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'i--tfc2A.'k..v",- " ;
''jL u
Bright, Reliable,
Vol. 7.
No. 2r.
Ji4 I '''' '''' fc''' dS ! The ProBreBlve I
r i .,
J ySr-
r v
Ije Uo QDvilmuCt
rUllt.tSIII'.ll UVIfltV I'KIIIAV
OPfirrt IIkiixik HTKidtr, lino, Hawaii.
(Thihunh I11.0CK.)
Illlo Tribune Publishing Company, Ltd.
Publishers nmt Proprietors.
'rcldciil C. C. Kbnnkdy
Vlcc-Prclilcnt K. V.. Kiciiahi
KecritaryTrcanurcr I.. W. Hauohtii
Au.lllor A. H. SfTTov
Director '! H. McKi-sm. 1 W. Mahhii
Aihcftletncnl unaccompanied by spcclfa
tiMriictionn lncrtfil until u-iletcil out.
Ai1erllnietitillcimlimieil before expiration
of specifWtl period will be chargeil a If con
tinued for lull term.
Aihlrcss nil communication"! rlllicr to tlie
IMitorialor llnilneii Department of Tiik lino
Tkimink rum ihiii.no Chmi'ASV.
The roliiinnvol Tiik lilt oTuuu'.nk are ntway
open to coiuiiiunicalioin on nuhjcct within the
icopeof the paper To rectie proper attention,
rncli nrtlcle mint be H;ni-il by 111 author. Till
iiniuc, whin ilenlrt.il, will Ik- lulil couriilenllnl
Tine Illlo Tkiimi.nk 1 nut ucpomlble for the
opinion or Mitciuetitii of corrctpouileiits.
Wise & Ross,
Will practice lu nil Cuuiti of the Territory, anil
the Supreme Coutl uf the Unlltil Miles.
Office: TitinuNK Hun.niNO,
llriiloe Stitet. IIII.O, HAWAII
Cluis. M. LeBlond,
attorn kv-at-law
Hawaiian, Japanese, ami Chinese lutcrputrrt,
mill .Noliity 1'iiblic in Office.
Office: SltVKUANUi HUll.DINO.
Opolte Court llniisr, IIII.O, HAWAII
Ridgway & Ridgway
tolicitoiH of l'.iknU i.incr.il l.iw Practice
Notary l'ltlilic in Office.
Ol'l'ICIt: Wni.iuueiiiie mul llriiUjc Street
" - "Oflire! VA!ANUINUI ST.
Offl c Hours! H to it n. m.; l to j p. in
KvculujiH, 7:3- to s.
It ) inoruluK bourn on Wtiluesilays.
R. H. Reid, M. D.
Office: Spkiickhi.S' Hi.ock.
Office Hours :
10.30 to 12 11. 111.; 1 to 4 ami 7 to 8 p. 111.
Sundays, 9 to 13 11. 111.
C. L. Stow,
M. It. C. S.. I'.lc.
Olflce IliniiH 8 jjtou a m., 1 In 1, anil 7 to 8 p m.
I )HUe ami Ueihlcncc.
riUVKKANl'lt lllll'slt, PITMAN STKKHT
Milton Rice, M. D.
Office, Waiaiiueutie St.
Hours, S:,v to 10-30 a. m., 2-4 and 7:30
to S:,v !' M. StindayH, 9 to 11 a. m.
ki:ai, i:sTAi'i:, ktc.
A. K. Sutton
A. H. Sutton & Co.
Agents fur London ami Lam'.ishiie Pire
Insurance Couip.iuy, Orient Insur
ance Company, Westchester
Hire Iiisiiiauce Company.
AUCTIONHHU.S, Commission, RU.M. lis
Office in Hconomic Snoit Stork,
llll.l), HAWAII
W. A. Purdy,
O1.11 Custom IIoiisk Huii.itiNi.,
Vrout Strict, Ililo, Hawaii.
