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A. Loiiisson is in tin cit .
Dr. Fitgerahl whs in the oily this
G. II. Gere returned liv the Kiliuu
II. II. Gehr nrrivnl in the city Weilncs
ihiy on business.
A. II. I.oebcnsteln returned to Hilo by
the Kinau Wednesday.
C. F. Kcklinrt, of the Pl.iutrrs' F.xperi
incut station is in the city.
I,. M. Whilehousccame up from Hono
lulu Wednesday on husiiiess.
tiii: unitisr.MAs ii.av.
IttM. Curlls I!. Shields UII 1'rciuh' Minimi
Snnilii) .tsomliig. '
I Ucv. Curtis H. Shields Mrs. Shields
, aud two year old datightet nrrived from
S,m Francisco by the .Santiago Wednes.
Lou Crater Dark Slnec Tiles.
lny Mghl.
Tlie l.ist party to see the fires of Moku
awcoweo were nt the crntcr Monday
night. They were Messrs. II. A. Jtien,
d.iy. The cuine lo Hilo in response to j Charles II. Mcrriam and W. 15. Dennis,
n cull from the first Foreign Church unci who came lip from Honohtlu Inst week,
the first service under the pastorate of The night following their visit, the fires
Mr. Shields will be next Sunday morning.
1'orn li'i 'luvs the new pastor mid his
' fattiily vm he nt the home of Mr. nnd
I Mrs. K. N. Holmes.
' lloth Mr. mid Mrs. Shields are Ohians
1 nnd were class nmlcs hi Woostcr Univer
I sily of that state, graduating ill 1895. In
disappeared from the Mntiua L0.1 crater;
at least nil signs of fire vanished both
from the Hilo mid the Volcano House
point of view and from the view of ob
servers nt the Kawaihac end of the Is
land. According to the description hv Mr.
Merrinm, the show in the crater was nt
w. i ianie 01 uoiiniu,.. come op y . ,9O0 Mf shiL.,(,s flWeil llis
inc Kiti.tu mis wecitoii ousiiiess.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Iten of Mountain
view were 111 tne cuy v cnucsnny. more tlinn tlirce years. 1 tlie nioltcti lnva was snooting up in one
Dr. J. J. Grace w.is nindc an American With one day's observation Mr. Shields big cascade from the mouth of n great
citizen by Judge Utile Wednesday. is grently pleased with Hilo nnd says he cone. This stream of fire would pour
There will be a music il concert at the ' ",uls ,l lrue lo '" reputation ami iiiine uown 111c siues ot inc cone and run like
Salvation Armv hall tomorrow niuht. , llu: Pettiest spot on earth
Mr. Drake, of tlie Internal Revenue
"Thci Miser's .Mill," 11 lllto l'lccc by
II lit 1'luyeis.
About thirty of the little ones of Hilo
have been hard nt work for the past few
weeks rehearsing a Christmas play which
they are to net in Spreckcls' Hull, De
cember 18 nnd 19, the box receipts to be
given as their Christinas gift to the Free
Kindergarten and the Chinese Kinder
garten of Hilo. The play, which iscalled
"The Miser's Mill" or the "Miracle of
Love," in the story of n hard old miser,
whose wicked thoughts are like creeping
gnomes living only for evil, mid who is
brought, through the mediation of the
Christmas fairies nnd the unselfish love
studies at LnueSemiuary, Cincinnati and the zenith of its grandeur, Monday night. J of 'is two ill treated little grand children,
has been in the active ministry n little Instead of a dozen or a score of geysers, ' to realize there is something in life beside
gold and greed. It was written upon mi
idea given by Mrs. Terry, who has taken
deep interest in its production nnd helped
Passenger List, Hark Santiago.
Mrs. W. II. Lambert mid daughter, K.
E. Wilson. Wife and t children, J. I. Kir-
,schhurg, wife nnd child, Albert Hans,
, Rev. C. E. Sheilds, wife nnd child, A. G.
