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1" JT-- m l
WEDHESDAY October 20, 1353
The Journal's Glorification.
A more desperate effort to pet up a hurrah,
under a pressure cf dilEc ulties, we have never
witnessed, than appeared in the picture fol
umr.s of the Journal of Monday. It remit ded
u Tery forcibly of the faith of lhidd nmn,
who with a large fanvly, many year ago, Mi
lled in one of th Wt-stern State. The first
II after the y had commenced tLe nettle re er ,
the obi man died with the milk-ickne, then
the only daughter, then two son, and al Iat
the only remaining child wn stricken down.
The old liJy l ad witnessed all this. ar;d felt
all the pangs that wring a mother' heart, but
ehe wm determined rather than complain, he
Vould eck the first occasion to return thank
(jX the oodro'i goodness that l imi.'my Pr.iVi
.r.rt bad vouchsafed to Ltr. Whcu there
Lre .he .aw the last cLüd stripling in life
raWid iu evtrT limb, ai.d g pmg i.,r ; nmm oo.ieriui.j ui.,-.ijru. """"'
lrrath.he. in tho riullatiun cf ltr heart, jh eaiir-I nf 0:c Dull, but from all ac
raided her eve to Heaven, and thanked her ! county there wa a fainition , in the prelim-
(od, that ter child wa not quite dead, and
that the death rattle wa n;ure prolonged than
ahe had ever bfure oUrrrcJ.
'uv while tte may queUcn eontewhat th
good w-nfte of that mother, we m';t at the
tttue tirre admire her faith, for while htr
heart was certainly b!cedicg. with her lip !
ahe cried Loatir.ai.
The editor of the Journal, while iu the re
cent election his party has lost the great State
of P-iiCylvat.ia by perhaps 50,ri)fl, and the
State of Ohw by 25,'MJU While thu Oppo.i
lion La pained 11 member of C01 gres in
Pennsylvania, three in Ohio and thr-e in In
aiai:a. While in this Slate, the Opposition
aend riyfj Pepreei.tatives to Conre out
cf the eleven, ami hve reduced the Demo
cratic majetity id l"bQ more than 5.000 votes.
While the Journal's candidate for Congrs in
this District has been defeated bj a majority
unparalleled in the political history of the
State, and while we have elected Opposition
ruen.Urs to the Legi-Iature in every county in
this District, pave one. While the Oppoi- ,
tion hav- succeeded in Securing a Leg slature !
hostile to the Administration and its policy,
and while the rotund editor of the Journal
iu elf, is now feeling the bitingcr'isl.ing.
-withering humiliation o( an inglorious defeat,
h puts up hit chicken ccck, and crow, lusti
ly over what, in his simplicity, he calls a
'complete triumrh of Democracy." Wa j
there evtr so much faiih and so ru i h ignor
ance mingled together. Did deceit ever wear
ao bold a face, and au intended lauh, so much
rcstmble a hcrrid gria.
We peak of things as they are. No intel
1 TV ..m.'i..
Hgtui uemccra; in irte Mate, regards the n-
ult of the late election a a Democratic tri- i
tmph, but on the contrary thy know that it
is a disastrous defeat a drfea. that i ot.lv
me uegiiiuiiig oi a comp.eie ana tiiorougn
rout a rout that will 'end iu a discou t.ture, ;
unj recedeLUd in political oranixations.
Tlnre certainly must have been other cau.
es for 5!r. Cookerly'a crowing, than the remit
of thu elections. There must have U-en mhij
other t;aiular t lhau could by possibility have
teen druwo from the political circumstances
of the day, that made Grafton so jubilant in hi
Monday ' issue. He must have bttn looking
upon the "wirirt w hen it giveth its color iu the
C p." or he wiu'.d i.ut Late subj.ctcd himstlf
Ij so much ridicule.
To make the matter funny in the extreme,
w e hope tha Lecompton Democracy will now
make on splandid demonstration for the mag
irflcent triumph achieved ia the ' 'Glorious
old county of Vigo."
Thosi QisTins Now the eh-ctinn is over,
will the Ktpress please anwer lhoe ques
tion relative t Its rosition on the Il!iiMis
ntett? Are you for Douglas or L i. coin
)t Douglas and Lincoln were candidate
It fort the people of Illinois for an? office, and
wre we a citizen of that State, then, w hen
the time came to Tote, w would cat our bal
lot for, either Mr. Douglas or Mr. Lincoln
It nt wer we a memVr of the Illinois Le -isla
lure this Winter, and Stephen A. Douglas and
Ab Lincoln wrre- candidates before that Le
gislature for the IT. S. Sentte, and a ticket
was handed us, upon which were the r.ains
cf bMhthöse eer.tlemfn, we would take the I
i i u uniuise enuemf n, we woui i taxe tr.e 1
ticket. anJ cing to a desk, would pick U, j
pen, and puuing that pen into the ink with
eonscienliou con viclion that w
. i
and patriotically n-rtir - our co-nilrvwe '
' - !
"'" ui.w uravj oiaca line over ihr tiu.
cf Ponglas, and leiving Lincoln's name alo je,
would drop that ticket iu the ballot box.
Can you understand that, Oraflon T
,..11 I . t. i .,
The Legislature.
$2 U'pnblicans, 3 !
The House will stand
anti ucompton Democrats and 13 Hr iKht
ljoorat. 1 l,e Senate will stand ij Leiub-
Iicaua, 3 antiLfcompton D-nuvrats and 22 ,
t her D.-mocrats. There will e at least I"- J
opposition majority on joint ballot.
1 his i a g.orioua triumt h over Lecompton -
tu au.i wi enat '.e th oppusitian moveruent ;
: . i
in this State t ina jurate a policy, that will.
in the La? inning yA m fr.'ian. 1 : .1 f
' Ä aLis im I V
ram ideations go out and exert an iofluci.ee on
. 1 .
1 1! P VIM p MTl.tr. I
11 is a perud full of ex iltstion, hen we
wrile, that the lndin a Legislatur will
be in the hands of the (ppomiion this win -
IT Did we r.ot know that ti e Trrre Hinte
Uniuu do, not represent th wish vr the feel.
Lng of the Americans of this County. Did
we nut kaow that Ha articles do mi io the
main ruret the approbation of th leading
Americans uf this city, and did we Mb...
that its editor is as ignortnt uf t)i pelitirai
movement io thi State, a a goo. i. f re'.t
gion, and as badly poled on th pi,iical his
Ury of his country gerofrally, as a five year
old toy, w, the rest of ih. P.ephbcan.
of thi county, would hav,. iiuchriason to
com) lain of (he h ading aiticle that apprartd
in its columns yeerday. Pjt knowing k
this, me da rot care enough to aar n.ore.
