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Wabash express. [volume] (Terre-Haute, Vigo Co[unty], Ind.) 1841-186?, September 10, 1856, Image 2

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(LkCLUlabasb Orvurfss
n it. ncDtoy. ciitr.
I. K. B207JT, Ut Xlicar.
WEDNESDAY, - September 10, 18:6.
rSmmmmm T1?
res ttct raiairtar
W.U. L. llAVTO.,
jon. p. r.mir.n,
tl T'iJ CtUIT.
Peopled Farty State Ticket.
r tiottrntr.
w i". MUlil tN, UF ".VAT'S E.
l.nttnut Ctrmr,
C DAKKIi. or VA.Mr.i:DUi:o.
k W. H KLM9. OF MAllIO.V.
Tfta'trr n( Stale.
w. it .uKrsiNoKR, or PARKE.
litporti' tiSrp'tmt Cnuft,
Joii.v A. STlE.N,':KTXIri:CANOK.
H'fl er Suprimt CWf.
Ait-Jtmey (limeral.
2i rxntrn lt nt nf l'uh'tr I mtrtio .
tv, r Tn. A-n-rr11 TV1 '
John O. Davia Awfully Excite! ,
ne w,uni.i.,i . iu i.if. -.ir...
Wlff,liU Tivuiiiatiuu , a ea i riiA awi.
., . , ..
aeotiirs. Joha U Uavn. frored ua with a ;
, , .. , , b ,
brair.Ie p-jepv ciu n Line at.d make at much !
' ,,J j
ft a f iJl j;tiwii (04a!iT a Kif corcritetl t
, . L . . . . .... , ... !
iii)'jrt can iiiT iui.ii, sr. a ii.akv more utt ;
thah the aL.tit oritur that tver tw ntrd lUten-
We hU not the I leaaure of hearing ih. ken.
are,. Ktle.,. rev iw of ouraelf, but UH-
lerttand it wat entirely charcten.tic of hitn.
)na;.tinora0Iw.tro- boS.!ansr, mixed
Willal.r uaile; j-c. ruent 01 wa. it ihr
f rreaeifif of the mal t quantity of trraint.
v. :.eo r.min an r.jrt to tiwci a rej ectable :
rUat. from public obloq'iy an J contempt. 1
I be w hole eCurt wai in character with that
euaelrta. e-utiatic dolt, who, in order to gnin
m tiubli iiilir.rtion. wt.i' ir.r!.-ei) fi.l
L.-tdia.tu- new.r.rer trilele. rt 1,5. nwn m... i
it who, in the eocrrt envy of hit jealout
heart hat abused AttJ vilified all of hit politi
cal frienda w ho worhipt at no ahrioe but
that of ael$li aggrandisement, an r-eoritra
ao living, human beinr. at hit equal in intel
lectual po"er ku 1 mijniKeent mental endow
tntntt Who, on the 4th dar of February.
1WI, wrote to hiv friend a follow! "Thr
;uc.;j.n a preentetl in the ;ebraka bill on '
. . . . .
tht exciting aabicct of tlavery, ia ati ut-.r.
rt t.r-j.i.t now. It wat uniif-irt ai.d
t;ladvied. 1 have told Duu o; I '.e
io!d y :r,t o." Hi:, tho "nih n.t
'rjt I. L)4Vt. ' with itronj pract, .
enr;r.pa:ll,-l !. "ureteadmjruin-
riera," diJ, in hiiowa v:, reraon. conde -
cetid t rrr-h rr.itnr D.uu'laa and Feai- !
Jtut !'!.-rre. au I ir-th-m l.i,. niuion. Thit
min I)avi,
rho iitver liad CJpacity ecoujU to
- a
ti.Ttrtain nn oris'iii.iI though, nor education'
it!.cirr.t to frame i r r'ul ia the Kt-t;!i :
language correctly, erkt to cnatr ilic i;npri "rW a .'6,4,M ll,ne oth'Tv an unwilling people
aicn. thnt II hi. ever wa- permitted to eours 1 : ' 7 lne force of morjejr and prtyr miniemiHt,
with men of learning and iutelii nc. No J 1 "hould never hTa naed b;t bttert; bet at I
doubt he tho in'ht that Senator Pougl.e and iu mJ rt PtIcation, hit eondect to
.'resident Pu ree, re girded him at one of the rd me had releaed rce from all obligationa
great 1 1 ht in tin Pemoeratic partr, ytt at the ' lnat kad, and I felt impelled by a tense of
am time, ti e Little (iiant" looked uron I
htm, aa the tmallest pi-my that ever tmpo-ed '
thecounciltof the Nation. Whe, I
;pp.,for ot.en.omcr.t. that an original idtaj
ahonld ever, by the trinke freak of acci-j
dci!, rt:d m:n i, iiiroüA'h hit thick, ßull in
l his luUb brin, htle it wonlJ have the '
cirdr. of b in the first explorer of dark ai.d j
tola:e region, tili tust park if light, aur-
1 11. .... ..I 11 I. '
luiicu uirkDfM, woui'i excite '
a !,. a ?. r'iVle orrrrotioo, that tht life of th
i h'rune ' & iitlerran. would certainlr be I
i. laiiKt red. It is said that the faculty of im i
i.atior tt ti.ore larirdy dtvetoped in the wr.V
. !
e-t mind
The r.usl sf.ipid .crrar.t Imitates'
e el.atice and deified manner of hi -r '
mi:re. rhe foolish clown, while aT..r.lir.t-
. ....
rnerrixent fjr the crowd, will quote the Ian-
Knag., anj iiutU'.e tLc action of men of en
lit and coruprfhci.site intellect. and amonkev
t a r "
drv4t up with are! r.t and CockeJ hat,
willpo through the nations cf tl.o mos re-
ßae.l gentleman. Of c-ure. we catinat Co:i
pare the hmoralU John (i. m j, j.f, t. t.r
van, th flown tr the monkey, b.t ia our
jod-n i.!, he is the f.itdest shadow, the fee
blet imitator .f a rest win, that ever under
took th representation
,. .
fia true, he stretch -
" out his arm in leatiftUtion: h-.it t it ncv-I , .. . ... v -1- .ut-
... i inv ) frieiida. ' How did he aee it ou told him
e' rollownl a correrMn,;tikr thou.ht H. . .
.v.i-k t"i .1 'Ithocpntentaof Mr. rattcraon'snraff and rn-
niai-ahlt Kilu thenost.presMSO m. ; Wi4,Wff .Qi h roBBIB,BiriltK lh fvl
r,r b.t there m inothintf ,n it to be ahaken fto Mr. r.tter.oo, .od Mr. Tattersoa will Dot
c it. He a,t, back , h,a chvlr ...d reads edi-1 d iu Dj yo, wtot nyr. ttifnftnj? Vou
.r..l article. l.-,d.to,y of l.if3a,lf. tut Le J c.:if tl Q y. p. Oooniogham, ibn Treat-reco-nitea
every period. fvrrv line and eve re ' .1. . . . .
, . ' 4 nr' nj eTt" i urer of the County, at hi office, and proposed
word at th. arir,nw- of his own bra.n. j ,rt ,hrtW him ta lfUfT of Mf pAtt,non akTl.
