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It is stated that five hundred millions of dol
lars are spent annually in the United States for
nuch articles of dress as are subject to the flue
tiiations of fashion. Of this sum it is computed
that sixteen rnilloris are spent for hats, probably
about twenty millions for caps and bonnet?, and
for other articles ot dress, not less than four hun
dred millions !
I ho IVew Vnrk Herald says tliat there are ad
vices from Washington, according to which, in
the view of the Administration, the recent treatv
fur the annexation ot Texas, rejected by the Sen-,
ate?the treaty of commerce with the Zoll-Verein,
also rejected by the Senate, are considered to
have been approved by the decision of the people
in this election, and they will be renewed at the
next session of Congress, and placed before the
Senate in some shape or other.
A Heroine.?Although in the late political
contest, many a poor man in this country was
forced to succomb to his "Democratic" task
master, yet there were some noble exceptions
one of which we shall relate. A poor man, who
has been a Whig for years, in the township of
Sandyston, was threatened by his landlord with a
summary ejectment from the premises in his oc
cupancy, unless he voted for l'olk and Dallas,
lie hesitated upoti receiving this edict, but his
wife, with that courage and fortitude which ever
animates the breast ot a true woman, determined
that her husband should spurn the dictation of the
petty tyrant. She accompanied him to the polls
herself, and did not rest satisfied rill he had de
posited his ballot for Clay and Frelinjjhuysen.
The gallant Whigs of Sandyston rightly appro'
ciated the conduct of this noblo-spirited woman
and presented her with a new dress, as a testi
monial of their admiration. That humble couple
will not be permitted to suffer. Let their would
be oppressor look to himself.?Susses (N. J.)
A Revolt.?A correspondent of the New
Sun, writing from Constantinople, says : York
"Couriers have been arriving here from Alba
nia, bringing the most alarming intelligence.?
The Province has again revolted, and so great
are the resources of the insurgents, that more
serious disturbances than those of last spring are
looked for with painful anxiety. The Sultan's
Cabinet are in session, and considerable stir is
manifested in the War department."
Later from Brazil.?The schr. Erie, from
Para, brings intelligence to 18tli October.
Capt. Mathews states that, the elections for the
National Assembly had recently occurred through
the Empire. The contest was a very close and
energetic one, between the Imperialists and the,
opposition party. It was reported in Para, that
there had been some serious disturbances in Ce
ra. (a neighboring province.) In the course of
the riots and fights, report says, that several were
killed and wounded by shots fired by the govern
ment troops, and by the rioters.
Thrilt.ing Incident.?At a meeting of the
friends of colonization in Louisville, on Wednes
day evening, we were spectators to one of the
most intensely thrilling incidents connected with
the departure of a small band of emigrants, just
brought, to the city by a gentleman of Shelby
county, by whom they were manumitted, and
pWed under the care of Rev. Mr. Phinny, an
agent of the Colonization Society. Of the num
ber, eleven were children of one man, who was
present, and appeared to be verging to the age of
three score vears and ten. This patriarch was
not of the number manumitted ; he belonged to
another estate, but had permission to accompany
h's wife and children to this city, and here bid
thein a final adieu. When this fact was an
nounced, with an emotion that almost choked the
utterance of the speaker, there was the loop
drawing in of the breath by every listener, which
indicates the workings of the powers within. All
eyes were directed toward the object of so much i
sympathy; and when it was further statod that
the owner of the old man Reuben (for so he was
called) would permit him to depart, with his family
for the small sum of a thousand pence, the re
sponse was with one voice, Reuben shall be free!
On the instant, the table of the moderator was
thronged, and the sum laid upon it, to reunite for
the remnant of their days old man Reuben and
his wife, and they and their children are now on
their way to the shore of Africa.?Louisville Cour.
Another Traveller.?An Englishman for
the first time visited one of the markets, pencil
and paper in hand, to ascertain the different
prices of articles, for his notes in America. Ap
proaching a butcher's stall, he inquired the price
of" very fine quarter of mutton. "Twenty-five
ce'its," said the owner. " I asked you a civil
, question," said the Englishman. " I gave you a
CM'il answer," said the butcher, "and I cannot
af/brd to sell my mutton for less. It. is a very
lite article, you will observe, and we have a
livh profit." " Well," said the stranger, "who
cf/d have thought it J 1 was not aware that
strt.'n a thing con d have been found in the world.