TT The otXi rial majnritiea of lohn O. Da
Tiaiu this Cjnressiotial District areas fob
lows; Clay l.U,tfu til. 0u 4.i, Parke
Putnam ICI, SulliTau 2, Vem.ilbon
202. Vik'u t.'a; total 35 rJ. Ktery county in
the District tavc mj ritic for Darii,
Tlii name, now apo'.heuaited bj muician,
should hut be permitted to die, amid the ex
citemeats of the present nccelrrated agw. The
roir.d naturally reverts to the past, for relief,
from the glitter ard glare of the present, and
it II the writer'a pleasant tak to conjure up
the shades of th great who hare gone b fore,
aiid to bring thou into strong coutrasl ith
the present, in ordt r thst the new man. of th
new world, may maure hi moral aiid it. tei
ltet Mal stature w Ith tin Newton' and lit. Mil
ton's and other K ree ntative men of a de-
prttd time, and tht r. by compute his ow n ad
var.cim nt , or r !: . radation.
Thr !.. i n is admitted tobe the most pow
erfal ud expressive of instruments, and Pag
anil i. it world reiw r.ed master. Thi mag
I u;.!. man, whom everv sweet and fantastic
o'.ind id eyed In layed with nie heart,
a w ith the tri 'gs cf Ins own instrument
w m the forerunner of 0!- Hull, Yk-ux Temps,
StVi.ri, and that pro ligy, Paul .1 ulien. II.
"Witches Dance" ia rated among musicians a
the most unearthly, and fantastic of eoipi
tin, and I performance on one string
threatened, at 01. time, to act the whole worl 1
craay. 0 violinist, it.ee hi time, has ever
I.-es.d that mysterious r.wer. which Pa--
1. r..M .i- 1 . .r : j
itjarr trtikea of l'aganini'ü bow, which acted
upon old Mid young like tnsgic. No mu.i
Cian has been known to throw down his hi
Urumet t in depair in the pre erce of ant of
the great mntrrs cf our day, b:twhJeor
chetraa, in the reence of Taani'ii, have re
fuetl t play a note. The first appi-arance of
this great pervrcjiT ia London, wa an epoch
in th niusictl world. It was on the third of
Juno 1S"1. An eye witness ihn describe
his third a; pearaLce iu that city at the Kin'
Opera :
"After n overture performed by tl orehes
tra, the curtain as drawn up. and the insi-
eiau of the eve..i..g ma le hi a, pe.yar.ee a!.ue j
o-i tSc staü. Hi fjguro wa trulv ruu trka j
ble ; and hi long strar-ht hair, which hun?
do ti on Li houldf r. gave a strange and al
Miost unearthly -xpresion to hi Unk v isge
in which the tw(. httle ilark eye palklld like ;
meteors. Nothing Cou'd be more aw k w ard I
than his appearance as he came on bo-ing J
sideways till he reached the midJle of the j
stat'e. 1 here he ood for a tuinu e bowing in 1
the most ungainly manner, to the reit, rated
plaudits of the immense audience. Presently !
he raised his violin, as if ahout to con. uiei.ee.
"J inmndiely the uproar snb-ided into at
Ut aill I Ike Sill! I1CS. nuk5l.nniiiu- l' "ll'l'l,,
so down came the iolin. and he vrr. drlitr-
I -.1.1. ...II.. a . I,i,lMa..i.ull.,rt..1...h.r......
aUly tü"k out a cambric peket handkerchief j
and wiped h tiuceri, at t!o- same twr.e rin-
atlL disafndntment of the aud.enee. -a h
. : v :i 1- ..l..,-it. 1 if I
only cheered h;iu the more enthusiastic al y.
Again the violin wa raided ; the cheeting
hushed, and the iirst sound wa heard from
l li at mimical uow. oucn ioue e ue er nea:u
from voice or instrument lef-re ; theto!in
seemed to be its peculiar chariiC'er, and to
assume another rot less eculia r but in finitely
moie varied and porfnl. Passages ol in
Conceivable raplditv semed to glide from the
1 1'ow. and the t ery sc.ile of m iic crew larger ;
e kt;ew not till
t-as was so wid
we heard him that its com
e. At tone he appeared ab
oluttly tu hi? sporting w ith trie teeling id
his audience; fem sou. e distinguish hle and
llrMl.t Ili.l.illV. I f VktuKI L ll'le LTrdlidllt
into cbmmsti" p3ae, wl ich irrew hv il
r-e n.ore complicated and horrible, tdi ju
as the snui. l ere tcming too r ainfutfor
en lurance, he would suddenly modulate into
the niiMit soothing and heavenly strains that ll
ear ever lister. e. I to. Wl.-n he played up oi
one trinc tl tb-ct was the svne. The dif
ficulty of the xeculii.li can b bet apprecia
ted by the irreate-t proficient; on tha tastru
ment. We have never met with any txhibi
lion Alnch so completely realized cur notion
of magical influence as this ; it seemed as il
the violin must he inspired by suptihuman
powrr ; and we are w illiug to confess that all
our superst tion w a excited when we saw this
unearthly lookii being brfi.re n, and he rd
sounds such a we never conceived of b fjre,
and auch a no other mortal in the world was
capable of producing. It was ar.no ioced on
the programine that the concert Would close
with a "Sicfonii" by the full orch.alra ; and
thi was attempted, but in vain.
"After Pa. a m n i the performance even of the
nint admirable player acmvd tame and ll it,
the audience would not liteu Jo it. thry wrre
noisy, calling loi.dly for Pagsnini, and the
players of ihe orihestra threw dowu their in
struments and ntired."
Many conjee fare have becu made with re-
to the a-cr t, which enabled this great
ps-rf rrner to go so citirely beyond all othtr
matrr ef the vi.din. Certain it i. that all
other muirins sink into inigr.ificnce be
f.re hi:u. The weired msu possessed a spell j
oviT his instrument, w hich no man before, rr
since, lias been able to command. His sty le
'as as peculiar as his phvipie, and there I
w nothing on earth hieb no much res ni j
bled Paanini'a music as Pagani.'ii'a self. Oue )
I . -k.a . . a ':
fn b U Ui,le l VUUt U"1 üU. nusic (
-d oiora etb ct up the tnsii. than the tnai.
urn m'iMC' Ur' contf ra!H,r,ru nirm, that
poor Palatum's bod was a grotesque as any I
1 'r-r f r a ,OM- And really it dus j full b.aat, and w bo -rj-arded 'it.servieticy tn
. ..... .i.i -1 ... . . .
teem, that the same law winch indJCestne;
'Hey flower to raise it tiny cop far a draught '
of dp re, cr sunshine, or rain, induced the con
tortious of Paauim. body in orJer U tremn
tnoJate. or the r tier t receive, the draught !
ofuneartl.lv m-.dy which sustained his le '
iog. Ialdache, the great baso pfofutnh, of i
the Conservatory of Paris, wa budt up like a
bas drum.
