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the Pacific Guano
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arc the manufacturers of the w 11 known
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On Affairs In Washington, Venezuela
and Berlin. "'
Washington, Jan. 22. Thestory
of the bombardment is officially
confirmed and there is sudden reti
cence of officials 011 the Venezuelan
situation which is regarded ajs oi
serious gravity and tending to delay
peace, if not cause international
complications of grave import. No
answer has yet been received to
Minister Bowen's proposal to raise
the blockade, and all the Embassies
arc active with consultations over
the situation.
Berlin, Jan 22. The officials
here state they know nothing offi
cially of the renewed bombardment
of the ports at Venezuela, but there
is fear of a renewal of the anti-German
feeling in the United States.
At Loudon no particular excite
ment has been occasioned by the
affair except the growing sentiment
that Germany is too aggressive, and
it is feared that the bombardment
will delay the settlement of 'the
South American affair.
Washington, Jan 22. Congress
man Lcssler of the Sub-committee
011 Naval Affairs charges that an
attempt has been made to bribe him
by the offer if $5,000 for his vote
for ten submarine boats of the Hol
land type Tor Navy instead of five.
An investigation has been ordered.
No names have been given out of
those offering the bribe.
Washington, Jan. 22. The Sen
ate Committee has reported favor
ably on the amended Philippine
tariff bill which provides that all
Philippine products shall be ad
mitted if Mainland markets free of
duty except sugar and tobacco,
which are allowed on a fifty per
cent reduction from the Dingley
tariff. Materials used in the con
struction of railroads are admitted
into the Philippines free.
Urllllnnt Entertainment I Ulren by
lltlo Hums' Club.
The people of Hilo were splend-
cdly entertained last Saturday night
by the Hilo Burns Club, the occas
ion being the 144th Anniversary of
the -birth of the Scottish Bard.
The anniversary was celebrated with
a musicale and dance at Spreck-
Directory of the Prominent and Progressive business men In the richest coum
try in the Islands. If you have anything to dispose of It doesn't cost much to ad
vertise It In this department. ' Write for rates.
Prevalence of the Disease Continues
In Neighborhood.
Dr. Archie Irwin's December re
port to the Board of Health as
government physician for the dis
trict of North Hilo again calls at
tention to the prevalence of typhoid
fever, and expresses the opinion
that it is being brought into the
district by new arrivals. There
were twenty cases during the
month. The report says:
"We have had a large number
of cases of typhoid at Honolima a
mougst some new Japanese. I am
inclined to believe the patients were
infected betore they arrived here,
as some of them never worked a
day on this plantation after arriving.
We have had three deaths altogeth
er and the rest are convalescent.
"I would ask the Board to have
printed in Japanese a few pam
phlets describing in simple language
the nature and causejofentericfever,
the necessity for carefulness in the
use of drinki -g water, the value of
personal cleanliness in the care of
a lever patient, the danger of con
tagion, the value of seeing a physi
cian earjy in any fever and ' in fact
a good general history of the trouble
and how to take care of it."
In the district of Kau Dr. L. S.
Sampson reports 4 cases of typhoid,
while the rest of the districts have
little to report. Dr. K. J. McGet
tigau of liana declares that con
sumption is increasing in his dis
trict and in Kapaa Dr. Weddick
says that a case of diptheria was re
ported to him by a Japanese physi
cian. He is doubtful, however,
about the diagnosis.
Dr Atchcrly of South Kohala re
fers Jo the recent visit of Governor
Dole and says that there appears to
be a chance of gettinp a good water
supply for Kamuela by the con
struction of a reservoir on the south
east side of Kohala mountain.
el's hall. The decorations were
most elaborate. The walls were
transformed into a filigree of green
and white with great rows of palm
branches. Bamboo reeds festooned
the corners and streamers of green,
vari-colorcd in which candescent
lights wereenmeshed, wercstretched
along the ceiling. A stage had been
erected at the head of the hall.
This was made? into a green bower,
with green branches and ferns.
Back of the stage was a pencil por
trait of Robert Burns.
The audience filled the hall. It
was as select as has been seen in
Hilo. From other cities there were
present, Judge Robinson, F. M.
Swanzy, Cecil Brown, Geo. A.
Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Captain Nuller,
Miss Miller.
The program was entirely a home
talent matter, but nothing been has
been produced in Hilo equal to it.
