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Office on Sixth Street, four doors south of Penn. Avenue.
1 square 1 day - $0 50
1 do 2 days - 62
1 do 3 do ? 75
1 do 1 week 1 25
1 do 2 weeks 2 25
1 square ) month $3 50
1 do 2 months 5 00
1 do 3 do 7 00
1 do 6 do 12 00
1 do 1 year 24 00
Business cards $5 per annum.
Longer advertisements at equally favorable rates.
Ten lines or less to make a square.
The Standard will be delivered to subscribers in
the District at ten cents per week, payable to the
carriers; or, when preferable, they can pay at the
office for a longer period. Subscribers will be fur
nished, by mail, ten weeks for one dollar ; and in no
case will the paper be continued beyond the time
paid for. Single copies two cents.
A Weekly edition of the WHIG STANDARD for
country circulation is published every Monday morn
ing, at ONE DOLLAR, fo December first, in advance.
nov 6?Jy
JAMES J. DICKINS, Attorney and Counsellor at
Imw, practices in the Supreme Court of the United
States, the several courts of the District of Columbia,
Erosecutes claims before Congress, and the several
departments of the General Government; and in
general does all business requiring an Agent or At
torney. Office No. 4, west wing of the City Hall,
nov 27-ly
RI. A. CULVERWELL. Collector and Agent,
. offers his services to his friends and the public
generally for the collection of accounts and any agen
cy business they muy be pleased to favor him with,
promising prompt action and speedy returns. Resi
dence an 9th street, between G and H streets, oppo
site McLeod Academy, where four or five gentlemen
can be accomodoted with board, without lodging,
feb 13?tf
ROBERT P. ANDERSON, Bookbinder and Paper
Ruler, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 11th
street. Binding and Machine Ruling, of any kind or
pattern, neatly and promptly executed, and on as
good terms as any other establishment in the Dis
trict. nov (?
ILLIAM H. NALLEY would respectfully in
form his friends nnd the public, that he has opened a
Bookbindery on Pennsylvania avenue, next uoor to
Beers's Temperance Hotel. He would request those
who have books to bind to give him a call, where he
may always be found ready to execute all orders left
with him. ap 17?Cm
N extensive assortment jj>f Mocking and Canary
Birds Cages just received, and for sale at manufac
turer's prices JAMES M. DORSETT,
Snuff, Tobacco, and fancy Goods Store,
Mar 29 Pa. Av. Wo. ll, east of Gadsby's Hotel.
/TA KEGS White Lead, 80 Gallons Linseed Oil,
fJU 600 Pounds Putty, put up in bladders, 50 Boxes
Window Glass, from fci by 10 to 14 by 22.
Just received and for sale low; for cash, or to punc
tual customers, by " C. H. JAMES,
ap 17? corner 14th and E steet3.
RINTING Paper, colored medium for book coj
vers shoe wrapping paper, while wrapping do. for
apothecaries, lea paper, envelop paper, cap and letter
paper, ruled and plain, various qualities ; cap paper,
ruled, for #1 621 per ream. For sale by
m 16 Penn. avenue, four doors west of 11th st.
JOHN A. BLAKE, Bookbinder, Paper Ruler, a"d
Blank Book manufacturer, south side of Pennsyl
vania avenue, near 14th street, and opposite Fuller's
City Hotel (up stairs). Blank books of all descrip
tions manufactured to order, old books rebound,
maps mounted and varnished, and all kinds of fancy
binding executed in the neatest manner and at rea
sonable prices.
ER, OR TEMPORARY BINDER, of all the various
sizes, with or without locks, will be furnished in any
quantity and in any style of binding desired, at whole
sale prices. nov 6?dtf
HE Proprietor and Publisher ot the German "Na
tional Gazette," is prepared to print, with neatness nnd
despatch, speeches, documents, &c., in the Gtrman lan
guage, in pamphlet form or otherwise. Documents, &c.,
carefully translated into German.
Office on E street, between 9th and 10th, Washington,
D.C. P. A. SAGE,
iuayl8?Im Publisher of the " National Zeitung."
