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FRIDAY, - JAN. io, 1902. moral atrophy has .benumbed the ing message from President Iioosc- '' ' l ' (
public conscience on Hawaii ns on vclt, the first he has received direct ' '' ' " , .
itntcivilnttlic rostoflicc nt Hilo, Ha- 0ah" where Grand Juries accuse from the President regarding his t
wnii. ns Bcconil-clnss matter. and officials excuse. appointment:
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lunusMHDmKKM'Rum. AN) T,on TQ() BRUTUS ? HBiUed u.at you have consented to
L. W. HAWORTII - - Editor. accept portfolio of Secretary of
Leslie M. Shaw, ex-Governor of
Iowa will succeed layman J. Gngc
in President Roosevelt's Cabinet as
Secretary of the Treasury. The
selection of Governor Shaw for this
post is an exceedingly happy one.
It is doubtful if there is a man in
the Union better equipped for the
performance of the duties of Secre
tary of the Treasury than the
country banker and Methodist Sun
day School teacher from the Hawk
eye state. I le is a born financier and
a past master in political economy
and the science of monetary prob
lems. He comes from n little
nearer the heart of the great West
that did his distinguished predeces
sor, Gage, but takes into the cabi
net no less of brain and breadth
than was possessed by the Chicago
Before McKinley's death, Leslie
M. Shaw was by far the most for
midable rival to Theodore Roose
velt in the minds of Western Re
publicans for the office Roosevelt
now holds. Allison had picked
him for the winner in 1904.
Shaw rose into national prom
inence in the great campaign of
1896, when the battle of the gold
and silver standards was fought be
tween Bryan and McKinley.
Previous to that time Leslie M.
Shaw was a banker in a small
country town and had never taken
part even in state or county politics.
He became alarmed at the appar
ent popularity of the Bryan fallacies
aud applied to the National Repub
lican committee for the privilege of
making fifty speeches for McKinley
and sound money without pay.
His speeches rang from New York
to San Francisco as models of truth
and simplicity and force. In the
central states he lifted the conten
tion of parties from the plane of
political strife to that of scientific
reasoning. He was rewarded by
the governorship of his state the
following election, that being the
first office he ever held except that
of Sunday School superintendent.
Among other matters in
which merit earlv attention
the Department ol Public Works
the powder magazine located on
the road between Hilo and lloolulu
Park. This store house of giant
powder is a menace to life and limb,
When it was first located, it was
far enough removed form other
buildings. The suburb of Waiakea
has grown until it is absolutely
necessary in the interest of general
safety for the powder house to be
It is only two hundred feet from
the powder magazine to the Waia
kea school house. It is less than
one hundred aud fifty feet from the
new Sunday school chapel. The
powder house is not far from the
new railroad shops aud several
dwellings have lcen erected in that
immediate vicinity.
An explosion at the powder
magazine would create havoc in
several homes. If an accident
should happen while children are
playing about the school house the
result may be easily
Tons of giant powder within even
a stone's throw of one's back yard
is not a p easant neighbor.
The powder house yields an in
come of from forty to sixty dollars
per month. It is sadly in need of
repair and but for the property aud
people its demolition by an explo-
siou would be for the public good.
It should be removed to n safe
location at the earliest
Tint report of the Grand Jury
nuhlished in full in this issue of the
TuimiNic is a document which will
be read Willi interest by every per-
son on the Island of Hawaii. To
those who believe in a clean public
"... and why such an order
should be issued by Governor Dole
is a problem that is hard to solve.
It is needless to say that the order
was generally disregarded in Hilo.
Another such break and even the
staunchest friends of the Governor
will feel that the interests of the
Territory would be best served by
his retirement." Hawaii Herald.
A1.011A ! Berger et. al.
Push the organization of the Hilo
Jockey Club.
Tine Grand Jury nipped the
"still hunt" of Deputy Sheriff And
rews in the bud.
Its a pity the recommendations
for James Gibb's successor were
not all centered 011 one man.
