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, InliiifitiiliiuAI ri'M'iH.I n trfjll
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Briulit, R.eliublo,
.i nt Ml
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" i I) j-.iI lii i( 'ho jil Jim euub 1 rn
..Will 111 11 1 f 1. j In, u'imlmtO Ii Jn,I.U-J.
Vol. 7.
No. 2S.
lii Invhifi 5i!j la imif
ivnn in noLi
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Jiyrfl 'J3 ' " --... - Fr --- gfr-r
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OfFlOli. llKllllll! StKI.HT, llll.O, HAWAII.
(Tkiihinh Ill.OCK.)
HIIp Tribune Publishing Company, Ltd.
publishers nml Proprietors,
rrcshleiit C. 0. Kunni.iiv
Vice-President It. K. KiCiiakh
Secretary-'! rciisuicr I.. W. IIawoktii
Atnlllor A. U. SuriiiN
lllrectors (!l o. 8. McKkniii, I W. Maksii
Advertisements .tu.iccompaiilcil ly specific
iislruetiotis Inserted iiiilll ik-ilrrcil out.
iilYirtlwtiieiititlmiitliuu'it heforc expiration
of speclfiiil liitlmi Mill lie elintKcil lis If mil
I ill mil lor 11111 ic
AiMress nil coiilimitilcattotn rltlicr In tin'
Killtorlnlor lltislncM Dtpntmenls nl Tint llllu
Thiiiuni: I'uiii.miii.Nii Comi-anv.
Tlie columns ol Tut! II ll Tmiip.ni: nrc always
open to 01111 iiiiinic.tlioliH on suhjcits within llit?
scope nf tin- paper Tt receive proper ntteiilloti,
each nitlclc limit lc slgnctl by Itsnuthor. The
mime, when ileslrcil, will he hclil ciiiifulentlnl
Tun lllt.n TKtmrNK in nut re pouslhle lur the
opinions or statements of corrtupomleiitii.
Wise & Ross,
Will practice In all ConrK of llio Territory, nml
the Smireme Court of the liiilteilMilet.
Office: Tkiiuink IUiimiino,
llrlilseStnit. 1III.O. HAWAII
Chas. M. LeBlond,
Hawaiian, Jntiniuw, nml Chlniie ItiterptvtiM,
mill Notary l'uhlic in (llfice.
Office: Skvkkanck iiiiii.iiinr,
Opposite Court House, IIII.O, HAWAII
Ridgway & Ridgway
Solicitors ol Patent' (.ener.il Law Practice
Notary l'uhlic in Office.
Ol'I'ICH: Walaniiciiite nml Ilrlilce Street
oni c lluurs: K to 11 a. 111.; 1 to 3 p. 111.
J : vc 1 1 1 1 1 n h , 7:jj to S.
N) luonilliK hoiimon Weilneslayi.
R. Ii. Reid, M. D.
Office: Si'KHCKm.s II1.0CK.
Office Hours:
iu.30 to 12 a. tit.; 3 to 4 ami 7 to 8 '). m.
Sutulays, 9 to 12 a. til.
C. L. Slow,
M.R.C. H.. i:tc
Office limits: S 30 toil a.m.; 1 to I. aml7toS11.nl.
Office ami Resilience:
Mil ton Rice, M. D.
Physician and Sukcjuon
Office, Waiatiucntte St.
llouri, 8:.v to uiyo a. m.; J-.) anil 7:30
to8:.v P. M. Sumlays, j to 11 a, m.
ici'.ai. r.sT.vn:.
A. IC. Sutton II . Yicucs
A. K. Sutton & Co.
Agents for London and Lancashire h'ire
Insurance Company, Oiienl Insur
ance Company. Westchester
l'ire Insurance Company.
AurruiNKiiKS, Commission, Rkai. Hs-
Office in ICconomic S1101; Stouk,
W. A. Purely,
Ol.li Cl'STOM Hoi'SIC Hl'U.llINO,
l'rout Street, Hilo, Hawaii.
Cli.ii M. I.ellloml,
W. II. Mllllll.
All colU-itlons promptly inailenml accounted fur.
Ki-iils colli lUil for iih-iuUcHiiml
ettntt-iifitU'mUil to.
