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Hilo tribune. (Hilo, Hawaii) 1895-1917, September 18, 1903, Image 7

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Bargains in
Real Estate
To investors on the Islands I wish to call
attention to the following properties which are
for sale or lease. As values are low now is
the time to buy
No. 1
No. 2
No. 3
No. 4
No. 5
No. 6
No. 7
. "i
Twetitj' acres at Ka'uinaua; has bddu planted in cane; suitable for bananas, pineapples or
cane. Price, cash.' .'
Lot 153 x 215 feet, with modern cottage, at corner of Pleasant and Ponahawai streets, Hilo.
Price, part cash, balance on time .,
Lot-153 x 215 feet on Pleasant street extension, unimproved. Price, part cash, balance on
time "..:
(Pieces Nos. 4 and 5, above described, command a fine view of Hilo Bay and are at a
p good elevation.
One hundred and sixteen acres at Kamnana, seven uiiles from Hilo, unimproved; suitable
,for growing bananas, pineapples or vegetables; large quantities of growing koa and
ohio timber; wood and lumber alone will pay for laud. Price, part cash, balance on
time , .,
Fifteen acres, one mile mauka Government road, between Kukaiau and Paauilo; all cleared
and has been plautqd, in ca,n,e. Price, part cash, balance on time. ...
Three-quarters of an acre on Front street, Hilo, 500 feet from, depot; frontage of eighty
feet; terms to suit purchaser. Price
Two wodtfrn cdttages a,t corner of Church and Bridge streets, Hilo, with leasehold fourteen
years to rim at 54 per year; brings in .rental now of $30 per month. Price, part
cash, balance on -time ,
For further particulars regarding these or other properties address
' . ' tnti''fit -,
1 1 1 i
i 1
' f
n ' i! ti 1
lWifHHf UW Ml'i' TIM' nf1
,t ,
y ' 'ii 1 '
KtSmJcttrz i'A'J
It. ill. i JC4. MS
If you aro young,
yon naturally ai-
w.iv .so.
If urn atti old,
vl v appear so?
will suri'ly restore
c.il.ir tn (iur guy
liair, ami will rUo
to it all tho
1 wealth ami
f "loss of ear
ly life. It
will stop
falling of
tho hair
also; and
will keep
the scalp clean and healthy, entirely
free from dandruff.
And it makes tho hair grow thick
and loiifi- Tills is because it is a hair
food, kIvIhk t" ,llu liair just what It
needs to tuaku It grow ui uatuio In
tended. Ayer's Hair Vigor
There's a pleasuru In offering to you
sucha piupui .turn ; whllo you will cer
tainly feel 11 s.nso of scviuity In using
something t'ut otheis have used fur
half a century.
Do not hu ileruitril lv cheap Imita
tions which will only disappoint you.
Make suro that you get thu genuine
Ayer's Hair Vigor.
Frtptrcd by Ur. J C.Awr k La., Lowell, Mm, U.S.A.
If you appreciate a good
meal nicely prepared cull
and see me.
Ho Never Spoke Again,
The following story is told of a
ventriloquist, now fatuous,- ,bqt at
, the time of this happening so hard
1 up that he used to walk between 1
the cities where he was to appear.
On one of these tours he came to
1 l'hilidelphia on fool, and on the
road he picked up a miserable lit
'tie dog, "because he looked so
.much like he felt." The story
I will explain what became of the
1 dog.
I The first house he came to was a
saloon, and, of course he wanted a
drink. He had no money, but
went in anyhow to see what he
could do. The proprietor, a Ger
man, said:
"Well what will you have?"
He said: "I'll take a little whis
key," and then turning to the dog
he asked: ,
'What will you have?"
The answer came very promptly:
"I'll take a ham sandwich."
Hans thought it wonderful that
a dog should be able to talk, and
asked who had trained him, how
long it had taken, etc., and wound
up with:
"How much you take for him?"
"Oh" said Mr. Ventriloquist, "I
would'ut sell him at any price, but
1 1 am a little hard up now, and if
1 you will lend me $50 I'll leave him
I with you till I bring back the
I motiey."
"Al right" said Hans, "I just
1 want him for a little while, sol can
show him to some smart people I
1 know around here."