In I'r|n(Von such a piece of meat would have com*
mai/'?r' .five dollars!"?dncinniti Commercial..
RejJarkable Presentiment.?In Doyleston,
Pennsylvania, Beniah Holdren, an aped man of
91 years, after partaking a happy meal with his
children, apparently in perfect health, observed :
" Now, my friends, this is the last meal I shall
ever eat ; I am about to die." Ho then proceed
ed to yive directions as to his worldly concerns,
his burial, &.<?., and, when he had concluded was
struck down by a paralytic stroke.
Doyleston Whig.
What Education Does.?At an anniversary,
I onve heard a brother give an illustration of what
education does for the Minister, which had both
point and edge. " Education," said he, " is to
the mind, what the grindstone is to the scythe.
It. neither improves the temper of the steel, nor
adds to its amount; but some how or other, it
makes it cut.
A Protracted Mkf.tino wilffTe commenced in
the Methodist I'roicsiiint Church, (9th Htrnet,) on lo-mor
row, (Sunday.) General cIuph meeting at 3 o'clock, P.
J>I. I'reaching on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wed
nesday evenings. The Kev. Levi It. Kcoi-e, President
of the Miirylnnd Annual Conference, will officiate. The
P^hh''"re respecllnlly invited. novlfi
tk5" Tut Conghkoatiov of the Second Presbyterian
Church, under ihc Pastoral charge of the Kev. W. W.
Eti.LS. have obtained an their place of public worship,
th# Lecture Room ot llir corner of E and 10th Ktreeli*,
formerly the Medical Hull. There will lie divine service
in thai place to morrow, aud ratedly on the Sabbath day.
commencing at 11 o'e'ock in the morning and at 7 o'clock
in the evening. Cittzom are respectfully invited to at
Lord Chesterfield says that a good appearance la at all
times a letter of introduction. How can a man make a
good appearanoe wiih a face covered with pimples, pus
iule?, MUt rheum, harbor's or Jackson's itch, and various
other cutaneous diseases, that frequently dii-figure the hu
man form 'divine ' These and similar disorder* hive
iheir origin in an impure or depraved stale of the blood
and general fluid* ol the system, and Spring id ihe time 10
perlerlly eradicate them from the system, by the limely
ute of the righi medicine. Sunds's Sarsaparilla.a purely
vegetable preparation, which operates on the system
strictly in conlbrmity wiih Nature's laws, will entirely
remove all impurities of the blood, the grand source of
life and bodily vigor,and the patient will speedily leel its
heultby and regenerating influence on the system, and by
its use soon regain health ; the skin is rendered clear, and
the complexion much improved, as thousands can testify,
by ihe use of this valuable medicine.
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by A. B. <jr D.
SANDS, Wholesale Druggists, 7lJ Fulton street, N. York.
Price all per bottlo : six bottles for $5.
K. FAKNHAM, Bookseller,
Corner of Penn. Ave. und 11th streot.
R. S. PATTERSON. Druggist,
Corner of Penn. Ave. and 9th street.
?*^.OOD WAGES and constant employment will bo
given to u first rate Barber and Hair Dresser. Apply at
the Hair Dressing Room, National Hotel. nov l4-3t
?jr WINES, LIQUORS, f,c.
? BASKETS Champagne, Anchor brand, vintage 1840,
imported hy the subscriber in the s'nip Warsaw, at New
York on the 1st Ootobor, and warranted fi-st quality
25 baskets Champagne, Great Western brand
25 dozen Madeira, Sherry, Port, &c.
1 cases Musi at Wine
5 quarter casks Sicily Madeira do
2 half-pipes Ouird, Dupuy & Co.'s Brandy
1 pipe Holland Gin
-10,000 Cigars, Principoa, &c.
10,000 do La Fragancia, very superior
nov 15 eo2wif WM. M RANDOLPH.
