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JfMBRiiillBMBawnia'' --33te. -AfcL !-! ---. '-:
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Bright, Reliable,
Tlie ProyreBBivc
Vol. 7.
No. 20.
ii ! m niiMWBMi in niin i i ii iii i wninmn if i HiatudflaaBMaaMaiManianivmB'rTEbHKHMHm
tPI ' T Brltilit, Reliable,
$ .; n-T -r
vv ".
wff.. - J I
t T
Oi'i'icit. Hkiuoi: Stkiikt, into, Hawaii.
(Thiiiuni: Iilock.)
Hilo Tribune Publishing Company, Ltd.
Publisher and Proprietor.
President C. C. KENMKDY
Vice-President - K. E. RlCHARUf
Secretary-Treasurer -L. W. Hawortii
Auditor A. K. Sutton
Director Geo. S. McKbnhe, O V. Marsh
Advcrtlnciuenti unaccompanied by ipecl6r
nslriictloni Inserted tintlt ordered oul.
Advertisements dlcoitllnurd before expiration
of specified period will tie charged at If con
tlntted Tor lull term
Addris nil coinmuiilcnlloiu either to the
IMItorl.il or lhuiiicM IiepitrtmenU of Tiik HiLo
The columns ot Tiik HIioTriiiunk Are nhtny
open to communication on mibjectn within the
cope of the paper. To receive proper attention,
each article must be signed by In author. The
name, when desired, will be held confidential
Tiik IIilo Thibunk Is not responsible for the
opinions or statements of curiespondcnls.
Wise & Ross,
Will practice in all Courts of the Territory, and
the Supreme Court of the United Mates.
Office: TiumiKK Huii.imnc:,
llrldgcSUitt, IIII.O. HAWAII
Chas. M. LcBlond,
Hawaiian, Japanese, and Chinese IntcrplcUrs,
iiud Notary Public in Olficc.
OpiHislte Court House, IIII.O, HAWAII
Tnos.C. Riik'.way
Rid g way & Ridgway
otlcllor of Putents (ienenil I,aw PraUlce
Notary Public in Office.
OI'I'ICKt Wal.inuenue and Ilrldge Streets
)0HX J. GRACE, M. 1).. F.R.C.S.
0(11 c Hours: 8 to 11 a. m . i to m.
l'.eulUKS, 7.ju to S.
tl morning hours on Wednesdays.
"R. Ii. Reid, M. D.
Office: Si'KiccKias' IJ1.0CK.
Office Hours :
iu.jn (o 12 ii. tit.; 3 to 4 and 7 to S p. til.
Sundays, 9 to is a. 111.
C. L. Stow,
M. R. C.S., Htc
Olfice Hours: S 30 to 11 11. 111.; 1 to 4, and 7loSp 111.
(Iirice nud Kesldence.
Milton Rice, M. D.
Physician anm) Sukohon
Office, Wui.iiuieiitie St.
Hours, 8:30 to 10:30 a. M.; 2-4 niul 7:30
to 8:30 p. m. Suiul.iys, 9 to 11 A. M.
A. K. Sutton H. Vicaks
A. H. Sulion & Co.
AentH for Loudon and Luiicishire Fire
lnstiranee Company, Orient Insur
ance Company, Westchester
I'ire Insurance Compitiy.
AucTioNititus, Commission, Rkai, V.h-
Olllcc in Economic Siioic Stokk,
1111,0, HAWAII.
W. A. Purdy,
Oi.ii Custom Housk IIiiii.iiinc,
l'roiit Street, IIilo, Hawaii.
Tehphoue No. 13 P. O. Hon No. 1
J. W. .Mason A llumliurK P. Peck
I Turner A. I. sulion
ll;iv.iiian Unsincss Aucucy
Olfice SpltiUI,' lliillillUK. IUl S. II Wihb,
l'riiut SI., ith iiueiitsiinil i-orri-Kiiidi ins in all
dlstriits of the I'eirihiry unci throiiKliout the
Unhid Slalis. Most v.iluuhlt- prlvulc Informa
tion to subscribe r Colli illous 11 HYi.illy.