So every thing was settledjuul
"Tickets, L'leusc;"
The conductor was one of those
gifted men who remember where
each passenger got aboard, and can
look through the coucsience of a
traveller and find, out if a ticket is
still due the railroad". He stopped,
say:JThe(Detroit News-Tribune, by
a seat in which was a small boy,
kneeling, of course, so that his
shoes were "softing'tlief pli'fsfi cover
ing of the seat, and a woman whose
face was a declaration of inde
pendence. She handed the man in brass
buttoiis?apink trip slipVtTien folded
her hands as if her duty was done.
But the conductor was not satisfied.
His official glance took measure of
the boy, whose back was turned to
the aisle and who was stating at
the landscape through greasy finger
marks with which he-had decorated"
the window.
"I shall have to ask you for a
tickct.fortliarboy, ma'am.!"
"I think not.'"
"He's too old to travel free'
"That's 'an right." '",""
"He occupies a whole seat and
the car is crowded."
"That's the fault of the road not
"And there are people standing
"Well, that's not my affair."
"See here, ma'am, I haven't time !
to argue the matter!"
,,','Np,I, never readhe(ni.': ., j
"HowoUUstJjat boy?" j
"I don't know. I never saw'
him before. You'd better ask the
old gentleman who's asleep three
seats up. . They got on together at
Beckenham Street."
Ilium or Sugar Cargo.
Honolulu, Sept. 19. What is
said to be the largest sugar cargo
ever taken from the islands was
shipped on the Alaskan Which
sailed vesterday for New York from
Kahului. Agent Morse received a
message during the morning that she
was to sail, and she is supposed to
have left Kahului yesterday after
noon. The Alaskan has on board over
11,000 tons of sugar, all of which
will get the benefit of the recent in
crease' in price on the raw product.
The cargo is reported to be worth
between $800, 000 and 900,000 and
may be worth more befdre it reaches
New York.
The Alaskan will be the last of
the Arucricaiiillawajiatrsteamcrs to
go around the Horn this season.
The next trip of the big freighter
will not be made until December.
The sugar crop is now practicaly
marketed, or else on the way to
market. Most of the sugar taken
by Alaskan was from Kauai, Oahu 1
and Maui plantations.
There was a deacon in a Cleve-1
Hilo mercantile Company; Ltd.
Plantation Supplies of
AH Descriptions
Builder's Hardware
Plumbiha Goods
Paints and Oils
r ertilizersi" inv i
Iron and Steel ,,,,.,
A Full and Complete
Line of Groceries
"IUwouldu't do you. any good to I land church into whose pew one 1
Meals 25c Up
Lato Suppora from 8 p.
to I a. m.
argue it with me."
"You will have to pay for that
boy." .
,"L never have yet, and I'tuuot
the money paid, etc.. and as the going to begin now."
ventriloquist went out, he turned "Don't you expect to begin some
and waved his hand at the dog. and I time?" - -
said: I "That's not the ciuestion now." i he replied, "Here I am," and re
"Well, good-by, Jack, I'll come "If you haven't had to pay for ' mained standing while the drunk
back soon." j him you've been mighty lucky, or ard's character and fate was elo-1 vj.
When he made the dog say: lelse you don't do much traveling." !quentl portrayed. A few moments , js
"You dem son of a gun, to sell "Oh, yes; I travel about six later the preacher reached another '
Sunday a drunken man staggered P. O. BOX 94
atld,, sat down. The preacher .was
discoursing about prevalent popular
vices. Soon he exclaimed, "Where
is the drunkard?" The man was
just far enough gone to think the
qall personal. So, rising heavily,
1 1
Band made Saddles and . Karncss
k Krf
me for $50 after all I've done for
you! So help me Moses, I'll never
speak another word as long as I
And he didn't.
Subscribe for the Tkibunu,
Isluud subscription $2.50.
months a.year." .
''You'll have to pay for him,
ma'am, or I shall be obliged to put
him off."
"Thqt won't help you to, get any
money out of me."
"You, know, what the rujesofthe
road are, ma'am."
head of the discourse and asked,
"Where is the hypocrite?" Gently
nudging-his neighbor, the drunkard
said in an. audible whisper; "Stand
up, Deacon. He means you this
time. Stand up ami take it like a
man, just as I did! It will do you
Hilo Harness Shop, Hilo, H. I.

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