7 40p ar MoJaTB 1t Ob
F. T. BBT, W. A. IltSSILL,
General Agent, Qen'l Passenger Agt,
Albnquerqne. N. M.
Albaqaerqoo A. T. 8. F. It. U., for all point
oast and sonth.
l'roscott Junction Freecott & Arizona 11 U.
war for Fort Whipple and Prescott.
liars tow California fool hern Hall wax for Los
Angeles, rjan Diego and other southern Callfor.
nla points.
Mojare Southern Paclfio for Ban Francisco,
Cacramento end Northern California point.
t No change is made by Bleeping Car Passenger
wetween Van Francisco and Kansas City, or can
Diego and Lo Angeles and Chicago.,
Ihe Qrand Canon ot the Colorado, hitherto in
acceasabla to tourists can be reached by taking
this line tIs Peach tipriogs. and a stage ride
from thence of bat twenty-three zn(le. Itds
Canyon Is the grandest and most wonderful of
iin etfa SBsriflrsl-
Utop at Flagstaff and hnnt deer, bear and wild
tnrker In the magnificent pine forest ot .the
tan Fraoclaco mountains, or visit the anQMftl
rata ot the Cate ted Clia Dwslf n.
A Gang of Italians la Wayne County,
West Virginia, Commit st Tlor.
ylblo Crime A Slcltculuj
Tate of lllood Told,
A Horrible Attain
CAfTtcsnuno, W. Vn., Aug. 4. A man
turned Brumflold, his wlfo and flvo chil
dren b ere murdered tu Wnyno county last
eight by a party of Italian railroad laborers.
A crowd ot fifty ot these men cot drunk
and going to tho homo of Brumllcld, who
was reported to hnvo much money, thoy
demandod admittance. With rails and
clubs they began an attack. Brumfield
and his two half-Rrown sons mado a bravo
defenso but seem to hnvo had no arms.
Tholr assailants broke in tho doors and
windows and beat Brumfield and tho boys
to death with clubs. Thoy then seized tho
wife and two young children and put them
to death. Aftor searching the placo for
valuable thoy burned the house to tho
ground. It Is said that enemies of Brum
field incited tho Italians to tho murder.
Cuban Ports Opened.
Vashingtox, Aug. 3. President Harri
son has Issued tho proclamation announc
ing reciprocity with tho Spanish Islands
of Cuba and Porto Rico under tho tariff act
of last October with a view to securing
reciprocal trade, exempted from duty
sugar, molasses, coffco and hides, upon
their importation in tho Unltod States.
Undor tho term of tho treaty the procla
mation states tho following articles manu
factured In tho United States aro to bo ad
mitted freo ot duty into Cuba and Porto
Rico from and after September 1, 1891 :
Moats, soltod and oanuod moats, jerked
beof excepted, lard, tallow, fresh, dried
and smoked fish, canned oystors and
salmon, oats, barley, ryo and buckwheat
nnd flour of those corcals; starch, matiena
and other products of corn, excepting corn
meal; cottonseed oil and meal cako, hay
straw and bran; fresh, dried and pre
served fruits, except raisins; vegetables;
woods of all kinds, wagons, sowing ma
chines, raw petroleum and coal.
Tho following articles aro to bo admitted
on payment of duties stated: Corn, 25
percent por 100 kllogmmmos; cornmcal,
25 cents per 100 Kilogrammes; wheat from
January 1, 1692, SO cents per 100 kllo
grammos, and wheat flour, $1 per 100 kilo
grammes; butter nnd cheese, refined petro
leum and boots and shoes aro to bo admit
ted at a reduction of duty of 25 per cont
um. . A list of art'cloi follows which will
bo admitted freo after July of next year.
Legal Execution Following at long Polit
ical Vendetta.
nocsTos,Tcx.,Aug.2. William Caldwell
colored, was oxecuted yesterday at 11 :30.
Ilo died without making a statement but
expressed tho bcllof that ho was going to
heaven. Ilo walked upon the scaffold
without asIstanco and in eight minutes
after tho trap foil ho was pronounced dead.
Ills neck was broken.
William Caldwell's death scaled the lips
of a man who probably could, had he
wished, havo told more about tho origin ot
the fearful strife which raged between tho
Jaybird and Woodpecker factions in Fort
Bend county than any other person. He
was a negro far above tho usual standard
of his race In point of Intelligence. The
warfaro which existed for a couple of
years between theso two political factions
exterminated wholo families and scores ot
men wero murdered during tho reign. But
Caldwell is tho only person who met a Ju
dicial death on account of it Ilo killed
Dr. J. M. Shamblcn on tho night of July
81, 1888. This was tho first murder com
mitted by cither sldo of tho vendetta.
Two People Killed and One Seriously
Stabbed In Colorado.
Duuasoo, Col., Aug. 4. A terrible tra
gedy occurred at a ball in the Blue moun
tain last night. While tho dancing was
going on a tough character by the name
of Tom Roach insisted on dancing. Ho
was drunk nnd armed with a knife and
pistol. Ho was not allowed to dauco and
raised a row.
