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'"V ': !' .''A,
Brijrlit, Reliable, f
Vol. 7.
' w-. , " J - " ' ' ' .. vTm,. .-, . .-.,. ... , .'Tr W( 'jriK,. .. ''!" VL.' - "9 5' v
4ano ujmratije:
H rl t - -- fri
No. 22.
.- ...sa.
. -.
'' J,
:. y
l)c jjUa (SDvtlmne
Blip Tribune Publishing Company, Ltd.
Publlihcra nnJ Proprietor!.
IrcMent C. C. KKNHhUV
Vice-President K. E. KICHAl
Secretary-Treasurer I.. W. IIawoktii
Amlllor - - ' Sutton
Director ko. S. McKknik, I) W. Mamkii
Advcrtlicmcuts unaccompanied by specific
lulnicllotn itmertcd until ordered out.
Adcrtliemcnt dWcoullmicd before expiration
of specified period wilt lie charged as If con
tinued for lull term.
Address nil communications cither to the
Hdllorial or lliilnes Departments of Tiik HtLo
The columnsol Tiik HIui THWUNh are always
open to communication on subject within the
. :ope of the paper To receive proper attention,
each article mint lie signed by lt author. The
name, when desired, will be held confidential
Tun ItlLo Thiiiunk I not responsible for the
opinions or statements of correspondents.
Wise & Ross,
Will prncllce in nil Court of the Territory, anil
the Supreme Court of the United State.
'' Office: Trhiunk Huiuhno,
Chas. M. LeBlond,
Hauallnii, Japanese, and Chinese Ditcrpicter!,
mill Notary Public In Office.
Office: Shviwanck Huiuhno,
Opposite Court House, HIUO, HAWAII
Ridgway & Ridgway
tvollcltor or Patent Central I.aw Practice
Notary Public in Office.
Cll.'I'ICIt : Walaiiiiemie and Ilrldue Strict!
M. Wachs, D. I). S.
Office Hours,
9 to 4
Walter H. Schoening
Pitman Street, Hit.o, Hawaii
M. R. C. V. S.
. Veterinary Surgeon
City Stahlks
Tm.. 125
Thoroughbred Hull Terrier pups; $25
ench. Prank I. Winthr.
In the Circuit Court orthe Pourth Circuit,
Territory of Hawaii.
1 Summons.
Tile Hakalau Plantation Company, n cor.
poralion, plaintiff, vs II. K. Soulc
nml I. K. Rny, defendants.
The Territory of Hawaii; to the Hih
Sheriff of the Territory of Hawaii, or
his Deputy, the Sheriff of the Island
of Hawaii, or his Deputy, or any
Constable in the Territory of Hawaii.
You arc commanded to summon II. H.
Soule and I. It. Ray, defendants, intake
they sholl file written answer within
twenty days, after service hereof, to be
and appear before the said Circuit Cturt
at the January Term thereof, to be holilcn
at South II1I0, Island of Hawaii, on
Thursday the and day of January nexl, at
ten o'clock a. m., to show cause why the
claim of the Hakalau Plantation Com.
pany, plaiutin". should not be awarded to
them pursuant to the tenor of thcir.nn-
nexed petition. And have you then and
there this writ with full return of your
proceeding thereon.
Witness Hon. Gilbert P. I.ittlc, Judge
of the Circuit Court of the Pourth Circuit,
at South Hilo, Hawaii, tliis 10th day of
December, 1901.
(Signed) DANIHI, PORTItR, Clerk.
1 certify the foregoing to be a true
copy of the original Summons in said
cause and that s.iid Court ordered public
ation of the xatue and continuance of said
cause until the next Term of this Court.
DANlltL PORTP.R, Clerk.
Hilo, Hawaii, Jan. 32, 1902. 13-29
Por Runt In Puueo, new and modern
cottage; inquire of ALLAN WALL, nt
the Hilo Market.
Pine job work in all its branches.
Give us u dunce to estimate. Tkiuu.N1!.
JOHN J. GRACE, M. 1).. P.R.C.S.
om c Hoiirn: Hto u a. in.; I to 3 p. m.
ltveuini!, 7-J' to K
II 1 luoruiUK hour on WYdurd.iyi.
"R. Ii. Reid, M. D.
