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Wabash express. [volume] (Terre-Haute, Vigo Co[unty], Ind.) 1841-186?, September 10, 1856, Image 1

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1 4 $.) 00 Al the end of the war.
Dcuotcö lo tl)c U)l)ig Jolicij, 2Cauö, Commerce, i.ctature anb (5oob illorala.
Terms si.pcr annum, iu advance.
W''aarwHrswww w ww w -- vw ws-si
rs-W W WWWWwWh4. WW '
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WHOLE NO. 760.
- 4 "I .
OcMabasI) Express.
It. N. HUDSON. Eiltcr.
X. 3f . tec. Etitor.
BATURDAY. September 0. 1S5G.
.Mr. rliT mid Ihr Journal.
)a Tl .r !u Int. wc am 1, H pat.
nnbb-iathe J r.rf.il uur the a' of
" ';.;." K.-ii: rertain ir'tC' :r :; n M' t"-h-.Va
cb. lif of Wi-thei j!!.v..f. r
lain i-i t the Journal 1 it c-j-res-
Ha dn not intrad loieup the huiubujr ; toocMnj-.y braatlfal paxxaje in the apeech. once found himself drift Ifully ' fprHfly in
not I.e. I'crhip we ou?ht not to bold him j Hu vI-tirring tribute to tne memory oi lieu
accountable. We d.nl Ubeve he appreciate ry Clay could only be .appreciated iu the
the dilemma be and hi party are in. xVe , brtrathle n vtrential silence iu which it was
hae teen acc-t-totm-d U concede to biro auf3- i listened to, a llfr.ee that apeak, a silence ut
cient fj'ctj t make a ry rcpt.ctbfe ae- jtrring iu tone vt thuiiilcr the tief laratioti that
puty kht-rift'; if be bn iure, ro fit a !oi !n ipite uf "alanJrMtit lyin tneue," nuble
f,.r h -i.Irf of it. Iciay livea, Wjiv'jflc" io lLe Lcrta f
A t!.ce ijeTitlrrr.n ccri nit to iniw bow .Iii Couutiymca.
to o-,t f tht-ir trrjbl, we will ujt Iii tt fiMition of "mcKlcrn Jiuocracy" w
tv. r : !!. r.i f -r tbi-ii. lb-; ol I lire puty ' truthful auJ otrikin. Hut the nullit htrcke
) ; ! t il-.'.f. -ku1 a ü U . ly. U tl.eintir- ( all m, afUr reaJii frwio the Charlatan
rt i f j r . 1 c'.i a!ite UYjt, ar.i flavo ' M rc .ry, the cfau tf So-thrru Iknuntracy,
I -.. !,.,,.. u!I of ul.uh dc:.u the i iUn.i.u hih acV.i.owU l.-es iheirocly atron-rnu..,
,.f -Iv.e tirri: ry. t!.,y nr.y s tvil! ca-rci' it cf h'-po fur the uccc cf tbrir "peculiar in.
r,v : -v, th-ir S'hvrn i.iiUr Uu, 'litutiim" i in pryv ir0 it tj U aCotl-af -p..iit.
libit t:-.- C-
VV arc !
iti-i'i i it-lf a p'vi l.ivrry rJ
tjtuti.-n ti e Dr. rc rul from thu Ii hh
tho In'ct," anJ a.Ain shifted nnil turntil
but f.tilcd to come tip to Ibe rescue, wl.cn
one of his own party utterly JisustcJ at
the tJi'mji called out to him you must
answer the points,'1 how Awful then was
Iiis condition, und he truly ft It himself to
be in a pickle," and un he t'juiincd
and braced and üh(k lii head, (ah fu
tile etlod old du.) t j hhrkc hii idea out
of thtt travaih; ilull. Hut for tho Ust
lime and in dreadful whining ardbra.j'
iin and loulinj fr all tho wuild ja-t
like a spanked thil 1," tliere er.;in ited
frum nvine part of hii systtin thi "utu-
4 f
' ' l''
r.ct.ri. V.'c !.' tl.i it, w.
t !.... it 1. J i ' f i:i t r
t r.:, t rri'-ry ;;!r. .i ly fr '' i ', t-:
iv l... r. - f r ti c tir.ic l vi-
. ictit. f ri j ru.:b;:i-n; :-.t t
o J:t I be ; Mi 'V!.- f i'J.
t r.i:-i.. tb v
: r,f u f rv h ; : t.
' ViL .Mrr!i .mi.! tir..Vf kl ! ' -litt r tf .? nin i i)i (.oiI'm i .iL'ITH'l.t llloti
v,v, ... ! ,!, ,t int i,.t I. i: 1 1 Jii f..nmiu,l froia tli.irftVi .Iv1'''"''" r-iaiK'if -TI.C p. opb: un
' l! v t.i v: ..e Kc'r ! ivrry ititoKati- v(rv p-.licv. .Vo woiilfr,M nid b. tlt in j der thf Knns.H Nebraska Act, ind tie
f 1 .,',v.-.i i i I. -y C4;. I !.''! t ik? a Cu!ite?tt p itiw;i iew of thi. the fu 0 t c ur- !,M.cnr.c J by
t f -I iv . ry r -
v V'i4t !
i . . . f ..
i-i I t-r ',r Ti.ey em m '.! d upm ipv rntiim, rercfitt-I v. j.hia tlji'
kry d-j 4 tb.-re, l a ta4 tl u Ka::a , luli of tbi l.ely to--k t!u cn at JnT. r..n -x-
t i.'iv'iil. T, ..-. u otil 1 rr.jaira o!iniv j-j nlirri, 4,I trestle (r iry fu'.:.try
,c r. !:. cet .t,t ( tb if vinlt.i Lu"..bi:; whr:i I n :V ct tb! Ovvl j!
,L tl t tb
5 ,!t :n.:.c!
tVit!. tli v ;;c"t frttitirl tp i :vt
, a 1 tl.e t r ,
-4 r.' a i. t I '.
;-j 1 !o b '
: u
'I'rt . b ! t 'J
'-- r-
. 1
' i
y by i
1 .r. !