Franklin Job Printing Office, in E street, between
9th and |0th, is prepared to execute every descrip
tion of Printihg, from a poster down to a visiting
card with elegance, despatch, and at the most rea
sonable prices. Having procured an extensive as
sortment of the largest wood letter, (some more than
one foot in size,) this office is enabled to print on
canvass for signs, awnings, exhibitions, &c , &c., at
one-fourth less than the cost of having them painted.
Business men, strangers,and others, who may have
printing of any description to do, will find it to their
advantage to call at the above Job Printing Office,
may 18?lm
EVOTED to the cause of Protection to Home
Industry; embracing the Arguments, Reports, and
Speeohes of the ablest Civilians of the United States
in favor of the Policy of Protection to American La
bor. With the Statistics of Production in the United
States, tut., fee. In monthly parts, and now for the
first time published complete in one volume. Price,
$1. just received and tor sale at the corner of 11th
atreet and Pennsylvania avenue, by
mayl3 R. FARNHAM.
protection' and FREE TRADE
_ HE question stated and considered, by Horace
Greeley price *15 per thousand. Also, Letters of
cSJm. Clay and other Whig Documents, just re
ceived and for sale at the Book?or^RNHAlvIi
jel0 corner of 11th street and Penn. av.
n?^irchood^nd womanhood.
I ) Y the author of Woman in America.?1 his work
is intended to show the efTects of a right training of
the mind The pictures are diawn from human
the mm f varieties of female character as
.".Tin an""Swed b, . full Jev.lop
ment in womanhood. Ju.t pob|W,ed .nd for .. . at
Cornerof aV
rfsrri emen's furnishing articles.
W*E^fa^e received from Philadelphia an exten
ensive invoice of Wearing Apparel, to be sold
cheaper than ever-for instance: Shirts, with men
bosoms and wristbands, for 80 cents w?rtMl >
n? c?npr with long bosoms and Byron collars, su
FbVKimmer wear, for ?l 25-just the .am. aru
t tr W "wfifr SflK.'
Khy.th.y charge Jhwehe^lC-?ir.nd"
see?-they s^aTibr themselves. ' Bosoms, for 12j,
iqh qs "yia and 50 cents; Collars? ^ 4
a?iS 50 cents; Do. ^f^n.'s
071 nn,i 50 cents. Summer Stocks, .17 i ccnlb
worth 75 cents Black Italian Silk Cravats, Scarfs,
Gloves, and Hosiery, with a large assortment of bum
mer Clothing at Northern prices.^ &
may9 Penn. avenue, near 11th st.
mSF^J^r^^CTS.-No 6, Ue,aocS,
1 just received. Also, on hand: No.. I. J he lest,
or parties tried by their acts ; No. 1 The g^rency >
No 3. The Tariff; Ne. 4. Life of llenry way, no.
5 ioTlCE.?Committees, clubs, and all I,e"?nS^eft
sirous of obtaining these tracts, are reou^sted to s
their orders with remittance to R. FARNHAJ
mittances by mail, post paid or free, .at the f?lcot |
z l?o n,aUreSnceSMOnd.r
>n 30 Bookseller, cor. 11th at. and Penn. Av.
THE AGE OF br.fi ss, OR THE ium
n dynasty. .
Containing the political morals of l}?^
characters; a satire in sixcanloii, y Glen's
thine of Nowhere, a member of the Yount Men s
Whig Convention, 1840. Price 12} cents. Just re
received, and for sale by farnham.
may 21 ??' ?
M. tem of Teaching Living Languages, illustrated
d a practical course of lessons in the French through
the medium of the English, by Jean Maacsca, fourth
edition, revised. For sale by ^ farNHA.M,
corner 11th street and Penn. av.
Wher? may be found all the French School Wooks
now in use, and sold at very low prices.
