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The Sunday herald and weekly national intelligencer. (Washington [D.C.]) 1887-1896, February 06, 1887, Image 3

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Hh '' ('"td IwrPJ Htnc,
TrinHcTPntiiiMily I'lnvrm
Attf r8rturi.Vfmii11.iiP,
linn'f jmt InlcUmOiiPh town?
Ait1 Hint ulil .ion li II ill Itnnu
Fuivly, iai Hiur win n Mow
Tin to'aiiopolfuolit mnt lioincl
(DM JiffrrrNuVHi An J)
Will, It uni not Midi mlitiut
I'mm tliiil1 funillliii fplu ip
I'nr It'it rather l) Inn I
lint Itml Blil-nliUliotHHWis-t, ,
MinpUnisii uiiM from f-eltool,
.VtH'it.jiirUc, ntlMiilproiirolt t
(J Mil MiHYll i-ftllllliiiJ
i'lniili'J Yi llinl(l Kmh
Till':! u rill lnl.tiut lit l i tii
.i I fill ili r in iltMitioiMl,
1'iMttifxntiui finruiiaj
Vim w Iih In m-I jour unlit In nit,
raUitiiHn tltuiurirM Minw
Am llttlo lij pmillct
mtnuhattti Mmvif Mm .')
Iton't ni.itltrninj Uoinin iiw
Ciiittlni' U licr MUi ttt Mount 1
I lmw fnum! 11n,iiipnl Muiwi
Nut ut Itnme, lint In tliU mom 1
Onro I iIkiMhhI litu wluit tuvuiiil
Ti im"I lie trt tile hii'ly klml -N'inv
I hiiim I only iluunuill
Uoiv. ,Sif'iiii,inn,nr Tin hi hut!)
Pi 11
Mr.iUKi'l rurrM'lnTiiiliviinlii't ton-
I'or I tlioiurlit tint Htmii'tmi' Knew
tin Miistli'iiiertlnin tlm ut I
I i i"iins in t tic nl liy slioiiM Wi itn e?
1W w WtiU'niitl muni wl-inl
Is niir Itntiitin diiiK in fitlr?
(.( MfiIfiitW, 1 HliI tii flic')
Yt',WtMv.iko with lit1 hvp wii?o
lll of pl'im1 iiinl lrMe im How u!
Diilhiir, limv I jxnhltfp tlu il.nrt
Wtii'ii I tlhl tint ilnlm my mvnt
Tell uu KWivtluMit, with ttin liM
1 urn he mi ImM no ile ir,
Sit tti it Joy kiimvi niut'llpii'!
Mlilll Wi jrn o Itnme next jell!
I, r, aiwtiv
l.iHtjiunt,H .Uii( i:nr.
Weweie Mlthi;, Sir Manuaduko and 1, nt
thoL'afodoli lleiience, ouo sultiy cuiilm; In
eml) Piuuuier, We had each n );ii:u';"Of ami a
ilitr. Sir Miumadiike was rending tho 'Vmc,
w hlle I looked 1 uil through a ell of Mil ok o ut
thePtarn nml Ihn piseri hy. In the white front
of thoTheaho rrancal- every window hlaieil
w!thlli;ht. The fin l.intps of the Aumuo tie
ropera Minim like lltkei of phl hi cnutraM
with the inlnty piltor of electilelly through
uhkh, at tho end of tho tMi, tho facmlu of the
n;ior.i ho 11 ye could he dltiil) tllsceineil. Tl.c
fiiiiutjinof the 1'lneu ilu The.it 10 Franeah u
Itcctcd hi Mtlftlnx jlemi3 tho thousand llhlft
niuuml. In flout of the jreat theitio the led
limps of the orange Mulls, tdilnluon the pia
nihln of fruit, heightened haiiiionlouMy tho p.ile
pillow of the iircMillIii; llfsht, Tho moiioto
11011M MiMiiilcrluaiif the orange nun and pro
gramme sillers, together with the liukloof the
lltnrlee-uater-veinlnr'H hell, mliu;leil hi my
oirs with the, dull tljp-tlapof tho enh hir"es
hoofs upon theaph lit. All sorts and eondlthius
of men ami women tiled p.iM. on Ihohroad pie
m tii t ; nml, watching them, I inniHcd injetlf lo,
f.iiiclfiilly leoogntzlng In the moie uotlecnhle
Iljure-i thl or that piruuiiatjo of Dunns jih, tn
Damht, or Knli iiMonsIiurAlphnnenrn lue
ttuSiptmonts; a lllsler cn'tir, a Deluhelle, or a
Descliellettes; a Sldonlu or n Sapho; n (Imulse,
a Lull tier, a Xcph)riu, or a Sattu.
Hut thero who other tjpea In tho shifting
s'eno ht'Mdts those of tho Vrcitih lealiMi.
livery iinw uiid tin 11 Iheiowould p.isa pcrsnu
ago whn had cAtdiully walked straight finm
the piges of Mr. llowills or Mr, James;
mid the iharattersof Mr. D11 Maurhr (a realist,
too, nfttr liU kind) brought with them airs
from KeuMiiglnu nml hi iM fiom Hajswater.
Here, for Instance, was nn unmistakable Eng-
llhhmau cruxshig I own id iih from the 'theatre
FianeaN, wlaneo hiiuil two Micnm-tof men
eager fni a hi eat h of air hit wet 11 the aita. 'I ho
r.iigllMunau was of talllMi tlguie, middle aged',
toriiLt, inmiitniiplaee. Ills Minn, drnwu wiiU
kirs wile touched wilh graj; hlsiippir Up and
thin wtie Miuid; hit) mniilh was Him, his nosu
thin and will cut, his 03 es small and uiirtinark
nhlo. 1IU iehious wero the mil) MriMug fea
ture of tils face hng, ImMiy, ami overhanging,
like llniM' which Darwin developed, It Is Mid,
hy imitluual fiiiiccutrnttnn over his micro-trope.
On tho whole, 1 tonk him fora himlMcr In good
prat tlce, or u llumo Oflhu man; and tho latter
IiVpntheMi, 119 I nUtrward found, was lorrett.
tfo w.ilktd up tn the Cafo tlo la t'egence. and
louketl alhut for 11 sent In tho optn paeo In
fitmt. To ytt at tho only unutcupled luhlo ho
hail to puna Sir Mnrmail'iike, whno outspread
Tiutts was Mucking tho way. Mr Marmaduko
h inked up ahsmtlynt tltolntiudir, then sprang
from liU seat, almost knocking nvirhis water
carufo tu his excitement, and seized tho niton-I-1
led KiigllMiuinu hy tho hand.
''.'hiltpM" he u led, 'w here have joildioppi-d
from 1 llow glad I am tn pec Mini"
"All, MliMktoiir suld thooihircordhillj; 4'I
waa thinking of j mi tho other daj as 1 panned
liy StrtKj, on ni1, way ovir tho blmplon,"
"WuhaveiiH nitthliicethatdav mi Matrgloio
how ntJiiv jcirs ngtiy' sitd Slr'Mnrmaduke.
"FJght nr nine, " put In Mr. I'hlllps, whu had
meanwhile, given tho walttr his order.
'No; ilevm," rcplletl Sh MaimnduKc, aflei a
little thought.
"I needn't Rhk whithir,)ou took m ndvlei,"
said I'hlllps, looking at him; '3inir hair U
sciiteely grlzzltd."
This eiitguuitloieiiiark extitcdmy t-UiInMt.
Cnuld IliN frltiid of Sir MnrmaduKos he 1111
iigint of tint h)aiIiilhluo Mrs. Allen, or a
trawler In "Hnlm of ColumhlaV'
"If I hadn't taken jour advice, ni) dear ft I
luw," uald r'lr Marmaduko, "1 shmihln't lo
hero nt this moment. M
"YouM ho settled In ludlar" said the ntliti,
with a 1 uiloiu Hitlle.
"l'rohnhlj," icplledSfr Maimaduke, lelhit
lmr his frleinVs Millie; "settled for goiMl."
Ho now intiodiieid mo tn Mr. l'liillps, and we
nodded tn each other with tho studied filgtdlty
of true-horn Hrltnns.
Aml now- tell mo," said Sir Maruiadiiko
with IntercM, "whnt Iwcamo of von after wc
parted Hint morning? You vnuUlied Into thin
nir. Did ) on find jnur hlpiiogrlff awniting ou
when ou laudetl ut Fallnuza? You inuet
Know,1' ho added, turning tn me, "Unit Philips
fsn ueeroniaucci,nCagllostrn, hy Jmol"
"1 didn't Mud u lilnpogritT," said Fhtlfps,
4,t)iit a telegram from the Home OflUe. I took
the tlrst Mcuiiier for Aroun, and was hi Uindon
twodajs Inter."
"Do 3011 still praclleothu hhukailr" usktd
bir Marmaduko.
"'tho black and whlto art,.vou mean," hald
tho Othir. laimhliiff. Oh. led. In n miinll u'liv.
Hut now 1 iiuiHtlH) off I ilnn'l uaut to mUs
tliolabtuctor lluy Uhis,' aud besides, I'm with
sonio people."