Juncu Little and the Grand Jury
deserve the thanks of the public for
thoroughness aud expedition in
Public business.
Tin? disclosures made by the
Grand Jury indicate that High
Sheriff Brown would be wise if he
side tracked his Kau Police investi
gation on the Hilo track.
" Fkiknds of Judge say Little
that if he is appointed Governor,
he will have the Territorial Capital
at Hilo instead of Honolulu, " So
says the Herald; but it is merely
another way of calling the Judge a
Jackass. The Capital at Hilo
would kill the town, a catastrophe
farthest removed from the wishes
of the Judge of the Fourth Circuit.
(looil Positions ill the tiovtrumcut
New York, .Dec. 25. A special
to the Sun from Washington says:
The Philippines offer an attractive I liquor was to be sold, but the
field for stenographers and type-! license was issued in Omori's name,
writers. The Manila authorities have prior to receipt of Sheriff Andrews'
sent for twenty additional, stenogra- letter.
pliers and examinations will be held Mr. Omori being questioned, an
in various cities.includingSanFraii-jswered that the business was solely
cisco, January 6th and 20th. The 'his, and in response to the question
positions are for men only. Those J regarding funds for running same,
successful will begin at $1200 per he said he had been assisted by
annum and increase to $1400 in six one Tomita, who carries on a drug
months, with splendid opportunities
for still further promotions. Ap-
plicants must be between the ages
isjof iS and 40. Transportation from
San Francisco will be furnished
free of charge. Excellent board
and lodging can be secured in Ma-
nila for $35 a month.
1 go must agree to stay
Thosc who
two years.
The Philippine climate is good, and
nearly all employes are in excellent
health. Medical attendance is fur
nished employes without cost, lun
ployes assigned outside of Manila
obtain cheaper accommodations.
Tlri'il or TruiifiMirls.
Washington, December 26. .Sec
retary Root and Adjutant-General
Corbiti are getting tired of the
I rflllttluirt nrlri. fiiwl nrn rTtucwlnr.
'.. ,' r ... , . ', .
Itlfr till. tf-'iitu(r fit till, lltl Irn llfi
"fa ,IV- ..- ... n.- liiiiiu iuni-
ness to a private company. In this
they aie opposed by Quartermaster
General Luddingtou and his chief
assistant, Colonel Bird, who believe
the Government is doing its trans
porting to the Philippines more sa-
1 1 wl'int nri li tli'iu tirtimtn t -i ia
tnnuwiwi 11 j ttiiitt miuii. I'tlllJwn
1 ' . . .'.,....
;uiiiiu, vjuiiL.-iiii milium Mini iiHiuy
I in conversation with Senator Per
kins that the time was about ripe
for a change and that Secretary
I Root shared this view.
Ailmirul Sampson's Mink Is llopnloss.
Uibana, (111.), December 26,
1 John B. Weeks of Champaign, a
1 personal fiieud of Rear-Admiral
I Sampson, has received a letter from
,Mis. Sampson, 111 which she says
Hint the mental condition of the
' Admiral is beyond recovery. The
letter was written in rcnlv in n nnii.
expressing sympathy with the Ad-land
miral in the personal annoyances he 1
has suffered in the controversy with
Uear-Adntiial Schley.
Treasury. Have written. Theo
dore Roosevelt."
Is Mo to Come to Hawaii.
Washington, Dec. 26. The im
pending retirement of the Secretary
of the Treasury is likely to be
followed soon by the resignation of
the Assistant Secretary. General
Spaulding's health is poor, and it
likely that he will be transferred
to a public service in one of our
new island possessions, where the
climate would be less trying and
the Government could still avail it
self of his experience in United
States customs matters.
Abuses In llio l'ollco Icinrtmcnl
(Jlvcn nil AlriiiK.
To T1115 Hon. Gii.iiuht F. Litti.k,
Circuit Judge, Fourth Circuit.
Sir: The Grand Jury for the
Fourth Circuit for the January
Term, beg leave to report as fol
lows: We find that a man Omori was
in the grocery business at Kalepo
lepo, from June, 1901, to the month
of December. He occupied prem
ises owned by Yutaro, a police offi
cer, in the District of Hilo.
