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fjiicr tfeilrmte-
Wliut In BshL for
Ih Beat lor 1-Hlo
Wliut la Beat for
la B5at for Us
Vol. 8.
No. 46.
IjC fiUtt Vtbum
OPFICK, Kino aTRKKT. - Hilo. Hawaii.
trimunk iilock
Hlln Tribune Publishlne Company, Ltd.
t, .1 ii.t.... ... 1 i.m,.fi.inr. :
President C.C. KKNNniiv j
Vlce-l-reiident K. K. Richard?
Secretary! reanurer I,. W. IIawortii '
Auditor A-,!' SuTTON
Director duo. . McKi sriK, I) . Marsu .
Aavertneraemtiuconumiea ucmrc hr'""" i
of ieclfied period will be cnargca a 11 con- , .
ilnunl for lull lerm.
Addres all communication either to the
.rr;iVi, n ..i.T.:. ii;, , ..mi or tiik hilo '
The column, ol tiik liuoTRti-eNK. realm.,'
onen to communication on nublects within tlie
cope or tlie paper. To receive proper aucmion, ,
each article rnunt be lgneilly IH author. The
name, when desired, will be held confidential.
Tiik Hlto Tribu.ni. 1 not renpoutlble Tor the
opinion or statement of correspondent-!. I
y I
Wise & Ross,
will practice in ail Court, oi 'the Tritory. and i
uttice: iRiuuMi uii.ui.-ii,
Bridge Street,
W. 11. SMITH
LeBlond & Smith
HawatUu, Jaiianeie, and Chlnee Interpreter,
laneie, and Chlnee I nl
I Notary Public In Office.
Oflide: Skvhkanck Huii.ding,
Oppoilte Court Home. 1III.O, HAWAII
J. Castlk Riocway Thos. C. Uidoway
Ridgway & Ridgway
tolldtora of I'atcntu C.eneral I.aw I'roctlce
Notary Public in Office.
UHKICK: Walauuenue and Bridge Streets
Dr. Henry Hayes
Walauuenue Street
Hours: 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. 4 t 5
p. m. 7.00 to 8:00 p. in.
Sunday: 10:00 u. m. to 12:00 noon.
Telephone 193.
Milton Rice, M. D.
Physician and Sukgkon
Office, Waianuenue St.
Hours, 8:30 to 10:30 a. M.; 2-4 and 7:30
to 8:30 p. i. Sundays, 9 to 11 a. m.
, -
Waianuenue St.
Hilo, Hawaii
M. Wachs, D. D. S
Office Hours: 9 to 12, 1 to 4.
We offer you an investment guaranteed
rUwo Trust Companies. It may make
you rich. This is no scheme or fake.
CATK. If yon are not satisfied upon in
vestigation we give you your money back.
WKLTNKR & DUNN, Fiscal Agents,
60 Ilroadway, New York.
Honolulu - - Oahu, H. I.
Transact a Geueral Hanking and Ex
change busbies
-.....roini nii TrnvHiipr's T...H...-R nf
Credit issued, available in all the principal cation nnd the testimony offered will be
cities of the world. i ,er,l Court Home of North ko.
halii, 011 Saturday, the 14th day of Novem
Special intention given to the business , her, A. I). 1903, at 9 11. in.
entrusted to us by our friends of the other I Hilo, Hawaii, Sept. 18, 1903
Islands, either as Deposits, Collections F. S. LVMAN,
Insurance or requests for Kxchange. 46-3 Commissioner of lloutidiiiies.
llouiidary Notice.
An application fur settlement of the i
boundaries of the lands of Upoltt first nnd
Upolu second, District of North Kohnln,
U. S. A., having lieen filed with the Coin-1
imtiim ui unwuii, leiiuury ui imwan,
ntlssioner of llonndaries for the Third '
, ViWttXl circuits, T. I!., Iiv the J
lruslcc9 under the will of liernlec P.
