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i ... . ,
WHOLE NO. 924.
VOL. XIX. NO. 25
Urfnll cneiln.
The editor of the KockviUe uepuuuciu
V S t V tl
euir-ssls the 13U day of Ju uita
tie time tu told the Cui miontl Cmver-
tioo ia thia Congresioi.sl District, ar.tl
tlt Rockville "; the place.
TU 13lh day of Juue i. in our opiuion
much t "O- Th Congressional rate
; th.. iii.iriL will have to i fouid,1.
upon tue iuu that will placed If
f ire lb --vple 1J the aeiim uf ihe
tionsl Democratic and lU-publican Cu
vcntions. I fee balliovre Convsr.lion, il
will be recollectr.!, uvli on the li.U ila
of Jure, when the prir.fip! upon whicl
th Dfiuwrauc party are t make lbe rsc-.
will t nude ki.uwn. Af r thia. the it
ie b-t-e.i the 1 parties will b inaJc
ai.d ihrn ihe pr-'ptT man Can IfClr i to
rrpri4l tLo t.ea. tVrUiitily ihrrt
looi.lbs ia lin.e enough for sny oi- t inskr
tb CoigrrH.i.l rare, and wc wo-ilJ g
gsal WeUueaday, the -Sib day t July, a
th proper liritc l. bold t!. Convention.
Th l)mrratic parly I' .oitpond
their C.M.gfonal C..veoti in this
l),trcl notil the I'Jlh Oaf f J'iJ. TI.i
Urn do' fir the urHe .f awitm
the actiau o( the Dlltiiuore CnTCi.ti"U, o
thtt lby co ct ure JieJlj.
It it impofMhle for the Ueuthcis of
lbi C-ugr-ioi.l Dtklrict to tell, at thi
earl dij, who is the right ruin to tak the
Cunreina! race. ! fact, v fr the
Republican party m coocrmeJ there are
yet airf. in the fi-!-!, Iut of the
lainy gr,l uita in the Dttnct, all ru to
think it not .liMw to pre iheir clin.
until aflrr the National plitfonn ar- -
f ttti the ptuple.
We think our friroJ of the IUrkTilI- Ilr
ha not I ok-l autficientl ntr
the eulire Iitrtcl or h iIJ ot rirotn
weiuj Itocktille the pri r place t hoIJ
the luveiitio. In fc:, llckirille i the
tuil inacftHalle pint in the Di-trict.
Keu the county of Vtrii.illion cau rerh
Terre Haute a enily a UocktiUe,
nl theo thi point i in connection with
the counties of ruloam, Owen, Clij ai.J
SulliTan, bjr kailriaJ, an. I KocktriMe
juftt VJl inilf further fron tirrroe ;hn i
Terre Haulc. KviJeutljr t!i nty i tli
eaticut place rehe.l hy the telojt- ho
will attend the Convfütion, the accoinmo
Utioo lure 'ill t ierior to any tth f
plc io the District, au.J in o jr j iJturiit
tit it the proper pljce to huhl th Cm
eiition. We iujr;rst, tLerefare, to our
Lrt-thrru of the pies in thi Cooreiun
al Dulrirt, that the 2Sth dty of Jul the
tiiue, anl Term Haute the place ft hold
ing the oi.jTesional Contention.
&JT AfU r the lialtimore CnruUoo Uaa
discharged iU ltbort, adopted it pltUuiio
of principle-, and the to real parlir of
the country are marthaled in hostility the
one agaiotttLe other, then will le the pro
per time fof the people to caU a bo at auJ
ae who will t the aaitable men to jü:
aloft the haoner of Kepubticauiiu in the
eteral cangrettioual district. If the
lWiuocrtic party, jwio iue with the
Kepublicati party tu rclatiou to thu pro
tendeii riifht of the lata holder to carry
hi alat r into the Territories, thf o tto w
want aa our champious t-arnest, Uld, able
Uieo. The liioea demand more than the
oily loDgue, they require bold, timorous,
iudrfx-uJent thought. Trickfcter hw
had their day and political cuwardt are
fatl receiviug the coatempt of honett iteo.
No ose ia üt to lake a lowuthip, county
or cooi;reaional race, any wUru iu thia
State, who it a paoderer to any political
uiifueut whick Le doct not, iu hi own
heatt, Uliete to t- ribt. If ho is a Re
publican and Lelietea in the lictrmet
recently enunciated at Chicago, let him ay
K.t ky ao oianly, oebIy, fearletly and
all the time. If he hat no positive prin
ciplea.bat ia merely a tuanworbipr lt
Lina atuw it, and if ho it a Democrat and
fTor dihnety, corruption aod li.iniou,
L t him tay ao aud foretcr after r luain a
iWmocrat. Hut he who presume to aspire
to ! a ataadard Learer io the comirg
ratiipaigo, tauH or ought to be an eam:
able, prfvood man, aad ao trimmer.
-.a. ... -
J j The Kvtnaville Journal in pultiug
the aaaueaof Lincoln aud Hamlin, al the
head of it column aaya at folio :
The I'eople'a Ticket.
We place U day a. the head of our col
uiuds the name of Abraham Lincoln,
of Illinois, for President, and that of
Hannibal Hamlin, of Maine, for Vice Trei
We do Ibis from no sudden out burt n(
eiilhuaiaaro, but frotu deliberate cenvictioo
that thit it the ticket moat likely to de
fest the infamout Administration nw in
power at Waahiagtoo, f td the one which
presents Ü moat certainly of succvss over
a party lhat it utterly demoralised by its
lote uf plunder aod ita aubaervieney tn a
aeetionai interest. We feel thst it it the
duty t every oue wholovea the Caion an J
ita free lotiiUUout, to act ia the coming
struggle in the way which prcttult the
greatest proapectof sneeeaa ; and in accord
sace with this prompting, we hold lhat in
a.Uaucirg the ebction of thoae rtur.a
whoe nainea we htve mentioned, we are
performing that duty in the woU effective
Th writer attended the Chicago Con
veulion. 11 weot thete early and rcmaiu
ed Ute, and aaw the w bole proceed m ga u.l
a aaa a al
was in the midl Ol tne pariicipania a. an
flh. part.op.nl. avail
rk. Vte therefore speak
ia we ssy, lha the plat
and adorlrd in a (yDor
Urea al the for
a as. a
what ws know wha
form was drawn an
valive spirit ; the candidates art modeTa.e,
altoaal naea. ai the aaajority ol leiegaiea
rho controiieiauairs wr prevon amn i
a a t a iV . .-.a.
-.i ii ..:.. . . . i ..... i
iam will bo Ul eaxni. i i.e tiaiorm an.j
..... . .1
raadnlatea are the fruit of a victory
of eoaaervau.to ov.r radiealiMu. and at
nehm ihe moTCnieni UtrTrt u wi.ii
s -sl"
reenve. .V,aupHrl of N.uthern Indiana.
. . a. .
Tl. i:MubUran r.ar1v.nnder whoe sua
rices the p'ntf .riu and ticket we have
adopted wre pated tjon.it aconterta
li.e party. This ia shown by the utter
,lfsl of its rsdicat element at Chicago
The rfoo.d iltveaMes isr.Mlhatol
tB'Kruy"1: . t . .1
hea oaer 2 UvJ ! the lpieailiou in in
i" i . ... ... .i. i.iir.iini an. i
ditna rtfwed U support its platform ss.l
and hence, at the ooly means el rrstorieg
the (ftverattie&l to ila prtttine punty an4
iste-tritv. the sraUia of S lbru In-
ditLB. as we bebet, and shall rndrator
from tone 1 lime to ahow, will Rr t it -rt
to suptort lhat plalLrra which in dit'.inel
tatuta iliaeouaterances disunion, ttraruy,
IrsuJ, sn.l ihst ticket at tha hrsl f whtth
is l Ura l "Homst Oi l AU I.iaceln"rf
J llibwis.
