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fjiicr Cxikme-
Whiit Ih BuhI -Tor
1h BeHt for Hllo
, What l I3chL lor liKaK
1-1 1 uo mH&
i 1h Best for I'h jJuBBfl
T ' i,"M)iSS'iL"
No. 47. fflffitfe
Vol. 8.
J)C gjUcr Vtbmu
okkich, Kino Stkkkt, Hilii, lUwtu.
Tkibunk IUck.
ililo Tribune Publishing Company, Ltd.
PutitWIicra nnil I'mprletork.
PiuMeut C.C. Kknnhuv
VIce-PrriMent K. K. kioiiahw ,
Sectcuty-Tteiiitrr I., W. iuwoktu
.......- x i.v qmtt,,
Director Obo. M. Mckiiniik. I). W. Mahsu
AilvrrtWrinciitii uimcconipanlril by upccific
untiuctloun lnirrtnl until .iiltrpu out.
AdvrrtleiueiiMillcoiitiiiur,l before expiration
of Hueelficd t'ttlo'l will I clwtKeit m if con-1
tlnuAl fur lull term.
A.Mrt.u. nil mlllllllllllraUlIlM either tO 111? 1
KdltorUlor Ihnliicin Department or Till! 1IILO
Tkibunk ruiii.isuiNO Com pan v.
The column ol Tiik lln.o Tkibunk ore alwav
open to coiniuniilcntloiK on uliect witnlti the
cope of the paper. To receive proper attention,
each article mint tie algneil by Its author. The
name, when iletlreil, will be IielJ confidential. I
Tim Hilo TRlBUNh In not rccpoiulble for tlie 1
opinion or statements of cot leipoiulents.
A .lllll1
Wise & Ross,
Will practice in all Courts of the Territory, and
the Supreme Court of the United Mates.
bridge Stiert,
llll.O, HAWAII
LeBlond & Smith
llavralUu, Japaucie, and Clilne.e Inlerptetera,
and Notary Public In OiTice.
Office: Skvkrakck Huiuhno,
Opposite Court House. 1111.0. HAWAII
Ridgway & Ridgway
tollcltur of
nfni. i.eiierai i.aw i-niciicc
Notary Public in Office.
Ol'l'ICH; Waianuenue and Ilrldge Streets
Dr. Henry Hayes
Diseases of the eye
Hours: 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. 4:00 to 5'-"
p.m. 7.00 to 8:00 p. m.
Sunday: 10:00 a. m. to 12:00 noon.
Telephone 193.
Waianuenue Street
"Milton Rice, M. D.
Physician and Surgkon
Office, Waianuenue St.
Hours, 8:30 to
to 8:30 v. M.
0:30 a. m.; 2-4 aim 7:30
Sundays, 9 to 11 a. m.
I. J2. RAY
Waianuenue St.
Hilo, Hawaii
M. Wachs, D. D. S
Office Hours: 9 to 12, 1 to 4.
We offer you an investment guaranteed
jtwo Trust Companies. It may make
yon rich. This is no scheme or fake.
CATK. If you are not satisfied upon in
vestigation we give you your money back.
WKLTN1SR & DUNN, Piscal Agents,
60 Uroadway, New York.
& CO.
Transact a General Hanking and F.x
change business
Commercial and Traveller's Letters of
Credit issued, available iu all the principal
cities of tlie world.
Special attention given to the business
entrusted to us by our friends of the other
Islands, either as Deposits, Collections
Insurance or requests for Exchange.
Houndary Notice.
All application for settlement of the
boundaries of tlie lands of Uolu first and
Upolu second, District of North Kohala,
Island of Hawaii, Territory of Hawaii,
V. S. A., UaVitlg IICL'II iiieii Willi till! (Join-
mlssioiicr of llonndaries for the Third '
and Fourth Circuits, T. II., hv the
trustees under the will of Ilernice 1 I
Dlsliop, the owner of said land, I
Notice is hctehy given to the owners of'
1.1 1--.1 1 -.,- .- .... - ..r .i.-l
n.iiu luuu mm iumi iu nit: unuvis ui uic
Imuls adjoining, vi.: The Territory of
Hawaii and tlie owners 01 uoitoipu una
Kukiiipahu; that siid application and
the testimony olfered will he heard at the
Court House of North Kohala, on Salur-1
,, llle fonrlceIlln ,..,.. f November. A.
1 11 I, Ml, nl II fl . ,(,
' 7"J. .. -.