1isj10pi tlc owner of said Innd, j
Notice is hereby given to the owners of
said land nnd also to the owners of the
am9 ndloining, viz: The Territory of
Hawaii aiul the owners of Hoiioipu and
ll!iJl id application and j
tue testimony oucred win ue ucani m me
court iioiiru ot worm Kotinia, on satur- j
,. frf,,,i, ,,,.. f M, ,,,
,'."" """ """-"" V ...."..,...
IJ. roo'
03, nt 9 n. 111. 1
"o. "mi, ocpi. 10, 1903.
46-3 Commissioner of lloundarics.
Boundary Notice.
'n application
for settlement of the
. houiularies of the laud called Knhunliilii. ,
1 .111 the District of North Kobala, Island of j
Hawaii, Territory of Hawaii, V. S. A.,
I having been filed with the Commissioner I
01 iioutiiinries lor inc 1 nirii nnu l'ourin
,. .. " . . r .. ......
Circuits. T. IL. bv I. F. Woods, the
owner ot said imui,
.- . "
g,,,,, ,nlll n)(1 ,,, lo ,,. owllcr8 nf u,t.
lands adjoining, viz: i lie Territory ot
Hawaii lor l'aiiinaiiina and Jiaklloa;
Kstatc H. P. Ilishop for Honokaiiemii; i
Kstate j. w. Austin lor Kniiuanui; jns.
V. VVnnttafnr ITMipiiii; unit iitilliinwn.
ers of ratcnt Grants 2330, 780, 75a nnd to
. . i.uv.... . . .. ...-,--.....-. ....-.... ,
12643: that said application and the testi- J
I . .. . . -. .
1 I1IUIII U1I.ILI 11 I 1 11, IIVUIII II t .! V. Ullll
House ol Norm Koiuiin, 011 Saturday, the ,
14th day of November, A. D. 1903. Jit 9 1
Hilo, Hawaii, Sept. 18, 1903.
46-3 Commissioner of Iioumlaries.
lioundary Notice.
An application for settlement of the
boundaries of the land called Kawaihae
2nd, in the District of South Kohala,
Island of Hawaii, Territory of Hawaii,
having been filed with the Commissioner
of Iioumlaries for the Third mid Fourth
Circuits, T. II. , by the administrator of
the estate ol Queen Kintua, the owner of
the said land,
Notice is hereby given to the owners
of said land nnd also to the owners of the
lands adjoining, viz: The Territory of
Hawaii for Kawaihae 1st and Waimen;
G. W. Macfarlaue for Ouli, that said op.
plication nnd the testimony offered will
be heard at the Court House of North
Kohala, 011 Saturday, the 14th day of
November, A. D. 1903, at 9 a. 111.
Hilo, Hawaii, Sept. iS, 1903.
46-3 Commissioner of Houiularies.
Boundary Notice.
j An application for settlement of the
!xuudarics of the laud called Puaiiui, in
the District of North Kohala, Island of
Hnwaii, Territory of Hawaii, U. S. A.,
having been filed with the Commissioner
of llonndaries for the Third and Fourth
Circuits, T. II., by the trustees under the
will of Uemice P. Ilishop, the owner of
said land,
Notice is hereby given to the owners of
said land mm nuo to tue owners 01 up
lands adjoining, viz: Keheua 2nd; Kiio
knlatii nud Keheua; that said application
and the testimony offered will be heard
at the Court House of North Kohala, 011
Saturday, the 14th day of November, A.
D. 1903, nt 9 a. ui.
Hilo, Hawaii, Sept. 18, 1903,
46-3 Commissioner of Iioumlaries.
Boiimlnry Notice.
