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Good priming Tkiiiukk.
The Registration Ho.itd went to I'nnn
Q. II. llcrrey of Ilonolnln is in the clly
on business.
A. II. Jackson arrived home tills week
by tiic Claudinc.
J. A. M. Johnson wilt arrive in town
Sumlny by tlie Helctic.
There will be union services nt Haiti
Church Sunday evening. .
1. I'eck returned Wednesday by the
Claudiuu front Honolulu.
Victor Viida went to Honolulu by the
Ilelcue to remain permanently.
Get your German pretzels at the Am
erican Grocery. Telephone 27.
Arc you going to I'nna Sunday ? IU t
tcr go and take your bathing suit,
II. S. Ricknrd lias been counnissiouid
District Magistrate for North Hilo.
A call for tenders for furnishing cast
iron pipe is published in this issue.
The Knterprise is scheduled to sail
Wednesday afternoon, September 17.
H. S. Ovcrend was a home-coming
passenger by the Claudinc this week.
Miss Ivy Richardson came home by
the Claudiuu front a visit at Honolulu.
Mrs. Dr. J. II. Holland has been visit
ing in the city for the past two weeks.
l'ou hunt New modern collage in
Piuieo; address A. S. Wall, Hilo Market.
If you like n mild and pure table wine,
get "TipoChianti" front the Hilo Wine&
Liquor Co. Ring up N'o. 90.
At the last shooting match the civil
ians beat the soldiers with a score of 314
to 311.
The Public Schools in Hilo opened
Monday, with Miss Ueyo principal in
The engagement of Helen K. Desha
and Charles A. S. SieuistMt, of Honolulu
is announced.
T. K. Cook lias been appointed admin
istrator of the estate of I. Matsu, under
bond of $500.
The wooden bridge across Kukuau
stream 011 Volcano street will be finished
in a day or so.
The sale of the Kalchiki estate lauds
to J. T. Moir was confirmed last Tuesdav
by Judge Little.
The bearing of the Kotlcy will case lias
been set by Judge Little for Thursday,
September iSlh.
1 will not be responsible for any debts
contracted without my written order.
Robert Andrews.
, Weather permitting, the band will
give a concert ut the Hilo Hotel grounds
Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Situation wanthd l'irst class cook
and general house keeper by Japanese.
Address "Charley," Tribunh.
If you really wa t u good Whiskey,
Iry our UIJLLH OP NELSON. It is the
fittest in town. W. C. PEACOCK & CO.
It. P. Dillingham and L. A. Thurston,
with Messrs Itachelder, Taylor and
Corbett came to Hawaii by the Mauna
The Registration Board will be in ses
sion at l'ircuiatts hall Monday and Tues
day afternoon and evening, Don't you
forget it.
The Enterprise made the trip from
San l'rancisco to Hilo in eight days and
six hours. She brought a heavy general
A. G. Serrao is putting up a substan
tial stone building on King street next to
the fine building lately erected by J. G.
The Registration Hoard will be in ses
sion at I'ireiuans ball Monday and Tues
day afternoon and evening. Don't you
forget it.
Miss Ridgw.iy who lias spent her
vacation in Hilo with her mother re
turns today to Iter school work at Oahii
I). W. Marsh and E. C. Wright are the
youngest Elks in the Hilo herd. They
had their antlers nailed 011 last Monday
The Registration Hoard will be in ses
sion at Piretuans hall Monday and Tues
day afternoon and evening. Don't you
forget It.
There will be services at the Pirst Por
eigtt Church Sunday morning nt the
usual hour, Rev. Mr. P. L. Nash occu
pying the pulpit.
For a Good Smoke
Irby's Famous
I'o Ho Hail Of All Doiilor.s
HoffSchlaeger Co., Ld.
The Registration Hoard will be in ses
sion at Piretuans hall Monday nud Tues
day afternoon and evening. Don't you
forget it.
The Registration Hoard will be in ses
sion at Piretuans hall Monday and Tues
day afternoon and evening. Don't you
lorget tt.
