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tens of thousands of vo'twa could mbke it.
Judga Berrien, of Georgia, on behalf of the
committee appointed to inform Henry Clay of
his nomination as the candidate for the Presiden
cy, read to the convention Mr. Clay'H letter of
The Hon Daniei, Webster, of Massachusetts,
now being loudly called for, came forward upon
the stand an<J addressed the convention in his
usual eloquent manner.
We can only characterize this speech this
morning, and to speak of it in u few words. It
was a hearty and entire response to the nomina
tion of Heny Clay. Daniel Webster spoke like
a true Whig, and a good friend of Henry Clay.
After Mr. Webster had concluded, T. Yates
Walsh, Esq., rose, and, on behalf of the commit
tee of two from each State in the Union, offered
the following resolutions, which were unanimous
ly adopted :
Resolved., That this Convention have received
with the most profound and grateful sensibility the
tidings of the nomination of Henry Clay as the
Whig candidate for the Presidency in the ap
proaching election. That, recognising in this
nomination but the expression of the universal
and cherished wish of the Whig?, they hail it
with the peculiar greeting due to him who is,
above all other men, the man of the Union, the
history of whose whole life is the announcement
and expression of the genuine sentiment, princi
pie, and purpose of the Whig party.
Resolved, That this Convention have heard
with the liveliest gratification the nomination of
Theodore Frelinuhusen as the candidate for
the Vice Presidency, f.ssured that in his fidelity
to his country, in his undoubted attachment to the
principles of the Whig party, in his eminent ser
vice, approved ability, and moral purity, the Peo
ple have the best security for the honest discharge
of the duties of the station for which he has been
Resolved, That this Convention do therefore
most cordially ratify and confirm the said nomina
tions, and do pledge tnemselves and the Whig
party to the vigorous support and futherance of
the same, with all the zeal and by all the effort
which may become good citizens striving in the
cause of their country.
Resolved, That this Convention re-affirm and
proudly proclaim their adherence to the distinc
tive Principles and Measures of the Whig party,
now known of all men, and cherished by a large
majority of the American People, as follows :
1. A Tariff which shall of itself provide suffi
cient revenue to pay the debts and defray the
expenditures of the Federal Government?such
Tariff so adjusted as equally to protect, encou
rage, and cherish in all its branches the Produc
tive Industry of the Country.
2. A National Currency, which shall be of
uniform par value in every part of the Union, and
which may be transmitted from one section to
any part of another without discount or depre
ciation, and at the smallest possible cost?to be
created by such means and instrumentalities as
shall commend themselves to the wisdom of the
next Whig Congress, counselled and aided, not
obstructed and thwarted, by a genuine Whig
3. A fair and just distribution of the Proceeds
of the Public Lands among the several States of
the Union, to be by them devoted to purposes of
general and permanunt utility, thereby protecting
the common interest of all from aggression and
spoliation, preventing unnecessary and pernicious
fluctuations in the Tariff,and putting a stop to the
discreditable spectacle of a free and enlightened
Nation, year by year, devouring its substance and
steadily diminishing the broad patrimony be
queathed to it by the valor and sacrifices of an il
lustrious ancestry, to supply the waste and want
of its annual and ordinary expenditures.
Resolved, That the practical restriction of the
Veto power, which has grown by repeated en
croachments into a mighty engine of Executive
Despotism, the limitation of a President to a single
term, the retrenchment of our national expendi
tures by every practicable means ; the reform of
the now glaring abuse and corruptions growing out
of an unworthy bestowal of Executive patronage ;
and the general reduction of burthens and in
crease of benefits resulting to the people from the
existence and operations of the federal govern
ment, are objects for which the Whig party will
unceasingly strive until their efforts are crowned
with a signal and triumphant success.
Gov. Metcalfe, of Kentucky, followed and
spoke in his usual eloquence for the Whigs of
Kentucky and the Union.
The lion, Thomas Ewing, of Ohio, having been
called on, was received with rapturous applause.