SPM'KANCK lll.lti:
Opp. Court House.
C. II. W. Hitchcock,
I 111.(1, 1 iawaii, 1 1. r.
Mrs. K. A. Bacon
I'ittuau Street.
Nuxt door 10 Koruhj!! Qlmrch,
M. Wachs, 1). D. S.
Office Hours,
9 I" 4
Walter H. Schoening
SltVliKANCK HotlSIt,
Pitman Street, Iln.o, Hawaii
W. 1-1. JON12S,
M. R. C. V. S.
Veterinary Surgeon
Tiit.iU'iiONK 45 or OWi, Duuo Stouk
Thorouijhhrert Hull Terrier pups;
each. 1'ltANK I,. Winthu.
h'ou RltNT III l'tttteo, tiewattiltiioilern
cottage; inquire of ALLAN WALL, at
the Hito .Market.
Fine job work in all its
Give us a chance to estimate.
Notick Neither the Masters nor
Afjeut of vessels of the 'Alatson Line"
will he tespousihte for any tlehts con
ir.icte.l hy the crew. R. T. GUARD,
Hilo, April 16, 1901. 2J-
Wantki Yotine; Japanese wants po
sition as office hoy with doctor or lawyer.
Speaks Knglish well; writes a little.
I. O. llox 4, Hilo, Hawaii. 23-26
In the Circuit Court, of the fourth Cftcuit,
Territory of Hawaii.
fhe Laupahoehoe Siitfar Company, a cor
poration, plaintitr, vs. II. V.. Soule
anil I. H. Ray. defendants.
The Territorv of Hawaii; to the IIinh
Sheriff of the Territory of Hawaii, or
his Deputy, the Sheriff of thy Island
of Hawaii, or his Deputy, or any '
Coustahle in the Territory of Hawaii:!
You are commanded to summon II. IC.
Soule and 1. IC. Ray, defendants, incuse
llu-y shall file written answer within
twenty day after service hereof to he and
appear before the said Circuit Court at
the January Term thereof, to he lioldcu
.., C.ltll II. In IlI.I. til f I Id. ...... .! TllllO-
day the 2nd day of January next, at 10
o'clock a.m., to show cause wSiv the
claim 01 tlie l.aup.ilioelioc Mte;ar v:oui
i.iuy, a corporation, plain till' should not
he awarded to them pursuant to the tenor
of their annexed petition. And have jou
then and there this writ with full return
of your proceedings thereon,
Wiltu-M Hon. Gilbert V, Little, Jude
of the Circuit Court of the Fourth Circuit,
at South Hilo, Hawaii, this 10th day of
Dicember, 1901.
tSiKiieil) DANI1CL I'ORTICR, Clerk,
I certify the foreoiiiK t" he a true copy
nf the original Summons in said cause
and that said Court ordered publication
of the same anil continuance of said euuse
until the next Term of this Court.
Hilo, Hawaii, Jan. 22, 1902. 13-29
Iu the Circuit Court of the Fourth Circuit,
Territory of Hawaii. Island of Hawaii,
Order for Special Term.
DeenuiiK 1tesse11ti.il to the promotion of
justice. I do order that A Special Teim of
the Circuit Curt of the lUrth Circuit
be held in the Court House in Hilo, coin-
iiieneHiH on .Monday, June and, A. 1.
1902, at ten ii clock 111 tlie loreuoou ot
1002, 111 leu iicincK 111 me loreuoou 01
S.1IU IlilV UIMl llflllllllllllU lll'lll it, in ini . ... , .,.,..,
and linui time to time lor the period pro- Lord Kitchener amounted to little
provided hy law, unless sonnet adjourned p more than a tequest (or permission
sine die. ! to use the cable in consulting Krue-
Sriraii" this 7th day of B ml the Boer delegates in En
March. A. I). 1902. ! rope regarding a basis for a peace
(Sign) GII.1IP.RT F. LITTLIC. settlement.
, J",1Kt;- 1 There is distinctly a hopefull
, 1 .. 1 :....:.... ,v. 1 ... ,.. 1....
..,..., vK..,,,sv..,v ..-.I..I..M ..,.,..,..,..
lSie.11) W F. Fukau,
Chief Justice of the SuprenieCourt,
Territory of Hawaii.