1 HE subscriber is receiving from New York, per schoo
ners Frank, Columbia, und Victory, a large and well se
lected stock of Family Groceries, to which he invites the
attention of the public, in part, viz :
40 kegs Goshen Butter
50 boxes do Cheese
5 do Pineapple do
20 barrels Cranberries
75 do Buckwheat
30 halves and quirter bbls Buckwheat
20 bags 50 lbs eich do
20 boxes 25 lbs do do
25 kfgs Malaga Grapes
! 3 dozen jars preserved Canton Ginger
100 w hole and naif boxes bunch Raisins
25 quarter do do do
75 fancy boxes Prunes
20 boxes Naples LemoiiH
5 bales Madeira Nuts
3 do Filberts
3 do Bordeaux Almonds
10 bbls and bxs Shelled do
2 boxes Jordon do
20 cases Walnut, Tomato, and Mushroom Catsups
5 boxes fresh Citron
25 cases Olives and Capers
3 cases mixed Pickles
2 do London do
150 lbs Sapsago Cheese
300 do No. 1 smoked Salmon
1U0 boxes scaled and No. 1 Herring
150 puckages Apices of nil kinds, whole and ground
1,000 gallons bleached and natural Winter Oil
100 quiutels Codfish
50 barrels No. 1 Herrings, Boston cure.
novl5-en2w WM. M. RANDOLPH.
?ECEIVING, and for sale?
200 barrels Virginia Family and Superfine Flour
25 do New York whole and half bbls do
50 boxes Mould Candles
40 do Sperm Candles
20 do Patent do
25 do Adamantine do
12 do pure Castile Soap
10 do whito and variegated Soap
10 do fancy do
50 do Brown and Yellow do
nov 15-eu2w WM. M. RANDOLPH.
JU DOZEN Brooms, various sizes
25 nests Baskets, four in a nest
30 dozen painted and fancy Buckets
10 do whisp Brooms
50 do Jute and Grass Mats
500 lbs cotton Twine and Lamp Wick
10 dozen Washboards
75 do Brushes, all sorts and sizes
5 gross Blacking,
15 boxes small plug Tobacco
3 do Allen's fine chewing Tobacco
nov 15 eo2\v WM. M. RANDOLPH.
,) UST received and for salo low?
40 bags old Govcrnniont Java Coffee
50 do Rio nnd St. Domingo do
33 do Angostura and Laguyra do
10 do Roasted do
30 half chests fresh Country Teas
10 do Imperial. Gunpowder,and Young Ilyson, prime
5 do Black Tea. in papers
8 boxes Woolsey& Woolsey double refined Loaf Sugar
10 do single Loaf and Lump do
25 bbls Woolsey & W;>olsey crushed and powdered do
5 do do Bustard do
25 do white Brazil do
10 boxes do Havana do
25 mats Cassia
5 kegs Pearl Barley
25 quarter boxes Sardines
2 case* India currie powder and French Mustard
1 gross Demijohns, from half to five gallons
10 bbls Salsodu, Saltpetre, and Alum
10 cases fresh Italian Maccuroni
5 do do do Vermacelli
novl5-eo2w Opposite Brown's Hotel.
J. ANDERSON has just received the following pie- \
ces of Music, with various other Songs, Waltzes, <jrc. for
the Piano Forte and Guitar :
Songs : The Texian Hunter's Bride ; Romo, thou art
no more ; Beautiful Venice ; O ! the homo of my child
hood ; My Bark shall tempt the Seas no more ; Those
Evening Bells ; O ! no, I'll no'er forget thee; My Soul is )
Dark?words by Byron ; Can I forget to love thee ; Lis
ten?song by Lover; Vive laCotnpagnie; We're afloat,
by Hewitt; Ho! for a Hover's life, by Hewitt; The
Merry Sleigh Bells; Hang uphisHiirp; Good Night.
Vaise Militaire; La Victoria ; LaTexiana; El Aunstad;
La Zon ; The Midnight, ind other Waltzes, by Wallace.
Ocean Wave Quickstep; Polk Uuadrills; Polka Dan
res; Uuadrills. by Ilerz; Overturn to Norma ; Lu Rieve,
by Wallace; Don Pasquel,by Horz.
Guitars, Violins and extra Viulin Bows, and Flutes.
All of which can bo had at Northern retail prices,
nov 13-3t Between llth and 12th sts. Pa. A v.