Office: Spkuckhls' IU.OCK.
Office Hourt:
4,10.30 to 12 11. tu.; 2 to 4 and 7 to H p. m.
Sundays, 9 to 12 a. 111.
C. L. Stow,
M. R. C. S.. lite.
Olficc lloiirH. Hjotoua m.,3tiM,niid7loHp.m.
Oll'ice and litsidcuce'
Milton Rice, M. D.
Office, Waianueuue St.
Hours, 8:3010 10:30 a. M.; 2-4 and 7:30
to S:y v. m. Sundays, 9 to it a. m.
Notick Neither the Masters nor
Agent of vessels of the "Matsou Line"
will be responsible for any debts con
tracted by the crew. R. T. GUARD,
Hilo, April 16, 1901. 24-
Notico to Creditors.
In the Matter of the Itstate ofRORIiRT
ROUSON HIND, deceased.
Notices is herebr uivcu br the under-
nigut-d John Hind lixecutor of the last
will of Robert Robsou Hind, deceased, to
this Creditors of nud all persons having
L claims against the a.iid deceased to pre
sent tueir claims duly nutuentlcntvii witu
thu proper vouchers within six mouths
after the first publication of this uotlce to
the jlil lixecutur at UU rtkldcncu at Ko
hala, UIhuiI o( Hawaii, Territory of Ha
waii, thu unit belug the place for the
transaction of business of wild eslatu in
uid Territory.
lixecutor of the. last will of Robert Rob
son Hind.'iteceased.
Dated nt Honolulu, T. II., Pebruary
25th, 1902. 18-22
In the Circuit Court, of thePourth Circuit,
Territory of Hawaii.
A. It. Sutton II. Vicaks
A. E. Suiton & Co.
Agents for Loudon and Lancashire Pire
Insurance Company, Orient Insur
ance Company. Westchester
Pire Insurance Company.
AucTioNHimsj Commission, Rkai. lis-
Office in Hconomic Siiok Storh,
" W. A. Purely,
Oi,t Custom Ilousit Huii.ihnk,
Pront Street, Hilo, Hawaii.
Ch.11.. M. I.illluii.l,
All collection! promptly lu.ult'iiud accounted for.
KenlsKilltileil for ab-.eulti! and
itMltftalUlidrd to.
SltVKKANCIt lll,lr...
C. 11. Y. Hitchcock,
1111,0, Hawaii, 11. 'i.
Mrs. K. A. Bacon
Pitiunu Street,
Nxt door to Poreigu Church
The Laupahoehoe Sugar Company, a cor
poration, pl.untiir, vs. II. It. Soule
and I. Ii. Ray, dcleuduuts.
The Territory of Hawaii; to the High
Sheriff of the Territory of Hawaii, or
his Deputy, the Sheriff of the Island
of Hawaii, or his Deputy, or any
Constable in the Territory of Hawaii:
You are commanded to summon II. It.
Soule and 1. It. Ray, defendants, in cuse
th-y Mum tile written answer witnin
twenty day after service hereof to be and
Appear before the said Circuit Court at
the January Term tliereol, to be UoKlcn
at South Hilo, Island of Hawaii on Thurs
day the and day of January next, at 10
o'clock a. M., to show cause why the
claim of the Laupahoehoe Sugar Com-
uny, u corporation, plaintiff should not
e awarded to them pursuant to the tenor
of their annexed petition. And have you
then and there this writ with full return
of your proceedings thereon.
Witness lion. Ullliert lf. l.lltle, judge
of the Circuit Court of the Pourth Circuit,
at South Hilo, Hawaii, this 10th day of
December, 1901.
(Sinned) DANIItL PORTItR. Clerk.
I certify the foregoing to be a true copy
of the original Summons in said cause
and that said Court ordered publication
ol the same and continuance of said cause
until the next Term of this Court.
Hilo, Hawaii, Juu, 22, 1902. 13-29
In the Circuit Court of the Pourth Circuit,
Territory of Hawaii. Island of Hawaii.
AT Chamiikrs.
Order for Special Term.
Deeming it essential to the promotion of
justice, I do order that A Special Term of
the circuit Lourt 01 tiie l'ouriu utrcuti
hi: held in the Court House in Hilo, com
mencing on Monday, June and, A. D.
