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To thi Editor of the Whiff Standard :
Sir: Under tlie influence of the opinion 1 hit
the article in the National Imelligencfir of yester
day morni'-g signed ?? Oiie of I tie S ivereigne,"
may be conceived to be of loo insignificant and of
too mean and detestable a npirit to entitle it lo the
honor of a notice, I wi I, (for fear the author may
construe a general silence into approbation of his
rontimonts) so far notice it, ami as a Whig, to
enter a protest against such servile sentiments
and principles as is attempted to he inculcated in
it. When I read the attempted rebuke so art
fully covered up, " that our most politic course,
w<>uld be to retrain froin holding meeting* on any
occasion in relation to national political question?,
but at the same time each one adopt such a mode
as he chose, silently, or by journeying into the
State?, and do his might for the party having his
prefeience; but when in the District, the who e
population uniting cordially, cheerfully, and cour
teously, in all honorable endeavors to make al
connected with the administration of the General
Government happy, contented?t^y, delighted.
Then my word for it sirp, would the District see
her palmy dny*, such as the founders pr<phe?ied,
aod expected ere this." I came to the conclusion
that i-ome wag had abstracted my paper, and placed
the G obe in lieu of if, and to satisfy myself turn
ed over the paper to look at the head, to see that
1 h >d not b 'en imposed upon.
Can such sentiments meet with a response from
the editors of the National Intelligencer] Do
thev sanction by giving them currency?by pub
lishing them ] Cm a WHIG Mayor approve
them 1 For one, when it becomes necessary, in
or lerto enjoy "our palmy d tys" that we should
become the mere slaves of power?fawning, ser
vile. sycophantic creatures of every t<?ry who may
bo cloth-d with a little brief authority '?to bow
down and beg, and eschew all principle, except
that of base sycophancy and idolatry, to obtain
justice and right, when it becomes necessary so
to act, lor one, I am prepared, not "silently to
i .urney [<>r steal] into the States, and do my
mHit for the party having my preferences," but
boldly to stand forth and sound the alarm?to pro
claim to my fellow-countrymen, that here, yea,
here under the very shadow of the Temple ol
L'herty, Freedom of Opinion has been destroyed;
Liberty of Speech has been hushed; the great
riiihi for which our fathers fought?peaceably to
assemble and declare our grievances?is no long
er to era'ei'?we are SLAVES.
The craven heart that dictated the paragraph
qunied above from the Intelligencer, will meet
v\ i h no response from the Wh gs of this city?a
city which lias been steadily Whig under every
change of t,ie political sky ; but we will teach
tyrants that, we will " not lick the hands that
for^ethe chains"?we will 6how them " that un
derlie shadow of the throne, the throb of liberty
still beats on !" And though our votes cannot
be felt at the billot box, onr countrymen, the de
scendants of a Washington, a Hancock, and a
Warren, have an open ear to our oomplaint, and
a willing heart to right our wrt?gpREEMANt
More than three hundred years have now elapsed
since the medicinal qualities of Sarsapanlla has been
known, and from thrt perod until the present, van
ouh plan3 have been devised to make a Pei"fect ex"
traction of all its medicinal properties, but to our
knowledge no preparati n has come so near the stan
dard of perfection as that of the iVlessrs. bands.
.'I heir valuable Sarsaparilla is now celebrated
throughout the length and breadth of our land, and
is he d in the highest estimation, by the medicinal
profession generally. Various interesting and re
markable cures attest its virtues, and we would ad
vise a 1 aillicted with impurity of the blood, scrofi
lous or chronic afiections to make a trial1 oHhis great
Purifier ol the corporeal man.?X *? Sunday JUer
e7^rJ?d?U, wholesale an,l retailLb, A. B.
fe D SANDS, Wholesale Druggists, 79 Fulton st.,
New York. Price $1 per bottle ; 6 botthis for>
Agents for Washington city ROBER 1 * An-i*
IIA vl, Bookseller, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and
11th street, and 11. S. PATRON, Druggist, cor
ner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street.