S Books of the American Sunday SchoolUnion
mav be always had at the Bookstore ol K. 1*ARN
Km corner of llth street and Pennsylvania avenue
it the 'same price as at the Depository in Philadelphia.
yTiTTNTlN^i^N^ PAPJEflM0f,every
P quality and size made to
ufaeturers prices. oorncr nih >t, and Penn. nv.
nina false representation and doctrine, to employ
medicines ibat^so far from being adapted to their
disease or sickness, absolutely increase the syiup
i destroy the constitution, rack the whole
.!'m and brine on a gradual decline, terminating
Tihitellousto the fatal termination, however, |
in death, p . ^ truth is found out
2"? l^nHrmli^es &c' they have l?een taking
romDOsed of the most powerful and dangerous
were {?"{* ,)repared too by persons knowing nothing
ofTseSortheP nature of the medicines they reoom
onJ denendinz altogether upon the "general doc
mend, depending a s thaT their medicines will
r"'?, ? ze ?s advised, then, if you find It ne
cessary to teke some medicine for purifying the blood
cessaiy . bowels, to take nothing but Dr.
and cleansing the ed, celebrtcd S aRSAPA
R.Tl1 AJBLOOD PILLS, the only pills containing
RILL A Juu composition?the safest and
L?Twe ? ? to most effectual that c.? b. taken
Old and young, at all times, without regard to
S r m-,v take them without fear of taking cold,
weather, may a nt from occllpat;on or usual course
of living. Upwards of 1.000 certi^caUs have be?
?ltooVoaboxes have been sold in Philadelphia in
than " T. f ts EO to prove their value,
1W C n manv^ n e v e r would be so I d in so short a time,
in a nlace where they are manufactured; this, ho.v
over arises in part from the fact that the manufac
f : nf them ( Dr. Leidy) is well known at home as
a'Jecular physician and apothecary, knowing the true
i . ?f diseases and of the medicines he reeom
"a u ^tested by the most celebrated physicians,
me newborn are Dr. Nathaniel Chapman, Dr. Wm.
Gibson Dr W. E. Horner, Dr. Samuel Jackson, Dr.
Gibson, u - a Physic, br. T. C. James, Dr.
W P. Dewe'cs, Dr. J. Rcdman Coxe, Rev. W. H
Delancy, Robert Adrian, ?re daily I
receded from the North, South, East, and West, and
the most flattering accounts, Irom every direction, o
their unparalleled success. A single box (25 cents)
tfTh?S^eSw mJSllffesDOW forced oTlhe 'pub
Rpiul at Dr. Leidy's Health Emporium, No. 191,
Agent for tho District.
HOES.?We call the attention of dealers and
consumers generally, and the Ladies in particular,
to a large invoice of Shoes, which we sell at auction
prices; for instance, lady's half gaiters, at 50 cents
per pair; morocco slippers, 50 cents; French ties,75
cents; children's bootees, 25 to 31 cents; gents' slip
pers, 50 cents; fine calf sewed boots, at 25, and
pegged do. at $1 25 per pair. Liberal discount to
dealers. LEWIS & HUNT, Auctioneers,
j 14? Penn. avenue, btw. 11th & 12th sts.
SONS TRAVELLING.?I hare on hand a large and
handsome assortment of leather travelling trunks,
which I will sell at a very reduced price. They areof
the first quality of materials and workmanship, and
about twenty five per cent, less than any other store
in the city, Persons will do well to call and examine
my assortment before purchasing elsewhere.
Auction and Commission Store, Pennsylvania ave
nue, between 9th and 10th streets. june 18-6t
HE subscriber is now in receipt of his SPRING
GOODS, per packet Alexandria, from New York.
His assortment now comprises nearly every article in
his line, among which are the following, viz;
Sugars?Loaf, powdered, crushed
Lump, brown, New Orleans, Muscovado, Porto
Rico, Havana, and clarified
Molasses?Sugar-house, Porto Rico, N. Orleans,
New lbera, and Sugar-house syrup
Coffee?Mocha, Java, Angustura, Rio, Maricai
bo, Cuba,,and St. Domingo
Teas?Old Hyson, Gunpowder, Imperial, Young
Hyson, Hyson Skin, and Black. Particular at
tention paid to the better quality of Teas.
Spices?Nutmeg and Mace, Allspice and Cloves,
Pepper, Ginger, &c.