1902, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of
said day and continuing from day to day
and from time to time for the period pro
provided by law, unless soouet adjourned
slue die.
Hv order of the Court:
Done nt Chambers this 7th day of
March, A. I). I9
The foregoing order is hereby approved,
iSign) W. P. Pukak,
Tfrritnrv of llliu'llll.
Till., 301 Dated, Mutch nth, 1902. 20-25
Mortgagee's Notice of In
tention to Foreclose
and of Sale.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of
power of sale contained inn certain mort
gage made by Joseph Knauhau, unmar
ried, of North Hilo, Hawaii, to Gi Y.
Jnkinsof North Hilo, Hawaii, dated Au
gust 1st, 1900, nud recorded in the office
of Registrar of Conveyances in Honolulu
in Liber 214 on pages 90-91, nud which
said mortgage is now owned by said
Mortgagee, G. Y. Jakius, and the said G.
V. Jakius intends to foreclose said mort
gage for breaches of conditions in said
mortgage contained, To-wit: Non-payment
of principal and interest when di.
Notice is hereby given that nil mitt sin
gular the lands, tenements and heredita
ments covered by said mortgage will be
sold at public auction nt the front door of
the Court House in the town of Hilo,
Island and Territory of Hawaii, on Mon
day, April 21st, 1902, at 10:0a o'clock, n.
The property described in said mortgage
nud which is to be sold at wild time, Is all
of that certain tract or parcel of land sit
uated in North Hilo, Island and Territory
of Hawaii, described as follows, To-wit:
Kaiakea Homestead, lot no. 19 ns desig
nated on Government map thereof nud
containing 22 acres. Terms cash.
G. V.JAKINS, Mortgagee.
Wisit & Ross,
Attorneys for Mortgagee.
Hilo, Hawaii, March 27th 1902. 21-33
Ilooluhii Hooko 0 ka Mo
ral; i Ante ke Kuiii.
W. II. Smith.
Opp. Court lloiike.
Kc hoolaha ia nku uei, tuamuli o ke
kahi inaua kttai, i hoakakn ia tualoko'.o
kekalli Moraki i liana ia c Joseph Kaaii
him, mare ole, o Hilo Akau, Hawaii, ma
ka In I o Augate, 1900, i kaknu kope ia
ma ke Keeua Knpau Kope ma Honolulu,
ma ka lluke 214-uoao 90-91, a oia moraki
ke paa ia uei i G. Y. Jakius, a oia no ka
oua, a ke mnkemake uei oia, G. V. Ja
kius, e hooko aku i kein moraki no ka
uhaki ia o na Aelike, oia hoi: no knuktt
ole ia o ke kumupaa nine ka uktipaueci
ka mauauu e hookaani.
Ke hoolaha in nku uei o ka iiina, a matt
aiua paha, na pouoiimcuu poiuaikuiupatt
loa i olelo ia ma ia moraki, e kudala ia
aku aur. ma kn puku ma ke nlo o ka Ha
le Hookolokolo ma ke kaoua o Hilo, Mo
kupuui uTeritori o Hawaii ma ka Poa
knhi, Aperila 21, 1902, ma ka horn 10.00
a. m.
Oku waiuai e kuai ia aku ami i olelo ia
ma ia moraki, oia no keln apaua ulna e
waiho uei ma Hilo Akau, Mokupuui 11
Tcritori o Hawaii, i hooakakn in peuei:
Aiua Hookuouooiio, Kaiakea, Apaua
helu 19, c like me a hooakaku ana ma ka
Palap.ilu Aiua Aupitui. He 22 likn. Ma
ke dula kuike.
Ka mea nana ka Moraki.
Wi.sk & Ross,
Koua mail Loio.
Hilo, Hawaii, Maraki 37, 1902.
miil.OX SAYS "L1AK."
Is nt Once Susnoiitlcil from House of
London, March 20. One of the
liveliest scene witnessed in the
House of Commons since the pal
miest days of the Irish Nationalists
ended this afternoon with the sus
pension of John Dillon. During
the discussion of the South African
affairs the Liberal leader, Sir Henry
Campbell - Itanncnuan, vigorously
protested against the Government's
conduct in uttering "malignant
slanders" in calling the Liberals
"pro-Uoers." These slanders, Sir
Henry said, were used for party
purposes. The Government, which
had been Koine from blunder to
blunder, claimed immunity from
criticism, and if this continued it
would follow "the precedent of the
evil days of the American war."
