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Mrs. Nawnhl returns tu Honolulu to
day. J. U. Smith goes lo Honolulu today on
l'nlinlu Is to Imvc belief hotel accom
modations. It. J. Walker returned fiom Honolulu
Mr. nnd Mrs. h. M. Whltchouse go to
Honolulu today. '
The Kuterprise Is expected lo nrrivc in
Uilnnhoul Mny to.
The Falls of Clyde sailed from Son
Francisco April 19.
Dr. Hutchinson wns nn nrrivnl by the
Kiiinu Wednesday.
J. W. Hcrgstrom is n passenger by the
Ktimu today Tor Honolulu.
U. T. Guard returned Wednesday from
n business trip to Honolulu.
II. Kendall went to llonnknn Thursday
to erect a plantation warehouse.
Sheriff Andrews has recovered from n
serious attack of thadengue fever.
Wall, Nichols Co. offer speclnl sale of
phonograph record nt $3 50 per dozi it
Postmaster Madeira took nit enforced
vacation Inst week on account of dengue.
Geo. Robertson, manager of C. Ilrcwcr
& Co., is a passenger for Honolulu today.
Mrs. N. K. Lyman returned Wednes
day from n visit with friends nt Honolulu.
J. K. llcrgstrom, piano nnd orgnn
tuner, leave orders ut the Owl Drug Store.
Rooms nnd
A. Rlchley's.
board lor two couples nt
All modem conveniences.
Honolulu Primo Hock lleer, best in the
market 10 cents a glass at the Union
The Decoration Day services this year
in Hilo will probably be held nt the Haili
The four year old baby of Mr. and Mrs.
W. II. Little has been seriously ill the
past week.
Tonight the order of the Knstcru Star
will give n social nnd dance nt the Kilnu
ea Lodge rooms.
15. Wery has the supervision of the
masonry work at the Waiakca river for
the Hilo Railroad.
C. D. Chadd and T. O. Mitchell, land
clearers, lelt this week together for n bus
iness trip through Kuu.
The Hilo Agricultural Society will
hold n meeting tomorrow afternoon nt
the offices of Chas. Fiirucaux.
Deputy Sheriff Overend, nfter being
confined to bis bed for a week with den
gue, is again at his ikM of duty.
For Sau5 For cut flowers, flower pots,
ornamental trees, etc., call on or address
JIM MORRIS. 1'. O. box 343, Hilo. lo-tf
The Volcano House under the manage
menL,ofSt Clair Hidgood offers fine at
tractions to Island pcople,out for on out
ing. If you have any trouble iu having your
printing done good enough uud cllcup
enough, it is time to consult the Tkiuunu
The Hilo Railway began running
passenger trains this morning from Liki
hai station. Trains will leave every morn
ing nt 7:30.
The committees for Decoration lay ar
rangements are progressing with their
work ami will observe the day with ap
propriate services.
I'reperations are being made for a con
cert to be given about the middle of May
for the benefit of the Hilo Hoarding
School new buildings.
The S. S. American, which left Hilo
last week with a cargo of sugar for New
York, via the Horn, expended while in
the port of Hilo, the sum of $1,800.
A. Lindsay, manager of Tlieo. II.
D.ivies & Co.'s Hilo business, leaves by
the Kinau today for a two months' vaca
tion, which he will spend iu San Fran
cisco. The Kiu.ni arrived at 3:30 Wednesday
afternoon with forty-three bags of mail.
Admiral llccklcv feels proud of the excel
lent record made by the Wilder flagship
this trip.
Wc have just received
a lot of iw well known
It is guaranteed pure and far cx
cells any other non-intoxicating
beverage on the market, having
been awarded the Gold Medal for
the best Cider at the California In
ternational Mid-Winter Exposition.
$4 per doz., large bottles
Hoffschlaeger Co., Ltd.
Pioneer Win and Liquor Home
Was Wrll
Known Old
ltesldcnt on
Waller Dollowny died nt I'nhala Inst
Thursday from u hemorrhage. The fun
eral occurred at 5 p. m. the same dny.
The funeral was attended by Manager
John Sherman, malinger of Hnwnilnu
Agriculture Co., nnd most of the residents
of I'nhala, Rev. Knuhnue officiating.