1 T Ten Utiles, to wit: Cilihrtia, Iowa,
iMiaiaiaaa, Michigan, Mour.ila, Mr
Hampshire, Oregon, Hhoie lalanj, Suth
Csreliea and Wiaeensie, were nniapre
stcted la the Constitutional Union Com
vtblion recsiitly a(iitle 1 at Haltiiuors.
- ---. -
)gtf bias tr.-The Vsllry (I'afie)
tllade dwt lk tha nMitnslM.ii ef Hot.t at
4)1 t Abe bineutn We doU'1 auri oa it
i j;r A CtrreKm!nt of ihe Ckiet
I I ... -
i iiu.cs ami rreas, writing from bpriitg&tld
in relation 1 lh reception of the commit
Ire ko rre apH)iiled by the Chicago
Convention to cootej to Mr. Lincoln the
intelligence of hi nomination, aaya ;
In the eveainr. the delegation, accotn
rinied be fortr or !i ft r outaidrrt. walked
np tf ifr. Lincoln' houte, and were at
ooce uhred into hit rreeree. The
parlor af hit reeuience, aroatl but neatly
and lattefuilr furuihed, were thrown to
gether by lh oeniog of the folding door.
an4 Le too, at the bottom or Iii back
parlor, prtcefully bwed at the deleatt
entereJ. aad after a amateolt delay mo
tioned Mr. A'htnun to pnceed. In a pe
culiarly apprnpritte M ech. which you hire
alrea.Jy p-it likel, !e!iere-l in a tn of
Toic and ith the aotnlBeil rarootuftt ol
fuannrr I rupriate to the vecasion, that
Hentlrmat iichrgfl hiadutr. Of coure
a'l ete were utHjn the mtn who nw rc-
cjpie so Itre a hare of the thouj(htt
and m irm a plaec in the ho4 of the
..tiiencaii people. II Um.1 tbe ltl ul
ffctinif. ilhout o' irr evi-l-nr I -nn-
lion than thai reu iu an mi tt4ltif.il a!ene
and a conpreed lip, he at ped forward
a. the cotclutioo of Mr. Ahi uh h rt aJ
Ire nd with a ice a clar a aUIl,
in iii'uril tot e and wtlh low and dittmrl
utterance, pruoonnr! hit reply. Men
who hai taken up the n4ion from Mr.
Lincoln! ioatriiff, tht h wa a roul
iiiaiuonl, who wotil l not hin in the
White Houe. that he wa a Maiup orator
only, popular with the ui but unutcd
to orcanou which rtp:ne tact and polite
adJre, were. atonihed ty hi maniff
lationt ut fte and grace ; aiol when the
gentlemen preset. t were ialroduced by
ll a oh, there w at uvl enu tin tloJ not the
u.or cordially g?ap tii hoirt rnat'
haoI bca re of the a;jreeV"e 'irjri.e to
hich thev hd wn trv.i'ed- in their
minda 'e fear that the man who Lad
ma:lcd ral, dnten oxcu, aud tucl at lh
ilit boat oar, Could tot hlit that polith
wliieh l!e etiqirtt? of th aldn require,
fell dead forever. Ther were the more
ead Ucaue L;s puiitcBrt Lad the
charui ufeiiicentj and uaturalue. Kranlr
ierce, of all mf ti tn An:erict, it tr.e bei at
Krrnr h Ix), and it goo ! for nothing
eUe Mr. IiuchanH it aid t have a
Cootlly eino t'ial Hille iU way in all
crowd : (ut wc doubt if either could have
in.j rrs-el the gentlemen before ut at Mr.
Lififolii did, by the ininifeiitation of the
kiodly qualili of hia nature.
Thu cerr' nie Ixong londuded,' the
gehlleum J ncd in gro'jpalo another par
lor on t!e riht of the i.all, where they
were TiT'iver by Mrt. Lioroln, wiili thai
grace and inlrl'liencc which liavc made
her a d'-tingu'thej oi Lament of the excel
lent tociety of the capital The vnitoro
wire aniiout, notoaly lo tee the man who
will ild the power of the catiou, but the
woman aIo te whom the hntpitalities and
aocial influeticea of the White Home will
l-r catruttcd. They were satitfiej that
both will be in capable hands. So much
for the reception. ,
On the return of the party to tLe hotel,
the er.thutiaMu ef the citltent broke forth
anew. Ktery Ileptiblicaa httie around
the haudorne louare wai illuminated, the
Sitte IIouc wa a blaze of liht, the air
wa tilled with explo liug rockctt and the
ears of all were atnntied by the booming
of cannfin and t!ie rtor.ant cheert of the
Lippy multitude glad to do honor to their
neighbor who hid received a a free gift
oue of the highest honor that can 1 be
ttowed upon man. The people were fairly
wild with delight. A meeting addressed
by eacelh nt aptakert of national reputation
wat going on in the Representative' Hall;
but nothing but the oj en air and the liber
ty to cry ont with all po.iblt Mrength ol
lung for the nominevt woubl tatisfy the
excited Citizen. At Iot.g at rocketa and
puwder wi re to 1j had and a long a there
wat one throat Uft capable ol a cheer, the
di tnot(ralioiii were kept cp.
For tbe Kxpritrf.
Ma. Kouoa: -There tieuit to be tome
difTtcully in dcguating the diderent po
litical partie whick exttt oioce the dis
ruption of the I democratic party at the
Charleton Convention, and for the take of
facilitating th interco irte between neigh
!ra, I prpi, l r the future, that the
alave Prl7 or iirf" eaters, a. they are
termed. I called IheUuck'i, because old
Buck i their head and champion; and
that the Nftrthrrn wing of the Detnocralt
te called the Hucktailt, becviae they arc
about the Uttof the party, and Lava Uen
haken olTftotu the mtin tody, and if they
do not take. h4d of llm tail of old Buck
they will never lx heard of a?ain. And
then I would aa-;g.-t ih propriety of call
ing the third pally, li the Oonerf alive
party, nliaa th grrat Constitutional party.
aha the great Natmetl Union Sater cf
North aod Siuth America, th Canada,
,1,11 Svotis, New linintwick, and tn.ua
imperially th Ulttnl of Cuba, and Mn
ic. yea. thit party tbosM 1 called On
Clmgtailt, bccai they adhere ao tena
ciously lo Ihe laU end of al the ptrtiea
which hare had an exilenc? iu the lat
half fputury.aod I suppoe lhat ihey are
foniji ae-l of the tail end of all the polili
cal partii that evrr txitled ainc the form
ation id our government, aud I have no
doubt b it Ihe leaders of thit great party
em trace their origin down to the dayt of
Noh. through all the Wat parliet that
hav had a being! Hut 1 admit that they
are th greatest of all parties, tnd the)
now ataai the proir cagaoioen would te
lh ll jcat, the llucatailt and the Clmß
I hope that no Maliei..u per will
think that I have any uMrien by Irtliaga
toward the rr at ditmemlcrevi party, do.
net any io the leaal, for I alwaya feel sad
hen a gad dog le, then how much
l m, wbea a great parly cxriftt
h w h f nt accuI.uUt,, .i.
. . ' , ,
Out cf te dc;el afTctiori and ..ceri. I
have autrreatr! lh aan-a le be inribed
tfRl 0f ritj, ( ,u gn at de
, ...
i a a t a ar a . w - -
i - w- -
I .- vi u r.iu'ii irir tiiinii u ji r a . it
fr the beautif-il aa-iel eot ut yrMrr.iay.
T, ,rr . j4;nt,Cevt aUjt luch a lot f If
w -
.1 . 1. . .