He was the lrg?st tmu in the j
orld. lad had th lar'-'st voice
Then, there is that charming boy. PauIJu'.ien. j
Urs his lender hand upon that "fre ful
M.-trurnenfthe vi i!i.i,and behold music gam- j
n.U forth like an eltin prite on a midsum
Di ,.t. Con.in like
& s
" l !. I -it'j
Tfct ':h - ifn a t.nl of iulvt
Mfit's a r. J f ?r."
. . m
ri.n ot came me music :rm I aganirn a
' Kiw. The vi ln in his band, 11 any fling
j he ch..,e to mske it. The clearest an 1 mo. t
'bp' t ote of ihe f!aeol-t, h biuught forth
j frni it the cry of w iM beast s ihr wtrHr-
i i-i i .
i ei ii'vria.i oi i ir.i eic-Riaiioii ol ,er.
like fCony, ar.l ra0-r the diu sy hum of bees
oi. a i.nirr,r' .'ir-llf n.fc.l r. r.l. nf .1. 1
-J . . - "'!
oi at d witches, were all wnhin bc k of
thsl wondirluJ wan I, the mu? iciau's slf uder
' O w .
Hi enrdir art power w a I. t r . t a t
tribute..! t the p.rubar forma'ion of bis hand,
indatist H firi-r were uiusully hr.g j
ia. I muscular, ard be was alle to bs r.d bis
rrist.tu-uh raore than any o! her rrrt.u . so i
thai he had a p-eci.li r C iFimud of the lnr.g j
His trmarka ,r prrf..rjiaur e en .n string
were the w,,!. dr r rf the of'd. Tin, he ac
porrij, tlnring a long nnpris.onoi-i.t , hen he
hJ only a viislm silh one atrmg tu praetie-
. - . . . . .
js.n. .-s oriy intrmo'ituf utl are, ai'iT all.1
.. -O ! ft .
n ai i.ieiegs lie nave pr.iTe.j in many
signal instaices. i!i p odiiou powrr of io
latiuB, anj uin.terrupfl appbc at ion. lie
Kld Kossuth, aeq iiru. th i:ciah j
läge, ahi'e in prtson, with o-dy a It.ble and aj
shakpear. HrhMd S-er. d'oietf th
j.try dttt, devil, ptc the jTounJic-f Liiia -j
k . . . .
'notable conviction of the immortality of the
itoul. Behold Galileo, in the loneliness of a
dungeon, pondering upon Li f reit dt ovrrv
he gravity of the air, and bit in vet. lim. of
the cycloid, and the pendulum. Psthold Ca
ssnova sharpening hie ingenuity in hiss-li
tude. Imprisonment baa d me a great deal for
thers of a later period. Voltaire was always
in the I.:ile, oreciping frou it. Loui Na-j
p..!. .. 11 had the li(leotuu pi liot io.i of j
n l:njri nin-nb. Even the
Ühevatirr NN I-
kofT jw'Ae from imprisonment to rind hiuirlf
One. aeeto aluiii tempted t im-!
plore imprisonment, and if neceary, enteire
of death, if thereby one col l achieveauch
.reatne a b been ihn achieved.
ibtttoour wonderful Compoer, and inusi
cian rgaiiini. "Had he been a poet" t.ay a
contemporary "he wyul 1 have rivalled the
m t i!d, and farciful creation of Germany,
and the eetne, sublimity and patho-. of
Shkpeare. Iii mind eem to run Into the
ame strange fancies that are displayed by
Mori:i Ket-ch, in hi illustration of 0 Kthe,
Schüler and i-h jkpem'.M
I fancy that 1'aanini held that poit:on in
the muicil orld , which John K;tdophof
Koanoke he'd in th politic4l world. Ho
a wonder, an enigrui, a fm.t at ic cre-tlbm of
mind ai d matter, w hoe law w ere unlike the
recognized law which govern mankind. He
w a s-ibiime mioI grotesque angelic and de
moniiic a inferior iu omu tiling a he was
superior in others a perpetunl riddle to the
I a- 1 11. . t t
c' ' "- ',ore u.n i.u
nun he !uu!J have hau an Umline lor In
brule, and Uk n up his habitation u the bur
Jt rs cf the Shadowy Land.
State Ticket.
The Locomptou Slate Ticket Las undotilt
edly succerded by a majority of 1300 ort't''."
While this is a deftat of the Ilepublicin Stab
ticket, it is a train on the Democratic vote ol
lfjGof over lOU'J. Although we haw not sue
ceeded in this part icular, still we regard our
)a l j aM.j tote a, a re,t lriuniph.
r 1 -
the fud C) position vote intlie Mate been
puI, d we w ould luv triumphed even w lure,
, . r nlcult )OHt Houdy
n t , , , , ,
1 Lere im 110 do-d.t but the OppoMtior, have
a iii.vrity of the Legislature. Certatnh a ;ua
rhv uf( : j,,, laljL amj ln .:e Hu-u-e, and
". . , , ,, , , - ...
,h,"k hari!,.v a ihntU of a n sJ,,rit -v ,n lh
Senate. We ha
ijve departu.ei.
tJit.rtfrtre Xl ,in
Setote. We hae the control of the Legista
t of the State and we can
0 -
mil 1 . i & 1 r v rci.iritu 1 iih
fountain IieaJ.
In man? if the Congressional District!!
ihrou-hout the State, the Onpiti..n have in
created Isrgely on the Pepubl.can vote of
10 In this District Davis. majority exceed?
change of 4)0) from the vote
js'c. '
, D " - - -"I
In the 3d Dunn has 1000 majority, a change .
of 2."l?0 frcin lG
TniK-Ki V.I.Url l.u. I...I
101K), a L-ain of öo;h) over the opposition vote;
oflS,G IntheCthPoner has 1 100. a chan.e 1
.li mif..,.., ik i.. n n,n s..ir, nnn '
a it v i a. a v ' s' v n L v.
