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Wabash express. [volume] (Terre-Haute, Vigo Co[unty], Ind.) 1841-186?, August 15, 1860, Image 2

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R. A . JILDSOS. Kit n OR.
or ihnui.
rd. VICE mtsmENT,
H L II A M L 1 N .
or utK.
r.tlenllal KIrrlorIITIckl.
l2Utt$ fr tke St at A7rye,
JOHN L. MANSrTELD.of Je:Irton.
District llUcttrt.
ijt ti et j rn a M - All a . of K aa . ;
in DU'.rirt Jobs Kj,'f lar ;
ifj L..wict-!.roa C. Mnnter.of Man-oa:
! I..;nct-Joho H.Krpki.of rrBfclm .
;ta HtHct Tf 'f.of Fayette
fa RB.e A. X.!-T,of l.rcoe.t. .
:iH Piftfict -Job Hann. tVinam ;
'.Ik IN'rlct-SarVl 'lai;'ul., .;'r' '
Matiict-Jame .M. 1 -nti, o. M.arua ;
oi lMrt 1C JenVlti i . CI Alien ,
lllh .ntnc.-Utvid O. Hade-, of ..(.nltrgioa
Uepublican Matt- Ticki-t.
A conceited coxcomb aa he etruta along
the atreela. a! way a ioiagtntt that the ritt
of the world it "burnit.g wiUi jealeu .y".f
Lift) A monkey dreed with ft red eap.Mue
coat and a greeo ribbon tied in double
bow kot around hia tail, daahe out ialo
the ri?. and while th crowd i. t.orttmg
with lacghter tt the faint irritation of a
raao.the little fellow nuri inbi flattering
heart the pleaaaDtfeeliog.thatcvery looker
on i "burning with jealou.y" of him.
The very pompoue individual, who like a
whining rocket, aeek. to emuli.e a alar,
alwiy.'imagit.e, an 1 huret the thocgbt
to keep U wtrtu. ti.l "all the world and
the ret', of t.nanl.ir.d" ar f eculUrly n.
of him. He i umbir to ditieguih be
tt. W. Thtmion1! Kph. thre ar in thia city . county or diatrict. U
Our felldW eitir-e K; W.i hoTapaota ad
dreteed an lmmtt audience at theCaurl
Heute, in thi. city, on Saturday evening.
VC have neter li.ten.d ta a mor thrilling
a I - a I . a. . . I. I ft av liaiai e I at
tnatiarf lui um w u mitii .......
d'Ctate! of their judgment. W cere not
heihrr ihr ar rj ara'r I or lif idfd; thr
m. ft
1 he .ilattoott Ueittoualratloii.
V Lad only.tiroe in aturday'a iue tu
ly eloquent aod ma.Urly c onr lwia I frfndi of Atrali io l.irct.la, of light od t
prh. Il w tn .f Mr Thomron bÄW aj ihr rieht.-ran
. . , , give rnera central ucvic wi jih
the t.!.et. of ther Usd.ra or th K
Friday. -
After witaeatloa' the whole affair we ',
HfiiTAL Mi'tM&. On Ffidiy raorninj
man u fouud dadn the National road
efen milea eait of thia city, bearing eti
I.r.TTEtlH FltOM .mum:.
FanroKT, Ml., Aur. I, 1J-C3.
tly Dear fxrrie On Iraticgour beaj-
deut mar, or violence. He had jisrd s t;(ttj t'uj, a th Tabakh, I tock my coure
throu-h the toll jrale the crnir-xrcf iout.f'ta tjie fimou city of lie "Michigan irr."
i in comtauy with two olUr inea, one of j I)e(roit. It j,, ioletd. a fincil). very
fire at apeechea. He rrierd thw ,ohticJ
hitoryofthe difT-rer.t pirtiei from tl.tir
firat organitatiou to the preterit rteot,
throwu.g at II titnea, and pea rry
OjUwli -n a flood of light. He ahowrd thai
the Demecratic party had. a prtT, al
moil frooj tho teio'eg diare grxird Ihe
deciaiM.a f the Supreme Court. lie w
firrr upnloth wing ofthi part j . i i ni
it a hia arttled piiiiftn that Stephen A
triumph or
tiiMiatJJi raatroat. At 10 o I from which to n;aka acowplete detailed re
clok jealerday n.orain the Couit Houe j port Many thinga however were to prom
wi crowded tr witnea the eiamiaati j0fnt ad attravtire, that they deaerve
of LrwU Uradfor 1, accnacd wiih the mur mare jl,Bn a patting notice,
dtrof John L. Vnxht. which took lac T, m0t attractitefeaturea werethe Trimu
before Juatir Hayrr After ccii l. rahle j rjltj ÄBl Pjramid Car, of which we made
delT tht .luMire siu! the rrorrutrs AI i mrotioo on Saturday. Them wre
torcey luadc thfii appearance. I b..L rollen up at CharlrvQD, and 1 the
I'lerce atlt-d Ly A, it. Crare, roiiducud ,aol creditable display of gcnd lale and
orld. ar.d while men of ee, 'A educa j ' . . j i jj.n 4Uj ; j ,it. rrocCiiUoT). and 1. B. Mofflt r ! I cunaipij deeite wa ever aaw. The tirtt
lion acd culture arrl.-.ghiDff at b. orr Atraharu Lincoln. II I I lor ihr dcfai.ee. , aa built in the atyle of a fine Crtt elate
t a. 1.1. a a ( . a a J
t.raUo-K...ti..oaa combine-UJ"1'" There were to .n.ny dlffrrenl vhich led to the belief th.t he had been! OB COMidrriU. luauufaciure.. but 1 Uit... ...d thrradri b
pl,a..a of t demun.tratioo thai it w Jord w ,th drul liquor, the other had l(0atioK prlieaury cf Uir upt-rior liirT ur! TLey
. ! utterly imrtoeeibW . te gather oolet of all , dtikpptared It was upon Mamination, Cuatit w of iron They claim Vi Lty-fUe fa'. W
T . .. 1 . vauI.I u.t i.iftt nne State lrkatn
twrrn the lau-h and the hum of iht i p.iw.r.. . iC He
weaoioccorreit. the jud that comes to I T n-Ajn ,n lot.r.t and arf'! A mooa tie witnenMa truuKht iHo cocrt, , railroid car. with a aeeor.d ttcry. a
! Lit ear i only r.f individual praie. No . ve -LeW tiu w.ll. Laii l ! m a amall b-T. th. murdered nin.; to .fcillfally arraife'd. aod ao peore
true, genuine in anuoa--no ,r,c'r ,otn' ! ,efT j in Cor,ffTei w.th hin m 1 47. He ll,aa au iM. Ilijei.t lo, kui laj. aioyi . outi y decorated at to appear like lh: work
who. jr.ipt-rly irrpre el with the great ' tn!. nnM f..öred ih ;!ec ! 12 aie old. dreail tr hulb.l;. nd ' of eüeha&traerjt V,th it band of aixty
jdifT.rtnc htwrefi w hat he kr.owg, and . f Lincoln by the aeoBe. and he 1 Uokin; rather dlica.e. aix younr ladiet all arrayed tu tetttiful
j what thr-it ta be ktown.eTer in.a'tnet j thff ffljon lhrowo I Officer I--ai. Win ahaent, the uoifortii-white drt.", hlueeash each bear
that he it th-aubject of envy or jealousy . Hr...t4, ?e reviewed lh pr. ut atkeJ f .r and .b au ed a contiruar.ee un- lhe .,. 0( sUle qutl,f.r. with a
on the part f any on. It i only the .a i ,uUMCnUi.,r , til 4 o'llock. p. in tiuificent adjunct, at for inatanee "Fruit
r.eea were tuai- fuj Tennay Ivauia," "Mii.r.etota, the
were reeogtiired to j jounce', titter," i.c , a ueat and lovely lit
and Ytribont. Hu grand! perched thu,
tix thousand tix hundred fett in the ky,
to look on the wtTitened villtget of the bor
dert of Maine. Ne Hatrp-hire and Ver
n.out, tca'.tere t up aud down the diatanl
vale a:l Lo.k f the country, in the
and wm iurelf utterly inadaquaW t- da the tb Ut,m wa, fcun j him it. a condition rr:jMU j" ,alio( car. '; Up. f the 5r..n hill, and ,-ty m.un-
" .. T . -l.fT ...I I. ... .... . .... I ' n ' I.
by tiiTcry ttearua uf
k J like nr 1 of
gatiU'c tneaer lirda '
thotttan.i ibhabilantt. In fact, you irn-ht : ba.l left cate)eJy acatlereU o il.e pmoiul .
aily faiiCy juurelf in P.oato, hilr Xluutt Wa-hir'ton teema t . have beru
rio'iet,adini: aome of thair beautiful cotu ' built Vy p-jurtr.ß down ooe? ator.ea from
poed muidt-r it Iwit Uradford, wholred ; mrrci, tteet. They proje:td their ' above, frru the tixe of a hay Uck to th
near Oakland, III., where ha haa a wife Utearaboating on rathrr too large aac-lr;' of tour fit. lymg at random, ai.d
aud frier.dalivin-. . f(,r r,;iroaj,t there, at rlewhre. 4 ' h.m a au-ep at grantatiou will allaw.