II. M. Avrcs. one of the editors nud
proprietors of the Mirror, a Honolulu
paper, is circulating among Hilo friends
this week,
The Registration Hoard will be in ses'
sion at Piretuans ball Moitdav nnd Tues
day aftet noon and evening. Don't you
lorget it.
Senator Russell has received n receipt
from the Committee in Russia, for the
f too raised in Hilo for the famine suiter
ers in that country.
Watetiabe nnd Ptiuacoshi the aliened
Japanese murderers were taken to Honolu
lu liy II. b. Uvereitu last week tor .sale
keeping on the reef.
J. W. Mason was accompanied home
by Mrs. Mason nud their youngest ilaligh
I,.r Mr Mmc.m f,r III.. ,vivl ,.rir w )
,- "'" ' J w. ..-...-......j,..-
been living at Herkeley.
Mishcs Chola nud luditlt Sottza rattle
home by the Enterprise from San Rafael,
Cnl where they have been ntteudinu
school for the past three years.
Captain Miller of the Enterprise enter
tained at Dinner 011 board Monday even-
eng. Among the guests were Messrs.
M. V. Jimkiii, Milton Rice, Capt. Lake
and II. L. Ross.
Ciiiniiiiates lor titc rutin laud tint on
me inarKci ny jv. J. itaiiiwiu, were tu
line before the Land Ollico as early ns
last Priday. The land will be put up at
auction tomorrow.
Dr. Philiti Rice, formcrlv of thiscitv is
now located in San Praucisco, 121 Geary
street. He lias studied in Europe nud
will devote his attention exclusively to
the eye, ear, nose and throat.
There will be a reception at the Pirst
Poreinn Church Tuesday evenitm in
honor of the new pastor, Rev. Mr. P. L.
Nash and wife. A cordial invitation is
extended to everybody to attend.
R. W. Jones of Kamuela was in the
city this week with twenty-three bead of
Horses, wlticli lie sold to various parlies.
Mr. Jones is a first class horse man and
can supply any demand in hisJiuc.
Hy the last Enterprise we received n
carload of the celebrate I A. II. C. Peer,
for which tiny purchaser purchasing to
the amount of 2 doi., will receive nu
J. A. Kennedy and T. P. Lansing wera
at the Volomo House Wednesday and
Thursday, Mr. Kennedy came over lo
Hawaii by the Mauna Lo.i on business
connected with the Inter-Island Naviga
tion Company.
CHAMni'.iu.AiN's Cough ki:mi;dy is a
cure for severe colds, persistent counhs
atid a preventative of pneumonia. It is
titc mothers tuvortic lorwuoopiugcougii.
It always cures ami cures ipuckly. Hilo
Drug Store sells it.
The Warm Springs in Puna continue
to attract those who have bathed there.
If you haven't tried u bath there, vou
should avail yourself of the next oppor
tunity which will be Sunday. Train
leaves at nine o clock.
Last week three Russian settlers arrived
from Manchuria and have located above
.Mountain View. They left Russia be
cause of the disorderly conditions which
made it impossible for them to peacefully
follow agricultural pursuits.
If this warm weather still continues,
you will need to have quite ntt assort
ment lit your Jcc Cltcst, ana among tlie
principals, there should be some nice
co61 beer. We have the beer uud your
Ice Chest will do the cooling for you.
Pred llraymer, of the Hilo Mercantile
Co., was stricken with nervous prostra
tion n week ago today while in his office
ut work. He was taken to the hospital
and later transferred to his home. Mr.
Hraytner's recovery was rapid he being
able to be out again Tuesday.
Miss Anna Rice, sister of Dr. Milton
Rice of this city, arrived in Honolulu this
week oil a trip around the world. Miss
Rice once lived lit 1 mound lias numerous
friends here. She will spend the winter
in China and Japan. Prom China she
will go on to Ceylon Egypt and the Holy
Mr. L. K. Hrown, n banana grower in
Kaiwiki was in the city this week. He
is greatly pleased with the arrangement
nude by Peter Lee for better prices and
a sure market for Hilo bananas. Mr.