An application for the settlement of
the boundaries ol the land, Makahaualoa,
in the District of Hilo, Island of Hawaii,
Territory of Hnwaii, U. S. A., having
been filed with the Commissioner of
Houiularies for the Third and Fourth
Circuits, T. IL, by Pepeekeo Sugar Com
pany, the owueis of said laud,
Notice is hereby given to the owners of
said laud, and :lso to the owners of the
adjoining lands, viz: The Territory of
Hawaii for Kulaimanu, Kawaiuui, Hit
niuulii, Hotidiiti, nud Kaupakuca; Olio
mea Sugar Company for Papaikou; Ha
kalau Sugar Company for Hakalau; also
the owners of Patent Grants 1939 and
1158 ami L. C. A. 5663; that said applica
tion and the testimony offered will he
heard nt the Office of the Ilouiidarv Com
missioner in Hilo, Hawaii, on Saturday,
the 7U1 day of November, A. I)., 1903, ut
9 11. m.
Hilo, Hawaii, Sept. 18, 1903
boundary Notice.
01 jHHiimiirii-B iiji inc "" umi"
.!...!.. r ti 1,,. i if u',.n.lu ii...
' W. Austin for Kaliuaiiiii: that said impli
u application for settlement of the , " ' . ' "", "i .", .?. '.'... ....," Porary secretary aiul Captain Lake els' Hall, had been generously en-
udariesof the laud called Waikn, in , ' " . 'i "V "" ""V-K '":. . ' cnr,.,.nt.nt.nr,,,u tertained dlirinir the nreliininaries
DUtrictof North Kohala, Island of ; MV I r""V." .'" "i""1 "' 'S.? .. ...... . .,,. ,M llr,, nl.i ,i. ,
all. Territory of Hawaii, U. S. A.. , VV ",r ' iT".? "v.." . ' ,"'" .'., ! I Upon motion ot A. IL Loebeil- ; "" -""; . "V'. ''V"'' ,".""."' .."'v'.
.ri!1" il S"!!!f '".f I of ht Vmbitot ion ' of t i. .oVlciTr Stein the chair appointed the follow-1 ""r,. ..L- rL ... "L;V' ?"
"3 J- - "--I -, c:i,i r,iinu fall -ii". nr i n... u i ... r,... ..., .. w.-.. j .... MUafu ol oillier VI lUI s were cai ca
of said land, ....... i, i ' iin,r!c r m L'm. ...ii,. .,,,.1 t i rr im... ...'. mii,m u....nni.n..
ic lli.rcliv iilvi.il In till, munur of i ' ,,v ' ...v...,.,, j, .... .v.. i. ...,. ..iiv.j, . . iui . uv. tiuiiii , .-ii.kl.liw.-l
is litrcin gutu to mi. owner oi ifVAvr.iM rvvi ,.. mi r. i .. . .- . . ,. j.i r .'.!.. r
land, and nlso to the owners of the .,, .,,:;' i7 "V,;... r ,,;... iVi'V . ( l,erllCZ. Alter being out live vuucu uuni muie lesenimiou oi
Is iidjoiniiig. viz: The Territory of "". " .i J ' '"' ' ...Imiuac ,i. . .. r.....i ,,n names to eloquent encomiums upon
iforKavvaihaeist; Kbtate of II. p. n.lt .,....,., ,. ,, ' . ' . ' the merits ot the candidates offered.
II is ion for Houokane mi: Kbtine'of J. r. -" o:t,". "7. ' " ' " 'v J' , precincts represeuteii aim properly im. n,.. ....: i. ..r .i...
Boundary Notjce. j
An npplicatiou for settlement nf the
boundaries of the land culled Kahun and,
in the District of Hilo, Island of Hnwaii,
A., havim:
been fifed with the Commissioner of
territory 01 Hawaii, u. o.
lloundarics for the Third and fourth
Circuits, T. II.. by the administrator of
the Kstatc of Kaillhunc, the owner of
said land.
Notice is hereby given to the owners of
said laud nnd nlso to the owners of the
lands adjoining, viz: Pepeckco Sugar
Co. for Makahaualoa, also the owners of)
Patent Orants 1158, 194. "030; that said ,
nppiicntion and tiie testimony ouercd,
will DclicnrdnttlieUlliccol tlie liouiidnry
' Commissioner in Hilo. Hawaii, on Satur-
day, the 7U1 day of November, A. D.
