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1' -
I3rllit, Reliable,
Tlie ProgresBlve
Vol. 7.
No. 14.
' ' 1
1 .
ljc $Ucr tutntm
Officii, IlHituu: Stri'kt, ltuu, Hawaii.
(Tkiiiuni: IIlock.)
Hilo Tribune Publishing Company, Ltd.
l'uMl.iliers nnd Proprietors
President ..C. C. KksnkiiV
Vice-President ). E. KlcilAKliy
Secretary-Treasurer I,. XV. Hawomtii
Auditor - A. I!. Kuttdm
Director Ol o. h. McKi.Nrn:, 1) W. M.vuhu
Adferll.cMcnts unaccompanied by specific
tinlruclloin in.cited until urtlirnt uut.
Advertisements tllconliuuid titibtc expiration
of specified period will lie charged n If con
tlnucil Tor lull term.
Address nil romuiuuicntious eltlur to tlie
Kdltorlalor lluslues Iiep-irtmcols or Tin: II11.0
The column ol Tun lltinTitliii'Niinrcnluray
open 10 communications on nuiijLCis wiiiiin ine
scope or tlie paper To ncili- proper attention,
cncii nrtlcle mini lie hIiihI hy llsniilhnr. The
name, when ilcslrcd, will he lit lit confidential.
Tim lino Tkiiii.m. I not responsible Tor the
opinion or slat Mini of correspondent.
W. S. Wise,
Will practice hi nil Court of the Territory, and
the Supreme Court of the United ht.ites.
Office: Tkuiunk Hitii.iiino,
llrlduc Strict, IIII.O, HAWAII
Chas. M. LcBloncl,
llaallnii, Japanese, and Clihimc lutirpicter,
nuu notary I'uouc in uiucc.
Office: Shvhkancu IIuimhkr,
Opposite Court House. IIII.O, HAWAII
Riclgway & Ridgway
Solicitor of rntcnli. Oineral Law Practice
Notary Public in Office.
Ol'I'ICK: Wai.iniicnue nud Uridine Street
Godfrey F. Alfonso,
Notary Public
Agent to Kraut Marriage License
Koom 4, Tribune IIlock,
Uridyl st . Hilo.
1'. O. Hot jo 1
Tel 117.
JOHN J. GRACE, M. 1)., F.K.C.S.
office: WAtAM'KNUK sT.
Ofilcc lluur: S to u a. m ; I In 3 p m
lteuiiiKS. 7 jo to s
No moruiii hour on WiduiHtlayK.
R. Ii. Reid, M. D.
V Office: Sl'KKCKlU.S' Hl.UCK.
Office Hours :
10:30 to 12 ti. m.; 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. in.
Suud.is, 9 to 12 a. in.
C. L. Stow,
M. R.C. S.. Ktc.
Office Hour' K 30 ton a 111 ; i to 1, and 7toK 111.
IMhce and Kesidtuit.:
Milton Rice, M. D.
Physician and Sukokon
Office, Wni.inueuue St.
Hours, 8:3010 10:30 a. m.; 2-4 and 7:30
to 8:30 p. m. Sundays, 9 to II a. M.
I. 1. RAY
Ray Brothers,
Wiil.mueiiue Strtet, IIII.O, HAWAII
A. K. Sutton
A. E. Suuon & Co.
Agents for Loudon mid Laucashire Fire
Insurance Company, Orient lusur-
once Company. Westcluster
Fire Insurance Company.
AucTioNiti'.ns, Commission, Rit.vi, Ks-
Office in Kcono.mic Snoit S'j'iikh,
1111,(1, HAWAII.
W. A. Purdy,
Oi.n Custom Housit IIuii.iunc..
Front Street, Hilo, Hawaii.
Chu. M. I.ellloud,
XV. II. hmitli,
All collection promptly inadeuud uccouuttil for.
UeuU lollteteil for ulistiitte uiul
e.lalikiitleuded to,
HMVItKANCIt 111,1)0., Opp. Court Iloue,
M. Wachs, I). I). S.
Ofilcc Hours,
9 to 4
Walter H. Schoening
I'itm.iii Street,
M. R. C, V. S.
Veterinary Surgeon
ClTV STAIII.KS - Tm.. 135.
Telephone No. ij I', o. Box No. 5
J. W. Mnou A. IlumburK I". Peck
I, Turner A . Sutton
Hawaiian Uusincss
Office SprtcWcli'
IluildliiK, with S. II. Webb
front St., with nueiils nuu correspondents in all
district of the Territory and throughout the
United state. Mint aluahle private Informs
tlou to uiliHcrlhcn. Collections n eclalty.
l'OK SAi.it Four (4) thoroughbred
Pointer puppies, beautifully marked lines
and white, three females a'nd one male,
$15 t" $35each. Apply, Horner's Ranch,
I'oit RitNT In Putieo, new and modern
cottage; impure of ALLAN WALL, at
the Hilo Market.