I r .tin t.i n s : intk cii i ta i i s til at w Mw
, ..... .i m...,i.i.m
I me swa-ir-. nuifru ..-.. . -"
1 aaa
Kam n without f.ower. rr"g would loae
t f( t cjsrm tn SatntiHr rjw mo lion ar presented to lbe Congregational
' ' t ,,. 'j, t,ains-more r f.rorg Choreh f Ttrre Usui, for their eordisl
ni n . . . .... .....
lhan the cullitalioo tf Hewrra. notini.
.. i i ..ti
I pifr, u'lhiig Hst loa ut iigrier i vuii.nrt ior ihrir very geoerows cooavion
I ! . . I....
1 ,j; f r
Kvl" f tt twalt.
Tk- t.k tre at-l tNt e f tree,
ilwal s t iarr at a'l.
IUI II mi l U Sr, I fcc-e,
t fcnrVr rwaa'a 145 h 1;
arttH f t Its 11,
tt IU if 1 la" f ara f Itia
..,...... .-..,
! 4 -
1 r i'.mn II If . äilocl in Lis iti lu ihisl. .. ... . . I
, ., i , i .ii..
ll . . I I . ff m m m t fft.la Lfkfcl I 1 III S
- - - ,
C,l7H 'V .T.:. : ... ' ...
aai .n a. a a a., aw arm ni uu - sa svaw a w t w ii i'"1!! ist
... . . ...
1 --.-- - -
si..l lneoin in nun.,, , , .
., . . . .1 . If... ... f .k.i
iaaij iiiacma wa ih iii 1 i ?
f'fcl he f ttily ui ihe victory bl b(
the bH, while Ihe L.liU (its i.l waa moat
itrhtlnii f If vaa4uah-1, b it rr taind
the i-iias
l.lMeolw, and War at lo 1 bird Parlj
l'rom every cpaarUr our f aehaogca bring
tidings or great joy at the action of the
. . . . . i
Chicago confeunoD. aiuc the dai oil
f rfW . t- .a a I
itu, oocaoveutioa or the people ha Uons
ft work wo uaivertallv nonular. Judtrinr
, i, i ,i. ,i
ination of Lincolo it received by Urpub-
licaas with euthuaiatm everywhere, and
thousand., who. iu 1 t&G. cave their aur.
, . f ,. ,. . -
pmt to Mr. Kllmor.i,aw warmly favor
the nominatieu of "Hoaeat Abe." We
have not yrt aeeu one aingle paper i a In -
dirna Laving the name of Dell aud Kterclt
nyirg at ut matt heaa, aua Lere in the
city of Terre Haute, many vho were the
ardent iuunortera of Amtricanitm. are nnw
a earueallv in lavot ml lj&rulu auI Kim.
M-.i .1 r .1 i : ,t
J ......
in.. im. ii.e acuop oi me wmcago ow-
vention tfore the rople. the Conttitu-
tianal Huioii luoveiuenl Hod but few
. , w , . ... ,
friend, boo.e. whoe atcial.on. and
pTedelections fator the adtaucemt i.t of thu
ri lavery Deioocratic party, and olhers
who tllndle fallow iheir badrra talk in
favor of the party Without principle.
L1 . ... . ... i:... . ' t i I
" iuihu, in; I
one who ia tint blinded by a love for the I
........ .. .... i -Ii ..i . i.Ä..-.t
H....Vr,.UMj, .UM
in Ih.ir heart aad lodrudent enough to
peak they Uliere, tuutl aeo that the
platlorm of principles adopted at Chicago
.... i .1... t . e.. I
' ' I
legr.ty f Abraham Lincoln, peculiarly I
wiui uiui uui it mf mti lor wie iiiuea. i
If Ihe Democratic part? it to U beaten ic
theeomia I're.idsnlial conteH. it ha
....., . ..mm ,
i don with Iho nominee o
. t . I - 1
me vnicago
Con t-iiiion. No other man can
in hope, lor 1
m ml
one imwuent to aueceed acainat the in
one moment, 10 succeed agaihel the to-
dividual who will l endorsed at
Mr. Uell may iHibly carry aomo
S.oith..r mat. b., 1,,. 1- 1.-
... ... .. . .
mob t probability that he can carry ona
"V1 uc i-
State north of Maaon Dixon's line. The
vote, therefore, c a-t for Hell t Everett in
the Northern Slate, whilo they do not, in
the lcat, advance their prospect of dec
lion, iBcreate, in a great degree, the prot-
ect of the Democratic caudidatet la I
.... ... i
some of the Southern States, where there
i... . . .
iui ix-i iiuviTc, oi caiiriur a .oiaie ior i
tutr ui,miu..oii. uniun cinaiatlClnOM
, . . I . T . 1 . .,
wlwi ffitii tht iikrf .In rAt lUfoKw In.l; I
" v " v vw.w w a mitt sj I Ii V4 1 I
rectly advance ihe intercsta of the party
. 1 t a . i at I
they are opposing. Dut in the north the
- -
Conatitutionsl Union
t l. .. i :. . tn. a.i ,i:...ii : . ..... t .. it..
vnt..-lnth Sit. r Indiana fmnr. -. f
nave every reaton to believe, man they
will receive,) will that have Ihe least ten-
UIUV ,u U,",UK 1,10 wue 'ocu. auu
1 . .. : u : l. . t : I 1 I
ths othar Vieo President of Ihe IInita.ll
kiia .r ico iv iueu. ui me univeu
, . " ,
Irnlil wtni l.tr tla K.nnK inn tilrat lnt I
.... ..v-v., .
ilcertainly cannot give any additional sup
port to Dell and Everett in the electoral
college. Instead of having the vole cast
for lüncola and Hamlio, it might trite it to
the disunion Democracy. Do the Consti
tutional Union rren desire this? Some
may, but we are impreated with tho belief
that a majority do not.
To a Western man the ticket made at Chi
cago ia peculiarly acceptable. No West
ern mtn has ever been choaen as the stan
dard bearer of the Opposition to the De
mocracy who can so perfectly sympathise
with the masses. Mr. Lincoln knows Ihe
Weal and its waats
lie knows uu Uie
i Mat I
,. ... 1 Ii i
. . . v -. .1 . ,1 1 . ... II.. itm m. li l.iuip. I..r
'""-""""'I.' .. .-- . .... ,
.... I
uwetpect nont ton. ana ne w,u ao every-
thing legislation can do lo make the bur-
den liht. He anows the difficulties poor
men have to encounter in procuring hornet,
and he will favor giving homes to them
out of our vast public domain. Ho it all
that a Western matt, be he American, Con
stitutional Union, or Republican, can ak
for. He does suit, and
ill surt, all but I
Ihe pro slavery, diiooion Democrats; they,
poor fellows, do not particularly like an
hont-tt tesn
i' -
I , The Congrealioaal Atociation of
Indians met at the Coagregaliooal Church
iu thit city dnring the past week. On
Thursday evening Uev. William Twining,
i f Wabah College, preached tho opmiing
On Fricsvevenini? some of the It tiet of
th church provided a collation which
w.a served up in the lecture room, aeeom-
Ptnied . ith stechet and a raod time gen
ti.. ..la.w. adlonrn.! on Mondiv
morninr. having Wen is session a little
over threedsys.
over three days,
Amon other resolution's psed were
tne loiiowm.
KftotfJ, That we regard the Sabbath aa
a divine inatitulion of Perpetual obliira-
lion and necessary to the physical and
moral welf.ro of the re, therefore
R4t4, Thst we view with deep regret
the prevalence of Sabtalh desecration, and
we deem it Ihe dutjr U Christisns to do
Iheir utmost, bjr cxsmple and precept, to
crat- a right pwblic sentiment in regard
. . aa I il .
to this subject, ana a$to recomroeoj
claims of the Sabbslh at
' H "
miniaiers of thia lo present lbe
letat once a year
KfsorVi, That il it the dutj of Chris.
titns not only to cheve the Sahbalh at a
lay of real and religions culture and coin-
r ..I 1.. .
minien witn 11 tnsfnseivst, iuv so to
r Irr thetr butiae and honsehIl ao
lh at tl.rir teff ar.tt anl employees may bi
! sMaV.U.I awa t U
t - - -
It a. als.
