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1 W
I3rilit, Reliable,
Tlie ProKresslve
4f .ft"
r .
Voi,. 7.
No. 12.
. v .
Ijc $Ua C$iUutui
Oi'i'icit, IIkiikik Stki:i;t. lino, Hawaii.
( Thmunk IIlock.)
Hilo Tribune Publishing Company, Ltd.
Publishers and Proprietors,
President - C. KkNNKtiY
Vice-President - H- C Kiciiakii
8ecut.iry-'lrt.auter . . Mks. W.M. McKav, Jm.
Auditor A. U. SrnuN
Din-dor c. ii. 1'AiBKk. j. ii. hum..
Advcr tlfinrtit unaccompanied ly specific
ustriictious uincrtcil tin 1 1 1 ortiereii out.
Advertisements discontinued before expiration
of specified period will lie charged as if con.
lliiui.il Tor lull term.
Address nil communications cither to tlie
Kditorlnlorlliisiuess Departments of Tiik Hilo
Thiiiuni: 1'uiit.miiiNo Companv.
The columns ol Tiik HIloTkihunk are always
open to communications on subjects within the
scope of I he paper To receive procr attention,
rneli nrticle luiiHt Ik.- signed by It author. The
name, when desired, will lie lieul couiuientiai.
Till! II11.0 Tmiiium: I not rc:pontble Tor the i
npltiion or statement 01 corrcpotuieuii.
W. vS. Wise,
Will practice In all Court (if the Territory, anil
the Supreme Court of the United SUlcs.
Office: Tkiiuink Uuii.di.nt.,
IlrWfjc Street, 1III.O. HAWAII
Chas. M. LeBlond,
Hawaiian, Japance, ami Chlure (iitcrprctrr,
and Notary Public in Ollicc.
Opposite Court House, IIII.O, HAWAII
Ridgway & Ridgway
ATTO K N 1 VS- AT-1, A W
Solicitors of Patent Oeiicrul Law Practice
Notary l'nblic in Office.
Ol'I'ICH: Walanueiiue aiul IlritlKC Street
Godfrey F. Alfonso,
Notary 1'iililic
ArciiI In Kraut Marriage License
Kooui 4, Tribiiui' IIlock,
lliltlKcM.. Ililo.
P.O. Ilox 104
Tel. 147.
JOHN J. GRACE, M. 1).. K.K.C.S.
tl nice Hours: S to it a.m.; i to 3 p. 111.
livening, 7:3a to H.
Nn morning hour on WidutMljy.
R. H. Reid, M. D.
Olfiee: Sl'Kl'.CKItl.S' Ill.OCK.
Office Hours :
10:30 lo 12 a. 111.; 2 to 4 anil 7 to 8 p. 111.
Sundays, 9 to 12 11. tu.
Cj Li. Stow,
M. R.C. S., Ktc.
(Hficc Hours, h 3,1 to 11 a. 111 ; 2 to 4, and 7 to H p.m.
otlice and kthtdence:
Milton Rice, M. D.
Physician and Spuc.kon
Office, Wiiiaiitieiiui' Si.
Hours, 8:,vi to 10.311 a. m.; 2-4 anil 7:30
to 8.30 p. m. Siiiulay.s, 9 to II A. M.
IIII.Ui hstati:, KTIJ.
Ray Brothers,
Wnlaiii.cinie Street, IIII.O, HAWAII
A. H. SurroN II. VicAits
A. K. Sution & Co.
Agents for Loudon nnd Lancashire Fire
Insurance Company, Orient Insur
ance Company. Westchester
Fire Insurance Company.
Auctionukks, Commission, Rkai, ICs-
Office ill Pco.No.Mic Siiou Stokh,
W. A. Purdy,
Li in?.
' Old Custom Ilousit IIuilihno,
Front Street, Hilo, Hawaii.
E. D. Baldwin,
Hilo, Hawuii
Wiiiunueuiic Street,
Dr. M. Wachs,
Office Hours,
9-12 and 1-4.
Pitman Street,
Next to Hotel.
- -
. TT . .
; Walter 1"1. ochoening"
oitviiKA.-si-r, iiuu.su, 1
ritumii Street, IIn.o, Hawaii
Chas. M. I.elltotid,
W. II. Smith.
1 All collection promptly made ami accounted for.
Kent collected lor aiiseuiee anil
ettules attended to.
snviiKANCit bi.ik:.,
Opp. Court Home.