The success of the Anniversary is
due in large measure to the genius
of W. C. Cook who carries the palm
as a master of ceremonies.
The opening piece was a piano
solo by Mrs. Jarrett T. Lewis. She
put the audience in the proper
frame of mind by running through
a number of Scottish "Reminis-censes."
The soprano solo by Mrs. Piul
Bartels consisted of two Scotch
ballads, "There was a lad was born
inKyle" and "Flow gently, sweet
Afton." Mrs. Bartels' singing was
greeted with the most generous ap
plause. Mrs. A. G. Curtis of Olaa capti
vated the audience with a recita
tion entitled, "Last May a Braw
Woo-'er Cam' Doon, the Lang
Glen." She was given a hearty
encore to which she responded with
a humorous selection.
A contralto solo, "O, a' the airts
the Wind can blaw," delightfully
rendered by Mrs. W. I. Madeira
was one of the most pleasing num
bers of the evening.
Miss M. G. Farquhar rendered
"Scottish Melodies" on the violin
and was loudly encored, to which
she gracefully responded.
One of the most interesting fea
tures of the entertainment was the
exhibition dance By Mr. Kenneth
Cameron. Attired in the literal
costume of the Highlanders, Mr.
Cameron did the "Highland Fling"
most artistically. The performance
called out the loudest applause and
the audience was not satisfied until
the dancer appeared a second time.
The oration of the evening was
delivered by the Hon. Gilbert F.
Little. He spoke on "Burns and
His Poetic Genius." The oration
was a brilliant characterization of
the great Scotch poet and evoked
the approbation and applause of the
The soprano solo, "Comiu1
thro' the Rye," rendered by Mrs.
Homer Ross was the musical gem
of the evening. In response to a
hearty encore, Mrs. Ross sang
"Annie Laurie."
"My Home is where the Heather
blooms," was the little of a ballad
rendered by Mrs A. C. McKenney.
This number discovered to the au
dience another promising soloist.
who hitherto has been rarely heard
in public here.
The duet, "The Hunting Tow-
HONOKAA Is the most thriving com
munity outside of Hilo on the windward
coast of the Island of Hawaii. It is situ
ated 50 miles from Hilo at an elevation
of 1500 feet which renders the climate
salubrious. Above the cane lands arc
numerous homesteads oh which coffee,
caue and vegetables are extensively cul
tivated. Regular stage Hues connect
with all outlying districts. The 4th
Circuit Court meets at Honokaa annually
in July, Regular steamers call to dis
charge and receive freight.
Comprises five sugar plantations, viz:
Hawl, Union Mill, Kohala, Halawa and
Nlulil ami the extensive areas of the
Woods' stock ranch. Mahukona is the
port from which runs the Kohala Kail
road connecting the plantations.
A. B. LINDSAY General Merchan
disc, Post Office, School Agent.
Notary Public.
Attorney at aw,
Physicians and Surgeons.
J. M. MOANAUM Attorney nil. .
R. II. MAKEKAU Attorney at Law.
A.J. WILLIAMSON C. E. and Architect
hours. Tobacco and Cigars.
KWONO WAH CHAN Merchant Tal-
lor. Coffee Saloon and Restaurant
V. HOLMES Dealer in General
Merchandise and Plantation Supples.
Fresh goods direct from San Fran
cisco every month.
W. AKUI Dry Goods, Groceries, Hoots
and Shoes', Ready Made Clothes and
Fancy Goods.
I, MATSU Tailor Makes suits in latest
S. NAKA Watchmaker.
C. BURGESS Painting, Graining, Pa
per Hanging and decorating.
HALAVA Joaquin Zablan Dealer in
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and
Shoes, Hats and Patent Medicines,
NIULII Kimu Puke-Dry Goods,o7ol
ceries, HaK Shoes, Hardware.
KOHALA CLUB CO. First Class Hotel
Accommodations, Livery, Hack and
Freighting. Meets steamers regu
larly at Mahukona.
KUKUIHAELE is the most northern
of the Hamakua plantations. It is sit
uated on the brow of the great Waipio
Valley a distance of sixty miles from
GEO. KAIZER Prop. Hnuokaa Stables
Staging and Teaming at reasonable
rates in Kohala, Hamakua and Hilo
districts; boarding a specialty, in
quire lor terms, contracts, etc.
HALL Furnished Rooms to
WM. J. RICKARD Notary Public.