Wl3H IT CUllED ??Every body who has a cold
wishes it to be cured beyond doubt, but the question
arist'.s how it is to be done? The answer is speedy ,
Vetera' Cough Lozenges will effectually take away
and destroy every vestageof a cough or cold, if taken
in time. I hese Lozenges are tormed by a con?'"??
lion of the most valuable ingredients known as bene
ficial to those afflicted with pulmonary complain s,
such as asthma, bleeding at the lungs, pain in U.e
hreast spitting of blood, constant coughing, &c., all
of which herald the approach of consumption. 1 hese
Lozeiiges anT famous'or the thousand benefits they
have conferred throughout the Union in saving the
lives of many alllicted, who would otherwise have
perished by consumption. Sold wholesale and re
10 CI1AS. STOTT'S. 1
nTy- Ahebasi's Pooh Man's Pi asters are war
ranted to be superior to any other plaster in us .
Cases, almost without number, might be given where
most of the celebrated plasteis have been used and
iX .nd those at length afcleS the cure. his
Planter possesses f-everal advantages over any other,
?which renders it superior for all pains or weakness
in the back, side, chest, bowels, loins, muscles, and
gratia, for a trial, see pamphlet,
N B Allebasi's Health Pills, the Black (or Alle
basi's) Salve, and Alleoasi's Toothache Drops for
sale at the same place. J
?pT lozenges.
JJr SHERMAN'S Worm. Cough, and Camphqr
Lozenges. For sale by . r and l'2th sts
mayl?--2w Corner ol V and Uth sts^
FRESH supply just received^ by JAMFg
10 Corner 14th and E. sts.
ap t.i? __
1 RINT.NO Paper, wTap^ing^. Z
ap^hecaHeis Vca'paper, eiivelop paper ca^anif letter
paper, ruled an.l plain, various qual ties^, cap paper,
ruled, for ftl 64 per ream. ^sa?bJAYLV,
ml6 Pcnn. avenue four doors west of 11th st.
rn trunks^Trunks, trunks.
m)NS TRAVELLING?I have on hand a large and
handsome assortment of leather travelling trunks,
which 1 will sell at a very reduced price. 1 hey areol
the first quality of materials and workmanship, and
nbouttwenty five per cent less than any other stor?
in the city Persons will do well to call and examine
mJ assortment belore l"^t? MARSHALL,
Auction and Commission Store, Pennsylvania ave
nue. between 9th and 10th struts. June Id-fit
local news.
Fourth of July.?The return of the Nation,
al Anniversary is fast approaching ; and as yet
wo have heard of no steps for a public celebra
tion in the city. Our friends in the neighborhood
have been mor? active, and the patriotic Whigs
of Bladensburg and Alexandria are making ex
tensive preparations for grand Whig anniversary
dinners. We suppose that a large portion of the
Whigs of our city will be present at the Bladens
burg Spa, or at the Four Mile run jubilee, and
lend their aid in the furtherance of the good cause,
and in rolling the "Great Whig Ball." Should
not the Clay Club take the necessary steps to
perfect some arrangement for the conveyance ol
the Whigs to these places 1
Another pleasant mode of passing the day is
offered to our citizens in our paper of to-day, in
an excersion on the Potomac to Aquia creek, in
the commodious steamer Sydney ; stopping at
Furt Washington, and passing in view of Mount
Vernon, the sacred resting place of the remains
of the "Great and Good." The Marine Band
and cotillon music will be oa board ; and those
participating in this excursion may rely upon a
pleasant one. ?
Accident.?A horse and cari engaged in haul
ing sand from the wharf on' Sixth street, opposite
our office, on yesterday, was precipitated into the
Canal, while backing up for a load. W ith con
siderable difficulty the horse was rescued. A
friend at our elbow suggests the propriety of the
city authorities ordering the deposite of eand, &c.,
at a little greater distance from the edge of the
Canal, and which would prevent the occurrence
of similar casualties. We suggest it to their
Georgetown Clay Club.?A meeting of the
Georgetown C ay Club will be held this evening
?t the Club room, (CruikshankV,) at 8 o'clock.