Hi . OO HtUII I II till ' l II V.UH" A 4r.-'-vsf
a gam of llt"J onthe voteof 1S36 Ii. the lOth
fase has 1300, Kin of 700 on the vote of
Is'f, Ti.i if will ! e i en Hint a cam of 1.1
L.,b. ihi.s it wm ir sun mat a in oi i.i,
-Ct) voles has b.cn made on th-Co. -n-ssi 41
. , , ... ,. , . , , , .
fii'nres of iT.Ai. If the S'.ate tickt had run
near the Cooirressmen. il could not have becu
The highest majority rcceiveJ by any one
.n the Lecoiilou S.ate lickel will not in nil
probability exceed SOOO, while Willard in
1 -.( was elected by a majority of 3,cO0 and
McCIureby nearly U.OJ.
Hon. Thaddens Stevens.
Among the items which make t:t the gria
triumph in Pennsylvania, fi)' the X. V. Tri
bune, no one is more gratifying lhan the ehe
tion tu Congress of Thaddeu S. evens. Wi
have not for ten years met a I nr.sj lv.tniai
who disputed that Mr Stcvti.s is the ables
man in the State ecrtainle. tbe ablest of at'
who arc or have been in political life Tha
he has faults i very likely ; b.it the ground
deepest and most general hostility to him i
tho strength of hi Anti t'lavery conviction
This has arrayed against him a brmidbb
portiou of the old Whig aristocracy of tha'
strongljr Whig District, though noto ly dou' l
the earnestness uf hit devotion to Protection
Internal Impro veoient, and every distinctive
ly Whig sentiment. Among those ho ihu
hate and oppose him i Isaac L. Heister, wh
succeeded him as a "Conservative Whig" in
Congres. and who ran aain as the Utichansn
candidate in J-."f Another of iheui i Mr.
James M. Hopkins, a wealthy and popular
Iron master, w ho ha juat obliged ihe Presi
- . .a
Stev,n as a Iln
Congre., pledg.
oeni, at l, own cost. ty running attest Mr
llochanan 1 i ir candidate for
ed t work fr a tariff tha.
would pt every furnace in the District in
ll.e ..ivetireeding interest as the only road to
Protection. Th Lancaster Kxaminer, Ion.
the Whig organ in the county, and now pro
feedly Kepubi ica n , unlisted under the tati
ncr of Hopkins xcl did it very best to defeat
Sn rns, w ho-e Wst frieod feared that the ar
ray of old Whig squirearchy against him r nd
end hi ritece al bet doubtfu!. They nali
id, however, that the pretence of such a man
in Congress was worth a struvir'.e. uthe
ma le it, and he is elected by some 3,HM ma
j rity. When Pepublicans in other fining
Ditnc. heitate as to the expediency f pul
ting np their very stroJ-t men, w e beg them
to consider cud be guided by the Lancaster
Tarkington Defeated.
One of ihe bet items of news is the df at
of W C Tarkington, for SVna'"r in the llfosn
anl Monroe District. He is d bated by Ja
W. M.livain, anti L c )tp '' Deuiftat
Thi is a evre rebuke to Tarkington, th
President of the so CSoed j dnt Convention ol
the lt I - l 1 t U t-. that C U tt t er feit d t o
Urrrd State is-nstor, and ei;t then to
W asloi'icton to draw alari from the pp!'
IT The S Jii vn Democrat cmes ta v il
lutra!ed by a chickrn cck, standing on its
hea 1 inlorative f t!ie edit-r'a "f he in,"
a. t t h t im. Ir Mnrray, he made a de
js,rae ff .rt to rrt I w ah li during tbt
lse t rt a, but as a r, ft anng hi rusf.i,
' did Rot pitch in, we hej-e le d-'is n.it t Same
! u br th bill VVattrb', that raw buats
aroua J hi ear.
I 0 the 1st of yoi'n'er, the F' ..!
j Coi gre. nal 1 1 e-i..r, will i-ear in I.i.im
tna. On th ÜI, w Ynk, .N .'.f-,;
M aehutu. Micl.ijcau ai.dll.ieoi rc ij
elect State othem and ruemUri of tie :C h J
Oaurea. On ll 3d. M ary land rte; on th
Lh, Wncouno; oud vü tk ?tb, Dtlawarc.
For th WahaiU Ktrc..
Cur Graded School.
Mr. i.auuf : w e uia me ineajre m art nu-
. 1 , , , ,
mir an l.cur or to in the gradtd school rf;
.1: l 1 1 1 .. I -1.. ... ..,1 1 s
thu city, on r ndaj Ial and hatercr doubt j
,r fear ve may have herett fote i.teriainrd of j
tLia all to iucrefuMy el 'ablih a chuol
1 r t . i- t - .1. . 1 . r . . I :
upon the ded plait in our ioi.lt, they were
completely diplUl.
Thre prroineiit and imperial. t charart ri
Xlc re lbly impri ed upon our .ber-
vatioii, in the government of thi chool, iz:
Terfect teiit and ortUr in it iuim jeiueiti
thorough ui.dertiidi'4 of the tudie .d j
ei. reise 1. the part ol the pupil required as.,ie u,e 0f :X J,urn or a barrel ..htpc J dii
-It. -'.!
the only test to entitle hi in to piotuotion to a !
higher grade and tlie practical application f j
the todis to the moral, mei.ul, 4:.d pliyival
xfTtir of bf.
The pr.pilt of the four ditb rcnt departments,
numbering, e hu!d think, ab.iut thrte hun
dred, w re collected in the ret Hall of '' tt a n d a tender, combining the essential
building, where they erehi-hly entertained j f o . mmnlet. 0R two
lor a hot time, by the Principal, will IIa- . ,
, . , , 1 ,1 1 rt"iiX wheels nrivl a buje roller. 1 be
tratior.s ou the nMural sciences oy the hul of "
1'hiK.M.phicaI apparatua. U heti'the force of j piairie groar.d on hieb it was tried was
air Wut t xhihited by means of tti air pump, j baked as bar ! nenrly as a brick, but the
and the f. ct of the r-pid revolution of po-Ln;,int turned ix fuirow fido br jide
dToui biditi of ll.itteiiii g at the poles as in
the rM- of the Kaiih, tc were made luani
fet to the eye by the aid of instruments, it
was atiiii.ating towitnes the hunjrd of
lrirhl eye anil anxious ears eaerto ilriuk in
knobde ftoui the great fountain of Nature,
hich as li able palpable to the coir.preht n
ion of t Lt sinallest pupil. 1 he orderly and
q'lict luani er iu which the pupils entered and
left the Hall, was iudicativu of thorough dis
cipline. Tloil Mr. Moore is the riht man in the
right place, no one ho w ill t;:ke the paii s to
iti.es the rp-rat ioiiA of ihsl behind, will f'r
a in 'tnctit doubt. With Lis eflici,nt corps f
fcCCoulpiihed teacher-, philoophicsl appara
tus, and tho oter aids which he w ill bring in
to the enterprise, elevaU that institution, at
once alnot to the dignity of a College.