I a. a aa-a..B . a .aa a. !
Kerea, I nai me tbsoas 01 ut Associa
bpitality as Ihia occstio , sn.l lo me is
. . .... . ...
Fridsy eveoirg
1 1 . . : I e. I . . . 1.. ik. 1 1 .ml
Mc.. . .uea iug ,uc u ITovYuv on. that have crept hgh those of a man of mark, are not able republican., with wham I have cor
pro.pectaof the Democratic candidate. .lLe,""l'Vr .... V "!Ll ....u.. .... . . a.-, dially co operated ia maintaining therrin
M.-.nary Society, and spprevingof fair I , " ' '7 '
. ' r .a .a.lllUlfiilled from a!n21sod, chsrierinr
aiivi paectarian co erers'ioti. mi oi nri
...;t-.i. .1..
.?w7 ft: t J W m 1 if UT f aw '
Prrat ytery, were alao paaaed.
t r The tea.wrati papers are constant
.bat Q'alJlal ...U. ar. relhao QlJK.-
i in ih iii aar ai in i.inrmsiu iMiiiorm
I . . . ... .. .
'U1 lhf "tfiyetrmi W-e prop.
I ri.. i.lml ala.i on Iba tmltatUv Ol BUCH
s a a .a .
i - - - -
I n,mn aa Hu ha ha. Fowler A Ü.
" 1
. . . m
tin the l?.o4 Usb.by Ittvjl'
I f itatt
T. I. (Jord.ih, I. I , Mf. Alfrt l Hel Im
b Mitt Jsits FlUtt Osaa, buth f Vlge
Ii The Seymour Time, which Laa
always had a decided Awericaa" leaning.
lhut rH:tkt of lLt rjj ÄüJ nuttll Boruin
j on .
Th United Statei r.art. which met it
lUltimoreon the Clb intt .had a good Urne
an.l a hapny delivery. 1U11 and Lveretl
I were noininaiej witnout nan an enori, aua
I tk (Viialif tillrti. tatrn a Platform. The
rl.tforia an excellant one, with the
J tntlinir drawback that LoCofocoa couatrue
11 one WT and everylKHlj elte another
I way. i ne uernocrauc pany naa e
t' ,n..-er. kinj of m,bl act and form
f tpMch that the Con.lilutioa carries
lvery into the territories aod protccta it
, n,t V't n pUl .
f ha ttfatt r.-areaa rW I ha ITaitaa,! SI fttaa rvtrt V Ik v
tkf t0(nBfnt wi0 0fthe Doroocratie party.
I wLile the Douelaa facliou prorkote to
bide by whatever construction it put upon
hi i . ti c . n...i -i.;h
I. . I... ..
iaa Bir,lw ar.m., II, al i itr ffMa
,olo the terriUmet by force of the Cooauali
I lutioii.
I . . . . - a
No thia patriotic Uuilea Slatet
pa ty lakes the CoiKtitution and " the en-
tr't riUl..i"rnr it. nlatform.and
a- jt , tiroAdy decided by tha highetl
j authority (the Supreme Cdurt, vide lui
Chanaii a neaie) that alave holding iu
llMMI1, i. fön...- thai th.
.. . ... , .
United Stales partv i in lavor ot eniorc
ing thia Locofoco coaatructi - of the Con
atilution. Ihfre it no lodging this con
. , .... i.i:.. :.. kjUlC,,.!
. - f Tanr, (whoui may the
devil and all his ahgels 11 r away with,)
and contejuently are at pro alavcry at the
mom ramoani jocoioco. uu. imi is a
rn.ul -..an V Wiieva he ia an anli
kfmtm man at heart, and we regret that
lie thu lentis ui goou name aim wen
Uarned fame l Ue Ulte ucoiacracy, t.y
a-iting to dirlde it honet opponent.
fprrtt a ncholar, and though only an
" . -
0j,j woman in politic, he It at pro-fciavtry
mi e.. gm VS.!
at Jell. Iavi or iveiu or uuning. uui i
he It the duel Ol U nion aavers. uc 19 wie
, .. ,,1
nig union oavioui. io umi cu iuc
Union at leant twice a week for the last I
fifty year. Aud t.:n he 1 powerful on
George Washington. He hat lectured, I
preached, prayed, wrote and suog ior
1,, ,. - -,. , ..i : I... I
naaningion, an ior Dinning una iu-
. NoIkkIt love Waahio-rto. like Ev-
mf I
The Kiting Sun Vi-itor.aUo of " Ameti-
can" tendencies, thu brietly but pithily
jdinpoaet of the great third party movtme t,
jn au alluion to Mr. lh ll :
He haa been a good old Whig, and we
respect him for it. yet think it would be
i..... m - . . - . . . .
Ith h fhlh rf fo V far Ut to lend our aid to I
, . -o, - ... .... .
Iii (lörtion, oj Um. h.lP 1. difide ud
HIS CimiUll) UU Hill'' uril. UIIIUU nuu
.li.tr t lUrnmnart r (Kalvill fiirlill..
. ,i . .f ,i r,,inÖÄ i4f pl;. I
Ulf liiC I It I kltlU Ml I IU HU au I U W V VIIIWaVi
i o ut at present, it seemt that every vole
I - . r aJ . - I r If II 1 I a
41 TP II III a life oUie I r lril UtllV UCIP VO I
?::,"!" . a:.,
r n ri i i ri 1 1 it ir iwi war ww aa a i- a
v)lOM Tery riends have t
.(ri.. ii Jj ii.a ; r.1,
3 1 I
Wiih Lincoln at the bead oi tneiipuDii -
rt lbe Bell movement will prove a I
. . ai,urelicrc. Indianaiant know
.... nl , AliA.. MMarfitiva and
m(Kj.ralc a9 any .ian can who hopes to
regenerate the Government not only from
. ...I
i,llf . rnrmntnn in. I it
..,.Jt , , I
will not ihrow away their volet, no matter I
how good the man may be Tvho solicits
them, when tho effect will be to give aid to
the Democracy and security to the con-I
tinuancc of the demoralized and slave rid- j
den party they detest. I
...a.. a.
The Fort Wayne Times, hitherto inde-1
pendent, hoists the names of Lincoln and 1
Hamlin, and justifies ilt action by a can I
did and able article commending the I
Course of Indiana ami lennsyivama all
.... ... . . . I
Chicago, from which we extraclthe follow, j
ing : I
NotJnnff remain for us. preparatory to I
r - ' m r a I
entenug lue COnleU, UUI IO say, lUat Willi
1... i .. I 1 1 t . i I
I lim .rnlinilinn n vllillr Ikt Ihn Cinili. I
I a - a .. aaH.i v1a.i ja-ra ta as a aa as ti t rak rv va i iiAm at
'W7-"";VW - -
will do no mac reu it to our proieaioa, out i
which will bo approbated by friend anil i
foe. aod prove thai amid the acrimony of I
- 9 - . . .... - . I
a heated contest it is posaiolo Ior an editor I
to lo just and dispassionate, and yet I
A Word to Americana and Old Whigs.