He briefly vindicated himself for the part he had
taken with respecttj Mr. Tyler's Administration,
and 6poke warmly in favor of his old friends and
associates?Henry Clay and Theodore Freling
Then came Edward Stanly, of North Carolina,
who expressed himself delighted with the scene
before him, and with the glorious Whigs around
him. He had been more than satisfied with the
nominations, and North Carolina would stand
by them.
Mr. Webster made a second speech at another
part of the stand, and was followed by Messrs.
Bolts, Crittenden, Huntingdon, and Stewart.
A resolution was adopted that the next Young
Men's Convention should be held in the city of
Philadelphia ; and after a few words from Mr.
Boardman, of Connecticut, the Committee of Ra
tification adjourned, sine die.
" Who hath redness of Eyes."?This in
terrogative " portion of divine scripture" is il
lustrated by an anecdote, related with most ef
fective dryness by a friend of ours. An elderly
gentleman, accustomed to " indulge," entered
the bar-room of an inn in the pleasant city of
H , on the Hudson, where sat a grave Friend
toasting his toes by llio fire. Lifting a pair of
green spectacles upon his forehead, rubbing his
inflamed eyes, and calling for a glass of brandy
toddy, he seated himself by the grate ; and as he
did so, he remarked to Uncle Broadbrim that his
?'eyes were getting weaker and weaker, and that
even spectacles did'nt. seem to do 'cm any good."
"'I'll tell thee, friend," replied the Quaker, "what
I think. I think if thee was to xoear thy specta
cles over thy mouth for a few months, thy eyes
would get sound again."
Mr. Ainos Bushrod, a Philadelphian, has a gold
watch which was worn by General Washington,
and a seal which bears that illustribus man's coat
of arms. These were bequeathed to their pre
sent owner's father by John A. Washington. The
watch is described as very beautiful and intrinsi.
cally valuable.
Waihuto** CirVi (Whj/S, lfl4f
Mr. Tower# i Will you have the goodliest to pub
lish the annexed song in the Standard. It was copied
from an original memorandum in the hands of a
friend* yesterday, at Baltimore, and 3ung in the great
Ratification Convention of that day. Yours, truly,
Andrew M. Barber.
Tune?" Old l)an Tucker.'1''
The skies are bright, our hearts are light!
In Baltimore the Whigs unite;
We'll set our songs to good old tunes,
For there i3 music in these old Coons.
Hurra, hurra! for the Coons are rising!
Hurra, hurra ! for the Coons are rising!
Hurra, hurra ! for the Coons are rising,
For Henry Clay and Frelinghuysen !
The Locos' hearts are very sore?
Tho' very scarce in Baltimore
For they begin to think, with reason,
That this will be a great Coon season!
Hurra, &c.
Old Frelingiiusen is a Jersey Blue,
A noble Whig, both good and true;
And we will make New Jersey feel
That we respect her own broad seal !*
Hurra, &c.
Now let the Locos raise their dander?
Even Amos K. dare not stand under?
For when they get into Ihe fight,
Lord! how the Jersey Coons will bite !
Hurra, &c.
Old Matty Van is a man of doubt?
He wires in and he wires out;
You can not tell, when on the track,
If he's going on or coming back !
Hurra, &c.
The Coon now looks abroad with pride ;
For who is there dare touch his hide ?
So give three cheers, and as many more,
For the noble Whigs of Baltimore!
Hurra, &c.
United, heart and hand, arc we,
From Northern lake to Southern Sea?
From East to West, the People's rising,
For Henry Clay and Frelinghuysen!
Hurra, &c.
* Geo. Dawson, Esq., of the Rochester (N. Y.)
The " Repeal Association" of Philadelphia
transmitted 200 pounds sterling to O'Connell by
the steamer Acadia.
The Daniels are, some of them, great charac
ters, as for instance : Daniel Lambert, physical
ly ; Daniel Webster, intellectually ; Daniel O'
Connel, agitatingly; and Daniel Tucker, musi
On Friday last, six 6teers, belonging to Mr.
John Sharpless, of Delaware co., Pa., whilst graz
ing in the field, were struck by lightning and in
stantly killed. The electric fluid first struck a
pine tree, which it shivered to pieces.