Thcdeceased was well known on Ha
waii. He was a native of one of the New
Kngland stntcs. He came to the Ha
waiinn Islnuds in 1878, nnd went in with
the Canadian planters. This orgnnim
tion plnnted cane nt l'aluln when the
plantation was lirst started nnd when they
gave up cane planting, Dollowny went to
work on the plnntntion. He remained
with the plantation for a nutnberof years,
until engaged by Peter I.cc to conduct
the half-way house. Dollowny held this
position nt the time of his denth.
Dollowny wns one of the best known
men in the islnuds ns he had come in
contnet with tourists and island people
traveling between Hilo nnd Knu for over
fifteen yenrs. He will be greatly missed
by those who travel by the hnlf-wny
house. About two yenrs ngo, he lost his
voice nnd bis .henlth hns been failing
ever since. He married nn Hawaiian
woman who died nbout seven years ngo.
Hilo Cotillion Club.
At the annual meeting of the Cotillion
Club at the l'eacock Uutldlng last Tues
day night, the following new officers were
elected: W. I. Madeira, President; A.
C. McKcnncy, Treasurer; Mrs. Rice, Sec
retary. The club decided to give n daiice
at Sprcckel's hall on the evening of May
8. In June it has been decided to give a
grand ball, nt which "Living Whist" will
be the whole nttrnctioif. Music for this
fancv dance has been sent for mm with it
instructions will be received for the most
spectacular dance ever given in Hilo.
Mr. anil Mrs. J. l. Slacker were voieu
in as members of the club.
Singer Machines.
Did you know you enn exchange your
old machine for a new Singer. F.asy
payments. Telephone 178.
The Sunday School of the First Foreign
Church will indulge iu u Uaskct Social
tomorrow at Cocoauut Island. The busses
will leave the Church nt 9:30a. in. IJvery
body invited to go.
Mr. and Mrs. II. L. Ross were 111 Puna
this week from Monday to Thursday.
Mr. Ross had business before District
Magistrate Kauma uiul Mrs. Ross visited
with Mrs. Dr. Holland.
baseball is slowly but surely reviving
iu Hilo. Last Saturday Heumer's specials
played the Hilo nine at the Hoarding
School grounds, resulting iu a score of 20
to 12 iu favor ol the former.
Ukuishs, Wounds and Lacwkations
need an antiseptic dressing. Chamber
lain's Pain Halm answers this purpose to
perfection. It is a liniment ot wonderful
healing power. One application gives re
lief.. Try it.
. II. Smythe, formerly u trusted em
ployee iu the offices of the HiloTriuunk,
died March 5, at Sacramento, Cul., oi
pneumonia. At the time of his death
Mr. Smythe was an employee iu the Cal
ifornia state Printing Office.
At the close of the session Monday
evening in the House, Speaker Heckley
was presented with u fiue gold watch,
guard and watch charm as a token of ap
preciation upon me pari 01 ins teiiuw
The Wilder Steamship Company dur
ing the montti of April spent iu Hilo on
pay roll and expense bills nearly $6,000.
Iu exact fitrures the outlay was $5,764.
The distribution of this amount of money
monthly entitles this company to a trout
rank iu prosperity promoting concerns of
The "Rummage Sale" will be reopened
the first week in June by the Ladies'
Social Circle. The greater part ot the
proceeds will be given to the Library.
All having articles for the sale are re
(nested to have them iu readiness by the
last of May, when a boy will be sent
around to gel them. It is hoped all will
respond as willing and generously as be
fore. Catholic Sen Ices.
Sundays Holy Mass at 7, 9 and 10:30
At 7 oud 10:30,
Hawaiian and I'ortu-
guese sermons.
At 9 a, m, J'.ugitsu sermon.
At 7 p. 111., Rosary, sermon iu Portu
guese nnd Henediction.
Week Days Holy Mass every day nt
6 a. m.
Kvery Sunday afternoon F.nglish in
struction for boys and girls nt Itrother's
and Sister's school irom 2 to 3 p. in.
Dav or nitfht the Catholic clergy will
attend tothewantsof the faithful. Mem
bers are requested to notify the parish
priest iu dire time of baptisms, marriages
and funerals
Parish Rector.
Baking Powder
Made from pure
cream of tartar.
Safeguards the food
against alum.
Alum baking powders are the greatest
menacers to health of the present day.
