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J. W. Miisom wont to Honolulu 1'rldij
Road Unginccr H I'.cri- returned
Sutiilny night from Wuiincn.
Justin, a full Hue of Reach llieball
Gloves nutl Mill. Wnll, Nichols Co.
Mr. mill Mrs. V. S McLean loft Situr
day morning on iittlp through llnnnkua.
Mm. AiIiiiii Lindsay niul f.iinlly spent
the Knster holidays at 13 utiles, Volcano
ltonny Rowland Incline the proud
fMher of n bouncing hihy girl " Prlilny
A fine new line of negligee shirts,
latest style nuil design me olTereil hy I..
Turner Co., Mil. .
W. I. Madeira depirlul l'ridny for his
new post of duty tun postnl iuspictor nt
St. I.ouis, Mo.
Mrs. V. T. Raiding and fninily, who
lins hecn spending the p.ist wek nt Sea
coiinet, rclutiieil to Hilo on Sunday.
H. V. Nichols, heiul salesman for the
Hilo Mercantile Co., expects to leave
Prlday on n six week's vacntion to the
The latest invention in talking machines
nt Moses & Raymond, the "Victor,"
grand priie, Worlds Pair. 300 needles
for 15 cents.
Geo. II, Robertson of Honolulu ar
rived from the Volcano on Saturday
evening mid is the guest of Manager
Moir nt Piipnikon.
W. C. norden, A. II. Jncksou. J. Dillon
nml W. S. Perry were passengers to Ho
nolulu on Prlday to attend the April term
of the Federal court.
Deputy Sheriff V. A. Fetter nml Police
Officer Nnknynma left on Thursday over
land for Koltnln to inspect the police de
partment there mid en route.
Dr. C. L. Stow was called to Honolulu
In connection with the appointment ofn
successor to the late Dr. Sloggett as
Superintendent of the Insane Asylum.
The handiest thing ou ever saw is n
pocket flash light. Moses and Raymond
have them in different styles and prices.
Get one todny.
V. II I.nmhcrt on behalf of the bonds
men is superintending the completion of
the ii'A mile homestead road, which hns
been under contract to Henton & Arioli.
L. Severance accompanied his daugh
ter Miss Helen Severance, to Honolulu
last Fridny, where the latter will take the
Ventura for the Coast in (juest of renewed
If you wish your coffee to bring the
highest market prices let the Hilo Coffee
Mill clean, classify mid place the same on
the market for you. Liberal cash ad
vances made on shipments.
F.ben P. Low, J. M. Hind nml -J. H.
Wood, of Hoston nrrlved on Wednesday's
Kiunu from Kohaln nml started early
Thursday morning for Ilutnuulu Sheep
Station, In which Mr. Low is interisted.
J. 15. Metcalf lost n valuable horse Inst
Tuesday, despite nil elTorts to save it.
The animal broke a hilter Sunday morn,
ing and bolted through the stieets with
the nle dangling lit its heels. A fall nt
the Volcano stnbles wrenched off two
allocs mid when the nuim.il was caught
Inter in the lava nt Wniakea, the fiet were
so lacerated that the nuitunl died of hem
orrhage Tuesday last.
Cork Snliiil.
Capt. W. A. Madsen of the ship John
F.n.i, now lying in the harbor nml about
ready to depart for New York, wns the
host n't a jolly stag dinner aboard his ves
sel last Saturday night. About fifteen
choice spirits were accorded invitations
nnd spent n merry time in story nnd song.
One of the principal fentutes of the even
ing wns n cork salad resembling in ap
pearance and elasticity a beautiful vision
of strenuous chicken. One of the party
absorbed so much of the cork that he
imagined he was floating on nir and his
fellow unites had difficulty in keeping
him niichored.
(Jospcl Meetings.
Special Gospel Meetings, will be held
nt the Salvution Army Hall on Wednes
day and Thursday F.vening, April 12th
nml 13th.
Major Johu Milsaps from Honolulu,
who bus charge of the Army work on the
Islands, will hove charge of the!; meet-
Ftisigti Lewis from Ilouokan is nlso 1
expected. All are kindly invited to nt
tend. Plense keel) the dates in tiiiml ami
come, . '
Olficer in Charge.