I9o3, ai 9 n. 111. 1
Hilo, Hawaii, Sept. 18, 1903.
46-3 Commissioner of Houiularies.
Notice ol Guardian's Sale
of Ileal Estate.
Notice is hereby given that ill pur
sunncc of nil order of sale made and en
icreu ov me 1rcu11 mime 01 me v-iruuii
. 1 ........ ,n 1. ... 1 r ..... r s. '
Court of the Fourth Circuit. Territory of I
nawnii, in rrouaie, ai tiinmucrs, on lie
) t It I . l. ...I al.i
matter of the guardianship of Henry
ukiipiiani, a minor, tne undersigned
.guardun ot tne person and estnic 01 sum
minor will sell nt public miction to the
nignesi immcr lor casu ni uie upsei once ,
inf niiL-t1iniis.iiiil.lotK dol nrs. sub ect '
of One tliousaud.(fiooo) dollars, subject
to the confirmation thereof of the said
Judge of s.iid Court, an undivided half
interest 111 eight and one-half acres of
land, situate in the village of Paatiilo,
--...-- . Z. '. , z
,. . - (. mill VXWI.H. .
. .. )
land, situate in tne village 01 raatiuo,
Hatn.ikua, Hawaii, on the uiaiika or west
side 01 tne uoveriimetil road iroui 11110
toWaipio, and on the eust side or the
nt,ml U " lhe Wai,io sitkof I
Said sale to be made on the 23rd day
of October, A. D. 1903,
noon, nt the front door
at 12
0 i;iuwk
of the
House in the tow
wn of Hilo, Island and
rail, deed nt purchaser's
Territory of Hnw
Guardian of the person nnd estate of
Henry Nakapuahi, a minor.
Dated nt Hilo, the 15th day of Sept. 1903-
V. S. Lyman & R. A. Lvman,
Attorneys for Guardian. 46-4
In the Circuit Court, Fourth Circuit,
Territory of Hawaii, United States
of America.
In Proiiatk At Ciiamukks.
In the matter of the Kstate of AUGUST
G. SKRRAO, deceased.
Petition having been filed by Manuel
G. Santos, praying that Letters Testa
mentary be issued to Jonn G. Serrao nud
Manuel G. Santos, us executors of the
last will and testament of the above de
ceased, Notice is hereby given that Tuesday,
the 13th day of October, A. D. 1903, nt 9
o'clock a. m., be and hereby is appointed
the time for hearing the said petition, in
the Court room of this Court, at South
Hilo, Hawaii, nt which time nnd place
all persons concerned may appear and
show cause, if any they have, why the
prayer of said petition should not be
Hilo, Hawaii, Sept. 15, 1903.
Hv the Court:
By Chas. Hitchcock, Deputy Clerk.
Ridgway & Ridoway.
Attorneys tor Petitioner. 46-3
Notice to Creditors.
In the Circuit Court of the Fourth Circuit,
Territory of Hnwaii, U. S. A.
In Pkoiiath At Ciiamukks.
In the matter ot the Kstate of DANIKL
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed has been appointed Administratrix
of the said deceased.
All creditors of said estate are hereby
notified to present their claims, whether
secured or otherwise, duly verified and
with proper vouchers, if any, to the un
dersigned, at Alakahi, or to her attorney,
F, S. Lyman, in the town of Hilo, Ha
waii, Territory of Hawaii, within six
.1... r .!.. ,.r .1.:.. ..t-.. ..- 1.
j iiiuimia iiuiii iitiiu .11 una limit:;, ur alien
I claims, if any, will be forever barred.
1 Administratrix.
1 Hilo, Hawaii, Aug. 27, 1903. 43.4
! Notice to Creditors.
1 In the matter of the Kstate of JOSK
' FI.ORKS, deceased.
j Noticc js hereby given that the under-
t 730 by Dr. Holland of
I w. ..... ..I...... ... JV..W ... ...... ...... ... ,IIU,
! Hawaii, deceased. All creditors of the
j deceased are hereby notified to present
! their claims duly authenticated and with
the proper voucheis, if nuy exist, even
W!tlil,i dv ninnllis from !!,,. .li ...I.,..,
' Wl.1'"" V "'0,iu,a iroiil tlie date wlieil
Attorneys for Administrator
llttttiiilck l'attci'iiN.
