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A Carload of Monuments
Just Received Ex S. S. Nebraskan
Direct from New York City. Consisting of the latest
designs in Scotch and American Granite, American
Italian Marble. Kxecutcd by skilled artists. No two
designs being alike. Ranging in price from $5.00 to
$1,500. Photographs will be sent to would be pur-
chasers on amplication to
P. O. Box 542, HONOLULU, T. H.
Office and Works 1048 and 1050 Alakca St., bet King and Hotel Sts.
Several designs of Hawaiian stone in stock.
Enterprise Planing Mill Company.
I'ront St.,
riautug, Moulolng, Scroll Work and all klnils of Turned Work, Window 1'rnmes, etc
WATKR TANKS, A SPKCIAItt'. Household mid all kinds of Viirniturc,
Store PiUiug!i, Counters, etc., made to order. Cross-cut Saws re-toothed and
made as good as new, at easy rates.
Manufacturer ot School Spats, Church
in at Demosthenes' Cafe
Canadian-Australian Royal Mail SS. Go.
Steamers of the above line running in connection with the. Canadian Pacific Rail
way Company, B. C, and Sydney, N. S. W., nnd calling at Victoria, II. C, Honolulu,
and Brisbane, N. '..; are dliO at Honolulu on or about the dates below
stated, viz:
From Vancouver and Vivoria B.C.
For Brisbane, Q., and Sydney:
The magnificent new service, the "Imperial Limited, " is now running daily
BETWEEN VANCOUVER AND MONTREAL, making the run in 100 hours,
without change. The finest raHwav service in the world.
Through tickets .ssued from Honolulu to Canada, United States and Europe
For freight and passage, and all general information, apply to
Theo. H. Davies & Co., Ltd., Gen'l Agts
for your
Volcano Stables
LEAD IN THESE LINES because the best goods
are sold for the least money .
Carriage Emporium
We make to order all wood
work of Gears boiled in lin
seed oil the best Hacks, Bug
gies, Road Wagons, Drays,
and Freight Wagons.
We are agents for Studebaker
Wagons and Carriages on
this Island.
Harness Headquarters
We supply plantations with
harness by wholesale
cheaper than can be bought
on the Coast. Big Stock of
ready made harness on haud.
Our made-to-order harness
is the most serviceable liar-
ness on the market
CEO. S. McKENZIE, Manager
in rear of Ililo Mercantile Co's llulldiug
l'ews, and Redwood Gutteis, all sizes
surpassed; Dining Room and Booth fur
nishings the finest to be found in the
Hawaiian Islands.
fl fifty cent meal
that has no equal
DINNER PARTIES. Banquets and
Suppers served under the supervision
of the proprietor, either at the restau
rant or at private residences. '
.CHAMPAGNES and fine Tabic Wines;
Card Room, Reading Room and Bullet.
UlaiatiuetiKe St.
From Sydney, Brisbane (Q).
For Victoria and Vancouver, U. C:
Blacksmithing and Carriage
Repair Shop
Our horseshoer carries a dip.
loma from the best Veter
Inary College
Carriages and Vehicles re
paired; best material and
Our Paint Shop
Is under the supervision of
a man whose reputation is
not excelled nn the Coast.