M. R. C, V. S.
Veterinary Surgeon
City Stahlhs - Thl. 125
Telephone No. 13 P. O. Ilox No. $
J. W. Mason . A. llumbiirp; P. Peck
I,. Turner A. IS. Sutton
Hawaiian business Agency
Office Klue street, opposite Court House, Hilo,
Hawaii, with agents and correstmndents In all
districts of the Territory and throughout the
United States. Most valuable private Infornia
lion to tubscrlbcrs. Collections a specialty.
l'OK Salh l'our (4) thoroughbred
Pointer puppies, beautifully marked lines
and white, three females mid one male,
5JS t" $35eaclt. Apply, Horner's Ranch,
Foil Runt In Puueo, new and modern
cottage; inquire of ALLAN WALL, at
tlfe Hilo Market.
Pine job work in nil its branches.
Give its u chance to estimate. Tkiuunk.
Notich Neither the Masters nor
Agent of vessels of the "Matson Line"
will be responsible for any debts con
tracted by the crew. R. T. GUARD,
Hilo, April iG, 1901. 24-
NoTlcii-Tl.e store located on" Front
street, opposite Ah Hip's formerly occu-
pled by Kwong Toug Chen and Wing
I.ee Uiong, lias been rented to Kin Hop
to carry on n codec shop nnd merchandise
store, of which the undersigned is tiiana
ger. KONG YU, Malinger.
Notice to Creditors.
In the Circuit Court of the Fourth Circuit
Territory of Hawaii.
In the Matter of the ICstate of WM.
WATT. Jr., deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed 1ms been appointed Administrator
ol the Fstate of bind deceased.
AH creditors of said estate nre hereby
notified to present their claims, duly veri
fied mid with proper vouchers, ifnny, to
the undersigned nt Ookala, Hawaii,
within six months from the date of this
notice, otherwise such claims, if any,
will be forever I arred.
W. S. Wish,
Attorney for Instate,
Hilo, Hawaii, January 10, 1902. 10-13
Public IjiukIs Notice.
Notice is hereby given to the members
01 iN.iiiiieiiiu mm reicr i.ee emeuieni
Associations of lauds at Olaa, Puna, 1
Hawaii, that application for their re
spective lots may be made nt the office of I
the Sub.Age..t of Public Lauds for the
First Laud District at Hilo, 011 mid after
February 8, 1902.
1?. S. IIOYD
(,iiMiiiiiusinn,.r if Knl.l!,. r .u
.. .... ........-. u. ,.M.W ,U...,.
Honolulu, January 7, 1902.
Cane Seed lor Sale.
Whitney or Yellow llmuboo mid Rose
llamboo cane seed at 22 !i miles Olaa
I road. 25c. per bag if sold in quantity.
j Address A. I?. TuUoch, g-.Milu, Olau P. 6.
Mortgagee's Notice of In
tention to Torclose
ui id of Sale.
Ill accordance with tlie provisions of a
certain mortgage made by Joliu I. Kattn,
knolutia nnd Palilalia, his wife, of H0110-
kaa, Hatnakua, Island ntul Territory of
Hawaii, to M. V. Holmes, of saiil II0110
kan, dated leurury 1, A. 1). 1892,
nnd recorded in the office of the Regis
trar of Conveyances) in Honolulu, in Liber
1 129 on luge 4S5 nnd 486; notice is hereby
J given that the said mortgagee intends to
I foreclose the said mortgage for condition
broken, to wit: iton-uymcut of the prin
cipal nnd interest.
Notice is also hereby given that the
property covered by said mortgage will
be sold nt public auction nt the Court
House in Houokn.-i aforesaid, 011 Satur
day, the 1st day of February, A. D. 1902,
at 12 o'clock noon.
The property covered by said mortgage
is described as follows : All that certain
parcel of laud situate in Ntenie, in said
Hamakiia, ns conveyed to the said mort
gagor by deed of S. Knattkoi, dated June
17, 1882, recorded in the office of the
Registrar of Conveyances in Liber 78 on
pages 329, 330 nnd 331, containing nn
area of one-half ncre, together with the
dwelling house nnd out houses thereon.
Terms cash. Deeds nt expense of pur
chaser, l'or further particulars apply to
Attorney for Mortgagee.