Pine job work in all its bnnches.
Oive us a chance to estimate. TuiHUNlt.
NoriClt Neither the Masters nor
Agent of vessels of the "Matson Line"
will be responsible for any debts con
tracted by the crew. R. T. GUARD,
Hilo, April 16, 1901. 24-
Notick The store located on Front
Ureet, opposite Ah Hip's formerly occu
pied by Kwoug Tong Chen and Wing
l.ee Cluing, has been rented to Lin Hop
to carry 011 a coffee shop nnd merchandise
stote, of which the undersigned is maiia
er. KONO YU, Manager.
In the Circuit Court ofthe Fourth Circuit,
Territopy of Hawaii.
Violante Duarte, plaintiff vs. Joseph Du
arte, defendant.
The Territory of Hawaii; to the High
You are commanded to summon Jo-.
seph Duarte, Defendant, in case he shall
file written answer within twentv davs
after service hereof, to be and appear be
fore the said Circuit Court at the January
Teim thereof, to be holden at South Hilo,
Island of Hawaii on Wednesday the 1st.
day of Jutiu.iry next, at ten o'clock A. m.,
to show cause why the claim of Violante
Duarte, Plaintiff, should not be awarded
to her pursuant to the tenor of her nil
iiexcd petition. And have you then and
there this writ with full return of your
proceedings thereon.
Witness Hon. Gilbert F. Little, Judge
of the Circuit Court ofthe 4H1 Circuit, ut
south Hilo, Hawaii, this 12th day of
August, 1901.
tSigued DANIKL PORTKR, Clerk.
I certify the foregoing to ben true copy
of the original summons in said cause nud
that said Court ordered publication ofthe
same and continuance of said cai.se until
the next Term of this Court.
Hilo, Hawaii, Jan. 22, 1902. 13-18
In the Circuit Court, ofthe Fourth Circuit,
Territory of Hawaii.
In the matter of the Kstate 0 IJNOKA
KAAUA (k), late of Hilo, Hawaii,
The petition and accounts ot the Ad
ministrator of the etute of said deceased,
having been filed wherein he asks that
his accounts be examined and npproved.
and that 11 final order be made of distri
bution ol the property remain inr in his
hands to the persons thereto entitled, and
discharging him from all further respou-
..tliilitt. ..- lii.iIi A . I. . .:..!... ... t. 1 .
1 !. I .1 ."""" ."!-
Sffil Uiattlesd'Tsmday of
'ebruary, a. D. 1902, at 9 o'clock a. m.,
t Chambers, in the Court House at South
III". Hawaii, be nud jthe same hereby is
.t.i..j ..- anvil ItlluullllHIlllur.
order ei
unpointed as the time and place for hear.
t.i pi.,.. I'kiiinfii aim iiiiiiuiiLa, tinil mill
all person interested mav then anil there
appear and show came, if any they have,
why the same should not be granted.
ninJ.,',.,,;.r.L2"tl, ,,JM-
.... '. . ...
F. S. Lyman,
Attorney for Petitioner. 13.15
hnerill 01 t ie J erritnrv nl iimvu .
or his Deimtv i he Sheriir nf ilii. ' . y' . ulc """''rsignetl, at tlie ollice of W.
Islam! of wail or Ids lilnutl or I S Wise' '" IU1"' Wi""1 ",ul Territory of
111 v Ci is able iV, H, T T& rf "" " hix f' the .late
Hawaii Terntory of ofthi9 notice, or such claims, if nuy, will
In the Circuit Court, of thcl'ourth Circuit, n,slr,cl CUwciib Mnko Merry Ccle
Territory of Ilnwnli. brntlng Aiintrcrsnrr.
Summons. Ummt-n.. tt..,:s t mm-
I The Laupahoehoe Sugar Company, a cor-
lorntion, planum, vs. u. K. Soulc
aud I. K. Uny. defendants,
The Territory of Hawaii; to the High
Sheriff ofthe Territory of Hawaii, or
Ills Dennlv. tlm .Slii-riiTof ttip Islnn.l
of Hawaii, or his Deputy, or nuy
Constable in tlie Territory of Hawaii:
You are commanded to summon II. IJ.