Telephone No 11 P. O. box No. ,
J. W. Miimiii A lliiiiiburK P PccL
I, Turiitr A )i Mittnu
H;iv;iii;iii liusincss Agency
Olfice rtpirrLilV IIiiiMihk. with S. II. Webb,
Vriml St., with aueiilt.iiul i'uriisKiiiih uo in nil
iliclrlcH of the IVrritury nuil HiroiiKhoiit the
Unlliil hl.ilis Mim viibmble pilvule iulurmu
tion lo iiIihoiiIkTi CollictioiiH 11 )ieci.ilty.
Clink M I.tllluml,
W II. Smith.
All collections promptly miuli uml uicouiiltil for
Kent mill 1 iril lnr uhiciiUi uml
) eHjitth uttiiiilril to
rtKVKKAKCIC 111,1)0.
Ilpp Court lluu.e
C. H. W. Hitchcock,
M. Wachs, I). I). .
Office Hours,
9 to 4
' I of 11 power of sale contained in n certain
iTT I, TT Ol mortgage made by Annie Nakoolaul
Waltet Jtl. OC110eilinrlIoloknhiklnndW. L. Holoknhlki, her
0 , husband, both of Honolulu, Island of
Skvkkanck Hou.sk,
rittnait Street, Hu.o, Hawaii
r'ei- mrr "1 "
M. R. C. V. S.
Veterinary Surgeon
City Staiii.hs
Till,. 125
Mrs. K. A. Bacon
I'iliunii Street,
Next door to foreign Church
Tlil,. 20
Thoroughbred Hull Terrier pups; f 25
each. I'kank I,. Wintkk.
a ..
Poll RltNT In l'uueo, uewaudtuoderu
cottage; inquire of ALLAN WALL, at
the ililo Market.
I''iuu job work in nil its branches.
Rive us u chance to estimate. TuiliUNlt.
NoTICK Neither the Masters nor
Aent of vessels of the "Mntson Line"
will be responsible for liny debts con
tracted by the crew. It. T. RUAIID,
ililo, April 16, 1901. 24-
Notice to Creditors.
Ill the Matter of the Kstate of ItOHKRT
ROUSON HIND, deceased.
Notice in hereby f;yei by the undcr
dinncd John Hind Hxecutor of the Inst
Mill of Robert Robsou Hind, deceased, to
the Creditors of and ull persons having
eluims uaiust the s.iid deceaked to ire
sent their claims duly authenticated with
the proper vouchers within tix mouths
after the firbt publication of this notice to
the sniil Hxecutor at his rehideuce at Ko
I111I11, Iklaud of Hawaii, Territory of Ha
waii, the same beiiiK the place for the
tratiH.ictioii of business of said estate in
said Territory.
Hxecutor of the last Mill of Robert Rob
sou II1111I, deceased.
Dated at Honolulu, T. II., February
35th, 1901. 1K-22
Administrator's Notice.
Having been appointed Administrator
of the Instate of Mrs. Isabella C. Lyman,
deceiised. Notice is hereby given to ull
persons having claims against kaid Instate,
to present tlie same to the undersigned,
in Hllo, Island and Territory ot Hawaii,
within six mouths from this date, or they
will be forever barred,
ililo, Hawaii, March 4, 1902, 18-21
Fine 6 jear old horse; rubber tire,
1 000 mile axel top buggy, new 1 year;
new hand made harness.
Ililo Hock Company.
Tenders are asked for furnishing the
material and constructing 11 wharf for the
Ililo Dock Company at Illlo, Hawaii.
Plans and specifications may he had
upon application to, or may be seen at
the office of W. II. Lambert, Superin
tendent of Construction, or at the First
II ink of Ililo, Ltd.
Sealed bids will be received until 12
o'clock noon, Saturday, May 31, 1902, at
Ililo, Hawaii.
The Ililo Dock Company reserves the
right lo reject any and all bids.
Addressall bids In Ililo Dock Company.