"uiii 100k nere," saiii Mr .Murmaditko, "ou
inusnU go nml ptrfonuTjourigreat vanHhlng
trick ngaln, ns jou did tho other time. I've
homtthlug tortliirn v 011, v 011 know with mam
thniiks." '
"Oh, that 1" Hald Ihoother. "Will, I rhoiildu't
inlml having It again, cxpeclnll) awl don't imp
nose It h.irtinij great (iiitlmcut il value fur mhi.
Where nro von stopping"
"And 1 nt tho Continental. UY1I. ulmi Pin
seiuuiy people hmue. I'll Mroll nlong If vmi
"Do," suld Sir Maimaduke
tho Muoklng-room,"
"jou'U 11 ml us In
AM right," was tho icpl; "etpttl me about
twelve." And, after pajingforhls bint k coffee,
Mr, I'MIIpahuiikil hack tu the theatre.
"Who's vour iu)steihms friuidr" 1 aMed
Sir Mnrmaduke; "and what's nil llilsstull about
tho black nrt ("
"No Muff at nil," said lr Maruiadukc, with
conviction that's tho 1110M wonderful fellow I
cvir knew, Hut for hhn, my Imy, Uhould now
Pno hem in.iriUd ami done for."
"Did ho etit,ou out?" I nblud. "He it u
wonderful ftllnu I"
"OIaIoiid and gratuitous Imp. rtlin.m o 1" ro
plied thoihandil Imij. unrutlled.
"iSVuW, tar I said, "Till mo ull alwut It.
Hotloenii'llotik lll.o n maghlaii."
"Hy his worl.sjoitMiallkuuw hlui,"my frknd
ouwinil;"thopioof of tho uugUlmi Is In hU
luaglf, and I'm a living niouumeut lo his occult
powers. Have unother wiedr"
We eAth light nl 11 cigar, and, that ccruuonv
ovtr. Sir Marmaduko Mgau;
M,.tfVru ' M1'1 ' Venice. )mi Limvv, I had
n villa for some time on tho hago Mugglore, at
Mrtsa. Itwusupritt) Utthuluht or u place,
u good bit nlmo tho level of the lake, with a
ihurmhtg outlook over the Iturimuuau Ulands.
It mlted mo down to thogiound, and 1 might
have Mopped there to this iluj but for tl.c
events I am alxiul to minute,1 as the Morv
tellcrssny, "Another villa, imidi largir than mine. Mood
on the elope, just nhovo It, u narrow lino sepa
rating tho two gardens. It had long becuunoc.
cupled, much tn my satUfucllon. for J did not
caro 1 to lus overlooked. At Jat, ouo morning,
lny Italian valet brought mo tho iu-vvs that It
luul lircii tukcu, mid taken hy n lady. 'Iho
Morchoia rrahclll, ho said was her name, hut
lip had hecu unablo tn llnd out onv thing more
about her, except (hit she was cvfdentG' itch.
Ihofuriilwilngs, whlih faooit began toarrlvolu
cart-load upon enrtdoad, (nntirmetl tho latter
Intelligence. My innu biought mo glowing ro
ports of tho oriental splendor with which tho
plncu wan being licifireneJ. Tim furniluro
came, not from Milan, hutfiom 1'arls, nnd It
wu a luil.lan decorator who nas in cliorgo.
"A few week iiillleiHl to troiiBfnrmtho homo
from a Imrratk to npulate.uud thogaidui from
u w hkrncsi tu u tilm plcuiiuuuie. 'Ihincumo
llio lad) heistlf, actoiupuulul bv onh two mt
vauU, iimitld nuduMewurdjtho other domnn
tktuciecngigcd tu the neighborhood. She
uiiinlnul uinulcry to every one, Mia neither
lnl'iiiccil to llio locnl nobility nor Iiml nny
filcntU turning tliem. Her two French rvrvtiiit
cither knew nollilng of lierniilmMt'iits p Ki lit
what they know tnrrfuUy lu MicmrUc. tin
tun jmliitantily nil report nrrrril rtin .m n
Kfiinlne. Italian, ntnl, fofnrns Nnuty wai con
rerneiL Mm mlcht well ho lint iiirrcl) n tnir
cIiom, Imt a lrlncc or a quern,
')n thnlniter point I wim Mmiewlinl kepH
cnl. for tliolienily vhleh knocks the iwcrnuo
llnlliui nil of n henp t npltn lm loo llorM Tor
iiiVtitfile. lint, hv !ovr( Mr, I wm punthel
f trtnv fckcpllolMtil 'I liu moment 1 riw her I
knew'lt niinll up wllhinn, Minrnme, I put,
Mietniuiiieied. MmwuMrl voryjuunjr iinny ni
le.nl liilkirleiutvhilJuMreticheil llMnnlur J
MVWMlmui lOHUKft jmiuuiM"hueM, rno win corn.
tall ami tlnolvpictpnitlonHililnck'-hnlMl, ole " 'Mnrfheti,' I mM, as I klwnl herhnml, l
skluneil, nil llipeil,nvnl fneetlj nml, ohl If ou j lneheioa Minll nlTi ihifjfnr 31111 a trllle,liut
ciMiltl li-neni'i'it limv her heml wns fit mi hit I think iinlipio.'
Mioulihrit, nml with what a lotl nintlnii of j (,houti1li'il the rlhhou n'lil hmke the retln.
tier iieek Fhe wniihl turn lur fine unJeHlealli 1 'Heine ninliMe urwrNe, 1 tin lint ilnuM,' fhe
low.uil .Mill, nml let her two irii'it vyv M.ize'iiM, ns t-he umnHeil the wrnppliu;x, hut he
upnii i!ii poHUi l hlare HKe like tin Mm Tnio Min hid Ihilhei1 ilnlni; pm Ihe ilium r
ktinw'thit wtiv the new I'nliUiAffir wriiil nfnft Mlpiml, Mieithnml all, ami fill In her lip.
on Mi in nf 1Hii1Iiij,'Hl:)iI Mei'lnj:lnul) nmml "lhe InMiiut Mien I e.("i mi It Mm rifMil lur
the farthest horizon t" IiiihNIii tho air nml fpi.ing from lur re.it with
llihwmrM of eiithuMnvu left my old frleinl
...tl ..t t ..tl. n..1 I... ..... I.. ,. .ll.t.1.... .....-..
Ml in i ii. 11 II mm nn niin- in 1, rnimi ii miii-i.
Illutrallnq1i n rotuml KcMure the wecp of
Ihn ('alaUllu'lit ami of Hie mnicheta ee.
"Vou'rop;ittlnKipillo.Musit-l(ih," I nMt
HAe.MtiKMi,i1iiH Hiveelone,
Hue Aii'laloue 1111 si'ln In mil,
I'lileeniiimeiiu In-aii solr il'autninnu?
("et niatualtrewe, iiiii llounel
t,i Mni.iue 1 trAinai'tfiil."
ul hat' nhniit it," mid Wr Marinmluke; "nml
now I romo to think of It, Millet was her
iimimopoci. eu, 1 neeuni ieu jnii now we
iiifido neiptnlittiiiieo each other, or how our
uciptilntanee rlpeueil, Sim wa eiliieatiM and
r our t
and '
areompllitlicd far tieMuid tho IMIlm aerai;e
pokn KiiqINIi nml Trench almost nwell ni her
uinther-tonguc, hail rend mueli In theo thrco
him;uiu;e Mturulth nnh mild contralto olee,
and tlrefled wljh Mudfed and poIht Muipllctty.
iiioeen, wno wtis niiit 111 unit niniiriiun; inr
hiMhand, the ileparIM iitnrchcte, at uhoe death
. . . .at .. I
0110 of tho 1110M ancient Neaimllt
1111 iam e he-
eiinu' extinct. Slncn then she had lived Willi
iclatlvcMn i'aiI;hut,thotmh her 1'iiglIMi accent
was of the iitmoM purtt, she had never crosed
tho Chnuucl. Her PailMau friend' had left for
Smith Amcitea; and, ni tho rlimite of Nnplct
did not suit her, not to mention tho gloomy at
mtclilton tho place must ever hivo for her, M10
had tleleimhieiltn selllo In Not Ih Duly, and
leidniUlit life of sln.lv nnd heuelleeme.
"To t.i) that I fell In lovo with her would he
to uitd 1I11 the eite. I wni Imt.V, ll M-urctlj
ten jeart.vnnnger; nml thciownin self-reliance,
not tos,ij self-Mifllclcncy, hihercharailei vvlihli
put all tenderness out of tint ipieMiou, She
was a being to ho worMiipcd, not rnicxfd.
r.veit nfter sho was my alllaneed wife our rela
tions wero court 1) rather than cordial. Sho
was not precisely cold, hut sho seemed to feel,
ns 1 1oo felt, t tint ucli henutv as htrs must go
hind In-hand with perfect dignity, nml that
pla)fulnes4 would Ul-hesiHiu her as It would
thoAgrlpplui of the cnpltol. I felt toward
herns toward a unique 'Ihlngof ho-iuty, Have '
j oil never thotmht, hi pieemo of "pomo su
preme work of nrt tho' SIMIno Madonna, for
example, or tho Venus of Mllo that ou should
like In pcII all jnti hid and hitv that one thing,
even though ou should eml, like Fr.uiken
Hleln,lu iKcnmlui: n slave to II? Well, that
wn sniiiethliig like my feelings toward the
Mailing l I.ueiezla. I thought her, or rather I
Knew her, to ho one of the lovelieM beings ever
created; nnd I had an hisine th'Mre to cull thl
lihieulx mine, ns Fau-dus longed for
M'he face th it liiiiuchiila tlmiiiind tn,
An 1 burnt thetopleit tovu-Moi 11111111
Ytm HoclallMs may siv wlut yvi like; but, at
hum tu iiilure H roiiMituled,'theie will alwavs
lieu peetillir, pnlgnvnt pteiMiro In the setite
of monopoly. Another thlngwhhli ihtirurned
mo to uttionl Vthtt I could not but lecogulzo ni
the poiilsof iiulilmoii) wan tho thought of
tho long fate 111 v confounded imiMu would pull
when ho heird of niv mirrlage, but Hut wasa
minor motie. I wat In leilltj under a ill,
quite enmph ti h ns auj ofthn'ii fillowu hi tho
medla-vnl bilhnK"
"Sii Matin ulukoTamduiuer," 1 put In
"h h liah lit m lin in Mmie:
flaw Vt nn-', edle It aw mi 7iut
h ifliid nine teiiUlimie.'"