.. I
To (ihc May Hull. I
The members of Coiniiiny D, N.G. II., 1
announce n grand subscription dance to
be given 111 the new armory on Monday '
evening, May 1st. The cimimittic 011
arrangements consists of Lieut. H. Lttd- ,
loir, Sergt. 1 vision, Corpl. Rowland, ami
Messrs. Jos. Caceras and Wrfi. Todd.
The price of tlte tickets has Incii placed
tit ft. 00 and are on sale at the Hilo Drug
"Monarch Sltlrls."
Our new Hue for the spring of pjoj has
just come to hanil. Decidedly Hie best 1
assortment and the choicest ihsi,us en r 1
olured in Hilo. 1
NixlSunda will U iMilm Sunday. , ,, IlfMIUI11R Hicl nlltllllm, proportions
The Chi ss Club nieits Satnnlny night ,,s to rinse householders ami others hi
nt the home of Dr. Rice. J tercstul in the preservation of plnul life
The Honolulu Hlks give n miustret I to begin nu active crusade ngnlitsl the oh-
ptrforumiict 011 April 27th.
The Chess Club was entertained Satur
day night at the home of Dr. Holland.
Did vou know you could buy baby
junipers, door swings and go carls at
Wall.J-hchols Co., Ltd,
Miss lien Taylor was the guest of honor
at a luncheon on Friday given by Mrs.
P. Peck and daughters.
A large assortment of suitings and
trouserings may be seen next Thursday
at L Turner Cy Jitd.
Sheriff Scurlc is renovating the Sheriff's
Office ami three new rugs and matting
now cocr the office floors.
Litul Agent George II. Williams leaves
on Friday's Kiuati for Kohala, where he
will look after laud nutters.
Capt. Gove of the Schooner W. II.
Marstou is accompiuied by his mother,
Mrs. Goe on the present trip to Hilo.
Senator Paris has introduced a bill in
the Legislature providing for the division
of Hawaii into two senatorial districts.
Fuituet M. Drown, formerly, of the
ilollister Drug Co., Honolulu, is nctiug
as a substitute for H. L. Shaw at the Hilo
Drug Co.
II. L. Shaw, who has been confined nt
the Hilo Hospital is reported out of dan
ger nnd greatly improved over his'formcr
Cnll nt Moses & Raymond nnd look
at their slock of sewing machines. The
Singer is the best, you know. Sold 011
easy payment.
Applicants for the appointment of
keeper of the kcrosiuc warehouse nie
Otto Rose, H. LudlofT, W. C. Cook and
"Hill" Johnson.
G. W. Weight is assisting Postmaster
Desha and his office force with the heavy
night m ills until the latter become broken
into the ollicc routine.
Miss Lily K. Auld of Naalehu and
Miss Abhie Kekaulii of Piiunluii spent a
week in Hilo as the guests of Mrs. W.
George Kaiheuui ami returned to Kau
S iturday morning.
The jury in the embezzlement case
against Attorney John Richardson of La
h linn, failed to ngrcc nt Wniluku last
week, and a mistrial was ordered. Judge
Alex Lindsay presided on account of the
disqualification of Judge A. N. Kepoikol.
Readers of popular magazines arc affor
ded a splendid oportunity to subscribe
for the Ladies Home Journal, Saturday
F.vening Post, Iiverybody's Magazine
and Review of Reviews in the club offer
with the Thiuunk. Sec nil v.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Castendyk entertained
a number of friends on last Friday night
at their home in Riverside Park in honor
of Miss Hen Taylor of Waiohiuu. llrldge
whist served to pass n pleasant evening
for those present. Miss Toy lor returned
to her home Saturday morning.
The Ladies Social Circle, who have un
der preparation the entertainment for 'the
benefit of the First Foreign Church, have
fixed the date of the entertainment fur
Tuesday evening, April 25th. Twenty
ladies hac volunteered to take part in
the Daughters of Fame, which promises
to be both unique mid attractive.
The following Hilo boys have shipped
ns members of the crew of the Ship John
F.ua, which will leave for New York to
morrow: Kouradt Haves nnd Peter
Lewis both lately employed in the Hilo
KIcctric Light Works; Manuel Joaquin;
William hrosMi, son of Senator Ilrown,
ami Albert Hookauo, sou of Represnla
tive Lewis.
I'ir.st Foreign Church.