Ililo, Hawaii, care of First Hank of Ililo,
I, til., uml mark sailii: "Proposals for
Ililo, Hawaii, March 20, 1902. 20-23
Mortagee's Notice of In
tention to Foreclose
and of Sale.
Notice Is hereby tdven that by virtue
Oahu, to 1',. Hultoii, of Lnupnboehoc,
Island of Hawaii, dated September 1,
1892, and recorded in the office of the
Registrar of Conveyances in Honolulu1,
in Liber 139, pages 336 nnd 237, and
which said mortgage was duly conveyed
by V.. W. Harnard, Administrator of the
I-fstate of the said I?. Htitton, upon the
25th day ol February, 1898, to Mrs.
Hiiitua Harnard, of Honolulu, Island of
Oahu, nnd duly conveyed by said Mrs.
Kmma Harnard ntioii the 17th day of
September, 1901, to Mrs. Poluen Kalano-
kalatii, or Honolulu, Islnnil of Oalui. who
is now the leual owner of the said mort
gage nnd the debt secured thereby, the
said Mrs. l'oluea Kalauokataui intends to
foreclose said iiiortgnuc for breaches of
conditions in said mortgage contained,
to-wit: the non-payment of principal and
interest when due.
Notice is hereby invcti that nil and
singular the lauds, tenements nnd here
ditaments covered by said mortgage will
be sold nt public auction at the rear door
of the Sheriff's Office, in the Town of
Ililo, Island and Territory of Hawaii, oil
Saturday, April 5U1, 190J, nt 12 o'clock
The property described in said mort
gage ami which is to be sold at said time,
is all of that certain tract or parcel of
land situated in 1'tiuaho.i, Ililo, Island
nnd Territory of Hawaii, hounded as
Commencing nt corner of stone wall nt
the east corner of C. II. Wetmorc's lot
on Church street nnd running N. 52
Dcg, K. 1.90 chains along said street to
south corner of lot owned by 1). V. Sau
ford, thence N. 22 Deg. W. 1. 98 chains
nlong said lot, thence S. 53 Deg. W.
3'45'j chains to stone wall nt west corner
of this lot, thence 39 Deg. 1. 2.04 chains
along the wall to place of commence
ment and containing an nre.i of 43-100 of
an acre.
Terms cash. Deeds nt expense of pur
For further particulars npply to It. A.
Lyman, Attorney for Mortgagee.
Dated Ililo, Hawaii, Mnrch 12th, io"i.
Hoolalia Hooko o ka Mo
rula a me ke Kuiti.
Kc hoolahnia nku uci mnmuli o kckn
hi maua kual i haawiia mai ia'u mil kc
kahi moraki i hatiaia mu ka la 1 o Scpa
temnba, M. II. 1892, e Annie Nakoolaui
Holokahiki n ine W. L. Holokahikl, knuii
knue mare, o Honolulu, Mokupuui o
Oahu, ia V Huttou o Laupahoehoe, Ililo,
Mokupuui o Hawaii, a i kakau kopciniun
ke Keeua Knkau Kope ma Honolulu,
Oahu, ma ka Huke 139, aoao 236 a me
237, n tia hooliloin kein moraki e lv. W.
Harnard, Luna Hoopouopr.no Wniwni o
K. Huttou i make, ia Mrs. Kmma Har
nard o Honolulu, Oahu, ma ka la 25 o
leberuari, 189S, a ua liooliloia mai keia
moraki e Mrs. ICmuia Harnard ia Mrs.
l'oluea Knlnuoknlaui o Honolulu, Oahu,
ma ka la 17 o Scpatemaba, 1901, a oia no
ka 011a ma ke kauawai o ua moraki la, n
me ka ale i hoopaaia ma ia marnki i olelo
ia inaliiua, 11 ke makeiuakc nei o Mrs.
l'oluea Kalauoknlaui i oleloia maltiua, e
hooko nku i keia moraki uo ka ulinkiia o
ua nelike, oia hoi ka hookaa oleia n kc
kumupan a me ka ukuaucc i ka wa c
hookaa ni.