Mr. Dawson, of the Fort Wayne Times,
who has heretofore leen identified with
the American party, and published one of
the ableal papers that party had in thu
State, has, as wc stated a few days ago,
at tti bead nf Ida edtimna Ihe
t :-a.i .-a n..,i2rt fv.
liatnri ui nniumui iiiiuh, m. uuo
... : Ulion in tham
...... .-.1 i : i I-..I .i.Ä
hoata of the oppotition lo Democracy; for
Ihe former it is nnt too much te ay,mnu a dollar. He never peculates.
that the coervstivea ihe country over,
rr:v .r;::r i .;.;,r;
ctsity exist In the North, Ihoutsnds upon
I thousands of them, everywhere, would ral-
f br;
Jsnnot expect it t trantpira by voting for
that great aod pare man John Uell. The
Plh üf dulT U!rU " c,e." . a ",i0
? T. 1
nominee ol a power; jI party ol probable
nominee ol a power; Jl party ol probable
tocee. To tbea suggestions we direct
allourfriendt-Whigand Atufrican-and
would that they pledge an honest support
to Mr. LloColnbeleii.,K thst if elected,
his administration Will bi Wte, f nillirully
. . . . . .
conservative. honet and nationsl.
jj- The different wards in this townships
j0,Uuel their delegates to dsy. The polls
m apeoe-l at one o'clock. This is ao
1 matter and the citite ns should
iurn out and give their influence in favor
Df the bst men. The county Convention
wj,ich atsemblea to morrow will, we have
a0utt. ratifr lbe clinn or ib differpot
I t0obip W have bot ote wiah to ea-
press in this connection and lhat it we
hope the bet mn far the dilTerritt efTieea
will be selected. Harmony is rstential in
doing a gnod work, and the poopl who
own the offices, shonld dispose f them to
whomever they please. A larga Uir out
ought to chtrhcteriifl eich to day.
UT The Albany latesmao, a leadisg
aud earnest Fillmore piper in Incomes
promptly an4 hetrlily to the support or
Hooest Abe," whau it ip'iks of tt "a
. t i .
nrra irHna, una jei no-.
1 - . ...i.i.t . ..i
ouivunu, - v.u. , . - r,
I.:.: ..i..l...i n.i;ni
citinn, aad ao honest patriot.'
I rr S Ktrif nr S man a n ai ii.illilni
- .... ..... .
vesasianeisangaiiuisritt ami para
phtrnli necesttry t give ihibitloat cd
li.l Ihn Ttica a1la ihn linraa muri
I ii . . ... e... I ..!. 1 d.n. . r t i-
. iMH'r''!"" 1
I nre.frsm tbeoelo Ht. lta1MS, then
I.u ..u.l... tk. .tl.. .I .,-
. .
intime I mirr v ya tan u ,
I -.1 .lit. I . . .1.
I Mftil iciiis A larga ikki iuiiiib
i .n ... ......
u Uintf f itcte 1 tu ths Htth side f Wi
vtsn rvresi, nrsr um csnsi, it win sua
I i . . . . ... i t. n . i I
...... .i
RUinwist spprarsucPoi usi pan . u,
I IfWihi I tnst rspits) likeness tf
I the seecrsa' C ef J. II bsnging in tui office.
A.; es. dstirint t, srs it h.d Utter call,
Somebody Las writUir the following
about the girla aod act it afloat:
UoJ tlM tle ritU,
Whom golJen curia
ni1 wlla our veulai dream !
They Launt OHr Urea
I.lktj plrit wtea,
Or at aatata aauut tb atrearn.
Tkey aoollt oar I'tlna,
1 key fill ear aralna
With Jroauia of aatuiuer hour;
Co4 bWt lha girl.
iink tliuw tfclr curla,
(iod bleat our honian floweri.
The wite, w think, arc quite at de
serving of ft blessing aa the girla; there
fore, we Aithtnit the following;
(iod the aivea,
Tb flli our ttlve
With hui beea an.t boner;
TU-t roe lifa'i rhoeka,
They meiij our aoefca,
HattoaH they apeud lue in-incj 1
Wlion we ar tr k
l aay Ural uafpnek- -That
U, if tk liuul.l love u;
If imi wr the,
AiJ )fl they rry,
A ii.l Uio lOitibitonca abo e uv
or roulli ejlrla.
With aniiy curla,
U'e may In Caney Jieam;
Hut wltet true wives
Throughout oer 1 1 1 c.t,
Are tiery thins they a-eiu.
l.loneoln Aa lie Is.
The Chicago Timea and Pres gives the I
fallen tum nnrtrait nf Mr. Lincoln.
L , . . , - ...
Thofio who have aeen that dislinzuiahed I
Commoner can testify to tha truthfullneas of
,. v .l . I
Mr. I. i renin stands six feet and four
inches high in hi blockings, liitfraraois
nftt .i.r illlt nd a-irv Id.ar.n.
- -a. -j -
r 1 V..I -I . . u- I I I
jiboo ui m ni i-ui , mi mwi r imhih aie
.1: 1 . . , . , , ,u
iiuttiiii'iui'iiii loiivrie ui ii 1 ti i'Vt.j y. III w ill, 1
ing, hia gait though firm it never britk.-
He steps slowly and deliberately, almost
alwaya with his head inclined forward anal I
hit hands clatped behind his biek. In
matters of drei he i by no mesns preciae
I Alfctiwjsi elain fiaa iiAffitr faaltiran säK! a I
" " m." v". ,
m. m. l . B...s . m.wm..m a .
13 uufc ,,,,v "IUTru,T- i n maimer n
i. m..rWUr r.rdi.1. ...I. .t Ii.
time, nunpie.
Hi politenc it always
. , , . I
.... .
aa mm- a .w ahalA I h m ah mm aa .aas 1
w aim Biiaac ui am iicaiii au vi a waiuici i
.. .... ,.. ..... .
...... . .... .
I alien Ii i ft n a M r Ir irrtv vrt or livliTAil I
" e.
uptTtnjeraotionaoj his features begin
thair nlar.he would to chosen from smonc I
L eert,d a. .1, !,..! ;n blm .
.. v... . 'j
n.-i:.ii .i.!.i. - t I
amuij v- v.... .u.r,
but the heavier metal of which full grown
roeu and Presidents are made. His hair is
l.t.A .n,l il.n.'l. I. ir. Ui. ka..l
iiu well on his shoulders, but beyond lhat
it defies description. It nearer rvserables
that of Clay thrn that of Webster; but it
is unlike eilher. It is very large, aod,
I. a,, a, a a a a I
phrenologtcally, well proportioned, beto-1
kening power in all its developments. A I
slightly Itoaian nose, a wide cut mouth J
and a dark complexion.with the appearance I
0f having been weather-beaten, complete J
the description. I
... .
Iq his personal habits, Mr. Lincoln is as I
simple as a child. He loves a good dinner
and eats wilh the appetite which goes with I
. rvrAt Krotn I. nt Ii! furi.i Ist rtl a i rt tlt.fi I
Q Viaiu vat aa svvva 'aiaa u a
. ... tT- Ktkr,nr .-w.
UUU 1 1 IUI! t . o v ' 1. 1 ununa luii'tiiaiiuc
Master a of the State of Indiana:
r .. . 7 .
iiiiuui ui but nun. uub airu am l .ts.i j i i
wine, lie is not addicted to tobacco in I
f iu t) He never was accused
. .. . ' ,
Hr a liaaftlniiia aa aa t in at 1 1 bio I I I i I aa tiawa
w "tul,uu' -Vfc " " "c
uses profano language. A friend says that
encc. when in a towering rage ic eonse
quence of the efforts of certain parlies to
perpetrate a fraud on the state, he wa
heard to say " They shan't do it, d n
'era V but beyond an expression of lhat
kind, hia bitterest feelings never carry him.
