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Id he "Blazed
"""' ini wtytwmr
TI1H WUHRI.V JUJ,0 TUlnUNU, 1111,0, HAWAII, 'I'UHMDAV, Slil'V-UMhilk I,, lool,
i i On 'I ,, . " I
I' '
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r.H' "
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it V
Copyright, 1902,
IBt ftS Tftf VWM I '"'
v iHHF . , f 1 N . S II Zl If AW
wP mwll'l Hoaiitlfnl hair! Long, rlrh,
f"WM.' fiMKr? lieay liiilrl Soft ami silky
Mfcfljf liairl N'o roiij'luioss, no sptitt inix at
KjjEK?)' "' tlio oiiiUI Have you such lmlrV If
Bs not, would yon Hko It V
4M( ZHK.E-'V A I MUW C 1
m, , QceaniG SS. Gompany mSw
jljHf. Time Table ' (i
B'; The steamers of this line will nr-' jsT 11(0130 (t V nm&
NBE'' live ami leave this port as here- SwMnmwJ J&C i7AX
Ayer's Hair Vigor
Is a Hair Food.
It feeds tlio lialr, makes tlio lialr
grow, keeps It soft and huatitifttl.
For sixty ears Ayer's lialr Vigor
lias nlven jwrfeet satisfaction to thou
munis of people In all paits of tho
world. (live It a fair trial and wo aro
kino It will satisfy yon.
If yonr lialr Is turning gray and
you wish nil tlio deep, rich color of
i-urlier llfo restored to It, uso Ayer's
Hair Vigor.
I'urircJ by Dr. J. C. Acr Co., Lowell, Mill., U. S. A.
Time Table
T lie steamers of this line will nr
tive ami leave this port as here
Alameda July 22
Sonoma August f
Alameda AuguM 12
Ventura August 24
Alameda September 2
Sierra September 14
Alameda September 2,,
Sonoma October 5
Alameda October 14
Ventura October 26
Alameda November 4
Siena November i(
Alameda November 25
Sonoma December 7
Alameda December 16
Alameda July 27
Ventura Auguit 2
Alanada August 17
Sierra August 23
Alameda September 7
Sonoma September ij,
Al.mieda September 2.v
Ventura OUobcr 4
Alameda ,... October ic,
Sierra October 2j
Alameda November t
,l 01111111:1 November if.
Alameda November 31
eiiiura December (
Alameda December 21
In connection with the sailing of tli
above ste.inierh the agents are prepared ti
ihsue, to intending passengers CoupOl
Through Tickets iy any railroa.
from San Francisco to all points in tin
United States, and from New York l
nil) steamship hue to all European poits
For further particulars apply to
Wm. G. Irwin & Co.
General Agents Oceanic S. S. Co.
Onion Barber Shop.
Ule Shave, Cut fiair and Shampcc
at Dt-Clvc Kates.
We also like p u ticul.ir pains with Chil
Union Huii.dino,
Keutly mulllnc
By STEWART : ;::; ll If M
EDWARD - A I K1 11 Ml M
white 5 -. v rnnn - lwfwiJli A V , X
Uyt.rt E4u,r4 XOlt. ULuGIJ p- , (j " ffjL.7 FV J .
mitttmtttittttmmtttm nil -f&SBfc. I sw P
Fornoino timo Hill- i- lKiSSHl V,f 1'
lit V W I 4 r I
The Abovo Is tho Benocia Rovorsiblo Disc Plow. l 'J
ii last tlio poignant ecstasy sei'inpil
slowly, Rlowly to die. Fnlnter nnd
fainter chbed tlio music. TlirniiRli It hs
throiif:h n mist the solonin aloof forest
liPHiui to show to the cotiRelnnniii'M of
the two. They miitKht each other's eyes.
nitisle was
soft nnd dim nnd sad. Thoy leaned to
...... I. ..,... 1,1. .. .!.. HihIm If... ....(.
1 t'Ill.11 Ulllt'l. ,llll II bviii, llic-ll llin iiiui.