Hrown says the average weight of firbt
class Kaiwiki bananas is 75 or 80 pounds.
At Mr. T.ee's oiler such bunches bring tlie
grower close to a dollar a piece.
The Knights of Pythias have inaugu
rated a new move which will make more
popular their already popular and res
pected lodge. Their lodge rooms are to
be open to the public from Saturday
nights to Sunday afternoons. The pur
pose is to afford social recreation to resi
dents and visitors in Hilo. Pool nud Bil
liard tables will be put in all of which
are free to guests.
The ladies' session of the Elks last
Priday evening was a pleasiut social
success. The club rooms and hall wete
left ns usual with the exception of an
extra palm or fern here or there. Ping
pong was indulged in and excellent music
was rendered by vnridus club members
and visitors. 'Ihese ladies' sessions will
form one of the most popular features of
the social side of Elk life in Hilo,
Representatives of E. H. Rollins K: Co,
a Hoston firm of capitalists will visit Hilo
ami Hawaii within tlte next ten days or
two weeks to look into the industrial
conditions here from the investor'sbtaud-
point. The party will be composed of
Messrs. Hachulder, manager fur the firm
in Sail Praucisco; Tuylor, the Denver
malinger and Corbett, legal adviser to
the company in San Praucisco. These
parties represent a company of large in
vesting capacity.
Why Not Uixlstur.
The board of Registration has sat at
Hilo, Mountain View. Wniakea and
Hotioiuu ami only 521 voters have regis
tered. The showing made indicates a lack
01 interest that is not a good sign. Have
you regittered is a good question to put
to your neighbor when you meet him in
the morning.
The Hoard will sit again in Hilo at
Piremaii's Hail next Monday nud Tues
day between the hours ot 1:3011ml 5 and
7 and 9 p, tu,
Voters should bear this in mind uud be
on baud. ,
Talks of Const Conditions nnd tin
I Hiillttii Improvements.
j J. W. Mason, manager of the Hilo
I Mercantile Company, cnttte home by the
! Enterprise from an extended business
I trip In the Coast. Mr, Mason brings
I home the usual story of prosperous bust
I ttess conditions on the Coast. He states
: that while San Pranciscu is not under
going a boom, yet all classess of business
men are radiant and happy over the vol
ume of business. Money on the Coast
has not been so easy in many years.
Mr Mason reports that the piling nud
the sawed lumber for the new Hilo dock
Is on the way now. The contract for
furnishing these materials was secured
by the Hilo Meicantile Co. The Kona
sailed from Port Madison, Washing
ton, first of September with i,soo
piles. A little later the R. C.
Slade sailed front Grays Htirljor
with 1,000,000 feet of lumber, three
fourths' of which will go intu the new
dock. These vessels will nrrlv about
1, . . ., , ....... ,.,.
will tiroceed at once
While away, Mr. Mason scored another
business success in securing the contract
to furnish the Pacific Cable Company
with nearly five miles of galvanized pipe.
This pipe has been shipped front the
factory at Pittsburg and will arrive in
Honolulu in due time. It will be used
to enclose the cable from the landing to
the central Cable oflicu in the Young
Mr. Mason reports that the company
of San Praucisco bankers who came to
Hawaii one year ago and made invest
ments aggregating three quarters of n
million dollars will come again in Octo
ber. They come for the purpose of
comp.irini! the conditions as they now
i exist with those of a year ngo, and lire
teady to put more money into Hawaii if
ine summon warrants.
Rebuking tin Ldltor.
A recent issue of "Comfort," n mail
order journal published in Maine, in an
swer to n query ns to whether chickens
nud sqabs could be profitably raised in
this Territory, advised adversely.