A new Cherokee newspaper is proposed to be
published in Cherokee and English, by Wm. P.
Ross, who was graduated with honor at the
Princeton College.
Lucien Bonaparte's youngest, daughter has en
tered the Convent of the Sacred Heart, on Mount
Pincio. She is 24 years of age.
Three enterprisingBostonians are about to start
a large cotton manufactory near Natchez, Mis
The English Baptist Missionary Society have
built an iron schooner of 70 tons burden, at an
expense of about $10,000, t.o be employed in the
service of the African mission.
The Hon. Benj. F. Ilallett, of Massachusetts,
appointed by the House of Representatives, a
commissioner to investigate the circumstances
connected with the Rhode Island difficulty, is in
session at Pawtucket, and has cited Gov. Fenner
to appear before him.
Something to Smoke.?" What harm is there
in a pipe?" says young Puffwell. 41 None thatl
know of," replied his companion, "except that
smoking induces drinking; drinking induces in
toxication; intoxication induces the bile; bile in
duces jaundice ; jaundice leads to dropsy ; dropsy
terminates in death. Put that in your pipe and
smoke it."
We sce.it stated, that the Morncon Prophet, Jo
Smith, has turned his wile out of doors, for being
in conversation with a gentleman of tho sect,
which she hesitated or refused to disclose. It
was understood, yesterday, that she had arrived
in this city.?St. Louis Rep.
Sands'* Sarsapabili.a.?This inva luable medicine
has won its way in public favor until it has become
the only acknowledged preparation that can lie relied
upon for the removal and cure of all diseases origin
ating in an impure and depraved state of the blood
and other fluids. It is not reduced in medicinal value
by the addition of sugar, and is prepared by a pecu
liar process, entirely new. Tho principle which
renders this root so valuable is wholly preserved.
This Sarsaparilla is extensively recommended and
proved to bo highly beneficial for purifying the blood,
and removing unhealthy humor3, eradicating the
effects of mercury from the system, clearing the skin,
&c. It is also used with the happiest effects in rheu
matism and neuralgia.
For certificates, and numerous testimonials, see
pamphlets and various papers.
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by A. B.
& D. SANDS, Wholesale Druggists, 79 Fulton st.(
New York.
Agents for Washington city:?ROBERT FARN
HAM, Bookseller, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and
11th street, and R. S. PATTERSON, Druggist, cor
ner of Pennsylvania avonue and 9th street.
Price $1 per bottle ; 6 bottles for #5.
X HE subscriber has just received a choice lot of
Butter from Philadelphia. S. HOLMES,
may4 7th street.
O Books of thenAmcrican Sunday School Union
may'be always had at the Bookstore of R. FARN-'
HAM, corner of 11th street and Pennsylvania avenue,
' at the same price as at the Depository in Philadelphia.
atnamwi i?*?.?>?<..%'iiir.i* mm
FRIDAY, MAY 3, 1841.
The Senate remained in session long enough
to receive and refer several memorials i'rom N.
York and Michigan, against the annexation of
Texan, and then adjourned until Mond.iy next.
Mr. J. It INGERSOLL gave notioe of his in
tention to introduce bills ol the following titles,
viz :
A bill to prevent the public execution of crimi
nals under the laws of the United States.
A bill to confer jurisdiction in certain cases
upon consuls of the United States, in controver
sies between American citizens.
A bill to facilitate the proof of marriage in
cases of widows of officers and soldiers of the
A bill to abolish custom-house oaths.
Mr..VANCE, from the Committee on Claims,
reported, without amendment, several private
bills from the Senate.
The House then resolved itself into Commit
tee of the Whole, Mr. HOPKINS in the Chair,
and resumed the debate upon the " British" Ta
riff bill.
Mr. CHAPPELL, of Georgia, addressed the
committee in a speech chiefly directed against the
existing tariff; or rather the principles upon which
it was established.
Mr. SEVERANCE, of Maine, followed in a
speech replete with sound practical good sense.