I tin music censed,
And over hehlnd the trees, out of the
I light nnd the love niid the beauty, lit
1 tie I'hll huddled, his great shaggy head
bowed In his arms, lleslde him lay his
violin nnd beside thnt his how, broken,
lie had snapped It across his kiiof
That day he had heard nt Inst the
her lingers to her lips.
dimly nu Intermittent nnd fill 11 1 sound
hud been felt rnther thna actually
hrard. like the Irregular mtttllcd beat
ing of a henrt.' Gradually It had Insist-
1 ed nu the attention.
"What Is it?" she nsked.
Thorpe listened. Then his fnco
mightily with the Joy of battle.
"My nxincti," he cried. "They nrc
cutting the road."
A faint call echoed. Then without
warning nenrcr'nt hand, nnd the sharp
ring of an ax sounded through the forest.
I &f Ji ;
K j Sw MAM&
Hi reft bine hetween SAN FKANCISCC
Curl, SI. Catharine, Capt. Saunders
Hurl. ni) Tunier, Capt. Warlaml
Hark Martha Minis, Capt. McAllman
Far freight and passage apply to
WIII.CH & CO., Agents, San Franclscp
;;. HIUiWER & CO., Ltd., Agents,
Honolulu. 01
H. Uackfeld &,Co., Ltd.
AtiCN'IS. 11 1 1.0.
Thcu sought aich other's rir.
henrt song of the violin nnd, uttering
It. had bestowed love. Hut he had that
day lost what he cared for most In all
the world his friend.
I.lttle l'hll disappeared utterly, tak
ing with him his violin, but leaving his
broken bow. Thorpe has It even to
this dny. The lumberman caused
senreh and Inquiry on all sides. Tho
cripple was never heard of again.
"I saw you long ago." said Hilda t
Thorpe "long, long ago. when I wa
quite a young girl. I had heen visit
ing In Detroit nnd wns 011 my way nil
nlono to catch an early train. Tou
stood 011 the corner thinking, tall nnd
straight nnd brown, with 11 weather
beaten old hat and n weather beaten
old eoat and weather beaten old moc
casins, and such a proud, clear, un
daunted look on your face. I have re
membered you ever since."
And then ho told her of the nice to
the hind ollieo, while her eyes grow
brighter and brighter with the epic
splendor of the story. She told him
tlia't she had loved him from that mo
ment, and believed her telling, while
he. the unsentimental leader of men,
persuaded himself and her thnt he had
always in some mysterious manner
curried her Image prophetically In his
heart. So much for the love of it.
In the last days of the month of de
light Thorpe received n second letter
from his partner, which to some extent
awakened him to the realities.
"My dear Marry," it ran, "I have
made a startling discovery. The other
I fellow Is Morrison. I have been 11 blind.
stupid dolt and am caught nicely. Von
can't call me any more names than I
have already called myself. Morrison
lias been In It from the start. IJy aij ac
cident I learned ho was behind the fel
low who induced me to Invest, and It is
he who had been hammering the stock
down ever since. They couldn't lick
you at your gamp, so they tackled ine
at mine. I'm not the man you are.
Harry, and I've made n mess of It. 01
course their scheme is plain enough on
the face of It. They're going to iiivolvt
me so deeply that I will drag tho fir:
down with me.
"If you can fix It to meet those notes,
they can't do It. I have ample margin
to cover any more declines they may be
able to bring about. Don't frnt about
OK n moment they sat listening
to the clear staccato knocking
of the distant blows nnd the
more forceful thuds of the
man nearer nt hand.
"What are they doing? Are they cut
ting lumber?" asked Hilda. ,
"N'o." answered Thorpe; "wo do not
cut saw logs nt tills time of year. They
I are clearing out n road."
"Where does jt go to?"
"Well, nowhere In particular that
Is, It is a logging road that starts at
the river and wanders up through the
woods where tho pine Is."
"How clear tho axes sound. I would
like to know more about it," she sigh
ed, a quaint little air of childish petu
lance graving two lines between her
eyebrows. "Do you know, Harry, you
are a singularly uneonunnnlcatlve sort
of u being. I have to guess that your
llfo Is Interesting nnd picturesque.
Sometimes I think you arc not nearly
poet enough for tho life you are liv
ing. Why, you are wonderful, jou
men of the north, 'and you lot us ordi
nary mortnls who have not the gift of
divination Imagine you entirely occu
pied with how many pounds of lion
chain you are going to need during the
winter." She snld these things lightly,
as one who spenks things not for seri
ous belief.