The September issue of Side Lights
published a communication on this sub
ject from Hen Kithns of Kaiwiki, ns well
as an account ol the Horner methord of
raising chickens in large numbers. Other
topics of interest will be the advance re
port of the Superintendent of Public In
structhiu; a new light on the laud laws
of Hawaii and some pertinent faults
thereto for the Senatorial Commission;
co-operation in laud cultivation in Ha
waii, and the scheme of making paper
from bagasse. The number is interest
ing from cover to cover.
lloiirdlng School Changes.
W. II. Peers, who bus been connected
with the teaching force of the Hilo
Hoarding School for five years has re
signed nnd his place is being filled tem
porarily b Mr. Giddings. Mr. Heers
has been commissioned interpreter nnd
clerk of the District Court and has office
room witli Ray Hros. A iliss Yoda
takes the place of Miss Hanson in the
Hoarding School, Miss Hanson having
accepted the priucipalship of tlie 12 mile
school, D. K. Pio, the teacher of farm
ing at tlie Hoarding School for a -number
of years, died of heart disease at Puna
last week. Ills position will be filled by
some one from Kamcliamelia.
' I'ltris Itenouilmited.
Hir.o Truiunh: J. D. Paris was duly
nominated as candidate for Senator and
as the choice of the 2nd Election District
in Convention assembled of the delegates
of the 2nd Election District, nnd. a reso
lution was passed "that we shall endorse
the nominee for the Semite which shall
be selected b) tile District Committee of
the 1st District to be placed on the ticket
with Hon. J. D. Pans.
W. J. WRIGHT, Secretary Republican
District Convention, 2nd Election Dis
trict. II. L. HOLSTEIN, Chairman, District
Convention, 2nd Election District.
(iood News.
L. A. Thurston states that the ruuiop-of
the critical illnes) of P. II, McStockcr's
little sou, who is with his mother in Sail
Praucisco, is incorrect. The boy had a
severe cold and high fever, but five days
before the K"rea left, the fever had disap
peared and the patient was on the mend.
Mr. McSCocker has been sent for, how-
ever, to accompany his wife and son back
to Hawaii, A wireless message was sent
to him u hem the Korea came in. Ad
Dr. Kimball Dead.
Word was received in Hilo last week "of
the death of Dr. J. II. Kimball nt Hridge
tou, Maine. Dr. Kimball was ntt old
tinier inUic District of Hilo nud tip to
fourteen years ago, when he. returned to
Maine lie wns the best physician in the
country. He was for n long time the
only physician in tlie district and his
friends were as numerous as his acquain
tances. At the time of his death he was
greatly advanced in years.
Kilter prlso Passengers
The following passengers arrived by
the Steamer Enterprise from San Prau
cisco Mrs. Amelia Nakaptinhi, Mrs. R,
P. McGreeley, Rev. J. L. Nosh and wife,
Miss II. Higgiits, the Misses Souza, Jns.
Henderson, j. W. Mason, wife and child;
J. Illitmbciu, Win. J. Summers, Miss
O'Rourke, I'eter Lee and family, Mrs.
Raiding and two children.
Senatorial Party.
While in Hilo the members of the Sen
atorial Commission will be well cared
for. Senator Hurlou nud his party will
be the guests of C. C. Kennedy at Wain
ke.i. SeuatorsThurstoii nnd Poster will
be entertained at tlie home of P. Peck I
and Senator Mitchell will stay at the
home of Mr. nud Mrs. A. Richley.
lleleue I'tisstiiigers.
The following people depnrled Tues
day by tlte Heletie: P. H. McStocker,
R. W. Jones, V. Vidy, O. Connor, W. P.
Wetmore, R. T. Hartley, J. Warwan, J.
McCready, Mrs. Roe, Miss Roe, Miss
Saxtou, 'Miss Sanders, Miss Hauilton,
Miss Perry, Miss Lindsay, MUs. Kegels
burger. - - - -
FOUND On Prom Street, Hunch of
Keys. Inquire iiLTkiiiukk OiM'iOK.
The Registration Hoard will be in ses
sion ut Pitumaus ball Monday and Tues
day afternoon uud evening, Don't you
forget it.
