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ijc g)Ua tnbmtc,
JAN. 3, 1902.
Hntcml nt the Fostofficc at Hllo, Ha
waii, 11s second-class matter.
runusitito kvhky i'riday.
L. W. Hawortu - Editor.
The present outlook, is that
President Roosevelt will call Judged
Little from the bench to the guber
natorial chair of Hawaii before the
next celebration of the anniversary
of annexation. Should time prove
that the omens of the present are
cious purpose "his friends" work.
Mr. Sewall's position is very well
understood by the President, so
well indeed that the Advertiser
gang has good cause to worry.
Governor Dole on the other hand
has made an ignominious failure
and by his present inactive policy
is clinching the failure. If the
President has the best interests of
this Territory at heart he will ap
point Gilbert F. Little to the Gov
ernorship at the earliest date possi
ble. Governor Dole is leading his
party to sure defeat and the Terri
tory into a struggle with virtual
bankruptcy. Bulletin.
The beginning of the new year
Aa lliH .am i TT . ' rtaAatAn I
.' l r . . ... s " r is a date on which the satisfied ex
tion win iinirin wiiii n iipw mnriiiif
post. Actual annexation to the
United States will date from the
inauguration of Judge Gilbert I
Little as governor. The actual
coming to these shores of Ameri
can principles of government, will
date from the hour when an Amer
ican governor shall grasp the throt
tle in Hawaii. When that day
comes, which will be within the
next six mouths, the people in Ha
waii who have been disappointed
with annexation; the interests
which have suffered by reason of
annexation, will have cause to re
joice. It will then be seen that tole
American is to prosper. That to
be American is to enjoy privileges
reserved for those who know no i tje vjsjti
other allegiance except that of loy- j
alty to principle and to exalted 1 iin, TamJarv
change felicitations of joy. It is a
date on which the unhappy gulp
down their sorrows and resolve to
overcome their woes. It is a day
on which the despairing lift up
their hearts and bare anew their
breasts to the buffeting storms of
adversity. It is a day when the
flood tide of humanity surges
Honolulu philanthropists have
raised a total of $24.75 for the Mc
Kiuley monument to be erected in
that city.
To Tim hundreds of visitors in
the city of Hilo this week, the
Triiiuni; extends Happy New Year
wishes and an invitation to repeat
ideas of government. If there is
number of Side
Lights, Ililo's bright magazine
an Hawaiian who regrets the day ' published by C. S. Clement, is a
the American flag was spread to I sparkling number. It's business,
the Island winds, his regret will I It says ti,h,us which will raise in
changc to gladness when America J tcrest in nawaii atul Hilo to a
holds actual sway in his land. If higher key wherever it circulates,
there is a foreigner, rich or poor on
all these Islands who has fashioncdj WlNNKRS or i0Sers, Hilo was
in his heart contempt for American I more thn gjad l0 welcome the roo
mie as cxenipmieu in me adminis
tration of Governor Dole and act
ing Governor Cooper, that con
tempt will change to pride, when
Hawaii becomes a real integral
part of the real America of Roose
velt. In that day Privilege will abdi
cate and Right will don the robes
of office.
irregularities that might be alleged
to have been committed within the
Jurisdiction of the Court.
The civil calendar was called.
Immediately after the opening of
Court, the Committee appointed by
the Hilo bar to, draft resolutions of
respect to the memory of Johnson
Nickcus, reported by Chairman
Chas. M. LcBlond. The resolu
tions arc as follows :
Once more, and for the third time
within the period of three short
years, we arc called upon to mourn
the loss or a third member of the
Hilo bar.
The hand of death a second time
has been stretched forth without
warning and gathered to his fath
ers, a bright and shining light from
our midst. In the death of Brother
Johnson Nicke'us, we the Bar of
Hilo, have lost an holiest, able, up
right member; one whom each
will miss; one who was always
true to his client mid himself; one
who, but n short time associated
with us, has left memories of energy
and perseverence that shine as a
beacon light to those of us remain
ing. A model, loving husband, an
affectionate, indulgent parent, he
leaves a broken-hearted widow and
a disconsolate daughter, to whom
we extend out heartfelt sympathy.
May his soul rest in peace.
It is the wish of the Bar, that
this its expression be spread upon
the records of this Court, that a
copy also be engrossed by the Clerk,
the seal of this Court attached, and
presented to the family of our de
ceased brother. Chas. M. LeBlond,
V. M. Wakefield, Carl. S. Smith,
J. Castle Ridgway, 1 S. Lyman.
The reading of the report was
followed by eloquent and sincere
tributes of respect from every mem
ber of the Hilo bar. Mr. LcBlond
said among other eulogistic re
marks: "Johnson Nickcus was a
striking example of a man who put
into practice the injunction,
'Know Thy self:
Presume not God to scan.