. .. 1
f.-...: f lb.- -y
t f! fr i i. - ':
i 1 . . n j r
br J :. n .i
i tb t, !-t ,:iv.n.; up a frvi.l. t!.ry ar Tb t.TvCt v. : v:t
t .w i"- ! b'ni t v, ar; fr.oi r
.b'.i-! ni
1 -.
ru, u. ! i't. rliir:. t!u- !- i t;t -f tbit. ;i J'.!..'i: v
If t'. it j .' !:. .iu '1 ' i't :!$, w. pr.p-. k.
. , . f i r- V r of t1" !- :.! .t':re, in c icti.-.v. i '.AV "I
Mr. '.. r: Tl U til ! ai ! .' i . '.;.
,.,.,. : . . :....'' , I
. . . . .. . . 4.. ..... 4
I b u bu b.bi-d i.p u tl. i f i.v
") b-t.1 r, aii.l t!.,j i-jirit
(vjr.stituli n. e n carrv cuti-rv tb re or
hi it alone." What people f Un i t what
CiU.'-lilUt'.'Uf O!.! hhadri f Wib-.tcf,
Ho iiil; or llio lull, will pile that piece ol
"furniture" f ', upon ar and
I !i . - "ICr.i -hi of the raunch" h.u, . u
v. I
kr.nvi', a ;: .'..s-.V "' .', an 1 for.-seltiin :
L-I-e ifpre-iv e, t :i l!i v, !.",
e nppre
the h j:i ,
a.ti.-.n :
! at Miui.-ut an
i . c...:
i.ir. e
h i
Tin: tvi ! i;i:mo?iktiiam i:.
ilh li0 ) Ur.l l
lifii ila ri4i hi n of i..u.o
t'u.f, Jite a tr iiit!n; t.Ir-l, I mtl
Ii prlnir- l.i.l Im).t Itilnf,
hrjftjin; AiMt rtiiii AhIui.iD !,
Vitll tltaffi 14- Mlill.-4, r. 11
'Nut I;, la.t t ) It-''
tll !" lllJ )4 0. I l' l 'l
.!) :.) Ii t A 11 .ir.fl ,
An.! 1 ri jrf-t-.'l u.! , t!.. 1 Vi. V-l .f,
an I. Ixiri l i..'ii't I! W4ff .' .
I I i.im.j a t ..rl u lt...r,
If.M !n u fr..kT;u.c , Ir . .i at. 1 J; -.r- ,
tl. 1 tat r f! I : r.
V'i. b'- In fc ) ! ! t
1 t. .rl, ..... ' l 8'. I fr ,
1 i.nl'i rr.I tHW 'I'i in:.'1)' I i. ,
A 11 I . 1 t r. re f r t.
Til ii .11 IL'. I' I - . Vi. I I I vT IHM,
I . 1, - . ii. 1 I rfc 1. I' ,
i S .1 i l ; ! 1 i 1 f -jI !.! 1 1-,
,r -I! h! ! t in .
, l i.c mi' I..' jn'i n .1 I 1 I ;
U -i: I it I l.l Ii v.rl T..W ..I t,
V. O i ;nl w U'i f f i n- -t".l,
I .. .1 . ..' I, ; -l !!! -'J
if ."'.r.-M Oi-.l 1 1 .vw'j t j.a!.M t'.r .
. j l . I ...mis I... r,
'I I. 1 .. . : m.'.:. r ! v. 1
i, i i'i .- r.. r.
1 . .
Tho Journal Extra. Joe. wiigni m iiv
We hate . wt.lr l throuli John U. P J On tbc I vl Ju. , :
ri'a reply i Jo. O. Jon, V ip..M-. Ii i. Wri ht r u!- a j 1 eh .u (' . . 1
m we uppofrd it WnulJ U'.thi vt akr-t thii W.IUH' e un v. whi -hu i, ;
imaginable. The knmomU -ntb ben nt the ..-.;.' ,7.j'rr- .''
tempted to imilate the naiau r that Mr. Ji.r.e o rntL' p i r, !n'n wlli s;
prc-xntcl t tbf - ul.l.f. Ui oHi in t.is the lb'! v.n r'.rnct:
be fiil. hvi a bi 1 ti. ark. In J arribr-i are ; In regard t.Cl'tO il t 1 IV .
fliipi.t, (.tut Hit.. II i" attrf at it sr k- M I., v. V fi' ) !.sv.l t i I .
vat.l a;.l lb ,.th, " reiin ly a !e-ir' tu , v. ,i' bei tt tls'h ' il
, I
pjtt. of tbo re:.. I'T, !o It.. r r y tbi i ivr
tu t'n.'l tl '," lo, a w a pr. ; i-l t
r .1 .1.
V v ill i , ..t tbii tin: , j .y o .r n p.ct
t tbi bo - i ir.el.-! ' .1 t'.o ' .t 1 1 .
l!;a; ll In- ha.i - t r 0iv n ; 1 :.- '
I vu'iik! V.' t !.:; ;.ce4 :'.. 1 th :
ti'iij f. r I ri iht. ili- iii; 1 i
ri in l a; '
i 1 . tir:i vv !.h
1 .
w .1! . JueMilo a; .1 . - i-in '.I..- lb.
, 1u$ wbiv. Ii w r n c
.".Ii. 1'
.1 .'
1 ra
j Ki.'l f(:.'..iir.! the W ! !'. ric:e j V J !: !(b
llavi.H f..r vsuui , a r. J r. j i :
:.! is I f f.
t. 1 1!
:i p-
r;b- li-'
I v r !; I- i
: ! !
l J a.i.Jle,
it a-k
if trail i-. ,. a. I lcccUsbal lUD to tl:c lijl.u'. Ii
1 k . . c i I . i. 1 1 a '
1 tb '..' ' : ' rr '!
n'-rc p 'i . ;..aa "
A',t ' thef, i v .1 m' ;
, j ills" ta t1..' ' I r.J.o:-!, t.f i:.L-ir, l!.ti ib vy
" , -a .11 .In J 1 o-.i of i.!:.:t i'.ii; a" I wLn.li -ill
a. j when ce.Lti a-L- J, with th.)'j '.t bis Mp.--.-
Ifii'.t out, bui;jc r j v-tU.