He ha just mcuiy I the assistance of Miss
Darts, of New Vork, who will take charge of
one of the higher departments and w ill kl
leach drawing in all iho departments cf the
. . i t l .
chool, without any additional expense to the
patrons. This is. a valuable acquisition,,
whuh. we tru-t, will be duly appreciated.- str.itiocs. anu uroi v uiu ..u.uc,, u., ; taken from their maternal parent," who; ; Martin ..n Buren. Boheif J. Wh1U,
We con-rMulate our fellow citizens in the es wards Abercrombio. w here H-ch w,'l ! had a large famil toattend, to, and placed Joln A; Dix ?nd John J. tWo. Tho
tablish.nent of a permanent, well orgsnired. j piobably obtain sufticit nt force to enable j ;n Mn oUl ,ousef" t here a cat with one ! caP'tn' is u 8 I .tiK,OO0, and the r -eibcunt
tir-t class graded school iu Tei re j, m to continue his hunt unmolested. kit'en the rest having been drowned !vcnue arcto be derived fr.m Ivaning
The LecomptDa Glorifi:ation.
The Imriiini? of Lecotnr ton tar barrels at
D.d. anapolis on Mond.y evening in glorify-
in the success of the Leeomptuii Mate ticket
j ooist have been a most illuminated, as eil as(
--'pid affnr. ! seems that m .ny ot the Ui;-
ll iiLM'.ishe.I l,ecompton leaders cuius cny par-
. . a r .
tic. pated it. the enthusiasiii of the occasion.
and w e g.v a p ,rt of the I ndiauap d,s Jour
nal's deeiiptiui of that vei v funnT affiir. and
- --B m W '
j w list nun id the sp,.Hki r said.
j D. W.Voorhees abused the anti k'complon
t'en-ocrats r in iv. i nev nau. ihokcii uuu
i - I
of the Den ocrat.c organization 1 hey weie,
i,nifls U.,.. 1 . -.11. .,!.! i IMhn (5 Davi 1
uaitots. title l.e .iiuil 0 to jiin if. ia. i,
I 1 called him a traitor. Dick liyan. t nd -
! ing on the pavement , s ,iJ y.m are a liar."
i ...... . -ti i ..i
"That's Dick Iiyan," said i.oilms, '.Ik
wliite liviTid traitor, coward and liar,"
wl.crii'i Daniil imitated the Heches policy of
say ing Vo''re ano her,' i hen he catches what
don'l lie well on hi stumach.
The manvgers w ere e idenlly afraid id Dick
Ryan. The crowd frtqui-mly called f r him.
and Hammond had hard work to kep his
speakers on the tt itk. He always trotted
tht m out as soou at'ti r I he inuic a he could.
ii.it ihn rr.iw.l w.is . .r i . i 1 1 1-. 1 In l.cnr l)i.'li i
S. when the !a,t .peAer wa through Ham-
,,,1 sh..tltedout.ina.reathurrv. The last
I aker is through, tlie meeting is a Ijo irne I ."
N"o you don't" shouted the crowd. Tlie
vhole bach skootcd into the Palmer lloa-,
ind closel the windows. 'There," .tid Ity
in, "they have gone into their h les ." The
cr I y elled , and coned Ity an out on tlie
pavement, and made him speak. While they
were about it Vuorhee, Sproule an I some
others saw the niovement, and ra!lid out
Willard i coming to head it," and Willard
started in a run to get to the balcony, hut it
was too late. Dh'k had got under weieh, and
forty locomotives could not have stopped him
when he began. He gave the Lecompton gen
tlemen the most inhuman skinning they ever
igtt . IK-denounced them as "hiri lings" and
'tool," and said that in their dirty work they
w re only filling their contract with their own
ers. They labored for pay, and the hhorer j
wa worl. tv of hi hire. The ahotitin; lv
1 1 i lime was featful. Ami the crowd was
bijrjer than at any ti'ne during the night,
though hundreds started away when Hirn-
motu! annouric! the iiiiT-tini ovr. I'van ev-
idennly carries ihe popular feeling, and as a
Coinment on the "gbry," and the victory if
e an ti rt i j' ti iae f 1 It a a. K n.s t ar...
i oiii in iiivi no j j t 1 "I " 1 U 4 'a 11" I M V I 'V Jllll
were sigmhcant.
the demonstration
e m nie a happv win 1 ui of i , . . , , ,
, , V. :ryou aru asb.nned ti ask a l)lesing on
for those whi felt ao c'.!;,' t ., . .
i t lie Ii.jnor, or w ne:her you thought it was
that tfiey had t make on
. i ' j. i ne r me
- it ... -1 . .1 .. r i : i m
an in, B.nir iirm iiit- i7.iiiiii- pim. iirtr'HM 11 ,
winch were good, was dull and ridienlous.
They evidently frit thai tlie "gl ry " wa Inn,
snd the more they sh wtd it, the more the
p oj'le could see how aletidt-r il w as.
O" The eran of Lecomptot)irii iu thi city ,
afur lostn? the Legislature, three tiumbersof
Congress and u'm.uI GOOO n the p pul.r vole
of lpj6 iu the Slate, gr.w vain glurma over
the fact, that ihe State t ekel ha caped, by
the vrry akin of it teeth ttiat ame tate
t'cket too, which the Trrre H sute Joun.al re
fused for months to pii at the hed of us col
umn., bicausr, a il aid, ll Wit a Iscetnpt o
Slmlf tidtt.
The vet.rrable Mrs. i . Drake (n..w in her
Uly vetiih y i ar J l lay n g at ohr of th.
Irrs at I iidiai. spoils. Her ri dtrat hu-l and
the pen I CutUr tili d riCiUlly. LmJ.Jomr.
You n jht i, i t tu have made fco u.SLy mi
I takt iu so nrnil a paragraph, Mr. 1st rt ll
j The "ft Jtt" husband of Mr. Drake i Rif
j dead, and hl naiue i Cuitet not 'Culler.'
j dt r li the dito tf t Le oui nal e vt r res J
i n ifatifcL lyiC of He a.'e Gtofje .