After controverting some of the leading proposi
tions laid down by the gentleman who preceded
him, and contending that labor, not capital, was
the subject of protection, Mr. S. went on to de
tine his own position. Some gentlemen, he said,
were for stopping at a eortof halfway-house, and
contenting themselves with such protection as
was derived, incidentally, in the process of rais
ing revenue; but for himself, he maintained the
direct principle of protection?constant, perma
nent protection. Gentlemen might lay down what
theories they would, the fact was that commerce
and agriculture, and manufacture?, always had
been protected, and always would be ; and so too
of labor?the mechanic arts would be protected,
and labor would be represented on this floor; he
was himself a mechanic, a workingman, and
knew what belonged to this class of the commu
Mr. S. then examined the bill before the House
in detail, and insisted ,that the principles upon
which it was established carried with them their
own refutation, and would lead ultimately, if car
ried out, to destruction of revenue as well as
protection. If the bill were passed, he maintain
ed that not one-half of the revenue would be
raised under it necessary for the present demands
of the Government; and not one-third the aver?
age amount annually expended by Mr. Van Bu
ren's administration. If this bill becomes a law,
the maximum of duties, after one year had pass
ed, would be 28 per cent., and Mr. S. said this
was the very point where they stood in 1840,
when the revenue had fallen oft'to such an alarm
ing extent, that the Government was threatened
with bankruptcy.
Mr. MURPHY, of New York, made a labored
defence of the bill before the committee.
M. ROCKWELL, of Massachusetts, made his
debut in a very sensible and eloquent speech
a?ainst the bill.
The debate was continued until the usual hour
of adjournment.
it.?To be sick is no longer a misfor
tune, but a fault. Has any man a headache? Pe
ters' Cordial Lozenges will cure him in a few min
utes. Is any one troubled with a hacking cough,
which may end in consumption ? In Peters1 Cough
Lozenges he may find almost immediate relief ?
Worms kill many children. They can neither kill
nor hurt a child who is physicked with Peters'
Worm Lozenges. Hence wc may well conclude as
we began, that to be sick is no longer a misfortune,
but a fault. We say to all, go at once and procure
some of these famous Lozenges, at
R LEASE, a Lot of Ground, on Pennsylvania
avenue, between 6th and 10th streets, 25 to 35 feet
front, for which a fair price will be given. Apply at
this office. ap8
iX YOUNG SERVANT GIRL, who understands
house work, i* wanted to attend in a small family, to
whom proper wages will be given. A slave will be
preferred. Apply at this office. may2-tf
tJ UST received, a very superior lot of Fearl and
Buck Penknives, of the Henry Clay pattern.
Also, a general assortment of fine Cutlery, such as
Razors, Penknives, Scissors, Erasers, &c., together
with fancy and staple Stationary in the greatest va
riety, and at the lowest prices.
For sale by WM. F. BAYLY, Stationer,
ap 29?3t Pcnn. av., I>tw 11th and 12th streets.
?l ? H. GIBBS takes this method of returning his
thanks to the ladies and gentlemen of Washington
city and its vicinity for their liberal patronage, and
also to inform them that he has just returned from
New York with a large and handsome assortment of
new and fashionable goods, which will be opened this
day, at his Fancy Store, Pennsylvania avenue, be
tween 8th and 9th streets, opposite the Centre Mar
ket. ap 22?lm
JL HE subscriber having rented the wharf at the
foot of 13th street, known as Lenox's Wharf, which
cannot be surpassed for convenience by any in the
District, citizens of Washington, Alexandria, and
others, having goods of any description to land at
Washington, will be accommodated on as reasonable
terms as at any other wharf in the city. There is
also a large Storehouse attached, where goods can
be stored at a small expense.
may3-eodlm [Alex. Gaz.J
Tickets arc sold and Bank Notes are discounted at
}he lowest rates.
#30,000 ( Try the New Office, for luck it can't be
#10,000 $ heat.
Bank Notes and Gold bought and sold at the low
est rates of discount.
Citizens of Washington would do well to try the
New Office.
A Counterfeit Detector is now published weekly,
at six cents a single number, and for sale by
On Pennsylvania Avenue, near sixth street, six doors
below Gadsby's Hotel. apr 2?