Ililo. Hawaii, Sept. iH, loot.
46-3 Commissioner of llonndaries.
Jloiindtiry Notice.
Ait application for settlement of the
i Ijoundaries of the laud called Kahualiilii,
'in the District of North Koluila, Island of
I Hawaii. Territory of Hawaii.. IT. S. A..
i having been filed with the Commissioner I simnec or nn order ol sale in.iiic ana en
of Ilouiidnrlps for the Third mid Koiirth I tercd bv the Circuit Indue of the Circuit
. ' -.... . -j : '
Circuits, T. II., by J. V. Woods, the
owner of said land, I
Notice is hereby given t the owner of I
said laud, nnil also to the owners of llle 1
1 lands adjoining, vU: The Territory of ,
I Hawaii for l'aliinahina and Makiloa;
I Kstatc 11. P. Ilishop for Honokaiieuui;
Estate J. W. Austin lor Kaliuanui; Jas.
K VVrf,iula fnr Ivf.liiin iitnl nlci tin. iiifii.
crs of Patent Grants 3330, 780, 75s and
26.12: that said iitmlication and the test!- 1
mony offered will be heard at the Court
House of North Kohala, on Saturday, the
14th day of November, j. D. 1903. at 9
a. m.
Hilo, Hawaii, Sept. 18, 1903.
46-3 Commissioner of llonndaries.
i ,1 . V..1.,.,,
jxuiium j Aiw.ivv,.
Villi III11I i-i &
An application for settlement of the
l,i,,iil.irii.c tt tlw. Intnl fvi1liil lfivt'nllin.
. . ,' n!alril., ,. cn,. k'nlinln
- --.-.. . " ..... .- ,
Island of Hawaii, Territory of Hawaii,
having been filed with the Commissioner
of Houudaries for the Third and Fourth
Circuits, T. II., by the administrator of
the estate ol Queen Kinuia, the owner of !
the said laud, j
Notice is hereby given to the owners
of said land and also to the owners of the
lands adjoining, viz: The Territory of,
Hawaii for Kawaihae 1st and Waiiuca;
G. W. Macfarlauc for Onli, that said ap
plication and the testimony offered will
be heard at the Court House of North
Kohala, on Saturday, the 14th doy of
November, A. D. 1903, at 9 a. in.
Hilo, Hawaii, Sept. 18, 1903.
46-3 Commissioner of llonndaries.
Boundary Notice.
An application for settlement of the
boundaries ol the lnml called l'uauui, in
.1. . i;,.i -..11...1 11 ;.. 1
No r? kS a .land o '
,rv of Hawaii U S A i
e tw hthJcoinmissioierM
the District of
Hawaii, Territor
havmir been fil
of Houudaries for the Third and Fourth
Circuits. T. II.. bv the trustees under the
will of Ilernice P. Ilishop, the owner of
said laud, ,
Notice is hereby given to the owners of
said laud and also to the owners of the
lands adjoining, viz: Kelieua 2nd; Kiio
kalaui and Kchena; that said application
! and the testimony offered will be heard
at the Court House ol .North Koliala, on
Saturday, the 14th day of November, A.
D. 1903, at 9 a. in.
Hilo, Hawaii, Sept. 18, 1903.
46-3 Commissioner of llonndaries.
lSoiiiidiiry Notice.
An application for the
settlement of
.llonndaries for the Third and Fourth
! Circuits, T. II.. by Pepeekeo Sugar Com-
panv. the owncis of said land,
Notice is hereby given to the owners of
said land, and also to the owners of the
! adjoining lands, vu: The Territory of
Hawaii for Kulaimauu, Kiiwninui. II11 -
inunla, Honoiuu, and Kanpakuea; Ono-
1 n.ea Sugar Company for Papaikou; Ha-
the boundaries ol the laud, Makahanaloa. ",e, l$u (Wy " ,l f '.' '93. 9
iu the District of Hilo, Island of Hawaii, I cl"ck ,,e nml, ,ereb.; ,s "PM"'
Territory of Hawaii. U.S.A., having he me for hearing the said peti ton, in
1 fli...i ...1.1, .1,.. n Cci.,.., r the Court room of this Court, at South
Wi.111 iiv.t niLit iiiv .wuuiti.muuvt rt
If filsiti Stiiritr 1 ntmintiv Inr I Iiitiilnii: nsrt,"'""""' ..... .4. (
' the owners of Patent Grants 1939 und I
1 1 158 and L. C. A. 5663; that said applica
tion and the testimony offered will be I
heard at the Office of the Houndary Coin-
missioner in Hilo, Hawaii, on Saturday,
1 the 7th day of November, A. I)., 1903, at
!.,. 3
Hilo, Hawaii, sept. 10,1903
Commissioner of Houudaries.