'k "JttI 'a Svng i ( J U iu.
IT J. filar er Jei.i. Mr. Puchanari Ifadrr
of the House, who n re choseu to year
!acoty C,t'-4 majority, i ruu out now by to
;'' it . 1 ln i. to oauider, the moat ansa
a i.K in'iil lb all the Pe.u.sy vabiu I v bUion.
tior. Coaw is a Maioattii, Hon. Thjm.s
C n in tecetv.d the Inlawing niij.jriiiea in
di.tnct : W arren Oreene Cbuton
l '
j fi'.'O ; luitc üiJiica cot ivporud.
Slcclm of the tkam Plow. Tlit
fate Hoard of Agriculture, of Illinois of-
t . t r.r.n ,
fer-d prmtuta of JjO for s.tam
. , , .
plows. It was vipecUJ that tliree uif
rent invtnlioti w..uld be rxlsibitcJ .ind
l(?sti d at the Slnte IAir, but only one w
on the "inunJ. That whs Fa lit' loco
motive sitara plow, Lr.cts'er, I'a., which
vxtitfd jreat in''rest nniung tbo prairie
fanners, at;i poi formed well. The ma
ichiue and appirants, with fuel and R
tcf, weighs ott'y nboul seven ton arid
n r. for propelling the locomotive, the
difficulty of miiir.if in soft soil, and sd'p
pinion bard atnootb ground, is overcome.
Tlie gteatn plow is tasly mnmd, and is
described as a cross l'tAeen a locomo-
iti the most work manlike manner. The
uxciteinent of the crovd was beyond con
trol, and their shout and wild buzz-is
echoed far ovt-r the praiiie.
Senator Fitch Attached by Indi
ans We le.irn fr m the. Chicago Prent and
Tfibuue that Senator Fitch, of this State, Uyo vt.U8 a,0( husbeeu obliged to leave
together with two attcndar.hs left not bng(l,)t. countv jn consequence of his em
since for Bed liver upon a butTalo hunt.! lnrra$sm?nts. On attaining the aga of
It stems from inform ittjn obtained from ! 2!f j1 50,000 in bank, which be
a parly of friendly Indian, that the hun.iaSrot rid of, and accumulated debts
Urs were met and surrounded by a band
of about tidy Yankton Indians, and or- t-pt open a house for hib and low, and j Rank nrfiotu. Thv folhiwing bie
dere 1 to LhIü the bulWo region. i was 8UrrcUnded br 'fast7 gents. in;,tnt' XV1llioh w ?n,J.in I'hdnd lphi.i
i i- i t it . " 1 ' reas, shoves .m tn inathn to retutn t
and htafiKtids refused to comply with; .firBt : : i i
1 J I tirst princtp'es inl a:ik:ng:
this hostile c-.mman 1. and the Indians Cat Ncrino Bli;s. A correspondent S There is a prru-ct ou foot, in .Vv Yoik
I. ... a
j 0tvkd around their camp and harn rung
. f i...,- q'i1c nixtdavtbej
----- .
. . . , i nn .
band grew more positive in tneir utmou-
u . b . ...
0nD rtLL,nv,ull. J)tcLtNt.N,.-The:coU,ht shelter and lodgings. Tho VuJ rTT T
ri. : " r V. . ? ' -oiil the l w o bu d re, h t,
ur:ju i i,o.ige oi j ia x cnow.s iu action
at Washington, has r coiwd reports of
'he state of the Order in the Uni'e 1
J St i'es for tho p 1st car. The only St ite
w 1, i 0 1 , report a positive prosp-riiv are
; . .... ... .
79 v , ........ -
I r a s v 1 1 i i :n i i i Ii i i iiiiiiiin .11 i sB
-.... 11. a. t. T.i.linnn lllta. . a llu.
Lonrl nti.l I .initufti a twf I nielli
j est. In , Ca null La.t th, order has
' died out: in New oi k it makes no no -
j I i
gresf; while in Virginia nn 1 Kentucky
' t j pere. p ibie fallir. ' ofL This!
. , , ,. . , , , . .. . . , i ,.i 1 .... .
rapid decline i due motlr to the tona-i- he replied, "hVi nice little burptisclj The attack of Lu.di.inan vV Co.. in M-
. ... - - r I I , , i , , , . r
ei 1 h s'em of the Order. ihe b.nefjts.am prepainng fr bim! 'iinp mg to ,utt populnr soereniiiv otr
. ' 1 i.i . ., i . . r . r i . .
i aru out of all propoition to the income.
, Organized on the
' of a hw-tlth
sick dii'S far
insurance, it bestows in
than it receives from the regular
dues of the members.
Gone up under tjie I! nop. -Thi West
l t .. t i'l . O, i - . .. ill. it,.. 1. .1 1 . .. .' .. .
"W ' " UiC oii .isii.g
of a in ii rii- J in an nt the c imtnerveinci.l
x-.-rci.-ts ofaccrliia college in Ucoigta
tnis fumnur:
j " VP T7
1 1" ,10t 11 furth.r.un'd he!
c uni nt arlv to the top of the s i ns, when
; . '
.... il-.ir. ...... i . . .......
,,iui. an 1 suddenlv he found liimr. If en-
velopctl in dark:. ess. s though the lights publicans of Hennepin county, and there the Miuncota L oisUttire by lh Ib pub
wereextingui.she,!. He wa? astonished and ' jg stj ano0.r brother in C.lifor ia. w ho ,!" iUs of I oounty. mid tl . n- i-.
ie a il.b re 1. Hut th.e mvstcrv wasoon1 f. . r .or , ; talk of a Idin1 l im to ti e Wad. b u iie-s
explained, and it appeared lb it h lady.i
vm ni., r a v..tf b,r.,o l,n,.n r-.f b ; m f
'-....ii.i .. i'j iii.'' in, iii.ii .
the top of the st.tirs, und was just in ihe
id of descending, when our ftiend. being
i small ina.i. had, without noticing, actu
ally gone up under the hoop!
A QcKsno.N at Law. A Kentucky
lawyer on circuit was asked to dine wilh
the Ju Ige. At the table, ihe JuJge, as
i his custom, asked a blessing and short
ly after arose from his t-eat and look from
the si It bo nd a bottle of old Bouibon. of
which he invited his guests to partake,
part.ikirg fieely himself, as is abo his cus
tom. After dinner ihe lawyer said:
JudgH will you permit me to ask you
a question?"