Frank H. HIdo tried to quell tbo disturb
ance and was stabbed by Roach In sovcral
places. A cowboy by the name of William
McCord tried to pacify Roach. This scorned
to onrago Roach more than cvcr,and,draw
lng hls'gun, ho killed McCord on tho spot.
A boy slipped nwoy to n houso near by,
nnd, securing a Winchester, rcturnod to
tho ball room. Ho took aim and fired, but
missed Roach and killed Mrs. Walton, an
cstlmablo lady living In the community.
In tho excitement Roach escaped and is
still nt large.
Fearftil to of Ufe.
Sah Fkanciuco, Aug. 1. Advices by tho
steamer City of Pckln, which arrived hero
to-night, stato tho following telegram
dated July 13, had been received at Yoko
hooia: "July 13 at 3 a. m. tho steamer Tames
Maru, of Hakouate, whllo roturnlug from
Suto with 320 laborers on board, camo Into
collision with tbo stoamor Mlgoshi Maru
off Sulragnml. Tho Tames Maru Immedi
ately sank with tho loss of 2'W persons
drowned and missing. Tho captain and
first officer and sixty laborers reached
Illinois Uns Cnteh It.
LAwnENCE, Kas., July 80. Advices wero
received hero to-day from Professor
Forbes, stato entomologist of Illinois,
that tho chinch bug contagion Is spreading
rapidly all over that state, and that so far
It has been nn unqualified success. Tho
station hero sent many packages of Infect
ed bugs to Illinois during tho spring and
early summer, nnd tho deadly fungus has
been doing Its fatal work nnd spreading
from germs sont from tho Kansas station.
I'olsonrd by Canned Salmon.
Boston, Aug. 4. Joseph, Annlo and
Fred Wlllard, aged respectively 18, 13 and
11 years, living nt No. 307 Tedoral street,
were poisoned yesterday by eating canned
Nolnnrt JHust Go.
JrrrEnsoK Cur, July SO. Judgo Burgess
bos overruled the motion for a now trlnl
mado by tho attornoys of ox-Trcasurur
Ed. Noland, and It now seems certain that
tho defaulting official will have to dovoto
two years to the service of tho stato in the
Ammunition for CIilll.
Sa: FitASCieco, July 30. Notwithstand
ing tho fato of tho offlcors of tho Robert
nnd Minnie and the great caro exorcised
by tho customs officers, it has boon learnod
that largo quantities of arms and ammu
nition havo b:on shipped to tho Chilian in
surgents concealed Jo bajos of hay,
MObtOAGiitt fAkmSi
Interesting Btatlstles Complied by the
Censu Ilurena.
WisnisaTCT, July 31. Tho count of tho
farm and homo transcripts mado In accord
anco with tho mortgago collection clauso
of tho census act has boon completed by
tho consus office. Tho figures aro subject
to slight modifications. There wero re
turned by tho enumerators 2,4111,030 farms
and homes occupied by owners which aro
incumbered by mortgages. This number
Includos some farms and homes about
which tho cuumorators made no report,
and which bolong partly to tho class of
hired and partly to tho class of owuod
freo. .
Tbo preliminary results indicalo that
tho averago debt for a furm In Iowa is
81,283) homos, $719; averago for faim and
homo, $1,110. If theso averages holl good
for tho union the incumbrance on tho
farms and homes of the United States
occupied by owners is about 2,5G5,I00,000.
The success of this Investigation, Superin
tendent Portor says, has beon far beyond
to anticipations ot the most expeilenced
statisticians and tho result will ba of
Immcnso lntcrost and valuo to the -notion.
Quay nnd Dudley Itealgn.
Wasiiisoton, July 31. At tho meeting
of the National Republican exccutlt e com
mittee Chairman M. S. Quay and Treasur
er Dudley tendered tholr resignations
which wero accepted and referred to tho
full committee which will meet In Novem
ber. Mr. Clarkson was clcctod chairman
of tho oxccutlvo committeo, and Mr.
Hobart was elected vico chairman in the
placo of Mr. Clarkson, tho chairman being
authorized to select a treasurer to succeed
Mr. Dudley. Strong resolutions of regret
lor the resignations were adopted.
Many nctlvo politicians in different parts
of tho country hnd suggestions to mnkq
and conclusions to draw from tho outcome
of tho last congrosslon election. Soma
pointed out tho dangarousness of tho Al
liance movement In their states and sub
mitted Ingenious plans to moot Inroads on
Republican party strength and others re
ferred to various grievances and causes ol
dissatisfaction among Republicans which
might bo ovcrcomo by proper treatment
A Dcspcmto Ilazor Ilattle.
New York, July 30. Doud Boucon and
Thomas Cbannnl, negro farm hands, at
Olcnhcad, L. I., fought a duel with razor
in their sleeping room In an old farm house
nbout midnight last night Channal nas
killed and Boucon was desperately wound
ed and was Just allvo when found this
morning. Tho two men occupied rooms
about oight feot square Last night they
went to bed at tho usual time. Just ex
actly what happenod nobody knows.