Put we will top. Tlr dltinguislied demo-1 ed tr:rte and etätil. )Jr. Caonir.ßham
ati apiraat f .f Con.-re-ioral farora will I replied thit Tattemon wa bit friend, and be
tcuwo. f,.r o-ir obtuae.'rat in not betrg j did net want to read hia letter. Mr. Cutnicf
able to p rreire hit transverdant intellectual haro wjll not deny this. The enoteata ofthat
power., aud -Lih bnsit.,. qualification." Utter were notcriotis, both hire ted at Rock
Thathe post.aapowrr.of tiohiheatorderjt.l.made public by you. Thit iaacaseof
tnatt ta ev.deut. or he wuld not 4.aaef. hav, ,uiiar hardship. Mr. TaUcraoo wa. ayounf
aoAen aaid to. If he waa cot a oentUmam 1,,, ...l :...! :..
rf the hijjhet enler ef periua, and the a:ot
rfnd aer.aibilitr. ke never would har writ
ten the follow t:i; letter to Lis fruti Joa. 0.
-RixtTiut. June II. 13.
It ejt t'S O' that
that a well wriiten article i
t r vo-.r paper in
it. -tut attention r.s ruhii tn.i nnr.t
re. ev nJiy se ta r4 AJ-Uuerafn. a,
v:deoced by the appointments already made ; j
nr kviiatba firm and atrahtfarw.rd ! Ur paper, which I tow bold ia year e3 Lao J
j'U. trl!j,tr. fe.ier,rt". swnl:D,;,rr ,htt f7t" W'octrg. aod froa
"IVould it be akirT Uo much tar j 04 ;a pr. 1 'eder maUrial. I comaecced wriiing
rareesih -i article tjryo--r ceit paper, if jou ( joj iclo notice; tVe very Can who fically üi
j uxphed over mo with voir ad aad eo opera
OMar. tow ib Great roas les,0a ta cur ; OB w Tt mxA9 ,Da;,. 0f raioe, because I
v.ew. Hfore tbe kt.-reV John 0. Davit J irated yoor cause. Too w:t carrel tri
r-a'iea angler pr.ral aaH crva . uropbaclly through two cosoi-atiooa asd two
-,U als.., t;m tcwht up hi, IETlC'clcx-uo.dariCij.ncfwh-chtisal w..y0,?
,rsi. by a rarff.l revt-w cf 'Mother ; chor-. friend ani eotafiiact. aaj eoold prot.
3.iiiri a sin cctjeerroti LVajsv
!.laa S r a . . '
'Bireteif. acoihr p r.l of
S nr-read ea.T " v. r
V- vMvIJ rt, ' 'r'-r rsouae.Mü.ns j
rs'e. h bsd better r-s evr. eoc mer. tV
.'l t. r...
etcf tba T.U Jo-raV r,icr tv. Csm.. '
ei.co all 1 idea, if h. s-i u r-o7M hi.Ure4
at -US a;-, we Cfe. . tfe, it.-?.
I j ones on jlk713 xiua.
Afti r (ro i.ortl wka of wailing. wor 'J
.l-.tr'b fallal i.h the reply of the n.oJet
idj vDprr:muinj jar. citii ; v iu -m uu
irt..de tech "able and eloquent arguments,"
jwho ntt .aeb splendid rdit&rial. (of him
self) it. J soch ltrJ
Can ar.d J Of rpb lane, eclipaiag the ancleo.
;..., here-
-TU- Kit. vf Frit.. iA titty :Histi3 n
, .Mai.V-1 ? a hl.l.at.4 l..eL-mrca'.l dewaacala."
Hi dtfrt-at juit aUut at threat an achieve
! tr.ent aa tL at of the FreiL klwnarcb, aod If it
I duct net takt Lit na&e down )o:rrt( it
i;lloIr!j for ant of torn great poetic
grciut like l.irsaelf ta r:t.ba!m it iu Importal
t ft:.
' I clarr J h!u wiib Latir Ueo oppoitj to
jtra irlrvdi.ctiiJ!i of tlaterr ioU any of the
Tcrriicr'.rt which we acquired froio'Me xico.
I Dora K dire deny that? Xu! l!u d-t
t rw: alloco tu it at all. l any of uu douS'
I t? Ovj a: 1 ex trail, c th proct-tdiugt of th
; Janaary'ConTettiua of here, at a ruetn
Urof the Cwuuiitt t et dort J it at fol
low: I "Kt$ir, That tlo Iititution of tlanrr
, ouji I ti --t to b tbtrodured ir to iti; Triilorr
i wtrrr it doet r rt now xit.
7f Ittii, That inairuuch New Me iic ;
.f.l C.l.Ln It .r.i. ..,) I ) r,r. Trr. 1
riicnet, u it i&i uury 01 conrtat to prevent
tU intruduc'.ion of i!avrry withiuthnf htn
. - m . . a I
j I charged him with oppotttion to ihr Fügt
; ji t . i . i i. i..., ,.r
. UTf oiai ...u Uu.a .... y - -v.
luai -V.h, I !: J to prove it. Haa he iuvahda
' . r
teu tLt unuconj t ,'ut.iu.
Soppoke be d.d aar, afu-r thlv in cer-'eirf
' rntiti t m "! 1-1 I ir. r.,t...l f , t 1 1, I m rt I
" ou.v m.t .
had be been in Cons;re Lu it paed !
t n unt u.ti u s. u j.i ( hub. tun Ii r
fU7ing a double gaiur; Hi! l.ewa rro.
tit" tfnt limti 'f f,r rntai 1
llllll'k Ul..l. l I.I IVHI .
. , .,. , .
I cir(rJ bint with Uiu
"mt heart $mift
tht btbrtiU ii.7 with tipriaiing an mi-
. . . .. ', 9 .,
irn.iyfia le ct jC It Iii ir vir.' IU
I ctkll rtfefcf tSe rco7iui toleart tKeute
tton f eiartry role decided ey te feiytt f 'ttn (iry
I lorm a Slitt CamH-'ytutn. at in le cste of Vth
, mftd Y(M. 3,,,,. Mtff tht c-mprvmiie IKO.
u,, fjf -nJ ffff-.
j the Miiiri Compromise. i$ m titer
ül, and a, ai ;rt$t ,,t ahiitJ, 1 don't fttlhc'i
me-ttotfou." lie w anted to know if th fr
f.Vtr9i..ei.feia Ati if he voted iciin$t t tM.
J . J
jf tdvird the Journal nut t emit Uie!ffr
Pvuflae' till.
On the 1 February, l'il. hi. rcat heart
wat full, and hit per traced these memorable
Word 0n Cocgrf aai-nil gilt td-od paper
I $"er if, i mjy defeat wie -iY ajiit it. it may
d the tame. IFeicr-r fürte I miymaiiy fete,
muit of tourte le prtrtd t9 defend." Hhadta
of departed atatcamt'ti Ar.d what dovn he
aoa er to all thit after half a month a eo-ita-lion?