Soulc and 1. IJ. Kay, defendants, incase
jthpy shall file written answer within
! twenty day after service hereof to he and
I ft n,i."i r Iwtfnr.. 111.. cil.l I'lvr-nil ('.-, nl'
j n,L. Janu.iry Term thereof, to he holden
1 at South Hilo, Island of Hawaii on Thurs
day tlie and day of January next, ul 10
o'clock a. m., to .show cause why the
claim of the Latipahochoc SliK-ir Com
pany, n corporation, plaintiff should not
be awarded to them pursuant to the tenor
ol tlieir annexed petition. And have you
then and there this writ with full return
of your proceedings thereon,
Witness Hon. Gilbert V. Little, Judge
of the Circuit Court of the l'ourth Circuit.
at South Hilo, Hawaii, this 10th day of
m-ceuiDcr, 1901. .
(Signed) DANIKL l'OUTHU, Clerk.
I certify the foregoing to bo 11 true copy
of the original Summons lit said cause
and that said Court ordered publication
ol the same and continuance of said cause
until the next Term of this Court.
Hilo, Hawaii, Jan. 12, 1902. 13-29
In the Circuit Court ofthe Fourth Circuit,
Territory of Hawaii.
The Hakalau Plantation Company, cor.
poration, plaintiff, vs. II. K. Soule
and I. K. Ray, defendants.
The Territory of Hawaii; to the High
Sheriff ofthe Territory of Hawaii, or
his Deputy, the Sheriff of the Island
of Hawaii, or his Deputy, or nny
Constable in the Territory of Hawaii.
You arc commanded to summon II. IJ.
Soule and I. IJ. Ray, defendants, in case
they shall file written answer within
twenty days, after service hereof, to be
nud appear before the said Circuit Cturt
at the January Term thereof, to be holden
at South Hilo, Island of Hawaii, on
Thursday the and day of January next, at
ten o'clock A. jr., to show cause why the
claim of the Hakalau Plantation Com
pany, plaintiff, should not be awarded to
them pursuant to the tenor of tlieir an
nexed petition. And have you then and
there this writ with full return of your
proceedings thereon.
Witness Hon. Gilbert F. Little, Judge
ofthe Circuit Court ofthe Fourth Circuit,
at South Hilo, Hawaii, this 10th day of
December, 1901.
(Sigued) DANIKL PORTKR, Clerk.
I certify the foregoiug to be a true
copy of the original Summons In said
tunc and that ssld Court ordered public
ation ofthe Mine and continuance of said
cause until the next Term of this Court.
Hilo, Hawaii, Jan. 22, 1902. 13-29
In the Circuit Court, Fourth Circuit,
Territory of Hawaii.
In PuoiiATit At Chamiii'.ks.
In the matter of the Kstate of UNAHI-
OLKA (k), deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed has been appointed Administrator
of the Kstate ofthe said deceased, and
Hint all creditors of said deceased, are
hereby notified to present their claims
duly verified, and with proper vouchers, if
w c w,a Juai
Attorney for Kstate.
Hilo, Hawaii, Jan. 31, 1902. 13-41
Public IjuinIn Notice.
Notice is hereby given to the members
of Kaiheiiui nud Peter Lee Settlement
Associations of lauds nt Olaa, Puna,
Hawaii, that application for their re
apeetivc lots may be made at the office of
the Sub-Agent of Public Lauds for the
First Land District nt Hilo, on and after
February 8, 1902.
K. S. 1IOYD,
Commissioner of Public Lauds.
Honolulu, January 7, 1902.
Assignee's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that Iwamoto
and Nomura doing business ut Wainkea,
Hilo, under the firm name of Iwamoto,
have made n voluntary assignment to the
undersigned for the benefit of nil of their
The creditors of the said firm ure herein-
! reipiisted to file their claims with the
I undersigned, nud nuy and all persons in-
. . .
v....H, ,,..,, nun ,y mill III! IierSOIIS III-
'T' I" "" f" '''"" "" '"
i e,lU '""' m' t,lc Mmv ,lt "
j s. SATO,
Assignees of Iwamoto.
1 im , . .
, Hil' Jry ) I9"J.
I hMiTH & Parsons,
Attorneys for Assignees.