Hy every boat we receive new patterns,
MOSKS & RAYMOND, Tel. 178.
Illnlli.ll .irllil nlnilllf, ft..a l. ...,. ...1 !. m v m
n.llllll OL lAJlUnh. ' - 1 11U 111.11 I1U1111II.ILII1L: aiJUCL:!! Ill lilt?
.Sprocket Hull rnektnl Willi Sicr
tutors I'rocoetlliiBs Full of In
torcRt-UlostMt Willi K11-
tliusliism for Ticket.
The first Republican 'County
. , ' . '
Convention in tile County of East
Hawaii was called to order last
Monday night at Sprcckcls hall I chair appointed the following Com
amid rumblings of war. It ad- Imittee on Rules and Permanent Or
journed about 1 o'clock Tuesday iganization: Albert Horner, K. N.
morning with peace and harmony
and good will between the men and
delegations who had exhausted
their strength and wit in a tattle.
lor supremacy which lasted sixi
Hours. i lie work lor wlncli tlicl
delegates had been assembled was
nrwitmilititiPil mwl itti ilm utnr.
- . ., ...... ...... ...... .u.iv
..... ... .
nnislied there was that spirit shown
ta. . .. .'
wnici, makes the proceed ngs or a
good republican conventions, uiian-
ueiueen me opening worus 01
Dr, h0 land ot Puna , wlncli ca ed
I " ----- -
: the assemby to ofder, and the 1110-
t;on of A jj, Lebenstein to ad-
. , . , ,
'jourii, when the work was done,
. . .
j""i, i.i. iu- win .m num.,
julere was a i,aUie royai ,, the l
- IKltntl lllli I imui ilfiiii.
,, -
floor. I he tact and force of the
Chairman A. C. McKenney, the
parliamentary resources ot contend-
incr itirtpc flip nlrmiinnnn mwl nntu
j--.. ...... .... !
eloquence of delegates and officers, !
and the skilflll work o( committees,
were all pitched in the center of the1
ring. Mixed up in this mess was
the "solid ten" from Hilo which j
drauged through the proceedings,
..!(I.HI.a In.,!.. .. ............ 1 -t !.. '
wuuuui lusiiii; u iiuuiiu ui il.lirntiiitrv. It iiiviiprl nil rifi7iic
weight, and at the end fell into the
sea of defeat, a veritable millstone,
attached to the neck of Wm. Todd.
Pitted against the leaders of the
Fourth precinct was the combined
Republican talent from Hamakua
to Puna. A. Homer, like an im
perturbable battleship, dropped
anchor in the committee on Rules
where he was supplied with ammu
nition of the deadliest sort. When
the forces lined up later in couveu
tion the battleship was reenforced
uy a torpecio ooai irom runa, ties -
patch boats from Waiakea precinct
and cruisers from Olaa. The Ad-
miral of this fleet was in the chair,
The battle flag proved to be a
recommendation that delegates vote
on nominations viva voce, aye or
nay. Jim Morris, like a stuitly
Mississ ppi river ram went straight
for the Andrews flagship. Twice
was he repulsed. Then A. B. Loeb-
ensteiu steamed
up. He was an
armored cruiser fresh from the ways, officers of the convention were, A. (ship question, and were assembled
and carried seventeen gatling guns , C. McKenney, Chairman; K. N. j to perform work pertaining only to
on deck, and two ten pounders j,r Holmes, Vice Chairman; Treasurer, the county. He said it was im
the turret He raked the flotilla ,A". H 0(-bi:s'ei Kxecutive Com- proper for the County convention
tue turret. Hi rakeu ll1"1'1 ' mittee, first precinct-Dr. Holland; to involve inself in the factional
incessantly. No perceptible dam-: sc.Coud, S. G. Walker; third, J. D. schemes of Honolulu politicians,
age was done to the battleship be- ( Lewis; fourth, T. IJ. Rowland and 1 If they want to sound East Hawaii
low the water line. The torpedo Ji' Morris; fifth, W. C'. Cook; let them do it through the Terri
boat and the armored cruiser narrow- !sxth, W. K. Andrews; seventh, torial Committee. W. C. Cook was
ly avoided a collision in the thick ! ShJ .?". ,,,s, fcc with a vigor-
... c ,. ... .... 1 ninth, John Pritchard; tenth, Chas. ous second to the motion wh c 1
of the fight which might have suit , Williams. i carried' without tt ,liK..,ii vm-
both to the bottom, W. C. Cook
,of Papaikou was steady like a shore
! fort. He fired good steel shot and
I , , .. ,.
