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Britjlit, Reliuble,
Tlie ProRreaaive
Vol. 7.
ANDS, FRIDAY, MAY 2, 1902.
No. 26.
nr' if
iLXiinuii 1
- 1 - - - - . y r-rsr
!- ill ill 11 1 nlMmm m '
l)c Uo C&vilnmc
iiM'iL'it, Kino Stkhkt, Hit n, Hawaii.
(TMHVNt: lll.oCK.)
Hllo Tribune Publishing Company, Ltd.
Publisher ninl Proprietor.
1'renliteiit C. C. K1.NNM1Y
Secretary-Treasurer. ..,
M. Wachs, I). I). S.
In the temptation which was in
tended to dcvclope character, he
i:il1j- In SiMMiioii liy Itov. .. A. t'ru- ffell, not from "brutcdom or sav
znn IT,Mlosly Published, kw" bl frol thc oly P2rfcct
Office Hours,
9 to -I
A. I'.. bUTTON
,(J . S. McKi-Kn:. 1 W. Mamhii
place he then occupied; to earn his
Tin! II11.0 bread by the sweat of his brow,
land his posterity who "knew God"
indly.al-,j, . i:2i--i2) became vain in
Wo1i,- IT Qlnm1;t1ll. Iow a """fny criticism in tKth,.,r imagination, (image-making)
V 11LLL XL. O(lLUllllllgC0lS 0f y0Ur ,mp(..r, respecting trncd from tiw truu God and wor-
THK Kihtor
Dkar Sir:- Will you ki
AdvertiemcnU unaccompanied liy p-'clfir
imtructiou Iniertcd until ordered out.
Advertleiucntdicoiitlumd liefbre expiration
of pecllicd period will le charged ni If eon
tinned Tor lull term.
Addrixn nil coniiiiiitiicntlon eltlier to tlie
IMitorialnr llu.lueM Departments of Till: I 111"
THIIIUNK l'l'lll.lslltNO C1MI'N.
The column ol Tin: ItlLoTHliil'NKnre nlunw
open to communication on nubjecln within the
cope of the paper. To ucelve proper ntteullou,
each article mint Ik: kIkikmI by lit author . The,
naiiie, when desired, will bo held confidential. ,
Tun II 11.11 Thiiiunk In not responsible lor the I
opinion or statements of correspondents. I
Wise & Ross,
Will practice In all Court of the Territory, mill
the Supreme Court of the United Mates.
Office: Tkuiunh Ihrn.niNt'.,
llrldBeSlmt, 1III.O, HAWAII
Chas. M. LcBlond,
Hawaiian, Japanese, and Chinese liitcrputcrs,
ami Notaiy Public in Oilice.
Office: SltYKKANClt IllJII.DINC.,
Opposite Court House, IIII.O, HAWAII
Ridgway & Ridgway
Solicitor of Patent (leiieral I.aw Practice
Notary l'ulilic in Office.
UI'l'ICI!: Walauiiinue and Utilise Mucts
1 11
SUVKKANCU llousit,
I'iltimti Sttect, H11.0, Hawaii
vlt'iimxakv sum.r.o.v.
Rev. Cruzan's sermon, a synopsis ofi
which appeared in your last issue ?
He it understood that nothing
but the most friendly feeling, with
no desire for controversy or indulg
ing in personal reflection has
I prompted this criticism, but as some
W. I"I. JON IiS, i expressions appear in the synopsis
M. H.. C. V. S. p'" "Wluit we have lost, and what
gained" that seem" to the wiitcr out
VcterillciriJ SuraG011 ,f armony with the divine record,
! the following is offered.
Tki.iu-honk 45 or Owi, Duuo Stoki! ' "Christicnity never changes,"
1 this is true, for God never changes,
and as He and Christ nrc one, (or
lone in purpose) Christianity must
always bo the same. Mans ideas
Thorounlibretl Hull Terrier pups; f 25
C.ictl. 1JKANK I,. WlNTKK.
JOHN J. GRACE. M. 1).. lMt.C.S.
Oin ellour: sto n n in.; t to i p. m
HcuinR, 7.3a to h.
N innruliiK hour on W,ilmsda.
R. li. Reid, M. D.
Office: Si'K1'.ckhi.s' IIi.ock.
Office Hours:
10.30 lo 1 j a. 111.; 2 to .; anil 7 to 8 p. in.