Y VIRTUE of a writ of Fi. Fa. issued' by Thomas
C. Donn, Esq. a Justice of the Peace for Washington
county, District of Columbia, and to me directed, I shall
ofl'er lor sale to the highest bidder for cash, on Monday,
the 25th day of November next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. the
following property, to wit: Lot No. 18, in square 453, in
the city of Washington, with the improvements thereon,
seized and taken as the property ol Charles Baum, and
will be sold to satisfy a judgment due E. ?fcJ.F. Pickerell.
The above sale to take placo at the premises on the
corner of '">th street west and I street north,
oct 24-3tawts* J. V. PATTON, Constable.
Register's Office,
Washington. October 14, 1844.
"OTICEis hereby given, to all tavern and shop keep
^ ers, reinilers ol wines and spirituous liquors, dry
g(K)ds, hardware, medicines, perfumery, watches and jew
elry, hats, boots and shoes ; also, to the owners of hack
ney carriages, billiard tables and tenpin alleys, keepers
of porter-houses and confectioneries, that llieir licenses
will expire on Monday, the lib day of November next,
and that said licenses must be renewed at this oflicn with
in ten days alter that time, botwoen the hours of 10 o'
clock, A. M., and 3 o'clock, P. M.
oe.t29? tNovH Register.
AT W aUIIVGTO.V, d. c.
Til E undersigned propose to commence, in a short time,
the publirauou of a uewtpai>er in Wsshingi'm, de
voted to the l aiibu of American Republicanism.
'I lit> Prospectus, giving the plan, Ac., will be isbued in
a fow dnys, and the paper commenced ub boon as nnr ar
rangements can bo completed.
J. Ai G. S. GIDEON, Printers,
nov 11?Ct'f 9ih street VVabhington, D. C.
Pennsylvania Avenue, a few doors west of Brown's
Hotel. aug20
Wholesale and Iltlail,
Opposite Brown's Hotel, Pennsflvania Avenue.
neatest manner and upon the most reasonable terms by
N. B.?I nm also prepared to attfnd to all orders for
Goldnnd Silver Plating, such as watches, chains, table
and teaspoons, candlesticks, or other articles manufactur
ed of brass, irou, copper, steel, Britannia, German silver,
Rooms over Stott's Apothecary and Drug Storo, comer
of 7th street and Pennsylvania avenue, where the pub
lic arc invited to call and examine the specimens. ocl3
HE SUBSCRIBER is now receiving from New
York and Baltimore his Fall and Winter stock ot choico
Family Groceries, and offers for sale
22 hhds P. R., Now Orleans, Cuba, and othor Sugars
5 boxes best Loaf Sugar
4 bbls crushed do
4 boxes brown and white do
1 do Maple do
9 hhds S. House, P. R., N. O., and Cuba Molasses
2 do do and N. J. Syrup
33 chests TEA, consisting of choice Gunpowder, Old
Hyson, Imperial, Young Hyson, Black, in papers
and bulk, and Hyson t^kin
90 bags Java, African, Maracaibo, Laguyra, Rio, Cuba,
Angustora, and St. Domingo Coftee
Spices, ground and unground
6a boxes N. Y. Cheese
5 do Pino Apple do
150 do Sap Sago do
50 bbls N. V. f lour, extra and superfine
30 do Va. do do do
10 do B. W. do
15 i do do do
20 i do do do
10 Pockets (50 lbs) do extra
20 1 do (25 lbs', do do
10 boxes do do
10 do do
15 bbls No. 1 Shad
5 do No. 1 Mackerel
6 i do No. 1 do
6 i do No. 1 do
1 cask No. 1 Salmon
5 quintals Codfish
15 bbls Net Herrings
500 gals Sperin Oil
12 boxes Sperm Candles
Also. Mould and Adamantine
?1 bbls Cranberries
75 bbls choice Full and Winter Apples
A great variety of Pickles, Sweetmeats, Catsups, Cur
y P>?wder.
31 '.housand Cigars, assorted ; 12 cases Tobaccos,
Raisins, box and keg Currants, Citron, i^c.
Nuts of various kinds?in short, a complete assortment
ol FamilyGrockrieh. S. HOLMES,
7th st. nearly opposite Patriotic Hank.
N. H. S. H. has on hand, and will be receiving, until
navigation closes, choice Butter, from New York, in 50
and 100 lb Tube. nov 12 S. H.