always knew the range. I he re-
I suit of the engagement was a union
I of fleets to move against the Home
I Rulers early in November.
The assembly was called to order
.. ..,... .... 1 r
Puna, who nominated A. C. Mc-' .
Keuuey temporary chairman. S.
G. Walker of Olaa was made 'tern-
'accredited, except the precinct of
Olaa. whose three delegates. S. G.
Walker. G. Stine and Frank Rosa.
j werL. without credentials. These
Mountain View by forgetlulness.
Mini Pnniniiltp. nn rrpf1..iiti'i1c Tim n i r o ..! .. i, i
1 A telephone message to VVm. Vnn -
I unttit, Jr., nt Mountain View started
him on n ride against time. He
brought the Olaa credentials to
Hilo, a distance of seventeen miles,
in one hotii and fifteen minutes,
changing horses once. The wait
for these credentials was occupied
by the Committee on Rules and
Permanent Organization in their
On motion of Albert Horner, the
Holmes, V. C. Cook, Chas. Swain
and J. D. Lewis.
The Committee on Platform and
Resolutions 'was composed of Messrs.
A. IJ. Loebenstein, Chas. Williams,
l rank Rosa, A. Louisson and John
m. r :...- .. ......
x 11c v.uiuiiimce on mniioriu was 1
the first to report and the rcnort
was accented without a dissentimr
. I
voice. The platform contained a
fitting tribute to the character and
administration ot President Roose-
Velt. It nromised honest and eco
cu. ii liiuiui.iLU JloIlLbl aim eco
.C.v. 11 H"""" huiii uhu eco-
jnomical administration of the affairs
0f the County of Kast Hawaii in
'' ' Jil:u ilaw"
evcry department: it declared in
.. 1 . a a a
every department; 11 declared Hi
favor of miholdin.r tlio hmmr nn.l
-- o -
'dignitv of labor, and demanded that
citizen labor be employed in all
public woik. It demanded equal
.:..!.,.. . ..n : i:..- i:.:. ,, .
nwuis iu mi ui evei y line politically
and industrially, regardless of race
H,lcs. rt promised under a republi-
can administration like and equal
attention to needs in the way of
public improvements to every town,
village, hamlet and district in the
a . . ..
come under the Republican banner
upon these principles.
The report of the Committee on
Rules recommended that delegates
vote for nominees by viva voce
"aye" or "nay," and provided for
the nomination of Supervisors first
then the SherifLaiid the rest of the
offices in the rotation in the call for
the convention. The Todd men
saw in the aye and nay vote their
Waterloo They accordingly foucht
;ts adoption with all their power
1 Heretofore in Hilo, the ballot of
, delegates has been secret. A Todd
luajorlty depended 011 having the
j vote secret. ltl the battle over these
points. A. U. Loebenstein, W. C.
Cooki Jim Morris, Albert Homer,
rr Mnllmwl nnd ntl,rc ..vi,nc,i
their fund of ammunition,
last shot was the vote,
( a(iople(l ti,e n,le, 18 to 10. The
order of nominations was adonted
! bv he same vote. The nermanent
A petition signed by a number j
I of Portuguese citizens asking the
' convention to nominate Jos. Vierra !