QUIA CREEK.?The large and splendid steamer,
SYDNEY, Capt. Nevitt, will leave Smoot's wharl,
Georgetown, on the morning of the 4th, at 7 j o'clock,
the City at 9, Blackburn's wharf, Navy Yard, at 9jj,
and Alexandria at 10 o'clock. The boat will stop a
sufficient time at Fort Washington for passengers to
view the fortifications, late improvements on the
place, &c. The boat will pass Mount Vernon, and
proceed to Aquia Creek, and will return to the city
by 9 o'clock ttie same evening. Arrangements have
been made with the proprietor of the above place to
furnish dinners and a good supply of fish, crabs, oys
ters, &c. There will be a splendid collation on
board for those who prefer it, and a plentiful supply
of Confectionary, Ice Creams, &.<?., under the direc
tion of Mr. Lafon, and can be had at a fair charge.
'I hose wishing to be oflhe party, will be on board in
time, as the boat will positively leave at the above
named hours. The Marine Band will be in attend
ance, as also a Cotillon Band, which canuot be sur
passed in the District.
Tickets admitting a lady and gentlemen, $1; extra
ladies and children's tickets, 50 cents?to be obtained
at Ha rington's Hotel, Navv Yard, at Gilman's Drug
Store, Washington, of Capt. Nevitt, Alexandria, and
at the boat on the'morning of the 4th.
UST RECEIVED, a supply of fresh burnt LIME,
equal to nnything ever offered in this city, which
will be sold for cash at a less price than any before
sold. Also, a general assortment of Lumber, Shin
gles, Laths, sawed and split, Wood, and Sand, all of
which are offered cheap for cash, at tho corner of
i th street and Missouri avenue.
W ALLACE ELIOT & CO., corner of F and 12th
streets, have on hand for sale?
White Lead in oil, pure, extra, and No. 1
Chrome, Paris and Imperial Greens
Pure Verdigri% Chrome Yellow
Linseed Oil, &c., &c. je 21
^ HE following lots in the city of Washington :
Lot No. 9, in square two hundred and forty-seven.
Lot No. 10, in square two hundred and ninety-five.
Lot No. 1, in square three hundred and forty-six.
For the purpose of settling an estate, these lots will
be sold for less than their real value.
je 21 eo2w Attorney at Law.
The subscribers have for sale? ?
Speech of Senator Rives, of Virginia, in opposition
to Mr. McDuflie's proposition to repeal the Tariff act
of 1812?32 pages, price #2 per 1H0.
Speech of Senator Dayton, of New Jersey, on the
Tariff?16 pages, price $1 per 100. , . ,
Speech of Hon. John White, of Kentucky, in de
fence of Mr. Clay, upon the charge of ?' Bargain and
Sale"?8 pages, price 75 cents per 100.
Speech of Hon. J. J. Hardin, of Illinois, review
ing the principles of James K. Polk and the leaders
of modern Democracy?16 pages, price $1 per 100.
Letter of Hon. D. D. Barnard, of New York, in
review of the report of the Committee of Ways and
Means on the Finances and Public Debt?8 pages,
price 75 cents per 100.
Clay Clubs and others can be supplied with any
number of the above, by sending their orders, post
paid, to J. & G. S. GIDEON,
je2l?c3t-d6t Printers, 9th street, Washington.
AT the New York Dry Good* and Auction Store,
Pennsylvania Avenue, f ur doors below Gads
by's Hotel.?Just received from New York auctions,
a most splendid assortment of Fancy and Staple Dry
Goods ; also, a large lot of Funcy Goods, all of which
we offer for cash as cheap, if not cheaper, than any
other house in the District. We invite the citizens
a _d strangers to call and judge for themselves before
purchasing elsewhere.
New York Dry Goods and Auction House,
je >21 4 doors below Gadsby's, Penn. Avenue.
J UST received, a very superior lot of Pearl and
Buck Penknives, of tho Henry Clay pattern.
Also, a general assortment ol fine Cutlery, such as
Razors, Penknives, Scissors, Erasors, &c., together
with fancy and staple Stationery in the greatest va
riety, and at tho lowe>t prices. For sale by
WM. F. BAYLY, Stationer,
may 1? P*nn. av., btw. 1 Ith fa 12th streets.
FRESH supply just opened by
' ap 13 Corner 14th and ? ?t?.