'l'he fiiend-? 1 f iVi e loti. havo f.j.au to
f.-f!i't ; f a ;
t'OI" .j
h...l tl.'Ni fjrry ru J l(i'i"jf. TLe "de liso'
; I., 'a- I t!i)k it sv il! n,' ,'rav,'..- i..v 1 tJ- ,,,, v,f .ir it.iuit-r caruc to car ear mmmi
r- b'. 11 I
ir ti : 1 r
!, ti- the p .M'i..' tnu , ,a jlt.dlbcai.dve ia th: sr;ie"iii."
. . i . r 1 . . . c
... ... !..:,
;sl. 1 c .r-v cw'.' u
bo prou i ( tb ja'.y
John G. DAvifi Abroad
Terbap tbiTe i- 1.0 1...". n . wln ba- t ir fille!
a profi.ii et t jMitioti in t ! : i State, h:i ih-er
vf,l!v flb 11 f-. or. Ln our ili-iincUbo'l
' i4 T -' 1 . ! J t'.'i ;' .it
I r. in.,1 nr.-. '!
I ...a. h iia .r..;l. ' t : '
V 1. a 1 ; i.-t . ' t ' 'brr
v .1 1. ; .1 1 r-. 1 . 1 ..r 1 1 1 ,
(..-. . I. 1. M ri.-l t,
I ill re. ; a ) .van .bis t s...i:i ,
b lite, in bi "a n pr
' u 1 . . t i! f. i.e.-, ( r 1 i ' ' ' "ib ; f
jr. 1 1 iii.-i ..v, ub!e h iter b. '
i.b!K'. It b'iV. i.. 1.1 C T -p '. J .
!..i.;. . t.. I.e. iM- I i f.Ui.rs I I t .' i I
J I if r,n.f Mr. .b .1. 1 be. v hi n l! e "
jki.'.'A, tb.-.t ;be ,.!;l r .i I t !,;!'.!,
lib'.. : bU ..'f . -tu m T!,i I b .1
i I .. '. ;;. 11 !i ; 1. ! i i " .T i ' . I .
1 ;' I. A Ji. '( (V '
x. 1 1 - a b i e . s . r
1: . b; ,'.'.! :;: ! ib-.t L..u
in. it
T '. v 1 1 : 1
.:, !':
i.:.d i u 1
. tb..! i:
, the
ht to h
v.. ..; t !.
i;t '
1 J
b ! ' '
!. .
1 .
. tt-t
r 1. .'art
!.-.; 1.
:1 l.
. d f :. e.
e . S :.;:! M.'br.i.f I'
I . ,
. !' '
to ('
1 .t b .e I . a u t..h i '.. n nt.y pr.i.c.pb' l
t . 1 . i 1 cy, i-r i.i-.t .I r j .Ir.ieJ b i.ety.
1. there -ire oib-r 'ra..i i ti i;il put to
i J ' A ai. I tit i ".'it -p :-io.t to wl.ich
tl .-y iiu.i. -iif Tb- writer -ay
"T! .' ...pr...ii f IO.V. Rti.l bree -. i i rn ,
i r tl A lb !.! i r v i-, t re j.o-in r p'" i
pb. f'T ll.M f. X'o'i. e.ailf. H Idle ti e I lttT
..:l.-;rWi:,c,r;.'ii,!i,.a!,t!,7fvw,,!, thei.i vajMf. nno.Jff jf. ,vju.n tjin.e pIiy fbn.r JeX lb Treentntive, the Am. .hdiu G. Pivis.
!. f r tbif 10: the principle that they gjvrn f f Krrmotlt, frrc .rrccl.. an 1 frr.-- j Thr.T?l.-Tt the S-nte, the prr.s. whert v. r it is
.!! aruve.c tb- co-i btbm of tl.e people of j Jt ,n). önn(j jj, of t(. lKUr, w!un tliC j cotul net el by man of bonor.i ho.ipia-upon hi
K'.v.v.i, ri ach a the i:.o,t xeabt. of thctu , , werealar-e number of .dovotcdhead, contempt and ridicule. He will,
. t.
plo of tho aurro'iP.lin country were aa m- I the "Democrat to .top an j hoar him," suc-h-linf,
pursuant to a i.otic. that thvr was to ! cccded in calling back some 30 or 10 mostly
1? publie prakinf. j el J !incr. Tho burtben of hi pecch wa
About 12 M , a re potable delegation frorn hhe usual howl of Abolitionist! woolj LcaJt
Van, iticludinj a mart ill band anj CIcc 1 banibu" ! !
c iu ui'ire. j wiet co-nrncnceJ rUirin-to the timeof "joy-
ouh lifg and nirrtnjjdrutn." A call wai made
For tk r.xpr(t$. J fjr Smith ! Smith !! Siivl Smith, who claim
Ma. Hi t.sri .V.'r ; It wa our loo1 fortune ! to be ao "old Whi." (Hearcn sare the mark.)
n-.iint .: t ib 1 1 ! th fpieti.n of the rii- 1 1., bo at KlbriJe, Kdar c , 111., on Saturday rnr-unted the rostrum, and by dint cfoft.yt b
,..r., or no.. rx.t. i.ce of Uv. ry '; ;; tjf. 3 j u!t.. at wl.ich time and place the p-o- le I "Fellow citizen! and fn.tic appeal, for
9. l.vr Mi, r 1 n 1 v ffiifn ttiä fi"orlt flit I 1 I
ri,'bt of .bfi I1114 tb?. t, .. --t-o'i f.r !. M-ilvfi, j
ibo forn 0 nv, tb.- c.e rar Lav. '.'i- p; 'ti.n
f .f the drr.im i f ti e p. p!e, u ttboat either
rrratiei. or intend. ctTtnr. lavtry 111 I'tali or
New Mfxic'i.'
