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O"" T f f "
I3rIUt, Reliable,
The ProRrebHive
I fl
Vol. 7.
No. 27.
- v
1 '
Y 1
. !"
K f
l'ltllt.tSIIHt) UVHIIY 1'KIDAY
Ori'icit. Kino Hiiu.i-.t, IIilo, Hawaii.
(Tmiiuni; IIlock.)
HHp Tribune Publishing Company, Ltd.
Publisher mid Proprietor.
President C. C. Kknnkdv
Vice-President I'. K. KlCMAHIi?
Secretary-Treasurer I,. V. Hawohtii
Aiiilllor , A. li. Sutton
lllicctom C.1.0. S. McKhnii;, ll W. Mausii
Ailrcrticiticiiln '.iiiuecompanlcd tiy specific
imtriictloiiH insetted until u-ilitcd out.
Advertisement discontinued before expiration
nf spicUicd period will lie charged n If con
tinued lor lull term.
Addicss nil communications cither to the
Hilltnrl.il or limitless liepartiuehts of Tins IIilo
Thiimini: 1'uiii.isiiinii Cumi'Anv.
Tlie columns ol Tin: lllt.n Tmmtm: arc nlway
open to communications on Hiilijictn within the
scope of the paper. To rccxlv: proper nltciitloti,
tucli nitlclc must lie planed by Us author. Tlie
name, when desired, uill lc ttild coiifiilctitlul.
Tnu II11.11 Thiiii'ni: Is not rcpouslble tor the
opinions or statements or correspondents.
Wise & Ross,
Will practice In nil Courts of tlie Territory, ntul
the Supreme Court of the United St He.
Office: Tiuiiunu Huimhno,
rtrldqc Street, II1I.O, HAWAII
LeBlond & Smith
Hawaiian, Japanese, nnd Chinese Interptctcrs,
mill Notary Public In Olftcc.
Office: Skvkkanci; Hun.niNO,
Oposltc Court House, 1III.O, HAWAII
J. Casti.k Rido.wav Tuos. C. Ridc.way
Ridgway &, Ridgway
Solicitors oT Patents General l,n- Practice
Notary Public in Office.
OI'I'ICK : Waiauucuuc nnd Ilridgc Streets
OH! e Hours: S to 11 a. in., I to j p. in.
HvenliiKs, 7.30 to 8.
Hi morning hours on Wednesdays.
R. H. Reid, M. D.
Office: Sl'KKCKl'.I.S' IH.OCK.
Office Hours:
iu 30 tn 12 a. tit.; 2 to 4 ami 7 to 8 p. m.
Sundays, 9 to 12 a. tn.
C. Iy. StOW,
M. R. C. S., Etc.
Oflicc Hours: 8.30 to 11 n.m.; 1 to 4, nnd 7 to 8 p.m.
Office niul Keslcluice:
Milton Rice, M. D.
Physician and Surohon
Office, W.iianuetiue St.
Hours, 8:3010 10:30 a. M.; 2-4 niul 7:30
to 8:30 p. M. Sunday.., 9 to n a. m.
REAL estate, ETC.
A. E. Sutton II. Vicaks
A. E. Sutton & Co.
Agents for Loudon ami Lancashire Fire
Insurance Company, Orient Insur
ance Company. Westchester
' Fire Insurance Company.
AucTioNUi'.us, Commission, Rh.m. I'.s-
Office iii Economic S11015 Stouk,
W. A. Purely,
Oi.n Custom Hou.sk Hun.uiNfi,
Front Street, IIilo, Hnwnii.
Clui,.M. I.elllond,
W. II. Smith.
All collections promptly made niul accounted for.
Iteuls lolliiinl for uhM'iilick and
ittnlii, attcudid lo.
Opp. Court House.
C. 11. W. Hitchcock,
Mrs. K. A. Bacon
IMtnun Street,
Nuxi dour to Foreign Church,
Ah Wachs, I). D. S.
Office Hours,
9 to 4
Walter H. Schoening
Shvurakck llousn,
Piluinn Street, II11.0, Hawaii
M. R. C. V. S.
Veterinary Surgeon
TuutriioNij 45 or Owi. Druo Stouk
Foil Runt In Puuco, new nnd modern
cottage; inquire of ALLAN WALL, at
tlie IIilo Market.