Ke hoolahaiu akti nei, e kuai kltdalaia
ana ua men a pan loa, ua waiwai o keia a
me keia auo i oleloia mn keia moraki, ma
ka puka mahopc o ke Keeua liana o ka
Makai Nui, ma ke Knoua o Ililo, Moku
puui n me ke Territori o Hawaii, ma ka
l'OAONO, APICRILAs, 1902, tuaka bora
12 o ke awakea.
Oka waiwai i oleloia ma keia moraki,
oia ka waiwai e kuaiia ana ma ia inana
wa, oia 110 keia npaua aiua ma l'liuahoa,
Ililo, Mokupuui a me ke Teritori o Ha
waii, a peiiet ua palcua :
i; hoomaku aua ma ke kill! o ka pi po
haku, ma ke kihi Hikiuao ka uilia o C.
H.Wetmore ma Church street, n e holo
aua Akau 52 Hikina 1.90 kaulahao
ma ia ulaiiui n hiki i ke kihi Heiua o ka
aiua o I). F. Sauford, alaila, Akau 22 'j
Komohaua 1.98 kaulahao ma ia aiua,
alaila, Ileum ,S.Vi Komohaua 2.45
Kiiiiiaiiiiii 11 hiki 1 kii i.l jiuiiaKii 111a Ke
kihi Komohaua o keia npaua, alaila
Heiua 390 Hikina 2.0 kaulahao pill aua
ma it pi pohaku,a hiki i kahi i hoomaka
ai, a non. 1 ka ili 43-100 eka.
Kuike ke data. Na uku liana palapala
i ka men e lilt ni.
Ku mea e p.1.1 uci i keia Moraki.
No ua men i koe e 11111:111 ia It. A. Ly
man, l.oio no ka men pan moraki.
Kakauia tua Ililo, Hawaii, Marnki 22,
1902. 19.3:
lloolaha Liiiinlioopoiio
pono Waiwai.
No ka mea, . hookohuia nu i Luna
hooiouopouo uo ua waiwai o Knluai (k),
110 ililo, Hawaii, i make. Nolaila, ke
knuoha aku nei au i 11.1 mea a pan a ka
mea i make 1 aie aku ai, e hnike koke
mm i ua bllu uo ia ale, i honliikiia ilium
o'u, ma Koae, Puna, Hawaii, a i ole a
jimua o kuu hope, F. L- Lyman, ma Ililo,
Hawaii, ilnkn o na maliiua eouo mai keia
la nku, o pale loa ia aku. A ilia he wai
wai ko ka mea i make ma ka lima o ke
kahi, e hoihni koke 111.11 ia'u. Na'it u.i
LiiiiuhnDpounpouo Waiwai.
Ililo, Hawaii, Mnraki 4, 1902. 18-21
WnntliiR lllfflirr Mn Soldiers War
Serrclary Copies Our S)sto.m.
Loudon, March 8. The new
army regulations proposed by the
War Secretary, Mr. Brodrick, pro-1
viding for increased pay and other 1
reforms, which have created so
much comment, appear to have
been directly copied from the United
States. Major Arthur Lee, M. P.,
formerly British Military Attache
at Washington, said today :
"At last we have taken out a leaf 1
from your excellent book, though 1 1
do not believe we have gone quite'
so far in that direction as we might '
or hope we may. Under Mr. Bro-'
drick's proposed changes, a private.
in the British infantry now receives
almost as much as a private in thc '
United States Army. With this I
change, which I frequently advo-.
catcd while military attache at !
Washington, we hope to get a class .
oT recruits similar to those secured I
in America. Under thc old pay j
we were gradually lowering the
physical standard, yet still finding!
it hard to get men, while our de-
sertion percentage was increasing
at a rate which showed there was
something radically wrong with the
the only
Thc American army was
other voluntary enlisted
body in the
world with which we
could make serviceable comparisons, ,
tlje Continental armies, owing to
conscription and other causes, be
ing perfectly worthless as examples.