Why, Badrr'a anDdnvot What a
amall hold for to ditirgaihed a j eraor. age
to crawl through ? A'.d thit i all the defence
L. 1 :. . . r.i. ; . .
"r m" L4JP ran ci tae inuictment
j upon which he hti been arralted tfore the
j All th real I mern bajitelle. AuJ here I
ik'ht ?afe! pauae; mulnpÜMty of woids, ou-
weaktuidaa. Thit political w indler, af
j tfr bating been dereteif. and expoud to the
Uu1 Kcr" lnd ndisnmtion of a ennatificnej
"hörn !. bad Utrayed, now tcvla ts hide i
tr"m C0r.ae4urr.cea of hit owa in
famy, by charging me with perfidy; brcauae I
atriped thfi lion'a tkin from his limht Had
1 . 1 1 .1 1 t.i-
'e Di had thc brax cn Cll oatcry to foico him-
du, in tn?B hoar of publir pvril to contribute
hatoTer might 1 in my powarto defeat the
,u'0 nfmoua policy haa brooght the
Coa,itry t0 lfce TfrSe of dilanioo and civil
Be is a pretty man to prate about violating
the aanctity of private correspondence. Pray
u ,r what wt the origin of your letter
ti me of Mas- I .Tin and Juno l?th 1 .M Um
In vnjl II, . . P . I I . . . n n.w
j v . ..... . ... ,j s-.
ana can crun riiai whenever it becomea nt
ary-" Again: I leaxo that Tattsrsoa looks
dreadfully bad, and hasn't the courage to lok
nan ' llJ0 lafp' H'tn't lft him bid?"
f 1 t i . a. . ... .
lhd 1 dl" iho tlf oul h I H
-TUU BOW u rJ originalen . uue jou waa
i. wva..
,n " aaiuucion, .nr. ran r sun wrvtO TOU I
" t - a I a-J . 1 ..
priwic ana conjienioi iril'-r, lua WDtnyoU
returned to Ttrre Haute, you made il coa-
tc,,t' rll'f.hy telling th.mto varioo per-
l.v, am v f em V. t . an rl f M m .M I 2a 4 V A
sons, anion other to mjaelf; and ilia that,
to which yoa allude in joir httrrato me of
May 13th, and Jnne 17th, f-oJ. Do too want
acj further testimony on that point? You shall
har it from your own roc at h. On 4th June,
jjouwroto to me as follows, froTj Itockvillc:
"Coriiwell called on me just bvfore ieaviof
T nilf rtta T l : j I . w avanin . tl.
l - a. . ill mi
.... . . ..
man, born and raited in vouf own town, acd
had grown cp under your eja. For occe in
hia lift he placed confidese. in you, and w.
Utraved. Let ot hear co m o re s bout the vio
latioa of confidence. Tocr whole conduct
towards me has been cnt, of perfidy .ad base
net eaTeiy paralleled. TVhea yoa first net
JoaaTTo me a aketcJ cf jozt life, Coverirg-
oc side cf lie half ef a sicat cf cordon let
l ; cftov-. mend ao J eouöiact. aa J eoold pror
ccf tri wrrkltryvrsr Udars if I did cot tbir.k tha p;b'ic
r.riiished wivi, x ' jer aceees aa attractable is a tccsifrab!e
. ... .
4 ft to zrj exenioT:.. t sztr fiata cf SJt.
t.,- iss' ..... .tt
IT . . ' UM,"i' 1
M äitf-JB:
! hat.
!'f ia
.Wit e rs-respiad J wjtij y 0-5 frrt f K1- Fie Spe-eeh, Frew Territory aed Fre--r
i-'-H't f ree rr-f ' r
V". for all of which 1 am r.ct unminJfol
I would Ilk Xm b returned I C.
jna once more, and my political aiubtiiou
Will be lull rjatified -
Ol tke Sth ef March, yOU me at !
follow. .'from Washiueten. I
It it due to jou in? liear JrirJt tn knnw
my petition tt vuce. It pi me t tiit7.r with
y.u, and it rsay k-e r-r.!rd ty you at a tutR
C irrA d.fitre r(e to fel ditinclmevl to u purt
m clurrfully. lfu, 1 cannot Comt!in I
wHl not. If tuch b the fft,7 tAtL e
nee dttlint tkt race, and aJJrt nT friend Ut
thattlf.ft. I hiry you wjll t l-e ofTnJr,d
at my court, tut iit Hi fully and frt-ely :
wye! tfrnffuftrt Ve Ji en ytar fl. ,
I have the fullett CObddcnce that, thould I be
a candidate, I eaa evercoiwe all epjictition
- v
" ei eeiaiiaftiiea yeu rwy bt n: liUic out
will determine.
.i4t-.t i i t- t-tr....-f
tue -iu jjarcu, iit iu iuc iiuutr ui
Krpretctiti'.ivct, you wrote me at follow:
i?nice writing you on jcMcrdar. I hate read
yo'-f letter cf the 21 tt again, and find jhe fol
lotn partTij h I will do what I can, but
ruutt acknowledge, that for once in my life, 1
dil ditcourajed, and lack con&dcuce in tue
crt." "Now, it it confidence in xuy fitting a
n.'iniiittion, or in being elected if nominated,
which you lick?"
Mtny other quotklioi.t miht W made to
thow the irtf melt with Vei ihit nun
rlui to vfl'u'f. I done whtt I cou.d todtt-
tjaje n;m lioui (luring nirurii again ua
L... i-i. , H-nnrliMl.4..l me on mr vtil
a . a I " . . 1 T
ide. He nid "mmt f my flitical future de
ftnJi $u you." If ou are disinclined to tup
n ,lI..fe Mie rVr-ce." Who
. fl ..
could reaitt auch appealt? If I hive errt-d in
my conduct toward thit man, it ha been in
kcfrini.-faith wi;li him too lonir: intrvincto
... . . . . . . . . .
l. ,., rtfr L LaiI lirnkcn lai h. with
IVIHItJ u , -- -
hit own f vücicr.ce, and .T1 TUted hit du-
it tn l.ia ..nl! iin.tf and to the CO'Jniv'. J
acloowledge the wron, lud am irkir J u7
work. roet for rentance, to merit the for
piveneta of my fellotv meo. That ia the very
situation Mr. I.ivia ought to be in, it.tead f
thruatirg himtrlf forward for the f 0.1 rib time.
at a candidate for the suffrage 1 1 f a pleoplc
whom 'e haa ln:tr3Trl.
A ft r tnore quottaions aud I am doue with
thit tubjict for the prearnt:
Wamiigicn, rb. 4. ISjI.
"I know you are my friend, and it
it not in my nature to be ungratrful. 1 fully
appreciate tour friendship, and thc many oh
ligation I am under to jou. and whatever mr
1 . . : ...... - f e .... . .1 S
' il. r 1 V t . 1 e
alwavtffcl a dclicacv in akinir too much from
my jriendt, and realiy I have felt aoruetime
that my drafts upon you were too large ahd
WAABisorojr, Feb. 13,
"I w rote you a few daya aiuce about
yetting a friend the riht kind, to im'i the
counliet. That it a atrorg liuk iu the loorc
meut. Who can we get!"
Wamiiscton, Fib. 1?.
"And now to the point. The eetrrt
aqent it the thing. Who ia the man? He
hould bo intelligent, aharp and trustworthy.
He ahould have aomcjrnerenf butineto over the
Diftrict, and c to work 1
in two or three wr k
at farthest. Whoittheman? There r. ted be
! no hetitaney at to iruanadnio 00 tne at any
moment jr any amounz.
Yon will eee ia this, good people, the origin
t the "Seed Sower" letter, and yet thit man
frate about having been drawn out by lettera
rora me. Hit publication of that letter has
! already brought everal custom? ra for my Seed
Sowing Machine.
