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Wabash express. (Terre-Haute, Vigo Co[unty], Ind.) 1841-186?, October 20, 1858, Image 1

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f 1
J $3 00 Al the end of the jr
Tonus $2 per .i.mu.i, in advance.
Dcuotcb to tl)c iUljig polten, Ncwö, Commerce, literature anb (Soc.il ittovals,
W W a , - S
WHOLE NO. 803.
n .. 3J .-LI,'1 Ual
The RcäUlt.
V cannot di-mis the s-jbj. ct of the rt dt
Indiana r.Iri'.ioit.
Cur Ci orr . The new fro- Clsv that
of the el.cli-n in thi c-xiDty. itho at ft few iUti 1, IC l majority, an J the entire (Vj.
congratulatory leflrctlon. iutenvUd ep-cil- j so ion ticket e!ct 1- elrap'Jn f rrhap lKt
ly fur the ear of our fre-d. Wf wo'-I I n t ; Treasurer.
fcjj ot.e word to prob the wound f our ad- I OwQ ha ;Tne lare majority reihapt
vrersarwa A fallen f ha our sympat hy , i 4'h) for lvia Prarkiin, LCon plon, for the
Lot our nrr. Supinely or. it back lio the
L.;! Mature i defeated, a..d the State itckrt
Great Lcompioi, party of this county it ha ; ahea I
JifJ fur thi last si months in a mot rasslerly
7 7 ?
i 3
Tofter, Ip.iblicsn, i ehcted a the Gih
I . . . ...
manner, und as it 1 m.w in the ditch. wi hop- j Uiatrict ty K majority.
it may be ufTrred to remain then. Nver I Ki!,nr. Republican, is elected in the 5;h
i a party mor signally defeated. It pro, j hy I erhaps 3'-jO.
r 0
trauet i eomp'.ete, it rnr J j-rfct. Ahan-
tli,in7 prifcij!e fur party mae, it wer.t into
Dunn' eUcliutt in tlie 3J District i uoutt-
triel.attle with.iul rl oe ohieM. an.l it h i 11 ckelman, i u the 4;h lUtrict. i perhap
I 'Mil,
ey. Opposition, in the ll District, 1 .,
rAMin mit l.?.i. 1 1 fir t i'rv ..r It un.ti-r 'Jelea.e!,
took to utai n it ori.i ition at the arr;
fjee of the riht, an I tt failed, lu IciJcr.
bein corrupt thrmaelve ayed to corrnj-t
th? pep'e, and the people refjei the oter
ture. The Opposition, erubrivcinj the in lepen 1
ent cooreatie men of all partir united,
and the result i hat expected, a triumph
There is now no ned of any further diJlrrr'ic
of opinion, or fflin in the Oppoitiri ranks.
Wf bre nnite l.we ar Tict ri o, and 1 t u
remain J rttrr r.e. The triumph m this roun
tjr is not a iUpuhlif an triumph it i t t an
American triumph it I not an atiti.Lecotup-
ton D'Biorritic triumph, but it is an Opp i j
m,i0 noi 9i 3'J 01 G2 Gl m;
!.! 1GI 31-' t". 41 fü tG Cj K) 71
;.i Gi
71 3. cl 1951
47 4U Vi
4J Vi I 75 41 9ß Oil IW " ! PI rß 27 51 4J 9 H'-T
.'v " .. . .... r.. ;t 1 -o ), r- r.". or ll IT. !
o a ij ivi i)u w 1 tut
78 90 Pi r,:) :i 4. 41 ;3 13-71
5'J 1 75 3G S'J 7Ü 27 91 I77r
in ail i rut4iMJ:jr uceM Jl. Srerttiry yr.
!).. ii. iKi- Dlri.-t rill v.L n.ir 0;)) Tlani.l Vfi-l'lur
IllBj,rtT ; William A. IVellr b"l 2-b tJ J J'
..... r, ... . i . s . ,2.t I A-ditor f Slate.
Wilson. RepnMiean. elected in the Mh Jhn w D m, j 201 3tt Cr 44 77 9
District . hv an increased rnaioritv. i AlUrt I.n.f . 7t)-? 3:i7 ü 42 71 41
Oolfax. Ilrpublicau. triumuhs iu the 9ih by ' Trntrr f Slife,
o,,ui)ll .rire -John II. Harper CP 29 77 o'J U 3S .11 -8 G f,2 f.., .a JO a-,
...i.j.ar.tj N.F c..,.inilnm IM k5l 45 117 110 100 103 7U 30 5 47 9J 1(,.9
Case. UepuUicaa. i auccesful ia the 10th Au,v Cebral. r r , 0 ,.,p
District. T.Ou ....7.H310 41 W 11 M H7 70 3G f.r, f, 27 9 .15
Pettit, RepaWlc. i f!,cU d iu the U th J. K McIWd 215 3M CS 41 r i3 91 J t5 t'J .3 11 Jd 141.
l,-tf,tt- 'John You,.,: 710 274 41 .V 47 4G 92 73 40 ,l il 2. OS lill
The appearance of thinZ now is that we a.;iU,.l L Kui I'J" MM Gl 43 Mi 7J GJ 2G 46 4 91 139!
hall rc-re 11 oyr Urf.uUicaii 0-or-.meti . 1 Suf-trwr Jyr. 0? ,,- . r,f.
Horace r. Hi.liUe W1 fi v ju r. n o .
an. I in one in the th District, and one in
tion triumph. It i the triumph of all thoe .
H'ihe" (3d.) and re e'ect Daris.
J an. rs I, Wot den . .
u :i7! Gl 42 77 93 74 h7 7h Gl 2i 42 4i 92 ir.