BoQcon's version of tho affair Ss that
thoy quarreled before going to bed. Sub
sequently ho was awakened to find Chan
nal sitting on him and though It was dark
in the room, ho could sea that Channal was
brandishing a razor. Ho grappled with
Channal and tho two fell on the floor,
Boucon on top. Both men fought liko
demons, each rccolving tcrriblo wounds.
Boucon remembers nothing after that, ex
cept that he regained his sonso s suffi
ciently to crawl bock Into bed whoro ho
was found.
A flood Touni; Man Gets Away With Fifty
Thousand Dollar,.
Loui- ."-lb, Ky., Aug. 3. Sylvester
Young, cashier at this point for tho South
wostern division of tho Chosapeako It, Ohio
railway, is missing and is alleged o bo a
Young was engaged In assisting in pro
paring the pay car for it monthly trip
ovor the road. Shortly after 3 o'clock this
afternoon bo disappeared. At S o'clock
tho railway officials notified pol'ce head
quarters that Young bad absconded witb
a sum estimated at (30,000. The police, up
to a late hour, have been unablo to tract
Kins Old Escape.
Locisvaue, Ky., Aug. 2 Jim King, th
unnatural husband, of Webster county,
was not hung, riddled with bullets and
burled In the woods, as roportod, but is In
jail in Owensboro for safe keeping. Hi
escaped from the mob, who wero driving
rapidly through tho woods with him In a
surry, by Jumping from between tho two
men ho wa riding with nnd taking to the
timber. As ho ran ho was shot through
tho arm and his hat was shot off. Ho was
recaptured by tho sheriff's posso Tuesday
evening whllo In the woods, near Boxvlllo,
Union county.
An Alliance Storo Fall.
CiiAitixsTox, S. C., Aug. 3. A Farm
ers' Alliance storo in Spartansburg county
failed somo timo ago, and although the
storo was run under tho auspices of the
county AUIanco whon tbo falluro come,
tho Alliance disclaimed all responsibility,
holding that it lay with tho manager!
personally. Tho creditors all mot and
Nixon & Goldsburg, of Baltimore, finding
they could not collect tho dobts, have
entered suit in tho United States court for
Indiana Converted.
DtJi.CTn, Minn., Aug. 1. Captain Jack
Crawford, tbo poet scout, has roturncd
from a trip to tho northern part of Ver
million Lako, and reports that Frank Por
ter, a half breed, and Mr. Dompsoy, ol
Stillwater, Minn., havo for three months
past been working among thcChlppowa
Indians on tbo reservation and havo con
verted nearly all to Chrlstlaulty.
Died of Hydrophobia.
Wichita, Kas., Aug. 1. Robert R.
Tnnkersly, ngod 13, died In great agony
from hydrophobia. Tho boy was bitten
on tho faco nnd arm about two months age
and was taken to a hospital. After being
thcro a fow days ho bolted and notlrma
mora was seen of him until Monday, whon
he was taken back to tho hospital with nil
tho symptoms of hydrophobia.
A flood I'roflt.
Wasiiisotos, Aug. 2 John E. Bcall, s
real estato expert, testified boforo tin
Rotk Creek Park commissioners that ox
Prosldent Clovolnnd bought his "Red Top"
proporty for r?20,00J nnd sold it for $140,000,
realizing $114,000 profit
The Deadly Call.
CnETfNjJE, Wyo., July 81. Mrs. John
Kurtz, wlfo of a Union Pacific omployo,
poured kerosene into tho cook si ,o yes
terday with tho usual rojult. Mrs Kurti
was terribly burned nnd will dlo. A
neighbor tried to save Mrs. Kurtz and wni
burned so that ho will loso Doth bands,
Tho woman is but 10 ond Is very prutty.
nuasiun Atrocities.
Boston, Aug. 1. Tho Russian Jews wh
orrived on tho steamor Norseman yester
day, many of whom aro dota nod by th)
immigrant commissioners, havo p.tlfu
stories to relato ot tho cruelties pejp
troted upon them by tho Russlncs ,
Tlio Trlrato Secretary of Robert O. Io
gersol Fatally Wounded An Im.
promptu Amtlr With a
Torrlbts ttndlUgi
A Tlirllltntr ac.
CnoTos LArtm.No, N. Y., Aug. 4. One
of tho most thrilling tragedies that has
occurred in Westchester county took
place to-day and will result In tho death
of Newton Baiter, privato sccrotary of
Col. R'jbuit G. Ingorsol, who was fatally
shot four times by Orvfllo M. Anderson,
lato ngunt of tho Loulsvlllo das Company.
Anderson and his family rosldo In tho
Moody honcstcad, and ho sub-lot part of
tho houso to Baker and his wlfo. The two
families hnvo novcr acrocd. and nciehoor-
ly quarrels wero frequent?" between tho
women of tho house, which, some timo
ago, becamo so serious that Anderson and
Baker took up tho quarrel, and often had
heated disputes over tho matter.