Office, is in the city on one of his regular
Mrs. W. It. Lambert nnd daughter re
turned by the Santiago from San Fran
cisco. F. L. Winter, Deputy U. S. Marslml,
enme up from Honolulu by the Kinnu
this week.
W. S. Terry returned by the Kinau
from a trip to Konn, where he bought a ' C. llenmer. D. Thaaiuini, W.H. Jolmoson,
lot of fine coffee. ' W. T. McKetizie, S. McKenVie, E. Fuhr,
K.F.. Wilson arrived by the Santiago ' K. A. Jewctt, Mr. Kethisou. S. Low, F..
from the Mainland anil will make Hilo K ' bqarcs. Iluster Stacker, and
his permanent home.
Sun Kllnucii.
Wm. Kagsdalc, James Williams, N K.
Lyman, D. S. llowmnu, Mr. Grubcr, I'.
an incandescent river ncrosi the floor of
I the crater. During the night ns they
I watched it, the cone seemed to grow in
1 height before their eyes.
I Tuesday night the mountain was clear
land many watchers in Hilo nnd other
I points 011 the Island were fascinated by
1 the unusual brilliancy at the crest of
Manna I.oa. nut nt about 10 p. m. the
fires died away. The saffron aurora
(above the pit vanished and the bald sum
I mil of Mauna Loa was dark and cold.
I Tuesday the day was clear but the custo
mary column of smoke was not visible
Ion the mountain. Wednesday night the
Men's Bath Robes
$4.00 to $8.00 each.
Art Leather Belts
for men and women.
A fine assortment of
Art Leather Purses
Chatelaine Bags
Card Cases
for women.
A fine collection of
from $2.50 to $7 each.
Some extra good quality
Clothes Brushes.
with suggestion and advice. Mrs. J. T.
Lewis aud Mrs. A. G. Curtis have had the
entire management of the play and drill
ing of the children, with the valuable nid
of Mr. W. C. Cook, who takes the only
adult part in the caste. ,
Tlie scene is laid in Holland, aud the No. OI375G
costumes of the little Dutch peasants, and '
the scenery including the old windmill, 1
designed aud made by Mr. Terry will
be true in local coloring, while the fairies 1
utid gnomes will look as if they had come
just from Fairyland. There will beprcttv ,
music, much of it the original work of
Mrs. Lewis, and some quaint little dances.
Mrs. Curtis nud Mrs. Lewis, have been
The Premier Haberdashery
m. f. Mcdonald, hilo
Mrs. F. W. Swnnzy and Miss Swanzy
were among the passengers arriving by
the Kitiau this week.
Bishop Libert of the Catholic Church
19 now visiting Kauai. The Ilishop will
visit Hilo next month.
W. II. Little goes by the Kinau today
nnd will take the Sierra for San Francis
'co, leaving Honolulu December 15th.
An uccidcut in the home of E. D.
Baldwin one day this week caused n
breakage of over $ too worth of rare cut
Mrs. John Taylor and Mrs. John F.
Spinola of Honolulu have been visiting
in the city, the latter returning to Hono
lulu to-day.
The management of the races New
Year's day have secured the services of
the Hilo band to play nt the park while
the races are on.
Mrs. Robert Horner of Hamnkua, spent
several days in the city this week and
last and while here was the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. R. T. Moses.
I. E. Ray has removed his law offices
from lower Waianuenuc street to the
rooms opposite the Court House formerly
occupied by Dr. R. II. Reid.
Dr. J. It. Faria the well Ictiown Portu
geese physician of Honolulu will visit
Hilo next week. It is said the Dr
instal a Portuguese lodge here.
Frank Richards, engineer at the l'aha- 1
la mill was seriously hurt at l'uuahiu,
a box of some 200 lbs weight falling on
him He is recovering slowly. j
J. C. Axtell this week installed a new 1
ornamental iron fence around the Ch.il- '
men-Gregg plot in the cemetery. He j
also set up a handsome monument 011 the I
same lot.