"Oh. cvrUinly," replied the Judge,
what is ii?"
"I obseriedY' said the hwver, "tint
a.fti r you had a-keil blessing vou set on
'al I a . t X 1 t a 1 1 - I
i i . .i ,
j Th Jude took the casa under adite-
Ti7The wuikrneii in cutting up the
All irdic cable for keepsakes, found a place
win re the copp t wire was broken and
separati d about three-eighths ofan inch.
thiough which the- sa w jni ed i.i the aohd
g'-t'i perch.i, shotting tht the diiCon
n .c It !! mul b iTc oCCuro 1 dtirin th
.prcoe of mat.ufitture, and therefore
j leading to ihe very great probability thatj
oih r iimilar lesi n may hive occurred iri !
other p u ts of tho cable. How w as it
that the Kb ctr:ci ita ent currents through
this brcken w ire in the cable during thi ir
a. '
expeiinu nts bef. rc and while laying lb
c able.
- --.
J-kaI'Ds IN .MhimUN. rcme Hart
a a
iitscover ci bate au iv bei n made in
i i i.i i
Miel ig m. Tl.eDetrvit AdTeiiier taV
tl ?t it tum ( U-. that whil the Den.octats
i . i , ' .t ..f it..- ei,.. .
, , V , h--"
thy d frnubd tl.. Unierhdyrui.d ou'i-f
i5 t. ai d ibe dnmvn ISihool I'ur.d
of$71.7i i. lleidei j e ck ting this ?37
(KU of j ubli money, l!.ey cheated the
School l'und out of 6250.0 O, in the
ff.uJulent ale t.f a lection of School
Lar.d, containing raluib!e copper mines,
4 .
XTA marriage was recently perforni-
ti cu I'ljruoulh Hock.
Eisner SiMrox. We regret to be
cm m polled to say, in answer to anxious
inquiries, tbnt Hishop Simpson's health
h.s not improved, and that present indi
atior.s do not promts an early ncovery.
Ilo is greatly teducod in healthy and
fength within the last month. Know
inj the deep inten t our readers and the
Church jene rally feel in bis cae, we
have made thi stak nu nt, that in con
nection therewith we may suggest that
praver be oU-re 1 ort bis Indtalf to the
lit id i f the Lhurcli, tiiat it u is 111s wm
that "the prayers of faith shall save ti c
sick," that He would 'laiso hi.u up," ac
cording to his prvniijo. MttlVitt A llo
cate. Scvkfb Covrtisu. I-ast Siturday
night a weoli, a sptucc juung f.-l!ov from
somewhere about Quinc-y. l'a., went to
Fort Frovidence to pay his devoirs to
his dulrinei. It appears in their long
and tedious courting they fell asleep.
The mahoiranv table, on which the can
die was hfl buning. took tire, and was
eonsiderab'e itjuied before tluy awoke.
Young folks, take advice, and do not
prolong your bitting loan unreasonable
hour. Let your couttsliip be short and
XiTTho Limerio Chroni le mentions
the following case of extravagance:
A landed proprietor, who came of age
j s;nc0 to tjie amount of 4l0,U0O. He;
ju jN'ew Kent countr, Vh , gives an ac-
. .r.i...,..;' '!f, 'I. 1,,
VUlll OIOCOUVlll-OIo.l'iou. rvt, :. . .1.1
I . , j It no ets with the cordial ar probitiou.d
lrl that countr The little noikers were1 ' 1 .
county, iiienuic ro,l-rr Mire many prominent rrn-ii, among whom are
necams inum.ve wiin tm ir leime ntign -
bor atul the seijual was the curious fact
. slated by our om spondtir.
Vtrnr 5srHpi.vf; T a .rar circle in
t 1. I. MiKaIIP 9 N.ltiiiral I MAI XT ' T
aiiv a suiioui . . m a i o j i aiva tv v v
m - -
.. . ... , . , .
' m ra . I i m An tlrifr IT, A t W 1 Fl T 1 1 1 llll!tx(C ila
l a
on the approaching and appearent
1 birth of an heir to so illustrious a houe
na her o n.
"Sav nothing of it to mv husband.'
There is now another of tlue bodiis
visible in the crh-tdi-tl li 1 1. Tuttlo's
j com, t can now be f en in the conste.la-
! tiiin l'eirasus, without The aid of a ttl
"p Tl is group is in a diieci lange
" t i t h u 1 i t.o i ! t-'i u n f r, m i) i tun n iil li'ia
- " ...s v ...
in the '-(ireat Dipper' thro' the Noitb
' St ir. and is about a far from that bodv
as Arcturus.
W. 1) W.-mhhtirne. .i votiri'M-r
! , , e . . , . . " .
b:otl erof the fiuious thn e, is nominated
' "-e MinP'-ota Legislature by the lie
w h o v e t i ti t o ti d d to add hi name to the
Iowa Election.
Hiulinoton, Oct. 10. The returns
from two counties in this District show
a Republ.can ga.n oi -ÜU over t year
me inuications are tnai t uriiss iuep.i
is n elected by 1 ,0U0 in;.j i ity.
XtTThe stock cfpotk at the infjtee
lion warehouses in New Orleans, uu the
lfct inst., was 10.00 J bbls, against .t.CGa
bbls list year, 1.CC9 bbls the year befoie,
and 1.1,020 bbls in lltoft.
- - -
XiTCufl. why didn't vou kick that !
dovr?" ' What am de u.e of kirkin1
every cur that snarls at you! Don't you
know dat am d way dat he wants yo
to bring him into notier?"
XiT" The most authentic news fiom all
portions of the S.ate i, that thi Icomp-
Ion State ticket has uic rded. The
Legislature however is, we think, Oppo
JtVA lady being asked the other day.
why she chose to bvi- a single life, ?-he
replied, ''lb cause I am not nU to sup
prt a I tfsb m I!" That lady had some
; i 1 a of th dignity und justice of "indi-
Ui lutl euTettigmy
XiMissi.Mpj j apr-is stnfe that the
b..dworm. u doi;5g senotis damage o
the co'ton crop in abnol ci ery count v in
the .t ite
7"'Vhy i$ jt lUHti paying bis note at
2 batik like a fsther g'ing to ee hi
it'i.'glcl.ildr. n? Cc-atisc he meets, his rrfiai! v uur- Ua.l-brec.l lnd
i . btVlin! I'1" ,,v,Msar al ,Vf'nl't. miJ to be th
jCfjTA waggish candidate c)ming toj
k Uf'. I .1 Ill I 1 . .f t.l I
j . i.ll.' l a l'. ill Iii. luuct, ll III-) vau
... . . "
Tas ,i,J,-WI,st we lock f.r here, are
tnvarsuri'ft not men.