"DoiiHm loo TaM," sndl Sir MarnuduKo;
"wail and seoV'
"Wttl, the thi) IKel fm 0111 maiilage tin w
near," ho continued. "Itwn-i tn be ahsolutdy
private. I.ucrezli eprop.id a honor of ft i
tlvltbp, cpeelally nt a pi'toini nt irrl tgc; nnd I
thmkhd at the'ldei of (prlnghur tlie newsmi
my fihnds and relations (Including my Inlr
prcHiimptlve) through the liiht column of the
Ctmrs. Out wethllu lour was lo 1 tn the
I'aM. laaieslu dreaded the KniMlMi illmate,
ami, ns Dr. floluiMm Rild of lean linen, '1 mj
seH, h, hive no pisMmi for It; w wo lonKed
forward to living petuinutiitlj nrnth of the
"One day I hippined lo low aeims In lhe
Itola tie I'd-calorl, on fume t h ultable niatid
of the mnnJiCb.i's, and there, MroIIIug about in
the ouo nairow Klntt, I hut Philips I had
known him InttmitLlj at Oxford, hut we had
loM Mght or caih othti lor tin or llftei 11 eais,
and wo wire both glad to meet again, lie wit
Mopping, lie tald, nt Palluii7a; no I made him
tlNmlsri his hnri, and piomhid to put him
over to the mihiluiid In my own silling Isut.
'lime was vetv llllle wind, (i mi the wa) we
nail a mug link oi r oiu iiiuch.
"One fad of his lematned Implanted in lit)
uuuioiv, beiause I Usui iniiutiuiet to rullle hi)
otliinlMt imptiturbaltle tetiipei by i lialtlug
him 011 the hiibjecl. Hewanath out hi llivtrln
the poiMMlity ol leuling ihuactei In h md
w lit lug, and ui-d to di'vnlc 1 good deal of time
ami Mud) to what I then legaided as a laele
MiiierMItimt. 1 asKtd him if ho hllll kent un
his trae, as I talhil It, nnd he unowned, wit It
a nnllo nnd a Mirug, tint he did. A Midth 11
Idea iH'eiined to me. I found In 1113 put lata
note from the nun lictu a meio liiiMiapphtter,
eoiitludlng with an tuvftntimi to illuuii, ami
w lilt ni, moreovir, fu It dim, uhkh Philips
It id juM been telling me th it he did not mult r
btand. Mie wioto u imttlcuhiily iiium iilhio
hand; so, hi the hopts that he would, not dis
ciiui even the m of the writi r, I loteolf the
Mgnatuio 'l.uerivi i.f 'Ihcii 1 hinded It to
I'hilip-t, and uMu'd hhn for .1 tllagnoMs of the
wilt ei's (hnrattei.
"I watched his eprohlou as hecvamlmd
the writing. vt the lliPtghiueo hotaUt'dhts
c, throws and ciiinpreustd his lips with the nlr
of a nun vtlm limU hlmi If fate to fate with an
uiiexpn led prnhhm. '1 lieu he w tinkled hU
ctbrnws tngi ther till the) hung fmu aril like a
pent hnu-40 ovtr his eves, and ptend micro
stopiuill) Into emh Mi nke, (iiive,and tint of the
whole let ttr. 'lhe examhiitimi laMed, I am
m ue, a good live iniiiutiH, timing whhh mlthei
of us hpnkc.
"At I iM ho looked Mr.ilght up tit me, and
said: 'Ali 3011 iniuhliiteiittd in thin -lul)r'
'"Ah, then 3011 know It's a l.id),M leplled,
I know uimo than that,' he said, t-ulciuul);
and, ns he lupoid the paper with his foullugti,
e paper wim nin louimgti,
illliig h tho wilting of a
ue aiiiun: uiis wn
imiiiUress !'
"I ht go the helm md sprang fonvaid with a
ci, almost tapMzIng llio little boat. Miu
liiircd up nt once Into fhe wind, nnd I had to
rtliiru tomv poM, iImJI believe I Mimild have
nHsuulli'd him.
" '('01110, riiiliiis,' I H.dd, u Joke's ajol.e, but
lhisUeaii)iug tho thing n little too f.u.'
"'If It wnea Joke,- ho paid, 'it would ho In
tho Wi.rM por'Mhlo taste, but 1 nm hi snler
"Vou're iiuilt' I said; 'this tomfoohry of
)oius lus hetome a monmnaiila. I.el 1110 tell
)oti that I am bound to 1111113 tho lady who
wroto that letter.'
" ''lhen, nil I can si) Is,' ho leplled 'and re
m ember, I'm In solemn earnest all I can sa)
h, )mir life's not wmth a tweheiiionlh's pur
thaM'.' He again examined tho htttr care
full), nnd then mid: Mlellevc mo or not. us
)ou like, this la tho handwilllug of n murder
ess. Ami I can tell 3011 more the hand that
fmimd IhcMihtleislijt elasped a Mlltttu-tlmt
Is her wtapoii.'
"Foohl'l said, iH'giuuiug, hi spite of ui)
fcc If, In befoiueuhiit lmprts(tl. Do 3011 take
me for uihlld? If hhe hud Imn a p.,f.iii r, 1
fiippie 3011 could have told fiom her hatid-
w ruing wnciiier Mm-uhiI nutiuiouy or ursculer
" w hat's nsina) he,' wns ihemmwer. 'What
1 fee In the prccuit nibo Is that tho hund
whhh wroto this hap uied cold lion. Do)ou
know tho 1 id)'s past hhtoiyr'
" 'I know she's a widow,' I riplhd.
" '! hut's not Improbable,' nuid he.
"'And Hut her huMuud was a Neapolitan
nohhinau, 1 lontfuunl.
"'Hum P hesaiikaud piocicileillotlns quts
lion 1110 lu filth a wa) 11s to Miuw me, whut had
leally lievir oitiirrnl to me, that 1 hud no
one's ev hit uce but lur own as to a tingle
fait of lur paM life. At lad, drive 11 Into a cor
ner, 1 evelahned, hiipathnllv, 'Ihcu what do
vou pri'pocclhtt I Miotild do J I can't goto
luruiid sa)', "Muiehifa, u neciouuiitn of niv
aequilutaiico lUfiires mo Hut vou have acsasM.
luted route one niohably the late 1 .man led
uuiqiili. Fu), U this Hue F'
"1.U mo think, Philips rt plied. 'Ihtu,
aftirn pau-e, wliilo ho again lookidatthe ht
lir, 'Your plan Is In take htrhy f-urprhc, She
Is evidently of a high Mruug, ncrvout tempera
"'I hue )mi'ie wrong, I Intel mptcd.
'"No I am lint, ho it piled, Imputuihubl),
I'lUtake ni) itputatlou on it, Unit If 3011 were
Mlddiidv In Mum lu t thlsMihtto Minwoiihllio-
tr.i) Jur seeiil;' und, to ut) iiMonhhmtnt, ho
iinMuied from under his coat ti Utile daggir
niui uiueii 111 iiieMiiiuii!.
"I ImrM out lainrhluir. 'You ininu to Ibd
armed F I tried. Vou think wo are Mill hi the
Middle Ages) Hut au mints for )oiir ilurd
liitirjirilullouof the lundwiitiug,
"Not u bit of it.1 ho nidled. I altvavs eairv
this lit Ho bit of kIh I, it n iiK ful In mini) wa)s,
aud It Ins asrm hit Ions for me, I'm hi fur from
imigtulng tl parth ularlv mtcssiry hi Hal
Hut 1 daresay jou, whu live lure, luviii't sut!
a thing In vouriiohM'KMmt.
"I admitted I ludn't. Will, Hun,' ho fald,
uufuMcniug HicMicath which huiignthh Wakt
hand, touitaled In him oat, 'I'll make a sort of
wager with vou. lliUisa vtrypictl) lilllotoy,
vou'll admit an uutlquo Italian dugger, the
haft amtfhcathnf Ivor) Inlaid with gold, ami
heio 3011 Fee Is a red nmcth)M pet hi tho butt of
tho handle, and a not Ik 1 in the point of tho
sheath. Well, I hand IhU owr to jnu mi con
dition that vou Middcul), nnd without any
warning, produce il and procut it tn tho lady.