The Catholic Ladies Aid Society met
last Monday at the Sister's School. A
number of new members were admitted.
The society is progressing and already
aiding the city's poor.
A concert and cantata will be given at
Papaikou school Friday evening, Decem
ber iS, under tlie direction of Wm. Me
Clusky, the teacher. The proceeds will
,11., mm ...in i. 1 1 holiday baking.
from Hilo.
The Kilarney Quartette will gie a con
cert at Puna Saturday eeniug, Decem
ber 19 for the benefit of the Puna church.
The quartette is composed of Messrs. W.
II. Beers, Geo. Manu, Joe Kalaiua and
Kdw. Namohaln, with Miss Lyman as
organist. After the first of the j ear these
musicians will make a tour through Ha-
one ' peak was dark again. From all appear-1 uiitirlui' in their efforts to make tlie til.iv
lady Miss Lewis, were at tlie olcano nuces the curtain has dropped at Moku- n success, Mr. Cook's well known ability
House Saturday nnd Sunday. They re- j nweowco. j isurCs n truit in his portrayal of the old '
port the activity the best the guide has Manager Bidgood reported yesterday miser, a-id the children have gone into it
seen for a year or so. The Puna ami , that Kllauea crater is working steadily with heart aud soul. The little ones arc I
Kau sides caving in all the time. nJUl ll0 spasmodic change took place of all ages from six to fifteen and come ,
when tlie fires Higher up went out. There f,om the different Sunday Schools the
At the Waiakea Mission there are a lot ,are t,lree nml follr fomitais playing in Foreign Church, the Ilnili Church. St. -
of Hawaiian articles of handiwork for Kilauca and the sight was pronounced Joseph's and St. James' Mission. And. MK
sale for the Christmas season. Friday is enchanting by nearly all of the twenty while the "mown tips" must remember nj
the best day to call.
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Moir will give a
"Hoose-Heatin" dance on Hogmanay
nicht at their new residence at Papaikou.
The event is looked forward to with
pleasant anticipations by many in Hilo.
The Wireless Telegraph Co. is erect
itig a new station at Pukoo, this
island, whence messages will be sent di-
or more Hiloites who went up last Sun-' they arc only "children" and not expect
('ay- ' professionalism, it is hoped they will view
- 1, m ... ... .
tile periormance Willi gracious eyes, ami i -s 1 m, ,
KLKS' MHMOItlAl.. !l, their nn-seni belt, to mke this I 00U3 e'Lr VVelt
Box Calf Top
Christmas gift of the children of Hilo lo
Double Soles
Address by S. II. .Morgan In Lodge the Kindergartens, a geiieious one. , rVOlTCCtO L,aSt
Hull bust Sunday. ' There will be two performances, Friday , Cap Toe
memorial service' held by ,,no I "Ki. ec. imu, nt 730. ticxeis 75 ! C, D, E and EE Widths
rect to Honolulu. Workmen are now Lodge, No. 759, last Sunday afternoon in
engager 111 uie iiisuiiiiuiuii ui uu engine 1 tMe Kksi nal was fairly well attended,
and dynamo necessary for longdistance ,rl . .... ., . .
transmission ' "le exercises were distinctly appropriate
n..r ii, ,..M,,nr. i,vii, vi.m r,. !iu very pretty, liie music was 1111
VltV- Wl ! IIUJ'kllLhlri 1 VI IS. &llt IV I ...
ported that Tuesday morning in the Fed-1
! 50 cents, and a children's matinee. Sat-
1 eral Court at Honolulu the case against
I F. M. Brooks was nolle pressed. The
, news of this dismissal of a serious charge
against Mr. Brooks was heard with pleas
ure by Ins uig list ol 11110 irlcmls.
Judge Little addressed the Waiakea
Mtcsiou last Sunday evening upon the
subject "Obedience is God's First Law."