Baker and Anderson wero walking
toward homo to adjust their difficulties.
Mrs. Baker camo to meet her husband and
told him that Anderson had Insulted
tier. Both men drow tholr revolvers
and Mrs. Bakor sprang between and
throw her arms about her husband's
neck nnd tried to shield him from Ander
son's bullets. Mrs. Baker, becoming ox
haustoJ, swooned away. Andorson quick
ly stopped back a couple of spaces, and
r.i'slng his revolver fired at Bakor. Ills
aim was truo, for as Baker was about to
raise his arm to shoot, Anderson flrod, tho
ball striking Baker's right arm and break
ing It Baker's weapon fell from
bis hand and Anderson thon fired thrco
shots In quirk succession, the second
shot striking Baker In tho torchoad and
making n glancing wound, whllo tho third
bullet entered his left sldo Just below tho
heart and the fourth bullet pierced tho
right sido. Baker dropped to tho ground
mortally wounded and begged Anderson
not to shoot again.
When Anderson saw his victim on tho
ground, ho placed his revolver back In his
pocket and walked homo, leaving Baker
and his half crazed wlfo on tho roadside
An Ohio Wreck.
BrLLAiiiE, O., Aug. 2. Another horror
has been ndded to tho lato list of railroad
accidents in Ohio. A passenger train on
tho Bcllalro, Znnosvllle & Cincinnati nar
row guago railroad was wrecked, two cars
being overturned and dragged somo dis
tance by tho engine Thcro wero seventy
passengers on tho train and the two cars
that turned over into tho ditch wero
crowded with young peoplo from this sec
tion. Assistance was soon at hand from other
pistcngcrs nnd trainmen and when all
wero finally taken out ot the wreck It was
found that fourteen peoplo had been In
lured, four of them seriously and ono fatal
Tho train was running at tho loast cal
culation at the rato of thlrty-fivo miles nn
bour, and, as It roached tho curvo, tho
ears ncro noticed to sway vlolontly ana.
unheeding tho cries from passengers, a
rush was made for the doors. Many of
tho frightened passengers had reached tho
platform when tho cars Jumped tbo rails,
and when thoy turned over In another
moment, theso were hurled Into tho ditch
In an Indiscriminate mass of mon, women
and children, tho latter shrieking fearfully
as they wont down.
Twenty-four Ilcnrsc In Line.
Pakis, July 31. Immense crowds of peo
plo, estimated at 23,000, gathered this after
noon at St Mando to witness tho funerals
ot tho victims of tho tcrriblo railroad dls
aster of Sunday last Tho crowds assem
bled wero so great that It required tbo
presence of the prefect of tho department
of tho Seino and a strong detachment of
troops to keep tbo routo of tho funeral
procession clear. Thero wero twenty-four
hearses in tho blaok lino which led from
the town hall to tho cemetery, and thous
ands of mourners followed tho bodies to
tho gravo.
Maryland Prohibitionist.
Baltimore, July 81. Yesterday was a
big day for tho Prohibition party In Mary
land, tho occasion being tho meeting ot tho
stato convention at Glyndon, whero tho
following ticket was placed In nomination:
For governor, Edwin Higglns; for
comptroller, Joshua Lcvorlng; for attor
ney general, Hosca B. Moulton; for elerk
ot the court ot appeals, Levin S. Motson.
All tho nominees aro gentlemen of excel
lent character, but, of courso, nono of
them has tbo slightest expectation of being
Three Negroes Lynched.
Montoomeht, Ala., Aug. 4, Last Fri
day night, In Henry county, a short dis
tance from Gordon, a mob took from tho
officers four negroes, two men and two
women, who wero charged with burning a
dwelling houso.
On tho way to tho river one of tho mon
escaped nnd was shot at Ho rolled down
tho bank ot tho river, and feigning death
oscaped into Georgia. Tho othors were
placed on tho bank of tho stream and shot
Tbo body of ono of tho women was recov
ered. Kansn Wheat.
Tor-EKA Kas., Aug. 1. Thcro is much
diversity of opinion as to the causes hold
ing back tho present wheat crop. Dr. Mc
r ...linn nt ihn Advocate, bellovcs: "Tho
farmors will hold tholr grain for better
prices, ns instructed by tho circular, h is
ono schomo for co-opcratlo that will bo
anwcafnl T tmvn not heard from onv of
thorn yet; it is too early. But from what
I can learn, tho advlco comainca in mo
circulars will bo very generally followed."
Itctnrncd Colonist.
DEr.riu, Kas., July 31. Ezro Comfort
nnd family arrived from Topolouampo,
having hurried home to cscapo the trop!
fever. Tho 18-year-old son of Mr. Com
fort was stricken before starting nnd died
an hour after roachlng hero. Another son
died nt tho colony. Thoy went out in
April nnd report much suffering among the
Kins; Mil Not Escape.