S bit be, the writ r 1 : -an by "lrain. the
pu Htion f.r tho diciin i f the e plo ?"
i eJ be mean to itni.t that the pop!c of the
Territories hare the power t deci le that p:e
ion? To tea h i a candor, his iiiCrity, and
hi ur.Jersiindin upon tbi ct, we f ut
the fwlb-vwin ptf .lion, to him: D laery
:i j'T cxi-tin Kana. or do it nut? The
Knxat I-ejifcUtore. pj oin it to Ix what
the old linm claim it to hire Ueti, a rejalar-
ly constituted lio.lr, enacted f.lbwi:
"He it enarb. ly fe Cnxtrr et- Isjiditirr
AiumLtymf Kt$ 7Tti!ry: If at y r-m
.ball t-ntice, decov, or carry way of ihn
Territory, any fve blunK'iti to another,
with intent to deprive the ner thereof uf the
.rvict of uch -life, or with intent to r fbrt
or procure the fr.-ciioni of i;ch lave, be hall
be adi idrd cuütr of irriod larcenv, and on
conviction thercf rill A LLSUFKi.U Dl. AT U "
"If any free person, by np ain . or wntirir.
n.rrt or maintain that per-n hate not the
riht to hold l.vca in tin Territory, or ball
iiitrinji.ee into tbi Tirn'f.ry. print, p i'. lih,
a rite, circulate, ur c ue t. l-e iutrd i. ed ieto
tb 1 Territory, written, printed, publibed. or
circulated, in thi Territory, any m 'a. paper.
Ciob, droTe into town with flying banner,
"keeping time to the muic of the union" by
hearty and united huzza for Fremont, Free
Speech and Free men ; the name and maltet
tamped upon the star and Jtripcs that l.oab
d tAve their hor.ct hrd and engraven up
on tb' ir patriotic heart. From that till half
pat one o'clock, the turdy -eomaory, wiiU
their wire, sous and daughter, cum flock
ing into town. Tboe from a dit.lar.ee, l.av
in regaled tb. m- lvi with frre dinnert atthe
bo.pitable board of the citizen, all rallied
around the tandard of Freedom, and, prec.l
ed by tho 'tirring note of üfe and drum,"
marched tu a pleaant grore fitted up with corn-
It bciug too lato for the Dr. to make a reply,
be proposed that they hould at some future
day meet at that place and Jieua the politi
cal rjueuion of the day. The proposition
vi aMfntcd to, and Saturday, tie 13th, was
fixed upon.
Vr. aviH .t. tjr ir r. l!'
may beexpected. Wc opine aid "ol,d Whi"
will find himelf lc numerous upon that oc
casion, than he now takes himself to be.
in a short time, be laughed into more public
notoriety than h ever acquired by the "alle
and tUjint $prrrhr$" that be, from time to time.
delivered ia Congress. Ho (should forever af
terward be dubbed the "ORK AT LAÜOIIKD
AT !" His priuted of himttlf, will for-
ever .band out in bold relief against him-
puardinj, a. did the firey sword the tjate o
Kden, hii approach to all honorable men. lie
will move through life, a recognized traitor to
bis own principle, and when lu-gather up
hi feet to go to hi father, contempt will
chant a requiem over hi earthly remains.
We will give some of the opinions of the
press, in relation to Mr. Davis since Mr. Jones
cxpoio,and let the people of this district ee
hat nun abroad think of this man-, who is
lilt. I. im in j.i-i ii- '1 t !..',
! m Ii .ri'-H ( ':
v ..!.... J in t . 1 i, t '.,'...! r . :u
1 0 !.. ii. . !... u l.rl t.
l ull many n m 1. 1 :i.'1 mel o. I
A hove M.r I M tre.',
A .i.i i'U Oi. ii :-rl fi .rt. I. i-n---l
. tl. re no 1 a- n.' 111 li.. .' 7
tin, I .' ni-- a jou u--l t. tu-,
K.-r .oi, i!i ir.'i. h rot: wate,
1 toil tM-wr- rur I if .-tMt on iU t ri ii. I,
Will close ujion our grave.
And llirn a nioiirnful menmry
Will sotneliiiics haui. I lti 4
Au l 1iim r of love's earl) ,,
INegleited or forjrvl.
Oh, love me as yoa uvs) I. t",
A11J ever love the same
Hurl wii tie1 ctrmrrrle In my l.rwt,
The wlltrul Lira t.iUmc
1 lien ' t l l ot, In trauter l.)Ti,
lu ni-clli: mii4 to in?,
'r I'lanl, 1 Hi cirri ,-!. hiui'l, b l-arl
Iteaeutri IU fobb-.l IS I bbl.K.
n.. n i 1 1 of a ' t 01 "-p e I it " t.' o ' U
U .I lillll.il'.'l !rt ;lbd'0, In I0..U.1' i- '
f..n. -et I V inc:" ! bv i'i.' re i: b; ;bb'.' !
Wil.a.f, an I IMc V. t .1. -I ..i..r .. ! ;
il... I...1 .11.. !.!. . Mr M.ll. ; liU.-
No Back Bone.
Several days ago, while a young gen
tleman of Parke county, was in this city,
he was bantered by one of our citizens
-in!; i.
1 1 1 the i.:o fi.i i, v.,,
1 v 1
i 1 '
i ' , -.
N a . . 1
u ; ; ( i . u
I I m S 1
i . : 1 14
J leat Wi li .
; .1. -U..--...1
.t I. -it ; !
.11 i
,. , V ii i ' ;! i
i li r V 1 ' .1 ' ie i
I v 1 I
I 1 I
lis t ,
. I .t 1 vv ' . is a . . .
.ii . I i.i'.'ii li t n:i n.
tax li i' T io lioii .i a. I'.ui w ! 1
bei.d tbu I liere v ill .. mt.i;i Pr "i" 1
lieu n.a Je 1-v tin, boii.iliol.h r.
j a 1 1." . I w m y i- ., r . .j . s
And vhi'.e thl- thin- t Kcoiiiin-- Lppai i.t t y; ( , ;y , . , ,( ,; ., (',,.,,',.
to vtiy one. Tl.i'iiu Powlin-. tho i.i.t t (',,.)t ti,.:.! ,: t .....,', '; ! o .'.
thel.i)dho'.deri, known mithin aby:l it. Let J ( rh ,n,-ft L. kwh.lt ih.ottltn' ibivl i
the tax leavers of Indiana, look cut. j a fc v da .i-j! 1 -n'l the p.
i (Ull.C uf th c.-e- tilt II h.L like lihtti..i.