These meetings are becoming quite a
Sunday evening attraction and are doing
great good. Miss Wight is extending
her field of usefulness in a very proper
unlay afternoon, Dec. 19, tickets 35 cents
for children aud 50 cents for grown peo
ple. The matinee will begin promptly
nishedbv a quartette: Hastings Howland, ' "V o'clock, to enable the Olaa children
wr r r....i. , ,- , i who come, to go'lioiuc on the afternoon
.. . . . . iHi.r. nir.. n . . .1 i v i" 11 ii i-v i.iiii '
Mrs. H. L. Ross. Mrs. Lewis officiated
as organist. The meeting was pre
sided over by Kxaltcd Ruler A. C. Mc
Kenuey, assisted by the other lodge offi
cers in their respective stations.
Very Serviceable and
Good Style
1 train.
w. 11. i.uiie aim ames aisson were ..t..., vr:t.. .... i...u t,...i
will , the guests of honor at a sumptuous din-J J. ,
' ner given by the proprietor of the Palm I "rc K"e.
restaurant last Sunday cveniuc. The i X He eulogy was pronounced by W. C.
I'luiio Club Itccltiil.
The Piano Club held its December
meeting at the home of Mrs. Turner, Miss
The services were to commemorate the I Conn being assistant hostess. The follow-
vitucs of the departed. The roll of Hilo , K program was rendered:
lodge shows that death has not entered Sclectrous : Grieg
the ranks of its members since it was Mrs. Drangn
I founded, although two of its founders, Allegro Goldner
Miss Sumner. Miss hsther Lyman
.Hjr: 'tf '- TB
quests present numbered fourteen and
many were the toasts drank to the health
and 'happiness of Messrs. Little and
Sissoti who leave Hilo soon.
soda water
Belle of
The Pride of Kentucky, satisfies.
It invites inspection
It is fearless of competition
Test is hy'tnste aud you will In con
vmced that it has no rival
Hoffschlaeger Co.,
Weber piano for sale, at
Mountain View.
If you want to drink pure
nug 117. rrotupi delivery.
Honolulu Primo beer fresh
keg at Demosthenes, two drinks
Keep jour clothes in shape. Set of
six wire hangers with rod for 90c. Moses
& Raymond.
Call and see the latest improvement in
sewing machines, just received at Moses
& Raymond's, Hilo, Hawaii.
The Hilo Bakery would like to do your
Your holidays will be
more comfortable to let them do it.
Hilo residents going to Honolulu can
get the best service 111 handling their
baggage and storage from the Pacific
Transfer Co.
Holders of keys to the Reil Box in the
window of the Kcouoiuic Shoe Co. may
try them at any time commencing 011
Saturday, 12th inst.
IT Wu.i. Not Do to fool with a bad
cold. No one can tell what the end will
1 be. Pneumonia, catarrh, chronic bron-
j chilis and consumption invariably result
from a neglected cold. As a uiedeciue
I for the cure of colds, coughs and in
iflucuzu, nothing can compare with
' Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It al
I ways cures and cures quickly. The Hilo
Drug Store sells it.
Cooke of Papaikou and was in that gen
tleman's most eloquent vein. The ad
dress was nude by Rev. Sydney II. Mor-
, gau ot the Episcopal Church. His dis
I course was remarkable for its breadth
1 aud sympathy.
J The program complete was as follows:
Ritual IJxalted Ruler A. C. McKenney
from the 1 Quartet "Come Unto Me"
forn 1 invocation (Jluiplalu bchoeiiing
liulogy Bro. W. C.Cooke
Quartet "The Vacant Chair"
Address Rev. S. II. Morgan
Quartet "The Lord's Prayer"
Ritual F.xalted Ruler A. C. McKenney
The Hand's Doings.
Second Maairka Kchevuria
Mrs. Tracy
Song "Ask What Thou Wilt"
Dr. Koven
Mrs. Ross
Impromptu Schubert
Mrs. Turner
"Reminiscences from William Mason"...