Thisw.U . w. Mentlf icks! . G75 2G( H". 4) 47 3G .11 . G7 :h G7 25 95 jr.25
!i,'iethe Opposition ? la 3 in the text Con- ; Andrew Davidson H'l 3'l Gl II H 91
. m l T Iii' I f "i
. i- t n.t "ifi ft: tin w i i i : . i.i i.j -' mii i .at. '
The chance for the State ticket h! 53 M 37 Si Hi 70 Sfi 72 W 25 95 13
n..l tirt rate. We can ay oolhinj positive ( j im , Hanna I'J'J 333 G7 4. 7D UJ f7 91 b3 71 27 41 41 93 l.UJ
Circuit Judje,
who united to reist the nfarioj po!tcy
of a corrupt Adminiatratioo. An AdojrsM
tration that ia depletinj th Treasury of the
Vti..n T..M.irr it. a. rnnl of a Trrn'ofT of t
..... .,1. 1 , . .. t i uf it before I. morrow.
iLn irt'itnili . n rlits anil til af 1 1 f t fie of i
.v ....... ....... - - r , ,. "Hi-zzs rca Cu.a:uis ott Sluivax. i J'" " vmii....
Ccial poMtion- to thi ettire couutij. in the , tf fS.d tn oi Olavp-d
hand of corrupt partisan leaders Th official return from Sullivan co mtv 1 , ;4" ,ffc'y'
Had our eil-rt to succeed Uen correspond f)aTis a msjoritv of 22 vote. ,4.c X. V.i.
Ingly equal to the eto-rt of the Uempt.n- j, Vrrni;lin jhM m, Iwlulur,.
ite to retain their power, our vote wo dd is tlrClt.a lo l!ie senate Vy a W'" K-.M
. : . tv ... J ' ' John I ltiTil
I.are neeii eeen i;r-aier nu u " ,,; ,rj u 771
from the public Treasury, and ei.Couraed y j repo-te.
r.aecutiv ariii!., daskrd into the (''- . 3j0 f( Hoter i 7ffnr.
. . 1-11 ... -.. - " ,it h .ot
DJ expecte.I c,y u.e force o. rnj ur... ... ; c,rjnt- if , jrllff r 4hjut fi00 m
. t. .1 ....I
thei l-tice of cur fue. diareardrd all piriv j r,.,.n.v nT.r a n.aiorite. 1 Dai Johnso 3 1
ititlurt.ces appealed to ridraMlii.ir - 1 ,IiiTe y .i, (0 .,u rr" much doubted.
... , 11 1 .1 1 .......... 1 1 -
t l iue peopr-.viviress.uw. -oWr 1 h ,t the ch.mc-. are in his f vor.
thought, and wun. It 1 therefore a trmnvph
of the people in their aoverein rapacity, ovtr
Ftdt ra! cunoiog and party drill.
We feel exnlunt that we h jve surer e.lfd,
UraiM- e f.rl it i ihe first strp in tm
net.tly redemi. this County , and brinin it
back lo the tunrs, when the b-einos d lh
ff 7 (.G 27 4 t H 91 13j2
ird... ....... TU T.x
Kara I.Va 1 22' 413
t; F. Cookerly
i W. W. Farlr
Samurl Com, r
! V ni H. Stewart
It was thought at Indianapolis yesterday j Co Vit Vrt$tcntur,
evening:, that the Ilep jhlican State ticket . A. H Crane ,
n ... 1 . .
1 . I. lou.
Carotf r,
1 N . W . H. iimm
1 elrcu-d. This howeeer reeds cntifirma 1
4J0 g
JÜ 41
f.94 275
Jamr Kf'a
IT The ..!)!! rtti.rns from Yermillion j (..nfy rmii'-.tr,
C'iunt v, are .t f.)l!o
.ddWi,r Ir:y sere trim, phanl hy utff
v: Ir.iii. nisjoritie. We c o ri'uUt '.r
friei.d-, and h'.pe tbst th-Y, wf.h w il; ,
spate our mrßdig opHneiit.
Tho Election. j
We jn. in lo d)'s i te th c.mp!.tere i
t'irnsol vhis c'in'y. F.vcry anli le ., j.t,.t
Do. era , r rr Anri'. and .-'v K p'i'
l-can n.ust fei 1 grattd.-.l at the r-utt It i
lh- iri itoj h ..f the O, po- ill n, t!it hi I um
t. d aj;m-t tl. p. 'icy ..f tl. pre--iit irk. d
A Imini.tra'i. n. U i tu 0 p siti..n v.c'r
'I r people a I Ii s t the policy of Mr ttuo
J.:n n as bad. and lh-y rrbwkrd it. Yu-o
ro .ii'y rt d. n.d from vhe iuirvte of tin
l d.e
! priu ut' 10 Hptrauis, a. 1 tje id
MiCliri ....
11.. i.i
C'liii'in;!. .1"
Mr D 11 si
1 .
7." G
O. S. I u Hie
S. W. Kdnm. ds
lo-rj. V. hi -lit
lim v it A I . 0 . . . . .
.4 acir,
s. M r.ti. T"!i .... ,
Jo. I h lv Jones. . .
... 211
90 GO o2 42 31 HS Gl MG G'J G 25 f7 1G13
71 2.1JH16 101 IC2 92 9; 70 2$ 51 45 91 IG'H
f.l 42 rrt f5 83 (-4 CG 21 42 40 9S 115
93 4i GJ 41 41 93 G9 40 Cs 76 27 91 I Sib
M 42 r..r 41 4 1 Hl G7 44 f7 75 31 92 1731
n 41 oG 5.1 50 t-9 73 40 73 77 -J7 9G le77
Gl 4 71 90 7- 94 75 GO 27 41 39 91 1115
fcG 13 153 103 1 tC, 91 Gl 2G 47 41 93 1420
91 40 r3 50 43 92 M 43 PI 76 .10 9G 17M)
Id p) GO (s7 75 k2 7G 52 22 41 42 91 13-3
7 3 12 2 3 14 2 3
3 2 5 1 1 1 1 1
73 31 O 3"' 2- f.3 45 02 K' 2S 95 1417
t7 50 113 HO llr-2 92 10C G.i 11 43 42 95 1915
91 40 .I 11 11 99 71 44 Gl G3 2 100 1M0
Gl 16 90 103 t-2 b3 tG C2 2G SO 41 90 131
91 42 G-) 45 41 r9 75 41 7 73 2 93 17.1;
9J 3d 79 DC r3 fc7 b2 CO 21 H 39 91 13G2
90 43 .VI 57 :,5 HI 91 45 rN 7H 29 101 U55
CO 40 93 75 70 td r4 Go 17 51 59 G7 1374
b7 .1" 41 31 "I hi 73 1G G1 fd 2G 102 1752
71 51 12 J 110 91 Vi 9J 93 27 11 ' H 1501
!! 1
K.2 r3 U9 Ul T?5 7-5 TtI 11G IPG 122 7K 122 3113'
( jr I)riiel Wi '.Vcr penned the f dluwii.