The Whig Club of Bladensburg will give a Barbe
cue at the old Spa ground pn the 4th of July, to which
the voters of Prince George's, the Whigs of Maryland
the District of Columbia, and the neighboring States
are requested to attend, with their Banners, Music,
&c. Many distinguished Whigs will be present and
address the meeting. Seats will be provided for the
Ladies. Ample provision will be made for two thou
sand persons, or any other number that may give us
their company. Strict decorum will be enforced, and
no intoxicating drinks will be allowed on the ground
under any pretext. C. B. CALVERT,
J. T. Deank, Secretary. President.
HOES.?We call the attention of dealers and
consumers generally, and the Ladies in particular,
to a large invoice of Shoes, which we sell at auction
prices ; lor instance, lady's half gaiters, at 50 cents
per pair; morocco slippers. 50 ccnts; French ties, 75
cent3 ; children's bootees, 25 to 31 cents; gents' slip
pers, 50 ccnts; fine calf sewed boots, at $3 25, and
pegged do. at $1 25 per pair. Liberal discount to
dealers. LEWIS & HUNT, Auctioneers,
j 14? Penn. avenue, btw. 11th St 12th sts.
XMPORTANT to Members of Congress, strangers,
and citizens wishing to supply themselves with Dry
Goods.?We take pleasure in informing them that we
are receiving a large assortment of goods, comprising
every article usually kept in dry goods stores, pur
chased at different auctions in New York, Philadel
phia, and Baltimore, and in consequence of the sea
son being far advanced, we have been able to pur
chase them 25 per cent, less than our former pur
chases, and consequently will sell them 25 per cent,
less, whi h makes a great difference. We can assure
purchasers if they will give us a call and examine our
goods they will find what we have stated above to be
the truth. HALL & BROTHER.
"ITTILLIAM NQELL, thankful for past favors, begs
W leave most respectfully to inform his former
customers and the puolic generally, that he still con
tinues to manufacture all kinds of INSIDE VENI
T1AN BLINDS, all colors and sizes, suitable for J
public and private edifices. Also, painted Window
shades, different patterns and prices; Linen and com
mon Curtains, furnished to order ; FANCY BLINDS,
all sizes and very cheap, and everything appertaining
to screening windows. Worsted Cord, Tassels and
Bindings, ail colors.#.
W. would say to all those who are in want of |
any of the above articles, just to give him a call and
they shall be accommodated. Old Blinds repainted
and repaired, and all orders thankfully received and
promptly attended to. Call at the sign of the MAM
MOTH BLIN D, between 12th and 13th 3treets, south
side of Pennsylvania avenue. jel l-tf
E1NG about to relinquish the Shoe business, the
subscriber offers his stock of Boots and Shoes at cost,
and under, for cash. The stock is all of excellent
quality. Those who purchase may rely upon getting
a good article at a very low price; the object being
to sell off as soon as practicable, in order to get to
other einplovment. The store and dwelling is now
offered for rent, and possession will be given about
the 1st of August next. WM. DOUGLASS,
Penn. avenue, south side, btw. 9th & 10th sts.
All those having unsettled accounts at the
store, are respectfully requested to call and settle
them by the 1st of July next. jel5-lm
an invaluable and well tried remedy for the summer
complaint in children, the virtues and efficacy of
which have been tested by the experience of a series
of year*, is sold at the grocery of JOHN SEX
SMI I'H, north side of Pennsylvania avenue, between
9th and 10th streets, and at W. WHITNEY'S shoe
store, south side of Pennsylvania avenue, between
6th and 7th streets.
Reduction?Where more lhan one bottle is want
ed, a liberal reduction will be made. jell-lm
sale by W. ELIOT & CO.
mayl-lm Corner of F and 12th streets.
EDFORD Water in barrels and half barrels, and
Congress Water in quart and pint bottles, this day re
ceived direct from the respective springs at
may 20? (Late Todd's) Drug Store.
ADIES' Rose Wood Work Boxes, Gentlemen's
Travelling Cases, Port Folios with or without locks,
Ladies and Gentlemen's Pocket Books. For sale by
WM. F. BAYLY, Penn. ave.,
may 16 doors west of llth st.