Houndary Notice.
,, ., , ,,, . , .,
An application for sett en.e.i of the
boundaries of the land called Waika, Iu
the District of North hohiilii. Island of
Hawaii, lerritory of Hawaii. U-h. A.,
Having nee 1 men wiiu uie commissioner
'f iinuiiiliiries for the Third and Fourth
I Circuits, T. II., by J. F. Woods, lhe
owner of said laud,
1 Notice is hereby given to the owner of
1 said laud, and also to the owners of the
lands adjoining, vi.: 1 lie lerritory 01
Hawaii lor Kawaihae 1st; Kstate of II. P. '
Ilishop for Honokane mil; Rstate of J. 1
V. Austin for Kaliuanui: that said appli-!
cation and the testimony offered will be
heard at the Court House of North Ko
hala, 011 Saturday, the 14th day of Novem
ber, A. D. 1903, at 911. 111.
Ililo, Hawaii, Sept. 18, 1903
46-3 Commisbiouer of lloundaiies.
Boundary Notice.
An application for settlement of the
lioutiilnrlcs of the Innil called Kalnia mil,
in the District of Ililo, Island of Hawaii,
Territory of Hawaii, U. S. A., having
been filed with the Commissioner of
Hnundaries for the Third and Fotltth
Circuits, T. II., hy tlie ndiniulstrator of
the Kstate of Kailihuiu-. the owner ol
said land.
Notice is lieretiy given to the owners of
!.ii 1 1 ..1 . ... .1... H r ii.A
i.uiu mini hum iiimi iu mi: wmii-ia in nit-
lands adjoining, viz: Pepeekeo Sugar
Co. lor iHukHiiauaioa, oiso me owners 01 ;
Patent Grants 115S, 19), iiyo; that said
application and the testimony oilered,
will he heardot the Office of the ltoimdary
Coiniuissioucr in Ililo. Hawaii, 1111 Satur-
flfiv. Ill,, 5tl, il.-lv nf VllVI'llllllT. A. D.
."'.J - " ..... ... ...- -.p
,9V;V.nl ?."'"!; .. . o i are here during the session of tlie
Hilo, Hawaii, Sept. 18, 1905. .
P. S. LYMAN, (Sovereign Lodge.
46-3 Commissioner of llounilories.
.- Vienna, Sept. 18. hinperor
XotlCC ()l (iilUinlilin'S SlllOl Baucis Joseph of Austria trday
of Ileal Estate.
Notice is hereby given that in pur-
Court of the Pourth Circuit, Territory of
Hawaii, in Probate, at Chatnlicrs, on the
15th day of September. A. D. 1903, In the
matter of the lUiardianship of Henry
Nakapuahi, 11 minor, the undersigned
gtmnli in of the person and estate of said
minor will sell at public auction to the
lilgliesMniluer lor casn 111 tue upset price 1 .
of (in, llintimitiil (ioik) dollars, sitlilect I .
to the confirmation thereof of the said
Indue of said Court, uu undivided half
interest in eight and one-half acres of
land, situate iu Hie village of Paattilo,
Hamuku.i, Hawaii, on tlie mauka or west
1 side of the Government road from Hilo
to Wnipio, and on the east side of the
ravine that is on the Waipio side of
Said sale to 1e made on the 23rd day
lofOctober, A. I). 1903. "t 12 o'clock
- i
noon, at the front door of the .Court
I House iu the town of Hilo, Island and
Territory of Hawaii, deed at purchaser's
expense. j
lAKAI.UKK.rs'AKAl'UAlll l.W,
I Guardian of the person and estate of
Henry Nakapuahi, a minor.
1 Dated at Hilo, the 15th day of Sept. 1903.
Attorneys for Guardian. 46-4
In the Circuit Court, of the Fourth Circuit
Territory of Hawaii, U.S. A.
In Pkoiiatu At Ciiamiikks.
Iu the matter of the Kstate of FRAN
iMSCO SIMAO, deceased.