T ii i: : 31 j: t .
It a M'jLjih.
The riutl I He I mi r Wbf,
Au l iiiiti z a t3 2ie;
1 tii wliii ti i g j ln.rti hrii.k le'or
T a,' m tre of the k:es !
Ah ! t 3 in y rf l oi I a harn 11 n,
An 1 ui-tlitf a turn pile,
1Vi inill.on rui.ir mi Us of
Tfu tt.;i. i. legueuf tail!
On.hy m Lit Ii I, f 'tii r.' f ligM,
ie (Jili ki d he Cine.;
II; iun. i.. .t to it j l U nor rifit f.
Hi nl t li- in l ot I iiri r lix
Or.ecpiiru f r t : t Li Jen.oid.c h 't
Aay. aay, they fly,
Wto-r duknea mtjiht h hottled yp
tv:J fir "TjiUii d)e."
A n i IM wouM l ippn to the ,iiJ,
Aii l how "ulJ ! k ih a- a,
If in the hoyr1.t .!ril', pj I!
Orr -utth hoi.l l tlio e lo t-e ?
l ull hot unJ h ch th n't tulJ lil,
l-'u i 1 n-'l ihe t iretl givniu;
Mi tt.'..t;?it 1 w in ) er4 it all
tu i Jt j lie dr aiu.
1 a a tutir tak ib.- tu'
'1 h-' ('.Muff. euie to pf-y ;
1 hi-ifl srrtani the itiivieJ rj a
n'r-Afd the ti. 'T'a j
1 u f .rt- -th .I t!r
V.'rr S'liK-il with poffl rre-n;
l'..p iruitf t the ui.! Int flu) tiielulltl
linj went the ma i i. ?J
1 p.i u puat j a m rutt
K.cli ni'ni.i'iil id .: ln) '
1 r k I upon th- firi-ir t-ail ,
ru- .H '-in of lW.a.'t.ut.,
1! r.iu'. l i,l -oo df nr ) burn,
Atllo -.i.'t'.i lo 1th II Ulf J,
An l i soi'l aiu'i h h 't
I o Wi t Ihrm as tin r ilrltd.
Imm the aia' Jit jitch ro'.l Jgwo
'1 In rra. klmj, a tu.";i,l"'"
Ai.'l treamof anoike, like sifr rjua
liur-t tloouc'i llu r J'i.l''.u. iiilio?;
I kWi I t'.ie Oiem-ii h) they iii'ie
Sui li i.o .c who Jl tlio lwi.;
'I hry tawvrcil n"l. hut nil the Lilo
The bnikea cul up unJ lown.
I saw a roast it g piO'.rt ait
Upon a bjkn.j: i -;;
I a i rij p 4icii hishane
KtinjruU!.ii s hi
I utw nine lipo the iujf
Towai.Ja the fr. ?n pole,
And ereiy another gjl;t-r fell
i'riprl lo rruiktii. cool.
I aw he ot that hrowacd th eraas
WrilUa iu the tlit Jrir s .
Tlie lif rtMge in 1.1 lirmklic Jvi
Wa it a fuTj I I -;
I nn I. life f.sli- boilrd t) ra;,
ltoh t;irH.h t!i t uth'.in hrine;
An.) tlio.iVi f Upper troel try nul;
1 hid hen r.a'.i at i.iiao.
Stran? sitht ! str.rr- siund ! O fearful Jrean
111 iiirinory h.ui t tac 'tl'.l,
1 lie pi 'ainln -.ra.tlio ciln oti glare
1 luit prri'iitli- l each no 'd.'ti hill;
.ernii'ft If Uiroush l!o rre' i i r: u
Mirti lui.hilil.t vii',t cep.
Sp.ne, fp.ir", O a;nr thine e v.-nin; tneal.
And atit thU't'C Ihy !rii:
A Lccomjtonite's Faca !
A Maumiiu.m i-i
Tht follovrirg f?xtr?-rdi: arj P.v'f nt nt.
' -ivon in the HomhaT Tcto -r.tp'i, L.as I fn
j before briefly n .'iced:
It i fVn'fH in a !etir fr ni BiuJi tt.n
j There are a Crrat many Un fsee 1 L-cotrp , fun. Whi Id' CIur: t. . r.te ri .
tonites intluse part about this time. l!r. Iar;p 'haul' from th- f t-! A Qjiuu
iberHch.r.'eovratencenter-tol:vetUm. ny of tl.C Mndrs Forty tl.ird .N.tiVO In
! whereas five cent worth of aoaplubricatea a fantry. filUtrl eJ b tb.e Ci !u:r r. . fun
ifaee in ord.narr titu,. !lls f 1 1 1 a! ! '
The elor-ej face which e gir,ab,Te.ii nr. J 1 ) h m of nip., -vi inuri-vej
ii,, beaurif.d contrast wl-h this. ne. -ahich rn- !VC!rd to be llfVend
presents the broad Einthal lau-hs out on the :Ur-A amount of tre su-e. aa trnnir
phiz wf every Anti Ltron:ptoaite jett tare.. ; quantity of j-wc!s hat I)--!. .Und. Th.-
ilon-ir to tlio lVih! ff: family.
"MfeM ,.r ,'50 w ar- ii'j' rr v leriot.sv i-i-npnait-'
How do ron like it T One is true to 1,fc cf fro:n 0,,.jah. ail ! CO eU; p:-- 1 f
lie editor of the Journal-'u-ther isa't. intK. H....n ..f t i i .t !I -U
' ltM It i-A bcii.-vfJ tluv n-ie t-Vi bv
IIOW Walter Ccctt WrotO lib Ro- ; olv brother. ho a t'-pfed t 'tt-'r rf ' e
mancC3. pr-:.t Nnrrein lb) u-. ! n apri -Dr
Shehon McK-r.zi in a reer.t lit- !n-r. TU tmisun and jewelry f.."!