Dated Houoknn, Hawaii, January 6th.
1902. I0-I2t
Hooluliu Jlooko 0 kit Mo
rn ki a me ke Kiiai.
I kulikc ni me 11a olelo o kekahi mo
rnki i hannin c John L. Knuakaolttua n tue
Palilalia, knua wahine marc, o Houokna,
Hamakun, Mokttpuui a me ka Terilori o
Hawaii, in, M. V. Holmes, oia walii no,
kn tnca paa moraki, i lianaia ma ka la 1 o
Pebcruari, M. II. 1792, a i kukau kopia
ma ke Kecua Kakati Kopc ma Honolulu,
lluke 129, itono 385 nine 4S6; ke hoolahnin
uku nei ka lohe ke inakeiuakc uci o M.
V. Holmes i olcloia, 11 hook'o nku i tin
moraki la 110 kn tthakiin o kn nelike, oin
ka hookna ole ia o ke kuiutipan nine kn
ukupnuee i kn va e kooknn ni.
Ke hoolnhnin nku uci kn lohe i na men
apau, o ka waiwai i paa maloko o ita
moraki la e ktmiin nktt nun ma ke kttknla
nken ma kn Hale Hookolokolo 111a llono
kaa, Hatnakua, ma kn Pomoa, In I o
I'ebrttary, M. II, 1902 horn 12 nwnken.
O ka Waiwai i pan maloko o 11a moraki
la, peuei ke kuhiktihi ana: O kelu apaua
apau e wniho una tun Nieuie, Hamakiia i
olcloia, i ikein inn kn palapaln kiiai o S.
Kaaukai ia John L. Kniinknoluua, i
hannin ma kn In 17 o June, 1882, n i
! ki,kau toPBln ,ua kc KceIm Knkutt Kolc'
! l'"ke 7S, noao 329. 330 nine 331, nona kn
I ill he hapalun eka, me na hale apau
1 nmimm Ull ina la.
M. V. HOLMl'S,
Men paa moraki.
Kttike ke data. Nil ttktt liana palapaln
i ka men e lilo ni. No na mea i koe e
uiiiau ia
Loio no kn mea paa moraki.
Knknuia ma Kouokaa, Hawaii, Inuunri
6, 1902. 10-12.
In the Circuit Court, of the Fourth Circuit,
Territory of Hawaii.
At Chamiihus In Pkoiiath.
In the matter of the Fstate of ANTONI?
MI?Dl?IROS of South Hilo, Hawaii,
Petition for Probate of Will.
The last will nnd testament of said de
ceased having been presented to said
Court together with n petition for the
Probate theieof, and for the issuance of
Letters testamentary to Marta da Gloria
I having been filed.
I Notice is hereby given that Tuesday
j the nth day of February, A. I). 1902,1a
j 9 o'clock' A. M., in the Court House of
' South Hilo, Hawaii, is hereby appointed
! the time and place for proving said will
I and hearing said applicitinu, when and
where any person interested may appear
land show cause, ifnny they have, why
I tins prayer of said petition should not be
' granted.
! Dated Hilo, Hawaii, Jnu. 15, 1901.
I liy tlie court:
Rm:wAY A,SKRTKR' Ck'rk-
Attorneys for petitioner. 11-131
Annual 31 eel in
Stockholders of the Kilnueii Stock nnd
.Dairy Co., Ltd., the following were
1 elected Officers mid Directors for the eu-
. M'D'B 't'ar :
President FF.TF.R LI?I?
Yice.Pres...C. I?. RICHARDSON
Treasury A. I?. SUTTON
Auditor J. MARTIN Ll?l!
DlKltCTous Mmliu llowers nnd A.J.
W. Mackenzie.
Olaa, January 2o, 1902, i?-il
Words of Ocrmnii Dopuly Ilrlnp
Protest From Clinitccllor.
Berlin, Jan. 10. During tlie dc
bnte on the estimates in the Reich
stag today. Heir Uasserinaiin de
clared that the National Liberal
party wouM oppose any suggestion
ofaloanof 35,000,000 marks to
cover the deficit. I'innnctnl reform
was necessary, and the National
Liberals were not adverse to direct
imperial taxation.