On 11th Jure, l-o3, ho wrote tne as followu,
from Itoekville :
"I think I nay aafely ay tha.t no member of
Ccngtesa hat eucceeded better than myaelf, in
aidiDg hit frienda, or stands fairer with the
Administration. was appoiuted on my
own finr-le recommendation. See now if thc
"n rrvomiueiiuAiioH. oec now 11 uic
; (jnencatle ,.arHr doea not attribute it to
Mrirht'a jüßuence. Fatteron J: Co. arelvini:
nn m to every one whtro thy. think it w ill
RiHaviLLX, June 1, 1 tvT3.
"So far aa thc article ia concerned, perhapa
it will anawer my puroe to have it ready for
the 'Journal' of next Kridar week If
things are rifc'ht there, and I know they ouhl
to le. I shall he prepared to confer with you
on the eubjeclof the 1'reia there. Al
low me to tuggct that your interview with
had best be entirely private. I could aid
him in meeting hit payments for the if it
becomes iiecesr for hi to to a?k it from any
Horcviti;, July 22, lfo3.
Me. is woftilly deGcieiit in jurtr'nient, arid
Utsivn ii., l ttt&uy unfit to fondurl
rwr coraue, wr-ihfn,U lh-duty of
.need and ou:hl to Aurel , . . . J
- "
,,.avier metal to Cond
ucta party papr at the
! ccutrc of this District
RocavtLLc, June 11, l?o3.
j Jn writing the article alluded to. 1
it to your own jsidcrumt and d
i Pal alia a i.il art- 'relit ti f r t m ta? i
I shall leave
? "V 1 lJ gu..irr V J Tl VvV x
1 m Ilia, thin ri.ni l lil ililiil . r
r ,Iere foij0Tr. the akeleiot. cf another editorial,
laudatory cf himself, which I will not bore in?
reader bjr inserting entire, but will give the
concluding paragraph. "A reference might
be mado to the tuaoccr in which I sustained
mriMiriua running half hour' debate wi-.h
Tooroba and others, on the Swamp fand Dili
I seut the debate to the "Journal"
and "Orcencasüe Sentinel," and neither ever
gave it a passing notice."
I will cow, for the present, conclude my
quotations from thia distinguished man's cor-
respeudencc. If he should happen not to get
to Congress, and the probabilities are that
way, permit me lo supgest that he become a
partner in the Journal office. Four such wri
ters of editorials, would undoubtedly create a
aenration in the world of oewapaperdoro.
"Full man? a irm of purest rar serene,
TbtJtik up fith.im'ti cases cf ocean bear;
Fullmauj a f.wtr I h rn to tlusb nen,
An4 wi it fragrant c th laert air.
So with this Gentleman. As a statesman,
hit seniut ha never teen appreciated; but aa
a writer of editorials, (laudatory of himaelf,)
ha stand without a rival, and wheo he de
part, it will be long before hia like ia aeen
sjaia. J. O. JONES.
XT II will be seen by a notice in eur paper
of to day, that Mr. Gritwold haa kindly coo
tented to run ao xtra train of cart to Hart
ford, on next Fridey, 0 that thos who may
desire it, can have the pleasure of hearing II.
W. Ellsworth speak. Mr. E. ia unquestion
ably one of the, ablest speaker in the Sta,
acd si e feel assured that there will he a large
gatheric ai Uartord. if it is -enerally known
that he will be there.
Hon. EL D. Scott
Ma Soott and family arrired in this city
last ewnirf . He .ti hit excelled Lady and
Children ar all io fcre health. Hi friend
and .Jroirers ware w.rta in their eongr.tu!.
tion, .sd ihe pla-jjit of "well dane 4 and
fait.Mil Krvaat," eciowi frora lip to lip. I0
. few daya as toco aa he reeruiu a little
Mr. Scott will take thc .d for John P. Usher,
for the recpV. Sute Ticket, for Fndoa. aod
rrarsoat. Ua coset horse eourtaiaing the
sttlisent. 1 his alw.r. ettertAlBdk..
tUity tothaaivaaceof aUver7 or.r Uxntary
seenred lo freedom be th fnp-.nmmli.. Ar..
! r: . i
Father.. Hecorrea home. w,r ia tke caut.
. . . . ... caote
1 irsM.3fcir.a t.,j ec'.er Ut catrr&a. oad.r
tha ReptjVl'ewQ banter, and fibt tor Free
Correct Ura from Tlr a
Mr. Hiram Adaint, a young roan former
of thit cit, tut fur the last fifteen t:)oitiha, a
I r i . " i r 1
iw.n..,, .... j... reu-rn. uer, ..u
r - Tt lhat I. and about 30 other, wer ddv .
rn from Leavenworth on Monday, the i(u
of Augut. t t company of near COd pro
tlavery rufT.ata.
TLeto pro tlavery men, inarched into the
town of Lravenworth and warned the cilitena,
ro were tree Mate men, to iave immuiiiy.
The ftce Stale men unable to eop with then
lawlcta bandi, forthwith closed their a tore,
tbrlr ahept aiil their dwelling, and fled for
tVirlivet. Thoe who refused to leave their
hornet atid claimed lb J tight of Aoierican
tiiect, Wire caught, and drivcu to the ateam
boat, then lying at the barf, and forced to
The free State men all toutKfi their hotnea,
and filed to the Statt t for protection, Mr. Ad
ttatna it here among ua, the other are textur
ed throe bout the other ätatet.
This all occurred on the 25th ult , within
three luilet of the Furt, w here there are enough
troop to, at one blow, auppreis this ttrr.ble
Mr. Adams givea a horrible picture of the
thoiacd impoaitiona imposed upon the free
State men, by theae pro-alavery rutRant. Free
State men are murdered in cold blood. The
extrrt!on of a free thought ia followi-d by the
stab of the knife, or the death blow of the bul-
1. IT avaxvax t )a rtfa at 1 ffrw i.uiii avtavar fl.axf
Kanaaa hall be a tlave State that they will
carry thit point at the aaciiflce of blood and
We hare aeen nothing from hlantat more
authentic, or iu our judgmeut more true than
the facti reported ty Mr. Adams. Heie are
American citixena driven from American ttoil,
treatise tht-y Jare give expression to free
thought. ITere are American citixena driven
from their homes because they cxerie that
Revolutionary bought right of free peech.
This is all being dofi. and the General Gov
ernment it too weak, too imbcCMti and too pw-
erlei to protect her citircnu. ThegoV?nnacnt
in the hand and under the control of corrupt,
partisan leaders remains sucnt, wnne tucfe
reat wronga are being transacted on our west-
ru border. Oh for initto guide the ahip of
State safely through thee troublesome timet.
Since the period, when ourfathera twore by
the God of battle. Hut apon thia Continent
thay wonld cstabliah a form of government,
w here the freedom of thought, the freedom of
the press and the free will of the majority,
should be recognixed. haa there been nothing
equal to these Kansas outragea. No aerf, liv
ing uuder the tyranuy of a Russian despot
no menial, bowing before the mandate of a
religious bigot-no tlave, crouching beneah the
uplifted rod of his matter, have been more
ruthlessly deprived of their natural righta,
than have the free State men in Kansas. With
the will and energy of Northern men, they
went to thia delightful territory, reared their
cabfhs domiciled their families prostrated
the forests cultivated the prairies, and began
to draw around them the com fori and enjoy
ments of domestic life. They had never been
used to slarcry, and they did not dcir to
formal acquaintance with it. In their old
hom?aeads, iu the valley 9 of the Great West,
nj aiUTtnj th hill tt X JCglnd, thoy
had always been taught to give a full and frvc
expression, to every thought that sprung up in
their brains. Aud when in their Kansas
homes they were ked: ".Ire you in furor of
frtt er elate Territory ?' They at once re
sponded : Yt are in fac t of Kantat btinj
FRkK i ' free now, and ice are for it ever re
maiming free." For auch eapresslont ol free
thooghtlhey are driven from their new homva
and have to take r.-f jje in other States.