. tM.:v..l A.A.:. I.-.. Ute-sni lto be of tlf v due of ÜHM'IO-'
crarv uri.cio iu .ut i iiiiwu um t - . f . . ... --.i:
- .vi..i. .niiiiniik ari.'iTi'
The list nrwa of tlu Ntna Si' ib
i ,
thitl.ebal crssidtbc (ori, an!
report J to lia.e ld Ins f.;nHuis i uby.
Wo now arc aware, from what Lock
bart ha related, that in 1019 the far
jre.vVr portion f the l!ri lc of Lamrr.cr
j moor, the liole of tlu It nd of Mon- j valuei by the natives at Sl.OC.Ov 0 iu:
Itroe. nd ahnst the whole of Ivanhce., pi f)no
j . a s !
jWtre ditcati'd from a bid of rdt b.vJily
pain . viell a beay aickces. John
1 lial-aotTne. who. vr'nh Will'um Liidlnw,
: uas one of hi" aMiinur.8f-s 'n lnoseoc
rt'CTt'ATIojt. The points flow VLecl
in t)jnctu ttion wi re introduced into wn-
uas one or l.l- m-nuec8.-s oniueseoc- ! lin, ra lu;ii;Vt som, ,frie H(i4.r ,hrinei.
cior.s. r. port that thou-h fccoU -oft n f .)rir.ri'n Th Greek had rone'.
and there was no space between lliei:
words. The U mans put a. Lin I ofdi
risiuu between their word, thus Publr
. .. a k.-.!r !.i Aft !;"ini ITririTi tili inJ
turned himself on his pillow w ith a roan
of torment, he usually continued the en
Ic nee in tbe Rrtrr.e breath" Hut, when
a di;iU"'ue of trtrtiruUr ar.ima'ion w as in
matu r; he arose from his couch and I comma ,aibiea in'.ro lue d.
wnlkfdup and down the room, ramrK , T, Ul.cr Min. nUo u,0 Utrst. and a.
rttld lowcrmi L13 voice, ana as n wer.
dlowenn- Li3 voice, ana as ii wer. lJicujM. i:;;art. or ;uc pr
tin- the p irti. Tlie wonderfully stii. XQlVe0 t,,e lllt. Jt ,'er.
r dialogue, in Uanhoe, betwcea lube-i . nn .,.,.;. nt rrin-
c J . . 11 1 I f KJ ttitl J s'lui.1 a i I
a r
fionattly so'.nr.U :.er to 1-y vim 'lim . iccloR, Hnd KK. f.r the pit-cnt form . i
and exchange expected siartyrdor.j for a , colnm Q A0 Xu d n ru -queenly
sceptre, wes not ßKion,; lha die-j oWrvo j in te-nrd to loir
Uted pase.bul behave seen the rna ff 5,,.,,, , J. K HPJ tX
cu.cr.pt, and it i!oea not -x..!;i. . Were rtlIJ(Hl ulltio,r.c t :ir, i
erküre. Indtcd. .0 ripdly it w.n j . . L , whril j,v , ;
wiilten.thatcott did not delay even 0; (.() w,r, firftf u-. d by M
to dotant, crosa at.or put in the slht-j .m, x . a pH,nfi, iiite.-. aud vs.,.
est punctuation
A Sccao on the Gallovrs.
P. S. Turlcy. fortr.cy a clerymnn, vra-s
intended bv bin t atner de t'. '
!?.:. ly lt- n used Ly tha Knli-h p. -mm .
Power cf Fire.
. - V . . 1. . na I 1. .. -
be. it.fu! .t.timei.l : I A correspondent 01 a ew t ... . ..,,
... . . ... . . . . . ! . f .. I . ... , ... . . f . 1. . 1 1 r.i 1 1. .1 1
If we av.tr k .ipon n arl.I it will pen-li; il ! deseri-.es me on..ri 1 v. , t .
' w.- nork iii-.oi l-r.ss tiiii. will elTice it; If -e ; ,l.-str.vei the Crystal ralace. He say:
! rear tnuj b s. th -y w.ll rr-i-nU- mto dut ; b it ; , j JfltlK, ÄIM your reader may have a bolter
if vr ,.fk i.po'i immortal mind if w on- ; ... 1 - f ..f ii... it .no s ms
I...r the... will, prit.ripl.wi-.hthe j.st f.-.r id.i of the tremendot, force of the ll un. . -
... . . - . . r : . ................ ! . I . I . I .... ll r.. . .', ! I.. II Ml (TP CU i'ol
! Ill ItiVl I'll HI llirtr Irll'is Pll, i- ru'oii ( n,rv niM.r.1 l.nw'l, -"i i
.... lhoe ltd-r .Mitfthin Inch n time e j, j4j j .J,,,,,., pmnit uie to etkte the
. .T.ce. b it -laich dl brühte.. U) all eti n-ity ." j f C() fci(t,raMt. t a n t i 1 1 r p of the Utr
- ! , j. of tin that formed a part ol the covtr
1 a - a-. . ... t M t.avaasiaaae' . . . s 1 tii..,i.
I.irro-r ribm This 'tve art average iiai.rtiv f..r ILflLSiale a otil ia " r,,ikr of thi! l'.UCo ni'arinn' i . oy 1 m n
Th.r- i.evrr a a political v u t..ry r'.iev.. 1 ; n , ,. i f A 0,no.iUaf, lick t, of abo .t The (iuardia.. i a Intl.- PM'.-r pubi..!..- ! at tHf RlJil w, jhm-ovcr trounces ere w rchch
mihi ounty. m which th peo, h ! 0 I Coluatbi. 8 .nt h Cat .it. .a. w I: ich t s s nie h at ; . fjl, j,-f, and carried up to an
. . ...' . . .1. 1 ... - ... ...
greater ii.trrtt. Ills not only a polr ical, u-ii . -s.o. given to tire e umt; a-1 p.41.1 p--ei ... no -r , HlK0 UiUt, and. afier iloatin-through tue
.. - ... l 1. ArUV li.iUnin . tide on the t-ho siaerrcasc p.jt r.-rin a iresi. , , .. . :,.,., r- f-M to the eirlh at
en l.j political corruption that is certain!- en I
co'.iri'tn;. The true mm of all psrtir um i
ltd, and a victory wa the reu!l. A ' .ile .I
astisfaction i on the face of all u;r r e? 1: . n
John (1 Davi. h.cv:e he tr-ie t.ihao
ti Lecompton erdiment of the coun'rv has
come out victor. In ll.e i,rf!i.uore 1:..