Chas M I.ilihuid,
W. II. Smith.
Alt collections promptly made and uccoiintid foi
Kent tollu lid lr !-. tilt-t--. mid
I'olultauthudril In.
HI'.VHUANCIt lll.ix:
Opp. Comt House.
C. II. W. Hitchcock,
M. Wachs, 1). I). S.
Office Hours,
9 to 4
Walter H. Schoening
Skvbranck Housk,
Pitman Street, IIilo, Hawaii
M. R. C. V. S.
Veterinary Surgeon
City Staduis Tm.. 125
Mrs. K. A. Bacon
Pitman Street,
Next tloor to Poreign Cliurcli Tki,. 204
1'ok Rknt Iii Ptitieo. new ntul modern
cottneje; iiicjtiiru of ALLAN WALL, nt
tlie llllo Market.
l'iue job work in nil Its branches.
Give us u dunce to estimate. TuiuUNit.
Notick Neither the Masters nor
Aecnt of vessels of the "Matson Line"
wilt tie responsible for any debts con.
traded by the crew. R. T. GUARD,
IIilo, April 16, iooi, 34.
In the Circuit Court of the Fourth Circuit
Island and Territory of Hawaii.
In Pkoiiath At Ciiamukks,
In the matter of the Guardianship of KA
AHWAIHAU (r), AKI (k) ami AH
HUNG (k).
Hen. H. Drown, Guardian, having filed
on thu sixth day of February, 19a, n pe
tition to tell certain Real Instate, and it
appearing to the satUfactlou of the Court
that ilue publication was made, and 110
person appearing to show cause why said
petition should not be urauted, it was
ordered upon the 5U1 day of March that
the Real I'.stnte described in said petition
be sold at public or private sale.
Notice is hereby given that all the
right, title and interest of said wards in
and to that hind described in Royal
Patent 1 147 L. C, A. ic, being an un
divided one-sixth more or less of that
laud situate at Waiakea, known as the
land of "Holopiuiii," adjacent to and
upon which is located, the "Waiakea
Saloon" will be sold by the Guardian at
the SherlfTsofficc in IIilo, Hawaii, upon
SATURDAY the 22nd day of MARCH.
1902, at 12:00 m. o'clock.
IIilo, Hawaii, March 5, 1902,
HKN. II. 1IROWN, Guardian.
Attorneys for Instate. 18-20
Notice to Creditors.
In the Matter of the listate of ROIUtftT
ROIISON HIND, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the under
signed John Hind Kxecutor of the last
will of Robert Robsoti Hind, deceased, to
the Creditors of and all persons having
claims' against the said deceased to pre
sent their claims duly authenticated with
the proper vouchers within six months
after the first publication of this notice to
the said Kxecutor at his residence at Ko
hala, Island of Hawaii, Territory of Ha
waii, the same being the place for the
transaction of business of said estate in
said Territory.
Hxeculor of the last will of Robert Rob
sou Hind, deceased.
Dated at Honolulu, T. II., February
25tll, I9()2. 18-22
Administrator's Notice.
Having been appointed Aduiinistrator
of the Instate of Mrs, Kabellu C. Lyman,
deceased. Notice is hereby given to all
persons having claims against said Kstute,
to present the same to the undersigned,
in Hilo, Island and Territory til Hawaii,
within six months from this date, or they
will be lorever barred.
Hilo, Hawaii, March 4, 1902. 1H-21
I'inu 6 year old horse; rubber tire,
1000 mile axel top buggy, new I year;
new hand Hindu harness.
CHAS. M. LilllI.OND,
Lodge of Elks
Pounded at Hilo
Officers of the Honolulu Lodge of Elks institute
Hilo Lodge, No. 759, with fifty-live Charter
Members Gala Day for the Brethren in the
Crescent City, and brilliant banquet at night.
Deputy Exalted Ruler C. B. Cooper presented
with a regal gavel.