RIME Porto Rico sugar
Do New Orleans sugar
Double and single loaf sugar, best refined
Crushed and powdered do
Gunpowder, Imperial, Young Hyson, and other
teas, fresh and of the best quality
Java, Maracaibo, Laguayra, and Rio coffee
Fresh lemons, spices, and pepper
Sperm and mould candles
Fresh lard, bacon, and cheese
Family and othei brands of white wheat flour, to
gether with a complete assortment of goods in his
line, which will be sold at the lowest cash prices.
may30-lm between 9th and 10th sts. Penn. av.
OMMITED to the Jail of Frederick county, Md.,
on the 9th day of June inst., as runaways, two black
men, who call themselves HENRY PLUMMER
and JOHN PLUMMER. Henry says he is 43 years
of age, 6 feet three inches high, had on when com
mitted a dark green cloth coat, dark gray mixed
pants, and black fur hat. John is about 40 years of
age, 5 feet eight inches high, and had on a dark gray
mixed cassinett coat and pant*. The owner, if any,
is requested to come and have them released, they
will otherwise be discharged according to law.
je 14? Sheriff of Frederick county.
wish to purchase any number of negroes for the
New Orleans market, and will give at all times the
highest market price in ca;?h for likely young negroes.
Those wishing to sell, will find it to their interest to
call at my establishment, corner of Seventh street
and Maryland avenue, where myself or agent can be
seen at any time.
Communications promptly attended to.
For sale by W. ELIO1' & CO.,
mayl-lm Corner of F and 12th street*.
SODA WATER, fresh from the fountain, at GIL
MAN '8 Drug Store. fab 24
34 45 70, a capital prize of $10,000 sold at this
truly fortunate office June 20th, in the Alexandria
Lottery, Class No. 147. This is proof positive that
this office, formerly under ihe name of Jambs B.
Philip*, has Dot lost any of its former luck by a
change of name. The subscriber thinks he will have
the pleasure of distributing some of those beautiful
prizes in the following brilliant schemes:
20 prizes of 1,000.
For Internal Improvement in the District of Colum
Extra Class No. 152, for 1844.
To be drawn Wednesday, June 26th, 1844.
Fourteen Drawn Ballots.
1 prize of. $20,000
1 do 6,000
1 do 3 000
1 do 2,500
1 do 1,424
20 do 1,000
40......do 300
50 do 200
249 do 100
Whole Tickets only #5?shares in proportion.
Risk on package of 26 Whole Tickets $60.
Do de Halves do 30
Do do Quarters do 15
Ordjers for Packages or single tickets in the above
splendid scheme address
Lottery and Exchange Broker.
je 22? One door east of Brown's HoteL
he subscriber has just recived two more lots of
superior Cavendish and other Tobacco, at extraordi
nary low prices, by the whole or half box.
James Thomas's extra, at 20 cents per lb.
Robert Rowland's do 18 J do
James Robinson's 19 do
John Howland's 16 do
Napoleon brand 15 J do
Congress Fives 16 do
Merril Fives 13 do
Gregory Fives 14 do
Small Plug, from 7 to U do
The subscriber has a large lot of Tobacco on hand,
owing to his continued supplies from the manufacto
Being exclusively in the Tobacco and Cigar trade,
he pledges himself to sell Tobacco at factory prices,
and persons can be supplied with any brand they may
wish of the most superior kind.
je 22- No. 6 east of Gadsby's, sign Jim Crow.
he subscriber has just received direct, a lot of
very superior Cigars, warranted genuine.
3,000 Plantation, very superior
j 5,000 Royal Cazadores, do
5,000 Bustamente Regalia, do
6,000 Cubrey and Werner, do
15,000 La Norma, do
5,000 Woodville Canones, do
10,000 Manilla Cheroots, do
10,000 Principe 1-4 and 1-8 boxes.
In store, 5(j0,00 > Cigars of various qualities and
prices, all of which will be disposed of very low for
cash. Being exclusively in the Cigar, Tobacco, and
Snuff business, any brand can be obtained at the
shortest notice and lowest prices.
je 22- No. 6, east of Gadsby's, sign Jim Crow.