Sabbath, April 16, 1905, 11 a. in
"When he came near he belield the city
and wept over it," Luke 19:41. 7:30 p.
in. Union meeting at the Haili Church
under the direction of the King's Daugh
ters. Ktory Hottlu Warranted.
Chamberlain's Pain Halm will not cost
you one cent if it does you no good. Give
it a trial if you are troubled with rlieu -
inatisin. One application will relieve
the pain. Pains in th"e side or chest, sore-
nessof tlte muscles or stiffness of the
j joints are quickly cured by npplying
I this liniment. For sale by Hilo DrttgCo.
Absolutely Pure
'10 KILL Till: IHMiS.
The .lie I hud Pursued To I'Alijriiil
mill' I lie .liipitui'M Hectic.
1 Tin tm.i1iiiiri nf tlit ttitiint'ci1 lipi'ltc
noxious pest. A cilircu gathered from
one hybiseiis bifsh niter nightfall the
other evening oer a hundred beetles.
The uivugei of the beetles' deadly work
can be seen on rose bushes, palms, and
plants, and for the benefit of TuiiiUMt
readers wc pt i til below the method adopt
til to destroy litem.
After capturing 11 quantity of the beetles,
place them in n so.ip box ill the bottom
of which has been deposited several
inches of earth. Keep the box supplied
with fresh honohono grass or hybisctis
leaves in order to keep them alive.
It wilt sioti be found that a number of
the bugs lne died and are covered with
a giaish substance, which is the fungus
growth that attacks this particular in
sect life. The soil in the box and the
dead beetles should be thoroughly mixed,
until the earth has become impregnated
with the fui'glis. Subsequent additions
ofc.iplurcil Leetles to lite Ixix will become
infected, and niter three days confine
ment should he released. The liberated
beetles will in turn infect others, until
it Incomes only a question of time, it is
claimed, when all are exterminated. The
bugs live in the ground in the day time
mid come out in the evening to feed up
on the plants and are easily captured
with tin aid ofn lantern.
Chas. Hitchcock mid brother Matthias
have been persistent in their efforts to
exterminate this pest, but lately the num
bers have become so great, that all per
sons arc asked to join in the crusade and
adopt theabove method. It is stated that
there arc thousands of infected bugs al
ready at large, and it is only necessary to
capture a hundred or so to make n start
in the good work. Hy confining the
urea of infection to n small box the
spread of the fungus among the llc
beetles is more easily accomplished.
I'lircwcll In 1'iillicr Ulrlch.
Fully 350 persons attended the farewell
lttail given to Father Ulrich at Palloa,
Putin, 011 Sunday last. Members of Father
Ulrich's flock from Kalapnua and the re
motest districts of Puna came afoot or
horseback, bringing chickens, fish nnd
other delicacies of which the Hnwniinns
are so fond, in silent tribute of their
affection for their spiritual lender nnd
father. Many of Father Ulrich's friends
from Hilo and vicinity went out on the
Sunday morning train and participated
in the demonstration. Father Ulrlch,
who has been located in the Puna parish
for the past six years goes now to Hono
lulu. One of his achievements has been
the organization of on excellent orchestra
of Hawaiian bovs, which has been heard
frequently in concerts in Puna and Hilo.
Father Ulrich's departure will probably
mean the disbanding of this musical
organization, .mil otherwise his presence
will be greatly missed throughout the
Puna district. Father Otto of Honomii
has been assigned to look after the parish.
I'.lcrl New. Officers.
The Hilo Cotillion Club held it, annu
al election of officers at the home of Mrs.
J. T. Lewis on last Wednesday evening.
There was n goody number of members
present, and after repeated efforts to pre
vail upon President Day to continue at
the head of the Club, A. II. Jackson was
chosen president for the ensuing year.
After the formal business meeting, the
members were entertained nt cards. Re
freshments were served timing the even
ing. The new officers nie: President, A.
II. Jncksou; Secretary, S.Grace; Treas
urer. W. 11. Morehead; executive com.
mittec, A. II. Jackson, Mis. W. S. Mc
Lean, Miss Stella Peck, Miss Ruth Ri
chirdsou, and Ted Guard.
Illks' High Jinks.