Aerolite Comes (Jlnso to Knrlli lie
fore It Hums Out.
Many Hilo people were awakened nt
5:30 Thursday morning by n thundering
roar, supposed generally to have been n
thunder clap or the rumble of nn earth
((tiakc. Those who were up early, how
ever, were privileged to see the brilliant
cause of the morning disturbance. It
was the flight of n meteor, wlficli came
so close to earth that the blazing aerolite
left n trail 6f fire hundreds of fetf. iu
length behind it. Its velocity nnd the
.increasing density of the atmosphere ns
it tienrcd the earth produced such con
suming hent Hint, when senrely n mile
nbove the earth it exploded, leaving a
cloud of smoke which floated over the
city. No portions of the nerolilc were
seen to strike the earth or sen. Mr.
Kuhns of Knutnann saw the pkenomenon.
He says it was n ball of fire two feel in
diameter describing nn nrc over the city
and falling toward the sea. When ap
parently lower than ordinary clouds it
exploded leaving n grcnt cloud of smoke,
which remained visible for several min
utes. It was about one minute from
the time that the smoke appeared when
a long thundering detonation was heard.
Sound travels 11 12 feet per second, there
fore the celestial visitor was not more
than four miles distant nt most when fric
tion hent caused its extinction.
C. K. Wright, manager of the Volcano
Stables, niso witnessed tuc ucaveniy pyr
otechuics and gives the same description
J. U. Smith, Unco U. S. Coininls
sloncr nt Dycn Called to Stnnd.
In response to nn order from the At
torney General of the United States, j.
U. Smith has been summoned to Hono
lulu to testify iu regard to the Alaskan
boundary dispute between the United
States and Great Britain. Mr. Smith
leaves by the Kinau today and does not
know whether his mission will take hint
to Washington dr not.
Mr. Smith was United States Commis
sioner nt Dyea and Skagway during the
Klondike rush, and as such exercised
magisterial jurisdiction at the furthermost
inland point claimed by the United
States, nnd consequently will be able to
mnterinllv strengthen this country's con
tention in the noted dispute. Priority of
possession will be one of the main points
to be determined by the International
Commission nnd Mr. Smith's testimony
will be of special importance on this
phase of the question. Mr. Smith with
other United States officials were sta
tioned iu Southeastern Alaska in July,
1897, and ousted British officials who
were attempting to locate nt the Coast,
and prevailed upon them to remove their
"Custom house tents" to a place beyond
the disputed line. Subsequently for mu
tual and tempornry convenience the Do
minion customs officials were permitted
to locate at n narrow pass 011 the summit
of the range, where they collected duties
under protest from American citizens.
Kuhuiin nt l'unii.
Judge Kamau, District Magistrate at
Puna tried and bound over to the Grand
Jury under bonds of $500 n Hawaiian Ka
huna, charged with manslaughter. The
kahuna had exercised radical measures to
cast out devils iu the case of a sick man,
resulting in the extinguishment of the
mans Hie. The sick man was roughly
handled in many ways, being beaten with
particular vigor over the head with a
volume of the Holy Scriptures. The Ka
huna had such power iu the household
that the wife of the deceased was obliged
to join iu the torture that left her a
At his examination before Judge Ka
mau, the Kahuna admitted his practices
but justified them by biblical instructions
to cast out devils.
Will Give Ground.
Admiral Geo. C. Heckley states that he
has no objection to the people of Hilo
using his grounds, across the Wailuku,
on July Fourth for the ceremonies con
nected with the breaking of ground for
the Hilo-Kohala railroad. The Admiral
hones that arrangements may be such as
will enable him to be present and parti
cipate in the exercises,
Outgoing Kt 111111 List.
Mrs. Nawahi, Miss Jones, Miss Cook,
Win. II. Horn, K.J, Walker, Geo. Hlake,
11' I. C.
Miss Nathan, Mrs. Angus, A,
R. Macauley, J. W. Hergstrom
Drown, Geo. Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. L.
M, Whitehouse, Mrs. Frank, II. Arm!
tage, J. M. Dowsett.
Sunday .School Fictile.
The Sunday School of the First For
eign Church will hold its annual basket
picnic at Cocoauut Island next Saturday,
May 2. busses will leave the Church at
9:30 a. m. All friends of the children
invited to attend.
Klunu I'usMingor List.