This place derives its Importance from
being the chief port of South Kohala
through which Wnitnea and Puako Plan
tations receive and ship their freight.
Here mall is lauded and carried as far as
Honokaa by Vol. btaules stage line which
tuns through to Hilo.
G.JONES Dry Goods. Groceries, To
bacco and Cigars, Patent Medicines,
Boots and Shoes, Feed.
A. MCKAY-Beer.
-Saloou Handles Priuio
QUONG CHONG CO. Dealers in Gen
eral Merchandise, Drugs, Fancy
Goods, Chinese and Japanese Goods.
WAIMEA.-Kamuola P. O.
At an elevation of 3700 feet between
Mauua Kea and the Kohala mountains,
twelve miles from Kawaihae and twenty
miles from Honokaa, is the fertile plain
of Waimea, admirably adapted for the
cultivction of agricultural and vegetable
products, This is the centre of the
Parker Ranch. over which roam thousands
of animals. The climate is ideal for a
vacation outing.
Dry Goods, Groceries, Chinese and
Japanese Goals, Patent Medicines,
Kawaihae View Hotel and Restaurant.
Public, Postmaster, Agent for Wil
der S. S. Co., and Light House
will deliver by wagon or Kinau fresh,
tender, crisp vegetables at reasonable
AH YAU Merchant Tailor,
suits at city prices.
first clasy
First Class Hair Dresser and
SAMUEL K. PUA Attorncy-at-Law and
Italics of Old London.
Recent excavations in Tabernacle
row have brought to light many
curious relics of the fifteenth and
sixteenth centuries
Among them, in a surprising
state of preservation, says the City
Press, are specimens of the actual
cloth worn by our forefathers 400
years ago, fragments of doublets
and hose, in serge, sateen and silk
of various degrees of fineness and
good colors; a little purse of silk,
with the original cords at its mouth;
a flat cap of brown color, with
slashed edges, and still having its
original lining of thin silk, and a
woolen and a felt cap of the flat
type. The relics have been placed
in the Guildhall Museum,
er," by Mrs. McKenney and W. C,
Cook was the completest artistic
success of the evening. The charm
ing operattic scene captured the
audience and its close was marked
by an outburst of sincerest ap
plause. A tenor solo by W. C. Cook and
"Auld Lang Syne," in chorus
ended the program.
The hall was then cleared and
the music started for dancing.
Under the direction of C. H. W.
Hitchcock and assistants the danc
ing proceeded with dash and eclat
till midnight.
Refreshments were served to all
during the evening. The Hilo
Burns Club has added another
trophy to its record as host and entertainer,
MRS. C. N. ARNOLD Onouli House
Furnishes Good Accommodations for
Tourists and Visitors. Kealakekua P. O.
C. AH UN A Groceries. Dry Goods.
Tobacco and Cigars, Fancy Goods, Mer
chant Tailor. Kealakekua, Hawaii.
HENRY WEEKS Kealakekua. Ha
wall, takes orders lor Bed steads, Tables
and Calabashes and Fancy Articles of all
Kinds, made of Native Woods.
R. MAKAIIALUPA Attorney-at-law.
T. C. WILLS Dealer In General
Merchandise, Post Office.
Miles Refreshments of all Kinds; Meals
at all Hours. Try our Hospitality.
Fresh Films
Printing Paper
Photo Supplies
Received each month
We will develop your Plates or Films and print them
for you. we are making a specialty of this work, and
endeavor to give you the best possible results.
Kodaks and Cameras
at Eastern prices
And anyone purchasing 11 Camera from us will
Ik; Instructed how to take and make h picture
HILO DRUG CO., Ltd., Hilo
Koa! Koa!!
A Counn is Not a Disi.ask, but
a svmotom. It indicates rhat the
lungs and bronchial tubes are in-1
flamed. This inflammation often I ..... , ....
, , . . ,,,. , Koa Lumber in small and large ciunutl-
leads to pneumonia., 1 he surest I ties; well seasoned.
way to ward oil pneumonia is to i
use Chamberlain's Cough Remedy!
on the first appearance of the cough
or cold. It always cures mid cures j
quickly. The Hilo Drug Store'
ells it. '
furniture, made to order, an
wanted. Repairs made on any
furniture. Prices moderate.
y style
Sorrao Cabinet Shop.
Apply to JOSE O. SERRAO,

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