Public Speaking.
Dr. Howyer, Kepublican candidate, and
Win. K. McLeao, Old Line Democratic can.li
dab for the Stau iJenatorfchip, avjll adduti,
their fellow citizen of Clay county, at. the fwl-
Mowing lime and plarct:
At Clovtiland, on Monday, Sept. loldi, at 1
o'clock.!'. M.
At Drazil, ya Tuesday, S-pt. iCih, at 1 o'
clock, F. M.
hypOCti)' ! Yinamr$ f;...Vc
1 ' T .. I r. S. ...I ..... I a v- Vl.l I. Ill I 1 ' .. I
,H ii'inun,uu in ui.i-ui;i "- ' - .,- : o in,r ilIKl'l V
rrom Kansas Organized Attack
upon Lawrence.
.Si. L'M is.Std I. Ad ices frrn Ix iri
sas to the ul'.. state thapirto .si .
v ry kreo, numbering nU un
der ihz ct't.iin ind d t.en. V J
that luv to Cime ntrat' up.'te-vTii-ii.-.-.
whith pi.ue va to bo all u bi d llu i-i!
i:a,'fii!r, 'i.i( i.io, ...V..-., - , i.onn uiai proieu epin ii.c i
ruT deiiill of the riht. of t roii b het 1 ,
n J ii"'' '," ' ' 1 , ,, , I n here wc were now ?o peacefully a
fbavr in thia 1 ern'.ory, uch person lule, i J
tleemed ruitfr of felonv. and p iei-b-d by im after which, your talented f-lIor-
Ncvins Township.
On Saturday the 30th ult., both par-
fortalde eat for the multitude, at the eat end tjcS JjJ ft m,tinj at Ilrookl Mill, in NcV
of the village. An appropriate ode to Free jns town,; fo lllt mutual discussion of
j the political topics, which now agitate the
public mind. And the old liners turned
out ia their strength, and numbered in
tli-. ir procession, aixtcen wagons and
twenty-two horsemen. Jill told. And
then came tho freemen in their strength,
thirty-four wagons and fifty two horse
men by actual count. Xow what say the
um!, bv the (Ilee Ciub, waa then well tung
to the tune of ".u!d Lanjj Syne," (wh'ch, an
old v.tcr.an of remarked, vm "refrenh-
irg" aa i; br.ii.j-ht back the time, when, shoul
der to hhouhhr with hi brave and noble com
panion, bo marched aaii.il the avae
laaaine. pamj-.hb-t. or circular, c nUinin:; ii(rijt., that pro led rpon the Very ground
1 ri.onment at hard labor fur a t r:u v.ul hs j )r. Sti i'benon. took the aland, and from 2
than two year." t;M -w.e.t. .t;.,,. r I il.n baohl Xovins in all her L'lorv.
We a.ked, aretbee la-aa in f''f f r tl onP (lf the mot attentive audience it ht I When the time Came on for speak in i'.
they not T oa elui t-i an cr; jou rr ok n .
e i 4.e i... i. .. 7. i 1 it .1.-. T ."L
..vW a.V;notb..,n for ibelr vote.. . V lOl JVC nuuurcu. uvuurs, u.a. .umi
.,w - I .... ,1 I
i ille Journal, afurrea- U.IJavis Would bo the next x.ono;iess-
man from this disttict. Tho gentleman
from Parke, did not at that time have the
$500 with him, but they placed $25 in
the han ds of a third person, ns a forfeit,
if either failed to put up the full amount,
on last Tuesday. Last Tuesday came,
and with it came the gentleman from
I'rkc, with his 500, but our citizen, th
friend of Mr. Davis, thought it the safest
not to hazard his money any further; so
he backed out, forfeited the 25 and thus
saved $ 175.
This shows the faith of the friends of
Mr. Davis, in his election they bra
most hujely, but when they have to back
their assertion by tho "clear stuliy then
they say "let tho forfeiture slide.'
. I
ar.wtr. Tbe-e -auction vcre put to Job a j
11. Ihn, on lat Saturday, and bJ di I net.
and dare not aawcr. A every Lt.e tiny not
at firtt iitbt. iercc.ee- your prvd.c.amcr.T, vre
will explain ib
Mr. tu:;ta p- t ir,t. the Knav?.bra-ka
I ill. the follo in i rev Man:
It i the true int.-nt m l ir-ntur of Ilm
i riur.'.l the lea.t uocasincs by retiring till he
wa ihr. uh.
We rrrcttliat it i out of our power to give
y. v. a detailed rep rl f th fpecch. Indeed
it o-.ibl be impoaibl. without having taken
the old liners bein short of ppeakers,
f.,ifed Jnhn fi. Davis, of "Plain unpre
tending manner, notoriety, tipon the
I'rer.tico of the Lou i. vi
din-j thoe highly eulogistic articles, which
Davis wrote of himself, ays:
"Most pern-Mis, convicted of such things,
would R'rike for the prairie or the lLcky
Mountain. Davis ttnke for Coogrea."
The Hendricks U publican says that the
letters addnM.'d to Mr. Jone by John 0. Da
via, "not only thow what a political villain
Mr. Davis is himself, but ahow the vile mean
that were reported to in order to force the bill
through the House."
And the Indianapolis Journal, in giving a
scathing review of the position the honorable
gentleman now occupies. et.ludea its atticle
as follows:
Now, if the aharn democracy of the 7th
district have any Mdf-keprcl remaining, they
will certainly withdraw Mr. Davis for ! mut
tHcotnc the laughing stock of every cnooi üov
in the dittriet. The msn whoeoubl write and
publi-.li of himaelf, such praio a be ha,
ought to be hooted out of the JSute."
Yes, and he ou$ld to be "hooted out of the
State." But where would he go? He ha
now a public reputation hardly aurpaed by
o'clock, P. M.
At Friendly drove Meeting Hou-e,ou 1 burn
day, Sept. ltth, at 1 o'clock, V. M.
Books and Stationery.
trs Pun n apfwar .bti.oniiu'l to kit op
The Tree State, f.urv nt I;nriiin' i :
rt-jKuted :U li:a 1 .' Io io. o
Niws of tlit attack is botulv l.ok d b'l
Vermont Election.