Hesdeiison, Ky., Aug. 1. David King,
tho brutal husband, who was taken from
Jail nt Dixon, Webster county, Tuesday,
did uot cscapo as was reported. King wai
ttkon a fow miles out from Dlxon,and af tci
boing hanged was riddled with bullets and
then burrlcd in a grave dug in tho wood,?.
His companion was whipped until Ik
fainted from loss of blood. Ho was thci
icsuscltntcd and turned loose.
Killed YlhUe Doing an Heroic Act
Cleveland, Aug. 4. At Crcston, O.
Miss Lanlo Billman attemptod to rescu,
her ulster's child from In front of a train
and was herself run over aDdUled. - j
Tlte N. V." Collector Resigns.
New Yoiik, July 31. Tho president has
accepted tho resignation of Joel B. Er
bardt, as collector tit tho port of New
York, and has designated J. Slodi, 0t 1
mlra, N. Y., as his successor. Collector"
Erhardt, on being questioned as to tbo
cause ot bis resignation, said: 'I resigned
because tho collector has been reduced
a position where ho is no longer an
Independent officer with authority to
commensurato with bis responsibility.
The rccont policy of tho treasury depart
ment has been to control tho details of tbo
customs administration at tho port of Now
York from Washington at tho dictation of
t privato individual having no official ro
iponslbillty. Tho collector is practically
deprived of power and control while bo is
oft subject to all responsibility. Tho
oflico Is no longer Independent and I am.
Thoretoro we havo separated."
A Great Itace.
New Yoiik. Aug. 4, The much talked
of and long delayed match raco between
Mr. Pulsifcr's swnyback horse, Tcnny,
and Mr. M. F. Dwycrs Longstrcet, was
run at Morris Park to-day, and resulted
In an easy victory for Longstrcet by eight
lengths. Fully 23,000 people wero present,
many of whom had Journeyed from
all parts ot tbo union to seo It run
ind satisfy themselves as to tho superior
animal of tho two. Whllo, ns a race, It
was hardly the contest many had hoped to
too, ncvortheloss It was a good contest
tad proved conclusively that tho great
swayback Is no match for tho Dwycr can
didate. In fact, this opinion is shared in
by Mr. Pulslfor himself, who when seen
after tho race gavo It as his opinion. In
tho betting Tenny opened nt 9 to 10, whllo
Longstrcet could bo backed at oven money.
A Somnambulist Killed.
CorreiviLLE, Kas., Aug. 2. Frank L,
Pratt, station agent at a small station
thirty-five miles south ot hero on tho Mis
souri Paclfio railway, was struck by a
freight train whllo asleep on tho platform
yesterday morning. Pratt was a somnam
bulist, and in his wanderings sat
down on tho platform with his
feet resting on tho rails, when tho train
struck him. Ho was knocked from tho
platform, his left leg was horribly crushed,
his left arm was cut off near' tho elbow and
his right foot badly crushed. Ho was
takon to Clarcmoro, where his injured
mombcrs wero dressed and all caro possi
bly given him, death ending his suffering
at 2 o'clock to-day.
Under Arrest.
CAitTriAOE, Mo, Aug. 2. To-day Poit
offlco Inspector Thurston, of St Louis,
took L. P. Larkin, ono of tho mail clerks
on the Missouri Paclfio railway, running
between Kansas City ond Joplln, to Kan
sas City under arrest, charged with tam
pering with registered letters. Larkin
was taken to Kansas City for examination
to enable him to give bail. He has been on
the road for twolvo years and heretoforo
was much respected. Ho served for years
In tho Fcdoral army.
Tho Jail I'opulntloii.
Wasiiisotox, July 30. Tbo census offico
has issued a bullotln on tho subject of
prisoners in county Jails. It shows that
tho total number of prisoners in county
Jails on Juno 1, 1690, was 19,K)3; tho num
ber repotted in 1650 r as 12,691, an incroaso
of 6,817 In ten years, or at tho rate of 63.9
per cent Tho incrcoso in total population
was 34.80 por cent
St. Joseph In No Danger.
St. JosErn, Mo., Aug. 4. An Investiga
tion has been made by a committeo of tho
Board of Trado men and the city council
if tho daroago done by tho Missouri river
at Ellwood bend, opposite St Joseph. Tho
committee report that tho wator is rapidly
recoding, nnd that all dangor of cutting
through tho bend, which would Isolate St
Josoph, is ovor.
Halmaccdn'a Successor.
Losdos, July 30. A dispatch boro from
Santiago, Chile, says that Claudlo Vicuna
has been elected president of Chill. Ho
will assume the duties ot his offico on tbo
18th of next September. Tho dispatch
adds: "The election is regarded as a
pledge that honor, energy and patriotism
will mark tho futuro conduot of tho gov
ernment" Arrested Tor Counterfeiting.
SrRtNOriELD, Mo., July SO. W. C Lako,
). J. Johnson and J. R. Johnson wero ar
rested by United States Marshal Eldridgo
for counterfeiting. In default ot bond thoy
wore sent to JalL The ovidenco showed
that thoy had passed counterfeit money
and exhibited bills raised from a small to a
higher denomination.