COU.TtT wiU be r. presented by thoe who op
poe the National Administration. Affainst
a coTu't.ioation that a n nparallld and u .
reler.tinjf. II l Scott ha Uen elrct.l the
peopU'a Treasurer. ' have eeeryihin,: to
rejoice at every thinjf U make us plsd.
are glad berans we love mt cottntrr. Jla I
cane we love ta ee tre rihl trin'nph.
Parko County.
. - . a rt t
! The f . lo in are t.'.e ml nl4ts in I .tae
- e m
.1 nf v :
W..1 am A Teetle
Albert !. a .;
Join. II. Upr
John Vi in. ................
H..rre I iloid.e
A W. lUndrrk
i mon Vat.d.
Vtl.in I), t tri w oKl . .
John (.. I)V
(given to fireeitmt; a-d plain p- eeh. An ar ; H.K0 UiAhl. and. afier iloatin-through th
tide on the lh sTrcas p its f. rth a fresh j f aJ .liliule- ff to the e.rlh a
lidea on tiie.uhj.-rt thai w i pretty eil f . . lU ,;Ic, fron, U.e Tal
1 --
tT Miss lender's statuette of Vir-iti'.-i
I) ire, which arrived in tho hhij)
Malahir, with (Ir.iwforJ'e laluc of James
n !j w nurni -ked. und can be seen for
the remainder tf thi" week at the room
of tho ariist, Saving Bank Building.
n xt to the Museum. This beautiful
work of art, which is in Italian marble of
rare di lica'-y a color and texture, is a
bout thr.ef'etand a half high, and rep-
ents Viroini.i Date, tho tirst nl.ro r-
irrtuttd on Friday week ia Kaiiiwah mdcuo'e quV.t-d mnttir. I t a L :: : a
Untv.Va.,f.r the murder of hi, wif,. bo,k Tne Art . f Knh Po..''
" , . , ,,, printed in 1C7. it nppeirs that ihe ; r..
On the gillowa be rau'o a bpeoc .u ullr..-;nt pf t!or,0,in.r ,lU0tel m-.vrr is
utir.g tho onmision of th? crime to hi j lh.rt.;n tj(te I UW. fet in ihn :, it
intemperance. The Kanawah Star says: I U tvt know n bv hnm the ap-.- r i e
.-I... . TS . It.'.
Afier fcpenkin he rcfpitMtd UinfJeru-1 and da-jli were inventea. 1 he 1
s.i!-?m, mv
V 1 appy bum"." might be suw;
he NHid thit many present h J-ung it
with him on more hppv occasioi . He
started the tane himsoll. ui.lie mg
XtTlndu'y last thehouM-of Mr-. V.'i'
son of fi -til, tin county, lib, was bu.
o the "round, and hcrtulf ml ?on, a 1 ov
g he called bin n-ed f-ttb.To.n tho plat- J ()f rl,;:It.(.nf r oro consumed with it
im, thr.'v hiristlt ujnin hi-i t cc! inttr jyj , ,n 0r trc i)CHliea when for- .
mted bis cmuin ' on.y long enough to I , 4 ,.nA ru.( ihnt the Wil- ..
aay "farewell," and then continued to ! c.,nridcrab:f money, in gold rr
take the lead. His mother, v. ith Ins tit- I Giv-r no irar ajf whic'i could bo foui.
lh dnu;bl'-r. cat.10 forward nt bis re- j )n liiecil5t ind-tred ihe suspicion ''-.v
p'.e-.t. and he khook huada with 1 tr. j lu. (OUkf ;flcj l;r,.n robbed a; d it on
and 101.!; hi Hille onj in his atm. Li-n-d l f l ur r cf jt, inmnt-. A
it. and 11 with out M.?min; to he j hort time i-inre some of the, pt opx f
, The editor exore-s hi.n If in this wie :
! These iduetaof tin, when Grt M-en m
1 inr min'i RCe I .ff MHTl ui .! u.
j The slav. on b .anl the Ilcho teere r'ihr- ! lJ(e a(r nn.,,.ared like mtre specks, hut a thej
ly sold i.y th; Afr.esn- aawd ,...re l.ar. I. v ll.e lle,CrlKUd. at an atk of 25 to 31
cmiiI of U Kch... I hey w re. th-r. f .r, -
!hiU,..rfepro,..rty. and wc think tl.eotli decrees, were discovered to U- b.du-.of Coil
rer of the Do.phm cmniitled piracy , if th r-
he pirarj ... th- nisUr, t IsiiCT'lf lKm
ti,is'ssion of property thvt ilid tl'.t belong lo
lhn. l-for U onj tle prison, the intrrj.re
j W inf .riio.! u l-l when a native Afreao
; run. milled a r'ime. h" i killed by ill Chlrf,
Il. tiry S.rre.l rCived Tot rd John hi -o.ilv M t the idavefs. Tho err
O. DtVi I7;i ('.en. Steele received SC" of a ! f the K ho ill h, ,yr in a M dT. L t
; thent rotoe ; c nilit 1 inr nni'ii viumvi
I . . . . I I L I I
a Lair Ol II.-. r hPJ. III ir narmtu.
majority ia Tarke. and 145 in Vermillion.
Dm. rerrirrd SJi majority in Vrrraillioti.
... .
IT A Täter n pap. r te'd funny story of
niad because we think we a'e in the rihl. j Sa Lobars The marir.c dialers of the n iKlnni . iJ, ,lluf ,lkl occurred in N.
and beca ie o.r ererjie, w horu wt thiuli are year thus far foot up a flj 1: jerey. A iri'l 7 the name of Catharinu Ma
in tL.
rroeg, are aorrjr.
Our Gucsa.
.. . , . ... .1. c , . -. .