Fine job work in nil its branches.
Give us a chance to estimate. TlUllUNIt.
Notick Neither the Masters nor
Agent of vessels of the 'Matron Line"
will be responsible for nny tlebts con
tracted by the crew. R. T. GUARD,
IIilo, April 16, 1901. 24.
Wantkd Young Japanese wonts po
sition ns office boy with doctor or lawyer.
Speaks English well; writes a little,
P. O. Ilox 4, IIilo, Hawaii. 23-26
Iu the Circuit Court, of the I'ourth Circuit,
Territory of Hawaii.
Tlie Lnupahochoe Sugar Company, a cor
poration, plaintiff, vs. II. K. Scmle
and I. K. Rny, defendants.
The Territory of Hawaii; to the High
Sheriff of the Territory of Hnwnii, or
his Deputy, the Sheriff of the Island
of Hawaii, or his Deputy, or any
Constable iu thcTerritory of Hawaii:
You are commanded to summon II, K.
Soule and I. K. Ray, defendants, iu case
they shall file written answer within
twenty day after service hereof to be and
appear before the said Circuit Court at
the January Term thereof, to be holden
at South IIilo, Island of Hawaii on Thurs
day the 2nd day of January next, at 10
o'clock a. m,, to show cause why the
claim of the Laupahochoe Sugar Com-
Cany, a corporation, plaintiff should not
c awarded to them pursuant to the tenor
of their annexed petition. And have you
then nnd there this writ with full return
of your proceedings thereon,
Witness Hon. Gilbert 1'. Little, Judge
of the Circuit Court of the Fourth Circuit,
at South IIilo, Hawaii, this 10th day of
December, 1901.
(Signed) DANIEL PORTER, Clerk.
I certify the foregoing to be a true copy
of the original Summons in said cause
and that said Court ordered publication
ot the same and continuance of said cause
until the next Term of this Court.
IIilo, Hawaii, Jan, 22, 1902, 13-29
In the Circuit Court of the Fourth Circuit,
Territory of Hawaii.
Tlie Hnkalaii Plantation Company, n cor
poration, plaintiff, vs. II. E. Soule
and I. E. Ray, defendants,
The Territory of Hnwnii; to the High
Sheriff ot the Territory of Hawaii, or
his Deputy, the Sheriff of the Island
of Hawaii, or his Deputy, or any
Pntistnlili Iti till. Ti-rritnrv nflTnumii I
You nre commanded to summon II. E. but a writ of habeas corpus was ob
Soule nn.l I.E. Ray, defendants, in case ta:ucd alut he was ordcrcd dis
they shall file written answer within
twenty days, after service hereof, to be I charged. 1 he Circuit Court ad
laud appear before the said Circuit Cturt
'nt the January Term thereof, to be holden
nt soultl lltio. island ol Hawaii, on
Tliur-day the 2nd iluy of January next, nt
ten o'clock a. M., to show cause why the
claim of the Hakalatt Plantation Com
pany, plaintiff, should not be u warded to
them pursuant to the tenor of their mi-
; uexed petition. And have you then and
.there this writ with full return of your
proceedings thereon.
Witness Hon. Gilbert F. Little. Ittdire
! of the Circuit Court of the Fourth Circuit,
at South lltio, Hawaii, this loth day ol
December, 1901,
(Signed) DANIEL PORTER, Clerk.
1 certify the foregoing to be u true
copy of the original Summons in said
cause and that said Court ordered public
ation of the same nnd continuance of said
cause until the next Term of this Court.
IIilo, Hawaii, Jan. 22, 1902. 13.29
Coney House nnd premises, on King
Street. For further particulars npply to
tf A. E. SUTTON & Co.
Formed on Snmc Much ns United
Stntcs Steel Trust.
London, April 21. The nllot
racnts of stock in the new shipping
corporation were all taken tip by
British members of the syndicate at
noon today. What proportion was
given to Europe tlie Morgans de
cline to say, but evidently it was
not nearly so large as desired by
the British interests.