A dispatch waa iwadiately wut to j ti,rowjn into dl, ur. I w Un fw-r.J the l p-vot rck. perhap tro feet
oillctr L-an.of Paria... proaedtd to , t cU,4 o! f0,tir. about two h.ti.-'" diameter, on th-- pinacle of which I
the reaidecce of IJradfjrd. and lay in weii-j tjlOU,Änj dollars ench, now lying. plped ojV f.ota toy trariumta fiutUredin
for bia return; Abaul two o'clock on Fri- j ureroplojed, to rot at their wharvea ' '' K"- J u". .. t!u ;ii.iclc i hollowed,
day morning Bradford arrived and entered j Thorf of ra'.hor a le4 aire hive been ta b nature, a cup. holding about a tuart,
the I.O'Jte. Loao, after wailing a bnt ; ioroa:i, the Wellirgton ' Canal , t hirh tl. lat oihr. rain had filled will,
learned that the natue of the murdered
mau wat J0L11 L. Wright, w ho w at on hit
way to Ohi', and the nacte of the eup-
; tutu iii 1 - - - r -
oa the part of any one. It .a only the .a . conJiUou lU 1JuUSf c( Re,,rr ti 4 ft.Ioek. p. u,
perfica!,thegue,.er,.t great trutht. the ffnUtlTM( BOj r,oWed that if Mr. Lircolt. A large number of wltn
f.Uely e.iuca.ed and .uteoly cence.ted : d Ur lbe ,ourl .,d gearing, w,
ilionn imagine anr a'JCn thir. Hit! . . , . ... i.r..,ii InVWl CoUl
hoc.n imagine any a'tch thirg. 11 it 3 ... arrear at 4 o'eb'ck Court adjournal , tie pink jaunty cap, exquaitily tnmn.ed, u
.. - . t j w i Houe would never elect, and tL- t äte s -u r"' " . ' J . ' . ' . .
HBNHV S. LANK, of Montgomery
f ck Litt ri.tAM .Traoa,
OL1VKR T MOKTON. of Wayne,
roa tcatixT or state-.
WILLI All A. PEELLVI, of Randolj h.
roa TatA'tata TtTX,
JONATHAN 5s. HAHVEY, of Clarke.
10a aiDiToa r sraTt,
Ii ELT LAN(E. cf Vigo.
fOft ATI0t"l.T Ct!ta)L,
.1AMK-SÜ. JONEri, of Vanderburgh.
a (ir.tt)L vi tti-aas-i cou&t,
it EN J AMIN UAUR1.-ON. of Marion.
Jroactitx cr avrta-Mt cocxt,
JOHN T. JONES, of Ltgrange.
m iiruftrsn-asi rcauc iTiiLeiios.
MILES J. FLETCilKU.of Putnam.
roa ocaii,
jiret rr cot ar tO'MWhs tlia,
fiaa'o -.f Mof V;. r.rl-tr, ! Kuliivan.)
rr,ircT' a r t ar or f . rtx-.
I'.iinily lpplti Tirket.
eni iTT Tati ara.
,a 1 tta,
rut uttur,
iua nraMTrTr.
NATU N! el 1.1:1:.
roa .ttTawu,
IrN I nlV IB,
time, ebtered the houte and arretted Brad
ford after a alight ahow cf re-ilaae, and
brought hiro to thia city. He wit taken
before Squire Say ret aud hit examination
fixad for thit luorning He ie now in jail.
Bradford in a heavy act man, about five
tide waur. and to have been aved. 1 C.ean wattr Irotu ir. sllel, pure at ruoJten
While I wat atanding upon the whtrf, a dter. unc. ntaminated by Ine murky al
pretty tteamer of a maller cU. at:ll j h-re .-f the lower world. Thie.by
very large and towering t- rar unaccc ' the he!p of a toon, I bottled and atcured,
tomed eye, looted, with a merry company ' 1. be taled on V e dittaul Lanka of the
and a tp'endid Band of muic 00 board Wabh !
feel four and a half inches high, and haa a for Lake Superior. The very Mme of Sn-1 My Je-cent. though ardcous. wat rather
alone the -parvenu." in knowledge who Pr.J.lrnt'fro'u the eandi- ' Lorg rfore the hour tet for re-uming tul t Ml,Ji ,lrctch of the iruagina' l- n
are imprcMed in tueh h way. rretidencr arid hr th examination , the Court ftou- bean to to co.,B,arr it the ch.-iot of the w-xd
would rrobahlr be Joe Lane. He ..ked fill up. a d before the pri-or er w.a t,.r,- l4!t.tl, built by encbant-ner.t Nor did a
the people wheth.r they e,,H prrfer te-! duced thehue waa full. crowd of lovely face, withto terv-to d-
lectir,: thrirown 1're.ident, .-r the .Wl.ru C.o-.er H.naoti brought in t.-. -ipate the drf am of enchanted . Sixty tix
euate of the United Statet do it for them, club w ill, which the murder waa tapp.l . f ,he prettied face-i cho.eu fro a town
He .aid that he had no fear, cf a dUolu- j to have teen committed . much excitement proverbial for the beauty of ita women in
tioo,fthi.Union-thatw.,thederU.go?ne;w.a produced, and all crowded around to h cUXrll Ye UoJa! how it made youn,
cry to frighten timid men. He aaid the get a a.ght of it. ltltaheavy togar tree ktarl, tetl faU,r an J riviied the gtae of
e!etion of Abraham Lincoln to the Preti- J liriib. about 4 feet long and nearly 3 men- ' ,huuaaoda in undi.gu.ted admiration. I Le
dm'y would ofdiieolft the Union, e-. im d.ameter. bc-keo off rouijh at both ; rjratoia of beauty wat equally attractive,
it would -till le preserved, but the cy of ende., and bea: mark. ..f h'.o-.d and hair. Uirinj circ!e ,bove circle ef aweet face,
d.. union would be ra.aed on every PreM- The boy. who ia mentioned above aa the ; aud tp,rkling eyea, the aylph like little
We have no doubt II. W. Hanna, bq., I
it in'ene!y ii prred with the belief ttat
! we are very jealo'M of him. aud exceed
ingly cuviout" of Mr. orheet
hoald think that U would Uli-v thi.
Hut a few word it. relation to the othr r
portian of Mr. llanna'a article. A tew
daya ago we took occatiou to tell Mr.Voor
heetlhatwheu he aatd a large nuojber of
Kepubhcan n erubart of Cocgrefct endurted
and rfcoromeoded "Helir'a Impending
Criit," hj uttered that wLich waa net
i true, for thoae membert endorted aod re- ,
dettial contett for yeart to cotne.
Mr. Tbompaou aaid be wat a Uuiou ican.
aun of the warderetl man, but who it teema t jjora mn the brirhtet jewel in the clutter
I a but a a;ep-aon, again w - - rorroiog a Luurp apx 10 una 'jimni n
we were undeceived. He can aud doee
keep ttvern, and like everything Ue we
rvrr nxr him undertake t do, he doet it
Har.r.a.io order to. how thai Yoorhee. wa. , firW Äoilf Um work ,.f Chief Deteeti.e Bai- TatJJjfment, and certainly no le.a attractive In hi tloM to fel a hungry multitude
"' : 7 '.. 1. 1 1 ri. .ft dra aude a decided ' in tl,.h..ntr of their orrnnanlt. were the ! l!l "" mnmie Honor, aoa tnougli
in tl. t.i.rket to h bolfhl or aoia Be lay. i n .'-"b- " - 1 r - ....... 1 . . 1 .
cotufiiended only a remfeai of that work. li.Ttimrtr. Cnnven-' and attracted touch iutere.t, from the fact ; f,;r ,oUng flawera.
The readtr will recollect our article. Mr. . wbicn nnra,.,ated Mr. Bell be had de- i that he waa uow dieed uul in a couplete Buthttle leta attractive in ta$te and ar.
I right and we were wrong, copiet in hl
! - . 1.
:.rticl the rireular of endorsement , 0ul to he trantferred at the w,H aod I change in
recomT.n.lttiot. iued by thoe jteputm- j . oJ j.oiiticiaot-he did tot
can Mtmbere of Congreat. ac I the follow . f njr dil! ne w;,h
mg u the material paragraph of that cir lf lhf jM atn in Kentucky
1 or any other State detired to mtkecomri
xlen.ive circulttioi. of eopioua j m ttm mit. k- nftll...4 or Breckinridge
hard looking cou DU nauce.
We learn that the evidence, although
entirely circuai'.antial. ia of auch a char-
acttr at to leave tcarce a doubt of Brad
ford' guilt.
Ei.rx Hokca. We were delighred the
ather dy to find our dittinguithed aud
much etteeo ed friend, E. Noyee, Eq.,
"mine host" of the Eex Houe at Mat
toon. We .have known Mr. Noyca for V
eral 3 ear, filling rntny petitiona in bus
ioe! at a uccekful mtTchani. an indua
triout at.d intelligent farmer, a d a liberal
and upright trader. l!ut we nuer knew
perior wat refrehing, at he thrrtnoneter more rapid than my a.ceut in the morning;
then, at Detroit, tood y in the bade. ' a. d ttkii.g ihr t-e at the he,I otl
leaving Detroit, we took a turn up got k't'ti n.'-t ti e In. e d atetin travel, aaJ
around Lake St. Clair, erf ting the rive ' h..rt v f..':d n. elf uu iJa ahore of the
cn the north of the Lake, and -o, on t!;i a 1 1 1 . I Ca-eo.
grandei-tof all rotdt.the -Grand Trunk," 1 Toura truly, SUNK IS E.
we aho away through Toronlo, a bcautilnl i'.. .. ...... .- . , .