OST OR MISLAID, a certain certificate signed
by Andrew Rothwell, dated 20th November, 1835,
! for the purchase of lot No. 5, in square 849, in Wash
\n?rn LcUy' a.1 fax sa,e- made on 18th November,
1835, by said Rothwell, as Collector, application
having been made for the renewal of the same.
je!4-2taw2w R. MlDDLETOJV.
HHDS, New Orleans Sugar, low priced
10 bbls. com.iion Whi3key
8 hhds. Bacon, Hams, Shoulders, and Middlings
15 baskets Salad Oil
5 bags Pecan Nuts
20 doz. Painted Pails
8 boxes Woolbey and Woolsey LoafSug^r
10 bbls. do crush'd & powd'd do
| 5 boxes Loaf and I.ump do
20 do Summer Cheese
5 do Fresh Italian .Maccaroni
je 20-eo3tif opposite Brown's Hotel.
IIE subscriber begs leave to inform his friends
and the public, that he has removed his Marble Yard
to E, next to the corner of 13th street, where he will
continue to carry on his business of marb e and free
stone work, tomb stones, and monuments of all de
scriptions, and will continue to sell for cost a I arti
cles he has on hand.
He will also design original plans for monuments
whenever requested to do so, and execute carving
work of every description, and in the best style.
mayl6-3taw3m Marble Yard, cor. 13th & E. sts.
CC. BEVBRIDGE, Seventh street, between
. Louisiana avenue and D street, next door to-J.
A Donohoo's Grocery store, is prepared to make up
clothing of every description in the most modern
style and at the shortest notice, and not surpassed in
workmanship by any establishment in the city. The
following prices have been adopted in order to suit
the times, viz:
Making and Trimming coat in the best style $8 50
do do do pants 2 00
do do do vests 1 75
Making coat9, without trimmings g 00
do pants, do 1 25
do vests, do 1 25
All work warranted to fit in a superior style.
N. B. Gentlemen and children's clothing cut to or
der in the most fashionable style, and so arranged that
there can be no mistake in making them up.
ap 16?
large and general assortment of School Books
and school requisites, all of which have been care
lully selected as regards binding, &c., for sale on as
liberal terms as elsewhere in the District, at
may 21-lf Penn. av., btw 11th and 12th streets.
ING TACKLE, and a variety of other useful arti
cles, too numerous to mention; all of which are
offered as cheap as they can be purchased from ped
lars, auctioneers, or the regular trade.
N. B. A large assortment of best Brushes always
on hand. mayl0-eow4w
tU DOZEN Congress 8pring water, in quarts and
pints, fresh from the spring.
Just received by C. H. JAMES,
ap 13? Corner 14th and E sts.
87 WlfcUAM wr?im?^H|
Sffi. , CF"*?- wUI"??. chJd
that is rarely ottered in the city *iz ?
1 rrry handsome new sqmre'body Carriage, with
fenders and steps, for four persons and driver,
made bj Samuel Childs '
1 do for four persons, one horse, glass doom, made
by Savage
1 very handsome Chariottee, for four persons and
driver, built to order bjr J. B. Lariog, of Phila
delphia, for $600
1 very handsome Chariot, built by S. Hance, of
Philadelphia! for $1900
1 second-hand Coach, in complete order
1 very splendid new Buggy, leather top and squab
1 do do without top
2 small Kockaways
1 ntw square Carriage, light, for one horse
0 good second-hand cariiages, in good order, va
rious kinds
Also, 2 very superior sets new double harness
Should the weather prove unfavorable, the above
sale will take place on the following Tuesday, July
2, at the same time and place. , je 25 ts
N Thursday morning. 27th inst., at 9 o'clock, I will
soil in front of my store a good assortment of new
and second-hand furniture, the effects of persons leav
ing the city, viz: Mahogany Sofas, Sideboard*, Dining
and Breakfast Tables, Card and Centre Tables, high
and low post Bedsteads, Feather Beds, Bedding, Mat
trasses, cane and wood Chairs, Rocking Chairs,
Looking Glasses, Carpets, Wasbstands, Andirons,
Shovel and Tongs, Clocks, fitc. &c. Also, a good
assortment of Crockery and til ass ware. Also, sev
eral bags of Coffee, chests of Tea, Tobacco, &c. ttc ?
je 25-^-ts Auctioneer.