Hat it come to this, that this General Gov
ernment, baptised, ao it wis, in the blood of
the Revolution, and established upon a con
stitution givu equality of lights to all of it
' cilitena, should be ao enfeebled that it cannot.
iuone Herculean blow, forever quell all civil
commotioua and atop this advauceof robbery,
bloodshed and arton that prevails upon our
weter border.
If the government has no power to do thin,
the State govern-
na ot tbt,i,n. are tieaf.ona aeon
to Ut answered and acted upon.
How deplorable are these thing. The dem
ocratic leader, ambitioua for power and place
j have brought this calamity upon the country,
aod uov they eck, by a continuation of their
dynasty, to ruth us further into the Torte of
civil war. They give their aid and influence
to extending slavery into territory now free,
thereby violating the very fundamental prin
ciple upon which our institution arc based.
We give here an extract from the Missouri
Democrat, in relation to theae recent outrage,
and it confirms Mr. Adams' report in every
lUlitille Xeirs tf the foiltle of OssaxcUlom
ie Statement of Prisoners chovere Cap
tiiTtdbyth Pro-slavery Party Partic
ulars of tit Fyhtlfrutality fftie lie
tors, tf-c, d'C.
A party of some five or six Illinoisans
and Indi.niantj, who had one out to Kan
sas to settle, returned to this city yester
day morning on thc steaaicr Polar Star,
having been captured at the battle of Os
aawattoraie by the forces under Gen.
Heid, and after bein detained a day or
two in captivity, were conducted to West
por., and there placed onboard the steam
er to bo taken out of the State of Missouri,
and accompanied with the threat that if
they ever ventured back to the territory of
Kansts. and were caught, they should in
stantly be hunor shot.
Learning of the arrival of thi party. we
had an interview with its men on board
the steamer Baltimore, on which they
bad taken passage for Alton. Illinois.
Their several accounts agree so perfectly,
that we have eondented and embodied
all their statements thai wc might pre
sent oar readers with a complete and re
liable narmtitc of the terrible conflict at
The town of Ossawatomie was compos
ed of frara thirty to forty houes. and wa
a thriving plaee Uforo "the Kansas diffi
culties, mod had a population of about
two hundred. It ia situated immediatelv
between ihe forks ofnbrar.chof the 0
sage nvcraad the Pottawatomie river.
The distracted Ute of the country 11
occasioned an almost total desertion of tie
town by the families living ia ir, and at
tic ticac of tie fight it was occupied by
about 6fty armed free State men and a
few sveoin and children.
At six o'clock on last Saturdav morn
ing, just after sunns a pro-aUvtry partr
of about C'JO ötit onctr General Heid,
made their appearance before thc town,
hatneg ia their command a piece of aftil
Iryt tsi c?:tcf tics cristcd. TLcv
had made, a forced march of thirty or for
ty mile fron llielr camp on Bull cretk,
Ai eoon am the free Site men Jescried tie
pro-Uer force, they put thcmstlve ua
der command of Captama Brown and Up-!
drrafl, , formerly of Ohio, a- J cj-ht
heller in a growth of vnJer trash fctoutj
three liundrcd-yardi distant from the; thc President the armed anJ orsraniied Jgr.tM, and harroved ituitr ioth fu'un
town. The pro alavtry force maintained jboJie of men. arowedly in rebellion generations miht never know tot
their ground at about a half mile, and! against thc Territorial "orernment. Imve where Abolition fanritii-im l....t Im i
I a t . .
17,",,"' uuug n.i vuuuu,
which wis loaded with grape and cannis -
ter hliot and slugs. They Lai to advan-uion,
t..... 1 1. j -i r
itvuui pjsiuuci aau escu uitcuarje 01 1
the gn raked the ambush of the tree
'S f i I u I .'v a a a a 1 . t. m.r. . 1 a II . . I T - r .
,w.(.a. iiiu icariui eu-;ci. uns 01
our informants a'batc that he taw three of
his comrades fall Jit osce; itill they re
turped $ britk a fire a (hi) cowld, and i
ailfefi1ei1 in u-ntinf ir. iAi,rl nl II ir
. . w t
-V......,, vvi-t v.. .'v.j
uucmiei. Auer some tn or a uoseuaii-igtmenta.brtfnJi-s or duision, uti nutu
charts from the Artillery, a company of, ber and coiutwMtion of troop 1 as from time
aLout t in'lity oftl.o pro-sUery force dia
muünted frum their horses, and hating
aurroündtd the place of retreat made a
charge anJ completed the entire rout of
ihe Free Stufe men, leViral cf whom. in
ntternpiing tocroa the streamalong which
the fiht raed, wtreahot in the water
and were either instantly kiPed or ao bad
ly wounded as no: lo bu nblc (o ive
thennelvifc from death by drowning
J 'fy'
One of our informants states that he
aaw the body of Capt. Hrown in thc wa -
fa ST 9 I a Lr t"i ut t t nav n m I . t mi x I. a 4j-vk
Vi r . ", J
the one named William and the other
Dutch Chailey," were taken out of the
camp and bhot by their infuriated cne
mie. Thc latter was & Huunrian who
had fought under Kossuth, and since his
removal to this count-y, had lived in
Kansas and taken a very active part wilt
the free State party. He was present at
ji,, of JUck Jack and afer lhe
IlC was Creaenl at
capture of lb pro-slavery party, was an
pointed to guard the prisoners one of
whom was a man named Cole raan. This
Coleman waa at the battle of Odsawatom
ie, and after the capture of tlo free State
men reeoyniacd Dutch Charley. H de
manded that Dutch Charley be delivered
up to him, and taking him out shot him
:irf in I If f A Tt l r b.- 1 n CT L- I llu d mil
v v. ......... ......v.. ....v. w. i. BHivu, nuu
while lyini on the ground, with the mouth
relaxed and open in death, anothtr shot
.. .1 C i,:. ,!...
Tt as uuu vi, nu in, iiiiuui.
The above is thc straightforward tale
of this party of men, and bears upon its
face the impress of truth.
m V
mi. "MiiinkS liureiin.) unuot Ol bis upon vo.i in thr present unhairy con Ii-, at- , rti , , . ' fxltlt
Unff killed. Seven of the Free State tion of Kanans. ly tlo orders and lhfruc ! 1 no nivre of .Uhb,! IV
men were captured, after which the town Itions heretofore communicated. 'Ju m-ct " c .'u M'f r,n frni our Democra
was set on fire and entirely destroyed. ;t1.ta earner, the IWident haa directed '''V.V T V , . 1 n'" lvPlir
In marching back to the camp on Hull ..ie Governor of the Territory to complete , U Many
crttk, the prisoners were suhjectedto the enitatmnl andor
very eruel treatment, and two of tUm. ma. as vou w ill find F.iürx.t furib in lb! . fce will lia opponent IU dlt
Frederick Drown, son of Capt. Brown, ber of militia as may be ncccc.arr will be Zdoltr ÜJfaci;suarJ;;m'
t i'ii t it 1 -i . . J ..... - ... tue i.t st ores tuat nc to the surfen m
was aiso Kineo, tie was one oi tne pica-; arawn from thc slate ot Illinois and len-; ,irT,. r i ,- . -
t-t guards of the free Slate camp at Össa- i tucky as shown in the requisition, a copv 1 c 1 Ä?j ,on 14 P1'
? it j i i I - t i i eratic canuiJate lor (jvernor of tl" so
waloinie. and being aurpmed, he wasjof which is inc bsed. , o.n. ,lf yn . . . .