1 L 0Li .iii r ai 1 aeon. A few daya
. 1 .. .v, i -1. , . 1 J
CUy, icrraee. w.e .r, on our - aj ,0 . ., f. JMurMmJ Qf lhj4 ety uo,fj ac
the great emporium. Montrral. We U4k(, . u Mrrchllf ri. U.cbardaor
but little tt.y here, but three dt-g th, ,c U . wlKtWf L of .. Crll
toria Tunnel, two mllet lone. acru.. ihe pJU.Ult( iu whlch u fhar,d Abo Lin
St. Lawrence, the tnott magmh.-ent atr.c- ; f ol . ?oling witi1lrlkW a. . Arnrri.
ture of the kind in the world, we rt? j C4n tioop from the City of Mexico beyond
.way tow.rat ine queen e.iy. 1 runu ; t t .;fUl. Co, Thon-p.on read
he "could keep tavern." In thit however. commercial mclropc!.- of Maiue, iiu- j f, ;n 0 t. Jl(,Jinjl, on ;alurd.y night, tho
the hck of the boy, and he ' ni urcading t went? out-fit. Some wore
The e
tnwrerj of th work in quettioo, amonj; , ... , ij..ii, tt
h . M.te!l.ge,.t. liberty loving voter, of the w.ng. he thou!d w.,h htt h.nda of ,t. for
'.country, rifp-ctive of party or locality . I betw, n Mr. Douglat and Breckiuridx
I . 1 1 t ... I.. ....,,l,irti (if liii'l' ! . . i 11. 1 : I. k. lit. latter
oul'l we i 1 '" ,w f'.v.vjuv..
and Sir. Lincoln, ho preferred the latter. ; tly from the time he left I'mhuuk, llliooia
.: . .. .. 1
He had no combinatioaa to make w 1U1 . came to tow 11 frequently w 1111 nun, wen
compelled to aucrumb at la-t and wht
ti t. a 1 . . . 1 11
now looked hke a eil laired country in forni oi cient chariot, ornamented ! r.orei w,.u.nn i-ne n-e i. meiapnor.cany .
....... I a 1. 1 f i.tt
Kne with oiott tontutnmate laale and taill, ine " 1
The prisoner waa biought in, and a Urge I tjreM; beieg much the tame in all varying
number of witne were railed ar.d oay ftH to lhe colo aud ornament of the
aworu. The chaiu ot vidence entirely j Cajt, ihiuh being pink, tome blue, aome
eircumttantial, of cour-e waa tery direct white, and trimmed ii: every variety of
Bradford had been in Wright a compa ; tlif
One huge waoo constructed of rough
oak aapplinga jutt at cut from the forrtll,
drawn by thirty threo yoke of cattle, and
(?iiA 11 nr. us y. r.M rr.nsoN i.aetn
.1: 1.14 fr tn.l I I O-e IV. ort of CofOM.nn
Fleaa f .r I .'.' rl cmpo., d of the
ronnt.-t of Park. V " ai.d h-illitan.
IT Mr JamhO' ir. inlip'-fdMt
raod.dtle f..r the .dhc of County Suite,
or, at the ( h-lober Llrriooi.
beneficitl retul!; and to thit end wetru-l
;r D,fflM-.l.. I., had raht fen. .lun.K I .,!. K,Pre..uee with him. enqu.ring
we l.ave uevi.ei v. M. 7 . .. . . . . L ... ! . .... r nreaent I 1 r i..i vi.,.1 , ...
lioo cd one hind'e.1 tnolard eopietoi ,,a holn political Hie anu n inieuuen k. or a picaaa 01 1"- 1 , iraiiuc a v"i p-"i .uu..--
uf h roMi itn " continue lighting them. Mr. Thmpton wj.en Wright received he package con ration of aplttting rtila, wat another al-
Mr. Hanna mul hive ha I n bug 111 li gajj t,it he regarded Mr. Lincoln a the fining ihw n.oi.ey. Wright not htving j tractive feature in the proce-ion. The
etr which had crawled into the brtm and i r,prwBf nUti of the eon.etv ativa element the money t. p'y Kaput chariot, the i a u t ) 1 0 r we kne n few yeart niro at a mo-t
blin dd hit vii"ii, if he did 1 t ee, at the Kepublican t t J . That he wat 'Agent, Mr. Lupton at the auKgettioti of j uocompromiting Democrat; but like thou
fir. i rta.h, that tli portion of the circular : eflij,,,r,t eontervative man atnl tf elrete.l ( jj, Wright, opi ned the package and ob- aim yf the honet yeomanry of the land,
which he hiu.telf iputee, hat leference on- . aMi(jfnl wo.ild, he had iv doubt, do - ,Tffi the cktraeter of the bill, rbey he hat become convinced of the crri:p
equtl and ratet pittiee to teiy aeolioa of wct, 5, mttt (j, niottly on the Merehatitt j tiont of hit former party Iradera, and now
Ihecoun.ry. j and Mechauict Bank of Wheeling, with j goet fur "Honett Old Abe."
We will not attempt a further tynuptit vt0 , l Va of Ohio money. Another Ur;e wagon wat filled up at a
f thit great apeerh -pnhtpt the ab'ftt ; w r igh t bou h t pro v 1-ion t at K r a ft'a g ro j blac k t m i t h l p w ill a fu 11 e wf p t of h rtn d t ,
of Mr. Thoinp..oi'a life It wat hold, elo jfery, where the tame money waa and n old farmer with hia hot. a to be
aeent.aUttamvi like, i.li. M.dnt. mat - 1 Krafl taking and ehanil.tf a MdM, Ohio j thod, w hirh Work Waa don- ill fine ttyle
th it l!i p'lL'ir Mr 'ober t id Conrtreaa had I inj. At il watltkrn ro-npl.t.. by a pro mm e , an I tied the bt1tt.ee in W rlght'a , wk,U the proce.aion waa movirg. Other
r.,d. .r.. I and i. o. mriol. d , he (uldthal , lhnrt((r.pl,.r. we h-p.. t be able1 ,.t c k e' B red ford bii n g ptceid. j wlgoü fittrd tip in limiUr tlyle, Mlow.
w Inch t ft e -t e 11 I th , we y ! ju a ff w daya to give the entire p e h to' Wright ami Bradford, in rompai.y w Ith I e. with flaga, baunera, Ac., ite.
... ,.ow to Mr V.....hret. in hi;yri,.rv We eapeet to be b to gio ' a Dutchman, putted lite loll ytte loj'llirr j Tl. Wide Awrtke. on horttback and en
peed.e. ri a l- from the ... of lt.! ' w,,rd, but the i l .pu nt action, lh ' t dark on Thui'dav night, g dug eat . foot , formed another ii.leie.lii.g feature o(
wo.k.th.o ne wrepr. pared lo .ho whit 'Mfl p,,,,,,,,,,,,,..!, th' lliMllin; ttif r tit , ltfldfolil C fttut lck UiroUli Ihr K1'' thepr.fMion, both on account of their
are the 101. t of ht romp, i.d ' jj,. 0rr, ttugi'. tweltinu, anchaxt x)m ,.ri..g Uirtn It o'clock and day- 1 Humbert and on account of intuly iiilelli
iu.- toicaol lU niticl.lrt tflr, wefin j 1 j K. 1, t aniil h wmild to hrk hy bieak- grut appearance.
It to a COMPENDIUM "of the work in
que, fin" " By hi own howitie i he
ci.i.f. on lrd. D-d Vr Vooihr. t, in I it
peerh at Sullivan, qu.le from lefer'a
book, or fiorn tha tutnfinJmtn ..f l'.-l b. ok?
He r"id fro... the lniim r. .! h n he aaid 1
To our fried, viaitin Mattoon we com-
tner.d the Eex Home.
r .1 ..... . ii'
ated 00 t.atco nay, mai inner 11 01 . tl (l, 1,p K.chard.on had at. rted a
baya, renowned for ita -afe and t-nn.- , tlHT.ih arul tliat lhr j..rri!
diout harbor, ita incomparable family of , . , 1 . 1 . , ,v 1 . 1
' ' ' t bd t-i.dor.ed it. La.t ntnt the Joi'tnal
three hundred and tixty-five beaut.rul I. ff,lln ,,rfr IIfnl(li ,tttin.
I.ndt.ooe for each day in th, year, and f ifh , ( (i!m fMi .b
forthat mott laaty and aub.lanlial ciiy . , . , . ... ...
J J I i imIv lanl to the Mieraof the Mexi-
. 1 : . .1... TV.:. . k . ,
eraieo. on it -ouic. ..t . ,w ,,,VV . V... .1- T 1 .:.- l .......
Irin H if
I .. f. . ,1,. M k t r I I - 1., I
o I t II . ! '
riiug at it ricedet fr iu thel. .re, .nd '.he
th.t '.ih i!.e 1 '.-ii 11! v me fal.e. or
tth-v 111 ,mi:i ! 4 dearer of löiTance ron-
Igardent being terraced in f-ont of the ,n.g. . , . . . W.
1 . i
luficent building. Itlanda a'frd a i t x
i vemi.re the arrtioii thnt they will netrt
a cruite among the. i-lar. I, f .r a few
Ihr II Mlnl rul-n paper. To frei the full power f..t tJn.e and pay the l.dl.
i.e .old out. Tlr rietldtiil f He j o( -.j, Thnmi'a.iit'a t loipiriirf, you mutt a bou 'ld a anil of r Inthet at Louit La
frl.rn"llt " ! bulb are and hear hi...
. - - e
Jm1 it I lUIti' "ior.lt.
Wu htvi fHilel until tin morning
ithoul ayitg anything in trlatiou td the
11. t . lUi.ti Hlir' M."U.