Unthe-n iaai ,wfp, .., ..r ra,. ,. . , f u T1
.uif opinion, lhat the Le.w.pior. it wocid ; r..At lo f.r Jon CrJ
carry only the following townhips in th . j I ota! 1, .. f .r .1 ilv '2
.,.,. r.p. I...- !
Traine Crrek. They have ucceeded iu ll.ree j
f the lowaship. but are defeated n Train 1 Total for nine moüi
.V a rn I rn.itl ll. 1. .......... -
iderable sie and weight.
Ihel7lh Ward of this city (late (Jrecu
point.) wa well sprinkled with these utiles,
and fotn are known to have been carried ort r
tntotho f astern part of Wilbauiah-jrh, a di
tance of at least ihre mile.
A considerable p.antity v( melted ;;laaa,
ia various shapes some in threads of over
. 1 .1 VA I V ..I ..rt fnim thtl
.- two leel 10 itMieiu -I. ov -t -
roof of ho ise iu J va street, over two miles
Iro.u the Talace, and vindoubledlj in many
other localities.
Conaidertog the fct that there w as little
or t.o wind prevailing at the time of this oC
currrt.ee. the carrying 'f sheets of tin of such
sit- and weight the di-dance uf wih-s.hy the
HO. ,.k ..I.,.. J),. i'i,i,e an.l brole wer I ,urTe tr, ctiU fore ..f flame. s a. rmai a
r1..'!1. ail.wil. arr.el ..f th.' bat pv to be made ' ,.,. ill.lirilion of the wot.dcfl d potrer f the
1. 11 . - ..,.. . l, ,n nv oinnr Con lined
o-j nua Itii Ii' "J' 1 r-'i..i ii'i...nfc. ; r.umiiuro - j
l.r4":i toward h h Mim . !tv I for the . rci cu in at lare an ordnance or mottar a the
-...1 ..nr. .1 at th- tr'. hee he wa met -t 1 J.,,ae of the Crystal ralace."
5f.4-i..i .... .. . ... .. .
her Mil.fl, no r. - " - - t
continent, a. "TL "T;v ,,; C" lllin aX! Uei"ae
,111 i , 1; , ib si ro ft the ground tlore lie tel.. lie A , s w , W4, coscernr.l in oo
, ?fl.. w.vn, :n i,pr ears and l,un,e lniy owierr. ... .0.. , k anil were Htoul lo nani.i-i,
..,u n m ,1 ,mil? on In l.i9 raus, of im.. , ,,. , ()f,s ccomplue.
3HIIV MnilT WS': r. j-vmr... .0 ..... , . f reu.. r.l...' - I ü.i.mUr Fr 1
- i i . ' i i tu iiti a a s --- - . iirutt iirnt i or a i i i u r 1 1 m t u li 1 1 1 i v a aasa
her fo bed hantla restMir upon tno iiMimv M p.. , rn. ,l i ' "l " 'V . , t": .
n i.tii i'n j i-t.ir.v'i -, " " ; ;flmaii and UIiri ;e. an nib;im;i(
net. which is tiacefully drawn around
her for dnj ery. Ind an orn:
on her arms and neck, and
rnimtnts arr'Hl,oul ftnJ xd -Sheritl. I am r.aly to wjium, t xCepl the last, wertjat .-uct.
i be ich bird j 'lie' nd 0,,n af,cr ll,a rüiK c'Jt an.'1 I arrested. Shortly after, Stuart rdrac-
I.i .. .. i". ..t n ! n t n 1 ;i ur h.d in to t- term- . it- . . ... . ...
. . , ... hu; uiiiuim'-- liMl lis Mi.i rr.em mi ' v c ......
il... r..t und romimil nn OI tilO OllOo; in- .
dirin maiden, is by her sulo. This stat-
. 1 1 ..r .i..fllitf ttid
Ii. cm vnue iuu ui .1011."; ....
timent, and we hop" ere long 10 it re
produced the siz? of lifo. Gotten Trän
ier tpt
vtsstta tli. !M1 u,TWM tll .Ae . tnarrird to Andrew
Ttal Ioar-a for JannsTj 15 $ 411.5'": K Jt ,,h at Y p"' i:S, Herfen county, on
Totsl he for Kbr:arT... 31 l.lw'J 3 d ' ' ,.,n..,v
Total lo-se, f..r Marrh.! . . . M l-l 3 .0 Sst .r.l. v ....-h 4 h inst. The Company
! t otal . .sses f .r April 33
931 (U wa ail aasett.bbd r.ii I the crrrmony alit to
and wouhl to t al!. bi n to nt. r the
A Iar. tmh iv. a IUan or Ürant Thor- Upon this. th party sit Uo-n to suj pr.!
How to Taaa Lira. Take life like a mm,
-avs the London Journal. Take it Jil a
truutfh il was s it is an iamet, vital, e
1 1 ;: 1 no j
Sj 1 " am i ... ........ - -- -----.- - j
. . 1 . :
We ssid then that lha Opp.s;t..B wow.d
. . m "V . j " fc
earre the towrash.p of Itsrr.sstn, inter rrrs. , .;...! I.. J..'., ,
Kaveae.Su.arCreek.rrair.eton. Honey Orevk. -"XX -appears naw ana toen , ,e V' , , 1 .1 Ueotal atTa.r. Take .t just as the.fih yo
i w . as. & Hk xr.AAs.A or iii vw iio iia.i 1 -r 1 aa.v.va a o u s. . .
The Journal nd.cn'.rd j ,n ,w P,rr. . .-.o, . r y . . l.ttflilU wre b ,m to the tak of pcrlotmins a
1" 1 n W. K.i w.sn.i!ilir rru.f hf of 1 . ... .n.:t..i '
... p. '- , , I r II .fffHWiUin. r';'rinm in inri,;i.
t'.e I.ri of S: Viani, in . ii;iTv.r 4? . lJ"i
Kily and LnstCrrk.
thia idea, and said it w impos,h!e that tt
ctfjlJ beso; yet the returns show that w car
lied vrry sn-Ie township we thru mri.ti r.ed,
and on more.
UEMsTtKsl.LK IlK-T'i.T or KcoSOMT AM
all tie above tnvnlionfd except Newmati.