Amid the rattling of millers and
the stamping of hoofs, Hilo Lodge
No. 759, U. P. O. K. was instituted
last Wednesday night in a high
fenced corral in Spreckcls Hall hy
Deputy Grand Kxaltcd Ruler Dr.
C. H. Cooper, of Honolulu lodge
No. 616. The genial head of the
Honolulu lodge was assisted in the
round up of untamed fawns hy
about twenty denizens of the famed
Klk forest on the Island of Oahtt.
Like the Constitution of the
United States, the order known as
lieiievolent and Protective Order of
Klks followed the American flag to
Hawaii. The first lodge on insular
American soil was founded at Ho
nolulu about a year ago by Grand
Kxalted Ruler Fisher of New York.
At about this time three old Klks,
who had wandered to the Island of
Hawaii from three different states
of the union, found each other out
in Hilo. They browsed frequently
together in the cocoanut groves
nlong the beach, and whenever
they looked mattkaward to the vast
stretches of primeval tropical forest
on the slopes of Manna Kea, they
longed for a herd worthy of the
stamping around. These three
strays were Dr. R. II. Reid, A. C.
McKctiuey and the late lamented
brother, Johnson Nickeus. The
books were opened and soon a
charter membership numbering
fifty-five was obtained. These
were forwarded through tegular
channels and in the fulness of time
the baby lodge at IIilo was char
tered. To the regret of all Klks on the
Islands and many 011 the Mainland,
Johnson Nickeus, one of the three
first promoters of the movement,
was claimed by the hand of death
a few months ago. Hy a happy
coincidence, the deeensed lawyer's
place both professionally mid as an
Klk, was taken by an Klk of equal
enthusiasm and loyalty, II. L.
Ross of Des Moines, Iowa, Lodge
No. y8. Mr. Ross nt the installa
tion of the IIilo lodge was given
the duties to perform that would
have devolved upon his predecessor.
Kor n week past committees have
been busily engaged in prepara
tions. The Kinait arrived early in
the afternoon Wednesday. A
crowd was at the wharf to witness
the disembarkation of the Honolulu
herd. The good Island boat was
sighted off the point floating the
Klk flag. The Hilo baud started
up and made the bay musical until
the vessel touched the wharf. As
the vessel approached, the Klks
aboard turned loose several million
firecrackers. When within a few
feet of the dock the irrepressible V,
M. Hrooks seizetl a cannon cracker
lighted the fuse and threw it into
the crowd on the wharf. Kor an
instant everybody thought a gen
eral massacre was intended or that
the Houolulttites had conspired to
destroy the only wharf in Hilo bay.
.Such fears were without founda
tion, for 110 sooner had the sizzling
bomb touched the plank, than that
zealous guardian of human life and
property Captain Lake sprang for
ward, grabbed the infernal machine
and hurled it back upon the deck
of the Kinau. There was then a
stampede of the visiting Klks for
cover, all hands having figured
that the Kinau was doomed to join
th'cViscayas and the Colon. The
fuse by this time had sputtered
itself to death showing that the
bomb shell was a fake and as harm
less as a joke in Gossip.
A shower of alohas greeted the
Honolulu Klks as they descended
from the boat and were taken in
charge by the reception committee,
consisting of R. II. Reid, II. L.
Ross and A. C. McKcnney, L. M.
Whitchouse, W. S. Wise, P. Peck
and W. H. C. Campbell. They
were escorted to hacks and car
riages which had been decoratetl
with many yards of bunting and
silk in brilliant purple and pure
white, official colors of the order.
The guests were at once driven to
the corral in Spreckels' Hall, where
a few words with the reception
committee put them 011 to the
ropes of IIilo town and its environs.