Fruit?Raisins, Prunes (in jars), Figs, Apples,
Tamarinds, &c.
Fish?Shad, Salmon, Mackerel, Cod, and Herring
Candles?Wax (white and colored), Sperm, Tal
low, and Adamantine
Oil?Sperm, Lard, and Salad
Soap?Fancy, Windsor and Common
Flour?25 bbls. superior New York, 30 bbls. Vir
ginia assorted brands
Miscellaneous?Honey (in the comb), Maple Su
gar, Macaroni, Vermicelli, Pickles, Sweetmeats,
Sardines, Catsups, &c., &c. Pearl Barley, Irish
Moss, Hams, Pine Apple, Sapsago, and N. York
Cheese. Salt, Brooms, &c., &c.
S. HOLMES, 7th street.
HE subscriber has on hand a choice article of
Pickled Oysters, with which he will be supplied from
Piney Point during the season.
Preserved Peaches, Pine Apples, Limes
Citron, Raspberry Jam, and Currant Jelly
Sapsago Cheese, Raisins in the layer
Pickled Tomatoes, Onions, &c.
Tomato Catsups, and Pepper Saucc
He lias also on hand a general and fresh stock of
Family Groceries.
June 7? S. HOLMES;
ALLACE ELIOT & Co., corner of F and 12th
streets, have just received a fresh supply of Drugs
aud Medicines, viz?
Alcohol Sup. Carb. Soda
Gum Camphor Prepared Chalk
Sulph. Quinine Pearl Sago
Gum Arabic (extra) Rice Flour
Lump Magnesia Refined Liquorice
Cream Tartar Turkey Opium
And a variety of other articles, too numerous to
Also, an assortment of popular PATENT MED
ICINES, now in use; such ao Oldridije's Balm of
Columbia; Thompson's Eye Water ; Leidy's Sarsa
parilla Pills; Brandreth's Pills; Peters'Pills; Pease's
andy ; Frey's Vermifuge. mayl-lm
E have just received a supply of?
Siddal's Indian Vermifuge
Frey's celebrated do
Sherman's Worm Lozenges
Peters' do do
jy3 corner of F and 12th streets.
sale by W. ELIOT & CO.
mayl-lm Corner of F and 12th streets.
Fit cannot be denied,
OR truth is mighty, that Dr. Leidy's SARSAPA
RILLA is the purest, strongest, and most efficacious
of any other preparation of Sarsaparilla that is made.
It is warranted to be stronger than six bottles of
most others, stronger than four of some, and stronger
than three of the strongest prepared by any other in
the United States.
Dr. Leidy's Sarsaparilla is recommended by all
respectab.e physicians in preference to any other.
All who have ever used it have derived more benefit
from one bottle than three to ten of others; and
those who, after having used other preparations with
out benefit, will use Dr. Leidy's, will soon be con
vinced (as thousands have already been) of the fore
going assertion. j -<i ?
The apparatus with which Dr. Leidy's extracts,
used in his preparation of Sarsaparilla as prepared, is
the only ?ne in the United States, imported bj lV.
Leidy himself, from the celebrated house of Pelleter
& Cavcntou, in Paris, at a great expense, and is ca
pable of extracting the medicinal virtues of Sarsa
parilla and other roots more effectually than by any
other process.
As several hundred certificates of remarkable
curcs, and recommendations from clergymen and
physicians have been from time to time published in
different papers, it is only thought necessary to keep
the public acquainted as to where Dr. Leidy's Sar
saparilla can be be obtained genuine, namely, at Ur.
Licdy's Health Emporium, 191 north Second street,
near Vine street, (sign of the Golden Eagle and Ser
pents,) Fred. Brown's, James Bond's, and Fred
Klett's drug stores, Philadelphia, and at
ap 25?3m Washington City. |
UST received, a fresh supply of the above cele
brated article, by C. H. JAMES,
ap 13? Corner 14th and E sts.