He never gambles ; we doubt if he ever in
dulges in any games of chance. Ho it par-
..... , . .
obligations for any ptirpofe whatever, and
in debt, he la never content until the score
" discharged. N o presume he owes no
y,e r.ft 0f the sudden acquisition of
-e.uh never tookbotdof him. in. gain.
from his profession have ben moderate,
but sufficient for his purposes. While
have dre.mei, gold, b ; ha. been
in pursuit of knowing. In all hit deal
hogs he has the reputation of being gener
out but exact, and above all. religiously
" man who
would say that Abraham Lincoln ever
wuiu "J
wronged ny one out of a cent, or ever
, dollar lhat ho had not hontttlv
... , , i i .
rned. 11. a struggles lo earlj life have
1 .a. a a at a .a
I made luni cari-lui oi money out rut gener
I oity with hia own ia proverbial. He ia a
W P rei.g.oua worship,
and though not a communicant, it a pew
holder and literal supporter of the Pretty-
Urisn Church, in Springfield, to which
Mrs. Lincoln belongs. He is a scrupulous
teller of the truth Uo exact in his notions
in ika alicnanhcra nf WiililnaLin ! il
i - -m
now is. Hit entnucs may aay ihtt he
Ulis Black Hepuhliesn lies ; but no man
ever charged that, in a professional ca
pacity, or as a cilitsn dealing with hia
neightors.be would depsrtfrom the Kctip-
tural command. At homo he lives like a
genllemaa of mojeat mesns aad simple
laatet. A geod sited house of wood,
simple but tsstefully furniahi-J, sirrounled
by trees and fleveri, i his ewn, and there
be lives, at peace wivU hiroaelf, the idol
of his fsmily, and for his honesty, ability
ami patriotism, the admiration ol tilt
I VI. tU.J. la .li.l Pr.I i.-
. ..,..,.,., ...
I will rsrrv but lillle thst is ornsmentsl to
i -
I the While Hosts. The countrv mutt ae-
- 0
cept hit sincerity, hit ability sod hit
losniy.is ins mouia m wn.cu tney art
I, ., He will net U able to make as oolite
I . . . f . I II ' I I . I
a l-o at Krank Porte, Luthe will net com
I nifBC 1Jlf w the agitatlnn cf the Slavery
I . : I. ...
i I &f 1 i i n. it. . .
I nJ aelrmaa inis. iiem.y pot
lo I raaiJa at the I'residential dinnara with
....t,I.rUi..(.MU..,itT." Ur. Ua.
1. ... . ...
Chssan i buthe will notereste lbe neceesity
fer a Covtvds Committea and the di rsce
faa revrlsllens of Cornelius Wendell. He
will take to the 1'iril Jtnlitl chair jaal the
qsatitlea which the couatr, ,.ow demand,
to save it irom imnaing ue-iiucuea-
ability that no rain caa .pillion, ürmnsti
llhst aotbing can ottrWer, heuotty that
I bsvsi has ixptscht, and pttriotum
that ami despair. "
A Letter from Mr, Ketart.
Naw Yoai, May 21
The following b-tter has Uea addrease.
by Mr. Seward to tho geritlemeo of the
Central Republican Cororuiitev.who invited
him to attend a meeting for the ratification
of the proceedings of tha National Cooven
Atari, May 21,'CO.
(jaxfLKMit I will rot affect to eoaca
the aenaibilitr with which I have received
ihe lelUra io which you anal so many other
reapected friends have tendered to me ex
preaaions of renewed and endurii)? eoufi
deuce. These letters will remain wiih me
at assurance ia futorg yean that, althourh
I wan not unwillinc lo await even for
another aire the vindication of mv political
principles, yet thev did neverthelefc re
.. . ... .
ceiee the generous support of many good,
wiae atiu patriotic men oi ray own time
rucli aasurances, bowever. made nndcr
the circumttances now exittinir. derive
their priceiet value largely rrotn the fact
that they steal upon me through the chan
nels of private correa pocdencc. and alto
gether unknown to the world. You will
at once pe.ceive that such xpreaaiona
would become pa:n'r' to me. and iuatlv
iffentive ! j 'io coun'ry, if I ahould be al
lowed to partake in any public or conven
tional form of man'ftatlon. For thia
reason, if it were retreclful and cootiatcut
for your own public purpn. ea, 1 woulJ
have delayed uiy reply te you until I could
hive had ao or poitutiity of making- it ver
bally next week, on my way to Washing
ton, after completion the arraneemeala for
the repaira upon my dwelling, rendered
ueceaaary by a recent fire.
1 he tame reaton determines me also to
decioe your kind invitation to attend the
meeting in which you propose somo dem-
uliM.u" m "If w myaeii. tnu
10 Jufcl'y contidenng Ibe notninftUona
-Vl. I... ;...t v.,.
J--- "
al Convention at Chicijo. At the aame
time it is your riirht to have a frank and
candid exprvaaion of my own opinions
aod te nlimentM uu that important aabject.
My friends know very well that while
they have always generously made my pro
motion lo public trutta their own exclusive
care, mine hat ouly to execute them faith-
r ' t . . ... . . .. .
lujjy, ko as to te aiie at the close 01 their
...U.! i.r...i 1, tl.m I.!!,.
It a t -a m
- "s, -. w, v iu .w
MU,t,. ' CTp, w,u,oul """re ol
iue puouc coouuence.
The presentation of my came to the Chi
cago Convent ;on wat thus their act, not
mi' TLe disappointment, therefore,
i ii...
theirs, not mine. It may havefouod them
unprepared. On the other band, I have do
la. .' ft 1, . . a .1' s a
-uuyu. r.M.cr p. u..ppe.uoe,H or 01
ii arnnianr ior war n m a w ana vaa v . i mm.
l,u'",w,B ",ri
- w w y f - a
-v . I I M.tl.v.tl ......kll 1 " al a
for itt candidats for the firal ofTice in the
r. . I . . .
ro.nl.,t;AR.Anu nL.L.lnn . i..r
a v wa aa ivu mw V S tUO VUUIC1
. .
as satisfaction to me at
ciplea embodied 10 that excellent creed
v .t r ii .i
i cDrcriuny give tiiem a sincere anu
earnest support. I Irutt, moreover, that
those with whom I have labored so lone
lhat common aervi 9 in a nobleeauae haa
erpatad lel vnn Ihnm anl m..ir rl imr.
' J .l,",u"
ol peraonai inenu.tiip unsurpassed Iu the 1
experience of political men, will iadulge
main aconuueol bel.er that do wnse ol
ilitinhn nlm.nl will 1. .1 Ub..I I.. I I
Ito hinder orde av.or in an waPmbrraa
-ri--- -" ....- uj iuiui
ihe progress of lhat cause to the contum-
malion which isileuianded by the patriotic
U j l "u V", 0J.in.e
fSifroed) Wm H Sawaan
a itm J
Masonic. I
The Grand Chapter of the State ol Indi-
ana, adjourned on Thursday, at noou, the I
Grand Council having finisned their bus
ines and adjourned the day before. The I
' I
next annual meeting of these bodies will J
he held at Lafayette. We append a list oft
the Graad Officers elected for the eutuingl
a a
tWelf ft CDOIlLuA. I
Offirer. of Lh Grand Couneil of U an.l s
... I
v u..v.. cu.u.-:i,. .
" UUC1UJ""C onuu
Horace Coleman, of Loganiporl, D.O.
Thomas Tattiaon, of Aurora, T. J. G.
Thomas It. Aufctin, of New Albany, (J.
T. C. of Work.
Kden H. Davis, ot Shelby? ille, G . CapL
Ourd. I
I. G. C.Hunt, of In.IianapoIis.G.Treaf-
Francis King, of Indianapolit, (i. lie-
I 1.
Kev. (Jeorgo T. Iugherty, of Craw-
fordaville, G. C hspiam
1 Henry Colestock , G. S. and Si ntincl
Oflicera of the Grsml Chspler of tho State
M. K. William Hseker, of Shelby ville,
Grand High Priest.