Dated, Mai ch nth, 1902. 20-25
Election of Officers.
At the annual meetiui; of the VAIA
RICA MILL CO. held this date, the fol
luw'ill", officets wete elected to serve for
the ensuing y'r :
President F.M. SWAN.Y
Yice-1'resideut A. YOUNG
Treasitter T. C. DAYIICS
Seciutary W. 11. 1IAIRD
Auditor T. R. KF.YWORTI1
W. II. IIA1RD, Secretary.
j Honolulu, .Maich 21, 1902. 22.25
plans ron i'i:.vci:.
Desires r IturRltcrs Mnilf Kuonii
to llrltiiln.
London, April 15. In a dispatch
from Joliniinesbtu";. dated April
14th, the correspondent of the
Daily Mail says that the lending
delegates conferred today vith
Lord Milncr, the British High
Commissioner in South Africa, at
Pretoria, and that I,ord Kitchener
was present at the conference.
"I understand," says the cor
respondent, "that I.ords Milner
and Kitchener, will jointly conduct
the negotiations, and that I.ord
Milncr will forward the Hocr pro
posals to Mr. Chamberlain."
The Daily Mail asserts that Mr.
Chamberlain, the Colonial Secre
tary, received an important dispatch
from I.ord Milner last (Monday)
night. It is understood this dis
patch outlines the basis of the ne
gotiations fa voted by the Boers.
The Daily Mail says it will be sub
mitted at the Cabinet meeting to be
held today.
The Hague, April 14. From
those close in touch with the Hoer
leaders here it appears that the
latest secret dispatches from South
Africa outline the peace proposals
now under discussion at Pretoria.
They closely follow the .summitry
given on Saturday last by the
Evening News at Edinburgh, with
the following additional details:
The Doers to accept a British
Lord Commissioner, with a Boer
executive, both to be resident at
The country to be divided into
districts, with British district offi
cers and a Boer committee chosen
by polling by the burghers. The
veto right is to be reserved to the
British Government. The majority
of the British officers must be con
versant with the Dutch language.
Johannesburg is to be conceded
to the British, with complete British
civil covernment.
A ,vnr imlomiiitv nf An nnn.nnn '
to be distributed by mixed com-
Disarmament to occur when the '
- -o- 1 1 1
first batch of Boer prisoners is sent
back to South Afiica.'
No war tax to be levied.
Both languages to be recognized
Dl the schools and courts and HI
official documents.
The expense of the garrisons in
South Africa to be borne by Great
The present Boer leaders to be
retained in office so far as possible.
Loudon, April 14. Replying in
the House of Commons today to
the Liberal leader, Sir Henry Camp-bell-Bannerinan.whoasked
any terms of peace had been
suggested by the Boer leaders in
South Africa, the Government
leader, J. A. Balfour, said it was
impossible at present to say more
than that a message had been re
ceived Saturday from the Boer
leaders through Lord Kitchner,
' , , . ,1,1
"1 tluit a reply had been sent to
them. Further communication was
expected. It is said that the com-
...... .:.,.:,,,. ,,c i, n,- i.,i. ,
lllilllii-unwu wi iiiu iiuwi jimi;i:) iu
, ..,, ,r me ml minrtprs.
I Investigating Horse Camp.
New Orleans, April 9. Colonel
E. H. Ciowder of the War Depart
ment, who arrived here yesterday
'to investigate the alleged British
'army post at Chaliuette. has opened
an office. lie expressed a wish
that tlio.se interested on opposite
sides of the controversy would lur-
uish him a list of their witnesses iu
order that he might examine them.
1 He said he would later possibly
visit Uialiucltc uiul make lull in
spection of the system and extent
of the operations there.
J I .J
(Srcat lh.tniii Upturns to Luus
allied hy CoIiiIpii. 1
New York, April 14. A cable ,
to the Tribune from London says:
Krueger, besides "staggering hu-!
inanity," has driven the last nail
in the coffin of free trade. Sir
Michael I licks-Beach has required !
considerable pressure, and he has
yielded reluctantly. Sir Robert
Gifien, who was once the hope of
the stern, unbending Cobdenitcs,
has been Coaching him in the col
umns of the Times, and at last the
cue is taken.