IN looking around upon mankind, the nhitanthiopist
cannot hut find too much to lament. The variouti ills
to which his rice are subject, and which are daily and
hourly hurrying thousands to the grave, and home, in
the morning of life, when the hopes of parents and friends
seemed budding into maturity, are sufficient to awaken
the liveliest sympathies of these whose hearts are noi
callous to every sympathetic feeling. When by the
haggard look, the hurried breathings and the hollow
cough of those with whom he lias been in the habit of
holding sweet intercourse, perhaps of his own blood re
lations, he sees the spark of lite aimly glimmering or just
ready tn go out, how does his longing desires increase
that the mind of man, omnipotent almost as it is, could j
devise some means, by which, under Providence, the
consequences of these ilia might bestayed; his better [
nature becomes excited, and he is stimulated to his task
in view of the mighty results which may flow from his
toils. Thus we see the market crowded with nostrums
whose virtues, if the half of which were true, would
cause Death itself to die and man become immortal.
In presenting the Panacea of the Dandelion and To
mato to the public, we would say that we do not claim
for it, that it shall be a specific for all the diseases to wldch.
the human frame is subject, but for all for which it is re
commended. It has for its recommendation the sanction
of the experience of the most distinguished and enlight
ened physicians on the glob.o.
'Hie proprietors deem it unnecessary to state the cost to
which they have been at, or care which has been taken
to select, in the first place, the best articles, and then
devise the means by which their whole strength mav be
given to the public. They n#k for it only that meed of
attention to which the sick and suffering in the commu
nity may deem it entitled. They are willing that its
healing properties should be its only recommendation,
and tha t the relief and health which is sure to come to
the suffering and diseased after its use should proclaim its
virtues; they intend, and have made, such arrangements
that it shall have an extensive sale, and that they may re
ceive a share of its heali g benefits, The Panacea is
composed, as all must be aware who know anything of
its principal ingredients, from the most innocent, as well
as the most effectual plants in the vegetable kingdom.?
There is scarcely an individual who is not well acquaint
ed with the efficacy of the DANDELION, TOMATO,
and SARSAPARILLA, afid who do not know that in
those diseases in which a complete and radical change in
the composition of the blood, in the secretions of the
Liver, and in the formation of all the solid parts of the
body are regarded, that there are no remedies which, will
for a moment compare with them; in fact, in all thoie
regions.jp which liver diseases are prevalent, or where,
from the nature of the climate, any itapiirilfes of the blood
exists, the. Dandelion grows in great quantities, and is
eagerly sought after. It seems from the great abundance
of the Dandelion in all the regions where such diseases
or any that flow from ihem exists, that it was the design
of the Creator that, where the malady was fuund, the re
medy also might be obtained. They are therefore offer
ed lo the public with full confidence for the relief of those
diseases for which {he articles themselves are so often re
commended by all our first physicians.
Such as Headache, Dizziness, Sleepiness, Noises in the
head, had taste in the mouth, nausea or sickness of the
stomuoh, loss of appetite, indigestion, dyspepsia, fever and
ague, pain after eating, sour stomach, heartburn, jaundice,
costiveness, determination of f he blood to the head, piles,
coughs, colds, pain in the side, buck, limbs, and joints,
rheumatism, and all chronic disea.-es. scrotulous humors,
>nit rheum, and cutaneous erupt kins of the skin, general
debility, <fcc.
Druggists and others in different parts of the country
desiring an agency, or quantities of the article to be sold
by them on commission, can be supplied immediately by
addressing, post paid, a line to the proprietors, Messrs.
Ransom & Stevens, No. 3i5 Washington street. Ift a
short time it will be advertised in 'the leading papers in
the country.
Prepared and sold at wholesale and retail by the Pio
prietors, RANSOM & STEVENS, Amory Hall build
ings, 3'<?5 Washington street, second door north of West
street, Boston, Mass.
Also for sale by the duly appointed agents throughout
the country* T. W. DYOTI'&SONS,
No. 143 North Second Street,
Wholesale agents tor Philadelphia and New York.
For sale at the book store of K. FARNHAM, corner
ot 11th st. and P^nn. avenue, and at the most respectable
Drug Stqres in the District. jy20
From the Botlon Daily Mail.