Chamberlain, proceeding, refer
red to the Boers who arc fighting
on the British side, when John
Dillon (Irish Nationalist) inter
jected, "They are traitors !" on
which Mr. Chamberlain retorted:
"The honorable gentleman is a
good judge of the traitors."
A scene of great confusion en
sued. When order was partially
restbred, Dillon demanded a ruling
on Chamberlain's words.
The Speaker said: "An honora
ble member spoke of soldiers serv
ing under the British flag as trai
tors. I deprecated the interruption,
and I deprecated the retort of the
other member."
Dillon then said: "I will tell the
right honorable member that he is
a damned liar."
A dead silence followed this re
mark. Such unparliamentary lan
guage seemed to stun the house.
The Speaker invited Dillon to
withdraw the expression, but the
latter said:
"I will not withdraw."
"Then, I must name you," said
the Speaker.
TIiq Government leader, A, J.
Balfour, then said: "I beg to move
that Mr. Dillon be suspended from
service in the House."
The motion was carried by 248
to 48 votes.
Dillon immediately, by direction
of the Speaker, left the House,
amid wild Nationalist cheers, and
Chamberlain resumed his speech.
Dillon's suspension, under the
present rules, cannot exceed a week.
His offense would have been much
more severely dealt with had the
new rules been in force.
Loaned .Millions of Dollars to Friends
11 n d Strangers Without Security.
New York, March 19. The
Tribune will say tomorrow: The
Collis 1. Huntington estate, now
being inventoried by the State tax
appraisers, acting with the execu
tors, Chnrlcs W. Tweed and Isaac
V. Gates, will amount to about
$28,000,000 or $29,000,000. The
transfer tax will approximate $800,
000. This is the unofficial inform
ation about the schedule of pro
perty left by Huntington.
The report of the State apprais
ers will net be filed for several
mouths. It is understood that the
delay is due in large part to the
overhauling of claims and notes
against friends of Huntington.
These amount to an astonishingly
large sum, it was said, and arc in
such shape that it is difficult for the
executors to tell how much they
are really worth. The major items
in the schedule of assets have been
known for a long time.
The executors paid to the State
last fall $700,000 in part satisfaction
of the transfer tax, thus securing a
rebate of $35,000, which was clear
gain to the estate.
Pine 6 year old horse; rubber tire,
1000 mile axel lop buggy, new I year;
new hand nude harness,
Nursed to thu End by the Woman
Who Saved Ills Fortune.
New York, March 19. Kdward
II. Green, the husband of Hetty
Green, said to be the richest wo
man in America, died at Bellows
Falls. Vt.. today, aged 80. Since
last October he had been tenderly
nursed by his wife. Green was a
pioneer in the iCast India trade and
accumulated millions.
Nearly fifty years ago he married
Harriet II. Robson, who had $y,
000,000 inherited from her father.
Green went into speculation and
neglected his business. One day it
came to Mrs. Green's ears that her
husband was on the verge of bank
ruptcy. His Quaker spouse took
the reins in her own hands to save
him. She was shrewd and ener
getic, and succeeded in saving her
husband from utter ruin. The
taste of the financial whirl was so
fascinating that she has been at it
ever since. Next to strife for wealth
her most strenuous occupation has
been dodging tax collectors. Mrs.
Green often said her natural call
ing was that of a nurse, and the
tender care of her aged husband
bore her out in the claim.
(ireat Difficulty In I'ludlnu Houses lu
Which to Entertain Princes.
London, March 18. Half a mil
lion of London's poor will be the
guests of King Kdward during
coronation week. His majesty noti
fied the Mayors of the metropolis
today that the sum of ,30,000 was
placed at their disposal, and he in
vited them to make the necessary
arrangements to entertain the very
poor to the number of 500,000 at a
dinner in celebration of his corona
tion. Every department of the King's
household is busily engaged in the
stupendous task of preparing for
the coronation ceremonies. So very
long is the list of foreign princes
and embassadors who will be pres
ent that the court officials are at
their wits' end to decided how to
dispose of his majesty's guests.