Taxation of corn is resumed, al
though the abolition of the corn
laws was the supreme end of Cob
den's agitation, which converted
England into the pioneer free trade
nation. The hands on the dial
plate, as devout Cobdenitcs will
say, are now turned back.
Hit Its-Beach sought to minimize
the importance of the new taxation
by describing it as n revival of the
registration duty on wheat and
Hour, which ought never to have
been repealed, and which had
nothing to do with the protective
systefi, but Harcottrt did not allow
the ijiouse to be deceived by these
sophistries, and characterized the
taxation of food as incompatible
withihe free trade system.
' Canadian (Salluiilry.
London, April 9.- -The corres
pondent of the Standard at Klerks
dorp, Transvaal, has cabled a
graphic account of the battle at
Doombalt Farm, March 31st, in
which the British had three offi
cers and twenty-four men killed
"d sixteen officers and 131 men
wountteci, wnite ute uoers nact 137
liipn killed or wounded.
A small force of Canadians and
mounted infantry, says the corres
pondent, was opposed by sevenfold
'its number. Six hundred Boers
charged confidently, calling upon
the Canadians to surrender
tenant Carouthersoi the Canadians,
sprang to his feet, and, exclaiming
, , ,
t't he would not surrender, shot
I the foremost Boer with his revolver
at a distance of fifteen paces. The
Canadians had no cover except the
short grass. Lying upon the
ground they fired steadily, and
forced the Boers to seek the shelter
of a screen of trees. Many of the
Boers climbed these trees and fired
down on the Canadians. The lat
ter kept the enemy at bay for two
hours. When nil but fifteen of
the Canadians were killed or
wounded the Boers ventured
another rush, and captured the
handful of survivors.
Lieutenant Carouthers was the
only British officer who was not
seriously wounded. Some of the
Boers wanted to shoot him when
he was taken prisoner, but they
ultimately thought better of this,
saying, "He is too brave a man to
die that way."
i:elasIou Hill May l'nll.
Washington, April 9. Two
more attacks, adroit in handling
and of wide scope, were made oil
the Mitehell-Kahu exclusion bill
today by Senators Gallinger and
Dillingham. The New Englanders
are beginning to develop the strong
opposition that is felt in the Senate
against enactiiie: more drastic laws
than are now in effect. As the de
bate progresses it is becoming more
and more apparent that unless
something unforseeit occurs to
bring about a change of feeling on
the part of the Senate leaders the
Mitchell-Kahn bill cannot pass.
The opposition is largely silent,
but none the less effective. It is
led by such men as Hanua, Allison
and Aldiich. Although the real
leaders, nunc of these Senators may
make a speech.
I'ncls About tlip Aiupi'lcaii "Mission"
to Vatican.
Washington, Aptil 13. In Ad
ministration circles iu Washington
there has been some amusement
over the talk about the so-called
mission to Rome. The facts arc
that Governor Taft has impressed
very strongly upon the President
and Secietary of War that the ques
tion of getting rid of the friars was
of vital consequence to peace in the
Philippines and that to accomplish
this it was necessary to deal directly
with the head of the corporation
involved. Rome. After much con
sideration it was decided that Gov
ernor Taft should stop at Rome on
his way to the Philippines to con
sult wiih the church authorities
and see if it would not be possible
to come to some agreement on be
half of the Philippine Government.
Driver Summoned llpforc Magis
trate Tor 1'ast Killing.
London, April 12. The chief
attraction of the Automobile Club's
show next week will be King Ed
ward's new autocar, made by an
English firm. It is of twenty-two
horse-power, and is pronounced to
be an elaborate triumph of ad
vanced automobilism. In connec
tion with the King's fondness for
automobiles, it is interesting to
note that Hon. Douglass Scott
Montague, who recently has been
driving the King around the
country, has been summoned to
appear before the Ilamshire magis
trates on the charge of furious
9 .
Dismissal or Sedition Cases Mocked
hy the Journalist.
Manila, April 13. A number of
prominent business men, at a meet
ing here yesterday, decided to pe
tition the Commission to drop the
proceedings against Freedom, the
local paper, the editor of which is
charged will sedition; but the edi
tor objected, saying he would prove
every statement made. The mer
chants hope the case will not be
tried, as they believe the matter
may have a bad effect on Philip
pine legislation.