J. P. Morgan is now in Paris,
but from other members of the firm
it is learned that the corporation
will be run almost exactly the same
as the United States Steel Corpora
tion, each branch retaining its indi
viduality, but being subject to the
control of the directing body. The
statements intended for the stock
holders of the new company, re
garding earnings, management,
etc., will be issued by a method
similar to the one now employed by
the steel corporation.
Regarding the defection of the
Cunard, Allen, Anchor and French
steamship lines, the Morgan firm
views are as follows: "It remains
to be seen whether they will come
in. We think it is" rather a good
thin ', in some respects, not to get
everybody in at the beginning, the
idea being that the present com
bine is quite big enough to start
with, and it is better to get it down
to a practical working basis befoic
being too anxious lo make a clean
1 - ii-
Discussion nt Copenhagen Likely to
bo Terminated Today.
Copenhagen, April 22. The
Landsthing today encountered in
open session the treaty providing
for the sale of the Danish West
Indies to the United States. The
Foreign Minister, Dr. Deuntzer,
made a strong pro-sale speech, cov
ering the various arguments of the
opposition against the sale of the
islands. He created a sensation by
reading statements from the United
States officiul publications showing
that Estrup, the leader of the oppo
sition, offered to sell the islands to
tlie United States in 1892 when he
was Minister of Finance.
Ex-President Redtz-Thott and
the Ministerial leader, Madsen
Mygdal, followed, praising the
growth of Liberal institutions in
the United States and declaring
that the sale insured tlie prosperity
of the islands. It is expected that
the vote will be taken tomorrow.
Chinese Exclusion.
Washington, April 21. The
United States Supreme Court today
upheld the validity of a certain
portion of the Chinese exclusion
laws that came iu question through
the case of Lee Yen Tai, a Chinese
laborer who was captured on the
New York border. He claimed to
be a merchant and had no certifi
cate. He was ordered deported,
, mittcd him t0 l)aU pending an ap
' ' b
peal. The case hinged on one ques
tion, whether section 12 of the act
of 1882, as amended by the act of
1883, and continued by the act of
1892, was rendered void by the
treaty of 1894. Section 12 required
I a Ul1111e.se entering tlie united
States by land to produce a certifi
cate showing right to enter.
American Stocks In Paris.
Paris, April 22. The question
of listing the stock of the United
States Steel Corporation and other
American securities on the Paris
bourse lias been broached by J.
Pierpont Morgan, but there is little
prospect that the Idea will be car
ried out. The matter, it is ex
pected, will he settled tomorrow.
Itlso or From Two to Four Dollnrs at
llrny's Harbor.
Tacoma, (Wash.), April 21.
Six large lumber mills on Gray's
Harbor decided Saturday to make a
radical advance in the price of all
kinds of lumber. The advance
utlccts local business on Gray's har
bor, together with the markets oi
San Francisco and the Hawaiian
islands, to which a large portion of
the output of the Gray's harbor
mills is shipped. The increase in
prices ranges from $2 per thousand
on rough grades to $4 on finished
aild dressed stock.
Owners of mill say they have
been selling lumber on Gray's har
bor cheaper than at San Francisco
rind Southern Dalifornia ports. An
other reason is the fact that Gray's
harbor loggers have been gradually
advancing prices for several months.
Very soon log3 are likely to be
lower, however, on account of a de
cision of the Weyerhauser Timber
Company to immediately cut 150,
000,000 feet of logs along Wislikuh
river, where worms have destroyed
the timber.
The combination of mills to raise
prices includes the West and Slade
Mill Company, Wilson Brothers &
Co,, the American Mill Company,
Anderson & Middleton Mill Com
pany, the Aberdeen Lumber Conit
pany, and Uryden & Leiteh.
IIjisIk fr Cnnc and Sugar Prices.
The circular letter issued by
Williams, Diraond & Co. of San
Francisco, April 22, says;
Sugar No changes have since
occurred in the local market or for
export, prices established Marcli
5th still being in force.