Sam Jones Rotten ISgCcd.
Houston, Tox., July 81' Whllo preach
ing to a largo audlonco hero last night, and
when in tho midst of his discourse, somo
people on tbo outsldo turned out tho lights
nnd rotten egged Rov. Sam Jonos and his
audience, most of whom wero ladles.
Thero Is groat indignation felt und trouble
may ensue.
Specie Itlos em nt.
New Yoiik, Aug. 4. Tho oxports of
spceio from tho port of New York for tho
past week amounted to $30,572, of which
ll,57J was gold coin nnd $35,003 silver
bars. Tho Imports of spoclo to tho port of
Now York last week amounted to $34,339,
f which $:,8I0 was gold and $1,499 sliver.
Uroppcd Dead.
Wichita, Kas., Aug. 1. Joslah Rlcscr ono
of the best known, oldest and wealthiest
farmers of this section died suddenly at
his homo cast of town yostordny morning.
Ho was apparently as well as ever up to
tho time of his demlso and without warn
ing droppod dead from heart disease
Stopplnz Itrlsandage.
Losdov, Aug. 1. Tbo Italian govern
ment is making determined efforts to root
nut tho evil of brigandego in the Island of
Sardlnis. This Island Is becoming a favor
Ito resort for tourists.
Coining This Way.
IlAMntmo, Aug. 4. Fivo thousand four
hundred Russian Jos left this city tho
past week, tho most of them intending to
go ultimately to tho United States.
Cheated tho Gallons.
Fort Wortu, July 31. J. W. Davis, the
slayor of B. C, Evans, tho millionaire mer
chant of Fort Worth, who was sentenced
to hung August 10, dloj last night Tho
immediate cause of his death was cone us
s:on of tho brain, occasioned by an cpllep
t'.o fit which ho had a fow days ago.
Gored by n ITInd Hull.
Wichita, July 31. Near Clearwater yes
terday tho 15-year-old son of W. T. Nixon,
a farmer, was gorod by a mad bull and al
most Instantly killed. Tho boy was in a
pasturo when the aulmal charged htm,
knocked him down and then turned a:,d
birieM his horns la tbojiros,trate body.
Welsh Tilt Plato Mill. -. .
London, July ft). The resumption t)f
Welsh tln-plnto works is only portial and
by firms fortunate enough to sectlCd OT
dcrs. Tho work will only oontlnuo whlld
tho orders last, by week to week contract!
with tho men. No appreciable reduction
of stocks In America 1 noticed. Prices
aro still unremunoratlve. During July tho
shipments from Swansea havo been under
1,000 tons weekly as against 40,001 to 50,000
tons in thosamo month In 1890 while tho
stocks now on hand amount to 400,240
boxes against l,f9J,030 boxes in the corre
sponding week In 1890.
His estimated that thrco months must
elapse before tho trado becomes brisk
again, but gonoral confidenco is felt among
manufacturers that trado will regulate It
self within six months.
Tho threatened American competition
causes no sorious alarm to most manufac
turers, though somo of the less sanguine
think that tho Americans will eventually
succeed in establishing a trado, and espe
cially as they will bo able to adopt labor
saving appliances.
One Stan Pay All III Debts and Tlas a
Nest Err Lert.
TorEKA, July 30. John W. Nyco, of
Caldwell, yesterday finished threshing his
wheat Ho has seventy acres from which
ho secured 2,103 bushels, machine measure.
A neighbor of his had 210 acres from which
ho threshed 7,300 bushels, machino meas
ure Ho sold 2,800 bushels in tho field and
paid off his mortgago and all his debts In
Caldwell and stored 5,000 bushels to await
higher prices. Ho sold for 65 cents.
He says ho is now out of debt, tbo first
timo in years, and has a nest egg for tho
futuro. So far wheat in Sumner county
has averaged thirty bushels per aero, which
is much moro than tho estimate Tho
weight will mako it even more
Ohio Klasons Split.
CoLCMncs, Aug. L As tho result of tho
feud In tho Masonlo fraternity of Ohio,
growing out of tho differences between
what is known as tho Northern Jurisdic
tion and tho Cerncnu Scottish rite, thcro
Is a split in the Master Masons' Grand
Lodge Tho Grand Lodgo has placed all
Blue Lodgo Masons Identified with tbo
Ccrnoau's undor a ban, and this culmi
nated in the creation of tho Grand Lodgo
of Ancient, Freo and Accepted Masons of
Ohio, which has received its charter from
tho sccrotary of state
A nattle Willi MhllUU.
Loxdox, July 31. A Geneva paper says
that tho St Petersburg police recently
arrested twenty-six officers, twenty-four
of whom wero Nihilists, connected with a
conspiracy to kill the czar and force tho
czarowltch to establish a constitutional
monarchy. The Nihilists, it is said, were
arrostod aftor offering a desperate resist
anco for two hours with their revolvers.