. ,i i .i i . u i mi i .erein otate olindianan: Jud,Te .Morton
shot throuL'h the heart by a preacher nam- The views contained in rour mstruc-' i i:i r . -y,lv'"
IA.,i.,nl c oil. ti.Ci.i.Tl. I tnoriiies. wiui aucu ujauiiebtHiions oi txieir , , , .
1 ottland Me. Sept. otli. I he State has j . . , .. ri jus patriotic appeal, r.nd his u n that;-
one strongly Kepnilienn. Tortland, Hathifur ose ,fPrcaJ. vsus.oa over tie hUtrai tt) crowd -
Bangor, Augusu. KockUnd and other a ? longer justifies any further hes- j jj js ft proper rrvin to p!av uith the pro
towns, show Hepubliean gains over a,t i 'tion or.indulger.ee T o you a. to ev-! jJ;er ..slriri. 0t),;, class jj-f.-
year, which if carried thoSh will tlcct (erfS0 dtr ?,!0SC 't,,n H loj incapable cf thinking fur tlu insises or .
Hamlin by over 12.000 majority. protec the citizens of Im o n country. I ;Hon in.,Jt r,, 1
Whig Meeting Recent Election,
Sr. Louis. Sept 3. A meeting of the
Whigs of this city was lull S iturday
ni-ht and nine delegates anoointtd to thc!v;.k .i;-.U. .1... . ..... . i ...
. r. . . 0 fr
H.tlt.more Uonvenlioni ICeiiolutions were i0f ..j pcoie of (hL. Territorr, pun -
adopted favorable to Fillmore, and pled-!i,ht,d 11 1
inlimtluir support ifno ether candidate! ' TTnrrt "T.nxx nnn Ornrr "
H.iltimore Convenlioni Ilesolutions were
be presented.
Official returns alow that New land,
American, is elected Lieut. Goternor.
Advtees fiom Kansas state that the pro- i
i .i t . . ? J .
slavery party nave ueiernuneu not ti
make an attack upon Lane's force unti
the 13th. This give (eary time to ra
the territory.
Republican Meeting iri Baltimore.
HÄLTIMORI. Sept. .. The Republicans
of this citv lull a meeting last nijht at
TjmjK Tm,,l,. ftiion" irer.
adopted lo issue an address, and aUa
take measures to nominate an Electoral
... ... .
WXitO it IU LOttOrS OX Oold. jPreaident, that he inn lake sutli n.ti! Jifi. in
7 . ai , t if tin teiil U.Ab"to astohun mav Memtole de -
j rt I'll til' 'J iii iiiuiv'ii 11 tue yiiiHiin-
cy, J shall enter ujnjn the execution cf its
duties icith a single hearted determination to
promote the good of the ichule country, uud
a. 1' .-.'--.. . f -
ta utrcxi rweiy to niM rit'i ait tne Ktrer vr
,1 , a . " . "
the government, irrespective cf party issues
and regardless of sectional strife Colonel
FrrtnonVs Utter of Accejiancc.
Firrv Fir I
Piro! Firo!!
The large Blacksmith shop of the Terre
ll, ute and Kichmoud works, waa entirely con
sumed by fire last night, between 13 and 1
o'clock. There w.a rtothii.g of ny coose
qoence aaved from the building. The loa Ja
very heavy.
U A little Negro boy wis bitten by a deg,
. I mm
Tettemav eveninr. 1 he dor took bold of the
armjust telow th. ahoulder, and took ont a
small piece of flesh, making a bad wound.
Doga are of no 11 in a city, that we can aee,
and if any one think, heis benefitted by keep
ingot), he should be compelled to guard
against tuch auch outraget aa the above.
. 1 1 r äm a a a a
XJ The Kailroad Bridge, on tht Alton road,
took f re on Friday latt, from aom of the fall
ing coders from the 7 o'clock train, bet w at
discovered before ny darnsgt w. done.
Jacto Horton.
J odge Mortoa was ia our city yesterday
e . a . a a.
ue si.ou.iue campaign., ana apeaxa moat
)amK.I. a, - . .
s iriBüipo oi me s-opieejfjr-.,, ,t oat, 1 i)C delicate operaliou w
ticket. Wherever tt roes he rallys aroaod mn.t ari-.f.il hm. nrnurh Ir trm.....r,
h.mlh.meo of all partie. and tb people of had set in before t!. needle Could be ex-! J" '7 f' ts pi ins y ,u mov, .s'
the State, leek cpon him at jjsttbeeanfor tracteJ. it fas, at laU iccousta. vcr ;u:e'. WL U! bl-Ta lU -'''aorai
their Governor. Alt. rether free of tlo bols dr.ubif.,1 .K,4fr t,; i.e. üik.. !.!() Lxammer
... . .
aadhear.eryar.dtrieksof thedernagng-u-e.he'it is, however, a DOSt uncommon Opera -
iaasepposit.tobis eoQ.rtitor, Mr. W.12,rd. jutn and singular accident, showing that
a. truth aird .iccerety, n adverse u falsehood even the hi art iMf may uptain a sharp
and eerrurtioB.
There ia hardly a doubt ef Ur. Horton'
election thc aid acd ubaUntfal democrats
the men who rtte for principles and rx.D.wttl
cevtr giv. their teffraea to sccb a dtoue
at A r. WiLIard. ilr, Mortoa fpeak. ia Sol
lie.a to-day, are! will addeta tha peopl. pf
this cosz'.y iatisir lftti Ifetrf rn Tftdcc-
Hons to Gov. Czzry cr.l Cca.
WAjiiisaTow, Rept. 3. The Union of
?. ' 11-1 ! .
this morning publishes oflicial ort
üor. Geary, of Kansas, ai follow:
Unliable information ha?inr r
oruer to
rrhd ;
jconccntratea in ucn numtKrt at to require
additional militarv force for their diper-'
r0U ha've the milita of the Ter-
. . .... 1
ritory eomple'ely enn lh d an I organixed.;
to the end that tier mai
y onahorl nctiv-ebe
. Ml A J
I 1 . a mm
brought into tho ervire. o! ir.e Untied-
a .
States upon the requisition of the com-j
tnander of tne Muitarr lienartmcnt in
whirh KanA ii embraced.
V :iie ? i. 1 .C.
x u a win luruisn, oy compiniea iji re -
to time you may find in his rtput to b- nec
essary lor tne suppression 01 ail conittna- uuun nn 1 batowed u,t- ijur.d on wlidv
lions to resist the laws of thc United ,il !oo 1, thai they had n left one t t 0
States, too powerful lo ttj suppressed by u;on .nmuhtrto t.nnk the spot wlcic At
the cisil authority, and lo the maintenance oli:icnim hid dtf.cd the laws of llu- Uu:
of pubiic order and ciul government in the ted Statt s.