Basis March soth "to arrive"
sale 200 tons at 3.7-1 6c. and on
same date cost and freight sale 2000
tons at 3 51c, and again cost and
freight 800 tons at 3.50c; 22nd'
and 24th no sales; 25th "to arrive"
sale 1000 tons at 3.17-32C.; 26th
"to ttrrive" sale 2000 tons at
3.o-i6c, and on same date cost and
freight sale 2000 tons at 3.605c.
and again "to arrive" sale 3200
tons at 3ic.; 27th, spot sale 800
tons at 3jUc; 28th and 29th holi
day; 31st, no sales; April 1st, no
sales; 2nd, spot sale 1500 tons at
3c.; 3rd, "to arrive" sale 2000
tons at 34c., and on same date
"to arrive" sale 1000 tons at 3.60c;
4th, no sales; 5th, "to arrive" sale
750 tons at 3.56c; 7th, "to arrive"
sale 1000 tons at 3j4c; 8th, no
sales; 9th, cost and freight sale 750
tons at 3 7-1 6c; 10th, "to arrive
sale 2000 tons at 3?4c, and on
same date cost and freight sale
1600 tons at 3.37c, since which no
sales, establishing basis for 96 deg.
centrifugals in New York 011 10th
inst. 3.3725c, San Francisco,
Jeffries Refuses the Loudon Offer.
New York, April 22. Bob Fitz
simmons received a telegram from
Jeffries today, in which the latter
practically refused the National
Sporting Club's offer, but said that
the prospect for bids looked bright
iu California. He said he would
post $2500, to be forfeited iu case
lie refused to accept the best bid,
and asked Fitzsimmons if his forfeit
was posted iu the same way.
ltiiliciirlaus and Turks Fight.
Constantinople, April 22. A
band of thirty Bulgarians recently
crossed the frontier ami penetrated
to the villayet of Kos.iovo, Ron-
melia. after a fight with TurkMi
troops. Details of the nffttir are
Later it became known that the
Turkish troops subsequently re
pelled the baud of Bulgarian invaders.
Troops Will he M'llliilrmui from
Manila, April 22. Two engage
ments have been fought between
I the American troops and the Moros
ot the island of Mindano during
the last twenty-four hours. Moore
oi the Twenty-seventh Infantry,
while out with a small party hunt
ing for water, was firetl upon at
long range. Colonel Frank Bald
win with a battalion of troops and
a mountain gun went to the assis
tance of Moore's party and drove
off the Moros, who lost seven men.
The Moros' Villages were flying
red flags, meaning that they in
tended to fight to the uttermost.
Later Sultan Ptialo and a force of
natives attempted to reoccupy the
ground gained by the Americans,
but the Moros were forcibly dis
persed. Brigadier-General Davis, in com
mand at Zntiihonngn, island of Min
danao, has acknowledged the re
ceipt from Washington of instruc
tions to withdraw his troops from
Mindanao, but he urges that, ow
ing to the present state of affairs,
the withdrawal will result in the
absolute loss of American prestige
among the Moros iu Mindanao.
His orders, however, arc explicit.
Lieutenant Baldwin and his force
are hoyond the reach of the tele
graphic instructions from Wash
Tells of Shi) lug oT (loehel.
Knoxville (Tenn.), April 21.
Ira Gillespey, a prisoner in Sevier
county juil, has confessed to the
murder of Governor Goebel, nnd
Ifiulijfi rtti tltik nrifinitti tt I1I15 mwi. 1
...a.o w.. .... .V....W.1.J w. ...o v.Ui. 1
Sheriff Shields and other officers
believe that Gillespey 's story is cor
rect and will hold him until the
matter is thoroughly investigated.
Gillespey today stated that there
were twenty-one men in the. con
spiracy to kill Goehel, whom thej
felt was a tyrant and usurper.
Three, including Gillespey, were
selected to do the killing and sta
tioned themselves in the garret o
the Stale Capitol building and shot
the Governor as he passed under
neath. On the breech of the gun
with which the shooting was done
were the words, "Death to the
Gillespey declared he had been a
fugitive since the shooting and had
been "hunted like a mad dog" all
through Georgia and Alabama, and
was now determined to return and
stand trial, hoping for a light sen
tence. He speaks several lan
guages and is an intelligent man,
Frank Stockton Dead.