Ific o mniiilinr nf llin llr.nr.1 f Q1p..r- I
r WfflB ., . . r . 'I
j Li,lcolii Club, .1 republican organ-:
! izatiou, presented its endorsement
1 of Hvangelino da Silva for a similar ;
' l'0'011-
The preliminary battles having
been fought, the convention was
now ready to get down. to business.
1 he audience, which packed Spreck-
latiuu snet
' evening was made by W. C. Cook
in the presentation of the name of
h. N. Holmes. J. I). Lewis nomi
nated S. L. Desha; J. P. Fernandez
named Uvangelino da Silva; Jim '
Morris set forth in strong terms the I
i,i.,,i..,i,,,. a, , 1111 in iii-i in ,,.
1 merits of Joe Vierra; Chas. Swain
named V. G. Walker: Dr. Holland
offered the name of W. 11. Lam
bert; John Pritchard presented the
name of A. 13. Lindsay, and A. B.
Loebenstein nominated Peter Lee
with a clear and succiut enumera
tion of that gentleman's qualities of
When the ballot was begun it
was plain to all how clumsy and
awkward was the method adopted
and Loebenstein's suggested mod
ifications were adopted arter all.
After much discussion it was. de
cided to call the roll of the dele
gates and allow each delegate to
name his choice of five men. The
result of the first ballot was the
nomination of IJ. N. Holmes, S. L.
Desha, Joe Vierra, W. G. Walker
" Z'uZU Z
thirty-one votes of the convention.
But two nominations were made
for the office of Sheriff: L. A. An-
drews and Win. Todd. T. T). Lewis
I lfnL'iiltliil till itnHii I A i.ilvn.i.ii nal
V:... i.--s i u... i...i w..
I 1111 l.KJl 1 1?. IlUIIll'll IV III. Iflflll. 1 III
roll was called, each delegate rising
in his seat and answering "An
drews" or "Todd." When twenty-eight
delegates had voted the
tally sheet showed sixteen for An
drews and twelve for Todd. At
drews ,
I this jit
make tl
tincture A. B. Loebenstein
addressed the chair and moved to
make the nomination of L. A. An
drews unanimous. The motion
carried amid an uproar of cheers
from delegates and spectators.
The next three nominations were
made unanimously and rapidly,
there being but one man named for
each office. These three were: N.
K. Lyman for Clerk, N. C. Will
fong for Auditor, Geo. Williams for
Tax Assessor.
For Treasurer the names offered
wete: C A. Stobie, F. S. Lyman,
R. A. Lyman and I. E. Ray. C.
A. Stobie was nominated by a vote
of 22. W. H. Smith of the firm
of Le Blond & Smith was nomi
nated for the office of County At
torney. For Surveyor Dr. Holland nomi
nated A. B. Loebenstein, who de
clined. Thos. E. Cook was the
unanimous choice of the conven
Just before adjournment a letter
from Clarence Crabbe, chairman of
the Territorial Republican Commit
tee to P. Peck, chairman of the
District Republican Committee, was
read by Chairman McKitmey. The
letter asked for an endorsement of
Geo. Carter as Govemot to succed
S. IL Dole. The letter had scarcely
been finished before half a dozen
delegates wanted the floor to oppose
the suggestions made. A. B. Loe
benstein was recognized by the
chair and his motion was to table
the matter of endorsing Carter for
He stated as his grounds the fact
that the delegates to the County
Convention were chosen by voters
without reference to the Governor-
The first Republican Convention
of the County of East Hawaii then
adjourned sine die.
CAPITAL $50,000
Organized I'uder the Laws of the Ter
ritory of Hawaii.
The Hawaiian
Realty and
Maturity Co., Ltd.
Loans, Mortgages, Securities, Invest
ments and Real Kstate.
.Homes lluilt 011 the Installment Plan
Tho Hawaiian Roalty and
Maturity Co., Ltd.
General Manager
9 t-'
p y

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