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part tbo hair on a Loud llko tbts.
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it you only do tiio right thing.
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OGBaniG SS. Bompany
Time Table
The steamers of this line will ar
rive and leave this port a3 here
Ventura . Dec. 16
Alameda Dec. 25
Sierra Jan. 6
Alameda Jan. 15
Sonoma Jan. 27
Alameda Feb. 5
Ventura, Feb. 17
Alameda Feb. 26
Latter Krom Hutch Explain Sltiiu
tlon nt Washington.
Letters from F. M. Hatch nud
United States Senator Mitchell,
received by Governor Carter Wed
nesday, show that both had the
utmost confidence iu the passage of
'the bill (o ratify Hawaii's county
! act, and indicate strongly that re
'ports of opposition iu Honolulu kill
ed the bill's chances of passage iu the
last session. Both House and Sen
ate committee favored it, and
Mitchell states that he expected it
to pass in December, while Hatch
says definitely that reports of oppo
sition iu Honolulu stopped the bill.
Honolulu's "town meeting" move
ment made Congress hesitate.
Hatch's letter is as lollows:
"In record to the ratification of
the County act I beg to say: As
desired by you I laid the matter
before our Delegate, Mr. Kalania-
naole, who promptly tntrouuceU- a
bill in Congress, being the bill
drafted by Mr. Brcckons. A simi-
ftt,trrfkyDr.J.C.Ara..L.w,II.MM..U.S.A. . wu WM Qt ,he sam(. t;me ;,,.
For Sale by HILO DRUOJMMPANYduced , thc Senate by Foraker
"" The Senate committee has reported
' favorably on the bill and thc matter
may be brought up for action before
the Senate at any time. The bill
in thc House was referred to the
Committee on Territories. That
committee has been giving the
matter very careful attention. Af
ter several hearings the matter was
referred to a sub-committee iu order
that thc county act might be care
fully scanned iu order to sec, if by
chnncc it contained any matter
contrury to the genetal scope of the
Organic act. This committee is also
favorable and is ready to report the
bill at any time. It is absolutely
impossible to obtain consideration
in the House before the Christmas
recess. The matter can be moved
on, however, at any time after the
reassembling of Congress in Janu
ary. "The bill, iu fact, was brought
up before the Senate by Senator
Mitchell, who has taken charge' of
it at Senator Foraker's request. It
might have passed then had not
Senator Hale and Senator Bacon
objected to further consideration at
that time on the ground that they
were informed that there was oppo
sition to the bill iu Honolulu.
"I leave Washington today and
have placed this matter in the
hands of our Delegate. He has
taken thc matter up from the start
with much earnestness and if he le
ceives proper support from home
should have no difficulty iu obtain
ing passage of the bill. Respect
fully yours,
"F. M. HATCH."
Senator Mitchell wrote as fol
lows regarding the chances of the
bill, on December 18:
"On yesterday I was authorized
to report favorably the bill ratify
ing the act of the recent legislature
in your Territory in providing for
county municipalities, and I expect
to get it through the Senate today
or tomorrow, belore we take a recess."
Sierra Dec.
Alameda Dec.
Sonoma Jan.
Alameda Jan.
Ventura Jan.
Alameda Feb.
Sierra Feb.
Alameda March
In connection with the sailing of tbe
above steamewthe agents are prepared to
issue, to intending passengers Coupon
Through TIckOtS by any railroad
from San Francisco to all points in tbe
United States, and from New York by
an) steamship line to all European ports.
For further particulars apply to
Wm. G. Irwin & Co.
General Agents Oceanic S.S. Co.
Union Barber Shop,
lilt Shave, m fair ami SbaiupvO
at Eet'Eivc Rates.
We also take particular pains with Cull
dren's Kaircuttfng.
Union Buiuhng,
Walanuenue St.
If you appreciate a good
meal nicely prepared call
and see me.
Meals. 5c Up
Lato Suppors from
to I a. m.