Territory. (Siloed) N . L. MAHCi . .
crtary Iiavis to General Smttli, un-
ipt atit M.f ti 1 1 mTk. . 1 . . .
vkv ui muuuv,! kj, aajs.
Yiur dtsp.ntch of 2id August and in-
i 1 ui ui Bji.ukii Vi iiU .iuuk nuu ill
'closures sußieimtlr thihif th
Cy of the force under your eommand to
C t 1 . I" I t fl S 1
' periorm tne ouues wi.icn nave i;cvo;viu
: t i e 1 .. 11 .
i. .1. . o . r . . r . .. i .
oy me secretary 01 niatc, anil tne t 'resi
dent has directed
you are authorized
make requisition,
such militia force
tr.able you promptly 'nd succcs.lullv to
urn rniiiiiaav itirrp am am vnii ninv n f 1 uiri- l.i
execute rour order nd tunnrnt tl-... in -
nrrertinn i!nit (U m,r, mnrrl t lb
..V..V.. "k'Hlll HIV kVHUUIUI I HIV
v '. - e v i i .i
lerriioryof Kansas, and under the cir -
. ' t . r . I
curaslanccs heretofore communicated m
your instructions to mve the requisite aid
to the ouicers of tbo c
il government.
who mav be obstructed ia
e .r t
Should you not be able to derive from
ümilnuof Kansas an adequate force
!aim Ia lti A(t.r..aa...M.n,lll .lti. I.A.I a '
j .lutia m sut; um. VI a tuiuuniiiu uiv ti wjn,
i under date of Auirtist 11. are fully appro -
ved, and accord 10 crlirtly with the pur-
L .'rai.. L i i. .. i : i
injse vii iuc riccuiitr is n irsw; uuv in- .
. ..... . ...
He to add in relation to the course winch
. j , , . . , ,,,,
If la il ut i wtA lii.t1.1 ....citA I h.
." , u hu.,v. .we
at ion oi tne insurgents as snown ov your
i i -. I .1 . i i i
letter and iu inc osurt-s, is that ol rebel -
. . ' ...
1 J w a vj ewtstfltta I '
me to say to cu u.a. , .. i . tv-f.. . : .
from tune to hnu to i . ,-", i ,it . .
.tun aloft'! i,:. I! ctma cl. ... r. . II . II i
upon tie (Jowrttr for i w tr i k l ,v 1 . '
r hi irJ. silli I.i4 coat otl. v-i unbutton-
i for theae ntirnosr a. miph ndditninal num.
I I ,.in.tl,Al..r.n t.-.nl.t..f...n9l.ll.. . I - . ,
, s vv s-e B ill III-1 lOlll'l II4V L'VSV
. . i S
uc enemy, it cannot dp utiurwisc man iv i , .
i.,i J -r 1 , ii . i, , ,man by such spreehes as he rnad lore.
deeply painful to be brought into conilicl t . , , . . . ...
.yj .. r i r n . Judge .Morton nptcr.Ied cntireJv to thf
I h nnv nnr'inn nl t. 1 1. i t I . r . O il ........... .v
n itu tan i 1'VI.IVII Kßl IUI IVIlun VklUIIH I
. . .
i . .... ti .
uiru, uui uiu lutiiii n uu iuiu.iiiiiv ttuae
.i 4 i I.- l lit ....w .r..o.
i . . . f .( -
r 1 1 . mihi in-. i iiiir m.i iiir : mill .
,m MM. W V 1 ..... . a
I niiitu ii'.in uoiuiu nrj 1 i.wu t nun n Ulli)
ftf tlu. ..ews.! rwonl nf ,i. T.-rriinrt. ..,.n.
raoro "jaw ana uracr.
Tbe following tetter of intructln to Uv.
f ....
err.or Oeary, by sreretarv Marcv, ia adJition -
y J -
.l to that gjrci; ... the 1.,,. a day.
to-' W""f.
ti: 1 wLulvV l'
zi Si-: The present cona.:.. .U,. i.t:
,'if Kansas rmdtrs your dutienas l . . . w i r t . . i
'highly resposible and delicate. In the in
jslructtoua heretofore eoii.iiiunicsted t- vour
ou' I'Cetuber, ar.d iu an order issued from the
,Var l1 T4rmcnl. (printed eorie, f w hieb a'c
Zt utfili.
ito obtain orJer aud quiet iu the Territory of
jkvanaas; and, Vd. if disturbances do occur
.therein, tn bring to punishment tlm offenders,
c. ii ,
Should the force which baa heen io i Jed to
I.V.- . i x . " .
omain tnese oojecis prove iriSviincieri!, you
will promptly male known 'he aiue to the
nianded by the exi-ei.cies of il-e cae. It
be cae. Hi,
shouid be ki pt
f tbii! in Kan -
important that the PreideLt should ki M
well informed as to the state of thii!' in Kan
sas, and that the source of hit information
should t auch as to insure accuraey.
i . - , , i i i
I IV. l UlllllUX UHIiru tl I ill IU IKlJI-
muuicateeoustantlT witlithiali.anrirntanrt.
Ifactt aa it is detm.-d iatportint tobe early
j Yo.u w,:1 cu y O trai. fitted by Ule
'crapbaa w el. as bv mail. 1 ..c 1 resident in-
dvRc a hope that by yo;r i,erKy. impartial
itj and disrretioii, the tr.nfj.nlit) of the Ter-
niory will be restored, and the persona ar.d th
proKrty of our c.iim.t protect, d.
, ...
Tue Hr.ART I itRvkD. A youny Irish
I ... ft 1 t I 1 1
I man i renuing in Hrutol, hnglani. wl;h
larking, ran after a girl who waa engaged
I jn tcmcstfeis work, and gate hcrahuir!
9 ö
1 i rri bi?t it r.rr.i rt t; V,.t ,r.t
la fcicf, fof a$ he pressed her to his bos-
1 . .
Am it ture.A.t 4.11 1 ill l.nt a f.ft a m
as a needle wbieL she had in the brta.tof ! . L.--7-M-her
gown literal!? entered his heart, and ! lek!o" i:0;,tb Cfru"na P':,
broke ofl hort. few ing nearly three parts' , VYVV h? natural an I norrajl coo
of an inch of thc steel fn thc iuclci. u) i'llK
instantly felt sick and faint, and waa ta j cr -ACK. The great evil .Vrt.jr,,
ken to tie infirmary. w!.cn it was deter-J'?T " n,J ,WiI
rained to make an effort to extract the bro-j a-J lX
km needle, as. should it remain where il I , , j uvJ?r "O'f-';!
srai, death must ensue from inlWtion i .c!ol,,td w"h ,,,c ;'c.anJ powir
of the heart. A rhyaician. accordinglv, ! fcc,t,Zf n'' Master and aSvc.s a relv.icj
cutthroughtlc outer flesh, and h mn-r ,a m neccMsry aMhit ofparcM
ladbare the surface of tho heart, discos- !chud;and the Northern Nates will
erednmall nnrlion r.flhr ne,dl.. fr,. ! TCt lave to trroduce lt. 1 U ff ihtoiy cf
1 a
ment protrudini:, and with forcept
i . , ..
wound wilhoutdeath immediately follow- ;.Uf , .