E ARE NOW RECEIVING from New York and
other markets, a large and well-selected stock of goods,
consisting of the following articles, to which we invite
the attention of our customers, and the public generally :
100 bbls. New York family F/our
35 half bbls. do do
60 bbls. and half do do Buckwheat
30 do do do Philadelphia do
50 bags 50 lbs. each d,? do
50 kegs and tubs Goshen Butter
40 do Glades do
6,0iK) lbs. prime Cheese
25 bbls. Cranberries
20 hhds. Porto Rico and New Orleans Sugar
H do Molasses
30 boxes double and single refined and lump Sugar
15 bbls. crushed and powdered Sugar
10 boxes whiie Havana do
32 bbls. while Brazil do
35 chests and half chests fresh Teas
75 6 and 13 lb. boxes Young Hyson and Imperial Teas
60 bags old government Java Coffee
100 do Maricaibo. Rio, and St. Domingo Coffee
15 do burnt Coffee
80 boxes sperm Candloa
15 do patent do
2 j do adamantine do
75 do mould do
1,500 gals, bleached and unblcached winter sperm Oil
80 boxes brown Soap
25 do Castile do
1 ceroon Carraccas Indigo
35 Mats Cassia
6 tierces new Rice
12 cases Marcaroni and Vermicelli
1,500 lbs Codfish
40 whole, half, and qr. bills. Nos. 1 and 2 Mackerel
15 barrels No. 3 do
1 tierce pickled, and 200 lbs smoked No. 1 Salmon
20 kitts tongues and sounds, and pickled do do
75 boxes scaled Herrings
100 dozon Brooms
30 do Whisks
30 do painted Buckets
15 do fancy do
10 do Jote and Maunilla mats
15 do Alicant do
25 do Wash Boards
100 rto shoe, scrub, and other Brushes
40 nests Baskets
10 bales cotton Twine
10 kegs Malaga Grapes
35 jars fresh Prunes
36 do preserved Canton Ginger
5 Imles Walnuts and filberts
1,000 lbs. Boideaux Almonds
10 boxes shelled do
25 drums Smyrna Figs
10 boxes fresh Citron
15 cases walnut, mushroom, and tomato Catsup
15 do Capers and Olives
5 do mixed Pickles $
60 tins Sardines
10 kegs pearl Barley
125 boxes and keg:: mustard, pepper, ginger, cinnamon
and other spices
2 half and 5 quarter pipes Pico Wine
10 quarter casks Malaga do
10 cases Muscat do
15 hill pines old Whiskey
5 do no domestic Brandy
5 quarter casks cogniac do
1 half pipe Otnrd, Dopey Co's Brandy
20 boxes small plug and five's Tobacco
10 do cavendish do
50,000 Cigars, part very choice
15 baskets Great Wostern Champagne
50 baskets Champagne. " anchor brand "
lmportod by ourselves in the ship Warsaw of New
York, from Havre, warranted fresh and of the finest qual
ity. [nov7-6teo] MURRAY & SEMME8.
BY TYLEK BIRCH.?The subscribers having
opened this large and commodious establishment on
Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and 41 street*, on the
square next to and west of the railroad depot, invito the
attention of the travelling puhlir and e immunity at large
to the ample arrangements they have made for their ac
commodation, and for all things appertaining to their com
fort and convenience The very liberal encouragement
which the public extended to Thompson Tyler, while
proprieior of the Exchange Hotel, indu. es hiin to hope
that he may continue to deserve its patronage ai the Uni
ted States Hotel, and he assures them that neither pains
nor expense Will bo spared in his efforis to cater to the
tastes of all. This Hotel is one of tho largest in the
Union, and will accommodate 300 persons. It has nu
merous private parlors for families, and is but two min
utes' walk fro at the railroad dopot, and five from the
McGrath's Washington Coffee-House,
On Pennsylvania Avenue, opposite the Centre Market,
HAS been handsomely refitted for tho reception and
accommodation of the public. Tho chambers aro
neatly furnished and well ventilated. All of them have
good fire places. Silting and eating rooms in the second
story, suitably furnished, and attended by active and
obVging servants, at all times open.
Every exertion will be made by the proprietor to keep
on hand a good supply of Oysters, Terrapins, and all
tho delicacies of the season that the market affords ; and
they will bo servod up in a manner equal (if not superior)
to any establishment in the District.
oct 29?Im
[Phil. U. S. Gnz. Iaw4w and send bill to this office.]