The pollco were assisted by soldiers. Sovon
Nihilists wero killed in tho strugglo and
soven escaped.
Harvest Excursion.
CntCAOO, July 81. Tho Western Passen
ger Association in special session took
final action on tbo question of harvest ox
cursion rates for tho season of 1891. The
arrangements mado are in conformity with
thoso of tho Trans-Missouri lines, which
decided to givo thrco such excursions, the
dates for which wero fixed for August 2J,
September 15 and 20.. Tickets will bo fare
and a third for tho round trip.
HaTemeycr Dead.
New YoRK,July 80. Frederick C. Havo
moyer, died last night at his homo at
Thoggs Neck, Winchester county. Mr.
Havemeyer, who was 85 years old, was at
tacked last winter with tho "grippe" which
left him in a very weak condition. He
nevor fully rccovorcd and the illness re
sulting in bis death took a serious turn
about ton days ago.
Russian Persecution.
Botox, July 80. Tho Russian Jews
who camo hero on tho steamer Kansas,
and uro detained at this port by tho re
quirements of tho new immigration law,
told in an interview through an inter
preter yesterday of tho persecutions
which drovo them from Russia. Tho
crowning pleco was the burning ot their
Arrested Tor Murder.
MARsnriELD, Ma, Aug. 4. Deputy Sher
iff Newton, of Wright county, captured
James P. Crisp within a mile ot this place
Friday. Crisp killed John Prlsott about
twelve miles northeast ot Hartvlllo last
Monday evening, and afterward shot and
mortally wounded Ryder Prisett, a young
man and John's brothor.
Gored to Death.
Arkansas Cut, Kas., Aug 4. Tho re
port roaches hero from tho Cherokee coun
try that near tho Noosho river, four peo
plo wero gored to doath by Texas cattle
A woman and two llttlo girls were first at
tacked and lltternlly torn to pieces. A
cowboy who attempted to rescue them was
thrown from his horso and also killed.
Died of Hydrophobia.
Saoixaw, Mich., Aug. 4. Morris God
frey, tho 17-year-old boy afflicted with
hydrophobia, as tho result of a dog blto on
July 4, died yesterday in great agony. He
was conscious between fits of raving till
an early bour yesterday morning when the
spasm Increased in length and violence,
finally producing death.
Arrested at Sednlln.
Marshall, Mich., Aug. 2. About six
weeks ago Cashior Klrby, of tho City Na
tional bank, fled, taking with him $103,000
of thn bank's funds. Nothing bad been
heard from him until yesterday -when it
was announced that ho had been arrested
kt Scdalia, Mo.
A iUyaterioii Death.
PcrBLO, CoL, Aug 2. Chief of Fire De
partment Robert J. Kraguo was killed yes
terdav. How it hnnncned will never ho
known, but ha was out driving and was
iouna oy mo siao oi nis wrecKea ouggy in
an unconscious condition, his skull being
rrusbed In.
Indiana Defrauded.
Indianapolis, July 80. Tho governor
still refuses to glvo out for publication
the report of John W. Coons, who inves
tigated tho alleged frauds perpetrated
against tho stato at Washington. It is
said Coons mado sensational discoveries
and learned that $301,000 is due tho stato.
Caught In n. Thresher.
Warrencduro, Mo., July 30. Last
evening William Smaltz, a prominent far
mer of this section, whllo running an cn
gino to a thresher, got his loft arm caught
in tho traction gear ot tho engine and from
the elbow down it was literally ground to
D-ecei. JtiWiU two o be amputated.
Tho now Balmaccdan cruiser, Presidents
Errasiurcz, has left Lisbon for Chili.
1 Vesuvius has again burst forth In erup
tion. Tbo lava has reached a village i
Th tobacco crop about Lancaster, Pa.,
has been completely ruined by heavy ball.
Fourteen men havo been drowned at Es
sen, Germany, by tho capsizing of a boat.
Fixe in tbo cotton warcbouso district of
Liverpool Friday destroyed property worth
Six hundred acres of wheat about Ar
dock, N. D., wero ruined by hall last
Floxls aro doing immcnso damage at
Poscii, in Hungary. Many persons havo
been drowned. .
In tt fight near Pylio, Tex., William Hal
man Wits killed and Ell Gilcrcaso probably
fatally woundod. ,
The legislature of Now South Wales,
Australia has refused, 57 to 34, to grant
suffrage to women.
The Ohio Republican campaign will bo
opened by Major McKinloy in tho western
rcicrvo, August 22.
Reports from North and South Dakota
and Minnesota are all that tho wheat crop
Is in tbo finest shape
Commissioner Morgan of tho Indian
bureau proposes to take a brief trip to
Europe for his health.
The Chicago, Burlington nnd Qulncy di
rectors havo declared tho regular 1 per
cent qu irterly dividend.
Appraiser Marvello W. Cooper of Now
York c as torn house, emphatically denies
the rumor that he has resigned.
A dog caused a runaway near Xcnia, O.,
by which Mrs. Smith and her littloaugh
ter were probably fatally injured.