If there Is nothing uuupual lu her milliod of
accepting it, tho kulfols hcic, and I lime loM
my wager. If 3011 notice nn)thlug odd hi her
Khivlor,coino and tell 1110, und wo will luqufio
Into tho mailer fnithcr
uVtll, po-HlVi!),' 1 oald, ft isatoitofliikult
tutliu mirthi'M tu commit tn any such test
Hut 30111 orliht, the duggir la u cry beautiful
iilne of wormaiiMilp, und hang itl I rather
like the Idea of nuking lur a handoiiie pros
lit ut )mir eipcunc, especially us I tluro tay
thoksbou w III ilojou good, und Imprint mi )ou
tho iicuhu, "Fut imt )oiir tiutt In pot hooks.'"
rm iiooMuiobomenuieniiineisiiH well,'
no iijii ni, in llild day 1 iioit'l Kihiir uliat liu
iiiviiiii iij iiiuit'iunih, iui jii. iiu-ii 1 rani llio
I nn Mu In MioMt'.imNml Mrti;ont I'tilliiiizn, mid
hoMeppcil iiKhoro. Ho fravo mo llio iinmo o(
hi Imlol, nml I prnmUeil to look hhn up llio
next tiny nml lpoit. rI lien I tl1ctl Imik to
Hlrefta with n fresher hreezepomlerlit cm hi
curlniM in.ittla ninl nn hl InM orneulnr remark,
"'Ihtt nflenionn t preentcil inuclf nt the
Villa Trnhelllnt I ho imiinl hour. I hitl enre
fully m rniipoil up the clairijer hi whlto piper,
IteiUt with a pink riltlmn, ami penleil the picket.
I fouml J.iurezta In a roeklmr-chalr on tho
XerainU, looking Miperhly hi'tiutirnl. Hho worn
n hlick anninier ihc, I reinemher, of untno
piiirv, illnphnmiH inn! i rial, eloeil nt llio
throit nml nt thnwrlM with kuotnof ml ilh
hnti, niul itiiuiil tho alahiter illlir of lier
thnntwero three niirnw clreletof Horn! nil
boii or piirKlius, MIlliM er, 'Hie ilairr
ilronpeil on the intltliurnt her' feel, and for n
moment MicMnrcd nt It, liereje MnilhiR fnnn
their Pockets, while her complexion turned to
livid gifi'ii, '1 lion Mm MntrKonvl luck a few
pnce, n thoith miktni; for tho niwi, nml
Pink In n huddled henp 011 tho floor,
"'1 did not thi HI 1 tlhl not do ttr Mm
moaned. II wnnplie tho Alpcrlhnflpiull I
was Innocent I innocent 1 tnnoceiitl Iter volco
failed her, hut Mm continued to in nan to hcr
polfln hrnkiu enleiieeft, wrllhliiR tho while an
llirnifrli (11 iitilrti1 rKrunv
."' nhVd tn her mnld, who quickly npneaied.
'Vtnir mIMnvtsU 111, I paid, nml lop titer wo
rami 1 iter 110111 1110 iionr. iiua nrouuiii iter in
wuno deiireo In herself, and when I attempted
to help tho ncnniitttt Mippnrltughor lutn ttio
hoti'o Mm fthrnnk fiouuno wlthn ccMtgo of
honor, leaned her whnlo weight on ttio Murdy
rrcncuu 0111 111 a nnu, inuerea 111111 me fiimru
i"'i uippeaieii.
III Una inn ll.lArn.l n.nl 1 UIIUI111I..UI
....... .-v... .... ....... .. .....-.-..
I tilckul
up tho dagger, put It lu my pneket, hurried dow n
as f.ut an touldtn the lake, Jumped Into n
skltT, ami onlered twn rowers tn tnkomo at 11
racing Fpeetl tu Fallauri, where I went Mtntght
tn Fhltlp's lmti'l. lie was gone! tu Aroun
mid Milan, the porter belleveil, hill nHer that
nothing was known of his ileMtnitton. Fnun
tint da until this evening I saw nml heard
nothing of him. He hid lift me no mldreoo,
nud I knew of unite that Would find him. From
PoniUhlnc he x.ild thU evening, I prcrinne ho
miiM have been lu the Homo Olllcc, hut he hid
not mentioned the fact. I rather fauclnt ho
wan au Idle globe tmtter, llko mvself, nml
ttuMcd tu tho fates, In this world of oius, tu
bring us together again. '1 hey lino tlonesn,
)oil see, though It has taken them c lev en .vein.
"On rttuiiitng to Slresi I Inquired nt the
Villi Trnbtlll, mid learned that Hie nnrcheM
wns HI ami In bed. Next morning I cnlhil
agiilu, when one of the Italian servants hmded
mo a note, nud Informed me that tho mirtlna
and her maid had dciuited turlv Hint innintmr.
no one knew whither. 'Iho note was written
lu F.ugllMi; (enn repeal It w old for word:
i Inugiiied Hint Sir Mnrmnduke -Middle-
ton was a gentleman; Mt the put of a gcutle
111111 brut illv to wiench nml wring tho nerves
of 11 niuch-tited woman? Wlnlever Mm hive
Ik'cii laid at niv door, I have iievet tortuied n
being weikei thin mvpclf n friend, who hid
done me no wronr. If vmi hive a Mirk of
dilvaliy left vou will mike no atttiupt In
track me, and breathe no wmdof 111) sec ret.
1,. 1.'
"You iiuv hinghie tint when I leid this I
fell, as the' Ynnkies siv, 'almlghtv luciii.' I
bn athed 110 word of her i-eeitt, for the Very
good leiMiu tint I knew no wmd td It to
bteHhe; but, b) wav of a little peiiime, I have
mot lilted m,v cm losltv nnd innfull) lefialmd
fiom unking nn) 'itlempl to diMoVtr It. A
month or two liter I le.uuid Hut the Villi Tia
belli, with till Its fiiinlMitiigs nud nppurle-
11 im en, JuM as It hi 1, had bet 11 Fold to a I hi -
m in h.inkt r. iMiotiHildmv own 1 Inlet, and
mI otr for a three) 0.1 nt1 taiiddeln (hlui,.lup m,
Callforuli, and mi foith. Ome, at a miiiII t i
tlouoii the Fatllle Itillioid, I ramhdl eiught
.1 glimp'te of nt) LiiihuitiesV fate. II r train
wis JuM uiolng olf lu the tlireclt if San
Ftautlseo as mine wan starting for Omnhu. 1
felt a momentary Impulse tn Jump out and
t ike the m t (lain lu pursuit, tail I icMMcd
It, and here I am."
Mi. Philips wa as good as his wmd, and at
ilved at Meurfce'H Mimtly btfme midnight.
rlhe lume I Kludltsl his Mtlld. well built, torn
monpl it e fetlureti the lessdidl lilhve tu his
iliIrvo)ame, or wtutcver onult faiulty Sii
Matma'diike t rtdlled him with. I was cioious,
eonsttUenllv, to hear thtir conversation.
Sir Mnrmaduke began h telling Mr. Fhltlps
the tcMilt ofhlsexperlmtnt, juM as heiilaledil
to me. He was thM'ifblug the Midden tollnpho
of the Mtiithcsi km itvl.i, when his hcirtt hi
teiiuptid hhn.
."11) .love!" he Fild, "I gave lurcredil foi
uioii nerve thin Ihtt!"
"'Ihi 11 jour hluk aud white mtinn't quite
rank nmoug the MleiieesF' siid Sir Marin 1
duke. "You can't lueiuie uetve fotielo a
millionth of .1 giahi?"
"'Iliof.iit I,"Mid Philip, Mulling, "I cmifoi-H
I was hilling with vmi to n ttit ilu eti nt.
You Used tu lie ho obhtlnattdv skelilhal lr Ul
puwti of ni) I railing tharattei thai I could
not tcMM the temptation to piv Vou out a bit.
II imlwsrtlugri to a 1 Mlnln ett nt nn Index to
1h.11-.nttr, and hy long and ilose Mud) oT It
devrlopiil nil abiimmill) kieu senm furinluulo
irseiiibl.iutes nud ilIITeionccs; In M101I, I made
ui)M-lf an expeil. At tin Home Olllce 1113
poweis qiiitkl) lM-eaillo known, nud I Was
gin n frnpienl opportunities for exciciMug
llieiu. 'lhen I ligatt lo be 1 nihil as a wIIiups
hi eoiuts of law, though the Impeitlueiil lu
eieilulitV with whhh the evldi me of fxpeils Is
geiiciall) ri'girdcd made me detiM Miom cum-n.
Dmt't 3011 Tiiuiiuliern mil ider tlhl fmiitteu 01
tlftent )e.u ago, hi which au llaliin hdy (Mie
hid been an opera Mngir) was net nt d of de
liberate!) Mihhlug her huphand, au Fnglhh
man, and a man of grntl wealth, either fiom
jcilmisy or from ineie dipldit), or perhaps
iroiu noui 1 omiiiueu; rue pm-pnicii mm 01
carrying 011 au iiuiiguo vviiu aiioim r vomau,
and she firged a hlter, purporting tu lie hi lint
woman, Inudwiitlug, giving him au nnMgiin
H011, at the dead of night, in some lontlv toim r
of his own paik. He fell Into the trap, came to
ine t-pni, ana mil uowii 011 n log to tivuut llio
lidv's arrival; wliereiipoit his wife Mole up be
hind him and KtabUd him lu time pi ties, kill
lug him 11I1110M tie fote he could ulUratr),
'Hut, at 1111) rate, was the theor) of tho priibo
eutlon, but the whole ease luintd on bilughig
home tu her tlm forgfd htler, I was ouo of
the expeits calhd, and I h'td imt the slightiM
heMtallmi In idei.tif)Iug tho writing of tlie
forged letter with thi' prisoner's uekutiwk'dgfd
hand, 'lhe othir soealltd expeits, who were
ineie ih ulat inn, expresKed lews conlldiitee, ami
Iho it stilt was Ihtt tho nuuderess eseaiad.