In thf .lo-irnil f bt Fridty, tt rre ap
peared a rotnmuntctt 100 over H ttlf, I
Which the writrr, hsvi v.-fer.-nee 1.
and t 1 the l.'tpre.
"D ubte, fron, l' arroi?n' ...tnnar
' . . k. . 1 . 1 I .it
nu. I f.ter. w eciiin ' riroii.in riiuon-' .'... . , ,, .
! i:"f:.r. l.;.l .Mhe rli.lt ,,f.rred Th-.haM.rf.il h.rgt.o and a.lr be
to il 1,-iiir whrthir h" bribe editor uf tween the wire p. illera of the Amfiictn and
the Eipri-tt.or " '" ftf "M"v oVrr peugli pt!t. I N' York, by which
vntho.a.tir .ut. ro .ht '''' ;n.. f ,,, f..,tler pirty wrie .0
aelf ... ati.ft l ed ,i, h. polit.ftl church. ti.e 1... , . -
m , a ; lin li'l M, ..y -i.d brrrchr to the
oil.. ... L.m and l itftble error a to ; r i., (,!!,., iLfn u-li in ct.1n .1u. nee
the eht..el.r of fc? he ,n,ployt , to aid . (if ,'u( fc (i t irfl t tf .ilt,f(.r 0, S,lllf Ui.eof the iiiol active and able Drinocrala
!:':L',:.:.V,:,;;.V.':;r,.:,;..r . ,;. , , n., .... , :. r'iv'r8..riJ
i enctii party w.,. hl I 1 11 Aurort, N Y , 1 remain .i.em ..1 . o, ...
. .1 I t . ' oc ratie u ;-r at thit loint, vt.oild ir'.ake
- l.,eh Or., (i A S. r..v'ir. the Pretidrnt , oerauc , r . .
of th.' Ameiican HU' t'ooncil, mt I- a
ape.-ch, in which h. rrvn wed the i-ti
..f V finlif A 1 I tr.tf Hi the ti'.eiit c m ,
pgn. and cu.cl .1 led be drei r.C . vl ! "f PM' f-!""'
he.ion to the (.., of I.tUf olu A.ol ILi.nl, n j "f w' lh- T'" l,:
Jira t-iaia. ratcu Jini.n i.iaiet,
the Breekioridge elector, nude a apeecli at
perch that Judge Kcklet made iu thiteity, ylniinl ty ytUcer L -.gm.of Pari, aud three
..kaa a! ' tf
lt Friday. Ju l I ckle l.itaiwiyt i.een
Banner, t ran pat rncet and device vvrtl
nuuirrout, and wero all of a rharati.r very
1 1 1 1
. . . . ........... .... .
viour'a t..r. htooil.". o'ebnk on l'll.lty ; romuiaiinawm nwr".i
I t ai l a ill) hill of Vircih.a! Ntal .ni..r or m..lto alluded to the
uion.v-bouchta t.ddla at Mumdman't. ! "if'." nliri-l- U .f
...11 it... 111 1 .11 nl V.r .ii.iu nu.nev . ' c,,l,r KU
' .......... Tlti.nira..
Wat arreted near Oakland, (Pinhoo.) II-
Tue aiuur WA.' irr tnt LiouT fLAfa We
never taw the alvanla-e of the above
ciaxim mire aj ?ly demorttrated thin npon
the orcit'ou of the recent excurion toMat
toon. We refer to the contuanmate ability
and addreat with which Conductor TtL
rni,.'e nonaged the f xttaordinarily large
tram which wat run over the road on that
occiion .
We don't pretend t ay that 111 other
living man could do the ame thing In the
tame way, but we venture lhe attertion
thtt no man llvioe could etcel Conductor
Ttlntag in lhe ditcharge rf that very dif
ficult ami re.pon.irde duty, and thit, w
think, it lhe tei.liniont of tie two thnutand
ptrtot.t to pl. atantly ad an ttfely carried
over the read on la I Friday, le.ng may
he wave.
- --
T. II. A. X Vr. 1,'H'ii K U. Wo hrvrr
found the Telle Haute, Alton A St, I.nia
JUilrofd in at good condition at it i at
preaenl In f ict we know of no Ml I ill
butter running eoiid.lioti thtn thi. It, and
thi i no .l.oild the trull uf Ike liiprriur
ability of Mr. W. D. Ori.wulJ, tho Super.
intrndftilof tin T"ad, lidrd li U J
efflf ient ..iboritinale..
The ruid br- l ii tuy. olid, and th tr.r.h j S'hj Mituy cou U C
iinua.iatty .trail.t und anmoth. NoelT.rl Youralrulv
. a 'aai .
hat betti apared to make tint road equal
hautlea variety to f'icarMuni.!,
. ' .. ... . j ti e irti!i" or the hore v to take b ir k
i thei. '.il.e charge. Mr. Lincoln tot only
warm upon the Bay for aea-bathn. f .r
t t. : . . ...l nr i it ... .
h. . v. U to p.e. tho lei d to ti e a .Jdirri rf
breeaea and for multiplied varietv of it. . 1 . 1 1
1 In. Me t tea n war, toil at 0 10 need an amend.
ocean acenrry. ( ment to .Her.d the 1 netu f the law to
One never tiret, tttnding on the rocky . (hf ,()jirr, cf i.j
ahoretof the.ebo'd itlandt. an I witne-a ; ., u ,,f Ul)lf rrf , W(B Con.
ing their deterruin-d ie.iai.er to ,U,V nj., ,nrg,but thry w,l rot
Ce.telet, atsaull of the prol.fic wavet - , WIU,,;ft .fct,n.r,tt, .,Urff
m ill. the ruiiteoij I and loathing of all hon
1 1 .1 in 11
day, may be afely art agtinM any rrru-
valine ticriltiori that eur 1 de Country A.M,lMi.riMt f..r II. 1I.iiI.oii.
" 'I 1 : . I I . ' t fl . . I
can afford. 1 nearly f..r ot to Luit at the ' "trii.o,., r.aq , iiipumu an
great Variety f tno.t eac lb id ti.hea, 11 " u-r neper,. r a, me supreme
ahich the water, of Ca.ro h..n.. : lhe " C'u. w(l a l.lr.t hi Mlow t itii. ni at
cod. the hake, the halibut, the haddock . ! t,,r ' ' "d pre. hr!.. i,,e4 :
Stilraf iPe. . n Irif ka t o , a. M dt IT,
t io.j . r I , O w. .. co , A i. t.l In,
1 1 .. I u-rt. , v e , Amjju.i H,
1 1 1 1 r 1 1 1 a I e . 1 n 1 c o , A u a ti t - ;
P tr k 1' r. P.tl k e Co., A Up' ott "d ,
('it. I 1 ' I 1 1 1 , M 1 1 , 1 f- .1 . 11 'y ft A 11
I - f at t ette, I if pecaime in , Angiit V I;
l"i h f.. t , t'l 1 ..1 0.1 (o , Auk U t VI;
l.i h.i.., Ii. ..! ci , A Ui;nl VI
speaking lo io'Mi. i.Ce at '.' P.M., rlifpl
on a fr.ah chowder pr. par.- I by lhe aide al Hau' ao LalaytMe, heie.i
of a cool tpring, tun! r a hdy tlee .n f t i! hn at tulil
htngiiig the grat.y biinW of a a 1 r I
iihtid, and ) ou ill tui d tin file tu .hup
the nitrk.r.l and the tinker : uhich tken
to an i.land an I ctl int'ilhe fry im p ...
while kicking, are lud to be Im I on the
an.c day with any i.th r . (.ling Sail fr
lit houft in thrv alv tt n! and rove,
pick ahell and prbblea, an I ltiillethe
thoret lor wil I berrie, vhi. lt i;r..w lure 1
a . l.t I . . I :. . I 1 I
I en your torih f
atoo t
a aod ataieniente f Mr. Voorheea.
1 h i
"Let thi ovn re u liv. f
tealle.1 evr have ... of - u . .lobte.t
tilled the burner,: r! .t "o ..f p-aW a
ty in .etrch of t. .met I .mg lhat might .rr.e
lo injure hi i;ri-'-i. d fw
lOtOlt, lhat e nay re ;oi, tHh him ii
tie we th 11 we etr. I 1 iln'e hm. in hi
OWn eye
"Since Kih:e 1:1 an La b.en
the Exprvt, t b.l d.t.Aii
cram tl e wi ...e tt. n '. t " : 1
"But the parvenu polUu't
who wrote the futlian articl
day i.a ie of th Pap'e.a
I'Ci.efitof hit adrnii ."
We take the abve rtlrAc
,:.!. . . t..,.,.,.1 ,'..i- il
lltl" IU kur Jiii.li'"'. ..... -
........ t 1 1. .. ! . .i
are uir riisiiti'i s
tr. ir.. in Inn I l vi i ', J te
firt pltce that tho i-.'rr
ditorialt which apj - r t . ih
of hie erTori. We wilrd. and Mr Uookerly
himtelf hat not con Ir-cended t 'en no
'lice thtt t.r Judge .poke at all, but the
Wm cannot enumerate the ill (Terelit de-
. . 1 lull rui mill i.iku a ie.