"A year ago Mr. Brodrick pooh
poohed the idea of copying the
United States. Now he has changed
his mind and has done what thc
majority of the members of thc
House, regardless of party, believe
to be the very best thing that could 1 Tieii-Tsin, March 9. The mis
have happened to the army since sion property here which is in dis
Mr. Cardwell (in 1872) effected his ' pntc between the French and Amcr
sweepiug reforms. Por the first ican Consuls is less than two acres
time 'Tommy,' with everything in extent. It borders the American
found and higher pay, will be in a
better position than his agricultural
brother, and from that class we
ought now to get the best instead
of the worst.
'Yes, it may hurt the agriculttir-
al interests, or, what is left of it, 111
Kugland, but I do not believe that
this demonstration will be as sc-
rious as the evils which the change j
will correct. Not only is it mtei
s. - . .--... 1 .
estiiig to note the influence of the
American system in these sweeping
changes, but they will have a tre
mendous negative importance. Last
year the Government clearly indi
cated its fears that it might have to
resort to conscription. The present
move banishes all possibility of this,
for I understand Mr. Brodrick is
willing to go even further in copy
ing the United States excellent
treatment of enlisted men and by
liberal finance build up the standard
of the army. The increase in pay
means an additional annual cost of
about ,2,000,000, but I maintain
that it will be a direct saving of
money, for the better class of men
secured will mean fewer men 111
the hospitals and prisons, as well as
obviating other forms of wastage
aud will quickly make up for the
additional initial outlay. Some
day, perhaps, we may be able lo
adopt the sensible plan of the Uni
ted States of paying the enlisted
men of all arms at the same rate.
But traditions here die hard. '
Niitloniil Spurting Club of London
I'litiis 11 Ciirnhnl.
New York, March 8. W. A.
Gavin and W. C. Lee, of the Na
tional Sporting Club of London,
arrived today on the steamer St.
" We have come, " said Mr.
Gavin, " to try and induce Ame
rican champions of boxing, fencing
ami wrestling to go over to Kng-
land during coronation week, there
t0 mccl thc ,)CSt me Umt 0rcat
Brj,ain ,, other comUrics of Ku.
rope can produce. What we chiefly
. want is the champions of the army
and navy, but they must be men
that arc at present in the country's
set vice, and not like Tom Sharkey,
who, although formerly in thc
United States navy, has been a
professional for many years. We
will also try to get Harvard and
Yale to send their best boxers to
England to compete against those
of Oxford and Cambridge. Lord
Lonsdale, llic President of the club,
has offered a cup as n prize for the
winner of a boxing contest between
Harvard and Oxford, and thc Karl
ot Kingston, another cup for the
winner of a contest between thc
boxers of Yale and Cambridge,
The chiel feature of the tournament
will be a tug-of-war between picked
men of Ivttropc and twelve of thc
United States,
" Amateurs will receive trophies
and the professionals cash prizes,
but the professional line will bo
drawn very fine. The club has a
belt which is valued at $5,000,
which will be given, beside a large
money prize, to the best heavy-
weight professional boxer, but he
must be the best that his country
can produce, and no second-rate
man will be considered. Thc con-
test will be held in Convent Garden,
London. If we can agree for some
of the competitions to be held in
the open air, we will do so."
l'nrtlciilnrs of tlto Disagreement
Ilctween the Consuls.
mission property and was previous
ly occupied by undesirable Chinese.
The French Consul stopped build
ing operations on the disputed
property and placed a policeman
there. The French flag has not
been raised over the property. The
American Consul hcie, James W.
Kagsdale, is maintaining a firm at-
tidude and does not believe serious
developments to
be likely. The
affair is in the hands of the French
and American Ministers at Peking.
The Knglish Methodist mission
of London, the American Board of
Commissioners for Foreign Mis
sions and the American Methodist
Mission all have property within
thc extra concession claimed by thc
French in June, 1900. Since that
time the American missions have
purchased the adjoining property
and have been collecting rents and
levying taxes thereon. Kagsdale
protested against such action and
caused American flags to be hoisted
over the property in question.