'lhe moment 31m showed mo th it letter, Mid
tilt ton, 1 itiogulztd Inr luiidvrlllng. After
thuliial 1 had su uied as a imlosil) the Utile
Mllclto with xv lik li the murder was i onuultttil,
and In this I nt inn e- saw a cluiue of m.vMifv
hig 3011 a bit, and taviug 1011 fiom thu'lad)'s
tolls I Ihoiight M10 would httray herself hi
some wav at Mght of tlie weapon, or, ut any
late, would lake II an a hint Hint )ou either
knew, orvure 011 tho Verge of dfseoveilng, her
scent; hut fiom her behavior duilug the tilal, I
thought sho would hive hrazeued (tout a good
deal better thin Mm did. Whit 3 nu ttll mo
amounts lu au absolute aduikMon of guilt."
"In the dipgulsoof nunppeitlouof luuocimc,"
I could not refrain fi mn putting lu; "that dag
ger would have quite ruilkiently painful us
soelatlous for lur, though Mie were as iuiiotiul
as the dav."
"I helkvoj've beui au even gicaler bitile
than I thought," said Sir Maimaduke; "It
seems to me, Philips, Hut by )oiirowu Miow
Ing vmi aio Iheoiif) witness against her."
"It w n.i Ik row 11 hand that condcmiicd he-r,"
said tho expnt.
So, that's Just what It didn't," t-uld Sir
Muriuadiike. "In this cave pot honks vvete not
hangers. Hut wh) did Mm take a bogus title?
Ami wh) ? And wh) ? On the whole,
Philips, I bull )nll liogiinlgo furluvtllg ful
hidden thehiuns." Tin' .tr(ititnt,
Sam iluntVii llohtnu Sa)lugH.
(U0M011 llciatd, Jaii.),
Flowcia are Hod's thoughts In bloom
It Is the burluess of every man tu light evil.
Hod Im not loM his power, but the pulptl
has hint its voice.
More lies are told about money I Inn an) thing
else hi the wmld.
Cut a man le a ClulMIiu if ho voles one wa)
and nra)s another?
When a man known one thing Will he Is
tike I) to llnd out other things.
You need not wait to ask u man tu nuke n
pinffsMmi, for vou inn tell him h) hi 4 acts,
I know in the depths of tu) soul Ihtio M
Buiuithhiglu (Ids woild )k tti r lliin inonc),
I know )uii denounce drunkenness, but how
few- pulpits pull out their dagger und Mah It.
Truth will not only take of Km If, but II will
I like care of the man who preaches It.
hliky Is the wont cmniv Hod or nun ever
h id. nnd the hcM friend the devil ever lud.
Find me the preacher who U built up upon
divine character und 1 will Miow)ou a great
'I lutiigh Mime linn liny tie.it me lu living
aright, in nun Miall bent me hi n pint lug of ut)
It Is eveiv pieaihu'ri dul) luiklioimeo the
things of hell lust us intuit ns It Into pieich Iho
beauty nf ChilM.
Uhui a man JuM. lives for what ho can git
ami wlut ttolheH ho can weai lie is nut ten
fut from Iho hase-nicut,
It would bo ns luinosMblo for mo lu attemtil
to exaggerate the glories of heaven uh lotr)
to exaggerate llio lion 01 h of evil and sin.
'llieiu mver was a time in tlie hktory of tho
world when the Hosptl and Itllgiou meded ni
mm h hut k Utile and nerve as how,
If 3011 will ilu wlut .liMuChtlM lcllrt)oii,
and ) oil don't come out a whole man, then )ou
have got au Ismio Hut will hmkiupt the lUble.
I'.vir) Mu that nun commits is 11 dluct fctah
at his confident 0. ami he stabs and frtalrH until
coiiHlenco breathes its laet and Is dead forever.
A 30iiuglaily oncosnld tn mo (her father was
a prcuther, loo:) "My father don't bellcvo In
revivals." "Well, said 1, "thetu'ivw hire jour
father aud the elcvil are alike."
Alcxiiiider.iud Clarciuoiit,
I hour fimn 11 fiknd ni Ikillu that a report
has reached the Imperial Couit from DarmMudt
that the Queen U ileslruus that Frlnco Alexan
der of UaltcuhorK Mintihl take uphis rcMdiuco
lu KngUinl, and 1 that lkrMuJeIv has hinted
thut fcho would he pleased tu kcc hhn nun led tn
I DO Uiicjicssni Albai
lliail). '11)0 plOHJU'lt of Mt'
:;, i a '..' " " -
tlliiK'lutwitp u llfo n( inoiintllD n'chnliiii at
I' I nnu. irt. .. .dfual. .... .III. ........ 1.. ........
. iuiiiuvii'll..W.iu jl.1 lull .l'Ul UIIIUII
I'lluci) Alcsomlir, wim llki't tn enjoy lilniKlf,
niul lilt piirlllhii ut tlm l.iiKlldi Coinl himiMIhi
umu ininu lliiploaaiit uml Uiilicul lluu U
. tlmt u( liU jnimittr Lrnllicr, 1'iincu Iknry, who
J.geilCUIiy h11UWl U. "IllOMJIKll UX," I
or unit.
"(.'lojcz-niol I'ei iciir n pom mcHIo?" rohifn.
What! Vou would have 1110 know?
hcu doubt 'ssuswivt I
Would bronk tho magic nf her pnft re pll-i,
And lift Hiogluunur from my hnppy (')((,
And prove tho cheat?
I'niV i t h it the hiiiKhtcr low,
And veiled irlniiiT,
HaviMift hecnstudleil with mlnuleM care
Till c m ry hh.Miko note that (ht ills Hieiilr
llin lintmsi nlntme?
I fam leil lung ngn
Skies ahvtijs blue,
And liow I know the:n otteii thilk mid thvti,
M) know hMj'e Is lint an tUndlcr, deal,
Atlhoimh in mv lute.
JhiI. t mv tiuM still Kiovr,
Nor phiII in) diciim,
I itlotv hi the face I (hid nu fall, -I
(lory In IheeiiiliiiT uutdironu lull
tifmimi) j'h'itu,
Know? I will iievi rkuow
let cr.monlnt will I
Fm If m v fall h hi herltfni-cel linth',
I'll mvi nr iillfglanci tu her memory,
-Ttwh lliir. M. II W.
Ilnltle HlaehroriFN Diuiglilcr.
A Fails correspondent tells tho following
Mor(vi "'Iho annals of the deinl Inoude hold
mm) n sid tragedy among them. 'Iho talcs
that they tell nro not nlwa)s of ti waMicr
w omau's ihughter whn captivated nu Fmperur
and died suiroiimleit with wenlth nnd luxurv.
Ouo nf the 1110M mournful hktntles that ever
drifted tn mo from such a source was told tn
mo tho other da). Au A met lean gcntlctiuu, a
wealth) bachelor, now reMdlng hi London, w.tn
Invited 0110 evening tu a very superb enter
tainment given hy one of the leading tuctnltcrs
of the half-world of that ell v. 'Iho ultnoM de
corum ni irked nil tho details of tho nlTntr,
which was fiutherilUtluguIMieil hy thebemt)
of tho ft mile guests nml tho elegnnco of their
tolteU. At sup er 1113 cotintr)miu found hlm
nelf scaled besldo a )ounggltl, appvrently hut
little over twenty joars of age. She was not
exnetly pretty, lint she was pleaplng Imth hi
nppcniaueo and luauueis, nml liet conversitton
denoted n debtee of relhiemcnt nml education
iinusiiil In a member of Hut soil of soehty.
In Tact, she told htm, in tho course of conversa
tion, how bltteily sho hut lied her mode of life,
and how phe antentty deshed tn escape flout It,
adding Hut she hid hopes of going upon Hie
stage nnd In Hut iinnucr suppoitlug herpclf.
'I t.111 slug well, Fhe hald, aud I enn d nice
well, and I nm told tint these accompllMmieiiW
will he very useful Innu In a lhe.it rleal caret r.'
'lhen,' nMed the geiitlcmiu, 'whit ciius,'d)uii,
a letlncd nml ediieateit girl, tn le placed In
Pin h a poMtioti? How came vmi take up the
lire Mm nre now leading?' Ilir answer, Iho
siddesl tint a voting girl's lips can frame In
tint stddcMof nil Mtuitloii4 In life, was Mmplv,
M mother.