"It Is something that way," he
agreed, with a laugh.
"Sit there." she breathed very soft
ly, pointing to the dried needles on
which her feet rested.
Ilii obeyed.
"Now tell ine," she breathed, still in
the fascinated monotone.
"What?" he Inquired.
"Your life; what you do; all about It.
Von must tell me n story."
Thorpe settled himself more lazily
and laughed with quiet enjoyment.
"The slqry of the woods." he began,
"the story of the saw log. It would take
a bigger man than I to tell It. 1 doubt
If any one man ever would be big
enough. It Is a dream, a struggle, a
battle. Those men you hear there lire
only the skirmishers extending the
tiring Hue. I'll have to hurry now to
get those roads done and a certain
creek clenred before tlio snow. Then
we'll linve to keep on the keen move to
llulsli our cutting before the deep snow,
to haul our logs before the spring
thaws, to tlont tliem down the river
while the freshet wnter lasts. When
we gain a day we have scored n vic
tory, when the wilderness puts us back
1111 hour we hnve suffered a defeat."
The girl placed her hand on Tils shoul
Jor. He covered it with his own.
"Hut wo win!" he cried. "We win'."
I'ltat is what I like," she said softly,
Where a team can walk and draw a plow
TllK R.KVKRS11JLK works perfectly.
The combination of features in . . .
The Benecia Reversi
Make it the most Valued of all DISC PLOWS, ll can be used right or left hand,
plowing around the land or rkvkrsiui.k, throwing furrows all one way. Will plow
between terraces without i.kaving a watkr furrow. Made only in a sulky.
Tho Abovo Cuf Shows tho Bonocia Ratoon Disc Plow
Hills up the dirt better
than a hoe, besides leav
ing the soil behind it in a
splendid pulverized con
dition. It is the ONLY
PLOW for ratoous that
actually does what it is
supposed to do.
I'o Shippers.
All ireight M'lit to (.hips by our launches
will be ejiaryi-tl to shippeih'uulessaccoiu
pipied by a written older from tliee.ip.
tains of vessels.
jotf R. A. MJGA8 it CO.
"Hilda, I cannot," he said.
She stood very still for some seconds.
"Why not?" slje asked quietly.
"Heeutise I hnve not time to cut a
road through to nnother bunch of pine.
It Is this or nothing."
"Why not nothing, then?"
"I want the money this will bring."
His choice of a verb wns unfortu
nate. "Will you tell me for what you wnnt
the money?" she nsked.
The young man caught the note of
distrust. At once, instinctively, bin
own confidence vanished. He drew
within himself ngalu the power of
Justifying himself with the needed
"Tho (Inn needs It In the business."
said he.
Her next question countered instan
taneously. "Does the firm need the money more
than you do ine?"
Thev stared at each other In tho sl-
"the strong spirit that wins." She hesl-, (.nt.,. f ti, situation that had so slid
tated, then went on gently: "I went
walklig yesterday morning before you
came over, and after awhile I found
myself 111 the most awful place the
slumps of trees, the dend branches, tho
111111U lying all about and the glaring
hot .11 over everything. Harry, there
was not a single bird In all that waste,
11 single green thing." She seized his
fingers In her other hand. "Harry," she
said earnestly, "I don't believe I can
ever forget that experience any more
than I could have forgotten a battle
Held were I to see one."
The man twlstetl his shoulder uneas
ily and withdrew his hand.
"iinrry, sue said again after ni y0U merely
pause, "you niiisi promise 10 leave inis,
woods unfll the very last. I suppose It
must nil be cut down some day, hut I
do not want to be heie to sec after it Is
all over. Men do not care much for 1
keepsakes, do they, Harry? Hut oven nl
man can feel the value of a great beau-'
tlful keepsake such as this, can't he, ,
tlenly developed as a dust cloud springs
up on a plain.
"You do not mean that, Hilda?" said
Thorpe quietly. "It hardly comes to
, "Indeed it does," she replied, every
I nerve of her line organization strung to
excitement. "I should he more to on
1 than any linn."