E Thonta. l'attia.n.of A.ro.a, D. 0.
High 1 neat.
I L. Kev. Alien A. tue, of Importe, G.
E. Philip Mstou, of Connrrsrille, 0.
Comp. John M. Hramwcll, of
olis, G. Capt. of Host,
n nun if..,..i rv;
Comp. Albert Hajward.of I
tAmp. jonn m. itramwcii, oi inuisnsp -
I V a - . a
u. a. papism.
I Comp. Ur. Franklin A. Hardin, of Hich
mond, u. cnapis.n.
comp, cnarie r ituer, oi inoianspn,
Ü. Treasurer.
Comp. Franceis King, of Indianspolia,
G. Secretary.
Uunp. Itcnry v,oietocK, or I n.napons,
I (1 Hm...!
I ..uj
Tora at NartosAL CoaTSioxi.-ln
Ih33, at the Hamburgh Convention 2Si
voles were cast, of which Gen. Hainon
received Ud; Clay. 90; 8cott. 1G.
In leil.no ballot was laken for Tre.i-
dent. Henry Clsy Uii.g delarnl unani
moutly nomidsted by resolution.
In IBs. 377 votes were csst. Oa the
first ballot Otn. Tsyler bad 111; Clsy, 97;
WeUter, 41; Scott, 4H; McLean. 2. On
On the Goal ballot Gen. Tsyler hal 1:
Clsy, 30; kott, C3; Websler, 12.
In I '2, there were CCi votes eaal. On
ÜitWd ballot lien. Hcott ha J IS'J; Fill
more, 1 1 2; Webster, '21. The platform waa
adopted by to GO.
At thu Ruffalo Convsstion, in IM, s!
the free Stales and Delaware, Maryland
sod Virgiaiawere represented; 42j vules
were catt 24t for Van Uurco, Itl for Mr.
AlthtrhtlftdelphiaCoQveUion,ia U:C,
there were W'J votes cast, of which 323
wert for Fremont; McLean, IOC
At the Chicago Goavaxlioo, in lbM,
thers) wrtt 4Cj voto cait. On the 31 I al
Ut Abraham Liocoln received 3C4; Bew
ir 1,101. Paytow, I; McUan, ).
A (loon EiucTioi
We are pUae,!
see that the Hrpulllcaoi ef Knot count
base determined t. tend Col. ü. U..A.I
0r Vlnceones to the legislature. If ihey
succeed it -ill be plscisg the right mto
I the tihi 4te. Od. Alle Is a Aral rate
I mia an 1 a flrtt rate Re pnMicsn Ran I him
up, wUn lB ' .
CON fill KSSlOJt A L.
XXXVI CONOrtKSS Fiaar Saaaion.
WatniäQTOx. Mae
SENATE Mr. Hunter, from the finance
comtnitu, reported back to the Houae the
poat office deficiency bill with aundry
Mr. Owio meved to take up the overland
mail bill. Carried.
Mr. Owin aaid that the object of the post
omce committee wa to etablith a pcrma-
nent mau system, and procetsled lo
1,1. ,n iu.i,i.ii..,r.i.. i.;n
I wwa va tiiv t'llli
The chair called up thwaixxial order.it
being the private calUnder, aud it was post-1
Mr. Davi.' resolutions wer taken up.
Air.criucndcn look the ground that the
Ketmbliean. eonteuinl.O ,w.U l.v.l-
to arise: that the Terr Lnr aa war, ntiinr
and no intervantion was needed to juetify
the resolution. We must suppose that the I
governmtnu all intend to make war on
al.very. which i. not likely to be the case.
t Was uaeleaa tn brln frw.r.l it,A f. 1
a -
to make mischief ia the Dreaent. Head.
Tocatcd peace aed quiet. The American
parties had been wrong, and contributed
to the mutual irritation. It was not going
to be titd to the heels of the Democratic
or any other party:
The queation wat to test lit. Urowo'a
ameudmeut that intervention was aow
needed, and lotl, ) cat 5, nays 43.
Mr. Collamer offered an amendment to
Mr. CI in gm an 'a amcndmcbt to Ute effect
that non-intervetilioB by Congress in the
Territories ever would be required. The
amendment was lot.
Mr. Clmgmao'a resolution, that no ne
cessity now exiata for the intervention of
Cngrea to protect lave property iu the
Territory. Adopted.
The fifth resolution wat taken up, it is
aa follows:
Resolved, That if expedient measures
ahould at aoy time prove that the Judicial
and Executive authorities do oot posseaa
meant lo endure adequate protection to
constitutional rights in a territory and a
territorial government ahould (ail or refute
to provide the necetaary reined ie for that
parpoae, it will be. the duty of Congress to
upply such deficiency.
Mr. Drown offered the following substi
tute for the 5th rrs dution
Ileaolved, That exerience having
already shown that the constitution and
common law, unaided by slavery enact
ment, will oot afford adequate and sufficient
protection to alave property, in some of the
territories having failed and othcra having
refuted to pats euch enactment, it baa
become the duly of Congress to interpose
.,1 .,1. . 1. :n .r.. 1
" " ""v" - " niiniu mfi
property in territories lhat protection that
j, giTeB lo 0u,er kinds of property
" 'v rwiiummwiwif
f . t:,..ii i.i- . .
Mr. Brown replied to tbe obligations
He did not admit the right of ihe Senator
from Texas lo lecture him and denied any
desire to embarrass the action of the par
ty, or any Senator in reply to the charge
lhat he favored Douglas. He said he
would support the nominee of the Hieb
mood Convention, if he was a sound man
Jona clear platform; but if a measure of
abstractions were nrstrntod. be would then
sever the connection with the National
Deinocratie party.
Mr. Wade suggested lhat the Rcnubli
rank tftVa DA nrt In tfka v.i! aw nt. I Ii raanln
t;n .. .....,..t . U r....M .r
w w w vv, vaa t 4 V S . W a
.."...IV. . i'iui'O.1 ak." V I Ui II T 11'
f. r
A colloquy here cnüurd between Mr.
Hale and Mr. Davia.
Mr. Hrown's substitute was lost, yeat 3,
najr -12.
Mr. Drown said the ihre votes were
enough to save Sodom.
Mr. Toombs offered an amendment that
the action of Congres hould bo within
Uie limits ofeon stitalional pwer.
Mr. Trumbull eaid he bad no objection
to the resolution, as it atool at a mere ab-
latratt. He nfT. re I aa an amrn.lmant tliat
there it no conttitutiorial right to take and
hold aet in the Territoru.
The amendment wan rejected, ytat 17,
naya 31 ,
The ith resolution wa then adopted,
yeas 3D, nays t2
m,,iin .,,d t,uIsii ,r. a. enw
j The enth reaulution wa- then reported
J at follows;
Ura..lved, That ihe inhabitants of a Ter
ritory of the LmttHl Staiea. when they
rightfully form a co.,atituti,.n to ad
milled a. a Sute, may then, for the first
lime, di-cide for th.mael tea whether alav
1 ery, at a domestic iriiitulion, shall le
mainlainet or prohibited within their j i-
ris.liclion, and thit they shall I received
I a a. a. . .a
into the Uaioa w,th or w.tl.out slavery, as
I the ir conttitation iy prf)cribs at tho
lime cf their Juiiioti.
Mr. Wilton moved the fallowing as a
Heslvel, That alavcry is againat nat
ursl rights, and can only exit whto
upheld by local ami municipal law; Dd
I . i . . . I . f .:...:
inn mi" iuiuivkiun ir line r creates, nor
Wiahe.. nor authorises Congress to
crNll r lmj. cr gusranteet
r,ul 10 Ti,n u Uke ,nto or ,',, J
terr.Ury; and lhat slavery U-
nK wron of ,,M,f l'fjdicisl lo the
I 'ault 01 irccmen, ana mc iniereus 01 jirte
I "l. 1 . 1 . . ...