After the installation of officers hist
evening, the local lodge ol Klks resohed
themselves into a "$175 Club," with
Iirughelli in the chair. There was a
1 hirge attendance of members and friends
! who enjoyed the good natured bantering
i "Mil hite hour. , One of the features of
l" evening was the initiation of n mule
'Inver into the mysteries of the order,
' Special obsequies were held over there-
' uinitts nfter the ceremony, after which
followed nil old fashioned waCe. Music
lent diversion to tlte entertainment nnd
during the evening sandwiches, pie nml
cake helped to fill out the empty spaces.
' Hrnvcd a Long Journey.
The sole passenger 011 the schooner W.
H Morslon, which arrived Saturday
imiruiug from San Francisco, was Miss
Nellie Mackenzie, who comes direct from
Scotland to become the bride of David G,
Iltttchart of P.ipaikott. Mr. llulchart met
his fiance and drove her to the home of
Manager John T. Moir, where she will
, remain until the wedding takes place,
which will occur within a few days. Mr.
Ilutclmit is timekeeper at Papaikoti and
h is a host of friends who are overwhelm
ing him willt congratulations.
J .
Union Meeting.
The regular monthly union service
will lie held ol the Haili Church Sundiy
evening, April ifi, at 7:30 p. m. The
.King's Daughters' Society will have
I charge oflhe program, which will be up-
I proprlnlc to Palm Sunday,
(M'l'OKTUMTILS r'Olt ltUllltr.lt.
The llitniilluii Islands oil Adapled
for (Ironing Rubber
W. H. Shaw of Honolulu, Vicc-1'icsi-
ilettt of the Naltikti Rubber Co., Ltd.,
has been spending the last week in Hilo.
Commenting upon the future of the Isl
ands, he expressed the opinion Hint rub
ber would eventually become one of the
most Important articles o( export from
these Islands. The company of which
he Is vice-president has just been organ
ized at Honolulu with 11 capital stock of
$150,000, 495 shares of which arc paid up
stock mid hove been placed on the mar
ket in blocks. The company has n tract
of 800 ncrcs, situated near Nnhlku nnd
liana, on Maui, some of which is already
planted with 60,000 rubber ploTtls.
To a Tkiiionh representative. Mr. Shaw
said: "Rubber offers the best opportuni
ties for investment in the world, nnd the
Hawaiian Islands are especially adapted
to rubber culture. The trees mature
much earlier than in other countries, nml
within three to four years they can be
topped. The average elevation on the
Moui plantation Is 600 feet, nnd the high
est altitude Is tioo feet. Whether It
would grow as successfully at higher ele
vations I do not know. R. II. Anderson,
who has had extensive experience in rub
ber cultivation in Mexico, has been
chosen as manager of the plantation, nml
is much pleased with the prospects of
rubber culture in the Hawaiian Islands,
A number of trees planted at Nnhlku
five or six years ago now measure from
nine to twenty inches hi diameter nnd
are over sixty feet in height. The sam
ples of crude rubber extracted from these
trees arc found to be of high quality nml
equal to the finest grade of Para rubber
on the market. Rubber sells nt $1.50 a
liound, each tree yielding nil average of
a half pound of cured rubber every year
We propose to plant 400 trees to the acre,
nnd within three years expect to secure a
yield sufficient to pay the cost of the out
lay. The world's output of rubber is
gradunlly diminishing, hud with rubber
at $3000 per ton the cultivation of this
valuable product ought to prove a profit
able investment. No skilled labor is re
quired, and the trees require no attention
after planting. Rubber plants nie free
from blight or other disease, nnd the raw
product Is not 'perishable, like bananns
nnd Iruits."
Mr. Slinw produced a sample of the
crude caoutchouc, which displnyed ten
sile strength and elasticity, which, it is
claimed, means a ready market for all the
product that can be raised in the Islands.
Mr. Shaw was called to Hilo on account
of the illness of his brother, II. L. Shnw,
who Is confined to the hospital, hut is re
ported to be improving.
Sntlslled Tourists'.
R. II. Rums nnd wile, of LosAngeles,
Cnl , who have been spending the past
ten days at the Volcano House, returned
to Honolulu on Friday, Mr. Hums,
who is ohief engineer of the Santa Fe,
expressed himself as much pleased with
the delights of the trip to the Volcano
House and his treatment both there and
in Hilo. Although he failed to see the
crater in action, he was charmed with the
scenery nnd climate of this mountain re
sort, nnd wns of the opinion that every
tourist to the islands, who failed to take
in tlte Volcano in their itinerary missed
one of the most delightful trips in the
Foreclosure mid Sale.