Dr. Hutchinson, Mr. K. J. Walker, C.
Sawano, W. Herlowitz, J. T. l'errirra, It,
T. Guard, Mrs. N. K. I.yiuan, J. J, Mc
Ouire, Dr. Wilson, wife and child, Miss
Church Social.
A social will be given at the Church
parlor next Tuesday evening, Mny 5,
under the auspices of the ladies' Social
Circle. A good musical and literary pro
gram will be rendered, light refresh
ments served, nnd a social time enjoyed.
All friends of the Church nre invited to
- ti .
St. Juntos' Mission.
Third Sunday after Faster, 7:30 a. m.,
Hoiy Ituchnrist; it a. iu. , Holy F.uclmr
1st; 7:30 p. in., F.vensong nnd Sermon.
NOTICK Neither the Masters nor
Agent of vessels of the "Matson I.ine"
will be responsible for any debts con
tracted by the crew. U. ' V. GUARD,
Hilo, April 16, 1901. 24.
" 'Eft.'. ,':".''" r-ws
Orer One Hundred Xew MemliurK
Taken In Monday Niirhl.
judging from the increase of member
ship every meeting, the Allied Trades of
Hilo will become the most powerful or
ganization In the city. A new phase of
usefulness of the organization is shown iu
the possibilities of making new citizens.
At the meeting Monday night, It was
found that nbout sixty of the membership
nrc aliens. The organization proposes to
make American citizens of these nt the '
earliest opportunity mid iu this wny
alone hns justified its existence if it never
docs another thing. A special committee
consisting of Frntik Hcuto, 15. Harbottlc
and Henry Jnturs, wns nppointed to look
after the naturalization of members.
When President Kendall called for new
members, fully one hundred walked to
the Secretary's desk nnd paid their dues
and signed the roll. The charter closes
next meeting nnd nil who nrc in sym
pathy with the movement should Join
at this time.
The matter of stevedores was brought
up. Mr. Hale reporting Hint he had
over fifty men, mcmlers of the organiza
tion, available for this work. The com
mittees appointed to wait upon Ilackfcld
& Co. and the Mercantile Co. were not
ready to report nt the Inst meeting.
The meeting then took up the matter
of completing the election of officers.
Mr. Clement of tuc Hawaii Herald was
unanimously elected to the position of
Secretary, the rules- being suspended for
the purpose.
The following standing committees
were appointed:
Arbitration C. L. Clement, chairman;
Wm. Todd, Frank Hento, I. Kiiicksou,
Win. Graff.
Labor II. Ludwig, chairman; P. Hale,
C. LchmannSr., T. H. Ah Leong, Jas. Mc
Donald. Membership A. R. Hancock, chair
man; John Herring, J, Rocha, K. Hnr
bottle, Fred Nnylor.
President II. Kendal, in view of hisd
partttre from the city for some weeks, on
work in Hamakun made an nddress, urg
ing the organization to work iu season
and out for its objects. During his ab
sence Mr. Cameron will occupy the chair.
D Will (live nn
Mny 10.
Captain Fetter and other officers of
Company D went to Puna last Sunday,
inspected the topography of the environs
of Kapoho and decided that the field wns
a good one for n sham battle. As a result
it has been conclusively settled to array
the soldiers iu Company D in battle line,
Sunday, May 10. Arrangements have
been made with the Hilo Railroad Com
pany for an excursion train to leave Hilo
at 9 n, 111., returning iu the evening. The
round trip fare will be only ft and tickets
arc on sale at a number of stores iu the
Captain Fetter iu speaking of the ex
cursion said it was his wish to have the
outing and sham battle some week day
but such a tiling was impossible. The
members of the Company are all workers
and all could not get away on any week
day; hence Sunday outings are necessary.
Captain Fetter said also that beer or
liquor would be strictly forbidden on the
excursion1 and that no one could find any
ground for objection to the deportment
of his men. "If our boys nre ever called
upon to go into active service," said Mr.
Fetter, "they will be on" duty 011 Sunday
and every other day and I do not believe
the drill on May iocan properly be called
bauuatu desecration,"
Miss lljiin Married.
Dorothy Blniiton, the daughter of Hon.
D. T, and Mrs. Flynn, was married to
Dr. James J. Richardson on Monday
evening April aoth, at St. Thomas'
Church, Washington, D. C.