MofTrrurr., Vl , S jit. I. lt. t;i:t -
' . . . . e . .... i i . i i :
with the linua in all her variou Lrancht ol , u oiu 'uie nu.eaie u i-pn miu . unjnu s
I e t ,i . ....- t.i a ii ..I ..i i i
balnea. Her aortmont of Undard w..rk - I lor in l in.l nunu, no- io urn
is full and complete, and are elected with care
TT The fallowing ill give aprctty fair idea
of the Mate of nociely in California, a it i.ow
Mati'n worst enemy i man, and b)r
and tate,whtle all the popular magazine and
other light literary reading can te found in
abor.dance on her hclvc. Heside all these
and the thousand and ono different notion,
a splendid aortmeiit of all kiud) of bonnet
aud bonnet trimmings are constantly kept on
Mr. Thomas L. Wimdow, ibe genlh manly
cUsrk, at thi cs'ablihinent, i prompt and at
tentive to the want of cutoineri, un.l i al
ways to be found at hi pot. Theo c..rivl
crationa ought to inure a lilxTal hare of the
public patronage. Oivetbeiu a call.
CoL rrcinont and
lican candidate lr (ioi in t. i)nv lniu-
dred and thirty-two town rim nn to U
frenn. The three lb 'publican (."otwu-x-..
nit-n are elected from thiee to stieii thou
sand nmjoiity each.
Tin ' Titire Slate Stt..ite is lb pup'.iean,
and hini teen tw. nbelhs ; the lloun.
The Y5low Tcvcr at Tort Ham
ilton and Govcrncr'H Islaiul,
Ni.w VoiiK. S'pb I. Four new -i
f Vtl!w I' i r are reported at I'uit Ham
ilton, since our last despatch, ill ! a i.ii! I
To ritw cas. have iccutrl ut the
any one-a reputation for aelhüme. ana ego- u pcyund ;,, Kx-trovernors ;4nd tnV-elf filled nn
3Lrrcinontand the Presidency. Miliary "-pi: The raM. previously
J . , . . . , in p.ited .ne iloir. will. Sv.tal u w
A few days after tne nomination ol (,1 ' , iv .riirn . . eillnn,
Fremont, a gentleman of thi city was in TJj afc lu K. un ,(W i ,......
conversation with omc. of the - k adm .ifj.
Democrat of the United Slates. In the'' ; ' . ....
course of that conversation, ono of. ihetn ;-.ir thf im j:,(,i,;,c.ln f ,,w.r
..vi .1. r.-.. tv ,-.t. '.. '
'.More liinn n xear.-im. ne- ..t
Xlciiponso rio. L
i!itr.'ii: ():.. ef -ur
went there to represent the cauHj of free-
C J i.eje l.ote, Which our own deep itdfrrtt (Jra Up0n iJC cxprcSS UndcrstaJldin that
prev, n-. defrom.b.h t: S : it 1 1 aay tb at ; q b, a discuston. not an election-
ed-e; Col. Fremont tv ee whether In uouM ,c -.n.e Mo my 'hI.h u i) , Mt.ev,
i ii. c '. . I'.i.l.i.v i eontaii,:'! ' nn " i .x :..- itnoi .I.ep. i.!
id the march of sol- not be otu en 1. lite for toe l.nbiaj. , DUi, !-
.Ihry.bi.ito,, ille- We wanttdavoun-MMrous nan-us- r ; , ,11,,J ;
oor.r.it,aatlicont;llninVl.d bvindltieal inlb;Ue,. riM-lM ' ' 1 1 ' 1 ' 'A 0 't ' : : :h . n ,. ! 1
twi.v.... . j . --, - 1 "
,. . . , - i i li.iuuniiara im in wk-iiimiht oi j r ,i . i i
auhence, tomcot Jul-e Ciookms, ho. ; 1 J the power of hnman knotil
lie tTian .n rrnutAtinn that Will f ireViT Clin ';'o i
him with more tenacity, than the poiun-d .. rat.l.. el ttie ' . '
. .. .. . . i dierv hnre, fool and an.
bacV-a reputation that will destroy all of hi ' io.ura of the day and ni-ht. Wl n the Uv v,.,i j,:.,. '.., ,h.. v n ,n;i, n,llV ide- 1 '' ','"' u J' l!l 1 1 ' x u'' 1
hi 4',,; al 'j'l i w i. n o ioie-
; re- IT... f i.n.'s w i,; u ii i in i in ia .
' u; . .l '-:i 1 ! i .w.
1) in, 1 i ,rn. 1 tl
ar- 1 a .- ' i:.
I !. 1 " !
. f..Tn-4lsM k.t-1'ii,l .ldBa',lll 'l.l li. a Via' 7 - .... a. ..a... , rtii I . .I ..MI .I. . i. . llU'i'll II Is III J .i
nctnottolr,,late.laVry ..... a ,1 Trjit. ry i ' ; ' !r ' , i . eC.iP ; ClToUSt. JulC Colin spoke .ilucncc-hou .1 tl, d,;tr,ct eier agatn ! ...j'lv t ir.o'tempi Ind d.-naac'. A .' o'Vetnce ; ho ua ki, r . n tic lave, y .pi.-.tum - - ;;
r.r State, but to havetbe,.;..,:, tUreof p. a 1, ar .Men...t,ve . i ..e .-v . .,y a.l Iba. i and b the ! o have hin. f..r t Itcpr. m nt , , ff ai.,j iksirlv petobed : ; Ve inlfduced tho stl ijeel lll.l. iiept.Me
fecttv fr.e to f..ri.. a. 1 re -i t t Ii e 4 r own da j ;' t il rut h a-i a:o , ihr i . , i ri p r.i he, i rp'.l l.'e t. r l, Mr .in ..our - . . . , ... ,h..ftr;, i. 1 I in ib0 , ;, ,4r, rlll ol -I, ' 1,,,',., t i m i .. , 1 ......tb.d - ( . n t b VM'V. . tl. V fo-.O'll
i.i. -tie institutions in th.tr on wav. . ct : , . ..u.tt furüd. manner bi'J down the Sotir,.! . . . . . ... . ; .. . .. T ... .i... ... veith .-r.