His only excuse for his abominable per.
!- .1 a .a. . $ . . A axa tsasr
omv.andihe other of rx'iavaganre. arc
renor'.ed in the V''a The first is that
Is Bed im a F.VASE We should
not suPP-)3 that tho Lifj Inu-
.f 1 .Inven-ti.wn merchant, who repaired
It is paid that Mrs. B nnvtt, whose re-.
ti hia wile to sir lha. b lae ke.l 84.
turn from Paris wilh at. intrrcrc.ling fm rjtH) toward tin payment of a note, which, ranee Co panie would liket rik raucli
ily wa- announced some weeks noo, a ill i if ho did not m. et. vouul r.bu.ttn )tl ilit. inhabitinU ol l'e'.rolcum, Hub-
,n-ton residence, during the coming wio-i f . . money. T o nnme I IvJward Nuhigari, came to i.ie
m I.'ava sa"' - - -
ter. the ab Ic of refinement and elegance.
What a rush there will bo to get into tht sc
delightful reunions.
brother otihi merolunt laid by" S 1 .0CÜ death last week fn.rn the Lite of a ratt'.--in
dd at l orn When its ufc was rc- J rtrsk-?. The boy was lajin on the tl or
tpviired.be found it missing. Hin w,l"e ; nf tv.e houc iar ihe bo 1 of l is fit!. :
''r'! faill. ! r. otUr. Dunns .V 5Sl.t Mr.
lli&nr Hksd:!o. In BiifTalo, Mra. vv..t.n- .another incident of tho ra Mulli-an dlscovir.-d that there whs
Z. C. Jti bvju, the gitted and beautiful ,c xv liieU should bo cUd with ihe j vi.ake in the kd in which he was ifp-
above. A ladv of our a quatntananc. - Xu n tl,f5 attempt to !i j ate'; .t,
thought she would try btr laik in a lot!. icn nn i :n t;a5,in--l
4iv She aecordinolv aent on tended , t t r
ars ok San i Co? legalized lotteries. W elruk htm within fangs, who de .
ri,-ht hi;
We ss.d in that arlu'Te that e o ;'.d srr: J w hro j
. s a - .
j-. ration of the t.i. a , .f r co,,r c. Take it as lltOCn ll was a
'of art ifn lf!f,'tili is to te ns much mat- I -n,i ....rtutotr to achieve, tocarry forward
T . . l .!-! ' I .. ..
arrs-i-i--.x. - I" ia'- , -
Ireland tow rot ' h.r flaor.. and at the
- - v
the II. i- of L r I, In carijsi
rn leas than Ü0) msj ritv in this to nv..p. ! ly in .. I bio " r-1 " ' ,r ; K-.Urn. t bat.qa. t. Mr ! rtt. ."-e f the P.rec
dJ Mr. Seaatt sets S.i v.r Mr Ccnikerly. an ! e them a I nctel w.th- j of tl"P Atlantic Ttlc-aph Company, made
Wa. sail Scott co ild Ua; Ctpo.al) iJOvoUs an order, r i.vpt noV,erns .ervant. V,, j t f tio .r s.tat.eeneot :
in thi county, if he had an op-.. XlelJ. but 3 e;r Wi; iV. of tk ru. rj te!e J ad ; 71, T, fy Cr-t iJr f the Atlantic cat-le I
i was he would belt Lira 4 Moil', maj ,r milU-c- Aha'. Uri a y.a-i beion!., ; na. p ibaps.be sx-c..! f ef -t:. I w,.h M
11, W V ,t. ,n I I I nsiiit r s. 1 th-dx.rksen'f. '.'Th Larl Jeh-raH.",. .rrow no ..a... I.nfel w a f ;.- .1 hy
r.y.sXM. while l.,rly and John.,., t,Ve.o.r . 1 a. . brother III the ( i- v f t. !!: I. ol j
. . . , . 1 . .1 . 1 . .t . c t 1 rt'r. li 11 td.eevcr . i ii tre arm here ,
'L I 1 f Vote. i;l U.rr r.oi I rrr, in n.r o ot i i r'f 1 1 afs .
wife of il e notorious -ed Buotline, was
f.mnd lvi;i ' danjerouely ill in a miscra
Llo hovel, utteily. deatitute and alone.
Sho i wjiler uf gp-at abili y, and a wo
man of mtrvtlou lovelin. si.
. .. ,
CaLiror.M FariT. Someof the fruits
exhibit-d it thi Ctlifomit State Fair j
Mr. S. would have tead Mr. C. at b a-t)
This, we fl alter oirstf. is prtty ck! g,tes
OQcial from Clay.
Tbefd'.jwir i the ofT.cisl vo'e of flo
county: Li Idle 6)1 , Hendricks C01, Vandr
677. t.riw,hl t-?. rrrkin73l. PaviJaon 7r0
Wacnls-a Kanal t K, Otto CI ). MeDn
aid 2J, Harper G01, Cunainham r-?7, Ierc
DoJ I CÜ2, XVelU u27. McClurs Ti-i
751. DiTi pl2.Sccrest7t'3.
l:.we, Oppitioa candidate fjr the Ix,;-
UtTre, ii circled oTer Tocosu by li major
were ex.r .ordinarv. Among them were
pear wtiijhii. four pounds, bunch
a .aa .ava
sulfrrifiK, wrary, hr. krn liearte l nrotner. . ne
laci t life is undf rvalnd -y a f:rat majority
0 tutrkiul. il i nat u.ade hall as much of
. a -i
a.sho.ld beihe case. Here .. ir u.a. r f..llrl ,v,nd-. an
woman hoacu,aplishcs one U'.he of whstjb'-I- -- ' ;
doe r Who c.n not loA l..ck ,r- apple wcthtn two pound, three omec
on f'pportuMUt p' u. hlitti, a rv-.icn imasuuu iaro
w hich lraw tv.ry Saturday in Aogus a.
(ieoria. J-" drew a forty thousand
doll ar prizf' Tl.U ti, aided I cr to iu9
lainhtr huebtand at th moment l o wr.
twentv-four hour afier Lo wa bitten.