F.S.-TI.e creditors of Iwamoto are
i)liir..lit. ri.inii.i.t...1 I.......... ... .1 n...,.r
.....j i.iHhll.li IV UHK1 Ilk lU IIIULU Ul
Messrs. II. Haekfeld & Co. Ltd., ut Hilo,
on Saturday, Feb. 8th, ut 9 u. 111. 13-15
. . .. , ., ' ' '
""' i lvuuerr. minis was ceie-
bralcd in lloiiokna in a style to de-
t;,.i,f ,,, , . ,. , , ,
"Kilt the most exacting and loyal
clansman. On the cveiiiiiir of Tnn
nary 25 all of the Scotch people of
the vicinity, and from neighboring
plantations, assembled at the rcsi
denoc of Joe Pritchard and enjoyed
six hours of literary and social
A. U. IJndsay was the genial
and highly
sticcessfttl master of
Thos. Gregg of Paau-
halt was the orator of the occasion,
and delivered a very scholarly and
entertaining address, which was
received with much enthusiasm.
Mr. Forbes of Kukiiihacle, in kilts,
and weiring th insignia and plaid
of his clan, represented the typical
Scot of the olden time.
M. W. Innis of Ilonokaa awak
ened old time recollections and
everybody in the neighborhood
with the weird strains of the bag
pipes which put life in the heels of
Mr. Forbes who, assisted by several
other lively young Scots, gave fre
quent exhibitions of the Highland
fling as it was wont to be performed
in the days of "auld lang syne."
The Scottish reels and other dances
that interspersed the long literary
and musical program were very
much appreciated, and made old
hearts young again, and young
hearts gay. Nearly everyone pres
ent sang or recited or in some other
special manner contributed to the
entertainment and hilarity of the
occasion. It is needless to say that
a liberal supply of the favorite
Scotch beverages was on hand with
plenty of good things to eat and
make glad the heart of the "canny
Among those present were: Mr
and Mrs I) Forbes of Kuktiihacle;
Mr and Mrs John Watt of Hono
kaa; J Gibb and biother of Paau
hau; W Stewart, Mr and Mrs
Riley, Mr and Mrs II Watt, Mr
and Mrs T Murray of Paauhau;
Mr and Mrs A B Undsay, Miss
Mabel Childs, H Stewart, Mr
Bragg, W Innis, Mrs M V Holmes,
Mr Payne, Mrs Dr Greenfield,
Chas Meinicke, Dr Buffet, Joe
Pritchard, C McKeuzie of Hono
kaa; Dr J L, McClelland and Miss
Isabelle McClelland of California;
Thos. Gregg and Mr Cruickshanks
of Paauhau.
During the progress of the enter
tainment, it was whispered about
that the birthday of John Watt,
the popular manager of Houokaa
plantation, was just beginning.
The anniversary spirit having been
thoroughly aroused, the crowd de
layed until Mr. and Mrs. Watt had
gone home, and then descended
upon the plantation residence in
force. Mrs. Watt being in the
secret, had gotten the victim off
safely to bed, so that the surprise
was as complete as could have
been desired, and the way Mr.
Watt was roused from his first nap
and toasted and roasted and other
wise disturbed for several hours
was an incident he is likely to re
member for many a birthday.
When the bagpipes began to
scream, and the drum to beat in
his parlor, accompanied by a var
iety of classic Scotch yells and pa
triotic howls, Mr. Watt seemed to j hearing before the Senate Coinnii
havc been impressed with a sense tee, Senator Perkins of California,
of impending trouble, and appeared himself the author of a Government
.MMiilj nulling, u
ln fi8nBC0Stuine; bu
i ing the mild, gentle a
. ,, r ,, 1 u
character of the ladies,
but 011 observ -
and peaceful
he changed
his mien, and seating himself at
the piano, gave a highly artistic
! exhibition of his musical attain -
ments, after which he retired and
arrayed himself in the gnrb of
Notwithstanding the lateness of
the hour, a most excellent collation
was served, and the spirit of the
old song was almost literally carried
out "We won't go home till morn
ing, till broad day light." Bulle
Will lie ns'l'liorouglily American nslf
It WcroOtuiciIlir tho Government.
Special to the Ilulletin.
Washington, Jnn. 16. It is
nearly a settled fact that Congress
will not pass a law at this session
providing for a Government cou-
structed cable in the Pacific. The
hearings that have been had upon
the question before the House and
Senate Committees have come
pretty near convincing a majority
of the members of the respective
committees that the best thing to
be done in the case is to let the
Commercial Cable Company, of
which John W. Mackay is the head,
go along nnd build its proposed
cable without interference from the
The .statements 111r.de by the re
presentatives of the Mackay com
pany have been so convincing that
they have come pretty near putting
a stop to all talk about a Govern
ment cable. The company declared
before the Senate committee this
week that if the Government does
not interfere with its plans it will
have its cable between San Fran
cisco and Honolulu laid and in
working order by December of the
present year, and perhaps the first
messages may be sent over it in
October or November. The cable
is now actually being built at the
rate of 136 miles a day at the Glas
gow cable works, where all of the j
great deep-water cables ol the world
have been built. By the end of 1
next month the cable will be going
forward at the rate of 160 miles a
month, and by the first ofthe sum
mer it will be completed, placed in
a cable ship and be ready for the
trip around the Horn. The com
pany also promises to have a com
pleted cable in operation to the
Philippines within two years from
now about half the time it would
take the Government to do the
same work.