II (I Ml'. AI1A1V. Til IM1UM IIAAAS. " " '!
Prior l.po II im Suited the Problem
ami Hoservos Coopcriitlon.
Peter Lee came back from San Prau
cisco ntt enthusiast over the possibilities
of the banana trade. He has formed the
best of connections in San Praucisco and
will devote his whole energies to up
building of the baliaun growing industry
in the District of Hilo.
Mr. Lee is prepared to pay better
prices for bananas than have ever been
offered here before. It is n "cash at the
wharf" system. The planter takes no
risk of fruit spoiling in transit. The
bunches must be big ones. They must
be cut two weeks before ripening bsgitts,
and the bunches must be packed properly
with dry leaves. Por such bananas Mr,
Lcc will pay 50 cents per bunch weighing
40 pounds and ovcry pound additional
weight he will pay V, cents. This rale
gives the grower 75 cenjs for u 60 pound
bunch. Mr. Lee will nt once put in
thirty or forty acres of bananas in Olaa
and from his investigations in tl.c San
Praucisco market, he has 110 fear that
overproduction in tlie Hilo district is
"In San Praucisco." savs Mr. Lcc. "I
found that the Hilo banana was rated bv
all dealers, from the commission firms
anil wliolesale houses to the dagos on the
street, as superior to those from Panama,
New urleaus, Honolulu or any other
s'ource. The Hilo banana has n flavor
that gives it the right of way in tlie mar
ket at higher prices than will lie paid for
other bananas. I have none into this
banana business because it opens up for
the majority of tlte laud owners in our
district such a sure road to prosperity.
I went through the commission houses at
San Praucisco in the interest of the Ha-
wniiatt banana growers. I found them nil
willing to handle our stuff on the old
basis of 10 per cent. I told them we
must have n better arrangement. When
I called nt tlte House ol Porter Hros.. I
found a firm that will lead us out of the
wilderness. I told them wc wanted cash
on the wharf nt Hilo and we wanted n
good stiff price. They had a talk with
Captain Win. Maisou nbout me nud when
I saw tlieiti tlte next day thev were readv
to make Hilo most flattering terms. I
mil authorized by Porter Hros, to pav
cash for good well packed bananas. Por
ter Hros. allow me to nay whatiiiyjudge
meiit approves. They know I'm a planter
and intend working for the planters.
They believe however that this arrange
ment will lie tlie beginning ol a great
industry here and a fine shipping trade
between Hilo and San Praucisco. Porter
Hros., run all the risks in the shipping
and I propose to see that only first class
fruit is sent. I can care for 2000 bunches
nt once. Captain Win. Matsou will help
the industry along in every way in his
power. He proposes to put on the Enter
prise additional facilities for handling
banana shipments,
"I believe in one year, if the people
will take advantage of this opportunity,
that Hilo bananas will be famous
throughout the Pacific Coast and that
our productive capacity will not begin
to equal the demand. Everybody should
remember that already in Sail Praucisco
Hilo bananas arc counted the best in tlie
market, but when they nrc badly packed
they arc considered the worst.
"I do not want any small bunches. I
recommend that people through the dis
trict go into banana raising. The proper
connections have been made to insure a
certain market at good prices.
'I propose also," said Mr. Lee, "to
make shipments of pineapples and nlli
gator pears. Alligator pears retail in the
market nt 50 cents each. I know they
can be shipped for I received a box that
came in good condition nud the fruit
kept nicely for 12 days in San Francisco."
Mr. Lee would be glad to hear by
letter from nuy who are interested in ba
nana growing".
Cluiidlne Passenger List.
The following passegers arrived by the
Claudiiie Wednesday: C P Hettto, A II
Jackson, Philip Peck, 11 S Overcnd, E G
Gay, Mrs August Ahrcns, sou nud maid,
Miss Ivy Richardson, Q II Hcrrcy, H M
Ayers, Miss M M Yoda, A II Heckwith,
R J Huckley, W P Perkins, Rev P Pen
tcr, P A Hayes and wife, J Ii Jnrveys, J
Caceres.JE Cartley, Rev C E Lelent,
wife and child.