Miss Flynn is a most accomplished'
young lady and the eldest daughter of
Mr. nnd Mrs. Flynn. While Dr. Rich
ardson is n specinlist in the medical pro
fession in the city of Washington.
The ceremonies attending the wedding
were elaborate, yet simple and impres
sive. The ceremony was performed in
Saint Thomas Church on Eighteenth
street, near Dupout Circle, and was wit
nessed by a most fashionable and distin
guished gathering of the friends of the
two families.
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs.
Flynn and their lovely daughter in Ha
waii loin In heurtv coiiirrutulntinii ntut
shicerly hope that every happiness may
co,ne lo lhe young couple in their new
l'lcnsuut Surprise l'urly.
The birthday of Miss Anita Cnuario
was the occasion of a delightful surprise
party ot the Cauarlo home on Volcano
street last Saturday night. A company
of twenty or thirty people went out and
precipitated an evening of social gaiety.
The dining room was cleared mid Untie
ing was iu order until n late hour. The
promoters of the affair witli the conni
vance of Mrs. Cnuario had prepared n
dainty spread which was served to the
company at the hour of eleven.
Ilutterlck l'titluriiN.
By every boat we receive new patterns.
prettier than ever this yenr. Delineator
fi.oo per year; subscriptions received.
rlrtil Foreign Church
Services next Sabbath at 11 a. m. and
7:30 p. m. Morning subject "The Mis
sion of a Little Child." F.veniug subfbet
"Companion Pictures." Everybody
welcome. v. i nami.
Canary ltlrds.
Just received by S. S. China, two hun
dred canary birds, beautiful singers, at
2,5o each. Send in your orders to
' C. II. 11UOWN,
Admiuistrater for D. G. Camarinos.
1', O. box 807, Honolulu. 2-peow
UniCH Wanted.
The Hir.o Tkiuunk will pay to cents n
pound for clean cotton rags.
Have you a tired, worn-out feeling? do you feel weary before the day Is
half over' is life n burden on nccount of nn enervating climate? The chances
nre you nre wenring henvy clothing when you ought to be wenring summer
clothing. Get light-weight clothing nnd note the difference.
White Duck Trousers, $1.50; Coats, $2.25.
Crash Trousers, $1.50; Linen Coats, $2.50.
Alpaca and Serge Coats, $2.75 to $7.25.
Leather was good, but
Lou Fields met Gus Rogers on the Rialto recently,
according to the New York Times. After talking a few
minutes Field said: "Gus, what's become of those patent
leather shoes you wore last winter?" "They have gone
to the wall, Louis." "Why, wasn't the leather good?"
"Yes," said Gus with a sigh, "but the patent expired."
The patent never expires with Stetson Shoes ; get your
neighbors' testimony if you. have never worn them.
Economic Shoe Company
'Non-oxpiring patont shoolsts"
New Dress Goods
Has just opened nn extensive Hue of novelties in
Mercerised Chambray
Dotted Chambray Madras
Mercerized Silk Zephyr
Also u select line of
Men's White Canvas Bals
Men's Plain Toe Calf Bals
and Congress
Men's Slippers
Ladies' Patent Leather Slip
pers with Louis heel
Also a new stock
R. & Q.
Uncle Sam's Cigar Store
Waianuonuo Stroot
Special Meotinp;.
6, 1903.
KII.AU15A l.ODGK NO. 330,
F. ami A. M. There will be a
special meeting of the above
lodge Wednesday evening, May
at 7:30 p. m. Work iu second
degree. Sojourning nnd visiting brethren
are cordially invited.
lly order of the W. M.
Acting Secretary.
Subscribe fi.i the Triiiunk, Iblaud sub
scription f 2.50,
m. f. Mcdonald
Banoge Dimity
Corded Lawn
Mayflower Batiste
Ladies' Kid Beaded Slip
pers with Louis heel '
Ladies' Vesting Top Ox
fords Children's Shoes and Slip
pers of the eelebrnted
and TREE
Send for 1903 Catalogue.
419-421 Sansomo St.
San Francisco.
THE --
Special rates by week and mouth to
The sulphur steam baths have been
entirely remodeled and a new cabinet
added, making the finest steam baths
iu the country.
A new tennis, court, a new croquet
ground nnd target range have been
The uiulii building has been entirely
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