5'a of the ai..e kind ol money found a tt , j,"--
, . l he Triumphal Car on oua aide, contaiu
hi po krt , . . ' ,
1 i,;,t ,,, ... 1 ed the tenlmieut:
The cu.e wat atibmHte without a'gu- .... .
r 11 - , j "W eaiward the ttar of Empire takea itl
iuei.1. and Biadford w a fully f ouimiited j
tu await hit trial f.r murder before tfo. ur jrirlw littk u lo Lincoln, our mother
Circuit Court. 1 were f.. r Clay "
The C.nrt Hou' wa cr....ie i during ()n tho o' her ti !;
ardian of th.. .able face the j the beat in the country , and the effort
hare been 1 ruinently t.icceatftit. Thi it
now the Lett, the thottetl and the tnott
liberal pttrrage il it receiving.
Fattroar, Ma., Aug f., )hbi.
,li t Si Wa ate tol l by j-tat j. r-
I 'i. h ho I r a it) l.ii.l, ll. our Uiei.ted
1 y on i.e Ir 1. t, .'ol, .1 1 1 t'i.. 11 .i t Or
, for l! j m ti' .t 1 e, 1 I in 1. 1. p. i, It 1,
Lot U poll , on tor lay. lhal U.e.e I. t.nl
, a panicle f iliMrreiife blien Doii,!at
Afjr lhr .ifrni : Aa 1 came do n from . n,r,Jllt.,
1 . . 1 . .1 i . 1 I the Can adat. through the tliee n klaue' a in . , , 1 . , . ,1 . 1 , ... ,1
Wea.ant route between tha Mlttitiippl ... . I .! b and I .K.kerl r aay thtt I. rerku.
. I . 1 .ii .1 1 ragioa ef ennoat, and aloi g the root a f iir..,ri ,r. i,.,,,., h union w
iver an. I the Eat, and well de.ervet the . .7. . . " fl Peii.-u i.iry loean litunion.
I a a V L.a 11.11. J m." I . V
'' 1,w liampaniie, I . 1 1 . . t. V. I hey ar.- lit.-'. I al..
a.epptd at the bae of Ml. Waihii gt n, in .a.-
Thi Nrw Vnrk llreaklnr id, lltt. 1 a little village ealld lioi ham, an 1 coedu , I'!- Aimmm A .! In . r c 1 .. k )
Torm. , dad te make a kink in my coune of trat . rd ,v .i(u ri . .11 .... . Id n u;. n .n.. I ltrti 1
0 T
I tVe coj.y tho follewing reaolulion from ( j tafc(. lu )ut flm)f patriarch d the , '''I.' ' . ''"'o i u Ihinlle, 111,
'tho platfonu adopted by the frieada of j hlllf. jl.t'- Ivü ;h. va.n utMrl'ieV null.
r. 1:. . ..i...we;,.,..i... .,, 1
. . .! I .1. ... I. ..ill
...n.'if.Ir UV.. 2"...." "WKn. Kin,!,;. ..M.,Sl,,,,lrrt.1. ,.,,.. . B1M.i.tiJ. 4 I...,,, iu ... Ca,... ,
" - in i i au ipii vii no ii e 1 1 - i . k k .
... p.. ........... ... ., , . B.aend.le.l . in rtracuti. on i ..Im. I .. t r,...., 1 1 .. w ....... 1 1. - I ... .
...... nr.. ...... w.., ... J . ( IIIIJ l.llM innil WWI.IUi IV l.ir .'l'll
In th.' Co'ire of hi "perch he aii l;
OaI.ua, Aug. 9. IS'iO
Dtaa Hi 00 : dein ' on a South, rn 1
. i!
'I hi bright. t galaxy of tt.irt, here poiult j
to Ahtah" in a lire:t
Another wion had:
day: j Houie," mae unlet of p'etiy lipid a.t.
!lf$olrrt, TL.ttlhe preteioled liHiinatiout ijuu 1 Ituf il it tix and a had mi.e. to
. i ! I t Iln te, r(ef ir, l ii I a I
I I ) 1 1 . ii . id. i.t n d. I nrtt of a
i . i. ' ' i. ' in thi r h t 'ie c t.
f eh:
r. i h
i. a i in
1. 1 t ii
i i ii .iv. . OJ niepiln i io IT i t ir.niriit, anu . I . ;, Tl.., I... l.i ., .. ' ' ' " I -' ' ' I ' " . I I 1 1 ' 1.411 I Ii
t'lii.i im an.i ' Iim iiikiiiMareiii i uiet Biui , . - - . , . . i inr emu ui i a . i in ivei Hu,a i 11 iia.itwa.. v
put (..ill. or ( Am,f.f4,.:, ,,, r,!i.Mre ;, o, , c-.iiii. .ed of about t ihoi.-hi I vt.oill L-ivecu a few idea of Terr.torv. and F.er Labor" "(life ! liT.' t " " ,U At " 5 "
wl, ih- D.ug.a. in-... I h,ve .ai i; ...,,' fl,, Henublu-A,. .',.d Ulf eo Dem- ' nie libert y .r me death " t i ..!l i.iI.iiJ!. ....... ii... . . . .1 . . . , . , CM.ta U ,.,.h,,, very t. vet. !v.
ri-nr-.. . . , rtv, i , ,it tr- trred .ilitac til ,hL .,r.,ieinen' Kei itdtcant ' . . . i v it w r ' ' --"'"' "i- -.Aoa. inree ami a ran n.i.ea 01 iui. . - -
11. a i it ' ! etat A 1 1 ine proti.tnen. i.ep,jiiii an t . A rinoiirrtirr rer.reventi-.l 1 .nirrv inj n . I. . . l . I ..i ...... -..
. . " . t.rilv. aid if formed it Could Dt .or ( -.rt.lt. .nj he took .o 1 e-re to truf harvctt are taw c .mm.- ... - . , - " paaaaee I fanii.hed w,.h a carua.r , olt,r CierU I. .,... ni..
I ph.l.-.pner . T,f,,0.;rf!lllli,,();r formation of i ...i i'. ,.1.1.-. ,...rba.it ir w.tol.I be ditlirull to Do.iglaa pulling vluwa t'ie I emple of Uon- I not nemtriATeii ny any i,tinrr'iinn or popy . . . ...... ... . ,
I, . t,. . . , y . . i t. . ; r -"I' r- r 1 . .... .larbodv and he ha not theretore. been 1 ""'t '"''"ti turn, , 1 1 1 u a ri i io a po.i.iineiii ine i.inc.'i'i
e 11. Ut- Mo . ,.,1, ac.Mlllhn. b n'-t ruin da ought to . tun Tht JJorm mi Ju .he mde no Con- u,rf . ,un ,a! aould with th- .e.on 1 .Mt.U.onal Liberty. A broken jug repre- I ' J T nJ. " 7. -' r" ' . . , t . ..c , .... . , ... . ....
all all 1. a Vi t r.C . r . I i,. , , l...'.t" ..It.!. . . .. . . . r. . '" - - nom in ll , ow i .i i. 'ii wi j . ii'ii a t i.i.i. ... iu. " ui . eu... i v. . o. i ' ml- v . i a i 11 I 'in lull m til'
tcde. . ;;;ir."rJÄVi5 rÄ ! :mX.Ü.ÜZ1i''Z j " m "hU " ; o-r .-..U co.rt.r. ...l .... r,. ( .. m..!. . fr-Mi..n n . t.ron s ,rt it w.t j, ,u..,t. ab..,..L.i.,r....,.i... ...Miuid.; A.,u.l,.
tt fron tbe ar- . are entirely i' "' " urr-'JJ,OC" u it naru lor any nie i co.-re.-r ..nur --- . . , w 1 7, , , which bad l een a lorded for ita '" fM alr.ajy ie.c hed. you proce-j i lhe . .i. e .1'. I to erb r lv Pr. a
... r.-ad.r lotv . exce w r. a " , lo n.e. a. em. M c-.a icn an .... p,w,-t .. .L 1 -r.n I nr.l af. extent ofour cropa. M.tnv think they will , r"""ry """ - , ... , , i ! I., m ,..,.,1. V.n.l'a r..,l - rr....V..I e..ft I i . I. . t ! i ...
t .ii... . , s',i.'ii . i ,.. . I - - -. vi . . v. - w v.... . ......... . w. , , - irilff rit.l.riii, hu . i'i .mir, i.t a iiiiii.'i i j - - .... ....
........ ...hiM. !,nr,tuf1 '," . i : J i . I t r .v- n.,w... la..e. :eet6)bu.he!of oU lo the acre, alo 30 , buck, w,th -Breck pt.lling t tha antlen i which arr mott hor.eIeal v : .... .c .....i Ti r .. ........ i.- t, k
, j,. ill ivitil. orvr I'll l'il in na oee n n. i umi " i ... ...- ( kiii- t. it i u u , , . . -. . ,1.. : ... . , . . ...... ,...,
...diced in the ,wr.lk,. 1 ,, n.i.re whv a'e,l '.mh.aeM. ... re.it tha raak a.J fit I of wheat, rye and bailey. PjUtoe, and , and -D.- holding the caudle uppendage Kipnb!icn, after the regular dehgttiona , i.;, tllll(. ur u.e . ILid. .... J P.IUard. ..d W P. Hendrek.
t:nuaU the i inr -he livery of the devil to aerve Heaver. t . n' raft ,rant h,arin,. Judee . rn are about a good at they can be. when which he had aueceeded in ex-met- I fr... r"'0 P"C"lr" V.?ü 1 .;,.,,. u,... . ....... ... i O;. tl.e ,.r,,nelej to th.
1 . r I ' - ' J - - m c-i i.
... . . ,t I '
Eaprrt. are-m niei.i.j M'.e...-......
f t 1 . a . t . .1 ft, i,AJ. ult.in hut A ' t
a . a ' .