ON Thursday afternoon, June 26, at 4 o'clok, we
shall sell at our auction rooms, Penn. Avenue,
near 11th street, a collection of furniture, to close
without reserve, among which are?
1 splendid mahogany Wardrobe, which can be
taken apart for transportation
1 mahogany Sideboard, 1 new style Hat Rack,
with Mirror
4 Centre Tables, 2 consol front Bureaus
2 office Bookcases
12 Arm Chairs, for hotels or offices
Will be added at 5 o'clock?
6,0(10 feet of assorted Veneers, a fine article
Also, 12 dozen long mahogany Knobs, for dressing
glasses, sand-paper, tic.
Je 25?ts Auctioneers.
HAVE this day received the following goods:
50 pieces handsome French Lawns, at id, worth
37 cents
150 pieces Balzarines and Bereges, from 18 to 75
50 pieces colored lace Lawns and Muslins, very
10 pieces Balzarine Lawns, a beautiful article
10 do black Berege and Balzarines, plain and
50 pieces second mourning Lawns and Balzarines
A large lot of white Cambrics, Lace Cambrics, Ja
conet and Swiss Cambrics, and crosvbarred
axd striped Cambrics, very cheap
Book, Swiss and Tarleton Muslins
100 pieces superior Irish Linens, uncommonly cheap
2500 yards bleached and brown Cottons, at from 6
to 12 cents
2500 yards handsome low priced Calicoes
1000 do do yard-wide Chintz, from 16 to 25
3 cases superfine Longcloth Shirtings
2 do heavy Cotton Sheetings
10 pieces 10-4 and 12-4 Linen Sheetings
A large lot table Diapers and Towellings
Damask Table Cloths, from 2| to 6 yards long
20 dozen Damask Napkins, uncommonly cheap
150 do white, black and colored cotton Hose
A large supply of goods for men and boys' wear,
such as?Summer Cloths, Summer Cassimere?
Gambroons, Drillings, Vestings, Tweeds, Freuch
Linens, Grass Cloth, &c.
150 cloth Table Covers, beautiful patterns
150 handsome Toilet Covers
Fashionable Shawl*, Handkerchiefs, Scarfs, &c.
Great Bargains will be offered to those who will
favor me with a call.
je!9-2wif R C. WASHINGTON.
Transportation Office, R & t?. R. R.,
M . . , ,, June 17,1844.
Merchants and others are respectfully informed
that on and after Thursday next, the 2uth instant
the hours lor the reception and delivery of commodi
ties at this depot will be as follows, viz:
From 8 o'clock, A. M., until 3 o'clock, P. M.
And from 4 o'clock until 6 o'clock, P. M.. dailv
except Sunday. Jt
Goods will be delivered only to the consignees in
person, or to such drayman or others as may have
their written order or authority to receive them, and
the freight upon which must in every case be paid on
delivery. By order. SAM. STitTTlNlUS.
Je 17~lm Agent.
ROPRIETOR of the Post Office Cart, has now
ine pleasure of informing his numerous patrons and
the public that his arrangements for the summer are
perfected, and that they can rely upon obtaining, at
the shortest notice, any delicacy in his line, served
up in the most approved style, and to please every
palate. The cuisine of the Cafe is under the direc
tion of a most experienced artiste.
Oysters from Cherrystone, Soft Crabs, Lobster,
etc., will be received thioughout the summer, and
all seasonable delicasies always on band*
The bar of the Cafe is stocked with the choicest
Wines, Liqueurs, and Cigars.
Every attention will be paid to those who honor
the Cafe with a call.
june 6?tf P- A. DE SAULE8.
LN8 boots, bootees, shoes and slippers
Ladies' Jeffersons, ties, slippers, and half gaiters
Boys' bootees and shoes
Misses' Jeffersons, ties, slippers and half gaiters, to
gether with childrens and servants1 shoes, which will
be sold at the very lowest cash prices.
may 30-lm between 9th and 10th sts., Penn. ar.
warranted a perfect and lasting cure for the
FEVER AND AGUE. For sale by
W. ELIOT fc CO.,
may 1-In# Comer of F and 12th street*

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