The American Grocery, which has been
recently catering tlte fine family trade,
lias received ex-Enterprise mi entire new
stock of groceries, consisting of every
thing which should be kept in a well
conducted grocery. Don.t hesitate lo
1 place your orders by telephone. You
will receive tlte saihe high class goods as
though you bought personally at the
I store. Phone 27. I. H. Scltoue, ninua-JKer-1
I want bananas in quantities
up to 2,000 bunches, for which
I will pay
Highest Gash Price
At tho Wharf
4()-pound bunches 50c
Por each pound over this I
will pay i i, cents additional
Hunches must be cut two
weeks before ripening and
properly packed in dry leaves
stock: op pashionable straight
This is not a
Price, $5.50
proof shoe, heavy sole, leather lined, and rubber heels. A comTortnble
shoe. A small price for such a good shoe. A few pairs will last a lifetime.
lOooxaonaio Slioe Co., DLVtcl.
5 The
5 American
:G rocery
Prices Lower Than the
If you arc in need ofnuything
Canned Fruits
Canned Meats
Grain and
Republican District Con
vention Cull.
HuAiKjuAU'riius Rm'uiir.iCAN District
CoMMlTTltIC Ol' TIK 1'lUST UUl'Klt
uiTouv 01' Hawaii.
II11.0 Hawaii, Sept. 11, 1902.
To the members of the Republican Dis
trict Committee of the l'irst Repre
sentative District:
A call is hereby made for a meeting of
the Republican District Committee ol the
l'irst Representative District, to meet ill
Convention at Fireman's I lull. Hilo, Ha
waii, 011 Monday, September 15, 1902, at
1:00 o'clock p. tu. for the purpose of
nominating candidates for the House of
Representatives and for the transaction
of such other business as may be deemed
necessary nud proper.
w. s. -Mclean, i peck,
Secretary. Chairman.
The Registration Hoard will be in ses
sion ut I'iroiiiaiis hall Monday nud Tues
day afternoon uud evening, Don't you
rifi't it
Beetle Crusher...
its nu
Economic Patrol Shoe
MEN wear. It is made for those whose
work keep them on their feet continually
in every variety ol weather. They
are specially adapted to genuine
Hilo weather, such as we hae
been getting lately.
Don't nrguc with n Policeman
if he has a pair of
Economic Patrol
on. Hctter go and
get n pair yourself
first. Its a water
f Honsesfoi Sale
I ntn now located at
Waiamea, Post Office, Kauiuela
I have a supply of all kinds of
horses, from thoroughbreds to
scrubs, for sale.
Write ine
in this line.
if you want anything
R. W. Jones,
Kamauela, Hawaii
Public Sale ! !
commencing at 10 a, m., 011
Saturday Next, Sept. 13
A. E. Sutton & Co., will sell as above, on
account of Mrs. Winter, her
Household Furniture
Etc., comprising Single and Double Iron
and Wooden lledsteads, Wire Spring
Mattresses, llureittis, Withstands, Cane
and Rattan Chairs, Rockers, Verandah
Chairs, Diuitigrooiii Chairs, Diiiiiigroom
Tables, I llird's Eye Maple Dressing
Tabic, i Koa Cabinet, bedroom Chairs, I
Electric Reading Lamp, Pictures, Lahn
la Mats, Table Linen, Curtains, blinds,
Silverware, Cutlery, Crockery, China
ware, Glassware, l Steel Range, boilers
and I'ittiugs (almost new) Agute Kitch
en Uteucils, Garden Tools and sundries.
Term at Sale.
A. E. Sutton & Co.
, V
t -,
.- V-. r'
'VT.l -rt --- -s-- - -r WTC - -- -f r -'-! -t , qTi .( -" - - V - " ft '" "--- "T- . - J t ,-- - -w -
, , ' ' J ' sfc '"$' t' '

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