Petition having been filed by Jose Ma
deiros Vidiuha, praying that Letters
Testamentary be issued to IJvangelino da
Silvu in the above estate,
It is ordered that Tuesday, the 20th
ilnv of October. A. D. 1001. at a o'clock
a. 111., be and hereby is appointed the
I!! tue Cohruoon; of UiiourV. Kuii;
in o, Hawaii, at wuicniuucnmi piace an
" "ested may appear and show
",,se' if "' ll,c-v ,I,,VC wh' lhL pr?ytr
Hilo, Hawaii, at which time and place all
Dated Hilo, Hawaii, Sept. 23, 1903.
Uy the Court:
Hy Chas. Hitchcock, Deputy Clerk.
Smith & Paksons,
Attorneys for Petitioner. 47-3
In the Circuit, Court, Fourth Circuit,
Territory of Hawaii, United States
of America.
In Phoiiatk jt Ciiamiikks.
In the matter of the Instate of AUGUST
G. SFRRAO, deceased.
Petition having been filed by Manuel
O. Santos, praying that Letters Testa-
1 tuentary be issued to Joint G. Serrao nud
Manuel G. Santos, as executors of the
j last will and testament of the above de
i ceased,
I ce ' nereuy given niai 1 ncsuay,
' . " "incn nine nun piace
rP"sons concerned may appearand
show cause, if any they have, why Uu-
prayer of said petition should not be
r?J,.!c "',, ,. ,
Hilo. Hawaii, Sept. 15, 1903.
' "v tllL' L2.uArh,. ..noxifu i..,i-
,,')A" 'f 'T ','' , ',
WviS; Hitchcock, Deputy Clerk.
Attorneys lor Petitioner. 46-3
Notice to Creditors.
In the matter of the Kstate of JOSH
FLORRS, deceased.
Notice is herebv idven tbat tbe under -
sii'iied has been uiioointed Administrator
fth, estate of Jose Flores late of Ililo,
Hawaii, deceased. All creditors of the
I ut;iia9i:ii uiu ni-icujr iiuviiiv:,! iu j'liaiu-
1 their claims duly authenticated and with
.1 ...... 1. i'...l . l...v.l. ....I.,....! ( a..........
! tlie proper vouclieis, 11 any exist, ever
' though said claims may be secured by
, inortKaKe upon nal ei.Uitc. tc '
; , ft Wiinistrator or to In
Smilh p.lrS0I1Si nt lhe,r ()f
, IlwnH .,,,,, six molhs fr
, of ...,. fir!ll ,nli,iic.llioll of .,
within six mouths from the
said claims fall due, or they
ever barred.
Admluistrutorof the estate of
Dated Hilo, Hawaii, Sept. 4,
Smith & Paksons,
Attorneys for Admiuistrii
ltulterick ration
Ily every boat we receive 11
prettier than ever this year,
jl.oo per year; sunscriptioi
Berlin, Germany, Sept.
thousnud workmen linve
8. Ten !
gone 011
n strike here.
Belgrade, Servia, Sept. 18. The
report that King Peter had hern as
sassinated is untrue.
Salomon, Turkey, Sept. 18. In
. . . ,., . . ,
'n "attic Dewceil 1 lirkisll troops mill
nie Insurgents 300 liulgnriaiis were
Baltimore, Sept. 22. Twenty
five thousand visiting Odd Fellows
gave a state dinner to ninperor
William of Germany.
Chicago, 111., Sept. 18. Sir
Thomas I.iplou is improving and
tfie chances for his escane from an
operation for appendicitis are good.
Paris, Sept. 21. P'ougere, the
music hall favorite, was murdered
today. His servant was also killed
the murderers, whose motive
was robbery.
Washington, D. C, Sept. iS.
Rear-Admirnl Cotton cables from
lleirut that all is quiet at that place
and that complete order has now
been restored.
Washington, D. C, Sept. 18.
CirT.Inmr PIiph Tnno- line nrnfiit..,l
, . ? , A,-
a claim from the Chinese govern-
ment 0n behalf of the Chinese 111
jured at Tonopah.
T ntiflnn int; 10 Tli ("Invnrii
. . , ., , r T . .
ment is seeking the support of Irish
xt.: ,:-... . ..'..... .....,
xsationalists tor tltc new
policy, offering concessions
The ,
Irish demand self-government.
West Point, Sept 22. Cavalry-
in fc.D.ivis has arrived from Okla
homa; making the trip on horse
back, asa test ride, in thirty-nine
days. The distance is 1600 miles.