4t.7Two bundled thousand pounda
we ght of wou.en'a iv hair annualy ,old in
Fiance, nn J the piice paid for it it usually
lix cmts an ounce.
jC-tf Mn. Edgeily, 107 years old, died
at Ka.it Cornith, M:,, on SttrdaY last.
She v, A3 ihe oldcit person In the Hale.
AdviSsjon of Baron 1. - T : i M-: i : l.
The Jews of the rity of !.-':: heici a
meeting at the Warren stnet vnaogue
some days ago, and pae ! a H'titscf
resolutions in relation to the a.!niiictx
of B.iron Kotlschil I to his seal in PafLi.
mtnt. As republic an citizens, tl.ev say.
thev rejoice at the ignomini(u drfai of
their would be oppre--r, auJ the tii-
umj)h of the frunds of lit.erty cf con
science. They tbsitik the Krii.sh fno.
pie, und especially the people vi Londor,
for their H-rsi?tence in n just caur. and
a Jews thev congratulate their Et-'lish
ci)-reli -ionists on the lestilt. fin v a!.o
mtnti.-n in lionoiable trrms Sir Mos,
Montitiore. Sir Isaac Lon (tol ismidf.
David SftlomHii, and Bari n Li'nel ivo b
thdd' and give 1 special cotnmt ndatioii
to Lord John Hus-ell Mid the o her Li
berl members of the Biiiish Far.innu nr.
lh'ston Traveler.
A Qi Esti in at Law. A Kentucky
lawyer on circuit w.a asked to tline witli
the Judgr. At he tab'e, the Judge, a
i- his custom, aski d abb sin . and lnn 1-
ly after arose from bis s-t and lo.U
from the i.lt board a b t le of old Bour
bon, of which he ini:-d Iiis gm ta t
pajtake, paiuking freely hitntelf, as in
alo bis cueiom. Afut dinner the lawyer
Judge w ill you j ennit me to ask vou
a question?
"Oh. certiinly." rej htd the Judge,
what ia it?
"I observed," sai 1 the lawyt r, "d at
after y.u had asked a Messing you set n
the bottle. Now I wiedi to know wheth
er you are athanifd to a k a b!esii g on
the liquor, .pr win ther ou thought 11
w as good enough w iibonl?"
1 he Judge took tho case tinder advis-v-
I m ...
10 ttaW a bullion funk, whi.-U shall
! Use nothing but min inns transaction,..
; n,t. one-tenth of one pvr cent, on the sum
i deposited with the Umk, which will nl-
wavbbe ixvablc in coin.
I IH'TTED OFF TltK j KICK. A davor
i e ... - . I 1 I al ll 1. -a
C "
' i w )' hi i .'iorniin a.. it Pittas1 ir.
I r.xol I ki l..w. v . . a
a lot f
several head of catth that were on tho
track. One of tin animal-i. a tietr. bull,
made a show of light and mi. Ii uhs lb
I strength of his fesi-ranee th it be bu t-d
j the locomotive and entire liain otl lh
tmk! Hut ihe bull died.
the truck, have in-l ihe fate of ihn f,u 1-
th are tlead. Tlie car ui popular ov
eicignty rolls on as In lore.
jftT'The Lo.idon Time re iews nli
bria!W the l.tm-ti able condi ion if Mix
itM. and cohclu lc as follow?:
It Mi'ins tin-re is nothing !ift f.r t!
. . . . . .
.i nn.ui. Mi!,. ,ul t0 cu.stimui-i . li tj
j work which they have Is-guti. :iiJ.i;hmx
, the land of Montezuma and (.Vrte, v bu :. .
teviii under the Ja bot tl slvo duvet.
will not re ort-1 1 lie l lusi a nf th bbei t v
of th Mexican Ib publie.
XTD.V. Wnshbui ii'. h V ourig b'otb
or of ihe f inotis time. ij ii.-iiuu. t d i
in Congress n-.t vtr. Then- is h ill
another brother in CahfortMH. who w?s
candidate fir (ngres in 1T.M; und vb.
y-t itrttids to add his name to the cata-1-
jHon. JefftrM.ii Davis, it so ms.
, U;t.n t,,ari,r,.d from a li,.r,,, ,irt.
Ina wann Union nrin ly his ijsit 0
New Kiieland, and bis poj- uni in Main-.
The Eolith ought to prohibit fiieatris
from pending more than on Sondav t
a time mong the iugg-d hiili of cw
HeRuiiiLK Death. A in in iiaru d
iS-imuel K. S:db r, of New Castle, 1 ,
U.sit W" k. while alien. ling a circular mw.
by some mMiis was thrown actoei t..
! f'''''', 'd th- s.ur cut him in t w o botst
T. l - ". II. -I I
w.o region m ii.e iie.-ri. i fo- oecurii iu a
was so M'hidcM (I. at his MloWuoikim.ii
eould give no jsi live account ol it.
eT-STThe fir und Jury of 1'ul.is.ki toun
t, Va , indicted two men, one a Hi:ist
preacher, arid the otbei a miinlsai ol I ho
same church, lor swapping wives, tlo
otlenre being -onidered contrary to tho
gisod morals of the Common wrabb.
Married Again.
Mrs. ireree, w -fj of Hierco the Yan
kee Comni" 1 an, who was divofce.I from
her husbui 1 a f w m inths sinre, win
man ifd r ci.tly to A.J. Ilu't, ihuuicu-
j manager,
ati7A Wisconsin 1 1 k-m ikcr
j mvc n ej,, ll0 :ir.,, r lUn a .uattr of
i .. j .1 . , ... , . , .
oo.iir, Tiioii is aai j io ie I I'erieC'l
sprcinun of the :.rt, nnJ an cxciKvut
ti;n -keeper.
riebest man in the JStatc of Iowa.
-"' nurnoer oi ciunucii in ivias-
-r'ri - i e i -i i i
Isacl usetts. who attend Sabbath school u
j 210.000 f.but one sixth of the po.ula
! tin of tho iute.
ZijrThere arc only two citica in Ger
many, or in the world, wbh:h conlair.
more Ucrman lhan Nev? York.
XiTA jealous husband threaten! to
chastise the -'evening atarf"for blinkarrg;
äl hia if.

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