O" Our city is literally overflowing with
stranger#, mostly from the Baltimore Conven
tion. Tlie hotels are all full, and have been com
pelled to decline receiving any more, from the
want of room to accommodate them.
The Fair.?The Ladies holding the Fair at
Apollo Hall have invited the Whig delegation
from th's city to the Ratification Convention to
visit them this evening. The Whigs are gallant
fellowp, and will doubtlesp, therefore, respond to
the polite invitation by attending en masse.
Guf.en Peas.?Our friend Tyler, of the Ex
change Hotel, served up green peas for his guests
yesterday?the first of the season.
Washington, May 3, 1H44.
Dear sir : Permit me, in answer to the inquiries
of kind and partial friends respecting my " Book
071 the Communion," to say : that the manuscript
has been for several weeks in the hands of the
printer, and has there been delayed by unavoid
ble interruption?.
It gives me pleasure to state that the book is
now in progress, and the publication will appear
in a few days. I bespeak for this little produc
tion of my unskilful pen the indulgent considera
tion of the liberal and tolerant of all denomina
tions. Very respectfully, your friend, &c.
To the Editor of the Standard.
Fair.?The Ladies of the Fair at Apollo Ilall
present their compliments to the Whig Delegation of |
this city, and request their attendance this evening,
with their decorations and badges.
The Marine Band will be present, and perform the
Clay Quick Step, with several other new and beau
tiful pieces. may4
Fourth Presbyterian Church, 9th street ?
The Rev. John C. Smith will deliver his fifth dis
course on " the One True Church," to-morrow even
ing. Service, quarter before 8. Morning hour, 11
o'clock. The public is respectfully incited.
UC?* The Rev. Mr. Owen, of North Carolina, Will
preach to-morrow, in the room formerly occupied as
the City Post Olfice, (Carusi's, on 11th street.) Ser
vice to commence, in the forenoon, at 11 o'clock ;
and in the evening, at 7!j o'clock may4
Methodist Protestant Church, 9th street.
-Third discourse on Primitive Christianity, by Rev.
J. P. Moore?subject, " The Mind that was in Jesus."
Services commence to-morrow, at 11 o'clock, A. M.
English Lutheran Church.? Religious ser
vices statedly held on every Lord's Day Morning, at
11 o'clock, and in the Evening, at 7 o'clock, at Con
cert Hall, Pennsylvania avenue. j
Columbia Typographical Society.?A sta
ted meeting of the Columbia Typographical Society
will be held this (Saturday) evening, at the usual
place, on C street, at 8 o'clock.
may4 JAS. WIMER, Rec'ng Sec'ry.
4U DOZEN Congress Spring water, in quarts and
pints, fresh from the spring.
Just received by C. II. JAMES,
ap i3? Corner 14th and E sts.
Ta card.
HE subscriber, in consequence of heavy losses by
the credit system, has been induced to resolve on
selling hereafter (except as to the Government of
fices and public institutions) exclusively for cash, at
reduced prices ; and to call again, most respectfully
but earnestly, upon all persons indebted to him on
account of a date prior to the present year, to call at
his store aod settle the same before the 1st of May
next, as all then remaining unadjusted, will, without
distinction, be placed in the hands of an officer for
collection by compulsory means.
ap4-dlm WM. FISCHER.
or in other cities, who contemplate coming to
New York, will do well to "look before they leap."
The " Franklin Typographical Association," from
the reports of its committees, and the investigations
of its officers, is p ossessed of ample and authentic
information concerning the state of the trade in this
city; and for the benefit of the craft abroad, they
state that journeymen who Hatter themselves with
the prospect of situations in New York, and come
with such expectations, will find how easily a man
can be deceived. There is now here a large body of
good workmen, who are unable to procure the means
of subsistence by their labor, as printers, in any re
spectable office; and the few rat offices?and we
are happy to say they are few indeed?are filled by
the cat-hating gentry, who always infest large cities.
DO NOT COME TO NEW YORK to get work, for
you will be disappointed. If you make a living, stay
where you arc ; and if there is work in your vicinity,
you may draw on this city for a hundred men, who
are now idle five days in a week. By order of the
Association. F. L. OTTLRSON,
Cor. Scc'y.