During the month of December,
1901, he transferred his business to
his brother, for which he received
no pay, and the house adjoining
was secured, and the grocery busi
ness transferred thereto. During
the month of November, 1901, a
Dealers' Spirit License was granted
on the 29th day, to said Omori.
Prior to this a letter was addressed
to Sheriff Andrews, asking for his
approval. On the 26th day of
November, he wrote to Honolulu,
noting his disapproval of same on
account of the character of the
party, and the location where the
' store on Front Street, as on former
j occasions he borrowed from the
same party, for which
he gave no
In following up our investiga-) In further examination of his
tion, we learned that outside of the 'books, we find a number of Japa
above Omori, a company had been uese stage drivers, hackmen, and
formed, known as the Japanese 1 other Japanese who are licensed to
Wine and Liquor Co., with a capi
tal stock of $10,000, to be increased
to 20,000 (par value $50 per
share), of which the following were
to be the officers:
President B. Ouonie
Vice-President Tomita
Secretary N. K. Lyman
Treasurer C. F. llapai
Auditor F.ugene Lyman
No Board of Directors were
Mr. B. Ouoiuc, after being sc-
Iccted as the president,
objected to
interference of Yutaro, and refused
to accept the office.
The buying of the liquor was to
be left to the manager. Omori was
selected as the manager.
We learn that the license was
issued through the assistance of the
law firm of Ridgway aud Ridgway,
assisted by Senator J. T. Brown.
The license was issued in the name
of Omori. We learn that they have
been purchasing goods in the name
of The Japanese Wine and Liquor
Co., from business houses in Hilo.
A cheque being drawn by C. K.
llapai and signed as treasurer of
the Japanese Wine and I.iquor Co.,
payable to Omori, for liquors pur-
chased from Ilackfeld & Company,
j was endorsed by said Omori to II.
Ilackfeld & Company, in payment
I for liquors purchased from them.
ntlmr nlmmw.u rrr nln iirmvn
signed by C. K. llapai as treas-
urcr of The Japanese Wine and
I,iquor Cohipany, for liquois pur
chased in Honolulu, and for other
Klfc Peacock
$f Company.
Chili ted-
Dealers in
Choice mines ana
California Bulk
S2.25, S2.50,
matters in connection with the bus
iness of the company, payable to
oth'er parties; and on examination
of his books as treasurer of the
company, we find that same were
ifor the conducting of the business.
We find upon further examina
tion of his books, that officers of
the Territory of the United States,
located in the town of Hilo, are
' noted on his books as stock holders,
I as share holders, aud that they
have paid up
the amount due for
their shares.
carry goods from one district to
another, aud noted down ns having
paid the amount of $25 apiece,
which amount, we are of the opin
ion, was to represent their full paid
up share, with the service that they
are to perform, cartage not in
cluded. We are iufoiincd that a special
officer has been detailed for the dis
trict, to investigate all licenses, aud
how issued, and to whom, and
whether delinquent or not. We
are of the opinion that he should
be more diligent in his work.
Interviewing the Sheriffs De
partment, we find that the Sheriff
has been on a still hunt, looking
into the matter, not takintr his
deputy into his confidence, to the 1
extent of not allowing information I
regarding this matter to come ,
through its proper channels.
We regret that officers serving
under the Government of the Ter-!
ritory of Hawaii should be so
grasping in looking for gain, as to
associate in the liquor traffic with
men of inferior quality, and the in
consistency of a clerk in the
Sheriff's office, as well as a clerk
" t'c District Court, and a deputy
clerk in your Honor's Court, acting
as an olliccr in n company, Hie
' product of which constitutes a
' greater portion of the cases brought
before the District Court, and in
many cases before your Honor,
after n tedious "seance" before the
Grand Jury.
(Continued 011 page 5.) I
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Enterprise Planing Mill Company.
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from letter received from T0U10, Japan.
We are of the impression that there are many others who
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