"She wns thodtughtei of Mis llattlo Klaek-
fonl, the notorious Fanny heir, the vvorM and
titoM beiulirul or nil the Anicrictn ndventur
eeswho at one tlmo or nuotlnr hive made
F.uropean soelrt) ring Willi the Morten of thth
vice and their eseitpides. Her father was 11
Phil idclnhl.i i'1itl' man. Stic illnl n i-hp n-r.i
of ill Ink and illKstpition, imt )el fort) .Veaisof
age, lur marvelous beaut) utleily depafled, hei
vviMllh nil Fiiuimleied, a ihuiikniil and a
iniipir, and hut for the devotion or ho nu
ti ipp 1 hlld, who piwiteil even aitlele Mie ihh-
hosted to pt) fm her fool and uicdii hies, and '
1 .1.1V. ... 1.1, 111, 111'. ,1.111 I. II. Illl- l.tlllllll 1.II1P Mill
qtieuied It In pit ins would hive 1 11 keil the
iieiePKaiicHof life In hu last Illness and Chris
Han burlilaflei Its fat tl tirmtuitlmi "
A Nl'WpllMT Itl'lll,
"One of the bert bents 1 ever heud oT,"
said an old m wppaper nnu, "wns one wliltlt 1
ut)self was foituiiite enough to senile for a
papei I wns ulilhigaiid miiughig nt the Itmo
ht tiiimiNim, C..1. 'lhe iheilll nud his ibp
utv had pine nut hi puistilt of Mime cattle1
thieves nud had follow td them lulu (he Indian
riFtivnlliiit. We weie within a cmuiiaratlvilv
diott ilMame of tho hound trv Hue. After a
few ilaja thy iennt eanie luck tli.it the two
olllniH Imt eiuniintiieil the tlilexen atnl Inil
Inen Klllnl, 'tlie (oiiiniiiii!l un huiiHillately
uiimwi nun 11 (iiiiuiiinii 111 ii'ii 1101 lliilll;liailoil.
A p.nt) of one Iiuiulinl ami tlfl) a ormlnl
tit tmm to lneli Itieeatlle tlitees, Hint aeiu;e
llio milliter nf Die MiiilfT. 'I lie ilit.itlsnf tlie
iiitraiilzitlnn ami tlm Mailing mil I pilntnl In
lull hi our pa per, ami arrau;eil for Imnti tnfe
luexi.lei rinlii Ilin pllty for ttm II I M llfln ti
nille-c or ttieti pinnpK. 'Iliiru was a iImiI
piper tu I tie loun, it ml up to tliln point wis
weie luiiiilitj; pntt even, I'nr the next tvv
tllK 0 lilllltiil tilllrll till H'ill II ' n cnlllilit nf
the expeiiiiion. 1 Knew the imite the p nt
wai folloMln ami wis.iMe tn thinu' In 11 iruml
cle.ilnfliMMln.li.iliiij, At the tml of lliefoiulli
il.1V. in I UUHirttllllf tn lll IicillM'. WllkllMnnit
iiIh.uI a ipi.iilii mile from the town, fur my
Hiippir, ! HlleilluiiFt an In where Maa noiiii
tnnit myiievt iIu'h htor fiomweie MuMenly
Intel rupteil 1 1) the appearand of 11 'fcolitar1
liorM'iiini (oiulnjr aloui; at a lire.iknei k p.tee.
Win 11 Iiee.ime wllliln a Imiulinl miiIs of me I
lno-ul7til thi' ihrtlin ile pullet up nn sie-
illU me. I tohl htlil at e th it lie must lint
ro home tn Ms wife until I Imt pi en her, iih hlte
helieWtl Mm th'.ul. llr t l the fort e of my
lemiik. Ilu tnnk liN supper with me, 1 Utiil
nir .ml (mike tin jo, ful hews to his wife, ami 1
tlmi I Imliiml hint tn M.i at my hoiihe all'
iiljlit. I pt hU wholehlor.t ami piiuteil jiit '
as mmli in nil my ptlntns louM t.et up. DM
niieii hen of mu h a Moopf When the tun
pipirs e.iiuo out the next iiiiiiiiiull w.ia jit
the link nr the opposition j-lnet In make a pnlnt
of the hi ale nu ut lint tlm leMJiim; pait, wnelu
threat liupes or mi iirin the hhulll'rt Iih. At
'.' iiMiiiU the f hi. 1 ill Meppnl out of inhoiiM'
atnl walkul tluoii;;li (IiuiiiImiii. It wn the'
in ikluof iu pipir.'1
M 41 unit (li'tl.tiiri;.
lliitlm; tin Tranro PiuIaii w ir, wrllea tii 11.
Imlint In the Cttttmti, I kepi a map untie
Hi hi of opt rat ions with colored pip1, that were
IiiomI finl.i it.l loil.ij In litilleale the llloe
nu'iitftof tin tun auntie. Ikizalne hail Intu
ilrlun tochelter at Mill. MeMtthuii h.nl Utn
ilrhni luck In the mute 1e.nllu fiom Tails tn
Met, ami Menu 1 to iloiihl whither he woiikl
Co to l'.uls 01 In Italllie') lilief. He blllTiKil
hliiisiir tn he fuiinl mulh of the route In twci 11
tin m-points. On thi! lunrnhii; tint the whert
iroiifht ut lint tufotiiutiou, tun 01 time
of the l'n tiih ( 'notes of New OlUmm Wtnl
ni olthe lu impiire my lcHof (he uiowiihiiIh
then prm illnr- I ii'plieit, lAleMahon,H army
Will lJ pllMUH'lK of Will III till lll.M." r)hl)
woe Mr) Imlinant niul t-t itel llia't I :ik a
KepuMIi au ami in h)iupalh with thu I'nm
hi. mx. .M) irpl) ',uh tint I hail out) i;lviii
them in) Miluttnii uf 11 inllltaiy proUim. 'lhe
rniiiiiH wne on the Miorttr route to I'arU or
lo .Mi I, no Hi it K MeMiihou shoiilil nlleiupt to
mnn In either dim linn Dm Pnithlmic. iiviilim
thnilKhel nf the thoilt I lllie Woilhl lull rpOM '
.inn inn u .tie.uaiiuu in niiai k; uiii lie 11.n1 ai
rniil lueii mi hiati 11 nml iliiiior.illeil thai he
1011I1I not he expictnl lo make a Miccetitful
atlaikf ainl woulil tht refine he (ihljnl to nu
ll inli r. If ho Ii.u1 pimnliiei tl) to Pari heforu
t;Iini;uphUf.hniler luiile, It iti posIIlu that
luminal hae niaiiknl a hikciiiIiii; arm) ful
the 1 c 1ft f of Mt t. Had we Interposed In Incrii
.Mnele niul Wiliiutuu, our ai my lu almost uh
piietthhrul iirihlle im wim lint of the lius
Kfatiri, Meaile. would haehetn utilised to attack
iih whcieer wtMiiIht he plejM-tl to liae him.
Ilu would lne hecu hadl) I ie.it in, like tho
Kieneli, ami the tiult would !iaelni Mmlkir.
I do tint mean to hiy thut two nonrmueiits
would luxe U111 ptiniiiitiitlv estalillhhi'd, fi.r
I tliounlit Ufore the war and iluliu Its ton
lliuianee. tint tho peoples would cuiilually i;il
together aalu In Mumper Uiiiiln of ftltmUlilp
than tho8e of 11k ft tint low,
'I hit 1'iif.lilniiiilile hti Ic.
(.-(ail ri.ineUnChioiihle.l
'lhe) call tin 111 Iniimttea. I uiejii thic
lliliila Willi duuMf Klaxt-etf that tt ull fit tutliu
fiuiil row of IhuiliehtnliiJe with, and )ou hold
them Kiaicfiilly lufuie )niir e)enf nnd the)
make )ou look alwmt lift), mid lint footlluhU
nrthu (uhiuiii II);lit htlikeH thiui ami two thlnU
of the nudiuif eaml at torn all Mink iih the) 1 I'
ll ci t the I'lilllaiic), rJht')'ro all tlm o, or
ralhi rail the come, JiifI now, 'lhe) lne heen
a ft-Jture or the ChrlMnias prt Kut mmwui, I he
llee. II ti ciy miur, ladlen rr) foi Ihnn
and U't they ile.nfy rH iMI-li tho fait that
Hit re's pomtlliliiL; wiou iiImiiiI tlm heaiitlful
e)cK. Vou know, of cnurr-e, huw oiii;t t tln-iu
an a pretLiit- Piuuilluuw a III tlo hint; Mitne
lliiit'inpotaiiioix) ui'tfeslnl hv the fane) of
the Jollll' 111.111, Hilt Hid lilt fi the ntiiht
(imral way fur ohloiiM leafona, Of mure,
uil know that the )oiiiij luiUMiida )ou the
fraiuo uiid tho uddiiHti of thu optlihiu, ami oii
ifiiiind lu'ti'Klaert IlltM lu In Mill, Hut it h
)ml an well to know a little inornlhau tint.
MI want a p-itrof ylaefl put Iiillicpr.pli'jwe,"
'CVrl.iluly, iiilss. ttip ihlA wa) a moment,
Lttuiolunk ut)ouree. 'Ihink )ou. I.otjk
lluoufli that kIim. .111 )ou nml tfneeldtdHf
Xol If )uii pl.MM-, u;tiiii, 'liy tint. NoV
Vtilupn thlt will Hilt. Vou can't leud ttirm
en 11 ) 1 1 V We II, will. uce luoi e, Veil 1
Vou can hvo Mr) ilMluill)Y Ah, 1 under-t-tjud.
Take a teal fot a moimnl."