The scap works ot H. G. Hunnowcll
Co., nt Cincinnati wero damaged to the ex
tent 1120,000 by fire; fully insured.
Tho British imports Into Brazil during
thqfrst four months ot this year havo
shown tt general increase of millions,
Leo Hughes, the convicted wlfo murder
er of Houston, Tex., cut through tho bars
of tho jail last Wednesday night and es
caped. W. E. Denny, Eugcno Kelly and Phil
Hlckcy havo been arrested at Butto,Mont,
for tsc-murdcr of Editor W. J. Penroso tho
night of July 9.
Tho Hoppor Lumber and Manufacturing
company of Michigan City, Ind., has as
signed to W. B. Hutchinson for tho benefit
of iti creditors.
John Atkinson, a member of tbo British
houso of commons, has been suspended for
a week for charging tho speaker with will
ful abuto of power.
Tbo Massachusetts Domocratlo conven
tion boa been callod for Worcester, Sep
temter 29. General Patrick Collins of
Boston will preside
Gross custom frauds, involving many
noted persons have been unearthed in tho
duchy cf Bulowlna, Austria. Many ar
rests havo been made.
D. D. Wheldon, who tried to defraud in
surance companies out of $30,000 by pro
tend! ng to havo been drowned near Birm
ingham, Ala., a year ago, has been arrest
ed at Portland, Ore
Whllo the daughter, aged 7 years, of
Joseph Porter of Mount Vernon, O., was
lighting a flro last Wednesday her clothing
becamo ignited and tho was so badly
burned that she died.
The finding of gold near Swaktn, Wash.,
bas created great excitement Many nug
gets tho sizo ot a thlmblo have been found.
Tho "felt, is eighty feet under tho surface
Its width is not known.
Tbs sthooner Michigan, while unloading
coal at tho Erlo street wharf, Chicago,
broko in two with a loud report Coal had
been taken out from amidships leaving
hoavy weights in both bow and stern.
Cardinal Gibbons narrowly escaped
death last Friday. His horses ran away
and ho was saved only by the presence of
mind of bis coachman, who ran tho horsos
against a stono gate post causing them to
A passenger train on tho Iron Mountain
railroad went down an embankment near
Kensctt, Ark. A colored woman named
Ward wu killed and her child was fatally
injured. Several othors were moro or less
L. Ij. (,'rutchflcld, principal revenuo col
lector of tho Cherokee Nation, has arrived
in Arkansas City, Kas., and will at onco
proceed to collect a grazing tax from all
Cherokco citizens who havo cattlo on tho
Tommy Fay of Pittsburg is dying at a
hospital from tho effocts of liquor. Ills
parents poured whisky down bis throat
and mads him drunk. Ho is 6 years old.
His parents havo been sont to tho work
Mrs. I.mma Morrill disappeared from
her homo in Bates county, Mo , last Sun
day ctcning. No trace of her bos beon
dlseov-jrod and bor husband thinks hor
mind was deranged. Sho left flvo small
Owing to his desertion of Mile Vacaro
sen, his Intended, because sho is not ot
royal blood, tho feeling in England is
stronyy against a union between Prince
Ferdinand of Roumania and a member ot
the British royal family.
A violent wind and rain storm occurred
In Williamsport, Pa., last Thursday.
Two clouds mot and tho result
was )no of the heaviest falls ot
rain this city has known came down. Por
tions of tho city wote flooded.
D. B. Fisk, ono cf tho wealthiest mer
chants in Chicago, died last Thursday
after two weeks' illness. Ho was tbo
senior number of D. B. Fisk & Co., said to
bo the largest wholesale millinery firm in
the United States. Ho was 78 years old.
Colonel Fred Brackett, chiof clerk ol
tbo Treasury department, has resigned,
hli reilgnntlon to tako effect September I,
Ho bas ttcon appointed a special agent of
tho Treasury department to establish a
bureau ot World's fair information in
London for tho benefit of intending exhib
itors. Elijih Haesllp, aged 18 years, of neat
Nclso j, met with a fatal accident in Mar
shal, Mo , last Thursday. Ho was riding
horseback and the animal stumbled and
fell tho boy falling beneath. The boy's
neck wa.'i broken and he was injured about
the head and face Ho died thirty minutct
Unkno rrn persons went to the home ot
Thomas H1U, near Amity, Ark., last Sun
day nigh, amLprdered blm from the bouse
Hill rtifuiod and they set fire to his home
Tho family flod from tho houso and as Hill
passed through a door in tho rear ho wai
shot down. Thrco bullets entered bit
A belle:: weighing a ton and used in the
repair shops of the Hill City oil milLexplod
od last Wednesday at Vlcksburg, flew Intt
the all, crashed throusrh tho roof of the
bouse of Max oewenberg S03 feet-awn j
and lnoded on the breakfast table. N
ono in the house was injured. At tho mlL'
Engineer Albert Spier and Fireman Altx-rt
FJshewjirojflteiiyjnjured. &
-.1 '
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