\* Publishers of papers will confer a favor on the
craft by copying this notice, or giving its substance
in their columns.
Persons wishing information concerning the
Association or the trade in this city, may address
postpaid letters to the Corresponding Secretary, New
York, which will be duly anawer?d. may4
E have just received, per packets Alexandria
and Victory, from New York, a large and well
selected stock of FAMILY GROCERIES, among
which arc the following, viz :
SUGARS?Loaf, Pulverized, Crushed, Lump New
Orleans, Porto Rico, Muscovado, Havana, Brown, &c.
MOLASSES?Porto Rico, New Orleans, Sugar
house Syrup
TEAS?Imperial, Gunpowder, Old Hyson, Young
Hyson, Hyson, Hyson Skin, Pouchong, &c.?all well
COFFEE?Java, Angostura, Rio, Cuba, Laguyra,
St. Domingo and Burnt
SPICES?Allspice, Macc, Cloves, Pepper, Ginger,
Nutmo-gs, Cinnamon, &c.
PRUlT?Figs, Raisins, Prunes, Citron, Tama
rinds, &c.
OH,?Lamp, Sweet, and Florence
CANDLES?Wax (colored), Mould, Sperm, Pa
tent Sperm, and Adamantine
SOAP?Windsor, Castile, Palm, Almond, Brown
FISH?Mackerel, Cod, Shad, Scotch and other
Herring, &c.
CIGARS?15,000 best Puerto Principe and other
MISCELLANEOUS?Cheese, Lard, Hams, Salt,
Macaroni, Vermicelli, Pickles, Catsups, &c.
MATS?A great variety, made of grass, hemp,
&.C., &c.
WOODWARE of all kinds.
Citizens, generally, are respectfully invited to give
us a call at the corner of 7th and E streets, opposite
the General Post Office. .
ap30-dlwif FALES & GLOVLR.
Oth street, south op GAUSBV'S,
Alleys may be hired by the hour or game,
may 2?2w
sale hy W. ELIOT & CO.
mayl-lm Corner of F and 12th streets.
I Ji FRESH supply just received, by
ap 13? Corner 14th and E. sts.
owand's Improved tonic mixture^
warranted a perfect and lasting cure for the
FEVER AND AGUE. For sale by
mayl-lm Corner of F and 12th streets.
X quality and *ize made to order, and sold at man
ufacturers1 prices. R. FARNHAM,
corncr llth st. and Penn. ay.
ILLIAM H. NALLEY would respectfully in
form bis friends and the public, that he has opened a
Bookbiudery on Pennsylvania avenue, next door to
Beers's Temperance Hotel. He would request those
who have books to bind to give him a call, whei;e he
may always be found ready to execute all orders left
with him. ap 17?6m
FOR SALE OR RENT.?Two two story Brick
Houses, on N. Jersey avenue, two squares from
the Capitol. They are finished with basement reoms
and large areas in front; folding doors to the parlors;
three handsome chambers in the second story, and
finished attics; the hill is being graded, and brick
footways laid. These are good comfortable houses,
and, to a good tenant, will be let low, or sold at a
reasonable price. Apply to R. PATTEN,
jan 30?tf Penn. Av., btw. 10th and llth sts.
cijly MEDJlLS
WE have for sale, a beautifully executed CLAY
MEDAL, gotten up expressly for the great
National Convention of May next, by Mr. Japob
Seegar, of Baltimore?on one side of which is a
likeness of the great Statesman of Ashland, and
on the other side the implements of Agriculture,
Commerce, and Arts, with the motto: "The flag we
wear at our mast head should be the credentials of
our seamen." Call and examine this beautiful speci
men of workmanship. A large discount to dealers.
VV ALL ACE ELIOT & CO., corner of F and 12th
streets, have just received a fresh supply of Drugs
and Medicines, viz?