Washington City Bowling Saloon
THE SALOON is on Sixth Street, nearly opposite
Mr. Coleman's (latoGadtby's) Hotel, where gontle
men who are disposed to exercise by rolling will find
Alleys us good as any in the City, and can be accommo
dated by tne hour or garao.
The Gome, or string of 30 balls, 10 cents each person.
Private Alleys, - - 75 cents per hour.
A good Street Lantern for tale. oct 28?Im
HE SUBSCRIBER respectfully announces to the
citizens of Wafhington and vicinity, that ho is pre
pared to accommodate those that may reauire Cupping or
Leeching; and he flatters himself from the experience of
ten years in the biisiucss thai he can give general satis
faction. Ladies that maydosire u female cupper or loech
er, Mrs. Devaughun will wait on them.
N. B. Placc of residence on Ninth, between D and E
streots. nov !2-eo3t*
HE subscriber has this day receivud the following
Goods, to which ho invites tho attention of his customers
and purchasers genorally.
SILKS, he names?
20 pieces satin striped figured Poult do Soio
4 do black watered do
5 do blue-black satin striped do
10 do rich brocade do
10 do blue-black Gro de Naples
5 do Italian Lustring
2 do plain black Satin, for dresses
10 do white, pink, and blue Satin
13 do fancy striped Gro de Naples
10 pieces figured and plaid Alpaccas
10 do rick colored do
20 do black and blue-black do [rich
1 do super blue-blnck figured Bombasm, very
50 pieces very rich rept Cashmeres
30 do do do Cashmere d'Ecosse
25 do Cashmere Mous.-eliues
100 do low-priced do
10 do black and second-mourning do
50 dozen Bniou's best, of every shade
25 do ladies' white kid
5 do one half long do
50 do assorted silk net*, some very handsome
Rich embroidered white crape
Do do Thibet wool
Do Cashmere
Do brocade silk
.8-4 black silk
Embroidered velvet Mantillas, very rich
1000 yards assorted Sutinets, from 50 to 87 cents
30 pieces French Cassimere, now styb
20 do low-priced do
5 do fino wool black do
Black, blue, brown, and green Cloths
Very line wool black trench do
50 pieces Wolsh and Scoftield s patent I1 lanneis,
warranted not to shrink in washing
100 nieces assorted Flannels, from 31 to 75 cents
3-4 and 0-4 fulled Cloths
10 pieces Pilot Cloths
10 do heavy Cassinets
1 bnlo plaid Linseys
2 do servants' Blankets
5000 yards chintz Calicoes, at 12 cents
50 dozen English black siik Hose
10 do do do half do
8 do white do
50 do Prussian black Cashmere do
125 do black and white cotton do
All of which will be offered at vefy low prices,
oct 25?3tnwlmil R. C. W ASHIN'/I ON.
ENNSYLVANIA Avenue, botween 10th and lltli
streets, two doors from King's Lace Store.
Good Dress Caps on hand and mudo to order, 25 to
87 conis, wor'h Si.50
Good Bonnet Caps, 12 to 25 cents
Worsted do 12 cents, worth 25
Infants' do 75 cents to $1-45
Dimity and Lace Collars, 16 to 75 cents
Now style Clay Bands, 25 cents to $1.75
French worked Collars, 31 cents
Silk Gimp Cords, 3 cents
Silk Gimp", 8 cents
Together with every stylo of?
Lisle and Thread Laces, Edgings, and Inserting*
Cambric Trimmings and lnserlings
Bonnet and Cap Ribands, black and white Nets
Work Bands, Infants' Waists, Luce Capes, Collars,<fec
Cheap, and no mistake; and, to convince yourselves,
please call and see. H. N. ROB\
N. B. All articles made up are warranted to suit. A
liberal discount made to soil again. nov I
FASHIONABLE assortment of Muffs, and Fur
Gentleinerib fine Fnshionnble Nutria, Beaver, Cassi
mer-j, Moleskin, Brush, tnd common Hots
(Jentlemen's, youths, and children's Fur, Cloth, and
Caps, aM>f the latest styles at the lowest prices, nt MA
GUI RK'S Fashionable Hat, Cap, and Fur Store, 7th st.,
and nearly opposite the Patriotic Bank. nov4?lw
Joseph H.NEVETT.h preapared to furnish his friends
and the citizens of Wai-hington and Georgetown, with a
a splendid assortment of S t'OVES of every do-cription.