Sundays, 9 to 12 a. in.
C. L. Slow,
M. R. C. S.. Htc.
Olfice Hour h 30 to 11 a.m.; 3 to , and 7 to 8 p.m.
Office nud KiKldrncv:
Milton Rice, M. D,
Physician and Sntr.HON
Office, Wiiianueuue St.
Hours, 8:30 to 10:30 a. M.; 2-. 11 ml 7:30
108:30 p. M. Sundays, 9 to II . M.
l'oii Runt III l'uueo, new anil modern
cuttiiKL'V imiuire of AIJ.AX WAI.I., at
the Ililo Market.
I-'iue job work in nil its branches.
Give us a chance to estimate. TKIUUNK.
XoTlCH Xeither the Masters nor
Ajjeut of vessels of the 'Mntsoii Line"
will be responsible for any debts con
tracted by the crew. R. T. Gl'ARD,
Ililo, April 16, 1901. 24-
Wanthd Young Japanese wants po
sition as office boy with doctor or lawyer.
Spi'iiks Ktiglish 'well; writes n little.
1'. O. Ilox 4, Ililo, Hawaii. 33-26
of Christianity change, in propor-
shiped the creature rather than the
Creator, and decended to "brute-
jdom and savagery.
I Higher Criticism (so called,) also
denies jthc teaching of the inspired
word. In n clipping from a recent
Chicago paper higher criticism had
decided that the bible chronology
was wholly unreliable, that the
story df creation, the deluge, and
many other bible accounts, must be
accompanied by foot notes in the S.
S. quarterlies of a certain denomi
nation. This higher criticism like evolu
tion, strikes a death blow at the
teaching of Gods' word, and in its
place rears a structure on the basis
tion as he believes, or disbelieves,) of intellectual human reason, or,
in that record which teaches what j worldly wisdom which is foolish
christianity is. We must have ness with God. ist. Cor. 2:13-14
implicit faith in the word of God, Inlso 3:19-21. It is no marvel that
for without faith it is impossible J christians are "alarmed" for their
to please Him. "All scripture is! religious foundation when they sec
given by inspiration ofGodandis it shattered by human reasonings.
profitable for doctrine, for reproof, and religious teachers willing to
for correction, for instruction in throw the bible aside, as suited only
In the Circuit Court, of the Vourth Circuit.
Territory of Hawaii.
The Iuipahoehoe Stiar Company. 11 cor-
(Kiratiou, plaiutiir, vs. II. K. Sonic
and I. IC. Ray. deleudants.
The Territory of Hawaii; to the IHeJi
SherilVol'the Territory of Hawaii, or
his Deputy, the Sherflf of the Island
of Hawaii, or his Deputy, or any
Constable in the Territory ol Hawaii:
You are commanded to summon II. K.
Souleaud 1. U. Ray, defendants, incuse
thi-y shall file written answer within
twenty day after service hereof to be and
appear before the said Circuit Court at
the January Term thereof, to be holden
at South Ililo, Island of Hawaii on Thurs-
day the 2nd day of January next, nt 10
j o'clock a.m., to show cause why the
1 claim of the I.auiuhoehoe Stiunr Com
pany, a corporation, plaiutiir should not concerned, which demands the
iiea'watded to thi'iu liursuant to the tenor I f . i:,:.. r ,1. r:n:i.
1 of their annexed net mm. And have you i fearless application 01 the principles
righteousness that the man of God
may be perfect, thoroughly fur
nished unto all good works." 2nd
Tim. 3:16. This is the perfection
and thorough furnishing the fol
lower of Christ needs.
So much for the sure foundation
of Christianity. Now we have
reached the time of the end, spoken
of by the piophet Daniel, when
"Many should run to and fro and
knowledge should be increased."
iJan. 12:4. Men know much to
day, we know the past century has
been iconoclastic; images have been
broken, idols thrown down and
many heathen have been brought
to know the power of Christ in the
life; and while the gospel "Which
is the power of God unto salvation,
to every one that believes" (Uom.
1:16.), is wining souls to Christ,
there ate multitudes being led away
from Christ, by the intellectual
teaching of men under the heading
or "Involution," "Higher Criti
cism," "Christian Socialism," etc.
So lar as Christian Socialism is
to the seventeenth century; but
after all this "God so loved, (not
'hated'), the world, that whosoever
believeth in him should not perish
but have everlasting life," Jno. 3:16
also Rom. 5:6, 10.