Kvcry available room in Bucking
ham palace and the other royal
residences is already pre-empted,
and the Lord Chamberlain is gladly
availing himself of offers of many
of the finest residences in Loudon.
The Belgravia and Buckingham
Palace hotels have been requisi
tioned in their entirety, four houses
in Grosvcnor square have been
taken and in addition the Lord
Chamberlain has thankfully accept
ed the proffer of Dorchester House,
lent by Captain G. L. Ilolford, the
King's equerry; Chesterfield House,
Harcourt and Witnbourne House.
The Maharajah of Jeynoor, one
of U12 many Indian notables coming
to the coronation, today chartered
an Anchor line steamer to convey
himself nud his suite to Kuglaud.
Report of n Stormr Interview In
the Cabinet Room.
Washington, March 15. Brest
dent Roosevelt and General Miles
have been at it again. Contrary to
reports recently published, they
have not made up their differences
and resolved to be friends. In fact
they are farther apart than ever. A
few weeks ago General Miles called
at the White House and remained
some time in conference with the
President. It was supposed then
that there had been n pleasant talk.
The facts arc that General Miles
called to say he forgave the Presi
dent for the famous reprimand ad
ministered to him on account of his
utterances in regard to the Schley
"For the time I did feel hurt by
it," explained the Lieutenant-Gcn-eral,
"but now I know it was not
your work. It was a job put up on
me by Root and Corbin. Corbin
wrote it and Root carried it to you.
I don't mind what my enemies do
against me."
"Hold on," exclaimed the Presi
dent. "That is not right. General
Miles, I will state to you frankly
that the reprimand of which you
speak was my work, and I am fully
responsible for it. It was prepared
at myinstance for the good of the
service, and if you have complaints
to make of anyone in regard to it
you should make them to me."
This nearly took General Miles'
breath away, but he recovered him
self and made a spirited answer.
The President retorted. For some
minutes the atmosphere of the
Cabinet room was at a high temper
ature. Then General Miles walked
away and he hasn't been back since.
Cuban Reciprocity.
Washington, March 18. The ad
vocates of Cuban reciprocity scored
a decisive victory tonight at the
conference of Republican members
of the House of Representatives,
the proposition of Chairman Payne
of the Ways and Means Committee
for a 20 per cent reduction of duty,
with the Sibley amendment, limit
ing the duration of the reduced
rates to December 1, 1903, being
adopted by a vote of 85 ayes to 31
noes, tins result was rcacnetl at
1 1:30 o'clock after a protracted de
bate, followed by a series of excit
ing rollcalls.
The first test was when Payne
concluded thespeechtnaking with a
motion for the previous question on
all pending propositions. This mo
tion prevailed, 78 to 56. A vote
was then taken on a substitute
offered by Representative Dick of
Ohio, in behalf of those opposing
the reciprocity plan, offering in its
stead a plan of direct payment to
Cuba covering several years. This
was defeated, 57 to 75. An amend
ment by Morris of Indiana to take
off the differential on refined sugar
was defeated, 50 to 72.
Prisoners Taken In British Uniform
Hinu Heen Put to Death.
London, March 19. In the
House of Commons yesterday War
Secretary Brodrick set nt rest the
rumors regarding Lord Wolseley's
trip to South Africa by announcing
that the former cominauder-iu-chief
had gone to Cape Town on an en
tirely private visit, without pre
viously communicating with the
War Office.
Regarding the Boers wearing
British uniforms, Brodrick said nil
civilized nations punished such
action with death. Boers captured
wearing British uniforms were liable
to be shot after trial by court
martial. Lord Kitchener in certain
Situation lit Ireland.
London, March 18. The Vati
can has received confidential news,
says the Rome correspondent of
the Daily Chronicle, of a serious
situation in Ireland. The Fenians
have for some mouth been engaged
in an active propaganda with a
view to organizing for a general
rising. It is believed the Vatican
will instruct the Irish clergy to hold
aloof from the revolutionary agita
tion. Rhodes Slightly Better.
Cape Town, March 20. A bulle
tin issued at midnight last night
said that Cecil Rhodes had taken
nourishment; that he was slightly
stronger, and that at that time lie
was sleeping.
cases had
already inflicted that
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