A coach and driver had been pro
vided for the use of any Klk. The
quarters in Spreckels' Hall were
magnificently apparelled. Suites
of rooms adjacent to the hall had
been secured where Klks could
congregate in twos, groups or mul
titudes. The buffet room presided
over by a half dozen agile waiters
was stocked with waters from the
mountain brook, mosses from the
ledges of Manna Kea, great bales
of Hilo grass from Waiakea mead
ows, taro tops from the upland
fields on John Baker's ranch and
choice cuttings of seaweed from the
coves of Reed's bay and Cocoanut
Island. In one corner brother
Williams had established a hogs
head of his celebrated Volcano
water of rare medicinal qualities,
pumped from subterranean rivers
in the lava district of Puna. These
viands and liquids were kept at the
freezing point by great quantities
of snow from the table-land of
Manna Loa, a cool retreat at si
high altitude where the IIilo herd
will roam in the future during va
cation periods and to which all vis
iting Klks will be piloted by some
trusty guide.
The schedule called all old and
prospective Klks to the corral in
Spreckels' Hull at 7 o'clock sharp
Wednesday evening. The decora
tions in the hall were lavish anil
appropriate. The colors of the
order prevailed. Klk heads and
portraits and monograms adorned
the walls. Graceful branches of
the bamboo arched every window
and formed attractive canopies in
the corners. The lodge was called
to order promptly by District
Deputy Grand Kxalted Ruler
Cooper and the routine of a regular
meeting followed. In its proper
place the application of the Hilo
lodge No. 759 was read together
with the ruction of thereon by the
Grand Lodge. The formalities
finished, two vaqueros from Hono
lulu well mounted, proceeded to the
corral and roped several of the local
aspirants for honors in Klkhood,
dragged them into the presence of
the Kxalted Ruler and his assist
ants. The processes of taming the
wild ones is indescribable. It is
sufficient to say that the whole lot
was effectively tamed and after the
space of an hour and a half became
well broken and gentle Klks. The
officers officiating were:
Kxalted Ruler, C. Ii. Cooper.
Kstcemed Leading Knight, A.K.
Kstcemed Loyal Knight, II. L.
Kstcemed Lecturing Knight, J.
II. Kishcr.
Ksqttire, 1 M. Hrooks.
Inner Guard, II. W. Koster.
Tyler, Guy Livingstone.
Treasurer, Thos. Lloyd.
Secretary, II. D. Couzcus.
Mr. Dee represented the Hoard
of Trustees of the Honolulu Lodge.
After the institution of the local
lodge, it convened and elected the
following officers:
Kxalted Ruler, Reginald T.
Kstcemed Leading Knight, W.
C. Cook.
Kstcemed Lecturing Knight, A.
H. Locbeustein.
Kstcemed Loyal Knight, J. T.
Treasurer, C. A. Stobie.
Secretary, Gilsen Hell.
Following is a list of members of
Hilo Lodge 759:
Ralph Halding, W. T. Halding,
K. D. Baldwin, Gilsen Bell, Fred
Drayman, K. Brumaghim, W. II.
C. Campbell, W. C. Cook, J. K.
Dillon, George Duucker, J. D.
Kaston, R. K. Klgin, R. T. Guard,
L. W. Haworth, P. J. Ileidt, Dr.
J. Holland, K. N. Holmes, II. F.
Howlaud, J. II. I lowland, A. II.
Jackson, W. P. Jarvis, J. D. Ken
nedy, Ronald C. Kennedy, II. T.
Lake, F. C. LeBlond, L. V. Lc
Blond, W. II. Little, A. B. Loc
beustein, J. W. Macintosh, W. S.
McLean, Geo. S. McKenzie, W.
McKay, K. C. Mellor, John T.
Moir, II. S. Overdid, P. Peck, C.
N. Prouty Jr., W. A. Purdy, I. K.
Ray, Dr. M. Rice, K. K. Richards,
Anthony Richley, J. Castle Ridg
way, B. F. Schoen, I. B. Schoen,
Dr. W. II. Schoening, J. M. Smith,
C. A. Stobie, A. K. Sutton, Dr. M.
Wachs, W. G. Walker, L. M.
Wliitehouse, W. S. Wise, K. V.