"Whosoever will may come." It
unjust, one class to inherit the king
dom "prepared for them from the
foundation of the world." The
other class to "go away into ever
lasting fire prepared for the devil
and his angels" Malt. 25:31-34, not
everlasting hell fire in its duration,
but "eternal" or everlasting in its
effect, as the example explains this
in Jttde 7. Sodom and Gomorrah
suffered the vengeance of eternal
fire, or fire of the eternal, and it
was literal fire, reducing them to
ashes, nud Peter says they arc set
forth as an example to those who
should alter, live ungodly, thus har
monizing with the prophet Mala
chi: '"Heboid the day comcth that
shall btru as an oven; and all the
proud, yea, and all that do wicked
ly shall be stubble: and the day that
comcth shall burn them up, saith
the I,ord of hosts, that it shall leave
them neither root nor branch"
(but reducing them to ashes as in
the example. ) Mai. 4:1-3.
"My spirit (says God,) shall not
always strive with man." It ceased
in the days of Noah, and the antc
deluvians were drowned. Christ
teaches in Matt. 24 that "as it was
in the days of Noah, so shall it be
in the days of the coming of the
Son of Man."
Now is the day of salvation; the
gospel work is closing nnd soon the
great fiat will go forth, "He that is
filthy let him be filthy still, and he
that is righteous let him be right
eous still, and behold I come quick
ly, and my reward is with me to
give every man according as his
works shall be," Rev. 22:11-112.
When that great separation takes
is Gods spirit represented by the place, then, and not till then, shall
Shppard seeking the lost sheep: It 1 "every knee bow, and every tongue
strives, or goes after the sinner I confess." The sinner will then
and it finds him just where he is, meet his doom in the burning up of
lost and hungry, but if he will not jail that is sinful in this world, and
yield Gods spirit will not always I from its ruins will be created a new
strive with him. The shephard j heaven and new earth wheicin
would be obliged to leave the sheep dwcllcth righteousness. Isa. 65:17
if it rap from him when he sought also 2nd Peter 3:12-13.
after it. It is even stated in the ' Then shall the meek inherit the
synopsis, that in all ages, in all (earth. The consummation of the
lands, God has loved, and suffered, christian's hope will then be rea
that He might bring man back to lized, having incorporated into his
himself; back to the pure and holy life the principles of heaven, he will
place he first enjoyed. And so the , be prepared to enjoy the society of
atonement (at-one-intnt) made by I the literal heaven; so this heaven
Christ on the cross, places all man-1 within has eradicated all the hellish
kind where they may be reconciled principles of the carnal heart and
iti:.vi, kstati:, i:tc
A. 15. Sutton
A. H. Sutton & Co.
then and there this writ with full return
ol our proceedings thereon,
WitiP-ss Hon. Gilbert 1 Little, Judge
of the Circuit Court of the Fourth Circuit.
II. Yicuisi"1 South Ililo, Hawaii, this loth day of
1 Dicciuber. 1001.
(.Sinned) DAXIKI, PORTIUt, Clerk.
I certify the forcKoiiiK to be a true copy
of the original Summons in said cause
AuenlH for London and Lancashire l'ire " '"; summons in wcnH
rnliirmr,. Cniiiiiiiiv Orient Iusur- 1"1 l,ml s lul Com t ordered publioatioi
Zc U'Sester ' ' " nnd continuance of said cans
1 IrJ U Mir ice CoWimv ,,mil U,L' "L,xt Ten" of U,U C,mrt-
hire Insurance umipan). DAXII'.L 1'ORTICR, Clerk.
Aiictioni'.i'.us, Commission, Rkai. I-.S- mio, Hawaii. Jan. 22, 1902. 13-29
Office in Kconomic Suou Stokh,
W. A. Purdy,
0i.ii Custom Housit IUtii.dino,
Ililo, Hawaii.
W. II. smith.
Atl collection, promptly madeniid accounted Tor.
Kcuts collected for nliwiitco and
evtutiN attended to.
1'rout Street,
Chan. M. I.ellloml,
SltYKKANCK 111,1)0..
Opp. Court Unlive.
In the Circuit Court of the l'ourth Circuit,
I Territory of Hawaii.
I Summons.
j This Ilakalau Plantation Company, a cor
I poraliou, plaintiff, vs. H. K. Smile
1 and I. I'.. Ray, defendants.