The proper study of mankind is
Man.' "
Other lawyers followed. Those
speaking were: F. M. Wakefield,
Carl. S. Smith, Thos. C. Ridgway,
resontatives of the Maui Athletic
Association to the Queen city of Jolm w- Cathcart, J. Castle Ridg.
the Hawaiian Islands. The mil. I wa'' C' F- ParS0I,s a,ld W- S- Wisc
vcrsal interest in athletics should j Carl- Suaith moral that the Court
.uwi. tn hrinir nil TTfiwniimi tmv.m adjourn until 9 o'clock Friday
ill closer touch. morning out of respect to the de
' , ceased member of the bar.
The Court said:
The appointment of a successor
to James Gibb, who has resigned
from his position as a member of
the Republican Central Committee,
is stirring Republicans on this
island as nothing has stirred them
since last election. In the effort to
unite on a man whose appointment
would cement factions which have
hitherto been at war, it seems
probable that wider chasms are be
ing staked out. The appointment
at this time, at most, is but tem-
Ouu genial contemporary, the
Herald, failing to find any suppor
ters for its favorite, II. K. Cooper,
as Dole's successor, has returned
from a bush beating trip with the
remark that Sewall's prospects are
bright. The Herald says that
Sewall will find many strong sup
porters on this island. That would
tickle Sewall.
Adjournment Out of Kcspcct to the
Lute Johnson Mckcus.
The Janury term of the Fourth
Circuit opened Thursday January
2, with Judge Gilbert F. Little on
the bench. John W. Cathcart. De-
porary and is not of especial impor- puty Attorney General for the Ter
tance. It grows in importance asritory was present to attend to the
the different Republican factions j Territory's side of Criminal cases.
Among those within the bar, were, land
here contemplate the possibility of
lauding a favorite.
The remaining members of the
committee, whose recommendations
would have settled the matter a
month ago, if forwarded to the
committee at Honolulu, are to
blame for the approaching contest,
which may be the beginning of
internal party war that will last
throughout the next campaign.
L. A. Andrews, Deputy Sheriff for
the Island of Hawaii; Judge Hapai
of the District Court, Charles Rich
ardson, W. II. Smith and others.
The Grand Jury was called into
the box and sworn, only one being
excused. The Grand Jury as
sworn in, is composed of the follow
ing, C. C. Kenedy, foreman, John
F. Baker, L. M. Whitehouse, II.
"We are told that the last effort
of Mozart was an endeavor to com
plete a requiem, which he finally
left unfinished on the bed as he
breathed out his life. Plato died at
Work; Lucan, while reciting part
of his book on the War of Pharsa
lus. So, with Johnson Nickcus
Ksq., late a member of the bar of
this Court as well as of the Sup
reme Court of this Territory, it may
be truthfully said, he died with an
unfinished brief in his hand.
"When Mr. Nickeus left this city
a few days since, to attend the De
cember session of the Supreme
Court, he seemed to be in his usual
good health. After arguing seve
ral important cases before that
tribunal, he announced to the Court
that he was weary and worn out
isked permission to rest and
If McStocker, Kstcp and Walker Qlney, Chas. K. Wright, K. N.
will forward their recommendations IIolmcSi B. p. Schoen, Henry M.
to the Central Committee at Houo
lulu at once, they will take an ini
portant step in the interest of Kc
publican harmony over here.
refresh himself. While resting, a
summons came from the world
beyond calling him to appear before
the Supreme Court of the universe
there to submit a report of his
finite stewardship. Almost without
warning "the little space of lime
between two eternities" was ex
tinguished and he "entered the
Chambers" through the silent halls
of Death.
"Our brother entered upon life's
Ilenshaw, W. H. Beers, John T. j ordeal with nothing but his will
Moir, Wm. Todd, Win. l'ullar, iaml alone ami unaided he fought
Peter Gibbs, A. K. Sutton, J. S. ' his way across life's wilderness and
W.e. Peacock
Sole agents for MARIK BRIZARD
. 1
Dealers in
Choice Klines and
Finest line of
LIQUKURS in the market
California Bulk Wines at 50 Cents oer Gallon
$2.25, S2.50, $2.75 per Five Gallon Keg.
"His sudden departure over the
river "into the land to which we
are all drifting," reminds us how
small and insignificant appear all
the asperities, the heart burnings
and personal alienations of the hour,
when we measure them by the side
of our responsibilities in that land
to which he has gone. And it sug
gests to us that wfc use the little
margin we have 011 the shores of
time, that Eternity will open as a
joy and not as a terror ' our liber
ated spirits.
Then in the language of Cicero,
" 'We need weep not for dentil.
'Tis but a fever stilleil,
A pain suppressed, a fear nt rest
A solemn hope fulfilled.