A Really Good Article ?Always anxious to ben
efit our readers in every possible way, we would now
recommend to their notice an article prepared by Ranson
& Stevens, Dtrufcgists, which is fully deserving pf confi
dence and every way worthy to be relied on. We mean
the Dandelion and Tomato Panacea. Compounded from
nine of the l>e$t medicine* produced in tlw vegetable
kingdom ; the Dandelion, Tomato, and Sarsaparilfc form
ing the chief ingredients, which are well known and uni
versally admitted to contain tJw most healthful properties
the science of medicine has yet discovered. We called
at the store of these gentlemen yesterday and had the
pleasure of perusing letters, some of which were from
Physicians of the highest respectability, and others from
gentlemen of undoubted imegrity, all speaking in the
highest terms of the good effects of the medicine. They
also hold in their possession, innumerable certificates from
persons, some with whom we are acquainted, and in
whose word we can place the fullest confidence of the
wunderftil cures' performed by its use ; such a* Asthma,
Erysipelas, Dyspepsia, Salt Rheum, Chronic Diseases,
Rheumatism, Scrofula, and for all impurities of the blood,
and from our own knowledge and confidence in the gen
tlemen who prepare the medicine aud'the trial we have
had of its virtues, we have no hesitation in recommending it
as one of the bent alteratives and purifiers of the bio >d now
before the public. For anything in the apothecary line,
we would recommend the store of these gentlemen, 325
Washington street, as inferior to nuna in this oily ; their
high moral worth and strict integrity being sufficient gua
ranty to the public against any attempt at imposition.'
In copying the above from the Mail, we are happy in
being able to endorse every word of it, having tried this
Dandelion and Tomato Panacea ourselves with the hap
piest effects. The proprietors are really desert ing of
patronage, and we are sure that success will crown their
efforts. Give them a call at their store, Amory Hall
buildings, 3iS Washington street, secoud dour north of
West street.? Daily 'lime*.
For sale in Philadelphia, by T. W. Dyott St Sons, No.
145 North Second street, and at the Book store of K.
FAKNHAM, corner of llth street and Penn avenue,
and at the most respectable Drug stores in the District.
jl#ADIES' Rose Wood Work Boxes, OentfemenM
Travelling Cases, Port Folios with or without locks,
Ladies and Gentlemen's Pocket Boolu. For sale by
WM. F. BAYLY, Penn. ave.,
may 16 doors west of 1 Ith st.
?J UST received, a very superior lot of Pearl and
Buck Penknives, of the Henry Clay pattern.
Also, a general assortment of fine Cutlery, sueh as
Razors, Penknives, Scissors, Erasers, He., together
with fancy and staple Stationery in the greatest va
riety, and at the lowest prices. For sale by -r
- Vfb/L F. BAYLY, Stationer,
may I- Penn. av., Wttfr. llth II 12th streets.
ICHMOND, VlKGINIA.-rOn the 1st of April
Jast this fashionable and popular Hotel passed into
the hands of the subscriber, whose whole time and at
tention are directed to the comfort ?nd gratification
of his guests. It has just been repaired, and is now
in good order for the reception of company! The ac
commodations are superior, and sufficient for 1:20
peisons Many of the rooms are large, and titled up
especially for ihe use of travelling families, and all
are furnished with excellent beds and hair inaitresses.
His table is served with every viand of the season, pre
pared in good old Virginia style.
To the old patrons of the house he would say that
he has made many alteration i and additions for the
better ; and he assures his friends, who have been in
the habit of calling on him for the last ten years at
Dibrell's Springs and ihe Warm Springs, that at the
Powhatan House they will find him no less deserving
their encouragement.
The position of the Powhatan House is decidedly
the best in the city. It is elevated dry, airy, unin
cumbered by o.ther houses, and rery near the business
streets, railroad depots, steamboat and packetboat
landings. CH'S. L. DIBRELL,
jd^Good backs and porters always ready to con
vey passengers and their baggage to and from the
House. jc99-3m..