! Whiter
From the Front.
San Francisco, Jan. 14. Japan
has, impressed the Hong-Kong,
Nippon and America Mams, running-
oh the trans-Pacific route, for
Moscow, Jan. 14. The Govern
ment has claimed the services of the
entire Russian volunteer fleet.
Paris, Jan. 14. The powers are
considering mediation betwen
Russiu and Japan.
Tokyo, Ja:i. 14. It is stated
that Japan, iu her ultimatum to
Russia, did not ask for the evacua
tion of Manchuria, but only de
manded that Russia should fulfill
her pledges respecting the i.ttegrity
and freedom of international trade.
Seoul, Jan. 14. There is a panic
iu the palace and the city is turbu
lent. The Emperor has issued an
ordinance warning the Army not to
fire iu the event of a collision with
foreign troops,
Port Said, Suez, Jan. 13. Two
Russian cruisers convoying seven
torpedo boat destroyers have arrived
at Port Said, on their way to the (
Washington, D. C, Jan. 13.
The Japanese Minister at Wash
ington denies that Japan sought to
secure a protectorate over Korea.
Suicnr l'oMlbllltlp Tor tlw fomlusc
An interesting review of sirgar
possibilities for this year is given in
a recent issue ot tne jncw yotk
Sun. The article isis follows:
"Sharps who figure out the capa
cities of nations tell us that thc
American stomach will call for
2,400,000 tons of sugar in the
coming year. This is an increase
of 150,000 to 200,000 tons over the
consumption of this year.
"Cane sugar from Porto Rico,
Louisiana, Hawaii nud the beet
sugar product of thc United States
will provide 900,000 tons produced
within our customs territory. Of
the estimated Cuban crop of 975,000
tons probably 900,000 tons will be
shipped to the United States, be
cause the differential of 20 per cent
of the duty provided for in thc reci
procity treaty, will bring that crop
to this market.
For thc remaining 600,000 tons
we must go elsewhere, cither to thc
cane sugar product of Java or thc
beet sugar countries, Germany.
France and Austria. Under thc
stimulus of bounty, Germany now
produces three times the quantity
of sugar that she consumes, France
twice her home supply and Austria
and Russia a large surplus. This
excess production is marketed in
England, Norway, Sweden, Spain,
and thc colonies held by those
countries which produce little
"While American labor costs
twice as much as foreign labor, I
don't see how we are going to coin
pete with the beet sugar countries,"
said a sugar baron yesterday.
"That is why, with a protective
tariff of $33 a ton on sugar, we still
go abroad for most of ours. I don't
know who will get the benefit of
the reduction iu duty on the Cuban
crop, but I fancy it will not make
sugar any cheaper to the fellow
who buys ten pounds at a lime
from the corner grocery. The
Cuban plantation owner will prob
ably get the difference, and . it is
understood that the American
Sugar Refining Company is the
largest owner there.
"Up to about nine years ago,
producing beet sugar in Germany
was the same as owning a goldmine.
The Government paid a bounty of
one-fourth of a cent a pound. It
established bonded warehouses right
at the factories so that when a man
had a hundred barrels of sugar
ready for the market he just put it
in the warehouse, got a certificate
from the Government and turned
(he certificate into the bank, bor
rowing money on it.
"By this system the man with a
small capital was able to do a tre
mendous business on Government
credit. The sugar makers got rich
so quickly that the Government
abolished the warehouse certificate,
though continuing the bounty.
Whenever a German ships a hun
dred pounds of sugar abroad he gets
25 cents bounty. To offset this,
our tariff provided that sugar from
bounty-paying countries should pay
that bounty as well as the regular
"Russia also pays a bounty, but
VMgL-i. k II m
Tho Abovo Is tho Bonocla Rovoralblo Disc Plow.
Where a team can walk and draw a plow
Thk Rrvrrsihlr works perfectly.
The combination of features iu . . . .