Nichols, T. C. Ridgway, W. J.
Stone, F. L. Winter.
Yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock,
the combined herd of Honolulu and
Hilo Klks were given an excursion
on the Hilo railroad to Mountain
View. The palatial new coach
"Hilo" was filled with a jolly
crowd and the speedy trip toward
the abode of Pele in the fiery cav
erns of Kilauea was one of rare
pleasure to nil. The commissary
department on this trip was not
neglected. A buffet ear was at
tached and all the deleetables ap
propriate 011 such occasions were
This tripgavethe Klks a princely
view of their new empire, the
Island of Hawaii. The afternoon
was decidedly fair. The perfect
sky was broken by occasional
musses of nimbus clouds. The
wide tcauofiulils merged into the
darker green of the distant forests
and the cloud shadows scampered
across the landscape no faster than
the train, All along the lotttc at
the villages the Klk train was met
with crowds who cheered them or
silently bade them welcome with
the mute stare. At the terminus
of the road all the Klks looked
longingly to the plateau of Mattna
Loa where deep snow was visible,
b'elow which smouldered the pent
up fires of the burning mountain.
Scores of the boys will take an oath
that Madam Pele came into view
and invited them to come for a
lock cf her asbestus hair.
The party was whirled home by
6 o'clock. At 7 they were due at
Demosthenes' Cafe, where other
preparations had been going on.
The dining room had been trans
formed into a bower of beauty un
der the skilled direction of Mrs. R.
II. Reid and Mrs. L. M. White
house. Banners, flags, clkhcad
portraits, tropical verdure and
bloom were drawn on heavily to
bring the decorations up to the
standard of approval. The table,
built for the occasion, was horse
shoe shaped. Klectric lights with
many colored globes and shades in
the colors of the order lined the
center of the board.
The Klks appeared at the ap
pointed hour, groomed and mani
cured as for the King's coronation.
The tilings discussed at the feast
Oysters. Manhattan.
Green Turtle Soup. Amontillado 1S59.
Raked Mullet.
Saratoga Chips. Laubctihciuicr 1SS9.
1'resli Lobster. Mayonnaise.
Salted Almonds. Olives Stufled with
Queen Olives.
Pimolas Celery. Radishes.
Ouster Patties.
Progs Legs Parisian.
French Pried Potatoes. Asparagus.
Cardinal Punch. Cigarettes.
Mallard Duck. Ober Iugelheimer 1S95.
Tenderloin of Reef with Mushrooms.
Green Peas. Dtichcsse Potatoes.
Champagtic Jelly. Moet and Chandon.
Macroons, Lady Piugcrs.
Nuts and Raisin.
Coffee. Cigais.
The banquet committee consisted
of Messrs. Wliitehouse, Stobie, W.
C. Cook and A. W. Richardson.
The fleckless conceptions of this
quartet were carried out to perfec
tion by the caterer. The list of
toasts following the menu of eat
ables was as follows:
The President of the United
States. Bro. A. B. Locbeustein.
B. P. O. K. D. D. G. I-:. R. C.
B. Cooper.
Honolulu Lodge 61G. Bro. F. M.
IIilo Lodge No. 759.
K. Richards.
The Town of Hilo.
Bro. Kltncr
Bro. Philip
The Ladies. Bro. Homer Ross.
The liveliest part of the program
was that not down 011 the schedule.
The free hand that marks an Klk
wherever he is found held sway at
the banquet until a late hour.
The prettiest incident of the affair
was the presentation of a gavel to
District Deputy Grand Kxalted
Ruler Cooper by Kxalted Ruler
R. T. Guard of the Hilo Lodge.
The presentation was made at the
banquet table and elicited prolonged
applause. The gavel is a rare
work of the goldsmith's art and was
made by J. M. Herring. Dr. Reid
designed the ornamentation. The
mallet is of koa wood; the handle
of kauwila wood. Two heavy gold
bauds encircle the cuds of the mal
let. The outer face is mounted
with a rich design in hammered
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