I l"r. It ia the duty of Congrcsa u pre-
?nl ,u the Territories of
U.e LmteU btatea.
The sulialitue waa rreted. rrn fi- nava
- 4 ' J t i m
The revolution Saa then adapted by
jesa 33; says 12.
Tk. K.r .fa r..ast nl Intk r.1.tinl..il.f.. I
, , .
gilive alave law, wa.Qukca p.
Ur. Tea Kyck said he should vote for lh
Vir. lisle wat in favor cf carrying out!
the provisions of Ihe ConstiUtion'for the
rendilioa of fugitives from labor; but was
oppoaed to the act of IhX).
A discuaaioo ensuM between Mr. Hale
and Ur. IXsaon, aa to the merits of the fu-
; gitive slave law of lH!rO.
A resolution offered by Mr. Kennedy, as
aa amendmttit to the ?ih resolution, was
Mr. Wilson moved to rtcsmiderlhe vote
by which the resolution of the HensUe
from riofth Carolina w&a iJorled. He
lo ba. voted fr il. Ulieviag it lo U right
- - -
v I fat as it wenl, but he did i.ot with to
UeU rpemitl for any cf these re.olu.
inl T- inotioa to reconsider was ranied
I and the reeUtiou rented.
I The Indisn appropriatiou bill
W aa tat a
The Fillmore Hen for Lincoln
It is not the least of the favorabU
inr??4fmia Tm. Iia .
vuilil ucaet. IÜU
J the friends of Mr. FiLLMORr ia tLe
North aro coming promptly and heart-
;,r to KnnnnTt ' irji. ' .1..
&1 raru"CiaI AdTertlSr of the 19th
wun Uic riATnoa of LINCOLN t IIamlim
I t tho head of lU Columns. neeomn..n.
,ed n ith a Statement of iL ..n-
. . rkf .f
wuuui iwwurke. ui uie pm-
I a 1
,0rm UlM MJS ,l "dwnaada
ntng wlilCli Should not Le yielded
a a .
a a free corerniacnt, rrotsU strong-
Iy (or tho maintenance of tato RiLts
mI La n. f.t i
vt "lu U"UC IQBU-
..... avu-iciguiics. ana
unn3 "3 UlCki onco more to Ülö Laitll
. ,
' lho fathers on thoso other grand
questions of political economy which
wUteg our nmnm Am! fuA ,
. . -.-v.-.
,11 v riMffli,nRi f... i
"J - -w ,o anu Rir
The AJrertiar thu3 sneaks of th
"The result is boforc tuo hood!.
Abraham Liucoln. of Illinois, i th
sUudarJ-bearer. So far as the Oppo
sition is concerned, tho choica rvKf .:
between Lincoln and Hell. For the
latter, all conserraliv3 have a rtspect
ao sincere, an affection so earnest, that
only a strong political necessity could
lead them to refuse him their votes.
Hut what prudent man. wishing to
cast his vote where it will tell .nainst
the iniquitous power now enthroned :.t
Washington, can honestly say that ht
expects to attain that end by votiu"
for Hell in this Sute? Tho fates have
so ordered that not even his acknowl
edged purity of statesmanship can
meet his reward, and though we and
all those who think with us. should
bend our every energy to his support.
It ....1.1 I . 1 '
i. nvum resuu uniy m i.tiiure, or,
worse than that, in a democratic tri
umph. Where, then, lies the nath of
duty? Mr. Lincoln is nominated by
a powerful party. His success is more
nan possible. It has Btronsr nroba-
biliiies in hia favor. If he is not per
somlly objectionable, if there is no
reason in the man himself, whv hn
should not merit the suppottand en
dorsement of honest national men.
men it is me piam duty of every old
Whi and American who hopes to do
anYtliinir lor hia count in iM
ST tj " mf auitf vttut
pairjn to come up siu.irelv to the lla.r
and pledge to Abraham Lincoln all the
aid and comfort which a true man,
help can give him. Mr. Lincoln has
not that Ionir experience in tmhli ra.
vice which wo could Lave wished, but
he has eomt'thing bt-tter in the strong
sagacious mind, cool and unshakiri''
nerve and intelligent familiarity with
public measures which lie at tho bot
tom of all true sLttesmanahiti. Hi
colleague on the ticket, Hon. Hannibal
aaniuiui, vi .-uame, is a statesman of
cultivation and experience. No one
can doubt his ability and adaptation to
tho place, or wonld fear to see tho reins
of the executive ofiico placed in his
uanua in event ol the death of thj
"With such views of the Chicago
platform and nominations with the
knowledge that the litfJo strength be
longing to John Bell in this state U
already diminished by a considerable
secession to Sam Ilonston, and with
tho Old Whig hatred of Democracy,
nursed in with our mother's milk and
strong to-day as in ICH, iu our heai ts,
wo conceive it b be our duty to plaeo
the names of Lincoln and Hamlin at
the Iuad of our columns, as a pledge
tha wo will extend to them such hon
orable and fiithful supjMrlas may bo
long to our position and influence. "
t if A New Votk correspondent
mvs: We. don't h'.ar of any ptcpara
tions for a mass mooting u ratify tho
Union nominations at Baltimore ; but
wo do hear of activo arrangements for
a grand Fpontaneous combubtion dem
onstration in the course of a week, to
trot out old San Jacinto for the Presi
dency. What will come of it remains
to be seen.
K Planter Mukdkreu and Foun
of HI3 Slavi-h Hanoeo. Christopher
dekn.a weallhy planter residiugon
bavon Do Lac, in Louisiana, was re-
ceutl' murdered by soma of Iii nlave
and lour of them, three boys and a
woman, having confessed the crime.
they were executed in the prftence of
a hrcre crowd.
aC-tTTho londun Time Ravs all tho
Brili&h want in China by the war U
l cheap teas in eichane fjr cheap cali
il i coes, and, if it should suit them, bilks
f,r nnium. Hnf G,a rrr.n A- -
.1 . ' . Ö ' ' ' J
chean tea tea at fourpenco a pound,
to Bell in London at nineince, and a
market for calicoes.
Xhe m correspondent of
I (he Philadelphia Pres. at Chicago
I . . . . r
telef'rtphi to that faper that "the anti-
j Douglas or Huchanan men hero openly
declare that if Douglas ii nominated at
Iialtimore ther will vote, for the Ibv
I nnlili!n nit?af f .. Puti,l..i
vvim.w . -rm a I c J 1V4C il w.
11" The Republicans of Iiiitaostolis in
tend erecting a "wigwam" to use dur
log Ihe preaent campatge. The aatao
pftrtT at wigwam" very aaec.-sa-
fully in the political cntesla of lrl4 0.
I rfenraei.
If we are not roittaken the local of thai
J01 helped to inaugurate a " wigwam'
I ' lLf W rl 14. WeWlieveyou
I we re ono of the M ongnal nine." Wasn't
! TOU 3-
Liwoilw Kails. -Fve rails from the "olJ
Lincoln faim." and a part of those made by
Honett Ob Al" rosüy years ago, patted
through this eity on yesUrdsy in csre of
the American Ciprets Compsoy, en reute
to Dsylon, Ohio.
Aacniuaur. W iriio call ilUnliou
sa to ths card of afra.ra. ltrown A R,iih A
be 1 ehiteeta and HuibUra Tl,,.a .1. .la.t
L erect neat and t.aleful re.idences w.tl
find this e.tabbahment rrobfic in d.aU,.
collected from all rarts rf creation Ami
. .
as workmen, they acknowledge no super!
i. I ,.ra ThIr tl.an ia et.. Hb ! l,.iM..
V "
H '

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