'lhe lad) ntt ilowu and a pilr i.'laiiieH aiu
hroiu:ht to lit r,
"UIII Mutr) thihe, pliMtr'
"(Hi, tht'PH nm lieiutifiil. Hut, till me. I
h.Helieti woiu i;1,I"mh, Will tin) hull in)
e)i h tu u i-o tin m liiuiliV
"Not In tho huM, inlsii, Vou1 re not Hunt
i-lKlittd, nor loii' tl-htnl. ' lu mi aietho fui-li
luiiuhloblo of leim-wlmluw gl.it.tf, iiiImk."
Pnteit)' rin Ii lu I.midiHi.
lUilldull Nt Wti.)
'lhe "pliuh" llils whiter In fnitlur Imir.ifrnl
uinniiucutaliicliMli) the failure of the hup
plu;;MMoii, DurliiLMlie hopping iiiaii) of the
pour people nuke, i little iimiii), whhh lhe) lu
MM In I.ii)hiijhll8 of fiiihlliiii-, ilolhlu, jiinl
other proper!). On theft) when thu winter and
Hack trudo nt lu the) lle, 'lint In tn ei),
they pawn thuu In p.iy thu nut aud tn lui)
fniMl. Hut tho hopping lmlnh' failed, the)
weie iiuakle lu linttt in nny piopeity, aud fnJu
tlioilftaiuHof liiMauiea thu people are vun U'
prt pared to meet llio winter tliun they were last
yeiir, 'Ilu) luo not hluif piwiiublo to fall hack
upon. r.iwulii'U thollrtt Ifilmjtn which thu
poor icoit when tho wolf (oinn to thu door.
Oiioh) (mu tho Imiife hold kimIi are) lluiif; to thU
lliTfe wtjf In ttop hU pilileA9 purciilt, hut lie
only pmiH'a u inouu ut tu w allow Iho pi Izo ami
then on horoiuci uunlu n llerco aud hungry u
tur. IVdiu tho earliest aj;u llio children uf lhe
puur urn liilllatcil Into thoiu)ut(ileHof pawnliitft
and the) look upon It as a ircouUcd fc.Ume
ofier)-dayllfe. Inuulufint Khool In tfmttli
iiivimi iiai) mu nm 111 I It a V I'llHI'
Instil Hum lilMri-u llio iai.il.k- ut Urn mikIIl'iiI
....7. .j..... .... . ..' '
Muiiioii, ine ouuru.i), tuoieat itrrwascpiain
Mill. PJHI Ull, ll'lll IIH
"Ami iinirull tliu iiiuillgul uhi'ii tlutlu-. uro
i;mii nml Im Ii j ihi rirn.1. Wlml nni.t Im ilur"
Tn nlilili u lltllu Kill, tliri uml u lull )um
l.l, IiiiimhIIuIiIv uiuiinlli
" liy, iran lilt lilt lo gul'ii liooH anil lllin;."
WmmsEm Si P n m r
HIS $fiMfflil$3E
' Mffia b lm 1 111 11 111 1 1 1 laj.LUiLt fi nnrrajj 11. 1 n
fmmmML 'Wi .1 riii,t tt u 1 1 f,.
.uwntft wmnu.HiHH., . .laaSrTatjmmmm i 1111 f 1 1 u iirne ui..u
(!(ntKi;siMM)r,x;i: ami e mens v it 0.11 ooi'XTitv snieei:its somciti:i).
nn: iiAT..NL'i:or ouit
at c;iH'r.
Wo Inm'ili l( 1 tilimtl 1 r. oKiM tlHPK"".!' n t lin '
lielltlitnl Ihu M l um to vlilt tll.Mll ntll. I
.i:m. sAiur.4, .lAruinv. anii visrriH,
ri.iwii (lAinir.N'is ANMx'i.oni
.Mllrr., IIOAAXIiritllTUIMMINd. '
. i.i, iii:-iiHAiii.i:(iiiiiiN.
IIATI'Kim ASK I'llltltlClts, I
jr:uri nr. imisnsvi.vanma .wi'.Niir. I
3lUj..cul 3!nlKuuiiMtl!.'i.
1)l:l I'.Mlllil. Avi'llllr.
Pinnos, Organs, and
Musical Instruments.
i:i'.srAiti.isiii:i is.ii.
CI1I1 Iti iinil,rl"iipli Win it'it. Ihii-itmiin.Klinlmll.
ovi:tt ryui now in ijmi:.
Cult 1111J (Viinp ire mIHi IHliir MaKes nf l'laiio)
lli-fnu' I'uulhHiiiir.
Steele fe Co.,
Till! Mll-ST VlIlirriT I'lAXO maim:.
Baus fc Co..
stn'KKioiioiiciii'xriiAi. (iiiaki) iiriiiiiiiT
Tho Wilcox and White Orrraws
A' ,l"' l''" ,l,,w . '.' ln" Mm kit, povieK.lutf
lit h llieiw nml Pi.wei.illl.l IMl.ipi.lle.1 III
Catalogues In lieli nl nu uppla itmll.
1'laiiiH iiiitl Oig-.ui 1 ei lmni-'-iil, leii.ihii, tunnl,
IiomiI, hturiil, tiint lor 11 ut ty tlieilij. mik,
luuulli, en jimi. Iti nt iiiilliiltl pun Ii.isihI. l'iij
ci ut M u-le. 'the only iniiipU tehtiH k lu the tit),
tiein-tr tin v Knu:ni ndaii nin i ii.
'I'hc Olilest iiml l.iti-Ki'sl
Music House in (lie City.
I I'lANOH AND OlUiANS M()Vi:il,TUNr.U. Itl
r.iiti;it, iacki:i, Anii miii-ii:ii
HY KIMI'iriKNT mi:n at
mhi)i:ilti: 1'iiiriH
Now and Second-Hand Pianos
nnd Orgjns fop Sale or Rent.
loliu I Itllis -Sr C1.,
l7 l'l'.NNSVLVANIA AVllNm,
TCI.r.l'IIONi: CALL NO. K ledHf
025 Pennsylvania Avenue
vi:nii:ix. viii:i:i.oci', iu'ckihi.v m.v,
iiaiiin, miiivr.vri:i:.v . i iM.i.ni, s'ii:u.
riiAN(int,ni:.N"ii:ii, inirAiiicit.Tir.siMi,
AT Till: 111.11 1.TAKII,
925 UNA. Ml
Iiilallililu !cr,lral Ooiiiiiiiiinil
COI'lltl, IflEDM'lllllS,
lNCll'li:Sl' CONhllMI'ltllNAMlCltOUC,
And (Unit lh He I In
V UOO f I , Cl-C O tMl 11.
It Ii iiimiiiltii tin .! Iiv 11 W'u-liliiirloii Ciiiiinaiiv.
Li ioiiitounlii Innu tho lbt known iiitHliiiuai 1
plOKltll'rf. luilo nu 1 i Hit Ilu In iMiuuillu
Ptrnt'iit. An lulaiit cm tnkoll. It l-iit alualilt
ri'iuiity liicioiin. iMpioputUuuii atomo iihiii !
llii'llnoat nud huiK. I
'liMtiuioiu iHlu.inKlull) iiivhi!.
All HriiwirJMtH liai 11,
I'lhv, miii1T) iul tin Iniv.
TI11 Orliclniil ami hily (Ymiiiu1.
C4lduJkljllillmU'. lli'wsrifleiiirlliliBa luillalluul
l!.JIi.ut.h U LADIES.. L )wur llruavM Ut
"lhli-bishr rnglUli,iiul tki iw fltir.of ih.hmt In.
t.UiHjiallu u luf -4ilkulr M Jtfft tT rtlum tu tti I.
NAME PAPEH. I blkilirbrMl.iri ,('..
UllUJlludluMK4iiurt I'IiIIuJh.,!'.
Id by llrl-U re rnkf rts Ah W ''(btilie
tvr'm l.ugll!i (uii)tutul 'll4. 1ikbuMUr
A rJ'Kf'l '')' tliu Ac 1 It 111 or Mclltluo of
iV I'aif, aii) five la I h' iii'oiiiuuii'Kil lo tliu
M.silnil Cilihiltlti ot tliu Wnil. I lor Hiiotul.i. I
1 1'uiuuin, Kuiir'u r.ll, tti'..) llio cai I j tnm'.i ol '
Coiitiuuiilltui, Cmiii It utlmml WialviuiM, I'tMiiuecH
ol lllooil, uu 1 tin htluiulntliueraua iiyulatiuir itt
iM'iiotiio iimiii. Nouo ircuiiiuu IIUliM HiKlllU
" I lllllll 111 .1 . 411 I II
. 40 I Ilu liiilliiliull', Trill.'
.llimii:iL m.N. '..AKfim for tlm ILH.
t.lll.1 l.l' II .Lin i.i lin.illi ...ill. 1.41
'.. llj I'lllKRMiaHUIUIIMjl MI'IfljK
AMI HA'lll-ltOO.MS,
I'liriiii-riKlilliiuiil llhtii'il.Niirlluiol.
ri" ." ii... j. xsntriims ,
I MMJ-T- - Tn.w-H-M .mmm I
"RSw . f 1
Kffl8'fl 'VWIW. ) 6 tlie BS5 to: 'l 33i HfiSiasBaS
&m&mtS U 1 1 1 llb-Mll ! I iillM
1 1 il' IIP L L-MiiHtL.1 ?1 il'i'' "vT09toJ I o-
" Vt. J ?' "-"' NT!j
Cliiklren's Cloaks at $2.25, $2.50, 3, and f,..