.The Territory or Hawaii; to the High
Sheriff of the Territory of Hawaii, or
his Deputy, the Shenir of the Island ,
of Hawaii, or his Deputy, or any
i I'niistiilile in the Territory of Hawaii. !
1 You are commanded to summon II. H. the revolution of the earth 011 its
Soule and I. V.. Ray, defendants, in case . . , . ., statemi,nt ,i,nt
tlmv shall file written answer w tl II aM!'1 U (lcIlu-i' U1L SiatCIIH.111 lll.ll
I twenty days, after service hereof, to be after man was created, immediately
TlllirMiay tlie 2im .lay oi January nrai, .u p f .. o..., . .,
- - - M 'J' - .--.-
and forces of chiistianity, I main
tain it can be demonstrated, for the
Saviois words are, "Cnaer r.w :s
than these shall c do." Jno. 14:12.
What is Involution ? It is a de
nial of the inspired word, which de
clares, "Through faith we under
stand the worlds were framed by
the word of God, so that things
that are seen were not made of
things which do appear." Ileb
1 1 :2 also Psa. 33:9. And in Gen.
2:1. We read that God finished
the creation of the heavens (atmos'
phcric) and earth and all the hosts
of them in the first week of time,
composed of literal days, being
bounded by "evening and morn
ing, or, uignt aim nay, caused oy
to God, or return to the fathers
house, not as a nation, or church,
but individually we come back, as
we repent, deny ourselves, take up
the cross each day, and follow him,
Titus 2:12-14 and Matt. :io.
"Whosoever will be a friend of
the world is the enemy of God"
James 4:4. So this nineteenth
thus he escapes the final doom of
the impenitent; of being cast into
the lake of fire, which is the second
death. Rev. 20:14.
When we read the promises made
to the overcomer it should prompt
us to a service of love, and not fear,
for God is love, as well as just.
If this criticism is taken in the
century, broad gauge, literary relig- ( spirit which has prompted it, I am
ion, docs not harmonize with the 1 sure 110 malice will be entertained
word of God. by the readers of this paper.
It follows naturally that we loose I Ri;y. C. KmviN Lkland.
the bible and gain the. wisdom of! .. .
ieuty days, atier service uereoi, to oe alter man was created, iniiiieuiaieiy
id appear before the said Circuit Cturt -. , ..-r.,.,,.,,,,.,,,! 1,:,,. -,.,-,, .
. the January Term thereof, to be holden I God proiiomiu.il lltm cij Aoot(.
. South Ililo. Maud of Hawaii, on Gen. 1:31, "perfect" "upright."
ten o'clock a. m., to show cause why the
I claim of the Ilakalau Plantation Com- j L.(l
man, and, as "the natural man rc
ceiveth not the things of the spirit
of God neither can he know them
because' they are spiritually dis
cerned." It is difficult to believe the state
ments that, "He has gone to pre
pare a place for us" Jno. 14:3, that
heaven is a literal place as described
by John in Rev. 21. That Christ
taught men to strive to enter in;
I.uke 13:24; That God is a personal
being who could speak with an au
dible voice to Moses; Kxo. 3:4;
That Christ is the"Kxpress image of I
his person;" Ileb. 1:3;
London is threatened with a beef
Labor riots continue to disturb
Queen Wilhelmina of Holland is
ill with typhoid fever.
The Cuban reciprocity bill may
yet die in the Senate.
Sunday closing laws are being
vigorously enforced in Boston.
Hundreds of lives were lost in
Guatamala in an earthquake April
M. Sipiaguin Russia's Minister
That the ' tue Iuter'or was assassinated by
his nostrils the breath of I way to life is 'Straight mid narrow" n 8lm,c,lt Alml '5-
C. 11. W. Hitchcock,
Mrs. K. A. Bacon
lUtuinn Street,
JJosl door to Kercluu Church,
pany, plaintiff, should not be awarded to i .f , became a livimr "sa. and "few" find it; That the broad General Malvar the last of the
uexldpciition . And hay.m then and' Tllge brute"? No! but a living I way to destruction is traversed by ! l;nipu.o generals has surrendered
lhT..ViJ.,!.iDonh fllrUr"uf'lir!HUU; with dominion over every , "iflr:" Matt. 7:13-27. unconditionally to General Hell.