The company also proposes that
it will make the public rate be
tween San Francisco and Manila
just one-half of the present rate via
Europe. It will give the United
States Government a rate amount
ing to one-half of the public rate,
making the rate on Government
messages one-quarter of the pres
ent Manila-American rjite. The
company promises at any time after
the cable has been completed to
turn it over to the Government at
the actual cost price, or'if that be
not satisfactory to sell it to the
Government at any price agreed
upon by arbitrators appointed for
determining its value. The com
pany says that its only purpose in
wanting to go ahead is that it can
build cables for 15 per cent less
than any other company in the world,
and in its business of operating
cables and telegraph lines a cable
across the Pacific, owned either by
the Government or by itself, would
be ot great advantage to it, as it
would to all other American tele
graph companies.
The company places its plans up
on such high ground that after the
, ownership Pacific cable bill, said
j that he would be obliged to re-
I noutice Government ownership in
the face of an offer of this sort, and
, immediately he withdrew his own
.hill from consideration.
Mjsloi'ious Hour Conclave.
Brussels, Jan. ly. Dr. I.eyds,
the European repiesentative of the
Transvaal, and the Boer delegates
met again today at some mysterious
rendezvous. Dr. Leyds now de
nies himself to everybody. It is
asserted that Dr. Ktiyper, the Dutch
Premier, on his return to The
Hague from London, had a confer
ence with Mr. Wolmarans, one of
the Boer delegates, who sent
another delegate to consult with
Mr. Krticgcr, and that another
meeting will be held next Monday.
In spite of the Boer denials, a
strong feeling exists here that some
peace movement is afoot between
Great Britain and the Boer dele
gates, but there is difficulty in ar
riving at any acceptable basis of
terms, Mr. Krucger and Dr. Lcyds
being reluctant to commit them
selves. It is declared in Boer cir
cles here that a number of English
men, supposed to be officials ofthe
British Government, arrived at The
Hague under assumed names last
Saturday and were later visited and
entertained at dinner by the British
Minister there.
London, Jan. 20. The Times
has received a cablegram from Dr.
Kuyper, the Dutch Premier, in,
which he declares he has held no
conference with the Boer delegates,
and that he could not induce them
to draw tin terms of peace, ns ho
knew their credentials did not allow
them to do so.
Colonel Kitchener Inspected l'enrl
Hurbor Lochs Tuesday.
Considerable significance is at
tached to the visit which Colonel C.
Kitchener, brother of Lord Herbert
Kitchener, paid to the Ewa planta
tion last week. The first thing
the Colonel did after the Gaelic ar
rived at Honolulu from San Fraucis
sco, was to inquire if there wercsome
sugar plantations running. He ex
pressed a desire .to visit one. It
was suggested that he go to the
Ewa plantation, whereupon the
officer took the first train to that
All of his time at Ewa was not
occupied however with the inspec
tion of the plantation mill. He is
reported to have taken a boat and,
accompanied by two strangers,
been rowed about Pearl Harbor
where he appeared to be taking
soundings of the water. lie also
secured photographs of the sites for
the new naval station. Whether
the data and pictures were taken
for his own use or for other pur
poses is unknown. A number of
people arc inclined to attribute his
inspection of the harbor to some
official orders, although it is hardly
likely that he could have learned
much of importance during his
rather brief inspection.
Its Fume Spreading.
A certain portion of Hilo Ha
waiians have started an organiza
tion of a semi-political nature, with
a view of branching out and organ
izing clubs in every district and
precinct of the big island first, and
ultimately throughout the group,
providing they are successful in en
listing the sympathy of the elec
torate. Governor John T. Baker
is its leading exponent, assisted by
Senator Jno. T. Brown and others.
It is called the Aloha Aiua Society
and its tenets are to inculcate econ
omy in politics as well as in busi
ness and social life, and to pick out
nothing but the best material
among the Ilawaiians for the be
stowal of legislative honors and of
political preferment, without any
regard to whatever their politics
may be. An initiation fee of $2 is
demanded of anyone wishing to
join. Among its members, of
whom there are now over thirty,
are men prominent in nearly all
walks of life in that town, and even
including the offspring of the much
hated missionaries. Independent.

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