Cooking Stoves of npproved'modern patents, viz: Sexton's
Rotary Tops and Revolving Ovens, Kitchen Companion,
Hot-Air Cooking Stoves, and Ten plate Cooks. Also,
Church, Parlor, llall, Chamber and Office Stoves, such
as Radiators, Franklins, for wood or coal; Cannon, Sola
inandorw, and wood parlor tStovcs, all of which arc oflato
and superior patterns, rombining neatness and durability.
Enamelled Parlor Grates of superior patterns and beau
ty ; Kiiehen Kanges und Hot-Air Furnaces, for churches
or other public buildings,put up with despatch. Ono Hot
Air Cooking Stove complete, capableol cooking for seve
ral hundred persons, suitable for a large Hotel.
Radiators bnd other Stoves re-lined and repaired with
Always on hand, a large and general assortment of
plain and Japanned Tin and Sheet-iron Ware, all of
which will bo sold at tho lowest possible pncee, for ca?H.
octl [Intel&01obe6tJ J H. N.
thing, tVatches, Jewelry, Guns, Pistols, Table and
Pockct Cutlery, with an extensive assortment of miscel
laneous Goods from different manufactories, to be clos
ed without reserve.
WE shall sell This Evening, at early candlelight, nnd
to be continued every evening this week, at the New
York Auction and Commission Store, Pennsylvania Ave
nue, near Mr. Coleman's Hotel, a large collection of
Good*, such a??
Super blue and black Cloths and Cassimeros
Tweeds, Silk, and Valencia Vestings
Fine Silk anil Satin Scarfs; Suspenders, Hosiery, dee.
Ladies' Woollen Shawls, Scarf*, Velvet Points, A?\
Boots, Shoes, Ole Bull style Caps, Glazed and Velvet
Watches and Jewelry, such as silver levers, Johnson's
mak?, double and single cases, English Watches; fin*
gold Breastpins.
Guns and Pint vis.?Also will be added, fine double and
single barrel Guns, Damascus and wire twist, with a
large selection of miscellaneous goods,
uov 13 LEWIS & HUNT, Auctioneer*.
E would respectfully invite attention to our regu
lar Evening Sales, which will bo hereafter every evening
(cxcept Tuesday and Thursday) at early candle light, at
the New York Commission Store, a few doors east of
Coleman's National Hotel, whore wo will sell a good as ;
sortment of black, blue, and blue blk cloths ; fine French
cassiraeres ; blue, black, and gray enssinets; fine heavy
tweed, silk, satin, and merino vesting ; calico, mousselin
do lame, Irish linen, merino shawls, shirts, stocks, scarfs,
cravats, linen collars and boboms, gum suspenders, gloves,
socks, boots, felloes, segars, brass and woodwork clocks,
volvet and glazed cans, razors, knives and forks, tea and
tabic spoons, 4 5, ana 6 bottle revolving Castors, fine linen
tablecloths, spool cotton, letter paper, bibles, blacking,
fancy soap, rosewood nnd other fancy work boxes, guns,
pistols, gold pencils, watches, mantle time pieces with
shades, etc., etc. Also, Ready made Clothing, such a*
coats, pants, and vests, all qualities, with an endless va
riety of fancy and useful articles too numerous to mention,
nov I LEWIS <fc HUNT, Auctioneers.
N MONDAY afternoon, 18th inst., at 3} o'clock, I
will sell at my store a good assortment 1 inch and i inch
Mahogany Boards. Also, a lot of Curled and Shaded
Veneers. Also, a low bundles of Curled hair, best quality.
Also, a few scisol Castors. Also a first rate lot of Coffin
boards. fnovllj W. MARSHALL, Auctioneer.
Will be sold, on Thursday afternoon, November 20,
at 4 o'clock, Lot 11, in square 101, 45 feet front, 103 feet
9 inches deep, ruiming back to an alley, with the im
provements, being a two story FRAME HOUSE with
Drick basement, seven rooms, large garrets, slate roof,
and fancy portico in front. It is situated in the First
Ward, near the West Market, and nearly opposite Gads
by's Row. Terms of sale : One-third cash; the balance
in nino and eighteen months.
oct 21-ts Auctioneer.