Miss Coan
Song "Open Thy Blue F.yes"... Massenet
Mrs. IUrtels
Violin nolo "Album Leaf" Bohin
Mrs. Moses; accompanist, Mrs. Tracy
"Still as the Night" Mrs. Hawxhurst
The Birdling Greig
Mrs. Lewis
Spring Song Grieg
Mrs. Lewis
Duet "Caiuouetta" Mendelssohn
These are the days when
Solid Comfort
Can be easiest found at . . .
Demosthenes' Cafe
Miss Potter
Miss Potter. Miss Severance
The Hilo Baud rendered an excellent Thrce Woodland. Sketches McDowell !
program at the Hotel last night. Last
Sunday the Band gave a concert at the
Hilo dock there being between 300 and1 To Dcliniiuuiit Tenants.
400 present. It is claimed by knowing' All ,..,....,, .i,.!!,.,...,.,., i ,i.ir ri.,a ,
ones that our County Board of Supervis
ors will devise ways anil me.ius so that
the Band boys will have some pecuniary
assistance from the local government.
As soon as the new park is laid out and
beautified they say that a baud stand will
be erected in its centre where ihe Band
will give regular moonlight concerts.
The Baud is scheduled to play at Haku
lau and Laupahoehoe one of these days.
the Waiakea Mill Company are hereby I
notified that unless arrears for rent are
paid by December 31, 1903, the accounts
will be placed in the hands of a collector
with instructions to take summary pro
ceedings. Rents are now payable at the
office of the Wuiakeu Mill Company at
Waiakea. C. C. KF.NNKDY,
The RESTAURANT serves the best meals,
either a la carte or table d'hote.
The BUFFET is stocked for the winter and
is ready for your requisitions.
St. Jiunes' Mission. ;
Third Sunday in Advent, 7:30 a 111.,
Holy Fucharist, 11 a. 111., Matins ami
Sermon; 7:30 p.m., I'.vensong and Ser-
Vtistlu Foreclosure Side.
Honolulu, Dec. 6. The residence of
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Austin at Pouaha-
wai, Hilo, was sold under foreclosure of ! J"0"-
mortgage at the Judiciary building at I
noon yesterday by James F. Morgan for fl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
T lllllllllllllllIMIIII'll III "
, Commissioner P. I). Kellett, Jr. After j:
some quick competition between W. O. ' 5
I Smith and Bishop & Co., the first bid be-' ir.
I ing $2500, the property was knocked
1 down to Ilishop & Co., the mortgagees, I
I for J45, which is considered cheap.
I The area of the premises is one and two-.
I tenthsacres. Mr. Austin's two New York
I life policies for $5000 each were bought
by Bishop & Co. for f 1000 and $200 re
' spectively. j
Home Industry
I Christmas Candies I
Absolutely Pure
Kinau Passenger hist,
lion. W. L. Stanley, L. M. White-
, house, F. L. Winter. W. Drake, D. A.
Fox, Rev. S. L. Desha, II. B. Gehr, G.
II. Gere, Inouiura, Sugai, J. Ocufki, Dr.
FiUgerald, C. F. Fcklmrt, K. II. Scovel,
F. Grace, I). D. Many, J. R. Olsen, Mat
suinura, Dr. V. Nakai, Miss Hill, Col. T.
R. Miles, T. C. Thurston, G. K. Howell,
Percy Levy, Miss O. H. Stevens, Mrs. F.
1 M. Swaiuy, Miss Swiuuy, Mrs. R.
I Ivers, Miss Farley, II. W. Poettand wife,
I A. L. Kuiidseii, J. A. Fautou and wife,
I W, W. Johunn and wife.
C Wholesale or Retail, from u 3
ZZZ Home Factory CS '
jr Cocoanut Caramels -
E French Kisses 3
5 Molassos Chow 2
g: Chocolates 3
: Cream Wafers 5
ZZ. Peanut Brittle Z.
, Pop Corn Crisp ;
Hilo Candy Co. i
;s; Front Stroot 31
Has just opened a new line of
,r--n n-r -- , mm , - r . W
WJwM?kr ,

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