Russia Restless.
London, April 10. The mobil
ization of the Black sea fleet of
Russia, cables the Times corrcs
pondent at Odessa, has been fixed
for the end of July, and the depots
at Sebastopol arc receiving unusu
ally large consignments of naval
The simultaneous mobilization
this summer of the Black sea and
Baltic llcets, continues the corres
pondent, and the unprecedented
military concentration north of
Odessa is considered very signifi
cant. The Retention ol' Tien Tslu.
London, April 13. The Peking
correspondent of the Times says
that a meeting of the allied com
manders held in Tien-tsin Saturday
it was unanimously resolved to
maintain the provisional govern
ment of Tien-tsin until the forts
were destroyed or until July 1st,
and then only to restore the admin
istration of the city to China on the
acceptance by her of certain condi
tions guaranteeing international in
terests, such as promising not to
fortify and not to rebuild the forts,
Tnlninge, Dead.
Washington, April 12. Rev. T.
De WittiTiilmage, the noted Pres
byterian clergyman, died at 9
o'clbek todny at his residence in
I thus city. '
President Uoosevelt Decides to (live
Him a I'lii-llier Chance.
Washington, April 14. The fol
lowing official statement was made
at the White House today: "The
President, after most careful invest
igation and hearing front others,
has come to the conclusion that
Governor Dole's course has been
such as to warrant his continuance
as Governor of Hawaii and entitle
him to the respect and hearty sup
port of the Administration."
The Governor was a caller at the
White House today and said he
would go to Boston for a short visit
and in about two weeks would sail
for home.
Macliias to Colombia. ,
Colon (Colombia), April 12.
The United States gunboat Machias,
which sailed from Santo Domingo
April 5th, arrived here today. She
will leave here tonight for Bocas
del Toro to safeguard American in
terests there.
Washington, April 12. Save
the short telegram of Thursday
from Consul Malmaros at Colon
the State Department is without
advices from the isthmus in regard
to the killing of an American citi
zen when the American steam
launch was seized by Colombian
insurgents at Bocas del Toro.
However, the fact that Mr. Mal
maros' cablegram did not mention
the killing of an American citizen
by the insurgents has made the
officials doubt that the person
killed was really an American, for
they argue that the Consul would
surely have mentioned a fact so im
portant. If it turns out, however,
that au American has been killed
by the insurgents, as'reportcd, then
the State Department will deal
more sternly with the situation on
the isthmus than it has heretofore.
More Troops Tor Congo.
Paris, April 12. The Minister
of the Colonies, M. Decrais, has
ordered that re-enforcements be
sent to the scene of the troubles iu
the French Congo as the result of
the dispatches he received yester
day confirming the report of a re
volt of natives in the Sangha dis
trict. The Paris manager of the
Sangha Company, in an interview,
attributes the outbreak to the fact
that the fanaticism of the natives
has been aroused by human sacri
fices, which were celebrated re
cently. Doers May go to Colorado.
Denver (Col.), April 9. A Boer
colony may be established along
the line of the proposed Denver
Salt Lake Short Line. A commit
tee of local Boer sympathizers
called on the State Land Boatd to
day with a letter from Boer Constil
General Pierce iu New York, ask
ing for information about State
lands along the new route. "If I
can get the right kind of induce
ments," said the Consul-General,
"several thousand Boer refugees
will go to Colorado and settle 011
farms. They will make the best of
citizens, I am sure."
Halgarlaus Slain by TurUs.
Constantinople, April 12. -A
band of seven Bulgaiiau brigands
has been exterminated in the Villa
yet of Monastir, iu -Macedonia, by
Turkish troops. The brigands cap
tured the tower of the village of
Kadi Koi. The troops surrounded
the spot and demanded the sur
render of the brigands, who replied
with a fusilade, which was return
ed by the Turks until all the occu
pants of the tower were dead.
New York, April 12. Sugnr
Raw, Steady; fair refining, sjic;
centrifugal, 96 test, 3C; Molasses
Sugar, 2jc; refined, steady.

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