I have just received two of the handsomest close Car
riages ever offered in this city, which will be sold at a
great sacrifice, if immediately applied for. They are
built in the most modern style, and cannot be surpassed
for beauty and finish. They are hung low, with fenders
to the wheels, and lined with plush and squabbed, and
wore built for ?700 by Vanderwerker, Newark, N. J.?
They will be sold on accommodating terms.
Also, in store, a largo assortment of Carriages, Rocka
way Buggies, Barouches, Coaches. Square Carriages,
Doctors' Phaetons, etc.
W. MARSHALL, Auc. dc Com. Mer.
oct 23 Penn. Av., between 9th and 10th sts.
UROM 2 1-2 to 3 1-2 cents per lb. will be paid for
I any quantity of clean rags at the Printing Office
and Bookhindcry of J. C. McGUIRE,
sep20 cor 10th st. and Penn. avenue.
HE SUBSCRIBERS keep on hand u constant sup
ply of Ltrne and Cement at their refepective vards.
ULYSSES WARD. 13th st.
sepl7-2aw GEORGE COLLARD, 6th st.
Fresh Lime just receivod. nov8
IIE SUBSCRIBER calls the attention ofthe public
to his large and unequalled assortment of English, French,
and American Stationery, all of which lie will sell at the
lowost prices for cat>h or short credit. Amongst nu end
less variety lie offers the following lower than usual:
Printing Paper, various sizes
Cap, jetter, and other kinds of Writing paper, from $1 50
to S>20 per ream
Envelope paper, white, buff, and brown, anil Shoe
Wrapping Paper
Blank Books, full and half bound, cheaper than ever
Memorandum, ciphering, and copy Books
Steel Pens and Quills of all kinds
* French, English, and American Note Paper
Envelopes, paper cutters, card cases, penholders, poc
ket books and wallets
Portable Writing Desks, and Work Boxes of rosewood
Sealing-wax, black, red, and fancy colors
Motto, transparent, and common Wafers
Ink Stands, glass, woudon, metal, and bronze
English draw ing and trac. ng Paper of all sizes
Drawing Pencils, Bristol Boards, Water Colours
Rodgers & Son*' best Cutlery ; such as Pen-knives,
Scissors, Shears, Desk Knives, and Erasers
Black, red, indellible, carmine, and India Inks, English
nnd American
Backgammon Boards, Chess Men, and Portfolios, with
ana without locks
Copying Presses, oil and copying Paper for the same
Visiting, playing, and printing Cards
Folders, Ivory Souls, Rod Tapes, Silk Taste,* Lead
Pencils, Letter Springs,
Silver Pencil Cases, from 25 cents to *2 50, a great vn
riety of patterns
Pen racks, Bill files, and a thousand other things too
numerous to mention
All ofthe above goods have been carefully selected, and
part just received direct from Europo by the last steamer,
via Now York.
Visiting Cards engraved and printed.
Penn. avenue, 4 doors west of 11th street,
fcr a sett of Edinburg Review, English edition, well
bound nnd in good order, for sale low. octl
IIS. JAMES BETTS' Uterine Supporter, for the
relief of Prolapsus Uteri.?The obove valuable adjunct
to professional practice has just been received by the sub
scriber, from .Sirs. Belts direct. Valuable testimonials
from the most eminent professional men in this country
nnd Europe, attest its superiority, and can he obtained free
of expense nt his office.
A CAUTION.?As counterfeits have been offered, be
sure to see that each supporter has the written sigmtUre
of the invMitress " Sirali Belts." Now tor sale by
s,.p30 comer of 14th nnd E street.
VV ALLACE ELIOT & CO., corner ofF and 12th
streets, have on hand for sale?
White Lead in oil, pure, extra, and No. 1
Chrome, Paris and Imperial Greens
Pure Verdigris, Chrome Yellow #
Linseed Oil, &c., &c. je 21
X wi3h to purchase any number of negroes for the
New Orleans market, and will give at all times the
highest market price in cash for lively joung negroes.
Those wishing to sell, will find it to their interest to
call at my establishment, corner of Seventh street
and Maryland avenue, where myself or agent can be
men at any time.
Communications promptly attended to.
june_ 5?tf THOS. WILLIAMS.

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