Alcohol Sup. Carb. Soda
Gum Camphor Prepared Chalk
Sulph. Quinine Pearl Sago
Gum Arabic (extra) Rice Flour
Lump Magnesia Refined Liquorice
Cream Tartar Turkey Opium
And a variety of other articles, too numerous to
Also, an assortment of popular PATENT MED
ICINES, now in use; such as Oldridge's Balm of
Columbia; Thompson's EyeWater; Leidy's Sarsa
parilla Pills ; Brandreth'a Pills; Peters' Pills; Pease'9
Candy ; Frey's Vermifuge. mayl-lm
lj. CARUS1 respectfully announces to the citizens
of Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria, that
his ANNUAL MAY BALL, which for a number
of years past has been given with so much satisfac
tion in Washington, as the great jubilee of the chil
dren, will take placc at his Saloon on Tuesday, May
7, 1844
The Assembly Band has been engaged for the oc
casion. Both rooms will be thrown open and bril
liantly illuminated, and the decorations will be equal
to those of former occasions.
P. S. Those ladies who h?ve not received their
invitations will confer a favor by sending in their
names to the Saloon.
Tickets to be had at Fisher's, Fuller's, Patterson's,
and at the Saloon. [Intel&Globe] ap 26?td
CONFIDENTLY and carefully prepares, articles
of agreement, accounts for orphans' court, ad
vertisements and public notices, assignments, bills of
sale and bonds, depositions, indentures of apprentice
ship, insolvent papers, letter.) <Jf attorney, leases and
releases, deeds and deeds of trust, official acknowk
edgments, probat of accounts and business books,
petitions, memorials, and claims, and any other offi
cial or business writing that may be required clearly
drawn, or writings copied on reasonable terms.
He will attend to the collection of newspaper and
periodical accounts against the General Government
and members of Congress, he being familiar with the
mode of settlement for the same.
Office 6th street, two doors from C street, under
Gadsby's Hotel. ap 9-lm
C. BEVERIDGE, Seventh street, between
y. Louisiana avenue and D street, next door to J.
A Donohoo's Grocery store, is prepared to make up
clothing of every description in the most modern
style and at the sliortest notice, and not surpassed in
workmanship by any establishment in the city. The
following prices have been adopted in order to suit
the times, viz:
Making and Trimming coat in the best style $8 50
do do do pants 2 00
do do do vests 1 75
Making coats, without trimmings 6 00
r> do pants, do 1 25
do vests, do 1 25
All work warranted to fit in a superior style.
N. B. Gentlemen and children's clothing cut to or
der in the most fashionable style, and so arranged that
there can be no mistake in making them up.
a p 16? ' __
X HE subscriber is now in receipt of his SPRING
GOODS, per packet Alexandria, from New York.
His assortment now comprises nearly every article in
his line, among which are the following, viz.
Sugars?Loaf, powdered, crushed
Lump, brown, New Orleans, Muscovado, Porlo
Rico, Havana, and clarified
Molasses?Sugar-house, Porto Rico, N. Orleans,
New lbera, and Sugar-house syrup
Coffee?Mocha, Java, Angustura, Rio, Maricat
bo, Cuba, and St. Domingo
Teas?Old Hyson, Gunpowder, Imperial, Young
Ilyson, Hyson Skin, and Black. Particular at -
tention paid to the better quality of Teas.
Spicf.s?Nutmeg and Mace, Allspice and Cloves,
Pepper, Ginger, &c.
Fruit?Raisins, Prunes (in jars), Figs, Apples,
Tamarinds, &c.
F,s? Shad, Salmon, Mackerel, Cod, and Herring
CaUDle*?Wax (white and colored), Sperm, Tal
low, artfi Adamantine
On,?Sperm, Lard, and Salad
Soap?Fancy, Windsor, and Common
Flour?25 bbls superior New York, 30 bbls. Vir
ginia assorted brands
Misceli.anf.oo8?Honey (in the comb), Maple Su
gar, Macaroni, Vermicelli, Pickles, Sweetmeats,
Sardines, Catsups, &c., &c. Pearl Barley, Irish
Moss, Hams, Pine Apple, Sapsago, and N. York
Cheese. Salt, Brooms, &c., fcc.
ap30-tf S. HOLMES, 7th streot.

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