ILLIAM pfOELL, thankful for past favors,
leave most respectfully to inform his form' r
customers and the' puolic generally, that he still con
tinues to manufacture all kinds of INSIDE VENI
TIAN BLINDS, all colors apd sizes, suitable for
public and private edifices. AMo,painted Window
Shades, different patterns and prices; Linen and com
mon Curtains, furnished to order ; FANCY BLlNOS,
all sizes and very cheap, and everything appertaining
to screening windows. Worsted Cord, iTassels and
Bindings, all colors.
W. N. would ssjy lo all those who are in want of
any of the above articles, just to ^ive him a call ahd
they shall be accommodated Old -Blinds repainted
and repaired, and all orders thankfully received and
promptly attended to. Call at the sign of the MAM
MOTH BLIN D, between 12th and 13th streets, south
side of-Pennsylvania avenue. ?/ ' jell-til
HE subscriber begs leave* to inform his friends
and tbe public, that he has removed his Marble Yard
to E, next to the corner of 13fh street, where he will
continue to carry on his business of marb e and free
stone work, tomb stones, and monuments of ali de
scriptions, and will contipue to sell for ccft a 1 arti
cles he has on hand. " ?. ?
He will also design original plans for .monuments
whenever requested to do so, and execute carving
work of every description, and in the best Style.
mayl6-3taw3m Marble Yard, cor. 13th & E. sts.
CC. BEVERIDGE, Seventh street, between
. Louisiana avemle end D street, next door to J.
A Donohoo's Grocery store,, is prepared to make up
rcloiliing of every description in the most modern
style and at the shortest notice, and not surpassed in
workmanship by any establishment in the city. The
following prices have been adopted in order to suit
the times, vi^: .
Making and Trimming coat in the best style $8 50
do do do pants 2
do do do vests 1 75
Making coats, without trimmings 6 UO
do pants, do 1 25
do vests, do I 25
All work warranted to fit in a superior style.
N. B. Gentlemen and children's clothing cut to or
der in the most fashionable style, and so arranged that
there can be1 no mistake in making them up.
ap 16-- I 0a If J
ARY?Containing a description of the Empires,
Kingdoms, States, Provinces, Cities, Towns, Forts,
Seas, Harbors, Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Capes, &c.
in the known world j with the Government, Customs,
and Manners of the inhabitants, the extent, bounda
ries, and natural productions of each country ; and
the trade, manufactures, and curiosities of the cities
and towns. Third edition, with ample additions and
improvements. By Wm. Darby. Price $3 50 per
copy, containing about 1,000 pages. The work con
tains the name of every county included in the cen
sus of 184U, with the elements of their population re
spectively, which will be found in the tables under
the head of the States. Fur sale at the bookstore of
may 30? Cor. 11th street and Penn. av
REDER1CK the Great and his Times, by Tho
mas Campbell; Anthon's Classical Dictionary; Lev
ereit's and Donegoq's Lexicons; Jean Manesca's
French Cour e; Anthon's ard Jacob's Greek Read
er; Anthon's Caesar, Sallust, and A. large assortment
of classical works; Jay's Morning and Eveuing Ex
ercises, Bishop Ives's Manual of Prayer; Bicker
stett's, Ihornton's, and other family Prayer Books ;
a large assortment of Bibles and Episcopal Prayer
Books, elegantly bound in Turkey, Morocco, and
otljer binding; Methodist Hymn Book3 and Pious
Songs; Catholic -Prayer Books, elegantly bourid in
Tunrey, Morocco; imitation binding, gilt, also ?n
plain sheep binding; Doway Bibie* and Testaments ;
the Explanation of the Mass; tlie Way of the Cross;
Sinner's Guide; Elevation of the Soul, and other def
votional works, Kosaries, ?ud Prayer Pictures. For
may 21?tf Penn. av., btw Hth anil 12th streets
1 REGISTER FOK. 1844.? The above contains
returns of elections in all the States for President in
J84U, arid the new Congressional eleeUpns by districts
for 1843, and subsequently. The subscriber has just
received several thousand of the above, whidh will
be sold at about cost fet distribution Also, just re
ceived, 5,000 DEMOCRACY, Junius Tract, No. b.
feb 2? Corner bf li strew and Penn. av.
gW AIM'S eT0Tr

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