Thu moonshine 011 the slumbering deep
is scarcely calmer, wiicrelore weep r
"The resolutions shall be spread j
ot record. The Clerk shall furnish
an engrossed copy of the same to
the family and the court will stand
now adjourned out of respect to the
memory of our deceased brother un
til 9 o'clock, tomorrow."
The Up-to-Date TAILOR
THIS WKHK shows a newline of the FIN
EST SUITINGS received direct from the
exporters. Gentlemen desiring correct dio.ss,
best material, and most stylish make should
not go elsewhere.
C. LEHMANN, Walanuenue Street
Enterprise Planing Mill Company.
Fko.nt ST., in rear of Hilo Mercantile Co's Muilding
Janeway, J. E. Gainailsou, Arthur
M. Richardson. J. S. Overend was
j appointed bailiff to the Grand Jury.
Judge Little's charge covered the
usual range of subjects in general
and set forth in particular the char
acter of the duties of a grand juror
and the manner in which they
should be discharged. The charge
uncertainties from the eastern
mountains of youth to the western
river of declining years. Well may
it be said of him, "Seest, thou a
man deligeut in his business; he
shall stand before kings; he shall
not stand before mean men."
"He held the office of Attorney
General (if South Dakota; he was
"An occasional correspondent"
of the Advertiser says that Harold
' M. Sewall is hot-foot after the Gov
ernorship of this Territory.
Whether the "occasional corres
pondent" wrote his correspondence
in the Advertiser office or not, the
fact remains that the use of Mr.
Sewall's name in connection with
the Governorship of this Territory strutted the Grand Jury that it was City of Tacoma for four years. In
is entirely without authority fiom within its province and a part of its all these positions, he was uiircmit
him. The recurring attacks mid duty to inquire into the conduct of ting in his prompt and earnest at
misrepresentations of the Adver- any official of the Territory whether teutiou to his public duty and a
User, however, are not without , resident on Hawaii or at Honolulu. 1 credit to the public service. His
especially ordered investigations be I the United Slates Consul during
made as to whether the statutes Harrison's administration at Bar
against extortion and bribery had rauquilla, United States of Colom
been violated. The court also in- 'bin, and but recently mayor of the
their good purpqsc ns they show
how weak is Governor Dole's ad
ministration and with what mali-
Such inquiry would be proper, the
court explained, as to the conduct
of any head of a department for any
department in this court was hono
rable and his practice extensive
and lucrative.
Wulplo Vnlluy Water.
j Work in Waipio Valley, owned
by the Bishop Estate, is almost
completed, and weather permitting
1 the surveying will be finished in
about a week. A. S. Tuttle, who
' is now in Waipio, is expected in
Hilo in a short time to visit the
j Volcano. Harold I. Cruzan, who
'arrived in Hilo a short time ago,
was with Mr. Tuttle in the valley.
I The exact nature of Mr. Tuttle's
report is not known, but it is
thought that it will be of the most
favorable nature. Sufficient water
has been found at an elevation of
1400 feet to greatly reduce the evil
which might be wrought by any
future drought.
Several technical errors were
found in the former surveys of the
valley, and when the next map is
j published of that portion of the
country the character of that por
tion of the country will be greatly
I changed.
I Cliilliugworth failed to arrive from Ho
, noluln. hence Denutv Sheriff Overend
pulled off a most successful raid cm the
die fa players. Twelve oriental gamblers
were rounded up nud an; held under
high hail. All the lawyers In town aiu
Mid to bu retained by the Chinese.
Planing, Moulding, Scroll Work nud all kinds of Turned Work, Window Frames, etc
WATKK. TANKS A Sl'HCIAIrV. Household and all kinds of Furniture,
Store Fittings, Counters, etc., made to order. Cross-cut Saws re-toothed and
made as good as new, at easy rates.
Manufacturer ol School Seats, Church I'ews, au1 Redwood Gutters, nil si?es
COLD in the head. PAINS all over.
Sure signs of Grip.
Grip Tablets
25 cents " iox.
Dr. Ford's
are a specific
E Hilo, Hawaii. s
We wish to call the attention of our readers to the fact that
there is at least one house in the United Stales whose packing of
goods for export, family oidtrs or otherwise, is second to none in
the world.
This house .started out maiiv ears airo to compete with Hiiro,
peau methods of packing, and has received many Haltering com
ments and no complaints of same.
Success and satisfaction um ne relied upon by those fortunate
pcr.ioiiHM'lin M-ud orders to
Nos. 25-27 Mnrkot Stroot,
San Francisco, California
Cablo Addroos "Fidelity"
N. It. You should have their price list if not on file.
3.' '
awkMfeiWMJMi'' - iri-nrnio , miMttn HjhTiI
1. r

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