' ltark Allien Hesse
I l'ruuclse llndly
Reaches Sun
Sail Fiancisco, March 9. The
southeaster that raged along the
Pacific Coast has not confined its
attentions to the lumber fleet and
coasting steamers, but has gone
farther south and taken in II0110-
j lulu in its com se. Sailing vessels
'arriving from the islands say that
' never have they experienced such
stormy times as those which they
have met during the last three
The Alden Bes.se got in yesterday
from the islands, and Captain Kes
sel says that in all his experience
he never had such a hard time of
it. From the first day out from
Honolulu the watch below never
knew what it was to have its full
four hours. Off the Pacific Coast
all the elements seemed to combine
against a quick run. On March
1st, in latitude 33.21 north, longi
tuds 142.40 west, a gale was struck
which lasted for four days. Moun
tainous seas were running, which
battered thc old bark so badly that
she sprang a leak. All hands were
at the pumps and, although oil bags
were put overboard both forward
and aft, they were not sufficient to
keep the waves from breaking on
thc board. A huge roller carried
away part of thc bulwarks, stove in
the galley, flooded the cabin and
carried overboard everything mov
able. On the 7th the vessel was
leaking so badly that all hands
could not keep the water down, so
steam had to be got up in the don
key boiler and with that the crew
managed to keep the vessel afloat.
The elements seemed to have a
grudge against the old bark, lo
calise, just as she seemed to le
clearing herself of the water in her
hold, her maintopmast backstay
carried away and for a few minutes
it looked as if the mast would be
carried out of the vessel. Captain
Kcssel at once called all hands from
the pumps and in a short space of
time the canvas was got off the
mainmast and the vessel hove to.
Temporary repairs were made and
the Bessie was again put before the
wind. While making for port and
all hands were again at thc pumps
and the donkey engine doing its
best, a big sea broke aboard and
carried away the starboard lifeboats.
After that there were no more
mishaps and the vessel came to an
chor off Mciggs wharf.
Alexandra Participates nt the Christ
ening of n War Yesscl.
London, March 8. King Ed
ward and Queen Alexandra partici
pated in a number of inspections
and ceremonies at Plymouth today,
including the distribution of China
medals. Among the recipients
were Admiral Sir Edward Hobart
Seymour, who commanded the
First Pekin relief expedition.
The principal ceremony of the
day was the launching of the first
class battleship Queen by Queen
Alexandra and the laying of the
keel plate of thc first-class battle
ship King Edward VII by King
Edward. The latter will be built
011 the slip on which the Queen was
constructed. The King Edward
VII will eclipse all previous efforts
in naval construction. She will be
of ifi.Soo tons displacement and
carry four 9.2-iuch guns.
Queensland, March 8. During
the trip of the channel squadron
from Beech Haven to this port the
battleship Camperdowii, which sank
the battleship Victoria in the Med
iterranean 011 June 22, 1893, twjee
narrowly escaped sending the battle
ship Empress of India to the bottom.
There was a dense fog during the
whole trip. Soon after starting the
Camperdowii steamed within a few
feet of her sister battleship, and
only skillful maneuvering prevent
ed a collision. Again, when off
Kiusale, the Camperdowii was al
most in collision with the Empress
of India when shouts of "For God's
sake, reverse I" averted, a disaster.
Nut Ion's M. Louis Exhibit.
Washington, March 8. The
House Committee on industrial
Arts and Exposition today autho
rized Chairman Tawney to recom
mend to the Appropriation Commit
tee that the sundry civil bill contain
provisions of 5800,000 for the Gov
ernment exhibit at the St. Louis
Exposition; $40,000 for the Indian
exhibit and 200,000 additional for
the Government building.
Subscribe for the Tiuntwi?,
Island subscription ::.50
r 4-1
"' 'A
t -a
, 1
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