During the course of the debate
references were made to Mr. Cham
berlain's remark concerning the
German army, when the British
Colonial Secretary delivered his
famous speech at Kdiiiburgh. I Terr
Sonnenberg, Radical Anti-Semite,
made a long and violent speech,
indulging in the most bitter invec
tive against Mr. Chamberlain and
the British army ever heard in the
Reichstag. He characterized Cham
berlain as the most wicked man on
God's earth. This expression
called forth a stern rebuke from the
president of the House, but Ilerr
Soiiucnbcrg unabashed, assailed the
British army, classing it as a "mob
of thieves and rdbbers, unfit to be
compared with the glorious Ger
mans." The speaker's remarks
called forth further censure from
the president.
The Chancellor, Count vc n Bite
low, making a general reply to the
preceding speakers, said: "I be
lieve I shall be in sympathy with a
very great majority of the House
when I express the hope that the
custom of abusing foreign Minis
ters from tue tribune of this august
House will not become naturalized
among us. That would accord
neither with the usages of the Ger
man people nor the interests of our
policy. (Cheers.) I must at the
same time express my deep regret
at the way in which the last speaker
referred to the army of a nation
with which we live in peace and
friendship. As we ourselves are
sensitive concerning the honor of
our own army, so we should not
abuse foreign armies, in which
there are brave men enough who
know they have to die." (Bravos.)
Count von Buelow strongly dep
recated the contention of Ilerr Bas
sermaiiu that the official press ought
to have given the lead to public
opinion in dealing with Chamber
lain's speech.
"Our press and public opinion,"
said the Chancellor, "would stand
in very low repute if in questions
of national honor they stood in
need of word of command from
above." Protesting against the
idea that the repudiation of an
aspersion on tlie army should effect
a change of policy, Count von Bue
low said: "If this repudiation is
to be an excuse for forcing upon us
a different attitude in regard to the
war in South Africa, or a pretext
for bringing about unfriendly rela
tions between our people and a peo
ple toward whom we have never
stood in hostility and to whom we
are bound by weighty interests, I
wish to leave it beyond doubt that
I will have nothing to do with any
thing of the kind. We cannot let
the direction of foreign policy be
prescribed for us by speeches, reso
lutions or popular meetings. That
policy can only be determined by
the real and permanent interests of
the country, and that interest re
quires us, while fully safeguarding
our independence, dignity and
honor, to cultivate friendly relations
with Great Britain."
I Turkey .May Resist the lliiliaiis.
London, Jan. 10. Tlie Cairo
correspondent of the Daily Mail
1 cables that he learns that the Sul-
' van of Turkey vainly sought to en
list French aid to prevent the Ita
lian occupation of Tripoli.
Washington Docs Xot Ilcllcvo L'rcs.
cut Regime Can Hold Out Long.
Washington, Jan. 10. The over
throw of the Castro regime in 7ene
zuela, which now appears quiie
possible, will be followed by the
dispatch of the entire North Atlan
tic squadron to the waters of that
country. A formidable American
naval representation will then be at
La Gttayr.t. It will consist of the
battle-ship Indiana, now at
cao, the battle-ship Kcarsarge, Ala-,
baiiirt and Massachusetts, and the
gunboat Marietta, all under com
mand of Rear-Admiral Higginsoii,
commander in chief.
British, Ifrench and German ves
sels are also gathering in the vicin
ity of Venezuela, and these nations
will be represented at La Gttayra
in case of trouble. Because the
Administration deems it advisable
that the senior officer present shall
be an American, it desires that
Rear-Admiral Higginsoii shall be
with his flagship at the seaport of
Caracas when conditions require it.
Chinese Exclusion.
Washington, Jan. 9. The-committee
of Pacific Coast representa
tives met today to decide on a Chi
nese exclusion bill. While the
sub-committee that has been at
work on the matter had not defi
nitely reported, it was generally
thought that a bill re-enacting the
present laws would be favored,
with additions from the Immigra
tion Bureau bill. No bill, however,
was reported. A communication
was received from Samuel Gom
pers, president of the American
federation of Labor, asking to be
heard on the exclusion question,
and the members of the California
Kxclusion Commission were in at
tendance to request a hearing, so
the committee decided to postpone
action for one week. In the mean
time the sub-committee was in
structed to hear Gompers and the
California Commission, and report
to the general committee, which
will meet next Thursday.
roiir-scoro Islanders Slain.
Berlin, Jan. 9. A correspondent
in Samoa writes to the Cologne
Gazette giving a hitherto unknown
explanation of the killing of Dr.