Witness Hon. Gilbert lf Little, J tulj-e created animal; Willi wisdom to To one who has no faith in the j J- Morgan has orgai.r.ed a
!ulSomh7nioC'n "" M lllc il""ml creation be- inspiration of the bible, these state-1 syndicate controlling all American
lHceinber,i9Qi.t ,. , Heath him. A man in the image nents will have no signifiance, and a(l untisli trans Atlantic shipping.
i lK ccrtVy heNroreKohiK b "ti'ue j and likeness of God, with the power , looking'only at God as good, with- Conductors, motornieii and grip
copy of the original Summons in wild J 0f choice, or free moral agency out being just, can not accept the men have left their places in all
1 Elton 0" this wiuemnle 'onUmmuce'of Uhi , lliveu him, so that he might serve jMatcmeuts that when Christ comes, j San h'raucisco streetcar lines and
enuso until the next Tern; or this Court. , (jmi from love, and not be circum-1 "every eye shall see him," that he 1 street travel is tied -up by the
I Hllo. IlawaUJunl'22?!yoi. ' ly)' J scribed liy fiscd laws. cquioh lb sepaiate the just from the strikers,
Tentative Agreement Itpporlrd to
Hare llecn Readied.
Pretoria, April 20. General Dc
Wet has gone to Ileillyon, Orange
River Colony; General Botha, the
Transvaal commander in chief, has
gone to Vryheld, Transvaal, and
General Delarey, together with Mr.
Steyn, ex-President of the Orange
Prcc State, has gone lo Klcrksdorp, '
Transvaal. They have arranged
to meet the burghers at different
points and submit the. British
terms. It is believed the- Trans
vaalcrs will everywhere accept the
terms, as they are in 110 way anx
ious for a winter Icanipaigu. The
only difficulty likely to occur will
be, it is thought, with the Orange
Free Staters, many of whom arc
expected to prove recalcitrant. In
the meantime there will be no ces
sation of hostilities.
TJie delegates arc expected back
to Pretoria the middle of May, and
in anticipation of their return they
have given orders here for new
clothes, provisions, etc.
Balmoral (Saturday), April 19.
General Lucas Meyer, commander
in dhicf of the Orange Prce State
forces, State Secretary Rcitz of the
Transvaal and the other members
of their party arrived here last
night, and this morning proceed
to the north. They were accom
panfed by a British escort, and it
is their intention to consult with
the Boers in the field. 1
London, April 21. The Pretoria
correspondent of the standard cables
that there is good reason to believe
a tentative acrcement has been ar
rived at which will prove mutually
cordial and lead to an early cessa
tion of hostilities.
The Utrecht correspondent of the
Daily Mail says it is recognized
there that the Boer delegates at
Pretoria have full powers to nego
tiate without reference to the Boer
leaders in Kurope, who have no
real influence on the peace negotia
tions. LiiU'liind's Tonus.
London, April iS. The Govern
ment leader, A. J. Balfour, in the
House of Commons today made the.
following important statement:
"After two conferences between
Lord Miluer, the British High
Commissioner in South Africa, and
Lord Kitchener and the Boer dele
gates at Pretoria, Lord Kitchener,
while refusing to grant an armis
tice on military grounds, has agreed
to give facilities for the election
and meeting of representatives of
the various commands to consider
the situation. The Boer leaders
have therefore left Pretoria to carry
out tliis plan."
Balfour added that it was not ex
pected that communication between
the British authorities and the Boer
leaders could be resumed in less
than three weeks.
Balfour's statement made a gen
erally favorable impression. It
was argued among the members
that the action of the Boer leaders
demonstrates that at any rate rt
majority of the delegates' favor the
acceptance of the suggested British
peace terms. The submission of
the question- to a plebiscite of the
burghers is according to Boer law,
which requires the leaders of armed
forces in the field to take the opin
ion of their followers before con
cluding peace.
Visitors for tliu (,'oroiuilluu.
London, April 19. The annual
American invnsion of Great Britain
has already set in. Almost within
a night fnmiliar figures have sprung
lip 111 the London streets. Ame
ricans seem to be 011 every side,
and no persons are more welcome
for the storekeepers and hotel pro
prietors have had a weaiisome win
ter, and are counting on the trade
of the coronation visitors.
r W
1 .
dhi. iwtAftA.i'fi. ,&mifk 'tet-mwm

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