Lailius' Ncwmarkcls at $3.50, $., S5. and $6.
ISual Plush Newmarkets, at 19 only.
' Seal Plush Coats at $16, $20, and $22.
Plush Visiles at $12, $!.), $16,
Fine French Felt Hats at 50 and 75 cents. 1 Larjt: Assortment of Iiirds and Wings at 15,
Wool Felt I lats at 25 and 40 cents. I
l'ips at 25, 37,
(PtHriVsMHtS TO H. C. WINDSOIM I !'-!: Ni:V YllltK AVIWUK.
wr. Aiti: iti:cinviN'(j oaii.v opu wixtkii link or
,.-:,"'r':ji'!,5Mi ... 'Pi-S
.- -i r j .v i mii iita t mmu rrsa'c
MAIN OFFICE, Second .Street and Indiana Avenue.
i BRANCH OFFICII, 633 Louisiana Avenue.
For Generating Steam,
I'or Cookinjj l'lirposus.
For 1 (eating by Furnace.1,
l'or Heating by Latrobes,
For Open Grates.
I'm: .sai.i:
(0 ,lllsi.is crushed, w.7o.
,0 Hushels not Crushed, 2.90.
Delivereil to any part ol
31 l ci Mir.
Cine) uithout McilUliiei.
r.iiititivi iMoiier iti, isu.
!l.ttlualc'i-aMiInfoiiiila)4cn letu,
mo iii will 1 uiiiiiie'iuuc't
AIIiiii'n NiiIiiIiIi
.llt'illi'tittMl lloiixh-N,
N'l II.IIHI 11114 illl'fH lif CIllH III. I iiilliill, m nil i.l
tiiii.liil hhhI, Unit itiiiii itiiln tn iin.lilioil.ii.
Mill II) liiMliljilltr Hal "liltlllKil lit til.. .tlillUUll.
I'llir, JIM Kill In illl UiiivuM., or iiiulliiliiii
iiiiii.t i.l iilie. lur tinlliti ui miliars tuii.l
Im (liriil 11. I'.o. Mux I'vil.
.1. O. A l.l. AX V t'O
I KIJuliti.tlii.liNi'W Vuik.
besijMpJIt R I CT.
Pear! Hominy;&'Hominy Orits
41 5lreei and
and $i.S.
and 50 cents a
si :m.
It makes a quick, hot fire.
It is easily ignited.
It does not burn out the .
It is economical.
It will pay to try it.
nv nu:
25 Hushels Crushed, 2.50.
.... , . .
25 nushels not (.rushed, $2.00.
Washington or Georgetown.
jloli Pchitinfl.
Book Job Printer
Gth and D Strcota N. VV,
Law Briefs anil Patent Records
Job Printing ot Every Description.
l 1..V 4 I Allll. Icbl l I J (. iU HI' ......
Il.um.iill i)r... tl.. V iir.lul .ill .1 I'll .1 uil.it
L.L u. limn J. Iiunl i.lr.iii I. my l.tll. lii I. ..it ...
tb.ll villi itiu llutlulllui llllt, to 1 r IH..VII
tJ.IM. Illl AIIM. ku iila.M..tj wiwt.11 ..ii 1
ri....bjr a.jji.... tin. 1 a..ih ru f.i rt.ii.i
I J RESTORED. Iti iiiiIi
NI "rlllllllilll lui'tiiilnii.'i 111. 111 I tl lllj.
Illllllllllllll iiiihIn.ii), N.rx.ita KI III.
tiitsltui.hi irykiiiviii n uiiih . tiiM iiu.nrtui n
tllllll.lM'IUlllll Hlll.ll l. ullU Ull-l.tU 111.
Illloniiiri'lirri. Ail.lnw.
0. J. M VbU.S,l'u.tum.u Uo 3171, NlwYvtk cur.
mi iiiiiimiiiiii
it 1 h
-4 :
Virg'inia Ave.
Moucle and Cloth Visiles at 5, $6, and 7.
Houcle and Cloth Jackets at $2.75, $3.50, 5.
Fine Ladies' Wraps at $10; worth $25.
Only one more liK-yant Satin Pur-lined Circu
left at 10.50; worth 25.
19, and 35 cents only.
French P'lowers lilegant Large
Houqiiels al 15, 17, 19, and 25c.
oll !4(.vli4;io :il J 1
n. w.
in thi:
I in i 4wl l4si,iiw.
I.iivHI'i, I'YniiUlin Sqiini'iMiiul
Seimiilc liilti'iirii's.
a nu, mm: or i;i ik hooks.
Trial ISiilnurv llool.s,
lllilr.f mill Thlir Itool.s,
Itrnirlrn,' Xolf-llmths.'
l,itlrr-Ci!hi! Hooks.
(imi'r.' .1- lliilrhrrs' Onlrr llool.s,
Srrnt nml Inriilrc Jioohs,
H'rllli! Tnlilrls timl Uh-iIiihx,
cam. M.i:s,i
l.vllcr, Srrili, I'lllliphlll,
unit Inrolrr I'lfes,
ll'rililhi! In rilnllon i,
Vliilinu 1'm-iln r.nutiiiiil mill
I'll ill ill.
J'.AKTOX A. Itlll'e,
srATKlNIIUS. (in-. V.. mi: iiii.l 1.11 h Ft.NAV.
1101 m:w iii:k am:niii:, :(titNi:i:
rniiitiix.vui siui:i:t.
!' "'ni ""'l Tranili lit (Jiireta Aii noluU-.l.
Cll-s In .Ml l'.iilsitl llinCllj KinlliulliMil.
Jilts. M. .1. coi.i.nv,
JiU'lf l'miuli hi4.
WAiilllMlTON, 1). o.'
anil Navy llcmliinaitcis.
j'oiif Iron In-iiion.
.. i:i.iiii mi. 1 1. 1111 rr.it 11 A V.
111 itiiu.i: -nt (ic. mi:i:i,ii.ii.smi'i.i:niiiii
M'i:Ni:nr, .MAiMKit;i:.N'ri:guii'.Mi:.N r.
in i'rn-r janiiaii v :m. i:,
'IiiiIih Iimi. Uiitihitttiiu, tnnii Matliiii, Ltiimrnf
Mxlliiinil II. m( ni lit, ut lulliiiiit:
I'm riltMliiiiirtnul lliu W-t. L'liK-ntrii Lliulttl
l..t.N4 ni Piilimi Mu iln fui-ri, ut llJIA. .M.
il.il: l'n-t l.ln. 11.11 A. .M. il.iilj lu L'liuliiimii
iiii'IM. N.11N, ullli hliiimiir t'ui-H tiuiii lluui.
luiitf In t'liiiliiitiill. mill Itultit t'ai tn M. Uml,,;
ililill, i'i i'.l Mtiiiiliij, In I'lilnibTii, ullli Miim
flit'iii I'illMliuitf liilliliiikTu. HoLiii Kxiiui,
illH.lul'. M..l.lllj,llli Mii.iik Cuih WiimIiIukZ
Ii.ii liil'liU.ii'iialKlM. UiiiU,iiii. lliiiiMniirf in
t'l. i Iiunl, iiuiliitlliiit: nl llutiMiuitf uiid
lliliiiall littlil lui l.u!lMlllti utiil i, uitililrt.
I'm inn I:iiiim, lillil I. l. ililly, lui'l'illliiii,r
1111.I Ilu- il, llli IhiiillKli Mtinr llitliUliliiir
tut lllllll-'ll.
I'll I.II'-. 'illhllnlllKII.I, tlmlln,!,!, Illllliilii.
,l',"f""1li1""'l',,1, 'iJiij.t'i-i'i.-Miiii.uj, mut
I'llllu.' 'illrt WarliJHKll.il III t(lKlllt.tll.
lui l.lii', t'uliiiliil uittl.i, ItutliiUt, lliillalii.
I'm Willi, itiiu.tl. Ijh L ll.t.i 11. iiml rimtii .it
INI . M iliilj 1 MIl.tMlll.l.t).
IuiNi'w in I. nn. I Hi,. i;u. tjk, mil. mill 1 1,-,
A. m,i.:i.-;i.i, in, unii, ,i h,.ji .. i. ",
'.,."I.".J.,!'",'-X.:,1- ''-'H'-'.'il. t l. luul, an.l i
I'. M Liiulliil i:iiniil rnlluiali t'.n l..i Calf,
'i in A M, illil) ftt. Miltil.it, uml till 1. SI,
I'iii' II11.-.I1111 iilllu.iit iliiliKf, lil 1 M, iiMi
Im lliiHil,l)ii, N. V all Ilu,, imli tialnt ,,,u.
111 1 1 til .1. t. I it) Mlllilmalmit I In, Uiii. 1111, ',
iiiluiilliiirilltiHl liaiKlir In I'ulli.ui-ttiH 1, m 1,1,1.
iiitriluiilili. Itiiiai(fiiiiurct Ni'ti VutkCili.
I'm- l'lill.nlil.iia, Wi,IH.l. niul ll,riA,Ml.,iH.
!'! .''i",.,W!"."'","l.l,J:""'. ' I'" MHi'liuJ
ll A. M.. UV1I.-.MH. 1. V "hi. Id iil tiiiill 1.31 ! M
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Siiilli-SlroH, Shaving Parlor.
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