Menke, leader of a German scienti
fic expedition in the South sea isl
ands, Bismarck archipelago. The
correspondent says that Dr. Mcuke
and his pat ty ruthlessly destroyed
a number of palm trees, of which
there were but a few 011 the island,
and the natives acted in defense of
their property. The German puni
tive expedition sent to avenge the
killing of Dr. Menke and his party,
was landed from the German
cruiser Cormoraii near the scene of
the massacre, killing eighty-one isl
anders. "Such is the civilization," says
the Vorwaerts, "that our colonial
politicians are spreading."
I -.. ,-
Senate Coullrius Cabinet Olllccrs.
Washington, Jan. 9. The Sen
ate in executive session today con
firmed the nomination of L. M.
Shaw to be Secretary of the Tteas
ury and of II. C. Payne to be Postmaster-General.
The Senate also confirmed W. S.
Graham as Surveyor-General of
I California.
Iloiiso Pusses C111111I Hill.
Washington, Jan. 9. The Hep
burn Nicaragua canal bill passed
the House late this afternoon by
practically a unanimous vote.
Only two members out of 310 voted
; against it. Messrs. Fletcher (R.) and watched him play. A Central
of Minnesota and Lassistcr (D.) of News dispatch says that Schwab's
I Virginia were the only two casting winnings amounted to nearly $20,
negative voles. l0oo.
England Not Appeased
London, Jan. n. Count von
Buelow's second speech has quite
failed to appease the Knglish press.
The Times publishes the matter
most strongly, and says with re
ference to the speeches of Ilerreu
Liebcrmauu and Sonnenberg:
"Seldom, if ever, has a friendly
nation been so grossly insulted in a
foreign parliament, and never with
in our memory has insult met with
such mild rebuke from the rcpre-
Cura-jsentative of a friendly power with
whom lie professes to desire the
maintenance of good relations, as
Count von Buelow thought suffi
cient to inflict on Ilerr von Sonnen
berg. "liven brigands and thieves may
know how to die. What we have
a right to expect from the Minister
of a friendly state is a definite re
pudiation of the calumnies uttered
within his hearing. With regard,
not to the British soldiers dead,
but to those who arc living, we
must state frankly and emphatically
that the limit of British patience
will be overstepped if Count von
Buelow imagines he can court Brit
ish friendship and at the same time
use the King's uniform in which
our kinsmen are fighting honorably
in South Africa in order to wipe his
feet upon it."
French Spring Surprise.
Peking, Jan. 10. The French
Minister, M. Beau, refuses to pre
sent his credentials until China ful
fills certain demands of the French
Government. The joint audience
of the foreign and new Chinese
Ministers, which had been arranged,
has been postponed because of M.
Beau's action.
The report of the arrest of Gene
ral Lung lu Hiang, whose decapi
tation has been ordered by the Do
wager Kmprcss, is incorrect. The
Tartar General, who is Governor
ofKan-su, was afraid to execute
the orders he received, owing to
Tung Fu Hiaug's influence among
the Mohammedans, who dominate
the proviuc-.. The Governor fear
ed the arrest of Tung Fit Hiang
would incite the Mohammedans to
New York, Jan. 10. A cable to
the Herald from Buenos Ayres
says: The latest news from Asun
cion shows that blood has been
shed. in the Paraguayan revolution.
A plot to depose President Aceval
was decided upon at a conference
between General Caballero, General
Ivscobar, Colonel Kscurra, Minister
of War; Senor Moreno, Minister of
Finance, and Senator Fleytas.
This revolutionary committee sent
a deputation to President Aceval to
request him to resign. Senor Ace
val emphatically declined. As the
declination was expected, a detach
ment of cavalry was placed within
easy call. The cavalrymen were
summoned and the President was
taken off to prison.
Another cavalry detachment was
sent to the residence of General
Kgusquiza, former President of
Paraguay, buthat gentleman had
been apprized of the coup d'etat
and had sought safety at the Ar
gentine Legation.
Schwab Stirs Up Monte Carlo.
London, Jan. to. A dispatch to
the Daily Mail from Monte Carlo
says that excitement was caused in
Casino there Friday by Charles M.
Schwab, president of the United
States Steel Corporation, going
from one table to another playing
the maximums. He won two, one
of which amounted to io.Soo.
I An interested crowd followed him

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