Chicago, 111., Sept. 18. The
Manufacturers' Association of this
city has invited the Hon. Joseph
Chamberlain to speak here on the
question of world trade and tariffs.
Oyster Bay, Sept. 18. President bv the Supreme Court, Judge
Roosevelt was the guest of the At-1 Hardy's decision will no doubt start
lantic City Yacht Club today. One ' lhc registration ball rolling through
of the yachtsof the club, the "Red" ol,t lhe Territory.
Dragon," was lost during the day
and five persons were drowned.
San Francisco, Sept. 20. Three
Deputy SherifTs, Dasha, Burnett
and Dempsey were arrested tod ay
in connection with the Chinese sub -
stitution frauds. A confession is
auegeu to nave ueen ooiameu as to
their part in the frauds, which are
reporteu to involve ouier oinciais.
New York, Sept. 20. The 115th
anniversary of the birth of Robert
F.inmct, the Irish patriot, was cele-
bratcd today in the principal cities
of the United States. At many of
the meetings, including New York,
resolutions were adopted
nnnn Great Britain to i?rant the
complete freedom of Ireland.
,. -
Revolution Huded.
Constantinople, Sept. 21. At an
audience granted todnj'hy the Sul-1
tan to the Russian Ambassador, the
Turkish ruler expressed his regret
Turkish ruler evnressed hk roL'ret
, iiirMsu ruitr Lxprcsst.il ins regret
lat l,lc excesses of his troops in Bui-
frnrin nnil Mnrwlnnin. ITi irnvi.
iassurances tllat thm. wou,(, ,, 0
1 ussiu.uicc.s 111,11 wicic vtuuiii 11c uu
repetition ol the ollcnses. The
1 , , . , .. . . .
revolution is believed now to be
practically ended.
don, Sept, 21. The situation
Balkans is practically uu
ed. It is stated that Ger
favors allowing the Sultan
most freedom in suppressing
iitrrectiou and punishing the
tiouists. The Sultan is re-
. to be willing to concede local
, . .,,,
Diny, but is unwilling to grant
Istian governor to Macedonia.
is possibility of a hitch over
efttsal to do this, An alliance
Htweeu Bulgaria and Servia is said
I to be probable.
.Ml 1 11 1 I of C11 pc
mvti .Mny He
thu .Mini.
London, Sept. 18. Joseph Cham
berlain's lesignation has caused
great political excitement. It is ex
pected that Balfour will continue in
officens Prime .Minister, and that he
will fill the vacancies iu the Cnbi
net. Lord Milner of Cape Town
may be appointed Colonial Secre
tary. Lord .Milner, who may succeed
Chamberlain as Colonial Secretary,
is now Governor of the Transvaal
and Orange Free State colonies and
High Coniniissionerof South Africa.
Milner was a journalist before en
tering the service of the Hr'itish
State Department and he began his
official career as secretary to Mr.
Goschen when the latter was Chan
cellor of the Exchequer. The chief
duties of the Hritish Colonial Sec
retary will probably be centered in
the administration of South African
affairs for some years to come. His
work in South Africa during thu
Boer war is well known and at one
J time he was Under-Secretary for
Finance in Egypt. He has been
known as a friend and political fol
lower of the late Colonial Secretary.
Importiiut Proceeding for Those
Who Arc Sot Registered.
Nawiliwili, Kauai, Sept. 18.
Judge Jacob Hardy of the Fifth
Circuit Court has granted the writ
lof mandamus prayed for by George
, 3 , ' .
'H. 1-atrchild to compel W. G.
" """ l" """I'"
isrumi, naries a. kicc aim w. u.
Sheldon, members of the Board of
: Registration, to sit for the nurnose
iof rc,risterinir voters for the countv
elections who were not registered at
the sessions of the Board held prior
to the Territorial elections of 1902.
The petition for the writ was
originally addressed to Chief Justice
Frear, who declined jurisdiction
1 and remitted the matter to Judge
Hardy early this week. If not ap-
1 pealed, or it appealed and sustained
.Mrs. Boners Held for Murder.
San Francisco. Sent. 22. Mrs.
Bowcrs has becn hel(l for murler.
I Hcr sisler was (iisci,argeii.
j iMrs Martlm Howcrs was nrreslcd
1 after the finding of arsenlc Jn lh(,
Stomnch of lier deceased husband.
owers issak, tolmvebeun poisoned
once am, rccovercd umler hospital
, trcntinellti Four wceks lnter ou
his return home, he is said to have!