.a .i aa.i
i.ft ..f A f ..ii?!.." wilh 0:e llUgU Infi,
Secondly, thai we are .. of Mr. Voor stl, ho, v. r o'her. tuay think of it, I can
heei. Th.rdlr.thalfrop..cur"ga:iUy. .-!. w,.i. duere-..J i a deceui co,..,t
.;..;....! ,Ke t.oenie... rhr.a f i-lou.v" ) ,u .rief H.tiC.l
" ' carrer nur am., oi lienor, n:j-e m
l.rnoerar v
- - m c-i i. . .. . . ......
. . .. 7 ....... .. k...T...
Eckle. They did all ihry could t j keep The eontrat i o, great between our po ou ... ...-r..o.i, n.t o-, y . u u.frtq itutly ttambling w.th their r.dtn. j o-.nu.i.on of a -W.d.. A wak Club "
I'emacratt from gOU g to the Court IIoue . tatofl and thote rxMr.it. d lirnlor iio,jt..u a,,g.,itfc io era... jority of it delectte. in h.a favor when The patttge. arptcitliy down, .e.ut u ; On .. .!..u th- It.ll.iwiiig Con.wtut.-a
at the ur. te vo lo .i.ak.ttill there , that it attract one. u. nt,.,n to atrangly Another represented. Doug coming out ' acting freely their tenttmentt. ! wt dangeroua for the aa JJlt. kle-t tr.y . a-ud. pi- I
I. . .a....... e -a. a . .aAaaW f I
tl 1 . . t a tl a. an reri.nlv nf etllfei tl A All lltattr i ftt I I haw llltli. 4fn.1 nl fl ft f f 1 Will t Ii aw WnflleT '
err a very rrr-p.cuo,. i.umuer preeui.- . - " . . . U - - . . ! Naw J.atxT-tiov. Oldkx r-a Liucqlm
Th Iradera fraird iL dant-giug
efT.ct hias it at once. Oura trllmg at ''3 Cer.tt, in 1 "Out ! I Orr with my Great Tricriple."
' e!r. pecially lit laJie, riak iL aa J.Ee, '
iLroogh ir ability or uu w jllinge-a tetake
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Ar;irie. I. 1 he nil rrr of the Wide A-
VnM,lL'll I itinir ptk! I in certain
-that eare It " acl. el aome'.htrg to . u (vf , U e'tfh a luperdoja j logical arutaehl wMUd l;ae upon te j ;nre nere a-. cm,., ..... ,.... " tfn ,oncrnintf (;av. oidaa'a political , ll- ' referrad the f.'.t fv.r ' e v 1 it, I l..t .. Or. k aha! e.Mi.i.t
injure our -w-eriera." and fouttbly . lhat we r,rCrt f ,..l,i,et h y Ir r i.o Americana baa.!.a protpecta of iL Lule Oiaat, and . double. i " Cf 1. ami Wat (join- f-n ft three ffrpnce gf orwapon Jent of th Statt (ii- ' lr''' foue ' tkifteeo rniitt cf tterp cbklt . thi OÜlc-ra . f rhe Li'-coln CIr,oI Iheaur
W -parvet,! fdltOf," .nl Wfttr "futitn t ,r ' '"l XU l0r Vöfb' WUt The two poMieal p.rt.e. of Defeat. or fonr d.rTent pobM. at a time. Love 1 I ' .'t r;.t eiually i et... el.bi.t. and wat ..1 , the inorcng . T..wi...ip.
...... .. .x. a ! tet thtU:M-tttt ol a.t cor..ara.iont oi i ! ... .i ... .L.Jla.l in I! nnetota : o . Yatee. Malhew hello? .and Hur hurt. 1 7 c :....... c i ... ..... ... . ,
arncie. vi ro-i'-r. w f,,i,nfy,printH1!i' ! lin.r, ... tu inutlij iniiinngrn; irin uith wr a (.inj jire iu-u ojiinij ..... i;rv ' - ' " f0l 10W a iw"liai.i.i. .aj. .oiai u-i.ra ii -u( v - t; nmn. oi ji iw:c pr aif-.
Ihit art:f!. v titlrfU de. f itV'T of l.t ;,;f, fl f!,terpne, are welcome or fjC'loo of m-u th-. dare ntt meet in j and 1 believe lhat ihey would either prafer j of 111 , J. C. Underwood and ..there, ad- : ü . r ,, ' ..art of the wav lav ihrou.-b, a d.r.e tLe aa.oeitlb.n h .11 U tit,.1erthe (i.m-
Vi'Ptvi ..li e -w a . aewvawt.. luv. . I - Bw " " I
and of the Exrreta.we h. I aomr de: re t- i. . i.e iaure! . with which they 1 all wetr debate, an optonect. Truth feara to tee Lincoln elected, than the other fac-. drr.-d lhe eop'e Corwin aod Trum-
i .l ........... .i..k. I n ti! I. .... . .1 ' 9 . .
ere tth ab.ei t, much to lhe dip
knoViehMbf nun-il fwlo m. f11 l, V .v. i I noibi,r fro,.. int.ugaiioe, but error I tion of Democrat. Can I M w ..h err hult
..ear an a-imed character would thu ' t,.u äbek.gariy a ca.inl of 'ike .huot the light and ahricka from a manly tainty tiy that Minneota will g f.-r Lin ...dntmei.t of all prre-rt Lov.iT, at
write in relation to u W.. adruire a bold, : A 0ricai. ia lhe Male of New York will ! Jii.q, What kind of m.'i mut tbete coin, when we bett them ll fall about ' u,:t, drew the cr d Te i Ai- in the
iodere-nlrnt. enru b.- 'Ve M't er like t.
t li t' t i . . . t evi wav . 1 1 . I . I 1. a I I aa
aVfrer a tlrtM m'! Ll.'l. tx. i " t I' - t t n t " . . at.. Ä i
attll.rwfilttiile tfllll f.nM lb I lB f Vj.1 .1 ..Iit; t fatf tf t ofYia4. ftw taSal etlittaJttlaAlaaaT akat KtlLlKaalPAfalt.A t Vawi tUnilr. O tl Ü l Ul Otf Ü . I Jl ff f : t U l ii)VU . Uld I I 1 0 T f lih t H 4 HI 0 t ' Vl" 'f if A't .-t l.Tlt , 2
-"" - - ' lUr-U V I. " I ' " V -J - ' v-rtrv . . V ga w . - . . - . w f .
firrt h.t roii:r..n. dil .-rence how paint- ' w-lt &. . r ne. wb tre the rlr.t chaoc rf
leneUejL.yW.I,.. c,r individual and ! at lr..:, h.t of Co .teil any
..-i . . . hoi e of jcce.
particular contempt ....-. r.-.. t. a r-w . ö! fr w j-.oald eon
... a. a.'t
the rr.an who would th:t I hun.r.f bei.n.d CJ s.if !; tc. afi.io ivU ad to a purpo.e.
-t-. - : -
m aaamed n.tae. at-'d i'i I ii i nl o , the .av ia ci"r to .re iio i a par.
Iwek.:ld chelate t v.le .'.might i, t., n..,,,,..,,!,, hrt ... a hhnded ! 4 100. when theT wrre united ? The Oer J f:rc.p cf .t.a uiDhitheatre. and for fo.r rrv He ainile Quietlr at il am of bra
K '' I - - --- J r
by party fealtv tb.t ihey ahul U.eir eyet i oaar a a..l Irth are ir.rn.t.g for Lincoln in ' iut) t0th Hepuhlicana. Deroooralt and 1 and re.rdt th. rampant foilt at lhe or
I- . . . . I -. i . 1 1. ir.l. ... Ii lt. : . . .Jt;. i k Ik. :..- ...--...,-.v. - ' ' -'
jva.t i.uruiMi., -n-a uni.ni.eo, u M" t 17 other thinki.:,? man. he look, upon the eo
ihr true tat f lhe cae lefate to hear j OotDeatetd Di'l. and in in br.ngite the in-n irtrrr.t to the wor.la of breathing, ! lir- mnffinfrt u en!r t Dnnnrr.iie Aid
d.ttu etiithedlVT.ecrite apeak hey their I laude into market next October to that . burning eloquence thai fl jwe l from hi ) Society in di-juiae lie ha ariven eiprea-
f af i . . av I a a . .i I 1 . I at. 4 1 m. . . I L .. a
handreda naf lce their hame.. lei may; I, p. At ne time wat the erod around ; i"n to no cunrr .r,u,rn, .m.-it-
.. atn'w.r t. I l. . . r n - r ... . i IM 11 (l r U fll l"r lir ui hull,
aet dawn Mmnetota at IJ.O.H) for Lincoln him le.a thvi 5.0 0. and tke appltu- waa '
The eDthu'.anj will be at great at in '1. ) freqnent, enth uiii.t'C acd uuiver.al; Dem- I
WitCODtio appear, to be all right, and a j oeratt in ptte tbemel vre , were emprlled j
k 1 1 ' -.. - . w . in v . r - , - . - J 1. ------ .
rrri' h i t'J.'ly fXplifit. Whatever faret. Her I r te through the tenriirg , ,T'nT d of a i.'inn, and three l,if.n.ni,
mte have hit view of the K.llmore j c;00, a.J -.rateully aa.arved ta a higktr r.rd UC h other ofi-..en at inty he r.;.p -ird-
partv m ljh, he rea-.itnifra the IteiJ mom . ..... . i . .. . , i
men'tno a only a trick and device to "" pie-i w.th tk. blue tky au- , - 1 .y he .p,a.... ,ch t -pta.r. and I...
aaw. if p.-.a.iMe. the dem-ra!ifd Dr.noc r rolling, l.tcy elouda. whick pronoiitd "fair , I fat.ta l.i be ler!.,i bv the net cit m .
w.nker lo day," a g'.ad eund lo one toil j Ait. 3. Ad pu .ic di... and fr.de.
ing cp "an exceeding higk raouataia," ; u' ( 1;,1 ,r iq-JiMedhy ihfc Cap-
hcpi.g tat, "all the kicgdomt of Ike .
arid iu a ruaineot af ttn.e."