Address by Ullhort V. LI til 0 nt
Celebration or Poet's Annlyorsnry
This evening In this little city,
this peerless princess of the valley
of the Wailuku, stretched along the
shores of the calm, glorious Pacific
ocean, unvexecl by storm or tem
pest, in the midst of the teeming
bounties of all the elements, over
spread by the sercnest skies of our
beautiful, semi-tropical home and
invigorated by the kindest climate
found amid the great Pacific seas,
we have put aside the affairs of
every day for the purpose of com
memorating the anniversary of Rob
ert Burns, the deathless Scottish
poet, who was born 144 years ago
today. The veneration which is
prone to hallow his memory is most
manifest by the presence of this
magnificent gathering who all jdin
with'delight in the ceremonial com
memorative, not only of lu's sacred
dust, but of the life and character
of the foremost poet of his laud and
Nature bounteously bestowed
upon him poetic genius of a high
order, so it is necessary, in order
that we may more fully understand
who he is, where he came from and
the environments of his childhood,
to go back into the dim and distant
long ago to the cottage at the out
skirts of the village of Dumfries in
Scotland, where he spent his child
hood years beneath the overspread
ing oak around which many gene
rations of dark eyed daughters and
stately sous of Scotland have since
gambolled in childhood. In im
agination we see the smoke as it
curls up among the dark green
foliage-in contrast with the golden
moss, the gray thatch -and the glit
tering ivy. Surely, my friends, we
are delighted with this beautiful
picturesque rural retreat of peace
and privileged seclusion. On this
anniversary of the birth of this dis
tinguished Scot, the cottage ap
pears not the same as when we first
beheld it; the charm is broken, it
is now in ruins.
But the mouldering pile upon
which the alternate suns and storms
of a century and a half have smiled
aud spent their fury and over which
is now draped festoons of ivy nnd
garlands of wild flowers which the
wandering winds have scattered,
still has its cherished associations,
like little streams of lustrous light,
bright with the fadeless memories
of a genius which time, the great
burnisher, has made to sparkle like
the dewdrop on the morning flower.
The busy feet that trod that
sacred ground arc stilled, the laugh
ter that echoed through the cottage
is hushed aud we are inclined to
"All is vanity nnd vexation of spirit."
Tonight, my friends, the contem
plation of that cottage home and
those ruins awaken the deep and
dreamy associations with past ages
into visions of brightest fancy and
those fancies cannot be cheated into
illusion by the ravages of time.
The memory of Burns is dear to
every Scotchman native to the man
ner born, dear to everyone who ad
mires the superlative genius of a
noble spirit and a generous heart.
His memory and life work belong
not to Scotland alone, but to man
kind. It is life we think most about; it
is life that fills us with emotions;
life that wrings our hearts and
heats our brains; life is the marvel
of ages, the peipetual problem of
men. it is tlic lite ot the distin
guished poet that we remember.
We are not at present interested
about that of the transformation
which we know as death, we hasten
to forget it and all its incidents, but
the life and services are with us
forever, the memory of the life
work is kept garnished and clean.
"Wherefore it is wise and well to guide
the mind aright
That its nptness may be sensitive to good,
ami shrink antipathy from evil."
In this 20th country, thus far
removed from the scenes and inci
dents of his day, we are impressed
with the power, the imperishable
materials, the genius of the human
mind formed in that graceful and
magnificent edifice erected by the
poet's skill or art or genius as my
hearers may be pleased to name it.
With the fountains of his soul
full of sympathies, his pathway in
terspersed with thorns aud brambles,
Burns fought his way alone and
unaided across life's wilderness aud
uncertainties from the eastern
mountains of youth -toward the
western 'r'ivcr nnd, though he fell
ere he had reached tie zenith of
his powers, he has left the horizon
illuminated by his genius, the re
flection of which still lingers liloc a
halo from on high.
"Shines a sample of my golden hours."
During the earlier years of .his
life his mental powers had grown
upon him silently and sweetly as
the wild flowers in the beautiful
fields surrounding his boyhood
Burns was truly a poetic spirit;
he found poetry in the gush pf the
sparkling waters that burst forth
from the hillside in the sequestered
spots in his native land and which
then, as now, flowed on in circling
eddies amongst the rocks and ferns
and tendrils of wild flowers, on, on
forever, unexhausted and inexhaus
tible, "As high in air the bustling torrents How,
ine routing l'yer pours tortu his mossy
And yet losing themselves in the
bosom of the silent and majestic
river where the hurry and murmur
of their, course is lost like the rest
less passions that agitate the breast
of man in the ocean of eternity.
He found beautiful poetic music
in the flowers that grew in sweet
profusion upon the wild and uncul
tivated spots of earth, exposing
their delicate leaves to the tread of
the rude inhabitants of the wilder
ness and spreading forth their
scented palms to the careless, wan
ton winds,
"Among the healthy hills and woods"
as well as from those of the culti
vated gardens possessing the more
rich and gorgeous beauties.