' been poisoned again. This time I
he died. Following his death Mrs.
Bowers drew $3,000 from a bank. !
1 This had been deposited jointly by 1
Bowtrs and his wife. Mrs. Sutton,
, . .. . - ...
1 a sister ol .Mrs. Dowers, was alleged
to have nurchased the arsenio
. which was later placed iu Bowers'
irood Mrs. Bowers is said to have
wished to get rid of her husband in
order to marry another man. She
Had been married three times.
S. S. Texan to .11 like Lontresl Tiin.
f. .,.,
( Tacoina, Sept. 22. The steamer
Tcxaii sailed today laden with
1 ni'!ir nnil i.ilmmi fnr llpl.nienrp
' Hreakwater. Thedistance is 14,000
"". ,, " " "
1 stops. 1 his is the longest voyage
, evc'r attcinpted.
The steamship Texan, Captain
, Morrison, was iu Honolulu early
tins year making tier maiden voy
age from New York around the
T trim nnil rptlirn Tb, vicnl w n
;slster of ,,, Arizoau and the
Alaskan. She. is 494 feet long, 56
feet beam, 35 feet deep, and draws
i when loaded nearly thirty feet. On
, h(!r mili(. LM!. V0;nB ,she '.aae llle
trip, tncludiug short delays 111 pass-
,nB tliroUK,, the Strftils of MaBe'ii!U1,
j forty-seven days. The vessel
carries a ere, v of forty-two men in
addition to her officers, and her
.skipper is one of the best known
masters in the inter-oceanic trade.
II. i:. L'oifpcr'N Sou Has an KxclUuir
Three unknown armed ruffians
this morning stole the 1 3-year-old
son of Superintendent Cooper from
Putiahou Preparatory School and
forced him at the point of a pistol
to Round Top, declaring that his
father would have to hand over a
handsome sum belore he saw his
son Theodore again.
One of the men went ahead to
point out the path nud see that
their actions were not .observed,
while the other two fellows brought
up the rear, 011c with n club and
the other with a drawn revolver
which he held pointed at the fright
ened youth.
Theodore, terrorized and uncer
tain as to his ultimate fate, slipped
on the grass many times as he ran
trembling ahead at the gruff com
mands of the kidnappers. Fortius
they compelled him to, remove his
shoes and stockings, that his bare
feet might the better hold the
As the queer procession neared
the summit of Round Top, the
child thieves becoming thirsty with
their exertions, looked around for
water and made for a tank iu the
neighborhood. Noticing that the
gun carrier laid his weapon down
to slack his thirst, the boy, realiz
ing his opportunity, made a break
for liberty, running as fast as his
bruised and bleeding bare feet could
carry him iu his headlong rush for
freedom. Theodore had almost
reached a turn iu the road when a
shot rang out and a bullet whistled
past his ear. The next moment he
was around the corner and flying
for home, where, nrriving iu such
a state of fright that hecould barely
relate his experience, he informed
his startled mother of the events of
the morning.
Theodore states that one of the
men was stationed iu the basement
of the school and that the other two
were in the grounds. He had oc
casion to go in the basement and
was held up at the pistol's point
and told that unless he did what he
was ordered to do he would be shot.
Turks Still Slaughter.
Sofia, Sept. 22. It is reported
that 500 Turks were killed by
dynamite during an engagement iu
the Krena defile. Turks and Bul
garians clashed Saturday iu a
mountain skirmish on the border.
The Turks have massed 40,000
men on the frontier and the Bul
garians have 4,000.
London, Sept. 21. I.ord Balfour
of Burleigh, who has becn Secre
tary for Scotland iu the British cab
inet since 1S95, has resigned. The
Hon. Arthur R. D. F.lliot, Fina-
finl Mpintnri., In tli 'IVnnuiiri. I
-.-.-. .., .w ...w ...,.,,,,
niso ten me camuei. tie lias '
! lhe lusition 01ll'
sfiice last
I "otli men
Organised I'tider the Laws of the 'K.
ritory of Hawaii.
The Hawaiian
Realty and
Maturity Co., Ltd.
Loans, Mortgages, Securities, Invest
ments and Real Kstate.
Homes lluilt ou the Installment Plan
Tho Hawaiian Roalty and
Maturity Co., Ltd.
General Manager
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