- .. , i i. . 1 l. -lt;i.ii li.j..v.e..'l..,.-s r-a .vi.Tiav- - - - ' - - " . . r a I 1 . . I . . I s. . ,. , rr? i r r f 'I ... f t .ill l'lVllbt'l l'l llifl'l. I
4 y 1 U.,tJ.il:,Viw....4rki::,v:...,!H.i,!.b.,t.;n... nf Ü-nhüe.it.ism. and luadc . . ., ... ... at... ,s ' t. i , r .i äf: ,.,,i:e-i::! ?
. . . ... . i.e ....... i .an inaoni ..inwi!) nnniii-, ru.iii:i'i i.i ix..! oi u. e .nev in e .vi.
' "'." . ' . .. C .v J."..'. i'bl .fo...aie...e...3; ...... a ,. Mr.nnr.t.:.-.i'.,:i;.atrMl,j,u, . rn ,., r,-v, I,... or f.rli 3 e Tie Alf.-ir.l I .r .f .:.. -... ; J , , lU. ,..;.. ..f .,., ...'
. 9 i . - . 1 1 . f W . i . . , 1 X I- I ! I tm I I . I I. 1 . . I I H . I 4 v . " " ' '
pi 'ii.b 1
!. 1 i:
... s. t-1t1
Tirnto:y.aen;ht:; course oil,, rr,,nu ,t , r- - iV. ' ;;:i AU;;' a rV r.;. U,oi,l, "'Iht i.i r.,i;o f r u- .,,,1
. f ;:av.ry.the th.;. 'h: , at p.ty.by the r. pu tut:.,:, ,f its cv,.!, ; put sti:h T,ebon to the ,. n p r, vo I . . , .. y l!;o nth man. 'We f.nin.l th,t. idlhou ;h
U' l T.Ti I. ... la t... .ij a. . . j, a. J , :.V.f .jmlv t!.e";.:tr" tth N.-.th ' b he p.-rf.ct r,-. I.T tl ' I'I. .fk J.Z.J,,, inor.l.'-.-e i 1 f . st. . ilh A nv.r the t- an v tbir - f T v b .e? pr.-- imn- w Xi 0U1 not iinw r Ivf-ir
.,:;rv; Wbatbx v. : i:x, .y -. - , T t--- , s t!.r , ?:t T..: ,ci,r.o .b d -..e; 1 1 y the j ..V(,,,. . o.V fill ! r.ol f. ti 1 i I ( . . ...rocia. ; , f tUV tliuc: ,1 rc i s v, t larraitT.r, !,il..follrwr.j: " . " ' he w , till inak.- a Wii rate il- j .-iV.. . .s
,''i:t- n::.!"iV'1' ' ,'VV' V',' V! ivrty Ui i,y .-n i4iu.r.v .r...ver th- for hi.,, to 1. am. ir-..,-- N,'...(r.. .i'.....e.u.lid;.lo,in-te:.iofy,..n .. - - --
;,a,exi!:d.a,Ib.-t.!iwry d ' j: ... ,t t . t! e AI b-, i b, a tl, -y c n.d Ly the- croe.J. .ati.er tuan rl - . , ,, jrr, . . .,.r .j f, ri.., to ,,.,k, a M . c da ! rU';3si, t!lC AtU
it m kars: w , i , , ; t! ...ir rt I!:,;h 1 n :!...;, k-;,pi j r.cswir ih? ly.S.lor,i,::i.rl.C ;.(.f f . .- ;0 xv. .-.I I .'..tl.not., b.v.,.otib,- ib",vl'.v, ...;,! f.-'.e -b;
Ib-t Vi, v,-y ..-V Vb;! A. V ; ...J r ...' . r. r :,l.i!:vi.tuniib. d..v. nnv .ia.c ur.nrr r then. ' : .' V' 's V", . V" ' Im mI- , f - ci'v. to !r. r e .!lfa-y!p- :b ; a.b a lb -f-.:.'. ' ; ' ' '
iM! ... .... olilv..e,(, , vf tl.- . V. lie Ml (a..'! If lhc.r.:a.t!,ver:y ivo,.-, vV- :, b:v.:; r..-e. N r, b J et..i. . . .. -W ........ .. 1;
- " 1 , . .'i-lwirx a'.:.;." Tl e Dr. ir.d.-rantly r, , , V" , ...... b,:i...., the ibo , t fxr ub.-MVu r. t r.ny of .... v ! . ., o .. .no , A;-
t.d tb. rb-'o e. IT- I". ' . y d b.lbü th cim.a- ! ! r '. 1 r. M sl.u J ;.; 1 -;.' .-' ' ' r ,T .Ia p.rtbe. b aut f-1 - .-un r ce iib.; 1,- :" ' !--- '' J
r.-f tbepei.p!, k-f tbe 1, ' : n .'. v r : , j t :' I o "be" r..'j li ? tt.'.b rfibr..;.' 1, .: .! e ?.: l.e-d, and hiu- rf".",: . - " "' ' i It w..i Id have ln ... . a.v f.r T. rro lb. ;1. to'b-, he bked :t. !....l.n,. - r.
..:.y tbo- aba .t it. 1; I Tl i 'T' ., t,41;lJ4 wf 'V.' ir -'..l. .I.f It- . . e.l f 1, .1 " 'v (: a i fi I - -v... i ha VC .rv-1 .ced a .leimen, who Wvubl .a.t ,!; A " 1 " -
i. .a .I.
: it
I 1
. I t. II
1 v i:
be v
M . - ' X . ' , , Ä '
" i s .
i 1 ex v , e.
- . .
t!;.t f r t! .- ; .
t.-.l i- ; t! e 11
v .
i ,
V Tl I
. s .X
a . r r . ;
. t",
' It ' v
i. a iM.l f.:s hi . a : ' e i. ei a- .... j.
ä t '.iv. xrita i!ii'3.;,.l s'Cr- s,f.. '
. 1 M- i.bi;: de.