An infant child, so motionless in
its slumbers that in watching it we
tremble and become impatient for
some stir or sound that may assure
us of its life, yet it is the fancy of
the little sleeper, busy and every
artery and every pulse of its frame
engaged in the work and growth of
secretion. Though his breath did
not stir the smallest insect that
sported on his lips, though his pulse
did not lift the flower leaf of which
he dreamed from his bosom, yet
this emblem of innocent tranquility
inspired in the mind of Burns the
brightest visions of poetic fancy
whereof he wrote:
"Happy fireside slumbers for the Wean's
"That's the true pathos nnd sublime of
human life."
So, my friends, we estimate the
character ot Burns by his work and
our verdict is that his character has
been written in imperishable letters
of light on the scroll of eternal fame
and needs nothing from anyone to
night to add to his immortal glory.
"The Mouse Driven from Her
Nest," "The Winter Dirge," "The
Cotter's Saturday Night," "The
Visions" and other pieces seemed
to steal upon his fancy in its warm
springtime of youth with all the
bloom and freshness of opening life,
"Our eyes are lifted from the multitude,
grouping in the dark with caudles,
To gaze upon that firmament of praise,
the constellated lamps of learning,
Kver-during witness of mind,
Undisputed evidences of power."
And while it is true that nature
is now no less capable of producing
poetical ideas than it was when the
gifted genius whose anniversary
we this day commemorate was in
the morning of his manhood, and
while we have the same cool shades
and glowing sunshine, the radiance
of the calm and gentle moon, the
same beauty, the same character
with refined and elevated thought
are still to be found in the external
world, the soul of man is still ani
mated by the same passions aud
affections as when genius first com
manded the fire of poetry aud
lighted up the charm of creation.
Still there is a hallowed sacrcdness
surrounding Burns' beautiful poeti
cal contributions.
His brilliancy of wit and his
pathos of sentiment expressed in
"To Mary in Heaven"
and his
"Kttricks Banks now Rolling Red"
"The Daisy Under the Plow."
These lines fell from his pen as
did the great drops of perspiration
fal from his sunburned brow as
day by day and hour by hour he
followed the plow aud cheered and
(Continued on page 6.)
4th Semi-Annual
Clearance Sale
10 per cent
on all
DRY Goods
Sold during the'month of
Special Prices on Certain
Classes of Goods
Band made Saddles and Rarncss.
Kilo Harness Shop, Hilo, H. I.
After a Call
when a woman has gone through an
afternoon of them one is pretty well
worn out. Then's the time a woman
will enjoy a cool glass of
Rainier Beer
Every home should have a supply
on hand always. Each member of
the family will attend to the disposing
of it with considerable pleasure.
Rainier Bottling Works,
Honolulu, Agents
Hilo Water Notice.
In accordance with Section 1 of Chan
ter XXVI of the law of i886:
All persons holding water nrivileues or
those paying wnter rates are hereby noti-
licil that the water rates for the term end
ing June Ao, 1903, will he due nnd mv.
able nt the office of Hilo Wnter Works on
the 1st day of January, 1903.
All such rates remaining unpaid for fif
teen days after they are due will be sub
ject to an additional 10 pur cent.
All privileges upon which rates remain
unpaid February, 1903, (thirty days after
becoming delinquent), are liable to sus
pension without further notice.
Kates arc payable at the office of the
Water Works on King street.
Sup. Ililo Water Works,
Ililo, Jan. 5, 19413. io-ut
CO., Ltd.
Freight Rates between San Fran
cisco and Ililo have been reduced
by the
From $3.50 to $3 por ton
commencing with the Hark St.
Katheriue, now loading in San
Francisco. This includes Hark St.
Katheriue, Hark Martha Davis, and
Hark Amy Turner.
Wui.cii & Co., San Francisco
C. HitJtWKK & Co., Mil., Honolulu
II. IlACKi'ici.n & Co., Mil., Hilo
! Acshnts

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