Make it the most valued of all
The Benecia Reversible
DISC PLOWS. It can be used right or left hand,
plowing around the land or REVERSIBLE, throwing furrows all one way. Will plow
between terraces WITHOUT LEAVING A WATER FURROW. Made only iu a sulky.
' Tho Abovo Cut Shows tho Bonocla Ratoon Disc Plow.
Hills up the dirt better
than a hoe, besides leav
ing the soil behind it in a
splendid pulverized con
dition. It is the ONLY
PLOW for ratoons that
actually does what it is
supposed to do.
I li
c z
.a U "D g
: C 3
3 O m M
0 C w 2 I
n o s
s 1 s
c J W w
: W
: -
J w
Lighthouse Keepers.
Honolulu, Jan. 15. The com
missions for the lighthouse keepers
under the United States Lighthouse
it is figured in a complex way with Board were received in the Siberia's
the idea of escaping the penalty hi " a,m le en "ow ln CMnrBe
the customs of the importing conn
tries. That question was tried out
at length before the Board of Gen
eral Appraisers.
"Practically all the sugar we
import comes in the state called by
the trade '96 test', about equal to
the best brown sugar, with the
duty of $1.67 paid, 96 test costs $3.
75 a hundredweight. The testi
mony of the refiners is that it costs
62 cents a hundredweight to refine
it, so that at the current price of
standard granulated there is a
mighty small margin of profit.
"Seven pounds out of every hun
dred is lost iu refining, or tather
changed than Jjst. The refiner
gets out of that seven pounds four
pounds of syrup and three pounds
of a residue which 'has little value.
"I believe that outside of the
United States sugar can be produced
for two cents a pound, but with the
wages that labor commands here
we cannot make cheap sugar."
of the Territorial lighthouses will
soon be Federal employes. The
old officers of the Territory arc re
appointed by the Federal authori
ties, the commissions, having been
made out in Washington. The
lighthouse keepers are required to
take the oath of allegiance to Uncle
Sam. Tne salaries remain the
same as appropriated by the legis
lature and range from eight to one
htii.dred dollars per mouth.
K. M. Shaw, the clerk who will
assist the lighthouse inspector iu
organizing the service, is expected
from San Francisco on thc Alameda
Subscribe for the Trimink,
Island subscription 2.50 a year.
A Cough is Not a Djskash, but
a symptom. It indicates that the
lungs and bronchial tubes are in
flamed. This inflammation often
leads to pneumonia. The surest
way to ward off pneumonia is to
use Chamberlain's- Cough Remedy
on the first appearance of the cough
or cold. It always cures and cures
quickly. The Hilo Drug Store
sells it.
Plantation Supplies
Port Costa Flour
Colden Gate Cement.
" Keen Kutter" Knives and Hoes
San Francisco
Pioneer Varnish Works
Peninsular Stove Co.
p. O. Box 4
4 A
Complete Line of Groceries
Canadian-Australian Royal1 Mail SS. Co.
Steamers of the above line running iu connection, with the Canadian Pacific Rail-
ay Company, 11. C, nud Sydney, N, S. W ami calling ut Victoria, 11. C, Honolulu,
dUO at Honolulu oil or about the dates below
way Company
Suva mid Brisbane. Q.; are
stated, viz:
From Vancouver and Victoria B.C. From Sydney, Brisbane (Q).
I'or Brisbane, Q,, nud Sydney: l'or Victoria and Vancouver, II. C.f:
AORANGI l'l'.l!. 13 MOANA FRII. 10
The magnificent new service, the "Imperial Limited," is now running daily
IlimVUHN VANCOUVER AND MONTREAL, making the run iu 100 hours,
without change. The finest railway service iu the world.
Through tickets .ssued from Honolulu to Canada, United States nud Europe
l'or freight and passage, and nil general information, apply to
Theo. H. Davies & Co., Ltd., Gen'l Agts.

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