. i v ' i
i . .i I i w b.rh obi br.e '.-" a f. ; '
-..!..... r'ker were baf Iv t:.ea, ti
tat ar. 1 r!ticd." nr 1 df Wx niaf j p t . t , ,bl call lb at. Mi-m id our n a -. t; j' all r .. ip t.'.i
? .i.i..:.:..-. u . r ! . . r.U.r; , i.t i.i ibis , -.r ,r, , f the A buk fjaiU of "a b-oininrj State-,' in that
f,4j..irr'. a 'i ..k.. in' in ..111... v. v.v.. .
fl. . It t.l
th.lt "b f! ä." t- ' a.f.i, I
.' i
t ...
i mi . . : J- I
Ir, jutii. F -.'i i i'.f 1
. 1 4 1. '
1 .1
:;!, 1
a b i
vi .
i.i:, i !.
"i '-:
. ' 1 i a x
i .
V i
H 1 .a W i - 1
!f :i 1 w! !: ... 1
r 1 1 r.. "1 !.:: ;. b)
i . . . i. ' ,.. i
. I 1 v 1 . t I . I t ' - i
o' VV iMi i 1
1 lb.
r. ...
i " . .
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i i . . i.ii
: .bii'l
I . .:.
1 i.i ir
,: l . .
:l 1
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Iv I
.11 I s
,'.; v . j'l i - b ie,
.f a Ti
the cai.ip'fc-i
nttit.tptto r.f.et.jth
ui"' .1 lae s .
.. D.
1 1 an..
j, !CV:re of Ibr- lea draw i: b.l -m a 1'. oi'm.j c ....;.,,, "(" lb v. 1 i'i !.."
i ind asb.d - II do ).m kke i ix jci,.;..' j j .., r ,.v ,',r.r
JOHN t.l kkl i: DAVIS.
N Tibet ob- rvif,; that th. i'f" was p.oi
. . a
. . . l - s j : i w- . : k t : U l i! .1 .m u i titirii o our
t i... r... i.söv n - i ?r rnrn . i l i .i.iiiv " i'o i m nmia i .... . 1
I ... ' ... '. . , -.. ..I t- I 1 ' . .... . . i l... .!.,.,, ..riifr.r e,.ri.asitv? I be , d lort h'W. IT f. i Te. .. X t VCiV ...Xf.,
1 he speaker .l-ait rr- -i.n p a, . ,k . 1 'Ja-b iCllbbUH 31.4 ItiCeMirüVl ruoie U f ;.U f ir, ,.l . The Stock aal-o-i x-o-- - t - ,wi ..ll ..x. r hit hi,..- - He a Wi bit him."
j X rLk I' t x: Nan,
i:.-k.n.t io
f. .l. . I , :.V.aa .-K.a(.....T, .. . i J v 1 1 t .a . . fill . 1 " ...
T;., ,.,.. 4 . - - . olcs ,.,n ,.o i ' " i ' J ' 'v ' I. ki'it r.a4 -At.y l.anaevl Oy ...,,eJy onul f-y c.t.r i a,moro;.,, , f hl,i,V:n, ,m1m. who acted (k.d 1 Mid Fusel.. rd ,an for ? br-sh . ar.d UUr- fcf ;;t w yt.tk, ne.-t t!y tar.de sle of . .-. l.-Ii
jtkrr.tSrei,,; disced tie hfe ar . T . ,P j disna-t ten of pm r rtfart-r., nerebant-, ; ' ( Kar Nt,,rv . i:!1 .,1 1,.! giet!.e arr.-w the riebt d.recucn. ...ut-,f lh, ,,ua riftU for a proe f t.,,,t: ;
At . ; oe ba, ... , . .rr.rcb t x ..e . e , v r ,e j t e,rr.l,. tC htm (Jikhs OCCU-ieil the StarJ ' ""-X '1 7' I HWal wa. the .iginal father of the.rW.I uredUe .U hh.by Jupiter be aball b.t i ,eatber. lor three bundr.d tbotvand .bdt-
'- r- r tM ', - V f,?,l" i erlitt for I ly ptljat .f C -d rrtCf to I. I ... . J JJt Uia.aS Owa.t U il IUI fc.ar.i of hft .1 il,,7 and pmrrpne in the .. ... lca.h! This , a U na tide ir-oction. m,
!: r,:.ty Vr r.r... . ..f Mod,jr. a conntry .a it : hi aery resect at te n,sia di- J a ia. and ia the short lime aiUvcd Lira.i ,nt v( wl. eliP the fdtowirg eard Krrerican sivs ' ' mi 1 tLe larreit ch stthi ever tr.ade of a raS-i.t
t; ..er .I, , i.,-t. tt v . i wt , i-.ll .. ; 1;,.scd tbthtly over Mdl.r.l Fi:WjUUcrl .Jcishcd the r7 trap of that1 lU Nc. Albany Daily Trib.,.. p inTWW.;. Jfi,u
t! i lb-ad uawit- a ..na,,r .be V - w-. ,.,ofe. show, rfT only the vu.-ct or anpp.r.ioc , b j indisiiu.it und n-ain ia Mra. Kotrvat Allow me, thron 5h the nlliarl Tie New Orleans Delia Set down oar TOle nt nothing short of
it xMbfor. iaVs ad..:tk.t a fr, S.a c th, po.clc and , -l.tforn v f bU paity ; a,l ff .defdhtm Lun ulL thftVwe gave the Peopled party b Tu, CaLU0i,.-0ne of thoc newly in-
Now.vb, 1 Uc. ... ..fy..-r ra:; eve :th ,r i.u ca.-b, r the rr, ul rier-f , J;. VÄ.T;.j.d. etTt th t the Hon. Punean F. KeoreT, one of ,051. There as no difficulty herewith vented lUim wl.mks has bei n attached
.vir.,," b.,.d ue , y ,,a,s- robt,cat f, r . of . ! ' T;' 1 10 , 1 . " F 'a :JfVthrir very prompt piment of ?y lo., tk riU?acfi gute ctrf?,r,. had suif.cd h!s the State Uc Vet. End when the Ides of No- llc cnSine ef the stcnmcr-C.len Cove."
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Yours, ANAMLKiCAN. for ih,. rr.ibP.u."
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