On mo! tou ti e frilowng ofr.c,cra of the
-itvareak ,n uch on r . -n- :t tern . f i 1-; puc.r!et.
' I i rriüi i'kiii, do ' flu' i a.l retpct wi;h t J i H( bene.
Bother. "VNefett ii.ea.y lUnot, wt.j ,,,w, , t what .h..M be he fnd ,ey ; . re.prctabe.
in thia cjc2mur.1t?. would wnie a d hate ! 0i t .,, ;rv ci rr!rei..e ; n.e
- - ,
published about aether, thit to which 1 involved. A
he had nrtth. manly ecirage to T'. i j 1
ttoeoflhe JoiriM .Sr.irmg inn Lie
the M4te cf tke author ( f-e ailicle in t
pirlii l,Jrr. clee their eye. to pol it
etl alavligh:. and M'.t blitd, What
ku.d of rceo mutt they bT
asdiereeoo lait Krida-,
r,,f,,lB. How rsanT !? t at licana and he
And lhat reiutln I !v,rve' . .
tnrr:ed,rt;!tr at a
policy Lr tke prrtrcl, luin 1
tal pnociple
j ir.te :etua! and the mo: logical etfjrt we ,
Alertf thia road ihrouiik the "t.iüber," - V' ue wake Club w.-r. el.cu I. Carii...
tk.a.n aaaouuitwith .nca'nf.n.ble ar- I 0 -mith, Li uterar U, Oliver L. tir?gg
t a f 1 rf.it
O5 er Dasul WiTia'a But. The
late Ken Itl O Peabody, of Franklin, waa
, Iaac MilJt, (ierj'e (iillcre..
On n tion '.I .- iMit,ui- of tho raeeliiig
ere -rderrd br published in the Terre.
.. -r 1 1 ...'I 1 . i. .1. .el. .....i .. ....I...
. . v 1 .4 . i,,tr. at t i 1 i.a con v.. w 1 . 1 v in iiTiiiu i manv 01 ui" ii.u i'.i.rn una
win 10 namiTri mra ; v...- ---- . - - , j , - . . . . . .
between Lincoln and Doogl... P.lpbta pmpaait i-n . ,"u,,nw,u ,J t" . -'
to far at we heard t 1
Mr. Webtter and Mr. Clay were eland-
-1 a r.ta t
in? on tre all p ol one i in. no ai at
ttar, .ad I foer.d it "uphiil bu.it.e!," tke
angle ef aicenl being tcarcely u.i'.iga!ed 1
aaywhtre. Indeed, that would a&tdo: fir
there in n.l rnLh routa far ei,eni. . ...J Ha-jte Er re-, and tr-e ! rm Haut Allan.
J 11 motion the lure'.ttg adjourned O tai-ei
rnarlr !.f lotr.te were preterl . do net j I wine.ed l-t night the lar.t pol.t- I The other tpceche.
u..da oe:. j ko-.w, bet the Canrt roon waa avut full, ical mectic-g h.re tha 1 have -en for mi y j xhPfttt were full of the
" ...... ...... 1 ... 1
trne doctrine.
, ........ ... -. . ,
lherrfore lau. tj iLttg t H.n treoch waa by ftr the t!ett the luott ' yrar. a'.d the old citurt,. tay that iney Pemecratt adraitle. tt.tt lhe f'fll on Waahitjinn. and Mr. Peiboly wu c!oi ! ul.
'A' , il .rW ,1. I h.-o.-.l i l i. ll r r 1 . Iio! I mi .! r;iuo lo it in a.-y nr, lor . . ... ,. . . j . l . . 1. ..i . 1 k,trt ,r .r. a- Ttrre a .-.e hrre bF oe . Fndtv wat four lime at la-e a that of be and heard what wat til A drove of
...... .... .. t. I ......k.l -. !
..r'n...r'.r.t'BwriiB.....i,r.ijr. .
' . . i n I. i.r. I. i-ia. - ;. , . ,v. ' ... ..rri.i.iii
i !. I aa.peirj 11 to n e r-en 1 o - . . - n n. .... j
.pint in
i?trd uetd
p-e.rr.t campatgn. lie tpoke from
t e . . t a
w rr t Kci. irwirj triu Tia to luar, t
feet u ward; it wM t,r eieiry , tkerefure, j 41 U r ""'P ,io" ou "'dy
ta gtm upward con.lti.tly , at abut tach a i w 11 l ' 0 M .
J. P. PAKK, Pre.i J. nt.
1 r imJ ti . ..l.i 1 .rt nf ti. .ri.. 1.1. i ' I l'iiii, St-c'y.
k . . 1 aauMutaaaa.taiaMaBtaaiwiBaaABiavakajtB aaj ii u i. 1 a 1 a
v ft a.'ttt. a-. . t t ... 1 ti Miekatta tat Tiuibj Lv. ifiil Mr. Ll&T 1 ' : -1 -
ihen.n. rn-.ier.cana i u.t? De-nocracy n me itn 0. .u.y. 1 "j. ' I 'i ... .T.v. above lie tinker, n.it hy a iirorr ead
W af tat 1
cecttarit Ni.veaater ! la.t. Havia jat .
on.nj o. . --- ..or - ; " i tl.oeght it a gdepporfinty togtt a i.ke i
thefaaar.ck.L'leclor a'.Urgeof Ohio a h re I Vmoc.f.ic J urnalt claimed 1 3,0-) on that j Weba!.r. He palled Mr. W.b j
I . . . a . ' " . . . I I . a . . . a a ! . ... ..... 1
f. l... .. i .!rf mir. tkri. f.. . ..... a. .k. r '. i . . . . I .. I I ll f I'li.n. ill flfltnin ILtl ...i. 1 1 1. I I r. r , . i-1 r n I h i r tr . !l(V) ' . . ik. .I..1.l. r .... n.l.,1 In tl. Iai ! . . . . . "
I o wi ...v.-.., . , km - . ....M- - record, and took lhe Very t oj'.a, eil and ; - - I "ii" - rr ... ... . i - . eaaerge! Xrorn the wo.l, I.ini.g with, lie r audidat- for the
i .).. i.;t.... i.... II. ' i. ... '.. . , l i it ti rt"i' ! . . .. .Ir v: . v. i i tot: ..... 1 . IK ... 1 iii.i.i..li...i. .. . ... .lil... m.! i.i I !
U.ye.wereretvr., . -7- - ; - " ' . ;.;Uf?,.,, hi,lhtto1 of the pigaty h.rrn cf Meph.n A. ' 7. , . ' ' . . 7 ?' " 1 i ' Mr Wh.t.r Oi.rr are eoroe d yeur Ttie. I fell the ...den change eery j oT.ca. ..,ep. f! fp,rty.
I . ... yarded of ... Ml. 1 eld ihe Little Oiaat up ia hi. true y-ur very oui gc v ..-tr w e . .w-, ; Atrrii.perc,,- -rre t,ir,v -a.u tea.ibly; tut I toiled er.. :.:;r the tigtaciaddreta their Mlow rit.tea.
"BW fata Lr, U.r. dutU. i qut.e . A-1 -i.ur 4 .ii j p .;,t,cal ecler. a"d .aid tkal .f Mr. D.og j round roll of Daub h-rat. ih.i cn j ruCe. An .mm.r..e e.....l of W.de-! -.Vea replied t . C"-t ata.tan-.n ."goieg j ywarJ. rugged rath. fill, t wfh the teag. it, at tl fallowiiig tiroe. a
caa.c..a.ar . Je.rne a. I . h,i:cr,tl ;r ,,u ...i fon.ar u,. . ' , M lh romiot vf lfc, ,t. f,rlh from their hoa-tt heart, o..e great Awake paraded the tree!t it, terchlight j .onth to teach achool " U. cer.ee cf the r-e.ee.t pro.r ect, aa J hco w
Bnlv UarM, .re , t rh. co-r i at..i ;. . ; i o i. to .f im. c '; , ... ... ... .r. .nih.r w. broavht t. tH.ir . ... ...i . .f ...t.i... - ' '
..eout '.earaa. who at:.cka over .JeM.n ut a-r.-lel ,t U high a ea-.Cei - Cf.il ptlf. 1 rry.i.r . -'7 ,' " ' !":;...;, V 1 J 7" The Cuird aya thit the proposition CrraT r tha top. whUh.r i arrived at a s IVr.oO Tw,ahiP, at f
. , .- 1 l..,w. ot'v U TMv "J-t ' '; lr-'' Au""r"' r.allh.rg....ltha w.,- rrg.i.r r....,iy. ----- , w , . k 1 ' . ' . , ef a Depuiv ate , fT.rt X 1 1 Ut f.. 700 tl. at j irir er 3 9 C ' k 1 ? 1 f S ' j tn Wedirt llV, Ag. lith, at
amTvou. ran. ar.d det! t ot.ty in , t, ...,., i .-...i . i .l . i ... ...;,.. (t i. fri..;. r Ihre, lar.-e dint. one f U.de Aa tkva iiu... ti.- j.. iMior.il, r,. cl v . " " . . ....... . ' ' '
- v.- .....i!..-.i:..ie.a I.T": ''V"; J"' -. -"i , . . . , .7. . ... : Bt.'C a l t r id g an 1 Lare wosM nut gf i 3.. tel ai l.a.1 pa.t r.v.. ,. avakiafi U. ... , L.aton Townahip. at
. - r. ...PPLM... P.r,f- it.aJ U.e irU.tfibt.arre.ul. 1 Cojniea a . t tor; ..r.ia . i a. 4 j ,rte nauie wire t. .uiit urrea U . trie i . . . 1 1 f . , r . ., t .. . . ...