1 "Sometimes it is necessary to look
j after the bread and butter," Thoipe
I reminded her gently, although he knew
1 that was not the real reason nt till.
I "If your firm can't supply It, I can."
' she unswered. "It seems strange that
you won't grant my first request of
because, you need a little
(TO lilt CONTlNUIt!))
For Cane, Vegetable and Banana Fields.
Soil Analyst Made and Tertilier I'lirnished Suitable to Soil, Climate and Crop
Sulphato of Ammonium
Bono Moal
Sulphato of Potash
Nitrate of Soda
H. C. Phosphates
Ground Coral
Fertilizers for sale in large or small quantities. Fertilize your lawns with nut
Special Law 11 l'crtilicr.
Brewer block,
Quteli Street
P. O. IlOX 767,
At Iwilei
lleyniid Prison
C. M. COOKK, President.
R. F. 11ISH0P, Treasurer.
G. II. R01U5RTSON, Auditor
K. I). TF.NNF.Y. Vice-President.
J. WATF.RHOU.SH. Secretary.
that. Just as sure as you can nay that
?C0,000, Just so sure we'll bo ahead of dear? Our meeting place-do you re
the game at this time next year. For j member how 1 found you down there
heaven's sake, get a move on you, old (
man. If you don't, the firm Ml bust
because she can't pay. I'll bust because
I'll have to let my stock go on margins. ,
It'll bo an nwful smasl'i. Hut you'll get ,
there, so we needrj t worry. I've been '
an nwful fool, and I've no right to dn 1
the getting Into trouble nnd leave you
to the hard work of getting out again
Hut us partner Pin going to insist 011
your having a salary," etc.
The news aroused all Thorpe's mar
tial spirit. Now at last tho mystery
surrounding Morrison & Daly's unnat
ural complaisance wns riven. It hail
come to grapples again. He was glad
of It. He thrust the letter in his pocket
mid walked buoyantly to the pines.
The two lovers sat there all the after
noon drinking in half sadly the Joy of
the forest and of being near each other.
In 11 week tho camping party would be
breaking up, and Hilda must return tti
thn city. It was uncertain when they
would be able to see each other agulii.
StiUdeuly the girl broke oil aiid put
i.v the old pule trail staring as though
you hud seen a ghost? It must always
bo our most sacred memory. I'rouilhu
me you will save It until the very, very
Thorpe remained silent.
In selecting the districts for tho sen
sou's cut he had Included In his esti
mates this very grove. Other bodies of
timber promising a return of $10,00(1
were not to bo found near the rler,
and time now lacked for the cutting of
roads to mine distant forties.
"Hilda," he broke In abruptly at last,
"tliu men you hear are cleurlng a road
to this very tlinlier."
"What do you mean?" shn asked.
This timber Is marked for cutting
this very whiter."
She had not a suspicion of the true
state of nlTalrs, "Isn't It lucky I spoke
of it!" she exclaimed. "You must see
to It today, now!" (
She sprung up Impulsively mid stood
wultlng fur liliii. lie arose more slow-lv.
"One truth learned by actual ex
perience does more good than ten
experiences one hears about."
I Tell a man that Chainbei Iain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy will cure cholera morbus,
and he will most likely forget it be- j
fo're the end of the day. I.tt him
hnve a severe attack of that disease,
(eel that he is ubout to die, use this
lemedy, and learn from hisovu ex
perience how quickly it gives relief,
and he will remember it all his life.
For sale by Hilo Drug Co.
Hilo Wine and Liquor Co.!
Hilo Saloon
P. O. Box 39G
Telephone 90
Front Near Church St.
P. O. Box 39G
Tolophono 41
King Near Front St.
Choicest American and Kuvopeau Wines, IJccrs, Whiskies,
Gins, Brandies, Liquors, Ktc.
J. S. CANARIO, Manager.
J. Ivancovich & Go. PAY FOR THE BEST
Handle and Store BAGGAGE
I'houe, Main 5
Commission Merchants
rJXl'.d'TCD I1Y
f HT!
, 'W:
lv " t
yA l
i.h ,
I'- -
t .
1 ,?
" , - ,W "' - -rfo 3rW;
IT iff 1 ;.( f mw IW-IP.U

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