In the Circuit Court of the Fourth Circuit,
Territory of Hawaii.
AT ClJAMItltUS In F.qoitv.
The First American Savings & Trust
Company, Limited, n corporation,
Plaintiff vs. George W. Pnty, ct nl,
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
of a certain order of the Circuit Judge nt
chambers, In Kqtiity, pitting in the Circuit
Court of the Fourth Circuit in the above
entitled cause, dated the fitst day of
April, A. I)., 1905, I, as commissioner by
said order appointed will offer at public
auction sale to the highest and best
bidder for cash, nt the hour of twelve,
noon, Saturday, April the 15th, 1905,
at the mauka door of the Court
House at Hilo, Island and Territory of
Hawaii, the rights, tenements and heredi
taments described iu that certain mort
gage executed by the said Geo. W. Paly
and his wife, Harriet Pnty, to the First
American Savings and Trust Company,
Limited, which said mortgnge is recorded
in the office of the Registrar of Convey
nnces in Honolulu, in Liber 220, pages
69 to 71, and which right, tenements and
hereditaments tire described as situate
at Olaa, District of Puna, being Lot 1, of
Public Lands Map No. 23, Part t of Olaa
Homesteads Reservation as filed in the
Public Lauds ollicc in Honolulu, Onhti,
Territory of Hawaii, and containing an
area of 344-100 acres, and more particu
larly described In Laud Patent No. 4460,
together witlt buildings, improvements,
emblements and appurtenaiicea'thereiinlo
appertaining, subject to any and nil tuxes
Hint may now be due or delinquent on
the same. ,
Terms, Cash. Couveynnces nt the ex
pense of the purchaser.
I. It. RAY,
Rmr.wAV & Kino way,
Attorney's for Plnintilf.
Dated Hilo, Hawaii, April I, 1905, 33-2
Often a bad predica
ment to be in, but if
anything in the line of
will Help you we are
tfte people to consult
T TvtUuuA fiU CKau hB
I We will receive by S. S. Kinau of
g April 12th a large assortment of 3
I All Wool Suitings
Wc will offer these goods at the H
H extremely Ioav prices of 5.00 and j
g $5.50 per suit length ... These arc
no shoddy goods, hut good material
I L. Turner Co. 1
g Hciulqiiiii'tcrs for Negligee Shirts and 2
g Panama Hals r
For Sale.
Registered Pox Terrier pupa, out of
Woodbiwii Modesty, American Kennel
Club number 75270 best bitcli ever seen
in Hawaii by Sabine lhlKlitliKlit, A. K.
C. number 75484. Winner of tliirly-oite
prizes tbotiKli n young dog. llrought
jtoo when only a puppy.
Address P. O. llox 233, Hilo, Ilavvaii.
Notice to Creditors.
In the Circuit Court of the Pourth Circuit,
Territory of Hawaii.
In tlietunttiTof the ICstate of ANA POAI,
Notice is hereby given Hint the under
signed litis been appointed Administratrix
of the Instate of Ana Poai, deceased, and
that all persons having claims against
said estate, whether secured or otherwise,
are hereby notified to present the same to
the undersigned at Ivtiktiihaelc, llama
kua. Hawaii, T. II., duly verified and
witlt proper vouchers, if any, within six
mouths from the date of this notice,
otherwise t.aid claims will be forever
Hilo, April ii, 1905.
W. S. WiSK
Attorney for Instate. i..
1 . (poC
tin, '
r . sse
" .-- ww ipQr-
I XxJZ f mb
Tor Sale.
A pair of well broken horses (for rid
liiK or driving), very cheap. Imiuiru of
lino Tkiiiunk.
Tor Kent.
Pive room cottage, with b-ith, centrally,
located in tear of Tutlil'NU building.
Iiiipiire at Tuiiiti.Nit Office.
Mochanlcal Parlor Organ
Cost f 250.00. Music Rollsjor
same, cost; 1 25.00. The whole
fotsaleat $125.00
Music Box
Cost f5.(K). Por sale at n
great reduction.
Koa Sottlo
Cost $150.00. Por sale at $50. OO
Ktiiiiiie of
A bplendid opportunity to secure the
most popular magazines is open to cash
subscribers under the combination club
oirerof the TitiliUNi,
n.. w .

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