. rV-iaa'r a. 1 - h. t f J D. u . I ii t i 1 a. . .- a i ie . . ... , . .. . , 1.. 1 . . n.M.. -.,. . . , . . f - i r. ie I . a , w 1 , l,4takuvpb anu a htii Hii.ra Ji'ui ti.e ty, in i..r.e ( tr Jay. Aug. 1 th, at I p. ta
CH. 1. rfli, (Ml ' I 'v1 l'' " " , ,,,,n That it waa nu child t tlav With ! they p.ej lae De Nta Iioae, will a rnae, fy 0 tf ihttr nor-itirr mrt, ' . v. . . t . . i J
, . "tbeenl waa bw cmi.v M.y 7 , . ,. , , . , , ar.lher ger-lmt0 at any anofLti.t. and aad fcttyfi. u,.i.i. i.claJiai pr.,ri-Crerk Towri.h.p, a
. .r ...ir ti.-.-T ... . .n rxrr. ' - - !. ... . I . . . t . . i . II l - . I- fit . .... la. . I. . i t .... I. . . . .1 . . .1..... I . ..... i , j . - . .
w : ......... ...erf l.ii..l.iH. ieev..n.l il.ofcj.you ani(wt ejw , nere- Itp.ebdivt uan-j oi -um., tJivr?.r jjq luf grra. uitakiuii i i lue luioiiu ji.. j , , i ,k ttra. ftr a IulcL. at tl e .If tit Ha -.. " vt.l-,.1..
i..: finiitii.ii
Ici t C. t". r aw l drt ll e
!..- tl. ire. Yo
tvd iif, 'Vf fl' il.'f.'e fit
or a fritl A I er.!
- i
ra jt the e le d i. Co. rt trere fyi
eerlaia lie areeaWe re.'J e ae'irr p-Jrr r
aaU.a y.aret'rrfiar.t ou are abrate
(tlitxt, Bayltta. I nt a little alvice miht r ct
be ef ditadranttge b yc- i. In the future,
if voi hare anything t tty of, or write
etneercin a maj, ny it to h;i fte er
write it oter your owo aigotturr, lliit,
ri.M g tr-Mi i len it regarded then.wthoa
orabte cout-e, and tr-e turn are unuerii!
ly cf the cpiot.n that none l-u. a efüickrn
hearted fellow, wo I t ever act olherwie.
We l are u- do tbt that Mr. ITanri I
,onct .' h.t conviction, lhat we are
"b-iruicg with j'aUuty" of him, and are
'V.n'.i'i" of Mr. oofhe(t.
; . i
t xi. !.. ,...!.( ! .(... i, .1II.J ,.(
w. i.d toa.e brvr i
I .... atr .W . ' I
.. ... I lhe il m.l r.'ii l"'''! lire, i
a;f. A dah
:.. l. ..I i I.. ; . . r-1 ojI at. i .-,'r.i uti
advo - - -
"Vf0 Lae e,. JeuM tta; ai arrae
raenl can t- t. le wiih or road to lake
delejate. a: h!f ftr. It wr r.f rt be
osade te aceomf lsk thtt iet.lt. If .ac
cetful, we t ve to daehl a i.rg. deiigt.
lioa will g tp fM thit city."
Aia'i teat r.h ? WaaJtr if lie Bri
ura of thia city t abt;g t Colerly f Or
wonder if he lhir.kt he cat. throw asch
lare qaaHitie f duti ia their eye. ? Dj
vol really tliak "aait effort eught to Le
tatde" reiehlH r ? rha! ditmterei'.ed
fneedihip. What a (d eul Ccekerly
it. De yo J think by thia ahaiu 'nanitkip
yon can cauh i'eil cues, or tie yon ihiek
tLe Itell men a'e f.olt which, ci- nieg
o,r coald find a patch of dog fennel ;
C-f titiaena coropoeief tuen, wonwa and j We urit renew our declaration thai w. i
childree ( all nf ; al ih.tasjrr Du
aotrk, wi;h her '.) tiiune loud roo;gk
t be heard fir ruilea. Aligttker it waa a
great aftir.
Hetpectfullr .
Ü.H. S
B-fckiCTi Ige at a Democrat, iol Jce Lare u-'TLere aoa't be a tiaraed thing thia
aa a t ero aod n h.r tl ratti. , uojtnef hut politic t," tat J Juhnathaa wbe
I 1. tit mm bar. . ..nrnth
r . . I I ' - w .....
tli Breckinridge roretre
pelt u. lo aay, thl were y 03 tetake all the ,erD ti '-er, wid Bfoat, the Cattutioa
Democratie .Rechet ih.t have bee a toad. and U.e tprcad eagle, the rail tplilter, aod
.. th. c ty d-riDf tht lt -is tn.Mbt.ar.d J ä ' S"'
. .. . . v. a iw ,, a. why the bill .; w the pin 1 back of
tilltc ..own toge her, and they w U;J 0.jr bfa ar ail lat mur, beliawieg
r.ctln ujike one Ajtttiog a lithe of the j öi:t 'Old Ab Old Abe' 'lil.noit Hit
abil.tr which ch.racUruted the e.Tn f Uoia' Tul him throjgh- Pat hin thrcngh
Judge lrklet. t -r-t-r
Ii mt'.ttrt to u but little bow many T ' XT It ia aaid that aCottuth and h!a ftm
Breckinri !fe i.d Joe Lane l'euncraia .ly have atrired ie P.ria.
j off.ee for that purp e. Il tl ) ih.l
the ur.f gt ntleu sri will l.t $S00 ciore
thtl Brec a mtil' e
In liar. a
I mint
t ct 20.CV)') eolet in
Hera it a chtr.ee for i' inTeit-
tratti. j tuoiaoer hut polttict. aat J JocnaiMo wen
hJ Mnpa'.hy with waa liiaccir- w,lb a inend. "1 tell yon
, - trilt. that I can't neet at v tout til wkatlhej ft
a.et.tt.,1 truth com . . tff .... ,IttU c, ct. South-
......... - ..t-!e. .. .
tittir i.e MÜBf a rcü'.ictl ilemr ttra
tioo all eaodi 1 tun wilt a tiutl lhat there
were r-ut ie. thaa 4'' 00 people p'f üt j
. - a e a
ai d we cr'.a;;iy rever a crow.i i.i we.i i
hived, i.tH a ficht UbT igl ty rr.pt ho of i
a qua'T.t or a tew .nar.ife.te. itarlf. The : Watl a atwr at Cat.r At Wii.it.-A
oly pvrtooe whom weatw tntciicated Tepekt, Kan. tt p.pr annaaacea that tke
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1 p. m.
Hartford, on Hat-
t Middletown.
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wLare w a. th. c .!y pUc. that I aal domo, I'r r.-t-.i Townahip. at I'rai rieton. o.
to reit, .cendir g or t.ir.fc Jieg. '.;tdy, A ug. C"'.h, at 1 p.m.
Thua 1 aloo-J oat th. v.ry piaaeU f Maw : N.na Tow ahif. at Braoka Mill., on
Hrg aid, llecrewa of Wait lefte?, . The j We-lr-.edav, A"j. - r . at I p.ta.
tiaw wat interrupted with alra;lief j Ka,e te 'f owea'.ip, at New O. theo.cr
e'owd; but by i lire put, the aeigaifiCeut rr.rdij , pt. It:, at 1 p.m.
piaeratsa w.t eaught. I wat net eo much ! P ie Town.Mp, al New Marktt.cn
rapt a .vtne are, by lhe viw. ncr ee tauch ' We.ir.eday, Sep.. 5th, it I p. ta.
a I expected to br, a. I had bar a en h gh ) C-ek Towi,bhp. at Anthony
ateuataie. before, and wat, thtref.re, pre- ' ' 5tar Jay. S-pt. bill, al 1 p. in.
rared fertkeeffeel. Hewaver, taek a view j L tl Creek Ton othip, at the Townhip
cf theoutatretched world ctD.it bit rail. ' H of Weir;eday,Sept.l2ih,at I p.m.
atrong ernotieae of tke aakliaie. kaigaifl s.tr-.r Creek Tetwn.l.ip, at theTcwn
eentl On lhe or., hand, the ey e ttrrieke. ' !' P ! fn 5l u riiiy. StTt- l"h. at!
IT The report that Kl Ooferr or Joht-! Deaicraaiic HoTTea. " We Petieef thnq j a'ay, teaeoty auilf.. ur eo, to the tt coaat . I '
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aod .'melt ta n?t true. He declare, hiev I tl Utai in IbSG; we're ffrrrlm; naw, and j w't. 7 and ronn Jtb.at, .h.p Hou.e, on Wr.loead.y. 5rpt. I iih. at
.elf fer L.ncoln and Uamlm. oar grave i. Duf" j ever the h.ll c.ut.try of New llamp.h.ra 1 .

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