BvTTri orr the Track. A day or tw
ab ml to fail iu businc. Was not the in-' a-o, at Landon, Jefferson ille Itailroad,
ycimrnt f tois ten dol'art in a 1 adied ! lht 0comotie rn into feyeral bra ! of
L.ttury. much belter than the '.rava-anco caU .r, n. on ,i0 lr:iCK. One cf the
txpondilure of one thou-..i dolatsina. '. . .. , t r
. ,.,.... nnmau. a l.iici bu.I. nuue a snow oi
et ol expensive iuia. ... 1. .uo'e. t
thoahts crushed, ai tratio. s ui.fnlfllled. ar; l K 5;r;Wbriv six aod on-haK ibcheaj
all caused from the lack f the Ttfes.ary at.d . cJrcunifirctco. i
r-sible iT.tt? If e kce better how to
TuaiMS.--tientrai C'omor.fart, Kx l'rc
hes t iJcnt of, Mei'C J, waa present .tt the
art I r . . a.
e.-u ir tr. tr. l nave n.'t lcimh j.h i
L rl.'Jtk," nid he to Ii feüw kt er v r '. Jr Tbe e5rC,itin cf John Hickman, cf Teon
nthe froM steps. -here's a chap, who say he . 4RJl j JJ,, O. Ui, of Kdiaoa, t
U-lo.s U U.e I;d JfliieaH: d v yenkt.w . r..i,rria. r- a bbiws to the Ad f.r cn-atar than it Is. Noe and then a mao
w ll. i tiaavaj.-s'-'av-s.-w - - - - !- p. . -
:ch a Lord !-' "Nevrr UarJ of hi e," say s roio,.;r,.if,n. They a-e bitterly ai.l. Lomp Ltan Js aside flora the crowd, labors earnestly.
Jack. Un'ssys lWbter, (t,;.,.., aeP ; j n.t.Ki.l h Hill. steaJfsstly. ror.fi Lilly, and -.ratct.iwy tr
p th dtljsion) -thrre I urh a b.r.I ' : -.. - I co-ie famous for wl Jom, i'.i'iifci, s...
i. . I t . V .1 .. . i r.i i ... ..o..i... ! r .. . . . TU s nil I ri.i'ihr.
ias n.i in, !. u, 'v"p i i noajr j j j- 1 liC Cf io. SVCiI ol a juoni a . v ou v r w g reslr 8 S o. suior ivo. - - r-
.a.r Seoul. Lord." I., f.nJf.lt " tecet tlr vUuteer-U 1. del, err Uduurts. idvl.xe ; and yet U oi-Iy ill isttitU H!ul SO .'.,r itianlol. tba'. tie CKU ctOTt
Thi cf-irre 1 at a perio.1 when there w : m .(kfluf f ,P thebenrfit of a church in New
it one it twenty of all the trsr.iifscti.ries' yorJl The ST-r as very polil.ly ac
ml rural dftncis to KnUad, who coal 1 i (f j
I the LV'Ie or write his on nanjt. lb- -
.th athwla -er .BtroJuCJ in 17M. j IT That is no te.l.f yet the fat of our'.
t.-, . .... . T-1 ..:. il ;
s.-- . j-j.a.euc. .a e..o... .,.o.-t. Trj j detrrmifwJ iri ,K,f!t.
IT The Lecmptoa Stale ticket has a nt ! c!e, and it D.ay repj.r the !.;, . ut lot
rtty tf 2H ia Koux, and it lack a majviny jde'.ermise it. The prospe'buwtvfr.a.'t cat JT It i thonght Valla. diham his ta:D
1 rr do if I f taLs hold of Iii with
a purpose. If a m;u bat say be Vill. and fol
lows it p, TticM is rotkte; rt reason he may
Xr-Ct to accomplish. Theie ; o t--.f ,
t. 1 . : . .
! fj-ht, and uch wn the -tren-h cf LU
A Mulcts Vcral ata V5KU wj,tanC), tat hv btsite! the locomrrtire
Knit ntire tiain oQ tho track! But tht
Olli di.d.
f 'atR-iipioent cf ihe I'r-t DitHoa cf Um . of rjachanan ' Co.. in at
Maachuseita Militia Ust ck. lie j t(.mrl;nir tJ i,tllt jpular K.vereijn'v off
rarr.e on the ground in a Urouch dra-n , u nro UjA fi.0 of llc b.3(t
i e ITa -araa rrcfivf d wilh i . . - .r .
that. Mr. Willhrn Der'or, of that pUce, nJ,üu;" , " " . , . r ct4 f. Ihoy ar tlra l. u.e car oi F,pu,ar
. ' ..Ar. much honor, and printed to the -' ,rc,tv rolIs oa a5 before.
winw w.-ruif ..i -o up.-u ai.Q si , di .niUrus prtteut. - -
." I - - - - - .
0 tfr -ta- i i
To rnrlnn, i-ncti of th prevalance of IIluii I.lt" E. A qentWtnaa b Ncr
I.. v" i
Jt'.tT The B'o-mintoti uWan a
lLarrodsbur;:. thnwn under the car
Iii 'h chtta-ter.
1 to oiifAcle. Sv sect, lo him is lttt
.f 11.
a'sirat ca.
Camtbeliby aVrjt fly votes.
.1 i Inf. ,rrrri! IhP fLllIOr Ol II1C r-l'--
IV r. Ho was an old ciiti:n, and a man the vsiow .ever ... - I ,,A p, ; M
lor ofth.it t'-ty brws applied the in- jviu tjyervcr IC'-s.y .. - 4 -
litaalMftJivU ftstin-aDd pmy er. lor $1.&D0 f r r in Dr. Ah xerN
Tl o credit of tho rcw IVnn.vSvasiajüie etiatLn of the diseate. j (Iesbytemn) church, an t .tat oomu-,
bvnkt arr not abore. tu.picion. ' I ber V ' w rTaber i. ! il W1 tKlhCi H fU Knl Cf R
tiU probably be put at a discount in the . TT Godey'. . ,;,f;;;tn;V; Tear. ThU wo .onider pnyb- pr.lty
Ci?l cai" UCr JI j ;;:;5:;i Ute. ;xtravantly for th, ptitU. ol graev

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