Washington, April 20. Frank
R. Stockton, the well-known novel
ist, died suddenly here this morn
ing from paralysis immediately re
sulting from a hemorrhage of the
brain. He was a guest at the ban
quet held Wednesday night of the
Nntional Academy of Sciences,
when he was taken suddenly ami
mysteriously ill. The ailment did
not nt that time appear to be e-
rious, and for a while the sufferer 1
seemed to be improving, but
change for the worse came this
morning and death accurred at 1 1
o'clock. By his bedside when the
end came were his wife, who was a
Miss Tuttle of Virginia, and her
sister. He was 68 years of age.
The body will be taken to Phila
delphia for interment. No furthei
funeral arrangements have been
made as yet. Mr. Stockton had
spent the past winter iu New York
and had done very little literarv
work. After a visit of nearly a
mouth to Atlantic City he came to
Washington, so that he might at
tend the banquet of the scientists,
intending then to go to his beauti-
I ful home in Charleston, W. Va.
uooo iwimoxs im:i:vk.
Releases Mini Whoso Testimony (.'on
vleted .Major Itatlihoiie.
Havana, April 22. Governor-
General Wood issued an order to
day pardoning W. R. Reeves, who
was recently sentenced to ten years'
imprisonment nnd to pay n fine of
&55 5'6 for complicity iu the Cuban
postal frauds. Reeves was liberated
at once. General Wood says he
pardoned Reeves because he was a
witness for the state. The order
pardoning him did not come as a
surprise, for it has been generally
understood, ever since Estes G.
Rathbonc was first nccuscd of con
nection with the postal frauds, that
Reeves had liccn promised immun
ity by tlie military government.
This had been denied, as well as
the fact that the Government had '
been using Reeves as a witness for
the state.
The matter was referred to by
counsel for Rathbonc in summing
up their client's case. Rathbone's
lawyers declared that this promise
of immunity had influcnped Reeves
to make statements against Rath
Itctipucd Disorders Itevlve Appro
IiimisIoii or the Russian Ollleluls.
St. Petersburg, April 20. The
news received here of the rioting .at
Helsingfors, Finland. April i8th,
after a demonstnlicn by recruits
against tlie new army edict, adds
materially to the existing uneasi
ness in official circles. After the
! first withdrawal of the Cossacks.
who had charue of the nnnnlo fnnr
res, cummin es nt
troops were
called out to guard against disor
ders at the factory-closing hour.
This precipitated fresh trouble.
The populace resorted to window
lighting tactics, throwing firewood,
vitriol, buttles, etc., on the heads of
the soldiers. The Cossacks, on re
turning to the barracks, were stoned
and compelled to fight their way
Hot Weather 011 E.isl Const.
New York, April 22. The ther
mometer showed a temperature of
72 degrees iu this city at 3 o'clock
this afternoon. There was little
breeze and the air was oppressive
enough to cause at least one pros
tration. Baltimore, April 22. A maxi
mum temperature of 89 degrees
was registered by the thermometer
of the Weather Bureau iu this city
at 4:25 p. m. today.
Pittsburg, April 22. The heat
record of the past ten years for
April 22tl was passed today when
me inerrinomeier registered so on
the Government Weather Bureau
instrument. No fatalities have
been reported and but one prostra
tion. Herest'ord Wants Sent.
Loudon, April 21. Admiral
Lord Charles Beresford has decided
to contest the seat in the House of
Commons representing Woolwich,
made vacant by the retirement of
I'M win Hughes, founer Conserva
tive agent for the city of London,
Kent nnd Greenwich. Unusual in
terest is taken in the candidacy in
consequence of the Admiral's recent
strictures 011 the condition of the
British navy, and the efforts of cer
tain members of Parliament to in
duce the Admiralty to discipline
him in the was that General Duller
King I'M ward VII has conferred
the Victorian Order upon Profes-or
K'ambery of Budapest. The letter
accompanying tin.- decoration says
that the order is conlerrcd in re
cognition of tin- fict that Professor
Viimhrry has always proved a good
and faithlnl friend to England, and
is, at the sune time, a token of the
King's personal regard.

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