Fast Shipping. ! nd il " llciC UL .lhe.
r... a. ri , 4 i Hek to carry, underlie c.nu:utiDu,
vaixirtx & Co. ire rcccmc rol bvi..jm . . . r .t t-
.v .t- t . t . . to ail the terntortvi of thc Lnioa!
ti Sir f.st Freight Line to tco to Dine daya
frop Beaton acd Saw York, for our mercbabf.' IT We undvTttand tha'.Mr. Kili.b Wilt.-.-
!ThI. is a tittle stsd rf .ry rir-e;aiertira
i-rade ta tctre psr'.t.
We re not able to ty huw Jr,jr.V
Will&rJ tvni whMj he rwirj "out tie fol
lowing bvautiful, nniiiotic Mntimtnt.
In n sp-ccl ut iLrmtowu ho
I would to God ihc Burdir Huflinn.
Mthey nrnc.ilUd. Lad turned ilo Imiil
in I.RKimrA in tl. . . I .. i
ion, nnu brougiil tuttlr arma m l r.iTi
' .
to defy the laws cf lhe l't u d
lie dropped Rno'.Lcr vt m of lie ann o
kind at M:utinsvilio. nal,)rl ,jnj.
" r.r burein r nf 1-.... f ......
eY a a -
. 3 ""'Ii inv ut ouiii.,1
was riht in thc nlt of l.eecn. .'it:Jit
' wouiu
arc Leen u blessing to tl
I. : e . t
try if thc free Stu'c r.n n tl. ro LadUn
0 oui-
I. t .
uorutu ym;i. n, nt.a tftc:r asLc
pi r .J,
ui.Jcr ::!
. At IMncctrn h
"I vull to iirt jjiey had I
urr.r! ?.
; Such sentiment, n theae ou Li tu br
tue b usti to lie cheek of the
1flil!.n L i . . . .'I .1.1
uumu in a eer pO.ili'l a Ific
bleeding Kansas.
Morton and WillftrdTho Dis-
CTdülOIl A"
i'i".i'n BI.U ueier, we scnturc lo ssr.
' "III Uiff
er representatives ol the L! ;:L-
!' ' R1 ruluU
. f " ,. .. ... ."""" ' j-
liTlt 1 ill tl rr ... 1 1 .i . t - . 1 l l
w - l vm. ur nmiilUUll Of
.,.,..1 1 1 . . . , .
rampant bullv: fariotis r dee auuiiij a .(
1 ,trt ,1,.,, i , . - .
-lie llioiiht no:.e nml viv.incc tuuit currv
i , . " 1
.", ".' ' V. Y'.'r uu "T"'"
'i:,.-. , . s f" "s 441
fe?ann' nWc by
tracing I ourth of July patriotism; miirep
' "'"ü 1 vi jviiv p.iiri'jtistn; ruisrer
j at
f - A. P ' un. on Lli.
i-.i i . . - . . .
U ieti-
. ijyj an Jq over? Word 1 'd
' ' ,c
He i it
V'T I , tri
60 J brewed in dtbat., arrafd in everv
tonlion tnirienelrablr tn tb tt rl f )...
f.Ä - . ,T . , . :
1VV , IJUi UltllJl
. .
iue, uui uiesisi lUH in lilt own Cl!Mri?C.
( wi.Iard is vastlv ourrated
He i noth-
.- , i , ,
,na n,0,c "'in a bran ia stumpf r. a f:r
;iiJli. - , . " ' .
oecl.'iimer. lie is a iioor tfanmr. r.n 1
. a - , ...
'iievtr secure the voto ofa stn-le mt i m :.t
It ., ... .
" rpnn. Hp 4iir.fiu.il I i. ri. rr......l
, vwu. hi. ui"-
m m m v 'X. a awe s
His iwm: or.siir inc e. i.t. np.-. . an.i ih i
miueu i.is enrtonen
opponent no taudir pi. ice uj
... - -
' on wll,cu t0 a ft
He ath.i ved u
, . , .,. . , ...
' , "'l-; irmnipii otrr
; lard. Ut us not hi rcafter ler r.nv n
,lk about Morion dosl-in- Wb.r.id,
' . u ",J,'Vlc anj w-u:ii 'umpii otrr i:
ui, n,
i r,.. , , .1 , i . i
; ana.cd lorm a print in tin eitv last week,
; ,t. .., .r r, ( ., . .
I. ..II .Mitt. i HI l-l'?ie;l s;.-Uf ' In i i.i'.l
Wiard. We now kno ho und
He Its
I "-red- before tin c..;umut,:tv
know the nhvic ..i.giti. breat
'M tii ... Di'.;. ol in :n(r..l ! rr;t ?t T
n.V.iire. He thia measure im T i v fl.uuu i
' ,j unw ( r(jlV u f . f
of tie people of I ,.iu
- -
Tho rtcr Oak at Hattfe.i
! Our readers mo r.-nei allv fnttiiliar .a uh
! thc hisloi V of the famou 'vhaiter 0..L "
f n..r.. t rii . i . .L.:
i at tl.'irttoid, o n. , ul t no tit vtrt'Cltui id
f ,. , , .. . , . , ' .
' iinii'h liv Ii il 'iin I In. I . .inr. uli ii I. .
",v" "ö"" "o ' ' V 'i " Jl
; ed U.a twn nr thrc; dava aince. A cofetn
pjnry list lie fidlnwin ' ir re 'ltd to it '
1 1 t: . i-.i. .. ",i
I fnkMItü t ; ria st id Ulli
r "rCMlt'1 prJ ,e p.nrt of tii
i which ri suited iu tic .meri
tnon' tic t.'.rlit st f lii.tt ion' seru
. 01 'SC,K n Dn f pari OlUll -at IJnUilin,
a .
- i w llch It suited iu tit American Kcvoiu-
' tion, wa uiciTuic fur tie dc4trt:cti'.-a ot
I .i. . ; ,1 .t...,r- H .. t
.a.i.f.t, viv. latvll Vli'M .11 ?, T. vialll Ul.l.
; f IV . MM "
:uf Umnecticat. lie C,onHiiiM.ntrs Ur
' this purpose, willithc Sthctmtn of tl.r
jtown. were a?icmb!.d iuthe Town lloue
on the t.t.,4in:: t.f tbw lb t,f M.ir, lCiß.
j . .. . , . . . . .
j ;"lJ,hJ'r th- i'' utr.' ( xtinguiahedi
"Ut beU repi l- ' 1, U.e 1 1 r W; gotl' ,
1 und lie P ( it tctuliiiy COUJi not !;'.(." t
, lh, a,, jj tt;.Uu ltr-;uTtj Jx
lie plie of con;v...!ir.cut. Tlc old oak
j lrtc the ugh tvlis'iring to ivi ty Ire
j was mute as to tic tu a sure eoncctdeJ iu
:u i . T. irm ,r , , r irt
I w .Uli ii'v iivi ill 't ntj anii-tv-vt
the '..ar.d. nnd the watclHrta of revolutitti
i!jlirninak.a iu ancitnt branches. i U the
b s-tcred deposit was rcilicd ' j lie patti.t
. i . ,
slj secreted it
t' : tret govet nn; nt i; a oviusion.
a - . k - .la
i ou lit ar it irtc noorera c: '.:.e .uru.'
You arc slave?, or ough: ! be. and if tie
. .- i .. .
! . "Ul'1 20W lnuU ' Sloieru
1 " fu-'U' 'trol mnJ uury ctridt
i l?ftr4 V d,fr"te ff 'OMPLr..-. .
fe.ra S.w Mill, six miles .! cf Vi ri-
,bi:td.j7n atarJar I.i.
Uli tia . 1 I

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